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2017-06-11 01:19:09 UTC

Oh yeah?

2017-06-11 01:19:19 UTC

Oh yeah?

2017-06-11 01:23:55 UTC

Oh yeah?

2017-06-11 01:59:41 UTC

Lmfao ^^^

2017-06-11 01:59:46 UTC

2017-06-11 02:15:59 UTC

Two questions: do you think Snapchat is kike owned and operated? I haven't researched it yet but after actually looking at the articles-- what in the fuck

2017-06-11 02:17:34 UTC

You mean the Featured Our Stories that separate new stories from all stories?

2017-06-11 02:17:43 UTC

On the right hand tab

2017-06-11 02:18:21 UTC

I realized my young sister, at 11, has a Snapchat and I never paid attention to those stories

2017-06-11 02:18:23 UTC


2017-06-11 02:18:25 UTC

If so then idk if it's literally THE KIKES but yeah absolutely

2017-06-11 02:18:30 UTC


2017-06-11 02:18:38 UTC

Haven't researched it either but those stories are as degenerate as it gets

2017-06-11 02:18:47 UTC

I mean, it's so .. "rules for guys on hooking up"

2017-06-11 02:18:53 UTC

"Kylie Jenner blah blah"

2017-06-11 02:19:15 UTC

"How to get her off when she's close" inside one of them what the fuck

2017-06-11 02:19:30 UTC

"They posted racist memes and they're paying for it" is like the #12 right now

2017-06-11 02:19:44 UTC

Not as subversive as what you're naming but I got a laugh out of it

2017-06-11 02:20:11 UTC

Yes. There was one a few weeks back about "can you spot the Muslim"

2017-06-11 02:20:13 UTC


2017-06-11 02:20:37 UTC


2017-06-11 02:21:39 UTC

The current CEO and original founder is named Spiegel. His parents were lawyers and he was raised Episcopalian. Idk about the name Spiegel but Episcopalian is what a lot of ethnic Jews claim as their religion, and being lawyers doesn't statistically help their case.

2017-06-11 02:22:43 UTC

Spiegel is German but it was often taken by Jews when they appropriated a ton of German names

2017-06-11 02:23:07 UTC

2017-06-11 02:23:19 UTC

>there are also a significant number of Jewish people with the surname

2017-06-11 02:23:23 UTC

Yeah he's a Kike

2017-06-11 02:26:29 UTC

I wonder if he's just sitting on suspicious snaps and waiting to drop them somewhere.

At least 30-45 seconds of snaps have been filmed of Richard Spencer chanting "gas the kikes race war now" with his arm raised

2017-06-11 02:26:44 UTC

Pretty fucking detrimental to everybody on the right's public image if that got out

2017-06-11 02:27:32 UTC

There's no way they're actually deleting snaps

2017-06-11 02:28:43 UTC

Damn. Called it!!!

2017-06-11 02:29:43 UTC

2017-06-11 02:34:20 UTC

I always wondered because I remember back when MTV was up to their antics and a quick search explained it.

2017-06-11 02:37:09 UTC

Jews stole a lot of German surnames. To blend in and probably to make one question their heritage

2017-06-11 02:50:03 UTC

Have any of you had to go through redpilling your spouse

2017-06-11 03:01:51 UTC

its hard to ease into a convo for sure

2017-06-11 03:02:24 UTC

lucky mine hates niggers by default

2017-06-11 03:04:06 UTC

explaining jews is harder

2017-06-11 04:46:17 UTC

Yeah. It's been a challenge. It's hard to say she has been such a normie all her life if that's a good term but yeah. It's just nice and slow

2017-06-11 05:04:55 UTC

@everyone video of the attack on our guy today.

2017-06-11 05:05:29 UTC

Shit, one of our guys was attacked? I thought Antifa didn't even show

2017-06-11 05:06:14 UTC

wasn't Antifa

2017-06-11 05:07:04 UTC

2017-06-11 05:09:00 UTC

Fucking patriotard idiots. Their token minorities are no fucking better than the screeching degenerates with Antifa.

2017-06-11 05:12:05 UTC

Im so triggered

2017-06-11 05:12:10 UTC

Nice, a race traitor choking out le evil racist

2017-06-11 05:12:24 UTC

This video is so epically retarded

2017-06-11 05:13:30 UTC

Calling right-wingers "Nazis" regardless of whether they're actually NatSoc or not. Sound familiar?

