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2017-06-24 13:46:28 UTC

I've seen the argument for capitalism and it seems very selfish for a non materialistic, non selfish political cause.

2017-06-24 13:55:16 UTC

Small scale capitalism, in the sense of "Mr. Baker is a doctor but, since he was a child, has wanted to open a bookstore. He's been saving money, and when he retires, opens his own bookstore." - the free enterprise aspect is trad as it gets and very wholesome.

Large scale capitalism, "Schlomo informs Moshe that they are going to start selling water for $2 a gallon instead of 50 cents" is inherently evil.

2017-06-24 13:56:54 UTC

Bingo. So there is an agreed middle ground, that's refreshing.

2017-06-24 13:56:57 UTC

I like the idea of rationing necessities and money earned through your career can fund desires.

For example, public transportation being paid for by taxes but cars being a private investment.

2017-06-24 13:57:22 UTC

^^^^ I like

2017-06-24 14:04:18 UTC


2017-06-24 14:04:20 UTC


2017-06-24 14:04:25 UTC


2017-06-24 14:04:35 UTC

These shitty cartoons always have me rolling lmao

2017-06-24 14:04:46 UTC

Hey you guys were talking about free market economics

2017-06-24 14:05:08 UTC


2017-06-24 14:05:20 UTC

I have a good copy pasta I made up about 3rd position economics

2017-06-24 14:07:32 UTC
2017-06-24 14:07:35 UTC

To my understanding, third positionism means that the market is free, however, if the business threatens the state, or harms the nation's citizens, by either outsourcing jobs, relocating, making deals with enemy nations, or hiring immigrants because they are cheaper, the state will take over the business, and run it the right way. Theres also protectionism in trade. There is a free market, until a business/corporation breaks one of the rules.
-Outsources jobs to third world countries
-outsources hq to save on taxes
-uses immigrants as sources of cheap labor
-sells out to other competing nations
If a rule is broken, the government will seize the company, control it until it is running functionally within the parameters set by the gov, then return the business to reappoint a CEO, or any other positions made vacant by wrong doers.
Welfare is only for veterans, the elderly, and the disabled. If you legitimately can not get a job, you will do government work, like road work, construction, renovation, etc, for a livable wage that will support you and your family.

2017-06-24 14:08:14 UTC

It's basically free market for the Middle class because that's what works, and regulation for huge corporations and the like

2017-06-24 14:09:12 UTC

Low taxes and regulations on middle and lower but higher taxes on corporations and super rich because they can afford it, protectionism to guard against malpractice ect

2017-06-24 14:10:01 UTC

That sounds πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2017-06-24 14:10:17 UTC

Free market middle class is outstanding.

2017-06-24 14:38:53 UTC

Thank you

2017-06-24 14:45:11 UTC

@Nathan TX Economic distribution follows the pareto principle. Any tax plan that violates this principle instead of working with it will corrupt the governing institutions.

2017-06-24 14:52:19 UTC

What do you mean

2017-06-24 14:52:25 UTC

There isn't much distribution going on

2017-06-24 14:59:40 UTC

The problem with this 3rd position is that Mr X holds a position in government to decide if a company is violating the rules. He decides company ABC is and nationalized it, removing the owner from power and eventually handing it over to his politically connected friends.

2017-06-24 15:02:48 UTC

The only way to avoid that is to make sure we 1. Have no kikes
2. Make the penalty for such a crime so severe that no one would dare.

2017-06-24 15:04:00 UTC

I'm not entirely concrete on the removal and temporary absorption of company/position by govt

2017-06-24 15:04:04 UTC

That's just part of it

2017-06-24 15:04:31 UTC

The main focus is the economic protectionism, it's basically free market with common sense nationalist restrictions

2017-06-24 15:04:51 UTC


2017-06-24 15:04:54 UTC

West Texas baby

2017-06-24 15:05:08 UTC

Seizing the company would be literally worst case scenario, not for any minor thing

2017-06-24 15:06:33 UTC


2017-06-24 15:06:39 UTC

I'm gonna change that

2017-06-24 15:15:29 UTC

Economics is a meme within itself

2017-06-24 15:15:37 UTC

Econimics are a meme.

2017-06-24 15:15:42 UTC

Is a meme. Idk.

2017-06-24 15:21:00 UTC

Seizure would be worst case scenario and would be voted on by some kind of a board, I imagine. Putting one guy in charge of that doesn't seem sound

2017-06-24 15:22:11 UTC

If it's determined that people are voting to seize a company illegally like that, then treat them as traitors.

