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2017-07-26 23:20:36 UTC

@everyone ^^^ Read this if you have a hotel in the Charlottesville area. Shouldn't be a problem but Antifa are calling hotels telling them not to book rooms for Unite the Right attendees.

2017-07-26 23:21:20 UTC


2017-07-26 23:21:22 UTC

Don't wear something that looks alt-right when you check-in basically

2017-07-26 23:22:01 UTC

That's fucking gay

2017-07-26 23:22:39 UTC

It's an older meme, but it checks out.

2017-07-26 23:23:50 UTC

Implying hotels are going to ask guests their political opinions and deny them rooms based on that

2017-07-26 23:26:13 UTC

I stay at the double tree with my family for C-ville 1 and wasn't shy.

2017-07-26 23:26:19 UTC

No one gave a fuck

2017-07-26 23:26:37 UTC

everyone should just call the hotel and if they ask tell them you are there to protest

2017-07-26 23:27:08 UTC

@kristall.night but if you show up to check-in or walk out the door wearing something fashy af the clerk might call their antifa friends to fuck you or your car up.

2017-07-26 23:27:31 UTC

I would just tell them I'm there to steal all their Soap and Towels they like that

2017-07-26 23:29:36 UTC

@MadDimension Did antifa just suddenly forget we're White as hell with extremely low time preference? We booked several weeks in advance on average.

2017-07-26 23:29:58 UTC

Man I have a bunch of Fashy fucking T-Shirts nowadays, got a bunch of TRS Summer of 88 shirts, a bunch of FTN ones, some Murdoch Murdoch ones, some TWP ones, and some Daily Stormer ones

2017-07-26 23:30:12 UTC

@jtlowe83 you mean soap and lampshades right?

2017-07-26 23:30:41 UTC

damn dude I wear them in public all the time, are leftists in Rhode Island just lazy?

2017-07-26 23:30:49 UTC


2017-07-26 23:31:13 UTC

I hardly think about it anymore, probably bad

2017-07-26 23:32:22 UTC

@Kurt well that would be a possibility even if they weren't calling around to these places. Hence why it was recommended that people not stay right in town.

2017-07-26 23:32:41 UTC

I ear fashy t-shirts all the time, but people aren't actively looking out for them in your day-today

2017-07-26 23:50:02 UTC

Wore my DS shirt to the weekly lefty celebration around here and nobody said boo. They're just not situationally aware.

2017-07-27 00:10:06 UTC

2017-07-27 00:10:37 UTC

Let's hope this one shows up. ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-07-27 00:11:28 UTC

Pretty sure a small gust of wind could topple him over.

2017-07-27 00:21:34 UTC

2017-07-27 00:33:10 UTC

@Trixie Dixie I met that one in Boston, it was at the March Against Sharia

2017-07-27 00:33:28 UTC

Yep haha

2017-07-27 01:42:44 UTC

Yep, make sure ya skip baths the week before to look like ya belong....๐Ÿ˜

2017-07-27 03:39:20 UTC

"Implying hotels are going to ask guests their political opinions and deny them rooms based on that"

2017-07-27 03:39:25 UTC


2017-07-27 03:39:34 UTC

Implying they won't?

2017-07-27 03:40:05 UTC

Amren struggled for years because the hotels shut them down.

2017-07-27 03:40:26 UTC

Kind of a different animal since those events were being hosted at the hotels.

2017-07-27 03:40:52 UTC

So it was pretty obvious that somebody booking a room during Amren weekend would have a fair chance of being involved in the conference.

2017-07-27 03:41:33 UTC

Some Motel 6 in Charlottesville isn't going to ask everybody who books a room their political leaning because some batshit crazy person called in one weekend in July to tell them to look out for TEH EBIL NOTSEEZ.

2017-07-27 03:42:37 UTC

Nevertheless, I still maintain that booking a hotel in Charlottesville proper is a bad idea to begin with

2017-07-27 03:43:28 UTC

Especially since there are so many outlying towns and BnBs

2017-07-27 10:22:11 UTC

Yeah my girl has been getting the weird requests also.

