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2017-06-16 00:47:18 UTC

Did i miss something?

2017-06-16 00:48:28 UTC

National Vanguard =/= Vanguard America

2017-06-16 00:48:51 UTC

It's a bit up in the chat from this afternoon

2017-06-16 00:48:56 UTC

Scroll up to the guy having an argument on Faceberg. The guy he was arguing with posted a Wikipedia article of National Vanguard thinking it was us

2017-06-16 00:49:10 UTC

I just got on and was seeing what all I've​ missed

2017-06-16 00:49:12 UTC


2017-06-16 00:50:36 UTC

National Vanguard sure fell off

2017-06-16 00:56:47 UTC

@Fox Tx @Alex - LA @White Millennial TX @Billy Merse @Ductapegang @Prophetmuhammad TX @AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX @Chris7577TX @NDO Eric-TX @kolovrat @Lovagrend Thomas wanted to make sure y'all knew to have your equipment ready to go and on site just in case.

2017-06-16 00:57:36 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX Of Course!

2017-06-16 00:58:14 UTC

I know. He wanted to put a reminder out

2017-06-16 00:58:43 UTC

I will have work sadly

2017-06-16 00:59:38 UTC

Everyone should carry a camelback and all necessary supplies in a pack on their person. Coolers on wheels and cases of water turned out to be a pain in the ass. You need to be able to hump your own gear in and out.

2017-06-16 01:00:03 UTC

^^^^ This 1488%

2017-06-16 01:00:22 UTC

Cracking open a Red one with the boys

2017-06-16 01:01:47 UTC


2017-06-16 01:01:49 UTC

You commie badtard

2017-06-16 01:01:57 UTC


2017-06-16 01:02:10 UTC

No wait, i like badtard

2017-06-16 01:02:20 UTC

I bought two stainless steel bottles 750ml that I will carry in my pack. Double as weapons if need be. Small bats basically.

2017-06-16 01:02:40 UTC

That's a pretty good idea.

2017-06-16 01:04:01 UTC

camp section at academy

2017-06-16 01:04:38 UTC

I don't think I'm going bring a pistol. I want to put their head in a locker and bringing a pistol means I wont be able to be violent.


2017-06-16 01:05:07 UTC


2017-06-16 01:06:03 UTC

Concealed carry?

2017-06-16 01:06:09 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX I'm ready lol

2017-06-16 01:10:50 UTC

@Chris7577TX is going to be the official armorer of VA.

2017-06-16 01:11:08 UTC


2017-06-16 01:11:55 UTC


2017-06-16 01:21:10 UTC

@everyone please be careful when accepting offerings from people during rallies. Antifa is going after our pets now


2017-06-16 01:23:33 UTC

That's the shittiest thing I've ever read

2017-06-16 01:23:57 UTC

Aren't these faggots supposed to be about animal rights?

2017-06-16 01:23:59 UTC

They're shitty people what do you expect?

2017-06-16 01:24:17 UTC

I think it's fake

2017-06-16 01:24:21 UTC

Dude if a Communist kills my dog, they'll wish they had eaten the nails instead

2017-06-16 01:24:57 UTC

Agreed, my pets are like family.

2017-06-16 01:25:18 UTC

@Phillip-TX Read the doc I sent you pls

2017-06-16 01:25:28 UTC

I searched the site it was supposedly posted on

2017-06-16 01:25:32 UTC

That seems almost too well thought out for them.

2017-06-16 01:25:55 UTC

All over it. Going through it again.

2017-06-16 01:26:49 UTC

I didn't reverse search it; I should have

2017-06-16 01:26:55 UTC


2017-06-16 01:27:05 UTC

But I am a huge animal lover so I posted it right away

2017-06-16 01:27:11 UTC

it could of been deleted

2017-06-16 01:27:13 UTC

I don't see Dillon or Thomas

2017-06-16 01:27:21 UTC

Damn my cars reverse just went out.

2017-06-16 01:27:23 UTC

Or that Yankee fuck

2017-06-16 01:27:37 UTC

What gives?

