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2017-06-11 05:03:16 UTC

There is still one last problem, unfortunately. http://www.age-of-the-sage.org/faith-vs-reason-debate-2.jpg

2017-06-11 05:03:27 UTC

It specifically mentions grace, *"Grace is favor, the free and undeserved help that God gives us to respond to his call to become children of God, adoptive sons, partakers of the divine nature and of eternal life" (CCC 1996)*

2017-06-11 05:03:48 UTC

People born in certain geographies have a greater likelihood to be brainwashed by other faiths.

2017-06-11 05:03:58 UTC

No, it is not like Tengri thing. It has specific requirements.

2017-06-11 05:04:05 UTC

Does God account for this?

2017-06-11 05:04:08 UTC

People brainwashed?

2017-06-11 05:04:29 UTC

They need to be able to overcome this

2017-06-11 05:04:33 UTC

and accept the true faith.

2017-06-11 05:04:41 UTC

Yes, God accounts for all conditions. *"The desire for God is written in the human heart, because man is created by God and for God; and God never ceases to draw man to himself. Only in God will he find the truth and happiness he never stops searching for" (CCC 27).*

2017-06-11 05:04:55 UTC

But clearly if you look at it statistically it would be worse for someone to be born in Saudi Arabia than the Vatican.

2017-06-11 05:05:16 UTC

Would it be fair to judge them both on acceptance of the Gospel?

2017-06-11 05:05:40 UTC

Hmm, I'll leave that to Mros.

2017-06-11 05:06:33 UTC

It is fair to judge them if they have the truth before them and reject it.

2017-06-11 05:07:00 UTC

But clearly if you look at it statistically it would be much worse to be born in Saudi Arabia

2017-06-11 05:07:38 UTC

As in highly likely that the man born in Arabia never accepts the Gospel compared to the Vatican

2017-06-11 05:07:54 UTC

It is still fair

2017-06-11 05:07:56 UTC

I assume God would make an exception for this?

2017-06-11 05:08:17 UTC

It depends, do they know about Christianity? If so then yes it's fiar.

2017-06-11 05:08:45 UTC

Eh, well

2017-06-11 05:08:52 UTC

This is why the followers of Christ are called to preach the word unto all nations

2017-06-11 05:08:56 UTC

What if they never truly explore Christianity because they have been raised to reject it in favor of another religion?

2017-06-11 05:08:59 UTC

wouldn't it also depend on their level of knowledge?

2017-06-11 05:09:29 UTC

If they just knew there were people called Christians, is it still their fault for rejecting it?

2017-06-11 05:09:36 UTC


2017-06-11 05:09:48 UTC

They had to concsiously reject it

2017-06-11 05:09:49 UTC

Or would they have to know of the bible, at least the largeer moral principles, and so on?

2017-06-11 05:09:51 UTC

Wouldn't this mean it would be better to not spread the Gospel at all

2017-06-11 05:10:08 UTC

No, because the people still have to live moral lives despite the lack of knowledge

2017-06-11 05:10:14 UTC

Okay, just making sure I understand.

2017-06-11 05:10:16 UTC

Which isn't every case

2017-06-11 05:10:20 UTC

Why? It would make it harder for them to go to paradise.

2017-06-11 05:10:35 UTC

I mean, if they raped a child and beheaded their wife...

2017-06-11 05:10:50 UTC

People without God are more likely to do this?

2017-06-11 05:11:01 UTC

I mean, they can't live 100% Christian lives. But they can be good by what their heart calls them to do.

2017-06-11 05:11:23 UTC

IE God's pulling them toward goodess.

2017-06-11 05:11:40 UTC

Then Christians should not spread the Gospel

2017-06-11 05:11:46 UTC

Because it would make it harder on pagans.

2017-06-11 05:12:19 UTC

It wouldn't make it harder. There's no guarantee that they'll live moral lives having no knowledge of it.

