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2017-06-19 12:54:57 UTC


2017-06-19 12:55:01 UTC

It's a real quote

2017-06-19 12:55:57 UTC

I thought you were typing a Jewish cock or something

2017-06-19 12:56:12 UTC

Schlomo is Yiddish for something

2017-06-19 12:58:49 UTC

It's a name. A Jewish first name.

2017-06-19 13:06:14 UTC

I forgot the website ted

2017-06-19 13:06:20 UTC


2017-06-19 13:22:27 UTC

I see that now, Foxy. I've seen the error of my ways.

2017-06-19 13:22:48 UTC

Sorry I called you a Jewish cock.

2017-06-19 13:23:07 UTC

No one deserves that, not even Jewesses.

2017-06-19 13:23:46 UTC

@Tedium you and me need to hang

2017-06-19 13:24:21 UTC


2017-06-19 13:24:47 UTC

Showing my friend these pictures and he has no idea I'm standing right there lmao

2017-06-19 13:24:51 UTC

You say that every day, Fox.

2017-06-19 13:27:05 UTC

That one looks great, @White Millennial TX

2017-06-19 13:27:47 UTC


2017-06-19 14:59:30 UTC

According to (((Snopes))): "This quote is a recasting of something Washington did say, providing just enough of an aura of authenticity to sound believable. What Washington actually wrote referenced currency speculators who sought to profit by taking advantage of soldiers and others during the Revolutionary War:

This tribe of black gentry work more effectually against us, than the enemy’s arms. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties, and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each State, long ere this, has not hunted them down as pests to society, and the greatest enemies we have to the happiness of America."

2017-06-19 15:00:08 UTC

Apparently he said "black gentry" and not Jews, although it could be implicit or a euphamism

2017-06-19 15:00:39 UTC

And apparently the Benjamin Franklin thing was fabricated by someone in the Silver Legion

2017-06-19 15:01:17 UTC

I personally think it's just Jews covering their tracks, but you won't be able to use it on Normies without being "factchecked"

2017-06-19 15:10:02 UTC

@Lisa Jo TX-WD she's still iffy on it. She's afraid this is a hate group but oh I wished she would join the Vanguard.

2017-06-19 15:12:48 UTC

Aww, we ain't haters. We love everyone! We just want them to stay the fuck on their side of the fence.

2017-06-19 15:13:20 UTC

Damnit @Ronny TX

2017-06-19 15:13:32 UTC

I knew it sounded too good to be true

2017-06-19 15:48:29 UTC

I've never heard the term, "black gentry"

2017-06-19 15:56:48 UTC

I have to do some research into that

2017-06-19 16:44:20 UTC

You don't just use the word tribe and not attribute it to the jews.

2017-06-19 16:48:45 UTC

can you get fired for calling in sick

2017-06-19 16:49:06 UTC

Because I just called in sick and my work really needs me today just as they really need me everyday

2017-06-19 16:49:46 UTC

I feel like without my help it would be a slower day and my manager who has Asperger's (or so it seems) gets really angry at the smallest things

2017-06-19 16:49:54 UTC

This is my only job

2017-06-19 16:50:04 UTC

first time I've called in

2017-06-19 16:50:10 UTC

I'm scared of my boss

2017-06-19 16:50:11 UTC
2017-06-19 16:50:20 UTC

Are u really sick

2017-06-19 16:50:25 UTC


2017-06-19 16:50:52 UTC

I'm not low enough to do a falsified sickness

2017-06-19 16:51:32 UTC

You won't get fired

2017-06-19 16:51:54 UTC

Ok so my left toe (the biggest one) is highly infected due to ingrown nails on each side, I have to take a rather large pill which has caused me to legit be on the toilet letting out ass blast all day

2017-06-19 16:52:08 UTC

it's a side effect

2017-06-19 16:53:04 UTC

I'm pretty sure you won't get fired for that

2017-06-19 16:53:47 UTC


2017-06-19 17:02:03 UTC

It'll help if you have the doctor write something explaining the situation effects of the drug

