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2017-06-06 04:40:33 UTC

@everyone come shill your Twitter, Faceberg, WrongThink, Gab, YouTube, and other Jewish inventions here.

2017-06-06 04:40:49 UTC


2017-06-06 04:40:54 UTC


2017-06-06 04:40:55 UTC


2017-06-06 04:40:55 UTC

@DC_Stormer (twitter)

2017-06-06 04:40:59 UTC


2017-06-06 04:40:59 UTC


2017-06-06 04:41:11 UTC

Vanguard America is a bunch of assholes, man.

2017-06-06 04:41:21 UTC


2017-06-06 04:41:26 UTC


2017-06-06 04:41:27 UTC

Check out Lorenzo Lotto 🐸 (@ManWithTheHand): https://twitter.com/ManWithTheHand?s=09

2017-06-06 04:41:49 UTC

Instagram @vanguard.virginia

2017-06-06 04:44:16 UTC

Check out Francisco Rivera (@SpokesmanRivera): https://twitter.com/SpokesmanRivera?s=09

2017-06-06 04:44:37 UTC

Check out WALL BUILDIONAIRE (@W_Buildionaire): https://twitter.com/W_Buildionaire?s=09

2017-06-06 04:44:59 UTC

My link, for the lazy

2017-06-06 04:49:20 UTC


link for the lazy. tldr amirite guys! straight to r/all! upbaots pls

2017-06-06 04:53:43 UTC

Original channel was Shoah'd. Building the new one up.

2017-06-06 04:53:46 UTC

National Socialist Server, NO SKIN HEADS, TROLLS OR IGNORANCE. Vetting in place, Dedicated NS only.

2017-06-06 05:07:49 UTC


2017-06-06 12:39:35 UTC


2017-06-06 13:06:25 UTC


2017-06-06 13:06:46 UTC


2017-06-06 13:53:25 UTC

@ queenarchitect7 first account got shoahed

2017-06-06 13:54:12 UTC


2017-06-06 14:03:20 UTC


2017-06-06 14:21:21 UTC
2017-06-06 16:26:59 UTC


Interview with @MadDimension and writeup of the goings on in Charlottesville coming soon.


2017-06-06 16:39:09 UTC

Identity Dixie website

2017-06-06 23:31:58 UTC
2017-06-07 00:34:52 UTC

So, can I promote white sharia here?

2017-06-07 00:46:47 UTC

@Athena Marie You can't promote anything, you're a woman.

2017-06-07 00:47:11 UTC

@Athena Marie Have kids or cook a meal

2017-06-07 00:47:28 UTC

^^^ winning comment of the day!

2017-06-07 00:47:44 UTC

I wasn't joking.

2017-06-07 02:50:41 UTC

Neither was I

2017-06-07 02:51:10 UTC

All of my opinions are ones that have been given to me by Sacco Vandal.

2017-06-07 04:15:06 UTC


2017-06-07 04:16:08 UTC

@Athena Marie Atta girl!

2017-06-07 05:17:33 UTC

@卐 Heimdulf - VA 卐 nice! I love that poster

2017-06-07 05:17:38 UTC

did you make it?

2017-06-07 05:29:52 UTC

@Erika Thanks! Yes I did!

2017-06-07 05:31:27 UTC

Nice. Are you a member of Vanguard?

2017-06-07 05:34:43 UTC

No, not yet.

2017-06-07 05:39:50 UTC

Okey doke

2017-06-11 20:46:40 UTC

Watch "Episode 003: (((ISIS)))" on YouTube

2017-06-12 15:22:35 UTC

Please donate to get @IgnisFaatus, host of The Alc Right Rises ln the TRS Radio network and at theratstuff.biz to CVille 2 at www.gofundme.com/GetIgnisThere

2017-06-12 15:43:36 UTC

Tossed some cash his way

2017-06-15 23:38:47 UTC

New Fashcast up
Alexandria shooting, general Dindu crime, Summer of Defiance, and White Allies

2017-06-16 19:08:08 UTC

@NatSocVA - Twitter

2017-06-18 03:40:13 UTC

We need to get a few tour buses to bus us in and have a legitimate camera posted next to the exits to film us all getting off the bus. Very good optics!

2017-06-23 01:14:18 UTC

@GMW_Real on Twitter. I'll be in VA all weekend

2017-06-27 20:19:15 UTC

Shameless self promotion

2017-06-29 00:14:11 UTC

My new alt-right twitter is finally set up. Follow me and I'll follow y'all back.