2017-06-11 05:14:39 UTC

Boomers are lefty retards and should be addressed as so

2017-06-11 05:15:24 UTC

They forget its political ideology, theyre inconsistent just like the rest of the left

2017-06-11 05:15:48 UTC

Also any fucking oath keepers should be treated like that commie filth

2017-06-11 05:16:07 UTC

oath keepers?

2017-06-11 05:20:16 UTC

They were the "security"

2017-06-11 05:20:35 UTC

Its a bunch of larpers who think they are soldiers

2017-06-11 05:20:49 UTC

And dont want to be called "racist"

2017-06-11 05:21:34 UTC

Ah ok yeah fuck them

2017-06-11 05:22:12 UTC

Was that /ourguy/ or literally our guy?

2017-06-11 05:22:13 UTC

Still dont like the kekistani flag so close to the VA flag

2017-06-11 05:22:31 UTC

He was with us

2017-06-11 05:22:45 UTC

Big guy with the mask?

2017-06-11 05:22:50 UTC

Can we get a video with no editing?

2017-06-11 05:22:50 UTC

skull mask

2017-06-11 05:22:54 UTC

What group was this?

2017-06-11 05:23:01 UTC

There is no video of it

2017-06-11 05:23:05 UTC

hahahahahaha video with no editing are you high

2017-06-11 05:24:11 UTC

haha alt right groups xddddd

2017-06-11 05:25:11 UTC

What group was that individual in?

2017-06-11 05:25:12 UTC

The alt right is a subversion tactic

2017-06-11 05:25:17 UTC

Im not sure

2017-06-11 05:25:22 UTC

The Austin group?

2017-06-11 05:25:40 UTC

Same group as the old guy

2017-06-11 05:25:46 UTC

I don't give a fuck about the alt right

2017-06-11 05:25:48 UTC

Daily stormer ig

2017-06-11 05:25:54 UTC

I'm talking about the other pic

2017-06-11 05:26:02 UTC

The right side is Azzmador and the DS guys.

2017-06-11 05:26:20 UTC

Azzmador previously called for gassing people so it makes up for it.

2017-06-11 05:26:23 UTC

Again, idc

2017-06-11 05:26:28 UTC

They were good guys, I just dont like the subversion tactics

2017-06-11 05:26:39 UTC

I'm talking about the person getting choked

2017-06-11 05:26:41 UTC

The guy getting choked was with us, noy a member

2017-06-11 05:26:54 UTC

Does that make it better?

2017-06-11 05:26:57 UTC

Hes working closely with us, Austin guy, plans events, reckless

2017-06-11 05:27:10 UTC

The person that's choking him

2017-06-11 05:27:15 UTC

What group?

2017-06-11 05:27:21 UTC

The random spic? Who knows.

2017-06-11 05:27:42 UTC

The people around him?

2017-06-11 05:27:47 UTC

He might just be a patriotard with This Is Texas that showed up from the FB group.

2017-06-11 05:27:57 UTC

^^^ Thats what Im assuming

2017-06-11 05:27:58 UTC

Oh so it's them

2017-06-11 05:28:12 UTC

The FB group is run by a felon and they organized it. No official membership, however.

2017-06-11 05:28:19 UTC

Park is a public space.

2017-06-11 05:28:30 UTC

I just want to know who I'm going to black bag until I find that fuck

2017-06-11 05:28:59 UTC

In a hypothetical self defense situation of course

2017-06-11 05:29:24 UTC

Yeah probably a patriotard with This Is Texas

2017-06-11 05:29:45 UTC

Im sure theyd be happy to confirm it for us

2017-06-11 05:43:58 UTC

Anyone remember hearing: "Youre a shame to the southern race"

2017-06-11 05:45:41 UTC

2017-06-11 05:52:15 UTC

2017-06-11 05:52:15 UTC


2017-06-11 06:03:53 UTC

2017-06-11 06:04:16 UTC

17 friends

2017-06-11 06:04:41 UTC

Yeah thats the guy that was with us

2017-06-11 06:04:42 UTC

Seems like that profile is solely for politics

2017-06-11 06:04:57 UTC

That's the guy that did the attacking, right?