2017-06-19 17:02:26 UTC

They'll probably get you an excuse too, if you're really paranoid

2017-06-19 17:04:01 UTC

He has the prescription and the medicine bottle

2017-06-19 17:05:49 UTC


2017-06-19 17:06:24 UTC

So he will be fine

2017-06-19 17:07:42 UTC

Also you could slip your boss one of those assblaster pills and laugh as he spergs all over the employee restroom

2017-06-19 17:09:09 UTC

If he only he gets fired

2017-06-19 17:10:56 UTC

I mean, I thought that part was understood

2017-06-19 17:11:08 UTC

Don't do that if he gives you a raise

2017-06-19 17:11:58 UTC

I was late 2 hours to work because I got the schedule mixed up and not even 30 minutes afterwards I got called up to the office and got $1 raise

2017-06-19 17:12:10 UTC


2017-06-19 17:17:44 UTC


2017-06-19 17:22:58 UTC


2017-06-19 17:27:17 UTC

what is the website to donate to the white families in South Africa

2017-06-19 17:30:45 UTC

Blood and soil.com then donate

2017-06-19 17:32:28 UTC


2017-06-19 17:32:56 UTC

Autocorrect sucks

2017-06-19 17:33:29 UTC

No it's blood and soil .org

2017-06-19 17:34:38 UTC

Does anybody have this with just the red background and nothing in the top left? Trying to change picture to it but the top left cross bugs me


2017-06-19 17:36:32 UTC

I always type.com

2017-06-19 17:36:47 UTC
2017-06-19 17:36:58 UTC

He da man wit da pics

2017-06-19 17:41:02 UTC


2017-06-19 17:41:03 UTC

I did this on my phone

2017-06-19 17:41:57 UTC

I mean the actual site

2017-06-19 17:42:20 UTC

so I can promote it on Facebook as well that way people know what their money is going to

2017-06-19 17:42:55 UTC

plus gotta be secretive sometimes, black people at work do not like me

2017-06-19 17:43:51 UTC

Thomas showing off.

2017-06-19 17:44:35 UTC

"I did this with a potato, a paper clip, and a slice of rhubarb pie."

2017-06-19 17:54:46 UTC

Its bloodandsoil.org/contribute, leave a note in the donation saying what its for

2017-06-19 18:12:18 UTC

Okay it's not this episode of rebel yell but the next that we have a shout out on

2017-06-19 18:21:38 UTC


2017-06-19 18:21:44 UTC

Holy hell this was hilarious

2017-06-19 18:24:42 UTC


2017-06-19 18:24:45 UTC

It was

2017-06-19 18:59:16 UTC


2017-06-19 18:59:23 UTC

Fuck those guys

2017-06-19 20:43:35 UTC

Eye drops

2017-06-19 21:00:34 UTC

Sacco doesn't need a mic lol https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ct1Y-cIiOrI

2017-06-19 21:16:42 UTC


2017-06-19 22:30:26 UTC

There's a faggot at my sister's house and he was complaining about Trump being a supremacist

2017-06-19 22:31:04 UTC

Took him to a Russian camp

2017-06-19 22:41:24 UTC

He's drunk and if he tries to fight me I can definitely take him. But we aren't arguing atm

2017-06-19 22:57:46 UTC

Why the alt right wont be taken serious

2017-06-19 22:59:39 UTC

Because of gay trump fights?

2017-06-19 23:00:02 UTC


2017-06-19 23:00:10 UTC

I feel like that's an untapped genre of degeneracy

2017-06-19 23:00:12 UTC

Alt lite is worse

2017-06-19 23:01:19 UTC

It's not that he hates Trump, but the reason why. He's anti-white, it seems.

2017-06-19 23:02:41 UTC

Is he whit?

2017-06-19 23:02:48 UTC


2017-06-19 23:06:37 UTC


2017-06-19 23:06:59 UTC

"Muh Trump is a White Supremacist"

2017-06-19 23:08:06 UTC

2 questions:
Do you have a small caliber pistol?
Do you have a good fire pit to get rid of the body?