2017-06-16 01:27:39 UTC

>tfw am a Yankee

2017-06-16 01:27:53 UTC

Not u

2017-06-16 01:29:00 UTC

I am liked here

2017-06-16 01:29:02 UTC


2017-06-16 01:29:37 UTC

I don't even see Hunter Wallace

2017-06-16 01:30:07 UTC

"based stickman" is a race-mixer

2017-06-16 01:30:52 UTC

I saw based stick man on there and now I think it's fake

2017-06-16 01:31:06 UTC

Yeah it's not

2017-06-16 01:31:16 UTC

He has a following

2017-06-16 01:31:44 UTC

But unlike Baked Alaska he is openly civic nat

2017-06-16 01:32:00 UTC

Civic nationalism lmfao

2017-06-16 01:32:40 UTC

So it's funny to see him share a stage with Heimbach and Invictus

2017-06-16 01:33:09 UTC

At least Baked Alaska is on our side

2017-06-16 01:33:35 UTC

He's just easing into full fash

2017-06-16 01:33:38 UTC

There's a kike company that's trying to buy my work out.

2017-06-16 01:34:12 UTC

Change all the weight measurements from pounds to shekels

2017-06-16 01:34:23 UTC

I'll burn that butch to the ground.

2017-06-16 01:34:28 UTC


2017-06-16 01:36:14 UTC

Stick man has a spic girlfriend I think

2017-06-16 01:36:37 UTC

pretty sure she's a mixed spic and rice

2017-06-16 01:36:44 UTC


2017-06-16 01:38:01 UTC


2017-06-16 01:38:22 UTC

"all lives dont"

2017-06-16 01:38:24 UTC

don't what

2017-06-16 01:38:37 UTC

Porch monkey saying all lives don't matter.

2017-06-16 01:38:55 UTC

he needs a banana

2017-06-16 01:39:22 UTC

That's the narrative pushed by them , if black lives matter , no life does. They are becoming that so called "religion of peace" everyday. I think there should be a round up soon.

2017-06-16 01:40:48 UTC

Dey wuz kangz doe

2017-06-16 01:45:11 UTC


2017-06-16 01:46:08 UTC


2017-06-16 01:46:34 UTC


2017-06-16 01:48:28 UTC


2017-06-16 01:51:20 UTC

I used to use ifunny

2017-06-16 01:51:45 UTC

First round KO


2017-06-16 01:51:59 UTC


2017-06-16 01:56:44 UTC

I'm new at this lol

2017-06-16 02:45:47 UTC

What's your least favorite race , everyone ?

2017-06-16 02:46:28 UTC


2017-06-16 02:46:36 UTC

Red dots

2017-06-16 02:46:42 UTC

They annoy me the most always asking for gibs

2017-06-16 02:47:04 UTC

But coming in at second are all the muds thinking they are better than me

2017-06-16 03:02:55 UTC


2017-06-16 03:33:28 UTC

I'm totally stealing memes right now. Lol

2017-06-16 03:35:25 UTC


2017-06-16 04:00:50 UTC


2017-06-16 04:22:56 UTC


2017-06-16 04:26:17 UTC


2017-06-16 04:26:38 UTC

But.... but I can't... πŸ€—

2017-06-16 05:31:53 UTC


2017-06-16 05:32:13 UTC

πŸ˜‚ πŸ˜‚

2017-06-16 05:47:18 UTC

@Lisa Jo TX-WD it's ok, I'm just stealthily stealing them

2017-06-16 05:47:46 UTC


2017-06-16 05:47:56 UTC

Those replies though

2017-06-16 05:53:19 UTC


2017-06-16 05:53:37 UTC

I'm still stealing the memes hahah

2017-06-16 05:54:44 UTC

I needed this laugh!

2017-06-16 06:34:47 UTC


2017-06-16 10:31:49 UTC

Fuck the EU!

2017-06-16 10:31:57 UTC

Good morning everyone

2017-06-16 11:42:12 UTC


2017-06-16 11:52:57 UTC


2017-06-16 11:53:19 UTC

Morning. You'd better be lifting @Fox Tx

2017-06-16 11:53:34 UTC


2017-06-16 11:53:41 UTC

Morning gents

2017-06-16 11:55:11 UTC

Nothing like an interracial couple in the gym at 7am to start the day.