2017-06-11 06:05:04 UTC

No he got attacked

2017-06-11 06:05:28 UTC

Why is he saying he was choking somebody out?

2017-06-11 06:05:40 UTC

I'm misunderstanding I think.

2017-06-11 06:05:54 UTC

Whoa I've got a mutual friend with him

2017-06-11 06:06:38 UTC

2017-06-11 06:06:39 UTC

2017-06-11 06:07:00 UTC

Ohhh, he's saying he was choked out because he was wearing that flag?

2017-06-11 06:07:10 UTC

That's my gf's dog, I didn't mean to send it but I'm not gonna delete it

2017-06-11 06:07:29 UTC

Did you draw those eyebrows or Photoshop them?

2017-06-11 06:07:44 UTC

Because he had it in general, idk if he was wearing it. She drew the eyebrows I think

2017-06-11 06:08:18 UTC

@Riefen yes because if the flag and he was asking them why they are so cucked lol

2017-06-11 06:08:59 UTC

Okay, so in the photo he's the guy getting choked out? And we need the guy choking him, right?

2017-06-11 06:09:41 UTC


2017-06-11 06:09:58 UTC

Cool, just making sure there weren't more off-screen chokers and chokees

2017-06-11 09:59:52 UTC

So did anyone ever get that faggot's number to set up a fight? Let's see if we can get him to show up to a training session and I'll slap him around.

2017-06-11 12:37:38 UTC

Lol @ the guy trying to give his phone number. Dude looks like he would be gassed after a few punches throw. Gtfoh. I didn't actually know the oath keepers or wtfever were against people like us.

2017-06-11 12:38:10 UTC

Well I should say, I wasn't aware there were conservative groups actively seeking out "Nazi bad guys"

2017-06-11 12:41:55 UTC

TBH, only the "security team" and some of the other groups didn't want us there. Most of the other groups didn't care or were glad to see us.

2017-06-11 12:58:14 UTC

Security team lol. The leader guy looks like he would be gassed after 15 seconds of cardio, but who am I to judge.

2017-06-11 13:45:24 UTC

I was stopped several times earlier by people who recognized us and wanted to thank us for what we do. Two guys even left their group to stand with us.

2017-06-11 13:55:36 UTC

2017-06-11 13:55:43 UTC

They legitimately hate themselves.

2017-06-11 14:10:33 UTC

2017-06-11 14:13:05 UTC


2017-06-11 14:20:22 UTC

That's hot

2017-06-11 14:22:11 UTC


2017-06-11 14:30:35 UTC

@redskegg The security team "leader" is a multiple felon who is now being accused of cooking this whole thing up and stealing the money. They are eating themselves and it's glorious

2017-06-11 14:39:05 UTC

They're honestly just as bad as Leftists.

2017-06-11 14:40:17 UTC

@Thomas Ryan Going to shoot you a couple ideas for going forward.

2017-06-11 14:43:55 UTC

A multiple felon, who would've thought. His overall demeanor and just aura speaks volumes about him. What a dick. The bearded DS guy you can tell just doesn't give a fuck what people think but is genuine about it. He made a good point about "if people accuse you of being X or X you own it because young people are attracted to strength etc" it's true.

2017-06-11 15:20:15 UTC

2017-06-11 15:38:07 UTC
2017-06-11 16:00:26 UTC


2017-06-11 16:44:11 UTC

@everyone ^^^^^

2017-06-11 16:44:26 UTC

He's a fucking illegal

2017-06-11 16:44:46 UTC

Let's deport his ass

2017-06-11 16:45:56 UTC

If it gets known on 4chan good chance he will be deported

2017-06-11 16:46:04 UTC

They ruin people

2017-06-11 16:47:03 UTC

Hey I'm sure y'all already know this but if you happen to comment on a video or pic or anything about the rally, please don't point out who I am.

2017-06-11 16:47:22 UTC

Will do

2017-06-11 16:47:29 UTC

And that video...holy shit

2017-06-11 16:47:36 UTC

I thought Wyatt was exaggerating

2017-06-11 16:48:19 UTC

You or Azz need to get that shit on DS. "I came here illegally". Well did you now?