2017-06-19 23:08:50 UTC

Stomp some self-respect into his gaping ass.

2017-06-19 23:09:40 UTC

Nick also asks valid questions.

2017-06-19 23:15:26 UTC

I have a knife, and I'm not looking to get myself thrown in prison

2017-06-19 23:15:49 UTC

If it comes up again, I'm letting him throw the first punch so I can claim self-defense

2017-06-19 23:16:13 UTC

No need to label me. I am far right and its a fact not a label.

2017-06-19 23:16:14 UTC

You think he will?

2017-06-19 23:16:30 UTC

You're either far right or a problem.

2017-06-19 23:17:14 UTC

Fascism NatSoc whatever anything is better than this mix. We are fucking white paint and the jew just poured black brown and yellow in our bucket.

2017-06-19 23:18:06 UTC

Fags like that milo guy can claim to be alt right... but can the bitch claim to be far right?

2017-06-19 23:18:13 UTC

he's a fag jew so no

2017-06-19 23:19:02 UTC

Isnt Texas a Mutual Combat state fellas?

2017-06-19 23:19:11 UTC

I do believe so

2017-06-19 23:19:42 UTC

Better work on that footwork fellas

2017-06-19 23:20:32 UTC

Oh and mouthpiece and cup are awesome in street fight

2017-06-19 23:23:12 UTC

U r all gerbils!


2017-06-19 23:24:03 UTC

nice benz ^

2017-06-19 23:24:08 UTC

we needed that saturday night

2017-06-19 23:24:13 UTC

Seats 20

2017-06-19 23:24:22 UTC

Standing 40

2017-06-19 23:30:25 UTC


2017-06-19 23:41:06 UTC
2017-06-19 23:41:37 UTC

Hello. And hello to everyone else new to the group and happy to be here

2017-06-19 23:42:00 UTC

What state

2017-06-19 23:42:08 UTC

Hey Kevin, welcome

2017-06-19 23:42:55 UTC

Florida here tampa bay area (mid state)

2017-06-19 23:43:08 UTC

Welcome to the family

2017-06-19 23:44:53 UTC

Well thank you very much. Do we have many Fl members here?

2017-06-19 23:45:24 UTC

I think we have 5

2017-06-19 23:45:30 UTC

Most of them are in the south

2017-06-19 23:45:53 UTC

evening gentlemen

2017-06-19 23:46:00 UTC

Evening man

2017-06-19 23:46:21 UTC

I am just passing the offering plate to my online friends and trying to get them to donate

2017-06-19 23:46:47 UTC

cheers to you, I need to get my bitcoin wallet sorted so I can do the same

2017-06-19 23:47:28 UTC

Im pretty sure i can get some guys at work involved here. I could use some ideas on how to promote a bit and where though despite what the news says about us in florida we are mostly a right state

2017-06-19 23:48:03 UTC

was going to ask you guys, I want to order a batch of one of our posters in sticker form, something roughly fist-sized I can carry around and slap on the odd lamp post, stall or case of beer in the grocery store

2017-06-19 23:48:13 UTC

anyone know of a printing company that will fill those orders?

2017-06-19 23:49:29 UTC
2017-06-19 23:49:55 UTC

The guy is on vacation right now

2017-06-19 23:50:17 UTC

I knew I could count on you guys

2017-06-19 23:50:19 UTC

thank you

2017-06-19 23:50:26 UTC

He made mine

2017-06-19 23:50:45 UTC

They are high quality

2017-06-19 23:50:56 UTC

I met him irl cool guy

2017-06-19 23:51:35 UTC

I'd rather give my money to someone who's an ally anyway

2017-06-19 23:52:13 UTC

He is a fascist

2017-06-19 23:52:17 UTC


2017-06-19 23:52:28 UTC

I like him already

2017-06-19 23:52:42 UTC

He is a member and our anti com diplomat

2017-06-19 23:53:56 UTC


2017-06-19 23:53:58 UTC
2017-06-19 23:54:46 UTC

He's VanAm?