2017-06-16 11:56:49 UTC

That feel when too busy packing to lift

2017-06-16 11:57:25 UTC

@NDO Eric-TX I am. meeting with black shirt party member right now

2017-06-16 11:57:38 UTC

And mugging him

2017-06-16 11:58:06 UTC

Black shirt?


2017-06-16 11:58:53 UTC

A fascist group apparently

2017-06-16 11:59:46 UTC

I gathered. You're meeting them at a gym?

2017-06-16 11:59:57 UTC

No at a rest stop

2017-06-16 12:00:10 UTC

I been up since 4

2017-06-16 12:00:32 UTC

What I have chores to do

2017-06-16 12:00:39 UTC

Are they the "fascists but it totally has nothing to do with race" guys?

2017-06-16 12:00:39 UTC

Before I left

2017-06-16 12:01:01 UTC

@Thomas Ryan he is 14 words guy and he is thinking about joining us

2017-06-16 12:02:06 UTC


2017-06-16 12:02:26 UTC

you can't get any more skettch than that

2017-06-16 12:02:52 UTC

"I'm meeting some black shirts at a truck stop."

2017-06-16 12:02:53 UTC


2017-06-16 12:03:06 UTC

Yeah be careful Fox.

2017-06-16 12:05:01 UTC

Does someone know where you are maybe?

2017-06-16 12:05:08 UTC

Maybe take someone with you.

2017-06-16 12:05:37 UTC

Honestly, having a plus one at these initial meetups isn't a bad idea.

2017-06-16 12:07:09 UTC

Hell, I told people where I was when I met Alex. Just good common sense.

2017-06-16 12:09:13 UTC

It's a public place

2017-06-16 12:09:24 UTC


2017-06-16 12:09:38 UTC

Chef vetted this guy

2017-06-16 12:09:45 UTC

For the Austin thing

2017-06-16 12:10:17 UTC

This place has security cameras

2017-06-16 12:10:30 UTC

Someone vetted everyone you meet in life.

2017-06-16 12:10:46 UTC

Just use your head, is all we're saying.

2017-06-16 12:11:07 UTC

I used to sell things on Craigslist back in high school

2017-06-16 12:11:21 UTC

So I know what I'm doing

2017-06-16 12:13:24 UTC

Fox what did you sell on Craigslist?

2017-06-16 12:13:38 UTC


2017-06-16 12:13:58 UTC

Like video games and other things

2017-06-16 12:16:17 UTC

"The way of a fool is right in his own eyes, But a wise man is he who listens to counsel." Prverbs 12:15

2017-06-16 12:16:42 UTC

@Tedium I learned my lesson like a long time ago

2017-06-16 12:16:42 UTC

That's our Bible verse for today.

2017-06-16 12:16:57 UTC

I am At this busy travel center

2017-06-16 12:40:06 UTC


2017-06-16 13:00:59 UTC


2017-06-16 13:04:36 UTC

Where'd that come from?

2017-06-16 13:06:32 UTC


2017-06-16 13:07:07 UTC

Some admittedly Jewish AnCom

2017-06-16 13:09:35 UTC


2017-06-16 13:16:22 UTC

Anyone here want to bet on Connor McGregor?

2017-06-16 13:16:42 UTC

Is it going to be a pure boxing match?

2017-06-16 13:17:05 UTC

Yep. Aug 26. 10oz gloves.

2017-06-16 13:17:46 UTC

Damn man I don't know. I'll put some money on him just for the potential return

2017-06-16 13:19:29 UTC

Regardless of whether or not this specific scenario is shady, security cameras are worthless. I work in private security and we allegedly have some cameras that straddle that mid to top tier line.

They're absolutely terrible. Even if they weren't, 90% of the time we don't see anything while its happening due to having fewer monitors than we had cameras (and even if we had enough monitors, there would be too many to watch at once). Camera footage is often a reactive, not proactive, option.

Nobody will know to check the cameras if they don't know you're there in the first place.

2017-06-16 13:22:09 UTC

Its why oftentimes you'll see inner city footage of a convenience store robbery and you can't ID anything properly. Only top tier cameras are good, and they aren't going to be found on publicly funded buildings.