2017-07-27 10:47:19 UTC

Weird requests?

2017-07-27 10:56:39 UTC

FB friend requests from seemingly what are antifa members

2017-07-27 10:58:17 UTC

If you join the Facebook group on a normie account you might as well hold up a sign with your social security number at the rally

2017-07-27 10:58:36 UTC

Hopefully it's not her full name or have pics

2017-07-27 10:58:44 UTC

True. I am not worried myself.

2017-07-27 16:25:56 UTC

I have no real social media

2017-07-27 16:26:08 UTC

I'm ready to crack skulls without doxx

2017-07-27 17:01:30 UTC


2017-07-27 17:01:38 UTC

except i wont be cracking skulls

2017-07-27 21:24:59 UTC

@everyone ^^^This post shows the hashtags they will be trying to push on Aug 12: #NoNewKKK and #DefendCville

2017-07-27 21:25:18 UTC

Very important we push #UnitetheRight harder

2017-07-27 21:26:58 UTC

i dunno if this will be part of the event.

2017-07-27 21:27:16 UTC

but people who are on the ground should be encouraged to participate in social media

2017-07-27 21:27:20 UTC

and use that hashtag

2017-07-27 21:27:21 UTC

I love how they are having " how to get out of jail" get together right before the rally

2017-07-27 21:28:08 UTC

LOL 0 interested

2017-07-27 21:31:55 UTC

"SURJ is calling white folx "
They can't just say "folks"?

2017-07-27 21:32:43 UTC

Well it's difficult to spell, you see, when you're subhuman garbage

2017-07-27 21:33:40 UTC

2017-07-27 21:33:58 UTC


2017-07-27 21:34:10 UTC


2017-07-27 21:37:06 UTC

I'm sure we could hijack and troll defendcville

2017-07-27 21:39:05 UTC

2017-07-27 21:39:06 UTC


2017-07-27 21:39:18 UTC


2017-07-27 21:39:46 UTC

From the Deep Abiding Love page, they are one of the organizers of the surj stuff:
Towards liberation, DALP engages a prefigurative process in building community and organizing from the 5th dimension (love)
What's the fucking 4th dimension?

2017-07-27 21:40:21 UTC

Is 4D chess real?

2017-07-27 21:42:10 UTC

@Conway - OK She marches both as a jew and a white person......๐Ÿค”

2017-07-27 21:43:15 UTC


2017-07-27 21:44:00 UTC


2017-07-27 21:46:23 UTC

(((As a White person)))

2017-07-27 21:47:50 UTC
2017-07-27 21:49:08 UTC

From: Boston, MA
Lives in: Charlottesville, VA

(((Rootless International Clique)))

2017-07-27 21:50:09 UTC

Good we have enough fags in Boston we don't need anymore

2017-07-27 21:59:59 UTC

@Conway - OK holy shit, the nose on that one!

2017-07-27 22:05:59 UTC

@Johnny O'Malley I would appreciate it if Boston would keep their fags up there. Thank you.

2017-07-27 22:17:27 UTC


2017-07-27 22:17:35 UTC


2017-07-27 22:18:02 UTC

>Arbeit Macht Frei

2017-07-27 22:18:05 UTC


2017-07-27 22:18:43 UTC


2017-07-27 22:18:54 UTC

how did I not pick up on that

2017-07-27 22:34:59 UTC

Fuck [REDACTED]. Filthy fucking yid. Looks like the hate-child of Binky the Clown and Woody Allen

2017-07-27 22:35:16 UTC

let it out bro let it out

2017-07-27 22:37:51 UTC

Let the hate out

2017-07-27 23:18:39 UTC

@boilerplate#6579 LMAO a yid named after something they hate

2017-07-28 00:05:36 UTC


2017-07-28 01:47:11 UTC

Arbeit Macht Annoyed

2017-07-28 02:01:03 UTC

"Mini-Manual The Urban Gorrila" Fucking nerds

2017-07-28 02:28:10 UTC

We should throw bars of soap at antifa

2017-07-28 02:43:28 UTC

Haha like the little hotel soaps

2017-07-28 02:44:31 UTC

Nah, swiping hotel soaps is for niggers.

