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2017-06-11 20:33:59 UTC

If you are in the driver's seat with an open container that is a DUI

2017-06-11 20:34:54 UTC

The law isn't enforced on "are they operating the vehicle". The law is enforced on "is it reasonable that they either recently operated, are currently operating, or are about to operate".

2017-06-11 20:35:09 UTC

He's about to operate the vehicle while intoxicated.

2017-06-11 20:35:20 UTC

Interesting. Never knew that

2017-06-11 20:35:31 UTC

Or. Toyota

2017-06-11 20:35:44 UTC

If you pass out drunk without a container in your driver's seat in your driveway and a cop breathalyzes you, you can get a DUI

2017-06-11 20:35:52 UTC

Happened to an ex roommate of mine

2017-06-11 20:36:19 UTC

They went out to get their phone from the car, fell asleep because they locked themselves out of the house, woke up to a DUI charge

2017-06-11 20:37:06 UTC

I'm sure it varies by state but cursory googling shows TX has the same laws

2017-06-11 20:37:40 UTC

Choke out one of ours? Lose your fucking job and collect DUI

2017-06-11 20:38:11 UTC

Nice. Fingers crossed for lost job, DUI, felony assault, and a deportation

2017-06-11 20:38:26 UTC

Should get worse considering he's a beaner on top of it

2017-06-11 20:42:25 UTC

I'll see if I can figure out color/year of his truck tomorrow.

If somebody contacts his wife acting like an interested customer, may be possible to get their address from her if she works from home.

2017-06-11 20:42:45 UTC

Since the photo studio would be same address as home address

2017-06-11 20:43:19 UTC

Even if she doesnt, would still know her studio address

2017-06-11 20:44:04 UTC

If you have his name there should be a website to punch it into. In Florida we use IMAPP

2017-06-11 20:44:36 UTC

Huh. Will look around. In TN we have site you can get info from if you have license plate number but not reverse

2017-06-11 20:44:38 UTC

As far as I know

2017-06-11 20:47:30 UTC

Is this the spic that choked out on of the WN goys?

2017-06-11 20:48:40 UTC


2017-06-11 20:51:49 UTC

Why don't these goys understand that we are simply fighting for our people

2017-06-11 20:52:26 UTC

Well this guy is aware of it and is using the constitution cucks as a front to breed out white people

2017-06-11 20:52:43 UTC

Howdy gents

2017-06-11 20:53:07 UTC

He put up a video where he's laughing at the guys for saying they want their children to be white like they are and then says "yeah we'll all be brown soon enough"

2017-06-11 20:53:17 UTC

If we could get these constitution cucks on our side we would be solid

2017-06-11 20:54:23 UTC

If they were really nationalists they would be fighting with us

2017-06-11 20:54:29 UTC

Agreed. They won't ever wake up though. Certainly not the old ones, and many of them are out of shape and unwilling to put forward the effort to get in shape, so theyd get gassed anyway

2017-06-11 20:54:59 UTC

This is true

2017-06-11 20:55:01 UTC

For example in that video from TDS the morbidly obese guy comes up and starts shaking hands at the end, saying he agrees with our side

2017-06-11 20:55:31 UTC

Completely unaware that anybody as far right as we are is repulsed by him

2017-06-11 20:55:50 UTC

And a lot of them leave after a few days of being uncomfortable i.e. Oregon

2017-06-11 20:56:08 UTC

Hey Mac

2017-06-11 20:56:34 UTC

A ton of them seemed to be trickling over yesterday though, just from the videos

2017-06-11 20:56:42 UTC

How's it going? Noticed there was some trouble with a based wetback.

2017-06-11 20:56:43 UTC

I'm sure there are more that didn't want to be seen on camera

2017-06-11 20:57:21 UTC

Pretty well other than that. Think all we need now is to get him fired and a home address and vehicle info so we can properly report him to ICE

2017-06-11 20:58:00 UTC

@deactivated Welcome. I'm a Carolina boy

2017-06-11 20:58:27 UTC


2017-06-11 20:58:31 UTC

Nice. I'm out in the mountains. What part are you from?

2017-06-11 21:00:34 UTC

@deactivated welcome

2017-06-11 21:01:01 UTC

REDACTEDΒ Sysco Corporate. Anybody concerned, call in. His name is {REDACTEDΒ Sysco}. He lives in and works in Houston Texas. Yesterday, he committed felony assault by choking out a man standing in a public park in Houston. The event was filmed. Also on camera, he admitted to coming to the country illegally. His Facebook profile shows him committing a DUI.