2017-06-11 05:12:43 UTC

Pagans have a higher chance of living immoral lives that would send them to hell compared to Christians?

2017-06-11 05:12:48 UTC

Jesus Christ wants us to bring the whole world into captivity to the truth, and the truth is Jesus himself, who is "the way, and the truth, and the life" (John 14:6). Spreading the faith is a task not only for bishops, priests, and religiousβ€”it is a task for all Catholics (CCC 905).

2017-06-11 05:13:00 UTC


2017-06-11 05:13:14 UTC

And yes, Pagans are more likely to live amoral lives

2017-06-11 05:13:35 UTC

So that is still geographical favoritism. Based on where you are born, you have a higher chance to go to hell.

2017-06-11 05:15:20 UTC

god just doesnt like people not born in the west

2017-06-11 05:16:50 UTC

Well even in the time of the new testament there were churches established in india so that isn't quite true

2017-06-11 05:17:05 UTC

and Armenia and Ethiopia were the first two nations to convert to Christianity

2017-06-11 05:17:06 UTC

But not in Papua New Guinea

2017-06-11 05:17:17 UTC

That's what missionaries are for

2017-06-11 05:17:32 UTC

Their salvation rests on the back of weak robed men?

2017-06-11 05:17:39 UTC

Just because someone is born in a Christian nation doesn't mean they will be saved.

2017-06-11 05:17:44 UTC


2017-06-11 05:17:57 UTC

If anything, someone born in the US today has an even lower chance

2017-06-11 05:18:03 UTC

But we can agree those born in pagan nations have a higher chance to not be saved, as they have a higher chance to live immoral lives

2017-06-11 05:18:16 UTC

i keep having really strange experiences with time dilation

2017-06-11 05:18:22 UTC

What do you mean?

2017-06-11 05:18:23 UTC

So if someone born in the US has an even lower chance, is that still not geographical favoritism?

2017-06-11 05:18:34 UTC

That's called psychosis. Go see a doctor.

2017-06-11 05:18:34 UTC

Not really

2017-06-11 05:18:42 UTC

It's due to the current state of the US society

2017-06-11 05:18:53 UTC

That is not the fault of someone being born

2017-06-11 05:20:12 UTC

Of course. We are not clones that exist in mirror universes, every individual's circumstances is unique.

2017-06-11 05:20:43 UTC

I would feel bad for those who would unfortunately be born as pagans

2017-06-11 05:20:47 UTC

in pagan lands

2017-06-11 05:21:03 UTC

We do not know the true number of person's in heaven.

2017-06-11 05:21:07 UTC

Surely an all-good god cannot have geographical favorites

2017-06-11 05:21:19 UTC

like it will feel like 3 hours and ill look at the clock and its only been 15 mins, or it will feel like its been 2 mins but i look at the clock and its been a hour

2017-06-11 05:21:22 UTC

How can a just God have favourites?

2017-06-11 05:21:28 UTC


2017-06-11 05:21:36 UTC

John 3:16 says otherwise

2017-06-11 05:21:39 UTC

Tengri holds no favorites.

2017-06-11 05:22:09 UTC

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

2017-06-11 05:23:03 UTC


2017-06-11 05:23:04 UTC


2017-06-11 05:23:09 UTC

How about you stop using 4chan

2017-06-11 05:23:12 UTC

There's nothing good there

2017-06-11 05:23:15 UTC

why would i care if you wre black

2017-06-11 05:23:40 UTC

Unless you are the gatekeeper of heaven, and know the hearts of all mankind, who are you to judge if God has favourites?

2017-06-11 05:24:04 UTC

Only God can truly judge the hearts of men.

2017-06-11 05:24:30 UTC

<@323330765440155649> Do you have anything meaningful to contribute?

2017-06-11 05:24:58 UTC

But now you are just adhering to faith without logic, like I said that "only Tengri can explain how different religions all lead to him"

2017-06-11 05:25:09 UTC

i dunno his content is about as good as this argument

2017-06-11 05:25:51 UTC

Man 4chan people sure are vulgar

2017-06-11 05:26:00 UTC

I ain't even a commie fam

2017-06-11 05:26:46 UTC

Too much Ritalin?