2017-07-28 02:45:32 UTC

2017-07-28 02:54:31 UTC


2017-07-28 09:34:19 UTC


2017-07-28 18:50:52 UTC

Actually I can't say that using used motel soap is inherently white.

2017-07-28 18:51:47 UTC

If you do not take them even if unopened they have to be thrown away.

2017-07-28 19:03:52 UTC

Taking the soap is fine. It's included in your rate. Stealing towels and bed linens on the other hand is what niggers do.

2017-07-28 19:30:55 UTC

Lol out here my gf works for a nicer motel, even then ... Direct TV has a thing you stick on the TV that looks like a camera so sure enough every time there is a black family reunion or something she gets 9000 calls about why the tvs are not working because they throw them in the trash or steal them.

2017-07-28 19:45:05 UTC

This man should not be permitted within our permitted AO.

2017-07-28 19:53:20 UTC

Can't see the link, can you screenshot the account?

2017-07-28 20:09:08 UTC

It's on the Unite the Right event page on FB.

2017-07-28 20:09:42 UTC

2017-07-28 20:09:53 UTC

This is the post.

2017-07-28 20:11:53 UTC

^^ i agree. He was pretty cucky in the comments also

2017-07-28 20:13:16 UTC

He's all boomer style pro LEGAL immigration from brown countries

2017-07-28 20:19:48 UTC

2017-07-28 20:20:29 UTC

The truth finally comes out. This is why he's against Whites rallying in our own interests.

2017-07-28 20:21:50 UTC

There's going to be a lot of those there

2017-07-28 20:22:05 UTC

"Muh monuments" types

2017-07-28 20:24:12 UTC

No. He's a "Muh Constitution" stands for equality type.

2017-07-28 20:46:00 UTC

guess that squaw pussy must be pretty good to be on your knees

2017-07-28 20:46:42 UTC

or more likely he doesn't get much, if any, white female attention so he latched onto the first poon to notice him

2017-07-28 20:51:03 UTC

I believe that is his mixed daughter.

2017-07-28 20:56:07 UTC

Yeah he says it's his oldest daughter

2017-07-28 21:01:06 UTC

oh well then it applies to his wife lol

2017-07-28 21:01:23 UTC

2017-07-28 21:01:35 UTC

Of cooouuurrrssssssee

2017-07-28 21:04:51 UTC

2017-07-28 21:22:15 UTC

Shit he's in Roanoke...?

2017-07-28 21:24:00 UTC

2017-07-28 21:25:39 UTC

I live in Roanoke. Plenty of leftist tards.

2017-07-28 21:33:41 UTC

@The Huwhyte Ulf - VA
He was trying to run for sheriff down there. He holds a lot of 2A rallies in Roanoke.

2017-07-28 21:40:46 UTC

He seems quite insufferable

2017-07-28 21:43:12 UTC


2017-07-28 21:43:24 UTC

2nd amendment

2017-07-28 21:43:29 UTC


2017-07-28 21:44:03 UTC

He still thinks it's 2008 and Ron Paul can still win

2017-07-28 21:46:22 UTC

Do we know if he's attending August 12?

2017-07-28 21:48:33 UTC

He says he is. I told him that he'll be standing with Antifa if he does show.

2017-07-28 21:49:27 UTC

I certainly hope that you practice good trigger discipline when you're standing amongst the Antifa Scum. We don't need anyone popping off unnecessary rounds and getting innocent people killed. The police will already be on edge dealing with the Commies. We don't need another Twin Peaks Waco chain reaction happening [REDACTED]

2017-07-28 21:54:22 UTC

Lmao true.

2017-07-28 22:03:23 UTC

Good call

2017-07-28 22:04:19 UTC

When I asked him if he will defend antifa he says "if attacked yes"

2017-07-28 22:10:36 UTC

@crockett say the word if you want me to back off

2017-07-28 22:27:46 UTC

Fuck him. I think that we're driving him crazy.