2017-06-11 21:02:51 UTC

@deactivated Wrightsville Beach, NC

2017-06-11 21:05:13 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX I go there often. Wilmington to be exact. Have family there.

2017-06-11 21:06:12 UTC

Miss it a lot. Nothing like Carolina

2017-06-11 21:07:18 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX We love it here

2017-06-11 21:08:23 UTC

You're in a good spot for growth. Lot of good goys in E Tennessee and W NC.

2017-06-11 21:09:11 UTC

I hope to meet some soon. Currently in hippie-infested Asheville.

2017-06-11 21:09:51 UTC

Yea there and Boone is pretty pozzed.

2017-06-11 21:09:51 UTC

does vanguard allow women? lmao

2017-06-11 21:10:07 UTC

Yes we do

2017-06-11 21:10:12 UTC


2017-06-11 21:10:13 UTC

We have a women's group. Separate from us.

2017-06-11 21:10:16 UTC


2017-06-11 21:10:24 UTC

They have different roles, as for society, but we appreciate their involvement

2017-06-11 21:10:29 UTC

like a free lance group

2017-06-11 21:10:30 UTC

They have their own server and all that

2017-06-11 21:10:48 UTC

Not quite free lance, a seperate division with different rules.

2017-06-11 21:11:37 UTC

Wait we have women's servers? I didn't even know women were in the Vanguard

2017-06-11 21:12:15 UTC

There are a select few

2017-06-11 21:12:37 UTC

We have basically a women's auxiliary that is focused on woman stuff. Hence why you've never seen tgem

2017-06-11 21:13:15 UTC

Is it just a motherhood server lol

2017-06-11 21:13:25 UTC

Something like that

2017-06-11 21:13:26 UTC

That's good that we have them, didn't even know

2017-06-11 21:14:08 UTC

Exactly. Recipes and trad stuff. They I'm sure discuss weightier topics but that's the idea.

2017-06-11 21:15:14 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX very pozzed.

2017-06-11 21:15:28 UTC

Oh I'm aware.

2017-06-11 21:17:46 UTC

We've got a guy dressed as a nun riding a giant bike.

2017-06-11 21:18:04 UTC

Once again Roscoe lost his job. If you can manage $10 or $20 a month please do it.

2017-06-11 21:18:30 UTC

Where did he work? How did it happen?

2017-06-11 21:19:21 UTC

He wore a shirt to work he probably shouldn't have and some kike complained. So they fired him

2017-06-11 21:29:02 UTC

Alright y'all who wants some collards?

2017-06-11 21:29:06 UTC


2017-06-11 21:29:52 UTC
2017-06-11 21:30:03 UTC

They look good

2017-06-11 21:30:20 UTC

Been cooking for 8 hours

2017-06-11 21:30:31 UTC

I bet they are good

2017-06-11 21:30:41 UTC

You ever had Polk salad

2017-06-11 21:30:59 UTC

Nah. Explain

2017-06-11 21:31:58 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX it's just a plant that you cook similar to collard greens

2017-06-11 21:32:30 UTC

Nobody really eats it . It's like an old country people thing to eat

2017-06-11 21:33:25 UTC

It's a wild plant

2017-06-11 21:34:16 UTC

Well I'm going to grow it. I just read up on it and you have officially out countried me. That's hard to do

2017-06-11 21:34:30 UTC


2017-06-11 21:34:35 UTC

lol I rather have collard greens

2017-06-11 21:34:59 UTC

Seems like it would be similar to mustard greens

2017-06-11 21:35:09 UTC

you guys should throw a bbq cookoff invite us. everyone chip in.

2017-06-11 21:35:22 UTC

tents bonfire ect

2017-06-11 21:35:42 UTC

Oh we will do a regional meetup

2017-06-11 21:35:53 UTC


2017-06-11 21:36:00 UTC

i NEVER get deer. that would be epic

2017-06-11 21:36:05 UTC


2017-06-11 21:36:14 UTC

I rather have beef TBH

2017-06-11 21:36:25 UTC

I'm mostly a steak guy

2017-06-11 21:36:33 UTC

cant beat a steak

2017-06-11 21:36:50 UTC

mid rare. yum

2017-06-11 21:37:09 UTC

>inb4 rare

2017-06-11 21:37:25 UTC

My cousin is opening up a deer processing place now since he is not milking cows

2017-06-11 21:38:12 UTC


2017-06-11 21:38:18 UTC

District meet up soon maybe

2017-06-11 22:05:13 UTC

Y'all gotta try bison burgers some time

2017-06-11 22:11:35 UTC

They are good

2017-06-11 22:11:48 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt you ever had ostrich

2017-06-11 22:16:38 UTC

Lol did anyone see the black protagonist in the new AC game set in egypt

2017-06-11 22:17:10 UTC
2017-06-11 22:20:50 UTC

Bison is delicious. Also collard greens. Kilt lettuce and onions. Oh man so many good stuff. Try asparagus but fry it up in bacon grease with bits of bacon in it then top with some parm cheese. That's a lot of fat but I eat low carb a lot

2017-06-11 22:21:44 UTC

Also, wtf with the AC game. I mean, I'm not surprised.