2017-06-11 16:52:23 UTC

Yeah I sent it to Azz. I'm doing a writeup as well

2017-06-11 16:52:48 UTC

Revenge will come swiftly

2017-06-11 16:53:13 UTC

Good fucking job men. Hope to see some of you next weekend

2017-06-11 16:53:22 UTC

It's disgusting to see what they did to will

2017-06-11 16:55:26 UTC

How big is the event this upcoming Saturday in Austin?

2017-06-11 16:57:46 UTC

2017-06-11 17:02:16 UTC

@TheDriver probably the same as Houston or little bit bigger

2017-06-11 17:16:07 UTC

Anyone have a link to the fb of the spic that tried to choke fears? I think I have his info but I need to bump somethings off of it first. If I'm right I'm pretty good friends with his boss.

2017-06-11 17:17:09 UTC

So, maybe I missed it but the guy who got choked, is he VA?

2017-06-11 17:18:45 UTC

No, he's a very active altright guy. Not affiliated with any groups but friendly with many of them.

2017-06-11 17:33:55 UTC

2017-06-11 17:34:03 UTC


2017-06-11 17:34:17 UTC

Oh shit he's so fucked!

2017-06-11 17:34:50 UTC


2017-06-11 17:37:08 UTC

Anybody call ICE yet?

2017-06-11 17:38:05 UTC

Let's do it

2017-06-11 17:38:16 UTC

2017-06-11 17:38:19 UTC

He's an illegal after all

2017-06-11 17:39:22 UTC

He works at Sysco in houston as a selector. He makes 19 bucks per hour and has been there for 5 years.

2017-06-11 17:39:54 UTC


2017-06-11 17:40:13 UTC

The oathkeepers will pay

2017-06-11 17:40:24 UTC

Hell they are gonna die soon anyway

2017-06-11 17:40:30 UTC

Boomer piecies of shit

2017-06-11 17:40:43 UTC

#boomergenocide now

2017-06-11 17:48:17 UTC

What happened with the oathkeepers? @backstreetgoy-TN

2017-06-11 17:49:16 UTC

Holy cow, how did you doxx him so quickly and in depth? I am amazed!

2017-06-11 17:49:56 UTC

Rip I thought the oathkeepers were somewhat our goys

2017-06-11 17:50:46 UTC

Some are, we siphoned off a couple of their guys yesterday.

2017-06-11 17:52:20 UTC

2017-06-11 17:52:27 UTC

Kek they are still around

2017-06-11 17:55:21 UTC

Fuck those cucks dude, they won't even stand up for their own people

2017-06-11 18:05:55 UTC

I found out where my last name comes from

2017-06-11 18:05:57 UTC

"Spanish and Italian: from the personal name Valerio (Latin Valerius, a Roman family name ultimately derived from Latin valere โ€˜to flourishโ€™, โ€˜to be strong and healthyโ€™). The name was borne by several minor Christian saints, among them 4th-century bishops of Trier and Zaragoza and 5th-century bishops of Sorrento and of Antibes."

2017-06-11 18:07:17 UTC

@esgee nice

2017-06-11 18:07:35 UTC

Roman saluting and Deus Vult is in my DNA

2017-06-11 18:49:14 UTC

I got in an argument with a 3%er during the Jeff Davis protest. Same basic shit as this " I hate nazis blah blah blah"

2017-06-11 18:49:45 UTC

Fuck them they are in the same group thats destroying America

2017-06-11 18:56:12 UTC

Pagans blame Christians for the destruction of Paganism. Savitri Devi says "We, who are not Christians, may โ€” and do, โ€” deplore it. We are aware of the fact that many spiritual treasures other than those contained in the Gospels โ€” the truths contained in the old European Paganisms, or long preserved in the solar cults of Central and Southern America; treasures of which, to-day, one knows much too little, โ€” were lost to the world precisely through the impersonal zeal of religious-minded men, by nature โ€œagainst Timeโ€ (or through the wanton destructiveness of men โ€œin Timeโ€) such as those we have mentioned. But we believe that, wherever such losses were suffered, there was something wrong not with the forgotten truth (which is eternal) but with the people who should have managed to stand for it against the new and hostile doctrine; we believe, in fact, that there were not enough men โ€œagainst Timeโ€ among those people โ€” not enough persons in whose Eyes the now lost teachings were, then, sufficiently alive to be made a basis for the organisation of human society against the growing current of decay; not enough who, in order to defend them on those grounds, were prepared to be as ruthless and as perseverant as the Christians were in order to destroy them." The time has come for Christianity to once again have Men Against Time to resist those Men Against Time of Islam, and all the moreso the Men In Time of the West.