Bringing back crucifixion or scaphism would prevent anybody from doing it.

2017-06-24 15:27:40 UTC


2017-06-24 15:30:58 UTC

Take a canoe, smaller than a man. Put the man on his back on the canoe. Lash him to the canoe with ropes. Paint EVERY orifice with honey. Put him out on a lake in the dead of summer.

Come back routinely to keep the honey fresh. The flies will do your work on the man for you.

2017-06-24 15:31:18 UTC

There are variations, but it was the ultimate punishment under the Achaemenid Persians

2017-06-24 15:31:32 UTC

Also known as The Boats

2017-06-24 15:32:18 UTC

If death from sunstroke is a concern, put another canoe on top of him, creating a "bubble" and only expose his head, which is painted in honey. Lead a trail of honey down to the genitals.

2017-06-24 15:33:36 UTC

Holy balls

2017-06-24 15:33:44 UTC

That's brutal. Lol

2017-06-24 15:33:57 UTC

So the flies eat him alive I guess after so long eh? Lawdy

2017-06-24 15:34:23 UTC

They burrow into and through his orifices.

Eyes, ears, mouth, nose, rectum, urethra, etc

2017-06-24 15:34:34 UTC

It was very rarely used and highly effective

2017-06-24 15:34:41 UTC

Ooooooooh my gods lol. Who used it?

2017-06-24 15:34:49 UTC

Wait, I didn't know this was history

2017-06-24 15:35:01 UTC

Achaemenid Persians (Darius the Great's empire)

2017-06-24 15:36:59 UTC

Typically lasted 5-7 days from what I understand. The condemned's feces and flesh acted as breeding grounds. Gangrene and heat stroke combined to cause intense delirium and suffering.

2017-06-24 15:38:41 UTC

For fucks sake EVERY commercial is race mixing propaganda with ugly mixed kids.

2017-06-24 15:39:39 UTC

Let's just turn our green/blue/grey eyes and red/blonde/black hair into JUST BROWN

2017-06-24 15:39:43 UTC

Wow. I couldn't imagine. Lol holy fuckoly.

2017-06-24 15:39:49 UTC

And yes. It is.

2017-06-24 15:39:53 UTC

This is why I don't watch TV ever

2017-06-24 15:39:57 UTC

I try not to watch any TV

2017-06-24 15:40:08 UTC

Or go see (((movies)))

2017-06-24 15:40:23 UTC


2017-06-24 15:40:41 UTC

The new Spider-Man, the girl he loves is a black girl. Shew lawd

2017-06-24 15:45:20 UTC

Speaking of Spider-Man, in the comics Parker died and got replaced by a half black half Mexican named Miles Morales for a while. Sales dropped pretty hard so Parker came back in (yet another) "hah gotcha it was a clone"

2017-06-24 15:45:35 UTC

Morales still has his own run though

2017-06-24 15:49:48 UTC

Oh boy

2017-06-24 15:49:59 UTC

Oh yeah, isn't captain America black bow

2017-06-24 15:50:00 UTC


2017-06-24 15:50:17 UTC

And Thor is a woman. I mean I know it all plays into a story but kek. Just kek

2017-06-24 15:50:49 UTC

Yeah, Rogers is gone and replaced by Isaiah Bradley, a nig who is in-universe seen as a black power symbol

2017-06-24 15:51:05 UTC

Nothing white or wholesome allowed

2017-06-24 15:58:13 UTC

Black power symbol. What's it going to take? When is the rebirth of the NSDAP party going to happen? It needs to happen soon. I don't want my child brought up in this perverse world. I can't always shield his eyes.

2017-06-24 15:58:50 UTC

I can't morally shield his eyes as it stands; he has to witness degeneracy for what it is.

2017-06-24 15:59:16 UTC

At the cost of his pure innocence at most likely a young age. It bothers me. I can't stand it tbh

2017-06-24 15:59:19 UTC

Don't shield him. Do as my father did.

Show him statistics. Show him crime rates. Show him footage of South Africa. Either way, he will be immersed completely in propaganda. At this point, it's better than it's the truth than their lies.

2017-06-24 15:59:38 UTC

Yes exactly

2017-06-24 15:59:50 UTC

Being born in this world, either your life is changed and torn away in your twenties or thirties, or you're shown the truth before your tenth birthday.

2017-06-24 16:00:08 UTC

It's better to be aware the entire time than feel that you've lived a lie

2017-06-24 16:00:18 UTC

Well, he will know the truth. I fear that it will target him.

