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2019-03-15 05:45:50 UTC

2019-03-15 18:57:23 UTC

@Duke of Petchington I’m surprised you haven’t seen this yet

2019-03-16 02:02:50 UTC

2019-03-16 02:03:36 UTC

2019-03-16 02:08:13 UTC

@Dick Daddy Foster watch the link for giggle

2019-03-16 02:27:37 UTC

I just saw that earlier today

2019-05-29 04:41:55 UTC

Ok, so basically, the only good thing about this recent press conference was Pokemon Home, which basically confirms that PoGo and the let's Go games will be able to talk to the new Switch titles coming out this November. It also basically confirms that since this app won't be out until at least 2020, we're going to be stuck with a regional dex for awhile yet again bois...

2019-05-29 04:43:44 UTC

Oh, and Detective Pikachu is getting a sequel, they are making t-shirts, there's now evidently going to be a Pokemon sleep-tracker app. (no, that's not a joke) and yet another new mobile game, evidently featuring past protagonists, champions, gym leaders and elite four members, etc. etc.

2019-05-29 04:45:07 UTC

Home is the only news I really give a shit about until we get the next direct for Sword and Shield on June 5th. At the very least, I can say they've got big plans for Gen 8.

10 total messages. Viewing 100 per page.
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