2017-06-11 22:32:59 UTC

no I haven't lol, any good?

2017-06-11 23:27:18 UTC

@Vice Commander Hunt it's okay but bison is better

2017-06-11 23:32:33 UTC

i had ostrich jerky

2017-06-11 23:32:39 UTC

it was pretty tasty

2017-06-11 23:33:20 UTC

I rather have ostrich than chicken

2017-06-11 23:48:06 UTC

TN reporting. Ate ten ostrich eggs for breakfast, and then butchered a deer.

2017-06-11 23:48:30 UTC

TN is growing fast

2017-06-11 23:48:37 UTC
2017-06-11 23:50:50 UTC

Yeah, been talking with V.Cdr for a while

2017-06-11 23:51:13 UTC

Did you go through all the vetting stuff? I dont remember seeing you there.

2017-06-11 23:51:52 UTC

Well, I met commander Dillon in Pikeville

2017-06-11 23:52:14 UTC

So that's a no?

2017-06-11 23:53:31 UTC

guess I don't know what you're talking about. I was asked

2017-06-11 23:54:09 UTC

Sorry, I was asked if I was I interested in starting a TN chapter

2017-06-11 23:55:12 UTC

Who sent you the invite?

2017-06-11 23:55:49 UTC

V.Cdr van Eden

2017-06-11 23:57:18 UTC


2017-06-11 23:57:40 UTC


2017-06-11 23:58:09 UTC

Welcome man glad to see TN growing at a quick rate

2017-06-11 23:58:59 UTC

Thanks. Glad to be here

2017-06-11 23:59:50 UTC

Hey TN! Welcome!

2017-06-12 00:00:13 UTC

You guys are sprouting like weeds. That's awesome.

2017-06-12 00:01:34 UTC

That's good to know! My buddies and I are about to flyer around our town to see if there are more bad goys in our area.

2017-06-12 00:01:56 UTC

That's great.

2017-06-12 00:02:57 UTC


2017-06-12 00:03:17 UTC

I'm talking to TN guy that needs to be voice vetted

2017-06-12 00:03:44 UTC

Tell him to send an application @Fox Tx

2017-06-12 00:03:58 UTC

@Thomas Ryan he is in the vetting room already

2017-06-12 00:04:02 UTC

Marcello you don't look as Jewy in real life as you do on your profile pic n sheeeit

2017-06-12 00:05:05 UTC

Where in TN? I'm a couple hours from Knoxville.

2017-06-12 00:05:24 UTC

We're both in Chattanooga

2017-06-12 00:05:49 UTC

A thought I had.
These cucks are compromised almost to the man here in TX. The mixing especially with Hispanics is epidemic. They cling to magic dirt theory because that excuses their destruction of their genes. They can't agree with us because it would undermine the very basis of their current value system. Many would literally have to reject their own family. Couple that with the conditioned dopamine release of virtue signaling they are taught since birth and you have a spell that is virtually unbreakable.

2017-06-12 00:06:39 UTC

I wonder if they are going to disavow this act of cowardice by their pet spic

2017-06-12 00:06:49 UTC

Ok, almost 4 hours

2017-06-12 00:07:03 UTC

Still not too far

2017-06-12 00:07:15 UTC

No not too bad

2017-06-12 00:07:28 UTC

A lot of those oafsleepers are probably feds

2017-06-12 00:07:29 UTC

5 hours from TN

2017-06-12 00:07:48 UTC

Good deal. Proximity equals war!

2017-06-12 00:08:01 UTC

Boomer war now

2017-06-12 00:18:48 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX is it really that bad? I had kind of hoped it was just bad leadership.

2017-06-12 00:19:48 UTC

It was really that bad

2017-06-12 00:21:46 UTC

No I'm coming to the realization that it is. For generations in TX it's been no big deal to marry a Hispanic girl and have kids. You have Texians that are mixed and are certainly "patriotic" but as soon as it is made clear we believe in a white nation they may as well be leftists.