That said, being too spooked to act achieves nothing. Gotta take risks to spread our ideals. Just wanted to possibly dispel some faith in cameras.

2017-06-16 13:34:57 UTC

I worked at a place once and no one ever looked at the footage of the cameras, in fact they werent even recording, they were just for show.

2017-06-16 13:56:07 UTC

I think for the McGregor Mayweather match , 9 rounds should be boxing , that 10th round should be mma. Me and my dad were talking last night about 5th round , if he yelled , "I don't care about the money" and just kicked the shit out of him, put him in an arm bar and broke his arm , ending Mayniggers fighting career

2017-06-16 13:59:33 UTC

As dumb as Mayweather is, he knows he would get humiliated under mma rules. McGregor wants a $75 million payday.

2017-06-16 13:59:52 UTC


2017-06-16 14:00:05 UTC

*w e i m e r i c a*

2017-06-16 14:03:21 UTC

Y'know, a lot of these degenerates propose lots of "sex education" to solve teen pregnancy and all that. But you really know what "education" means to them.

It'll be teaching how you can and should have as much sex as possible and oh also gender doesnt real.

2017-06-16 14:04:54 UTC

The senseless individualism of "my body, I do what I want" is entirely wrong because everything you do has effects to those around you. Civilization is a bridge, and the people in it are the wires suspending it, if more and more of those cables start to think they dont have any big duties... well things get bad.

2017-06-16 14:23:07 UTC


2017-06-16 14:23:11 UTC


2017-06-16 14:23:25 UTC

*This image destroyed Black Metal forever!*

2017-06-16 15:52:55 UTC

My money's on McGregor

2017-06-16 15:53:55 UTC

I predict Mayweather will set a world record for the 5K during the fight.

2017-06-16 15:54:30 UTC

But will ultimately win a boring unanimous decision.

2017-06-16 17:01:19 UTC

Is that shopped?

2017-06-16 17:01:23 UTC


2017-06-16 17:01:48 UTC

Someone else made it

2017-06-16 17:01:49 UTC


2017-06-16 17:02:57 UTC

Lauren just needs a fashy dicking to put her over the top

2017-06-16 17:03:44 UTC


2017-06-16 18:05:55 UTC

We need guys in South Dakota

2017-06-16 18:26:24 UTC


2017-06-16 18:40:59 UTC

Me: "fuck Trump, he's breaking so many campaign promises"

Them: "yeah and colluded with Russia!"

Me: "now hold on just a moment you liberal commie faggot"

2017-06-16 20:08:47 UTC

What statue is that? The one holding the fasces @Thomas Ryan

2017-06-16 20:10:25 UTC

@Riefen come and take it flag

2017-06-16 20:10:28 UTC


2017-06-16 20:10:57 UTC

The previous photo that Thomas posted. Its a side view of what looks like some kind of angel holding a fasces in their left hand and resting it on the ground.

2017-06-16 20:13:07 UTC

It's in Dublin

2017-06-16 20:13:35 UTC


2017-06-16 20:13:56 UTC

Thanks guys

2017-06-16 20:37:08 UTC


2017-06-16 20:45:50 UTC

Who was choked out at Houston?

2017-06-16 20:46:03 UTC

Will fears

2017-06-16 20:48:24 UTC

Who's that

2017-06-16 20:50:54 UTC

A Texas goy

2017-06-16 20:51:01 UTC

Altright Texas goy

2017-06-16 20:51:06 UTC

Hopefully I will be able to come

2017-06-16 20:51:16 UTC

Want me to bring my flags if I can?

2017-06-16 20:51:27 UTC


2017-06-16 20:51:42 UTC

Just bring a white polo and khakis

2017-06-16 20:51:51 UTC

Wish I had either

2017-06-16 21:09:33 UTC

Bring flags

2017-06-16 21:23:33 UTC


2017-06-16 21:30:25 UTC

It's here!

2017-06-16 21:30:37 UTC


2017-06-17 00:00:58 UTC

@Ronny TX it's real?