2017-06-24 16:00:38 UTC

Consider him being awake and aware at a young age. If he vocal, he will be targeted.

2017-06-24 16:00:47 UTC

If I am ever doxxed, he will be targeted

2017-06-24 16:01:02 UTC

Diversity in schools is increasing rapidly year after year.

2017-06-24 16:01:56 UTC

But that is my responsibility to him, to make him vocal and proud. To make him strong and able to fight for his beliefs. I have to support it, it's my duty. I will

2017-06-24 16:04:42 UTC

^^^^ I like that emblem a lot

2017-06-24 16:05:07 UTC

Thanks, it was my idea

2017-06-24 16:08:00 UTC

I'll post the site in alt right groups on FB and try to get some exposure.

2017-06-24 16:54:17 UTC

Got my OTF knife back πŸ˜ƒ

2017-06-24 16:56:10 UTC

Idk about y'all, but my schedule is getting cleared for the van trip to Cville with the boys

2017-06-24 16:56:53 UTC

If you want hours upon hours of roadtrip fashy bants, I would highly suggest going

2017-06-24 16:57:24 UTC

What's the OTF look like

2017-06-24 17:00:08 UTC

Cville? Cooksville??

2017-06-24 17:00:38 UTC

Charlottesville, check the update

2017-06-24 17:03:35 UTC

I can see about that monday

2017-06-24 17:06:03 UTC


2017-06-24 17:11:33 UTC

Gonna go running up a local mountain today. Needing song suggestions.

2017-06-24 17:27:03 UTC

I'm just getting donations at the moment

2017-06-24 18:05:22 UTC

That lion kind of looks like a monkey, though.

2017-06-24 18:05:32 UTC

Sn angry monkey.

2017-06-24 18:05:35 UTC


2017-06-24 18:15:08 UTC

Anything happening today just bored atm

2017-06-24 18:19:25 UTC

I'm almost to new mexico

2017-06-24 18:21:15 UTC

Have fun in Mexico

2017-06-24 18:21:34 UTC

I'm only driving through New Mexico

2017-06-24 18:21:44 UTC

We are going to be in flagstaff Arizona tonight

2017-06-24 18:23:17 UTC

Why can't we just deport all the Mexicans into New Mexico and nuke it

2017-06-24 18:43:15 UTC

Because New Mexico is ours. Nuke Mexico

2017-06-24 18:43:50 UTC

Ted check ur dms

2017-06-24 18:43:52 UTC

@Thomas Ryan that blkwall fella is a guy I recruited. If he passes the vetting, which server will you add? Also did he ask about expanding for a Baltic Vanguard?

2017-06-24 18:46:40 UTC

He did, we'll see about working something out.

2017-06-24 18:48:00 UTC

Can't wait for this to happen here

2017-06-24 18:48:50 UTC

I think we need to stop expanding into Europe

2017-06-24 18:49:15 UTC

Some Europeans will have a bad taste in their mouth

2017-06-24 18:55:22 UTC

Pretty sure Ruben Kaalebs blue division wouldnt like it

2017-06-24 18:55:35 UTC

They have 3,000 guys in Estonia

2017-06-24 18:55:42 UTC
2017-06-24 18:55:49 UTC

Tell your friend this

2017-06-24 18:56:52 UTC

Don't forget nordfront

2017-06-24 18:57:55 UTC


2017-06-24 19:00:42 UTC

@redskegg just telling you cause I have European friends that are irl groups and they don't like Americans influencing their politics

2017-06-24 19:01:27 UTC

VB is almost entirely autonomous. If we set something up in other areas it will be as well.

2017-06-24 19:04:03 UTC

Remember European groups are much older and Rockwell did say splitting the right wing will cause a waste of resources

2017-06-24 19:04:40 UTC

I agree with Fox on this one, assist but not interfere with the European groups

2017-06-24 19:07:40 UTC

This is Latvia we're talking about. I have no clue what it's like over there. Haven't talked to the guy. Britain hasn't had anything since NA, and no one seems to have any issues with the guys we helped set up.

2017-06-24 19:08:11 UTC

These are small projects, not invasions.

2017-06-24 19:08:22 UTC

I know but mainland Europe is where we need to be cautious

2017-06-24 19:08:31 UTC

There is no conflict with groups that have larger presence.

2017-06-24 19:08:46 UTC

Well we aren't working in mainland Europe. So there's that.