2017-07-28 22:28:02 UTC

I hate these faggots

2017-07-28 22:28:41 UTC

Civic Nationalist Are worse than Antifa.

2017-07-28 22:28:56 UTC


2017-07-28 22:29:14 UTC

Especially these 1776 with 1965 values larpers

2017-07-28 22:29:40 UTC


2017-07-29 00:29:12 UTC

Oathcuck says they will defend antifa

2017-07-29 00:29:16 UTC

2017-07-29 00:29:21 UTC

2017-07-29 00:29:29 UTC

fuck me

2017-07-29 00:29:42 UTC

@Stannisthemannis from TRS right

2017-07-29 00:30:13 UTC

I'm on the 504um yes

2017-07-29 00:30:55 UTC

Lets try to have a chat over the weekend. We share a love for history.

2017-07-29 00:31:06 UTC


2017-07-29 00:31:49 UTC

Currently listening to this... what happens when I'm not behind the paywall yet lol

2017-07-29 00:32:21 UTC

Yeah I havent gotten the paywall either. I have been so busy planning logistics that I haven't had time.

2017-07-29 00:33:12 UTC

I just gotta grab a visa gift card next time I'm out

2017-07-29 00:33:22 UTC

yeah same

2017-07-29 00:33:39 UTC

i got home tonight and have been writing 5 paragraph orders ever since.

2017-07-29 00:35:00 UTC

Speaking of, I'm coming down in a car from PA with 2 emts, any idea on if we have a medical coordinator?

2017-07-29 00:35:10 UTC

will DM

2017-07-29 00:35:39 UTC


2017-07-29 20:47:33 UTC

Guess I'll have to take my swastika bumper sticker off before I get to my hotel. Haha fucking idiots

2017-07-29 20:48:01 UTC

Did Patron get rid of their account? It Going Down.

2017-07-29 20:49:36 UTC

Would it be funny if someone call these hotels and tell they that these people are calling about not to give nazi hotel room are pranks call and they need to call the police

2017-07-29 20:51:19 UTC

or act like their parent or someone they know

2017-07-29 22:10:41 UTC

We should really stop linking directly to the site. And everyone's seen that by now.

2017-07-29 22:11:13 UTC

They don't need our IPs, or our traffic.

2017-07-29 22:41:30 UTC

Yeah @here, use to archive the page before linking here.

2017-07-29 22:41:38 UTC
2017-07-29 23:35:21 UTC

@Gusty-Chan IPs mean nothing. They won't know if we are anarchist readers or not so they can't do anything with them. I agree with traffic tho

2017-07-29 23:35:38 UTC

@AnotherbasedGoy also yes their patreon got shoahed

2017-07-29 23:42:08 UTC

hopefully everyone is using a VPN service....

2017-07-29 23:42:18 UTC

if you arent you are retarded.

2017-07-29 23:59:37 UTC

@Andrew--, they can often get a lot more information than just IP.

2017-07-30 00:01:01 UTC

@Kurt, our goal is not to hide but take our country back, to be the new government

2017-07-30 00:01:46 UTC

What does that have to do with using a VPN service?

2017-07-30 00:02:03 UTC

VPN isnt just for hiding from the government.

2017-07-30 00:03:11 UTC

They wonโ€™t be able to dox you, ftr, unless you have a static IP

2017-07-30 00:03:27 UTC

Or unless they have some substantial resources

2017-07-30 00:03:31 UTC

Like the NSA

2017-07-30 00:04:29 UTC

They can ID you by browser info, device information, and screen resolution

2017-07-30 00:04:58 UTC

Tie it to other information from other websites where you openly identify yourself

2017-07-30 00:05:05 UTC

I donโ€™t identify myself anywhere

2017-07-30 00:06:01 UTC

Anyway, if you have rare enough device info/resolution/browser/plugins etc.... VPN wonโ€™t even necessarily save you

2017-07-30 00:06:45 UTC

Then again even IP doesnโ€™t perfectly locate or tell people all that much, depending on your ISP and how they pipe your connection to you

2017-07-30 00:07:07 UTC

There are places in California that show up as Oregon or Nevada in Arizona etc...

