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I can be black but ahh


I need a girl with nice thighs

Wanyu is like



And sheโ€™s nuts

She makes me wanna but a bit though

But not really


All this shit talk makes me want an actual relationship tho


She is cute

She looks half Latin half asian

Basically pinnacle of cute

She needs real glasses though

The big ones

The lilypichu ones

She seems like a real gamer bro

Oh nice

Letโ€™s make her moan

For money

I woukd


Put in my life savings for moans + names and a climax

And my life

I will kill people for this

Bubbles is great

Best girl

No one needs that basic ass or even tracer looking goblin

Wow tho

Sheโ€™s like

Cute af

Now go and get her






Have you spoken to her yet



I guess sheโ€™s just not interested

Do something she would find impressive


Like a month ago I asked her if we could meet up and do some shit



Make it like

Groups and stuff

With people she knows

Maybe sheโ€™ll open up more to you at least if you try

But youโ€™ll get her to come this time

Then basically push forwards it with the other guys

Or idk

That could easily be a big mistake

Bros or fuckovers

the issue here is that I don't socialize with her very much

Same with the girl I liked from high school

She came up to me while I was scared af to talk to her

I you met the girl I liked youโ€™d think the girl up there is #2

Deadass adorable

Even waifu material

Needs her mans

She gets hurt often because sheโ€™s a klutz

Sheโ€™s extra smart

And social


No mines more like

Shy but somewhat outgoing

I think thatโ€™s better

She wonโ€™t fuck herself pver

Useless ass people in her life


The only situation you want with a tsundere is to let her feel bad for you

And she could like apologize and be careful and shit

And have you more in her mind

Basically the idea

Also the girl I like is more uhm

Cute in whatever she does too

Something like neelu

But way too adorable to exist

But if I have other guys/friends that hang out with us she's still gonna interact more with them instead of me

But would you happen to know if they like her too

If they donโ€™t then do it and bring them

Let them know to wingman you


Now ask him if he knows more

Also what does she like to do in her spare time

Inb4 UWU

Kinda basic

Not much a future

Well Iโ€™m just gonna say not worth it

We need gaymer music

Freedom dive


Yeah well

Ok dva best girl

She might be putting a ton of makeup

Iโ€™m not sure but maybe

Funny thing with the girl I liked

Sheโ€™s better without makeup

Like what

Basically in a dream Iโ€™m waking up next to her and then dying hysterically at the sight of her

Ye dude

Now only fault with her is

Weird ass rock musix



She was warped into it by


She likes usa


What if she lived in the ocean

Inb4 transparent

She could pull it off

But voice acting is a dangerous route because itโ€™s not original

Itโ€™s less learning more practicing

And the odds of getting it in is like 1/500000


REALLY successful

Just normally successful is like ducking 1/25000

Not as bad

But fucking rip tho

Wait sheโ€™s the real voice actress for the new bubbles?

Wtf really thought she just sounded like her




Shit taste

Any remake is gonna be worse than the og

New ppg is ok tho


I would watch it

I just didnโ€™t

Iโ€™d prolly rewatch the old one


Like wtf she has so many contacts

How did she manage to get in


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