2017-06-29 17:53:46 UTC

Discord for Black Sun Celebration for Illinois Aug 19. Good for 6hrs

2017-06-29 18:03:25 UTC

Disregard the top link

2017-07-04 04:32:48 UTC

http://wolfmansae.weebly.com/ my new podcast ... Bit size ones only 30-45 mins

2017-07-05 18:59:26 UTC



2017-07-05 18:59:40 UTC

At Lee Park today.

2017-07-05 19:53:51 UTC
2017-07-05 20:41:44 UTC

@Hand Banana I'll follow you as soon as I get on Twitter.

2017-07-05 20:41:52 UTC

Later on, that is. I made a new one.

2017-07-05 20:54:00 UTC

Some guy with 94k followers followed me after I posted in here

2017-07-05 20:54:12 UTC

Pls donate money to the Detroit Right hate caravan

2017-07-05 21:26:37 UTC

What's that? Do tell. @Hand Banana

2017-07-06 16:47:25 UTC

If any of y'all are getting married anytime soon I do videography so hit me up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROWNeq-al6k

2017-07-06 23:12:03 UTC

Hey, all. A lot of the Charlottesville 1.0 images you likely saw (including those currently featured on IE's website) and the drone video put out by Alt-Right.com were shot and produced by yours truly. I'd like to step up my efforts by dedicating myself to traveling to each and every one of these events going forward and doing similar photo and video work. You can donate to the fund I've set up on Alt-Right friendly crowdfunding site, Rootbocks.com, here:

2017-07-06 23:12:14 UTC


2017-07-07 00:36:48 UTC

2017-07-07 03:00:13 UTC

I am hereby the first person to donate to a fund on rootbocks

2017-07-07 03:00:31 UTC

Someday I'll get a medal for that

2017-07-07 03:04:14 UTC

Buddy...that day is today.. 🏅

2017-07-07 16:24:03 UTC

This will be in November sometime

2017-07-08 12:18:20 UTC


2017-07-08 12:18:48 UTC

Also instant invite is invalid now

2017-07-08 12:19:09 UTC

Need an excuse to go back to Evropa

2017-07-08 14:08:56 UTC

Survive the Jive hell yea

2017-07-12 02:39:45 UTC

Hot off the presses w/ @AltCelt(IL)#0497


2017-07-12 15:04:13 UTC


2017-07-13 03:08:38 UTC

@everyone This is the official server for the George Lincoln Rockwell memorial event in Arlington Virginia. On August 25th, it will have been 50 years since his assassination.

Join the server if you would like to be a part of this monumentous occasion.


2017-07-14 08:34:01 UTC

Alright, a few months ago I went into the type of tactics Antifa uses in street engagements, very in depth, during this podcast. Try and give it a listen.


2017-07-15 14:58:14 UTC


2017-07-15 15:14:52 UTC


2017-07-15 18:14:41 UTC

Trying to hit 2000 members TODAY!

2017-07-15 19:05:50 UTC

What's that?

2017-07-15 19:26:19 UTC

AltRight.com server

2017-07-15 19:31:43 UTC


I sell stun guns, tasers, pepper spray, batons, and other self-defense stuff at https://www.resistancetools.com/. Use the coupon code **UNITETHERIGHT2017** at checkout and get **14.88%** off! Free shipping on orders of $35 or more.

*Please help support fascist small businesses.*

2017-07-15 22:18:59 UTC

Holy SHIT I'm a fascist.... 😮

2017-07-15 22:19:01 UTC


2017-07-15 23:59:49 UTC

@everyone I did some irl activism with the Vanguard America goys today. Fast, simple, effective. https://twitter.com/VanguardAm/status/886370199691292674

2017-07-16 00:00:42 UTC


2017-07-16 00:00:52 UTC

I love it but I don't think that's very normie friendly or gets any point across.

2017-07-16 00:01:22 UTC

First thing that comes to the normie mind is racist.

2017-07-16 00:03:46 UTC

@Stormer DC glad your redpilling your mom I'm proud of you sir

2017-07-16 00:04:10 UTC
2017-07-16 00:04:21 UTC


2017-07-16 00:04:30 UTC

Nice work VA

2017-07-16 00:06:06 UTC

Normies are latent racists, it's our job to coax it out of them

2017-07-16 00:06:28 UTC

@1Robertelee vanguard is not focused on normies... Yes we'd like to look good but the fact of the matter is they'll view almost anything as rascist.