2017-06-24 19:09:00 UTC

I know Im saying if we are to ever think of doing so

2017-06-24 19:09:14 UTC

If someone asked to help us from Italy, Sweden, France, or Germany I'd direct them to other groups.

2017-06-24 19:09:32 UTC

We need to concentrate on our shit.

2017-06-24 19:09:36 UTC

Speaking of Italy I need to unfuck my home country

2017-06-24 19:09:57 UTC


2017-06-24 19:10:01 UTC

Once we can get all of our members to read a fucking assigned book, we can worry about expansion into Europe.

2017-06-24 19:10:08 UTC


2017-06-24 19:10:19 UTC

That video was tight

2017-06-24 19:10:28 UTC

Why were they beating up civilians near the end?

2017-06-24 19:10:30 UTC

I don't mind expanding to the Anglo sphere

2017-06-24 19:10:40 UTC

Cause similar cultures and stuff

2017-06-24 19:10:40 UTC

Btw when is the book discussion?

2017-06-24 19:10:46 UTC


2017-06-24 19:10:47 UTC


2017-06-24 19:10:53 UTC

At 7

2017-06-24 19:10:57 UTC

Alrighty thank y'all

2017-06-24 19:10:58 UTC

At 7

2017-06-24 19:11:39 UTC

I'm ready for book discussion. I read it not too long ago and read it again for refresher b

2017-06-24 19:12:08 UTC

Mussolini is so well spoken (written) I had to reread lines several times to grasp the full concept lol. It's a great in depth read

2017-06-24 19:12:19 UTC

Also I hear you guys on the Europe expansion thing now. I see what you mean.

2017-06-24 19:12:20 UTC

He only wrote half of it

2017-06-24 19:12:33 UTC


2017-06-24 19:13:03 UTC

Big Chin Italian Man III wrote the other half.

2017-06-24 19:13:25 UTC

Big chin Italian man? Lol

2017-06-24 19:13:45 UTC


2017-06-24 19:14:27 UTC

Does anyone know why the Ukrainian neo Nazis were attacking civilians at the end? Did I miss something there or were those people liberals and they were doing a forcibly remove?

2017-06-24 19:14:52 UTC

I got started running again today, the next step is doing it again on Monday

2017-06-24 19:15:11 UTC

^^^ that's great. How much did you get in today?

2017-06-24 19:18:40 UTC

I like the Aesthetic.

2017-06-24 19:18:56 UTC

They could use some younger members though.

2017-06-24 19:19:00 UTC

Me too. Also digging that idea of actualism. ^^

2017-06-24 19:19:13 UTC

I agree. Lol the couple of fellows in the one picture.

2017-06-24 19:19:26 UTC

Live now.

2017-06-24 19:21:01 UTC

The "reading" section 😭

2017-06-24 19:25:13 UTC

Graham said something about going

2017-06-24 19:25:20 UTC

But that was a month ago

2017-06-24 19:30:51 UTC

I listened to the Doctrine in the shower and while doing some other things this morning. My mom probably heard it playing on my Bluetooth speaker, but didn't say anything about it lol

2017-06-24 19:37:12 UTC


2017-06-24 20:04:03 UTC

@Ronny TX I do that too

2017-06-24 20:11:30 UTC

Does anybody else use ifunny? The recent featured posts are chock full of race mixing

2017-06-24 20:41:52 UTC


2017-06-24 20:54:52 UTC

Finally off work , anyone have any good sites for CBRN filters they are all so damn expensive I actually use them for heavy cleaning sometimes also

2017-06-24 20:55:51 UTC

not really man

2017-06-24 20:56:05 UTC

im just getting my stuff ready for tonight

2017-06-24 21:08:25 UTC

Went yesterday to the League of the South conference

2017-06-24 21:25:25 UTC

@Graham how was it

2017-06-24 21:27:36 UTC

wasnt bad

2017-06-24 21:27:40 UTC

Food was alright

2017-06-24 21:27:49 UTC

Left kinda early tho

2017-06-24 22:31:21 UTC


2017-06-24 22:41:21 UTC


2017-06-24 22:41:28 UTC

@Graham makes good stuff

2017-06-24 22:50:47 UTC

Man, Tera McCarthy and Brittany Pettibone are starting to piss me off.