2017-07-30 00:07:36 UTC

I use VPN sometimes

2017-07-30 00:08:58 UTC

Depends upon the use case... if you torrent pretty much anything without VPN, I agree youโ€™re retarded

2017-07-30 15:25:07 UTC

here mack..take my extra hat for protection

2017-07-30 15:25:35 UTC

btw you can spoof useragent, referal, and everything

2017-07-30 18:35:53 UTC

2017-07-30 18:35:56 UTC

Fucking scum

2017-07-30 18:36:31 UTC

I honestly hope they all catch felonies and get ass raped by blacks in prison

2017-07-30 18:45:08 UTC


2017-07-30 19:08:31 UTC

IGD retweeted this, note the time in the morning. Theyre banking pretty heavy on blocking the park before we get there

2017-07-30 19:11:41 UTC

I don't see a time anywhere

2017-07-30 19:17:33 UTC

Says 9am right in the middle of the picture...

2017-07-30 19:18:22 UTC

Looks like they're assembling at the park that held the KKK rally about a block or two up the street.

2017-07-30 20:54:41 UTC

Kind of early for them. Wonder if they plan on marching over to lee park before noon.

2017-07-30 21:27:12 UTC

Looks like their pants will fall down if they attempt to walk to Lee Park. The pictures pretty much sums up why I can't wait to go!

2017-07-30 22:07:52 UTC

I will be there about 7 to try to figure out what I can. Park does not open until 8 and I think we are instructed to be there at 9:00 to be set up by 10:00 last I heard

2017-07-30 22:08:50 UTC

It might be safer to wait till 10:00 then ask the cops to remove them but on the other hand it's going to agitate the living shit out of them.

2017-07-30 22:09:28 UTC

I am sure there will be more voice chats between security and more information leading closer to the event but yeah as far as I know unless you are medic or security its 9:00.

2017-07-30 22:19:26 UTC

Nobody is going to the park on their own. We will be arriving as a group. Police will be there several hours early to secure the area

2017-07-31 00:08:25 UTC

Where did you get those times from @khaos156-WV ? Also do you like being beaten and killed, because that's what will happen to you if you go wander around alone

2017-07-31 00:09:36 UTC

No I am not planning on that @Hand Banana. These are the times floating around that go against what was decided on inside of last voice.

2017-07-31 00:10:12 UTC

"I'm going to show up hours early by myself" don't do that.

2017-07-31 00:10:16 UTC

I am showing up VA hours ahead of time not the park unless instructed to do so.

2017-07-31 00:10:20 UTC

Oh ok

2017-07-31 00:10:52 UTC

No to VA. I am coming from WV panhandle so 2 1/2 hour drive and I take it we need to park outside of town and wait for further/last minute instructions.

2017-07-31 00:12:07 UTC

Last I heard was what @Heinz - MI said and be present at 10:00. Now people are saying 9:00.

2017-07-31 00:23:13 UTC

@Hand Banana @khaos156-WV I'm working up a preliminary version of the Shuttle plan to get to event coordinators tonight. This will address the time issue. The time you are both quoting have been floated. Nothing is set yet but expect in that range.

2017-07-31 00:23:55 UTC

Ok sounds good. TY fam.

2017-07-31 00:26:27 UTC

Who is saying 9:00?

2017-07-31 00:27:28 UTC

3:11 PM] Whiskey Sierra - VA: I don't see a time anywhere
[3:17 PM] LadyOfTheBlackSun: Says 9am right in the middle of the picture...
[3:18 PM] LadyOfTheBlackSun: Looks like they're assembling at the park that held the KKK rally about a block or two up the street.

I might just be confused and its the anti's assembling at 9.

2017-07-31 00:28:31 UTC

I have heard this someplace also though not just the one mention. (on this discord)

2017-07-31 00:30:12 UTC

@Hand Banana it was floated in The leadership discussion for a variety of reasons.

2017-07-31 00:31:54 UTC

Details aren't important because I don't want to spread rumors. I'm comfortable letting people know that our permit starts at 10:00 and that is part of the consideration.

