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2017-06-26 14:21:22 UTC


2017-06-26 14:21:26 UTC

I'm no going to comment on behalf of VA but uh..

2017-06-26 14:22:30 UTC

I'm not sure I understood what's going on here?

2017-06-26 14:22:50 UTC


2017-06-26 14:24:07 UTC

That Ceejay dude screen capped a trannys post that said it is a part of VA. people in comments of his post of its cap are expressed distaste and the one fella said that people in VA confirmed it and he decided against joining

2017-06-26 14:24:11 UTC

Or applying at least

2017-06-26 14:25:21 UTC

Maybe ask @Alex - LA

2017-06-26 14:25:53 UTC

JFC why would this faggot think he was in any way connected to us?

2017-06-26 14:26:01 UTC

Tranny as in transsexual?

2017-06-26 14:26:04 UTC


2017-06-26 14:26:15 UTC

We're looking into it. I've heard nothing of the like about it from anyone there. I can't think of a single situation in which Brandon or Aaron would tolerate that.

2017-06-26 14:26:24 UTC

What the fuck that little Jew lover

2017-06-26 14:26:29 UTC

It's in group Allied Nstionalists if there is anyone who can speak on behalf of VA and shut down that rumor quickly.

2017-06-26 14:26:43 UTC


2017-06-26 14:26:55 UTC

And there was something about us being sexual deviants??

2017-06-26 14:27:08 UTC

Yep. According to that person.

2017-06-26 14:28:02 UTC

Seems like a way they are trying to sandbag us

2017-06-26 14:28:41 UTC

Exactly, someone trying to shit on us. I sent a group req.

2017-06-26 14:29:56 UTC

Yep. I'm going back to work can't act any further. Do your thing men

2017-06-26 14:30:09 UTC

Again, I have not heard anything about it. The after party itself was in a big bar, so the creature could have mistaken others for us. I know Brandon, who was leading the guys at the event, would not have tolerated it in any way.

2017-06-26 14:30:46 UTC

I had a idea but let me think about it more as the day goes on to get us some good some good publicity

2017-06-26 14:31:27 UTC

Disgusting post though

2017-06-26 15:41:14 UTC


2017-06-26 15:42:36 UTC

Lol was that on twitter or what?

2017-06-26 15:43:06 UTC


2017-06-26 15:43:19 UTC

Instagram, actually.

2017-06-26 15:52:37 UTC

Great fan mail

2017-06-26 15:57:29 UTC

Guys, make sure to look out for vetrans who will find you abd beat you

2017-06-26 16:16:58 UTC

Why did he specify veterans? That's an oddly specific threat

2017-06-26 16:17:58 UTC

Also do people just think that literally every person who has ever been in any form of military is some Captain America supersoldier?

2017-06-26 16:18:24 UTC

Oath keepers maybe

2017-06-26 16:25:24 UTC

How's he knows there's not any veterans here....

2017-06-26 16:25:33 UTC

It has a picture with Mr Implicit Dick

2017-06-26 16:26:49 UTC

🀣 to funny

2017-06-26 17:54:48 UTC


2017-06-26 18:07:16 UTC

I mean, what else would they keep up there?

2017-06-26 18:09:12 UTC

I'm waiting to get my haircut and I hate it. I would rather poster Harlem.

2017-06-26 18:12:15 UTC

I think the niggers moved out of Harlem anyway. It's all hipsters or something

2017-06-26 18:14:06 UTC

Not even niggers like hipsters.

2017-06-26 18:14:07 UTC

Nothing but aids

2017-06-26 18:15:42 UTC

I'm guessing a #4 on the back and sides

2017-06-26 19:03:57 UTC


2017-06-26 19:04:22 UTC

Only nogs

2017-06-26 19:05:17 UTC

Remember Ebola? It's a shame it didn't work so well

2017-06-26 19:18:21 UTC


2017-06-26 19:53:22 UTC


2017-06-26 19:55:11 UTC

I don't believe thatf

2017-06-26 20:02:26 UTC

Aryan brotherhood is a Jewish creation

2017-06-26 20:02:46 UTC

They all believe Hitler was evil and they worship evil Hitler while being white niggers

2017-06-26 20:03:17 UTC

Clueless lads. Wouldn't want to piss em off if I was in prison tho

2017-06-26 20:03:20 UTC

What did the small firecracker say to the big fire cracker

2017-06-26 20:03:51 UTC


2017-06-26 20:05:04 UTC

The only way to join Aryan brotherhood is while you're in prison.