2017-06-12 00:22:42 UTC


2017-06-12 00:24:30 UTC

Go to San Antonio. There are spics everywhere that have a southern accent and are generally white presenting but simply fall short. It sucks honestly because they identify as "American" but simply don't stack up.

2017-06-12 00:25:11 UTC

You think congress will make them a state

2017-06-12 00:28:19 UTC

As far as the Hispanic question goes, I honestly think the only moral way to deal with it is to DNA test the ones that are citizens and deal with them depending on the results.

There are a handful of families who instilled the Spanish pureblood values into their children.

2017-06-12 00:28:59 UTC

But I mean that's only really possible if we have achieved ethnostate post-balkanization status, so it's a pipe dream at this point

2017-06-12 00:40:42 UTC

Something definitely needs to be done. Just from spending a week in Southern Florida, the whole region seems to be overrun. It was more common to hear Spanish than English, and every public property sign was bilingual. Several signs were primary Spanish, secondary English

2017-06-12 00:41:48 UTC

And it's entirely because miscegenation hasn't been frowned upon. They have cultural pride that we whites don't have or aren't allowed to have, meaning they teach their mixed offspring both languages, leading to a sort of mixed bilingual area.

Then you have more native Spanish speakers coming in, flooding the region, changing the culture, etc

2017-06-12 00:44:44 UTC

Guys, I might be retarded

2017-06-12 00:45:15 UTC

Out of everyone, you're the last to find out here

2017-06-12 00:46:34 UTC

So I was buying a WWII Gott Mit Uns belt buckle with a swastika, and I was like "I need a belt that can have interchangeable buckles" so I bought a belt strap. Then this morning I checked and I have at least 2 belts with the capability to have interchangeable buckles, including my bullet belt. So I basically wasted money on a belt strap.

2017-06-12 00:46:54 UTC

But, belts eventually wear out, so at least I can use this one as a replacement or something.

2017-06-12 00:47:03 UTC

"including my bullet belt"

2017-06-12 00:47:16 UTC

That's right, Tommy πŸ˜‰

2017-06-12 00:47:21 UTC

Put the swasi buckle on the bullet belt strap and go full IM

2017-06-12 00:47:27 UTC


2017-06-12 00:47:57 UTC
2017-06-12 00:48:20 UTC

Lol, @Ronny TX plz no bowlcut

2017-06-12 00:48:53 UTC

Nah, I'll just wear a turban, *full Atomwaffen* style

2017-06-12 00:51:46 UTC

A turban is pretty much a bowlcut. Even has the same​ shape.πŸ€”

2017-06-12 00:52:20 UTC

oh god

2017-06-12 00:52:29 UTC

Nice buckle though.

2017-06-12 00:52:46 UTC

I want a nice black sun or fasces ring

2017-06-12 01:02:12 UTC

@everyone TN guys holler at me. I'm northeast TN looking to personally get some flyers up this weekend when I travel down to Morristown.

2017-06-12 01:06:11 UTC

Morristown is about 3-4 hours from me. What day this weekend?

2017-06-12 01:08:24 UTC

I think we will be there Friday night and Saturday, celebrating Father's Day and my father in laws birthday. I'm not sure what my schedule will look like down there but while I am out and about at least I would like to plant some flyers. Morristown would be a great city to get some exposure. @Riefen

2017-06-12 01:09:03 UTC

Any of you TN guys know about Sneedville or ever been there?

2017-06-12 01:10:00 UTC

I'm about an hour and a half away from Morristown across the border.

2017-06-12 01:10:44 UTC

So Asheville near that or near mountain city TN? @deactivated

2017-06-12 01:11:01 UTC

Never heard of Sneedville.

If you know you'll have free time and want us to meet up, let me know. I can probably be there Friday and certainly on Saturday

2017-06-12 01:12:12 UTC

Asheville is about an hour and a half from morrisville. I haven't been there before.

2017-06-12 01:12:41 UTC

There being Morrisville.

2017-06-12 01:13:50 UTC

Anybody in this group named Dustin? He has been using the Vangaurd Texas photo on Facebook and brags about killing dogs

2017-06-12 01:14:21 UTC
2017-06-12 01:15:40 UTC


2017-06-12 01:15:44 UTC


2017-06-12 01:15:48 UTC


2017-06-12 01:16:29 UTC

He claims that they are "nigger dogs" but in fact the dogs remain peaceful as long as they are not trained for violence

2017-06-12 01:16:55 UTC

My Uncle has a pitbull and it's never hurt me

2017-06-12 01:17:01 UTC

We know

2017-06-12 01:17:14 UTC

But we need to ahut this fuck head down

2017-06-12 01:17:50 UTC

What the actual fuck?