2017-06-17 00:05:43 UTC

It's a reproduction

2017-06-17 00:06:14 UTC

It's also upside-down if I wear it the way men wear them over here

2017-06-17 00:07:06 UTC

And it doesn't fasten like most belts, through the holes. It has a small metal loop for a thin belt or something

2017-06-17 00:07:22 UTC

It also has some weird staple thing

2017-06-17 00:11:05 UTC

Still cool

2017-06-17 00:11:15 UTC

Staple thing is on the right, fastener is in the left. If it was an American male's belt buckle, the fastener would be on the right.


2017-06-17 00:12:04 UTC

If I wear it with my bullet belt, I would have to improvise some way to hold it in place. However, my leather belt is thick enough that friction alone holds it on. However, that also means that it's really hard to get off lol

2017-06-17 00:12:34 UTC

It is pretty cool though, no regrets for buying it

2017-06-17 00:12:41 UTC

How much

2017-06-17 00:14:46 UTC

About $20

2017-06-17 00:14:59 UTC

$25ish with shipping

2017-06-17 00:58:38 UTC

>Dixie chat
>doesn't have a bible bot

2017-06-17 02:37:33 UTC


2017-06-17 03:29:22 UTC

Hey if I donate to VA with my normie paypal am i gonna get doxed or something

2017-06-17 03:29:53 UTC
2017-06-17 03:31:17 UTC


2017-06-17 03:31:19 UTC

sounds good then

2017-06-17 04:03:12 UTC


2017-06-17 04:03:14 UTC


2017-06-17 05:35:31 UTC

I AM the God Thor,
I am the War God,
I am the Thunderer!
Here in my Northland,
My fastness and fortress,
Reign I forever!
Here amid icebergs
Rule I the nations;
This is my hammer,
MiΓΆlner the mighty;
Giants and sorcerers
Cannot withstand it!

These are the gauntlets
Wherewith I wield it,
And hurl it afar off;
This is my girdle;
Whenever I brace it,
Strength is redoubled!

The light thou beholdest
Stream through the heavens,
In flashes of crimson,
Is but my red beard
Blown by the night-wind,
Affrighting the nations!
Jove is my brother;
Mine eyes are the lightning;
The wheels of my chariot
Roll in the thunder,
The blows of my hammer
Ring in the earthquake!

Force rules the world still,
Has ruled it, shall rule it;
Meekness is weakness,
Strength is triumphant,
Over the whole earth
Still is it Thor's-Day!

Thou art a God too,
O Galilean!
And thus singled-handed
Unto the combat,
Gauntlet or Gospel,
Here I defy thee!
Challenge of Thor by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

2017-06-17 06:54:16 UTC

Argentina: 128-year-old man claims he is Adolf Hitler – World News Daily Report - http://worldnewsdailyreport.com/argentina-128-year-old-man-claims-he-is-adolf-hitler/
I want to believe

2017-06-17 12:14:26 UTC


2017-06-17 12:14:33 UTC

Commie car

2017-06-17 12:56:49 UTC


2017-06-17 12:56:56 UTC

Nice fox

2017-06-17 13:02:14 UTC

Donovan what part of GA you from

2017-06-17 13:03:00 UTC

South metro Atlanta

2017-06-17 13:03:42 UTC

Where you from dude

2017-06-17 15:45:42 UTC

To the men in Austin today... If you run into anyone doing a live feed let me know!

2017-06-17 15:45:58 UTC

Pretty please and thank you.

2017-06-17 16:54:07 UTC



2017-06-17 17:19:51 UTC

Wow have y'all been watching this?! I'm so dang proud and really WOW!!! This is really good. I got choked up several times and have laughed hard. This is quality. Good job guys!!!!

2017-06-17 17:29:22 UTC

If I had data on my phone I'd be watching it rn lol

2017-06-17 17:30:53 UTC

I'm watching from my slave camp

2017-06-17 17:31:46 UTC

So happy I met you lads last night. I look forward to meeting everyone who wasn't out drinking last night aka the old schools

2017-06-17 17:39:19 UTC

God I wish I were there

2017-06-17 17:39:23 UTC

I'm so sincerely impressed and proud right now.

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