2017-06-26 20:05:11 UTC

Hi pop

2017-06-26 20:05:18 UTC


2017-06-26 20:05:26 UTC

I was thinking Allah akbar

2017-06-26 20:05:35 UTC

Or whatever those chimps scream

2017-06-26 20:25:25 UTC

Does anybody have that video on YouTube that debunks the Holocaust?

It's roughly an hour long, the guy sounds very sarcastic and tired the whole time. He keeps using tons of diagrams and blueprints to show how absurd it all is. He's American. He doesn't show his face, just narrating.

2017-06-26 20:27:30 UTC

Nevermind, found it.


2017-06-26 20:34:18 UTC

<@&327464219299676162> <@&327559505950932992> Anti Degeneracy protest in Charlotte NC, July 15th at Noon. https://discord.gg/6GMHsz7

2017-06-26 21:49:51 UTC

Guys, sorry I've been absent. I got a whole lot of shit dropped on me all at once, including having to fire an employee and pick up those work.

2017-06-26 21:50:20 UTC

That's fine. We're happy you're back and active.

2017-06-26 21:50:38 UTC

Let me know if anything like that happens again so I don't think you're gone without reason.

2017-06-26 21:59:31 UTC

I've read a lot about the holohoax I remember one specific part saying that the walls where tested and no zyklon residue was found

2017-06-26 22:01:18 UTC


2017-06-26 22:03:35 UTC

It is however against the law in parts of Europe to question,deny or attempt to debunk that it happened

2017-06-26 22:18:48 UTC

Why is every single inn/motel ran by pooinloos or Middle Easterners?

2017-06-26 22:25:00 UTC

Hey @deactivated you potentially set for a meet July 22? Right now we are planning on that date in Nashville. Let me know what you think.

2017-06-26 22:25:17 UTC


2017-06-26 22:25:26 UTC

Hey guys how is everyone doing this evening

2017-06-26 22:25:44 UTC

Its like 111 degrees in Arizona

2017-06-26 22:26:10 UTC

That's awfully cold

2017-06-26 22:26:54 UTC

Y'all need to reserve seats for the hate bus' trip to Virginia.

2017-06-26 22:27:06 UTC

I want trans-continental Vanguard lebensraum

2017-06-26 22:31:47 UTC

I'll check. It all depend on if my shooters are both available to work.

2017-06-26 22:32:26 UTC

@Thomas Ryan change @deactivated to north Carolina

2017-06-26 22:34:42 UTC

My family had to drive through a border patrol station on Interstate 10 in Arizona, we just stopped, rolled down our window, and they said "you're good, go on". Was it *white privilege*? Maybe my dad said "hello" in an American accent? Maybe it was Mason privilege because my dad was wearing a shirt with a Freemason symbol on it? Maybe lazy border patrol? Lol. They did have a K9 unit, I assume it didn't smell anything, at least not from the outside of the car

2017-06-26 22:38:32 UTC


2017-06-26 22:40:24 UTC

This explains it.
Watch "'Bible on the Dash'" on YouTube

2017-06-26 23:03:41 UTC

Y'all should've seen this trans at work today holy fuck. Was literally just a tall dude with long hair and a dress. Makeup.

2017-06-26 23:04:19 UTC

Big gut with man boobs. Was disgusting. Fucking hell. Was with a dyke couple. I don't get it. I walked past them, no help from me.

2017-06-26 23:12:59 UTC

On the issue of the tranny deviant claiming some kind of relationship with us: that same guy is spamming that to several groups

2017-06-26 23:16:50 UTC

Of course, I wonder who put the degenerate faggot up to it....

2017-06-26 23:26:47 UTC

Oh fuck, really now?

2017-06-26 23:27:13 UTC

I'm in a chat from AN with about 30 goys and they were talking about it.

2017-06-26 23:30:40 UTC

Yep. We've fooled everyone. Our real leader is Milo. We've been found out.

2017-06-26 23:32:58 UTC

Seriously though. If you look at that trannys FB profile it's been attending rallies for awhile. Mostly with kekestani/PB types. Might have been a set up. Who knows

2017-06-26 23:36:44 UTC

Coming in late what's going on give me the short version

2017-06-26 23:39:59 UTC

Apparently some tranny came to the rally dressed up in a Hitler youth outfit and was hanging around with multiple groups/people. Afterwards it attended the public after party and then wrote it was hanging out with Vanguard. Some dude is spreading it around FB in some alt right groups. Of course the D.C. Guys or anyone else know who the hell this tranny is. Just high school drama bullshit.