2017-07-31 00:33:28 UTC

Official decisions are being made Tuesday evening and will be spread after that.

2017-07-31 01:34:00 UTC

They've published their war plan. Looks like they'll be going after the police as well.

2017-07-31 02:03:34 UTC

dude use archive jesus

2017-07-31 02:14:13 UTC
2017-07-31 02:43:47 UTC

"We must outnumber them in order to Defend Cville" Ahahahahaha

2017-07-31 03:04:32 UTC

"The state police have a lot of impressive toys but very little experience using them. Take the initiative."

Someone should forward that to the VSP

2017-07-31 03:08:31 UTC

2017-07-31 03:08:35 UTC

2017-07-31 03:08:49 UTC

couple of extreme far-right psyops threatening me with physical violence and going to anti-Spencer picket

2017-07-31 03:09:02 UTC

I'm reporting the first guy to law enforcement

2017-07-31 03:09:08 UTC

watch for the second guy

2017-07-31 03:51:29 UTC

@MadDimension Yeah I was told not to by others but was planning on that and waiting in another spot regarding time period to show up.

2017-07-31 14:34:31 UTC

Is that 2500 counterprotestor claim for the KKK rally accurate? I would note that most likely, only 400-500 of that crowd would be willing to engage in direct violence. The other 2000 is most likely too chickenshit. But I would say that the 400-500 who would are extremely violent and unpredictable.

2017-07-31 14:45:41 UTC

The 2500 number is not accurate. Vastly overinflated

2017-07-31 17:20:07 UTC

^ this and for the KKK rally there were more black counter protesters since it was kkk, and of course blacks are more prone to violenceโ€‹.

2017-07-31 17:31:50 UTC

I've seen online time and time again they're saying we are more violent and worse than the kkk.

2017-07-31 18:38:37 UTC

My line of thinking was that if a black person sees news of a kkk protest they are more likely to react due to the stigma than seeing news of an alt-right protest when the vast majority probably have no idea who we are.

2017-07-31 18:42:00 UTC

But they are calling it a Nazi rally on many social media posts

2017-07-31 19:26:03 UTC

They passed out fliers at the KKK rally about the Aug Rally. They were detailing it as being far worse. August and Charlottesville have their own hashtag #NoNewKKK

2017-07-31 19:33:00 UTC

Just go check it out on twitter too.

2017-07-31 19:33:30 UTC

2017-07-31 19:34:39 UTC

@HueTheHand Are you surprised or something? They call Trump rallies Nazi rallies

2017-07-31 19:34:49 UTC

Cucking gets you nowhere altlite faggot

2017-07-31 19:37:34 UTC

@Tiwaz nope was just replying the person saying less dindus would show up do to it being a Alt-Right rally and not a KKK rally

2017-07-31 19:38:38 UTC

@HueTheHand Ah okay, well Im not sure about that. They probably don't differentiate between the actuall kkk and us anymore really

2017-07-31 19:39:21 UTC

Antifa uses minorities on their frontlines because they know they are more prone to violence and less worried about getting arrested and going to jail

2017-07-31 19:40:36 UTC

Also that term, "minorities" I hate using it considering whites make up only 6% of the global population. We are the real minority, but yea you know what I mean. Blacks and browns

2017-07-31 19:54:50 UTC

2017-07-31 21:22:11 UTC

Am I the only one who noticed that they put Gavin McInnes on the broken swastika?

2017-07-31 21:22:13 UTC


2017-07-31 21:26:15 UTC

Yeah saw that but Mr cuck is counter signaling so hard over the weekend he even said if you are Alt-Right you aren't welcome in the gay boys

2017-07-31 21:38:31 UTC

Definitely not the only one- these fools need an alt right 101 class ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-08-01 02:19:20 UTC

Maybe I should dress as Hitler for the rally and hold a sign that says "proud boys" just to fuck with those faggots.

2017-08-01 02:23:03 UTC

Proud Boys for Death Camps

2017-08-01 02:23:11 UTC

I like it

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