2017-06-19 23:55:02 UTC

Yeah in the national chat

2017-06-19 23:55:09 UTC

James Coney

2017-06-19 23:55:23 UTC

glorious, I'll be throwing a lot of business his way

2017-06-19 23:55:48 UTC

a lot of young college men nearby, I'm hoping we can get some site hits if I do a little legwork

2017-06-19 23:55:57 UTC


2017-06-20 00:10:40 UTC


2017-06-20 00:16:30 UTC


2017-06-20 00:20:04 UTC

@everyone Welcome @Kevin FL Our newest member

2017-06-20 00:20:17 UTC


2017-06-20 00:20:19 UTC

He's a Florida goy

2017-06-20 00:21:31 UTC

Thank you !

2017-06-20 00:27:51 UTC

Welcome brother

2017-06-20 00:28:00 UTC

Hey kevin

2017-06-20 00:28:21 UTC

@Thomas Ryan I like it. We need to start using it more. Rolls off the tongue

2017-06-20 00:28:37 UTC

Welcome Kevin

2017-06-20 00:29:02 UTC

Thanks and happy to be here sorry the cat keeps jumping on my keyboard

2017-06-20 00:30:17 UTC

How did you hear about VA Kevin? Just curious as to what is reaching out to people.

2017-06-20 00:30:51 UTC

Stormfront, I believe, a bit of a rarity but we're happy he's here nonetheless.

2017-06-20 00:31:24 UTC

Kevin get in touch with @Stephen -FL @clayshooter99 GA @God @esgee

And see if you can't schedule a meetup. Even if it's just burgers.

2017-06-20 00:32:25 UTC

Yea it was stormfront non member there but i was scanning over some posts and saw a link so i checked it out
and for sure im ready to get active

2017-06-20 00:33:36 UTC

Welcome @Kevin FL

2017-06-20 00:33:44 UTC


2017-06-20 00:35:07 UTC

Hmm. Stormfront and Florida usually = retiree. You're under 70 correct?

2017-06-20 00:35:17 UTC

Hello there Kevin.

2017-06-20 00:35:23 UTC

Yes lmao under 70

2017-06-20 00:36:27 UTC

I'm kidding man.

2017-06-20 00:40:34 UTC

@Kevin FL Welcome, you're part of a family now

2017-06-20 00:40:41 UTC

let me know if I can help you out

2017-06-20 00:41:42 UTC

They didn't get our fucking name right.

2017-06-20 00:42:01 UTC

be back in a bit guys

2017-06-20 00:42:04 UTC


2017-06-20 00:42:13 UTC

Sound the goddamn alarms.

2017-06-20 00:42:19 UTC

I feel lied to. I feel betrayed.

2017-06-20 00:42:28 UTC

A group of Nazis held a peaceful and good looking rally.

2017-06-20 00:42:31 UTC

Today, brothers, the side of hate won.

2017-06-20 00:43:38 UTC

I talked to that faggy looking bartender and he wasn't even mad about it. He was entertained and liked how we tipped.

2017-06-20 00:49:38 UTC

American vanguard

2017-06-20 00:57:20 UTC


2017-06-20 01:03:51 UTC

Just change our name to AVVA.

2017-06-20 01:04:33 UTC

I get a grey hair every time someone gets our name wrong. I'll look like Azzmador by this time next year.

2017-06-20 01:09:02 UTC

Welcome @Kevin FL

2017-06-20 01:09:30 UTC

Lol poor Thomas

2017-06-20 01:10:24 UTC

Thomas will be in the grave

2017-06-20 01:31:04 UTC

That article. Restaurant could have just asked us to leave and we would have. I don't blame them if they felt scared to

2017-06-20 01:44:21 UTC

I love articles like that. Free publicity.

2017-06-20 01:45:15 UTC

We probably made them more money and tipped them better than any group the normally have. They're in Austin so they have to disavow

2017-06-20 01:47:04 UTC

So how did the Austin event go?

2017-06-20 01:47:35 UTC

It was excellent

2017-06-20 01:47:39 UTC

It seriously couldn't have gone much better

2017-06-20 01:47:52 UTC

Sounds like Red Guard and RSF were a total no-show?