2017-06-12 01:19:27 UTC

Chairman of the National Alliance?

2017-06-12 01:19:34 UTC

@Riefen 10-4 dude I'll holler

2017-06-12 01:19:55 UTC

We need to get him taken down. Him even using our pictures (VA Texas pfp) shows a poor example of us

2017-06-12 01:20:09 UTC

Yeah it does

2017-06-12 01:20:09 UTC

we do not want the media to think our members are killing dogs

2017-06-12 01:20:12 UTC

How would one take him down

2017-06-12 01:20:21 UTC

What's the twitter handle?

2017-06-12 01:20:42 UTC

@deactivated you're apparently not far from me then

2017-06-12 01:21:21 UTC

@ ?

2017-06-12 01:22:01 UTC

@redskegg no not if you're in NE TN. We go to Gatlinburg sometimes.

2017-06-12 01:22:10 UTC

He's also pro marijuana kek

2017-06-12 01:23:10 UTC

Perfect @deactivated we will be down in Gburg/pigeon forge next month for a small get away. That might be a great time to meet up with some of you that's not far out. Gatlinburg is amazing.

2017-06-12 01:23:26 UTC

His Facebook

2017-06-12 01:24:06 UTC

I just read his entire Facebook and couldn't find the dog murder post

2017-06-12 01:24:11 UTC

Can you link it?

2017-06-12 01:24:24 UTC

yes but you have to be a member of the group

2017-06-12 01:24:29 UTC

he posted it to a group

2017-06-12 01:24:39 UTC

Ohh gotcha

2017-06-12 01:26:04 UTC

He posted that on his FB page

2017-06-12 01:26:08 UTC

@redskegg sounds good. Stay in touch and let me know

2017-06-12 01:26:39 UTC

Yeah dogs get mean when you train them to fight, no shit. Doesn't justify killing them

2017-06-12 01:26:45 UTC

Oh it's facebook

2017-06-12 01:26:48 UTC


2017-06-12 01:26:50 UTC

I'm not advocating burglarizing his home, waiting on him, and then stabbing him with ice picks and forcibly removing an ear, but I mean

2017-06-12 01:26:56 UTC

If it happened I wouldn't cry

2017-06-12 01:27:08 UTC

In self-defense?

2017-06-12 01:27:10 UTC

Report him to faceberg lmao

2017-06-12 01:27:22 UTC

They'd probably think it's legit

2017-06-12 01:27:24 UTC

In self defense lmao

2017-06-12 01:27:41 UTC

Not only that but he is using our image

2017-06-12 01:28:00 UTC

As I've stated before if the media sees what he posted it will go to our group as well

2017-06-12 01:28:21 UTC

And send cops to his house

2017-06-12 01:28:43 UTC

Stirner is not Fascist or NatSoc. So he's dumb as hell, too.


2017-06-12 01:36:37 UTC

Is the Vanguard Texas logo copyright? Maybe we could Kike him

2017-06-12 01:40:22 UTC


2017-06-12 01:40:30 UTC

Fucking nigs

2017-06-12 01:42:44 UTC

It is the copyright of whomever created it.

2017-06-12 01:45:14 UTC

Sheeeiiiiiit <:sheeit:318919831527096321>

2017-06-12 01:45:36 UTC

I've been looking for really tiny cheap pocket guns like that just because that's the only niche I'm missing

2017-06-12 01:46:06 UTC

Why did he tag an electronics store in his post though?

2017-06-12 01:48:59 UTC


2017-06-12 01:49:14 UTC

The choking incident getting around quick in different groups suddenly

2017-06-12 01:49:24 UTC

Off topic. Sorry.

2017-06-12 01:50:21 UTC

A member was choked?

2017-06-12 01:51:11 UTC

That guy isn't a member but people who don't know are assuming he was it seems? Idk

2017-06-12 01:51:45 UTC


2017-06-12 01:52:07 UTC

Might ask open ended questions to see what they think.

2017-06-12 01:52:08 UTC


2017-06-12 01:52:37 UTC

Azz cucked the leader of the oath keepers earlier

2017-06-12 01:53:03 UTC

he was surrounded by VA, so people are just connecting dots

2017-06-12 01:53:04 UTC

I saw that. Is Azz VA or just DS??

2017-06-12 01:53:13 UTC

DS as far as I know

2017-06-12 01:53:35 UTC

From what I've heard on the show, he really seems to respect us, though.

2017-06-12 01:55:02 UTC

I can't tell if they're being sarcastic in that screenshot

2017-06-12 01:55:49 UTC

Neither can I.

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