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2017-06-21 20:57:34 UTC

MOLLE Load bearings but there's so many brands I got a actual one thats MIL spec but the issue for me is it's wood cameo same with my flak jacket I'd like a plate carrier also expensive as hell for plates but better to have them if you need em got I'd like to digital black or just black I have BDUs in all different digital colors not sure how they would hold up they seem pretty rugged my gas mask already covered but I'm having trouble finding filters that aren't expired I'm unsure about the aftermarket filters for the 40mm screw on I know 3M makes some I guess there's only one way to test that though I got plenty of holsters I've ever had any issues with

2017-06-21 20:59:33 UTC

Just looked flack jacket is expired so that's now on the list

2017-06-21 21:00:02 UTC

Flak* i apologize for my iphone

2017-06-21 21:01:38 UTC

Someone buy one and stick it out on the range and let's see how it holds up 🀣

2017-06-21 21:22:00 UTC

What level plates are you looking for?

2017-06-21 21:23:14 UTC

Stay away from ar500 unless you wanna get spralled to fuck

2017-06-21 21:23:56 UTC

Esapis arent too much though, also if you wanna know about plate carriers and shit, hit me up.

2017-06-21 21:24:32 UTC

Which mask are you having trouble finding filters for?

Why do you want black over woodland?

2017-06-21 21:24:46 UTC

Use multifag and be kewl

2017-06-21 21:25:07 UTC

Blacc will stick out in Florida lol

2017-06-21 21:34:15 UTC

Are you all planning an assault ?

2017-06-21 21:34:23 UTC

Like what's going on are we starting the war ?

2017-06-21 21:42:01 UTC

So many questions just a sec no assault or anything I just like having gear better to have and not need it than to not have it if shit hits the fan at some point 15 miles south of me is a negro and fag city if a riot broke out I'd be ready to defend my home in my own opinion I think shits heading that way I got a M-40 woodland would probably work but I am in the city and yea those plate carriers shouldn't be that cheap to be quality hell if the niggers are armoring up and training like that post from earlier maybe we should be to just in case

2017-06-21 21:42:53 UTC

Yeah, anything you need man

2017-06-21 21:44:41 UTC

Yea hopefully I didn't scare you guys off lol I just believe in being prepared for anything

2017-06-21 21:51:11 UTC

Greetings from Georgia.

2017-06-21 21:54:23 UTC
2017-06-21 21:54:30 UTC

Welcome to the family

2017-06-21 21:54:45 UTC

Welcome! @Joe Rebel-GA

2017-06-21 21:55:04 UTC

First three to greet you here were Texans lol

2017-06-21 21:55:15 UTC

First three

2017-06-21 21:55:29 UTC

Yeah, I mistyped

2017-06-21 21:55:31 UTC

What part of Georgia @Joe Rebel-GA

2017-06-21 21:55:43 UTC

So it is true. Texans really can't count to three

2017-06-21 21:55:50 UTC


2017-06-21 21:56:15 UTC

One! Two! Five! (Three, sir) Three!

2017-06-21 21:56:21 UTC

@Riefen I'm going to beat you up next month

2017-06-21 21:56:21 UTC

Or Disgusta as people call it lol

2017-06-21 21:56:58 UTC

The fashy fiancΓ©e says hey again.


2017-06-21 21:57:24 UTC

Is that a fazolis

2017-06-21 21:57:36 UTC

correct πŸ˜‚

2017-06-21 21:58:37 UTC

Be careful posting pics of yourself or family.

2017-06-21 21:59:01 UTC

On here ? Or in general ?

2017-06-21 21:59:07 UTC


2017-06-21 21:59:10 UTC


2017-06-21 21:59:20 UTC

I don't have social media for a reason.

2017-06-21 22:00:13 UTC

She's a cutie

2017-06-21 22:00:42 UTC


2017-06-21 22:03:26 UTC


2017-06-21 22:03:30 UTC

Saw this today

2017-06-21 22:05:08 UTC


2017-06-21 22:05:42 UTC

Any other members from Georgia?