2017-06-20 01:48:07 UTC

Maybe the May dox took a bit of wind out of their sails.

2017-06-20 01:48:11 UTC

Not a single commie seen

2017-06-20 01:49:05 UTC

Well Enoch and Sacco were texting them Saturday and like 4 showed up Sat night on 6th and got BTFOd

2017-06-20 01:49:19 UTC


2017-06-20 01:50:44 UTC

@BraeJager TX We almost had a putsch!

2017-06-20 01:51:28 UTC

dude it sounds like it

2017-06-20 01:51:47 UTC

Hilarious that you guys crashed a left winger meetup

2017-06-20 01:51:51 UTC


2017-06-20 01:52:47 UTC

Shit what meetup? Chris. You, me, Eric and Preston were out by the main bar and didn't see anything

2017-06-20 01:53:17 UTC

One of our guys was smoking outside and put on a red guard mask. Someone's saw him through the window and yelled "Red Guards!" about half the beer hall stormed out the door.

2017-06-20 01:53:43 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX it was probably three or four libshits eating in the back or something.

2017-06-20 01:54:05 UTC


2017-06-20 01:54:51 UTC

I talked to the faggy bartender and he was entertained and glad that we tipped well. They only disavowed because somebody bitched.

2017-06-20 01:55:13 UTC


2017-06-20 01:59:36 UTC

It's awesome when kids that are 14, 15, 16 message us wondering about joining or looking forward to joining when they're older. We've all made something that little kids are genuinely looking up to as part of their future.

Maybe it's just me, but it's a white pill.

2017-06-20 02:01:32 UTC

Nice. Y'all gonna make a youth wing?

2017-06-20 02:01:55 UTC

Not sure how you'd go about it...

2017-06-20 02:03:40 UTC

Yeah, we've thought about it. I'm not sure. 18 is pretty young to recruit as it is.

2017-06-20 02:03:56 UTC

@everyone I'm on hiatus until further notice. Thomas is in charge.

2017-06-20 02:04:20 UTC

Well, fuck.

2017-06-20 02:04:58 UTC

Oh shit

2017-06-20 02:05:06 UTC

@Thomas Ryan You could just set them up a server. Have somebody moderate really strictly.

2017-06-20 02:05:17 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Might be best as a sister organization, one that we don't control directly.

2017-06-20 02:05:25 UTC


2017-06-20 02:05:51 UTC

Focused on friendship, athletic pursuits like lifting and fighting, and pushing the kids on to a good life path. Then at 18 they can cross over.

2017-06-20 02:06:01 UTC

IMO much younger than 18 and we run the risk of hard chargers doing shit in violation of our tenets

2017-06-20 02:06:07 UTC

Overeagerness is real

2017-06-20 02:06:10 UTC
2017-06-20 02:06:10 UTC


2017-06-20 02:06:33 UTC


2017-06-20 02:06:48 UTC

It will never end, Hyde is our executioner

2017-06-20 02:07:00 UTC

They actually thought it was him this timeπŸ˜‚

2017-06-20 02:07:01 UTC


2017-06-20 02:07:32 UTC

The supidity of people never ceases to amaze me

2017-06-20 02:07:47 UTC

in the rush to be the first to scoop a story they fall for the Sam Hyde shit over and over again

2017-06-20 02:08:48 UTC

Somebody has to stop this mad man!

2017-06-20 02:15:34 UTC

they always look like this don't they?

2017-06-20 02:17:45 UTC

I mean, when they aren't Jews, they're weaklings with that lamb's smile and willingness to go quietly to extinction

2017-06-20 02:18:08 UTC

content that they at least condemned us

2017-06-20 02:18:09 UTC

that beard is a trainwreck

2017-06-20 02:18:27 UTC

it makes my beard, and the beards of my forefathers, angry

2017-06-20 02:19:20 UTC

"beards of my forefathers" sounds like a Tolkein dwarf curse

2017-06-20 02:19:22 UTC


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