2017-06-11 05:26:59 UTC

Pepe is the worst

2017-06-11 05:27:22 UTC

>not saying normalfag

2017-06-11 05:27:27 UTC

Looks like you're the real normie

2017-06-11 05:27:28 UTC


2017-06-11 05:27:49 UTC

Lol fam I'm white

2017-06-11 05:28:20 UTC

No thanks, CIA

2017-06-11 05:28:42 UTC

I'm a law abiding citizen, FBI

2017-06-11 05:30:14 UTC

Chopin who even runs this discord?

2017-06-11 05:31:13 UTC


2017-06-11 05:32:00 UTC
2017-06-11 05:33:57 UTC


2017-06-11 05:36:19 UTC


2017-06-11 05:38:10 UTC

Shut up

2017-06-11 05:38:16 UTC

fuckig kill yourself

2017-06-11 05:38:30 UTC

I'm not even a communist

2017-06-11 05:38:32 UTC

dude, you are a total nigger faggot

2017-06-11 05:38:40 UTC

cry me a river

2017-06-11 05:38:56 UTC

stop blowing up my notifications

2017-06-11 05:38:56 UTC

I'm pretty sure at least 25% of the people in this server aren't commies

2017-06-11 05:38:58 UTC
2017-06-11 05:39:02 UTC

and that's a conservative estimate

2017-06-11 05:39:07 UTC

no, you are just lame

2017-06-11 05:39:12 UTC

exactly mros

2017-06-11 05:39:25 UTC

you arent even good at trolling

2017-06-11 05:39:28 UTC

This is a palce for Commies and non-commies to come and discuss.

2017-06-11 05:39:45 UTC

lame troll is lame

2017-06-11 05:39:46 UTC

Not for you to screech at commies.

2017-06-11 05:39:56 UTC


2017-06-11 05:39:59 UTC


2017-06-11 05:40:57 UTC

@Deleted User Kill these degens please.

2017-06-11 05:41:11 UTC

@Anglican not me man

2017-06-11 05:41:17 UTC

this guy is totally late

2017-06-11 05:41:20 UTC

**Claps happily**

2017-06-11 05:41:21 UTC

thanks mods

2017-06-11 05:41:22 UTC


2017-06-11 05:41:23 UTC

holy shit my notifications.

2017-06-11 05:41:27 UTC


2017-06-11 05:41:27 UTC


2017-06-11 05:41:34 UTC

i was being blown up there for a while

2017-06-11 05:41:36 UTC

ty so much

2017-06-11 05:41:53 UTC

you can make it so it only notifies you for at mentions

2017-06-11 05:42:02 UTC

yeah, i should

2017-06-11 05:44:06 UTC

It feels like there is a worm slowly eating out my brain rn

2017-06-11 05:44:15 UTC

like, it's borrowing around inside my head.

2017-06-11 05:44:23 UTC

You should see a doctor

2017-06-11 05:44:46 UTC

wow, ouch. yeah what mros said

2017-06-11 05:45:04 UTC

I hope it's just a migrian...

2017-06-11 05:45:22 UTC

It's like a presure on the entire front of my head.

2017-06-11 05:45:33 UTC

Have you tried a ketogenic diet?

2017-06-11 05:45:39 UTC


2017-06-11 05:45:58 UTC

**i'm dying slowly**

2017-06-11 05:45:59 UTC

I had bad migraines and it is the only thing that helped.

2017-06-11 05:46:16 UTC

I'll put that on my long list of things to look up

2017-06-11 05:46:23 UTC

ketogenic diets are for weight loss

2017-06-11 05:46:35 UTC

It was designed for children with epilepsy.