2017-06-24 22:51:36 UTC


2017-06-24 22:52:02 UTC


2017-06-24 22:59:28 UTC

Figured out a way to strap my knife to the edge of my bed for easy access

2017-06-24 22:59:34 UTC


2017-06-24 23:00:20 UTC


2017-06-24 23:01:26 UTC


2017-06-24 23:02:37 UTC

Just copied poster for printing

2017-06-24 23:03:06 UTC

Ffs I want to finish up those files but every time I go to do it I find MORE

2017-06-24 23:03:14 UTC


2017-06-24 23:03:18 UTC

I'm postering tonight

2017-06-24 23:03:25 UTC

Hitting an entire county

2017-06-24 23:03:26 UTC

Nice knife,

2017-06-24 23:04:16 UTC

I like how it's designed someone people will be curious about

2017-06-24 23:04:53 UTC

It's a smith and Wesson special ops doubles as a bayonet it's actually pretty affordable too

2017-06-24 23:07:26 UTC

I was always iffy about S&W knife quality.

2017-06-24 23:07:33 UTC

They're just too cheap.

2017-06-24 23:07:40 UTC

I may be wrong, though.

2017-06-24 23:07:44 UTC

I still have my KA-bar but i like the S&W better

2017-06-24 23:08:05 UTC

The last Schrade I bought was mad in China.

2017-06-24 23:08:18 UTC

So take my opinion with a grain of salt.

2017-06-24 23:10:47 UTC

Handle is polymer on the SW not full tang like the bar they both file down to scalpel sharp the SW came with a nice solid polymer holster so it strapped easier to the bed if I had to choose between the two I'd take the bar

2017-06-24 23:13:31 UTC

This however on the other hand I'm very curious about adding to my collection

2017-06-24 23:17:14 UTC

The price on it makes me apprehensive this model looks better

2017-06-24 23:21:20 UTC

Does anyone here make stickers or anything like with our logo on it?

2017-06-24 23:22:06 UTC

Do those twisted knives do the same thing that triangular bayonets do?

2017-06-24 23:22:17 UTC

As in fuck you up almost irreparably

2017-06-24 23:23:21 UTC

Anti-Com sticker guy, how do we contact him? Is he still open for business? @Fox Tx

2017-06-24 23:23:38 UTC

Yea there's no coming back from one of those they can't close the wound in time pretty much anywhere you stick it plus damage to vital organs would be critical

2017-06-24 23:24:49 UTC

This guy does custom orders if he doesn't have what you're looking for in the Sticker section

2017-06-24 23:24:58 UTC

Fox gets his VA stickers from him

2017-06-24 23:25:10 UTC

Forgot I had him bookmarked my bad

2017-06-24 23:29:12 UTC

@Riefen he is

2017-06-24 23:29:36 UTC

He is in the national chat under James Coney

2017-06-24 23:30:26 UTC

@Riefen I was driving I'm glad you found it

2017-06-24 23:44:21 UTC

What vanguard ones did you guys get

2017-06-24 23:46:51 UTC

Pack of 20 stickers for only $8 that is great.

2017-06-24 23:47:04 UTC

Also ^^^ which ones did he do for you Fox?

2017-06-24 23:47:38 UTC

@Kevin FL @redskegg give me a few minutes

2017-06-24 23:47:41 UTC

For some reason National chat for me only looks like this:

2017-06-24 23:47:43 UTC

I'm driving

2017-06-24 23:47:46 UTC


2017-06-24 23:47:49 UTC


2017-06-24 23:47:49 UTC

Ok Fox

2017-06-24 23:47:56 UTC


2017-06-24 23:54:57 UTC


2017-06-24 23:55:02 UTC

That's what it looks like for everyone

2017-06-24 23:55:09 UTC

It used to be open but we shut it down and did regionals

2017-06-24 23:56:11 UTC

Oh I see

2017-06-24 23:56:15 UTC

I thought mine was broken

2017-06-24 23:56:46 UTC


2017-06-24 23:56:48 UTC

If anyone has a throw away account the comments section would be a great place to advertise.

2017-06-24 23:57:03 UTC

Those are awesome

2017-06-24 23:57:10 UTC

Did it cost you $8 for all those or

2017-06-24 23:57:18 UTC


2017-06-24 23:57:26 UTC

Billy made this

2017-06-24 23:57:43 UTC


2017-06-24 23:58:00 UTC

They cost me 13 cause of sales tax

2017-06-24 23:58:07 UTC

^^^ those flyers.

2017-06-24 23:58:11 UTC

$13 isn't bad at all

2017-06-24 23:58:17 UTC

Is that 20 stickers total I guess?

2017-06-24 23:59:00 UTC


2017-06-24 23:59:18 UTC

U can make custom order for less if u want

2017-06-24 23:59:58 UTC

@redskegg if u want some sticker designs I have a PDF

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