2017-06-21 22:05:54 UTC

We have like 4 others

2017-06-21 22:06:16 UTC

whos ready for some traning manual PDFS?

2017-06-21 22:06:23 UTC


2017-06-21 22:06:37 UTC

Cause the Alexandria project might need them

2017-06-21 22:06:55 UTC

putting together the finishing touches got just about everything we will ever need to know

2017-06-21 22:09:56 UTC

dont know about the project but on the record its all for educational purp only

2017-06-21 22:11:04 UTC

I tell u about in dms

2017-06-21 22:11:51 UTC

Okay, i think the navy seal fitness guide would be good for some of us also who are intrested in that

2017-06-21 22:15:47 UTC

I still have physical copies of stuff from the military

2017-06-21 22:15:47 UTC

That's the Seal Fitness Guide

2017-06-21 22:17:17 UTC

just wondering anyone else do regular PT?

2017-06-21 22:17:57 UTC

Im getting back on it

2017-06-21 22:18:00 UTC

its essential

2017-06-21 22:18:47 UTC

im trying to go harder into it, i think ill start getting up around 4-5 and do some running before work

2017-06-21 22:19:00 UTC

You are central FL yeah?

2017-06-21 22:19:15 UTC

Yea tampa

2017-06-21 22:19:19 UTC

Dude me too

2017-06-21 22:19:37 UTC

no way lol first one ive met near me

2017-06-21 22:20:07 UTC

Where specifically if you dont mind? Im land onlakes technically, so just the northern tdge of hillsboroigh

2017-06-21 22:20:23 UTC

20min from downtown

2017-06-21 22:22:18 UTC

im actually in pinellas but no one seems to ever know where that is so i go with tampa bay area 5 mins from the howard franklin LoL isnt all that far from me in fact i ride up around that area all the time to hit the rual roads on my motorcycles

2017-06-21 22:22:44 UTC

I ride too bro haha

2017-06-21 22:22:50 UTC

Got a nightster

2017-06-21 22:24:04 UTC

I got my fav Kalw ZRX 1100 and a BMW S1000r

2017-06-21 22:26:05 UTC

We should meet IRL soon man

2017-06-21 22:29:58 UTC

For sure good to know i have someone close by maybe we can work on getting some word out around here

2017-06-21 22:35:38 UTC

Another dumb question do we have a Uniform or dress code for rallys and public events?

2017-06-21 22:37:39 UTC

White polos and khakis, brown or black belt and boots

2017-06-21 22:40:18 UTC

sounds professional i like that Black boots also?

2017-06-21 22:41:04 UTC

Brown or black belt and boots, either or

2017-06-21 22:41:58 UTC

Blouse the boots?

2017-06-21 22:46:02 UTC


2017-06-21 22:46:38 UTC

Okay not a problem thank you

2017-06-21 23:02:28 UTC


2017-06-21 23:05:19 UTC

evening all

2017-06-21 23:05:55 UTC

a fine propaganda video from Austin, you guys looked sharp and presented well

2017-06-21 23:08:57 UTC

I used to ride a brand new kawa 600 with pipe. Took it to homestead and all that @Kevin FL @Cody88 - FL

2017-06-21 23:10:15 UTC

Notice that even T.S. Elliot was careful to use the word religion, not god. @Fox Tx

2017-06-21 23:38:41 UTC


2017-06-22 00:16:11 UTC

So close to 88 RTs

2017-06-22 00:43:31 UTC

What's up gents and lady? Also, welcome @Joe Rebel-GA how did you hear about VA?

2017-06-22 01:04:19 UTC

I'm thanking god that I don't have to spend my life with an awful liberal bitch, hiding who I really am for the rest of my life.

2017-06-22 01:04:45 UTC

Thank fuck I took the redpill again.