2017-06-11 05:46:49 UTC

they help for quite a few things, when i was a long distance runner, it really helped with my performance

2017-06-11 05:47:39 UTC

oh wow

2017-06-11 05:47:50 UTC

thats very cool

2017-06-11 05:48:19 UTC

yeah, it helped with my bonking

2017-06-11 05:48:34 UTC

its where when your blood sugar drops midway through a run

2017-06-11 05:48:44 UTC

but if you are running off of ketones, you cant bonk

2017-06-11 05:49:05 UTC


2017-06-11 05:49:33 UTC

are you a professional athlete ? or just do it for fun?

2017-06-11 05:49:36 UTC

Amazing how diets can fix and prevent so many things.

2017-06-11 05:49:43 UTC


2017-06-11 05:49:46 UTC

just for fun

2017-06-11 05:50:03 UTC

i definitely could have participated in marathons, but i never did

2017-06-11 05:50:10 UTC

and yeah, its amazing

2017-06-11 05:50:49 UTC

i used to swim a lot

2017-06-11 05:50:58 UTC

but i dont do much anymore

2017-06-11 05:51:02 UTC


2017-06-11 05:51:12 UTC

i was on the water polo team in HS

2017-06-11 05:51:39 UTC

im too body concious to swim

2017-06-11 05:52:05 UTC

Who here surfers?

2017-06-11 05:52:08 UTC

i wanna get back to biking tho i use to do like 20 miles a day

2017-06-11 05:52:16 UTC

biking is rad

2017-06-11 05:52:24 UTC

i surfed when i was little

2017-06-11 05:52:29 UTC

@Mros not me, but my roommates are

2017-06-11 05:52:34 UTC

yeah, biking is awesome

2017-06-11 05:52:43 UTC

have to have a wet suit to do it here so expensive hobby

2017-06-11 05:53:06 UTC

Wetsuits aren't that expensive, are they?

2017-06-11 05:53:19 UTC

no, you can get a second hand one for really cheap

2017-06-11 05:53:21 UTC

sub 200

2017-06-11 05:53:27 UTC

i can barely pay my 450$ rent expensive for me i suck at saving

2017-06-11 05:53:52 UTC

yeah, focus on the essentials first

2017-06-11 05:54:01 UTC

its better to get a custom fitted wetsuit

2017-06-11 05:54:06 UTC


2017-06-11 05:54:18 UTC

standard sizes are too difficult to work with

2017-06-11 05:54:34 UTC

I never wear a wetsuit tbh

2017-06-11 05:54:41 UTC

Do you ride underwater? Why do you need a wetsuit?

2017-06-11 05:54:42 UTC

you could prolly get away with a rash gaurd and some trunks if you went fuck it, waters normally about 50ish degrees here

2017-06-11 05:54:50 UTC

for surfing @Deleted User

2017-06-11 05:54:51 UTC

yeah, especially when they are designed for euro proportions and you are chinese (im assuming)

2017-06-11 05:55:01 UTC

delete this

2017-06-11 05:55:07 UTC


2017-06-11 05:55:15 UTC

50ish degrees isn't that bad

2017-06-11 05:55:23 UTC

its not the point

2017-06-11 05:55:23 UTC

i got a long sleeved shirt from SK, and the sleeves went up half way by wrists

2017-06-11 05:55:29 UTC


2017-06-11 05:55:33 UTC


2017-06-11 05:55:34 UTC

i wear a sweater in 70 degree weather

2017-06-11 05:55:38 UTC

the temperature doesnt matter

2017-06-11 05:55:43 UTC

you could take cold showers to get used to the cold

2017-06-11 05:55:44 UTC

its for triathalons and such

2017-06-11 05:55:49 UTC

@小弟弟#3837 Don't worry brother, China makes everything

2017-06-11 05:56:05 UTC

nothing wrong with that

2017-06-11 05:56:29 UTC

i need to get a new job before i can get a bike

2017-06-11 05:56:38 UTC

most people who have wetsuits have somewhere to be after swimming

2017-06-11 05:56:44 UTC

or just dont want to be wet

2017-06-11 05:56:52 UTC

or are doing a triathalon

2017-06-11 05:57:02 UTC

which you absolutely need a wetsuit for

2017-06-11 05:57:28 UTC

people wear them here cause of cold mostly cause cold in water and outside it so you can get hypothermia rather easily if you arent young healthy and such

2017-06-11 05:57:44 UTC

what country are you from

2017-06-11 05:57:54 UTC

im in the us just in the northern part

2017-06-11 05:58:10 UTC

Wim Hof disagrees.