2017-06-26 23:40:42 UTC

Ohh makes sense think it was planned?

2017-06-26 23:40:44 UTC


2017-06-26 23:40:49 UTC

Maybe it was

2017-06-26 23:40:51 UTC


2017-06-26 23:41:11 UTC

I think it was plan for Spencer TBH

2017-06-26 23:41:17 UTC

Not us

2017-06-26 23:41:47 UTC

I guess we might have ended up a target of opportunity

2017-06-26 23:42:02 UTC


2017-06-26 23:42:10 UTC

If only I could legally fag bash and film it......

2017-06-26 23:42:11 UTC

It's profile pic is it with Spencer

2017-06-26 23:42:24 UTC

Probably IE shill

2017-06-26 23:43:01 UTC

Nah. It's been to a bunch of rallies with it looks like the kekestani folks

2017-06-26 23:43:29 UTC

Probably to discredit alt right groups

2017-06-26 23:43:38 UTC

I can't imagine IE being that fucked up

2017-06-26 23:43:44 UTC


2017-06-26 23:44:04 UTC

It's probably an alt lite plant to discredit alt right groups

2017-06-26 23:44:27 UTC

We were just in the way

2017-06-26 23:45:39 UTC

There are going to be weirdos that want to cling to the movement and it may have been nothing more complicated than no one really took notice and it was able to hang around

2017-06-26 23:45:50 UTC


2017-06-26 23:48:30 UTC

A bunch of drug bust last weekend in that county I postered

2017-06-27 00:18:57 UTC

Probably paid by Cernovich

2017-06-27 00:25:45 UTC

Who knows. Dude was in a Hitler youth costume getting pics with everyone and hanging around a bunch of different groups.

2017-06-27 01:19:14 UTC

Anybody know how Clint is doing?

2017-06-27 01:19:43 UTC

Probably back at his job

2017-06-27 01:19:54 UTC

I text him tomorrow

2017-06-27 01:28:59 UTC

@everyone Make sure to check updates

2017-06-27 01:29:48 UTC

evening boys

2017-06-27 01:29:56 UTC

Evening sir

2017-06-27 01:32:50 UTC

oh good, was just about to ask about the book discussion but I see we have that decided

2017-06-27 01:32:55 UTC

glad it wasn't afternoon

2017-06-27 01:33:08 UTC


2017-06-27 01:33:14 UTC

Fuckin yanks

2017-06-27 01:33:34 UTC

@everyone Your book discussion will be scheduled by your State Commander for tomorrow afternoon/evening. When tomorrow is up to him, find out when it is ASAP if you do not know.

There will be another discussion in this server for all those without a State Commander, that will occur at 7 p.m. Central.

2017-06-27 01:33:45 UTC

ugh ffs

2017-06-27 01:34:28 UTC

I'm tired of the fag idolization. We need more people invested in matters that affect THEM and THEIR people

2017-06-27 01:34:58 UTC

not some other out-group, especially hedonistic ones

2017-06-27 01:40:35 UTC

So TN goys discuss book in here at 7pm central in guessing that's 8pm EST right?

2017-06-27 01:41:04 UTC


2017-06-27 01:58:46 UTC

Everyone please welcome S.W. Wright#3936 , newest guy from Alabama.

2017-06-27 01:59:27 UTC

I dont see him here

2017-06-27 01:59:35 UTC
2017-06-27 01:59:41 UTC

@Intolerant Sean There we go! Welcome

2017-06-27 02:00:03 UTC

<@&327558445039353879> Get in touch with this guy

2017-06-27 02:00:11 UTC

Thank You guys im glad to be a aprt of VA

2017-06-27 02:00:38 UTC

Oh shit I just remembered there's a lenin statue here in Seattle

2017-06-27 02:00:52 UTC

@Intolerant Sean Welcome man!

2017-06-27 02:00:55 UTC

I'm gonna try and find it while I'm still here In town and spit on it or something

2017-06-27 02:00:57 UTC

What county do you live in?