2017-06-22 01:04:55 UTC

What's up with you?

2017-06-22 01:07:06 UTC

Nothing much

2017-06-22 01:07:48 UTC

@everyone report this page; Antifa is going after Saxon and his sister: https://www.facebook.com/defendourhoodz/

2017-06-22 01:10:52 UTC


2017-06-22 01:11:03 UTC


2017-06-22 01:11:20 UTC

Wait what? Tedium, did you marry a liberal and living in the closet about the redpill?

2017-06-22 01:12:02 UTC

@everyone Please report the above page. Saxon is a good goy and they're going after his sister's business after getting him fired!

2017-06-22 01:12:04 UTC

Yeah, six years ago

2017-06-22 01:12:22 UTC
2017-06-22 01:12:45 UTC

^^^ I reported for harassment

2017-06-22 01:13:07 UTC

So you two are still together? My wife was lib when we married 3 almost 4 years ago.

2017-06-22 01:13:17 UTC

No no

2017-06-22 01:13:26 UTC

I was too to an extent. I drifted off. Redpill took me under.

2017-06-22 01:13:33 UTC

We divorced about a year and a half ago

2017-06-22 01:13:38 UTC

She was awful

2017-06-22 01:13:42 UTC

Oh I see. You're thanking your lucky stars lol

2017-06-22 01:13:46 UTC

I see.

2017-06-22 01:13:54 UTC

Was she SJW

2017-06-22 01:14:37 UTC

Yeah, I just read some femnazi's twitter and shuddered at what could have been my fate

2017-06-22 01:15:00 UTC

No she was very unengaged with things

2017-06-22 01:15:34 UTC

Being sjw would have required effort. She would not have wasted the energy

2017-06-22 01:16:34 UTC

But she had liberal ideas. Bernie voter, agnostic, etc

2017-06-22 01:16:43 UTC

Oh god

2017-06-22 01:17:01 UTC

Speaking of Bernie I just saw that clip "white people dont know what it's like to be poor" lmao

2017-06-22 01:17:03 UTC

She just cared way too much about what others thought so she never stuck her neck out

2017-06-22 01:17:11 UTC


2017-06-22 01:17:21 UTC

Link please

2017-06-22 01:17:23 UTC

Yes. She lived the materialistic and individualistic life as most of them do.

2017-06-22 01:17:25 UTC

Hold on

2017-06-22 01:18:56 UTC

Report that page and send them this pic.

2017-06-22 01:19:08 UTC


2017-06-22 01:19:16 UTC


2017-06-22 01:20:32 UTC
2017-06-22 01:20:35 UTC


2017-06-22 01:20:42 UTC

The end. He says it.

2017-06-22 01:22:21 UTC

That whole video pisses me the fuck off just watching it again.

2017-06-22 01:22:31 UTC


2017-06-22 01:23:28 UTC


2017-06-22 01:24:12 UTC

Why do they always play the same dipshit happy tune on all those sjw vids?

2017-06-22 01:24:39 UTC

No clue

2017-06-22 01:24:46 UTC

Wondered the same

2017-06-22 01:24:57 UTC

Why are those white people self hating cucks though

2017-06-22 01:25:31 UTC

Because it's easy and trendy

2017-06-22 01:26:30 UTC

Because they feel alienated already and are jumping on someone else's "oppressed" bandwagon

2017-06-22 01:27:11 UTC

Fucking Bernie

2017-06-22 01:27:37 UTC

It's so funny none of them were in Austin. Lol. Maybe they see that shit is hitting the fan.

2017-06-22 01:27:46 UTC

Currently in process of feces being tossed

2017-06-22 01:29:28 UTC

Shit is hitting the fan. We let them have a couple of years. Now we're going to take that time back plus interest like a Fucking Jew.

2017-06-22 01:29:37 UTC

It's time to tax that ass

2017-06-22 01:32:12 UTC


2017-06-22 01:32:31 UTC

We will stuff their lying, dirty mouths.