2017-06-11 18:56:52 UTC

***p a r t i a l l y f o r m e d***

2017-06-11 19:10:14 UTC

Same guy?

2017-06-11 19:10:19 UTC

If so Jesus his wife is ugly

2017-06-11 19:10:54 UTC

Looks exactly the same

2017-06-11 19:11:26 UTC

Is that Leonardo Di Caprio?

2017-06-11 19:12:06 UTC

Is the one on the right a *female*? Wtf

2017-06-11 19:12:57 UTC

He photoshopped Di Caprio into a picture of him wearing a miniskirt and a plate carrier

2017-06-11 19:13:13 UTC

Guy is AAA degenerate

2017-06-11 19:13:59 UTC


2017-06-11 19:14:06 UTC

That is the phone number for Sysco Corporate

2017-06-11 19:14:40 UTC

Flood their phone lines talking about how he assaulted a man in Houston, provide links and descriptions of the video. The more info and more coverage this gets the better.

2017-06-11 19:16:39 UTC

His Facebook shows him committing a DUI

2017-06-11 19:17:06 UTC

2017-06-11 19:17:19 UTC

Also if anybody can ID what kind of truck that is from the interior, we can know what he drives

2017-06-11 19:17:57 UTC

Anybody that was on-site yesterday able to positively ID that this is for sure our guy using those tattoos?

2017-06-11 19:23:06 UTC
2017-06-11 19:23:14 UTC

Wife's photography business

2017-06-11 19:23:26 UTC

Thats a Toyota Tundra

2017-06-11 19:27:33 UTC

damn son

2017-06-11 19:28:01 UTC

dude's fucked

2017-06-11 19:28:29 UTC

Is his wife White?

2017-06-11 19:35:10 UTC

2017-06-11 19:35:12 UTC

Watchout NZS

2017-06-11 19:36:51 UTC

no shit

2017-06-11 19:37:15 UTC

those guys are sure going to get it

2017-06-11 19:38:53 UTC

Yeah she's white

2017-06-11 19:39:06 UTC

dat forehead doe

2017-06-11 19:39:24 UTC

2017-06-11 19:43:30 UTC


2017-06-11 19:43:34 UTC

God his face paint sucks. Either he's terrible or he was never actually received training in camouflage

2017-06-11 19:43:40 UTC

What are NZS?

2017-06-11 19:45:09 UTC


2017-06-11 19:46:59 UTC

Oh I see

2017-06-11 19:47:26 UTC

See, they gotta use vowels. I thought it had something to do with New Zealand

2017-06-11 19:49:52 UTC

eh, fuck them too. nothing but an island full of exploitative white supremacists

2017-06-11 19:51:11 UTC

New Zealand doesn't exist

2017-06-11 19:56:04 UTC


2017-06-11 20:10:35 UTC

@everyone Roscoe lost his job. Let's help our own

2017-06-11 20:19:55 UTC

Where can I listen to some of his podcasts? @RCO Nick-TX

2017-06-11 20:22:23 UTC

@RCO Nick-TX what happened? Did he get doxxed?

2017-06-11 20:22:36 UTC

@Riefen trs or his website

2017-06-11 20:23:00 UTC
2017-06-11 20:24:02 UTC

Apparently some Jew saw a shirt he was wearing and complained. I guess it wasn't subtle enough

2017-06-11 20:25:32 UTC

I might give a few shekels

2017-06-11 20:26:17 UTC

You can give like 10 shekels a month. Let's help out our own.

2017-06-11 20:27:20 UTC

I can do that for a few months but I'm helping with another goy right now too

2017-06-11 20:28:15 UTC

2017-06-11 20:28:50 UTC

Open container while driving ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

2017-06-11 20:29:11 UTC

Wonder if his employer condones this

2017-06-11 20:30:48 UTC

He was "listening to music in the driveway"

2017-06-11 20:31:30 UTC

Looks like he drives a ford

2017-06-11 20:33:17 UTC

I'll call his corporate tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2017-06-11 20:33:29 UTC

I speak corporate ๐Ÿ˜‰

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