2017-06-27 02:01:00 UTC
2017-06-27 02:01:27 UTC

Shelby County

2017-06-27 02:02:04 UTC

just changed my nickname btw

2017-06-27 02:04:01 UTC

Oh no way, I was born and raised for almost 10 years in Clay County just east of you

2017-06-27 02:04:25 UTC

Gorgeous land out there

2017-06-27 02:04:35 UTC

Nice yeah i grew up in Birmingham but now i live out in the country

2017-06-27 02:04:43 UTC

its beautiful out here

2017-06-27 02:05:00 UTC

NC? Later the better for me

2017-06-27 02:06:08 UTC

What county are you in? @Graham

2017-06-27 02:07:12 UTC

@Intolerant Sean Talladega County

2017-06-27 02:09:54 UTC


2017-06-27 02:10:38 UTC


2017-06-27 02:18:24 UTC

I want to spit on a Lenin statue

2017-06-27 02:22:37 UTC

We should meet up soon @Graham

2017-06-27 02:23:09 UTC

@Intolerant Sean Lets go get some BBQ or some shit man

2017-06-27 02:23:22 UTC

fuckin down with that

2017-06-27 02:23:26 UTC


2017-06-27 02:48:34 UTC

Welcome brother

2017-06-27 02:51:06 UTC

@Graham you on twatter

2017-06-27 02:51:30 UTC

Thanks man @Cody88 - FL

2017-06-27 02:52:31 UTC

*plugs twitter page* https://twitter.com/cdrGraham

2017-06-27 02:52:35 UTC
2017-06-27 02:53:30 UTC

National Bloc?

2017-06-27 02:54:15 UTC

Official Vanguard Texas Twitter when?

2017-06-27 02:55:10 UTC

@Thomas Ryan natsoc server

2017-06-27 03:09:12 UTC

As soon as you want to make one @Phillip-TX lol

2017-06-27 03:10:03 UTC


2017-06-27 03:13:27 UTC

Just turn yours into the official TX one. You already have followers

2017-06-27 03:14:06 UTC

I thought we had a Texas already.

2017-06-27 03:14:16 UTC

It got gassed

2017-06-27 03:14:42 UTC

Texas Twitter is dead. Long live Texas Twitter.

2017-06-27 03:17:28 UTC

1.3k followers. Rip in piece.

2017-06-27 03:19:08 UTC


2017-06-27 03:19:46 UTC

@Thomas Ryan the VA acct is north of that know anyway

2017-06-27 03:20:22 UTC


2017-06-27 03:20:32 UTC

It had around 3k before it got shut down the first time.

2017-06-27 03:21:01 UTC

The new texas account will accumulate 10k followers by christmas.

2017-06-27 03:23:09 UTC


2017-06-27 03:24:24 UTC


2017-06-27 03:32:28 UTC

I don't know why retard pepe is my favorite pepe, but it is.

2017-06-27 03:34:00 UTC


2017-06-27 03:46:07 UTC

@everyone Make sure you are donating or have donated to our fundraiser, we need to help these folks out, encourage likeminded friends and anyone who might want to help, share this link around


2017-06-27 04:46:37 UTC

I'm so sick of hearing about MILO

2017-06-27 04:49:18 UTC


2017-06-27 04:50:12 UTC


2017-06-27 04:50:26 UTC

He needs to be impaled and torched

2017-06-27 04:51:37 UTC

he's as much of a chameleon as any Jew.

2017-06-27 04:55:37 UTC


2017-06-27 04:55:50 UTC

We need a controlled burn

2017-06-27 05:03:32 UTC

There are so many jigabduls, pooinloos, and spics here. I've hardly seen any white people.

2017-06-27 05:07:29 UTC

Me irl


2017-06-27 05:13:25 UTC

I remember elementary school. Barely any non whites. I drive past the school today and there are barely any whites

2017-06-27 05:14:49 UTC

Life is lonely when you're red pilled

2017-06-27 05:15:11 UTC


2017-06-27 05:32:08 UTC

Brethren, whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is of good repute, if there is any excellence and if anything worthy of praise, dwell on these things (Philippians 4:8). Even a child is known by his doings, whether his workΒ beΒ pure, and whetherΒ it beΒ right (Proverbs 20:11). Since I know, O my God, that You try the heart and delight in uprightness, I, in the integrity of my heart, have willingly offered all these things; so now with joy I have seen Your people, who are present here, make their offerings willingly to You (1 Chronicles 29:17). As for me, You uphold me in my integrity, And You set me in Your presence forever (Psalm 41:12).