2017-06-22 01:33:42 UTC

I just wanted to say thank you guys for being cool as fuck and for helping to make all this happen.

2017-06-22 01:34:05 UTC

I couldn't have picked a better group of people.

2017-06-22 01:35:48 UTC

Hell yea man.

2017-06-22 01:35:57 UTC

I'm still new but I agree totally

2017-06-22 01:37:45 UTC

Well, I guess i'm new too. With so much bad shit going on, though, I'm making it a point to count my blessings.

2017-06-22 01:39:05 UTC

Wheb did you join?

2017-06-22 01:39:22 UTC

@Tedium yea I agree with him couldn't have been a better choice to join

2017-06-22 01:39:54 UTC


2017-06-22 01:40:13 UTC

It was a late birthday present to myself

2017-06-22 01:40:46 UTC

Fucking Poland

2017-06-22 01:40:51 UTC


2017-06-22 01:40:52 UTC

Love 'em

2017-06-22 01:41:11 UTC

Maybe habbening

2017-06-22 01:41:28 UTC


2017-06-22 01:41:38 UTC

It happen a few hours ago

2017-06-22 01:41:39 UTC

Whats habbeding

2017-06-22 01:43:30 UTC

Poland giving zero fucks and messing with russia

2017-06-22 01:45:21 UTC


2017-06-22 01:45:52 UTC


2017-06-22 01:46:08 UTC

Except 98% of those are probably Muslims

2017-06-22 01:46:16 UTC


2017-06-22 01:46:27 UTC

Based Greece though

2017-06-22 01:46:33 UTC


2017-06-22 01:46:48 UTC

Based Hungary

2017-06-22 01:46:51 UTC

Based Poland

2017-06-22 01:47:41 UTC

Good, what use is the tightening noose if they can't feel it

2017-06-22 01:48:35 UTC

I'd like to see a REAL American poll not some bullshitted liberal one

2017-06-22 01:49:59 UTC

I bet if we had a poll in America we would at the very least see a quarter of the population

2017-06-22 01:50:08 UTC

How many kids per family for replacement?

2017-06-22 01:51:14 UTC


2017-06-22 01:51:27 UTC

That's the number I heard

2017-06-22 01:52:15 UTC

Is Sonder new?

2017-06-22 01:52:18 UTC

That seems low

2017-06-22 01:52:19 UTC

1/4 isn't bad lol

2017-06-22 01:52:26 UTC

We can make die with 1/4

2017-06-22 01:52:29 UTC


2017-06-22 01:52:41 UTC

Sonder is not new

2017-06-22 01:52:50 UTC

Oooo ok.

2017-06-22 01:53:02 UTC

Maybe he is new to you

2017-06-22 01:53:06 UTC

I'm waiting to see if my buddy from TX ever gets in, was curious if that was him.

2017-06-22 01:53:30 UTC

Did he get an email

2017-06-22 01:53:37 UTC

Tfw there's a state leader meeting and you just run the twitter

2017-06-22 01:53:40 UTC

I should ask.

2017-06-22 01:53:41 UTC

Sometimes they over look email

2017-06-22 01:53:53 UTC

@Tedium other people run state twitters

2017-06-22 01:54:01 UTC

So you not the only one

2017-06-22 01:55:45 UTC

I didn't say I was

2017-06-22 01:55:45 UTC

Who does? Potential members?

2017-06-22 01:56:01 UTC

I'm just mad I'm not in a meeting

2017-06-22 01:56:02 UTC


2017-06-22 01:56:12 UTC

@Tedium kill alex then

2017-06-22 01:56:13 UTC


2017-06-22 01:56:31 UTC

Don't kill alex

2017-06-22 01:56:38 UTC

Imma tell him you said that, you little shit. Lol

2017-06-22 01:56:47 UTC


2017-06-22 01:56:54 UTC

Alex probably knows I'm joking

2017-06-22 01:57:40 UTC

Probably being the key word. Do I hear a helicopter starting in the distance?