2017-06-11 05:58:25 UTC

You body can adapt to the cold.

2017-06-11 05:58:34 UTC

But it takes times.

2017-06-11 05:58:36 UTC


2017-06-11 05:58:37 UTC

Like a sun tan.

2017-06-11 05:58:39 UTC


2017-06-11 05:58:51 UTC

sun taning is dumb imho

2017-06-11 05:58:59 UTC

Not really.

2017-06-11 05:59:03 UTC

tans are ugly and unhealthy

2017-06-11 05:59:14 UTC

Wow, popscience much.

2017-06-11 05:59:22 UTC

There's a differince between tanning and sunburn

2017-06-11 05:59:27 UTC

few know this

2017-06-11 05:59:31 UTC

theyre only unhealthy if you arent wearing uv protection

2017-06-11 05:59:33 UTC

idk, i think it can be overdone

2017-06-11 05:59:38 UTC

Well of course

2017-06-11 05:59:45 UTC

and they are just ugly

2017-06-11 05:59:46 UTC

and i dont like the look either

2017-06-11 05:59:59 UTC

as someone who has had a tan most of his life living in SoCal

2017-06-11 06:00:05 UTC

pale is class and beauty

2017-06-11 06:00:12 UTC

wow, racist much?

2017-06-11 06:00:14 UTC

Pale is bourgeosie.

2017-06-11 06:00:24 UTC

>not having a farmer's tan

2017-06-11 06:00:25 UTC


2017-06-11 06:00:27 UTC

pale is the color of someone who has not worked in his life

2017-06-11 06:00:33 UTC

you are bourgeoisie tbh chopin

2017-06-11 06:00:48 UTC

i work a lot just night shift jobs

2017-06-11 06:00:57 UTC


2017-06-11 06:01:01 UTC

Night shift is more unhealthy than a tan.

2017-06-11 06:01:05 UTC


2017-06-11 06:01:08 UTC

need a job now cause quit lel

2017-06-11 06:01:08 UTC

Gotta get those 8 hours

2017-06-11 06:01:21 UTC

its not just how long u sleep though

2017-06-11 06:01:22 UTC

i get my 8 hours just at a different time

2017-06-11 06:01:38 UTC

i take my vitamin d too

2017-06-11 06:01:38 UTC

reversing your circadian rythm is itself terrible

2017-06-11 06:01:48 UTC

and keep a good window light cover

2017-06-11 06:02:01 UTC

use the led lights in my room

2017-06-11 06:02:13 UTC

and have one yellow bulb

2017-06-11 06:02:16 UTC

My circadian rhythm is ruined

2017-06-11 06:02:20 UTC

I don't know how to fix it

2017-06-11 06:02:28 UTC

Stop playing vidya.

2017-06-11 06:02:30 UTC

Go to bed at a reasonable time every day

2017-06-11 06:02:41 UTC

between 8 and 10 pm

2017-06-11 06:02:41 UTC

It is 1:02 Am right now

2017-06-11 06:02:48 UTC


2017-06-11 06:02:53 UTC

I'm not tired

2017-06-11 06:02:58 UTC

That's the problem

2017-06-11 06:02:58 UTC

Do you exercise?

2017-06-11 06:03:01 UTC

I get tired around 3:AM

2017-06-11 06:03:05 UTC

stop using electronics for a while like all of them, its a trip how well you sleep and how regimented you become

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