2017-06-27 05:34:14 UTC

Thomas, I want to adopt you. Or tussle your hair. Or something.

2017-06-27 05:34:25 UTC

No homo.

2017-06-27 05:35:34 UTC

On a less serious note, did you kill Dillan?

2017-06-27 05:35:52 UTC

You can tell me. I can keep a secret.

2017-06-27 05:42:20 UTC

Dillon actually killed him. Damn skinwalkers

2017-06-27 05:42:58 UTC

That's fucked up Dillon/Thomas

2017-06-27 05:43:16 UTC

Dylan Thomas was an Irish poet I used to like.

2017-06-27 05:43:38 UTC

They're serious business. Skinwalkers will mess you up fam

2017-06-27 05:44:57 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt do you mean the grassman of Ohio

2017-06-27 05:46:10 UTC

He means Skunk Ape

2017-06-27 05:47:04 UTC

In case all of y'all weren't hip to recent developments, Sasquatch has cloaking capabilities.

2017-06-27 05:47:13 UTC

That's why we never see him.

2017-06-27 05:47:26 UTC

I know, threw me for a loop, too.

2017-06-27 05:47:26 UTC

Congrats to Matthew Heimbach! He's off living the 14 words right now, but his second child was born yesterday

2017-06-27 05:47:34 UTC

Bigfoot is a Jew

2017-06-27 05:47:49 UTC

So that's pretty cool

2017-06-27 05:48:31 UTC

I'm trying so hard right now.

2017-06-27 05:56:47 UTC

Nice! Congrats to him!

2017-06-27 06:05:46 UTC

You dont ask to tussle another man's hair and then shrug it off as "no homo."

2017-06-27 06:07:15 UTC


2017-06-27 06:07:29 UTC

Unless he really is your son, then it's not gay

2017-06-27 06:13:50 UTC

Your hair can't be tussled if you get a haircut @Thomas Ryan

2017-06-27 06:14:44 UTC


2017-06-27 06:25:49 UTC

I did, did you not see Houston or Austin?

2017-06-27 06:26:02 UTC

Ronny you would know too if you *ever went to events*

2017-06-27 06:26:46 UTC

Hey, I've been to one

2017-06-27 06:28:14 UTC

To be fair, I didn't ask.

2017-06-27 06:33:36 UTC

So, here's a thought.

2017-06-27 06:34:17 UTC

Let's covertly ferment and embolden the little faggots to actually try and start a communist revolution.

2017-06-27 06:35:18 UTC

Then when they all crawl out of their basements, as their eyes are still adjusting to the sun, we just stomp the everliving shit out of them.

2017-06-27 06:36:07 UTC

Give them a real proper boot-fucking.

2017-06-27 06:40:23 UTC

Are we SIEGE-posting now lol?

2017-06-27 06:42:38 UTC

What time is it?

2017-06-27 06:42:41 UTC


2017-06-27 06:43:58 UTC

I want the context.

2017-06-27 06:44:14 UTC

I think they got a gay man to get on grindr with that dude.

2017-06-27 11:36:20 UTC

Morning brothers

2017-06-27 11:39:34 UTC

Good morning sir

2017-06-27 11:49:25 UTC


2017-06-27 11:53:35 UTC

I got a message from a guy named bloc

2017-06-27 11:54:02 UTC


2017-06-27 11:57:57 UTC

Me too

2017-06-27 11:58:02 UTC

Not the first time either

2017-06-27 12:00:15 UTC

Graham is in here guys

2017-06-27 12:00:24 UTC
2017-06-27 12:00:29 UTC

Oh idk him so I had to ask

2017-06-27 12:00:39 UTC

Better to be careful right?

2017-06-27 12:02:24 UTC

Yeah thats true

2017-06-27 12:05:26 UTC

Especially with all the undercover trannys around

2017-06-27 12:17:58 UTC

That is VERY true lol

2017-06-27 13:05:46 UTC


2017-06-27 13:13:04 UTC

Big foot was originally an ostracized alien (that's how he got cloaking technology). He was ostracized for being a trap furry. Keep your heads on the swivel fam

2017-06-27 13:23:36 UTC

So what's the news today

2017-06-27 13:25:58 UTC

@God where you able to begin your journey back to us

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