2017-06-22 02:00:22 UTC


2017-06-22 02:00:52 UTC

@Fox Tx can I clear those DMs are you ready for more

2017-06-22 02:01:11 UTC

Let me copy them real quick

2017-06-22 02:01:39 UTC

NP take your time we got a long list to go

2017-06-22 02:03:08 UTC

I have close to 500 , still searching for more but I'll only send the ones I feel relevant to our cause and training the others we talked about I'll store to a hard disk and lock it up

2017-06-22 02:03:31 UTC
2017-06-22 02:03:34 UTC


2017-06-22 02:03:50 UTC

@Kevin FL can send them through email

2017-06-22 02:05:00 UTC

Shoot me a email through DM is there any encrypted email servers anyone know of?

2017-06-22 02:07:34 UTC

Three kids isn't bad.

2017-06-22 02:07:42 UTC

2.1 technically

2017-06-22 02:08:05 UTC

Plus add a few more for the lazy fucks or infertiles.

2017-06-22 02:13:34 UTC

Kevin you have files for training, etc?

2017-06-22 02:14:14 UTC

3 kids, what, the amount each white couple needs to have to keep up?

2017-06-22 02:14:54 UTC

To replace our population, yeah.

2017-06-22 02:15:45 UTC

I thought this was fake

2017-06-22 02:16:06 UTC

Well I'm one down.

2017-06-22 02:16:07 UTC

It has to be

2017-06-22 02:16:07 UTC

It is lol

2017-06-22 02:16:09 UTC

Two to go

2017-06-22 02:16:13 UTC


2017-06-22 02:16:53 UTC

Verified account tweeted it lol

2017-06-22 02:16:55 UTC

Congrats red

2017-06-22 02:17:28 UTC


2017-06-22 02:18:58 UTC

Shes gone full NazBol


2017-06-22 02:19:09 UTC

Ew god

2017-06-22 02:19:31 UTC

Her boyfriend is a sperg

2017-06-22 02:19:36 UTC

I used to talk to him

2017-06-22 02:19:44 UTC

He got kick from community college

2017-06-22 02:19:51 UTC

I used to have him added on facebook

2017-06-22 02:19:57 UTC

Cody right

2017-06-22 02:20:03 UTC


2017-06-22 02:20:09 UTC

Cody Strasser

2017-06-22 02:20:14 UTC

I used to talk to him on twitter

2017-06-22 02:20:22 UTC

Strasserite faggots

2017-06-22 02:20:27 UTC


2017-06-22 02:20:27 UTC

He unfriened me after I made an anti strasser poster

2017-06-22 02:20:32 UTC


2017-06-22 02:20:34 UTC


2017-06-22 02:20:53 UTC

I blocked him on twitter and unblocked him and troll him

2017-06-22 02:21:00 UTC

He is an ex Mormon

2017-06-22 02:21:05 UTC

Or still is

2017-06-22 02:21:10 UTC


2017-06-22 02:22:55 UTC

Daddy Hitler UwU :'(

2017-06-22 02:23:17 UTC

I feel like trolling Cody

2017-06-22 02:23:53 UTC

@redskegg oh yes many many files anything you can imagine on training

2017-06-22 02:25:49 UTC

All put out from different branches of the US military navy marines air force leadership and organization a discipline are some of my favorites

2017-06-22 02:26:20 UTC

We need more than 3 kids per couple. We don't need to focus on replacing our lost numbers. We need to focus on combating the growth rates of our enemies. I'd guess that 9 per couple would be enough to keep up.

2017-06-22 02:27:04 UTC

Free abortions for poc

2017-06-22 02:27:08 UTC

Replacing lost numbers isn't enough to survive anymore. We would be negating our current population decay, but that won't matter. It will only delay the problem another 50 years.

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