2017-07-16 00:07:12 UTC

That's why the IE/vanam duo is so good... You get them redpilled and then you can ease them into actuall solutions .

2017-07-16 00:07:15 UTC

I just feel that along with this you could call out a problem.

2017-07-16 00:08:27 UTC

So do your own activism

2017-07-16 00:10:13 UTC

2017-07-16 00:11:42 UTC

Yeah @1Robertelee#8245 show me how it's done. Also why would we hide what we are?

2017-07-16 00:15:00 UTC

@1Robertelee actually got a lot of people honking and waving

2017-07-16 00:15:50 UTC

I'm not punching right guys, just offering suggestions.

2017-07-16 00:17:30 UTC

How long were y'all there? Did any cops bother u?

2017-07-16 00:18:01 UTC

Great stuff @Chef Goyardee.

2017-07-16 00:24:03 UTC


2017-07-16 00:24:25 UTC
2017-07-16 00:24:34 UTC

Really white area we were in tbh

2017-07-16 00:26:14 UTC

Y'all look great. Very good optics.

2017-07-16 01:02:22 UTC

Any idea how long it was left up? Looks ace.

2017-07-16 02:17:11 UTC

I'm going to throw my 2 cents in and say that the sign should have been bigger. You guys looked good though and so did the sign. @Chef Goyardee

2017-07-16 03:31:38 UTC
2017-07-16 04:03:58 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) and I got a new episode out


2017-07-16 04:14:18 UTC

@GoyMeetsWorld beat ya to it brozif 😎

2017-07-16 06:50:17 UTC

New episode of the ALC RIGHT RISES

Hear it now at http://theratstuff.biz

2017-07-16 07:44:30 UTC

>Listening to Radio Racetreason
>in CY+2

2017-07-16 08:12:40 UTC

You should delete that

2017-07-16 16:17:05 UTC

Shilling the twitter. Give us follow. Check out Vanguard Michigan (@Vanguard_MI): https://twitter.com/Vanguard_MI?s=09

2017-07-16 18:10:29 UTC

Anyone interested in being a guest on UnCukt Radio sometime in the next few weeks to talk about the event coming up?

2017-07-16 18:15:52 UTC

Aiming at fellow content creators @AltRightVa @Hand Banana @Faϟh - MI etc but also not limited to. Just looking to do some collaborative stuff & build some more hype around the event

2017-07-16 18:16:41 UTC

@GoyMeetsWorld Id be interested.

2017-07-16 18:18:56 UTC

Awesome man. I'll send you a DM in a little while here. Sound good?

2017-07-16 18:23:04 UTC


2017-07-16 18:56:35 UTC

Yeah I'll be there

2017-07-16 20:09:21 UTC

@GoyMeetsWorld I'll gladly do it

2017-07-16 21:08:02 UTC

Shilling this here again instead of spamming general. Any amount helps!

2017-07-16 22:56:02 UTC

@V I T A L I T Y are you on the alt right server?

2017-07-16 22:59:00 UTC

I am not. I was initially but I don't like the idea of being on a huge unvetted server.

2017-07-16 22:59:13 UTC

If you or somebody else that uses the server would post that there, it would be very much appreciated though!

2017-07-16 23:04:36 UTC

Will do.

2017-07-16 23:07:58 UTC

This is how you shill.


2017-07-17 00:06:12 UTC


2017-07-17 00:06:32 UTC

Speaking of Carolinas.
We had a Traditional Values/Anti-Degeneracy Event in Charlotte this Saturday.

2017-07-17 00:06:53 UTC

Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.

2017-07-17 00:11:43 UTC

Thank you @Goldstein Riots , haha.

2017-07-17 17:47:41 UTC

@GoyMeetsWorld I'm down to do the podcast thing. Let me know when

2017-07-18 17:11:34 UTC


2017-07-19 02:05:19 UTC

I think I'm fucking awesome. (probably not the point of this but I'll still promote myself)

2017-07-19 03:41:38 UTC

Hey guys, I wanted to gauge here if there's any interest or talent pool for starting a fairly explicit pro-European musical project. I'm thinking of starting what would essentially be an identitarian post-rock/baroque band. This would of course be very different from the RAC/Black metal style usually associated with pro white music. My goal is to blur the line between implicitly white music and an openly pro-European image and message in a musical style that is know for being beautiful and grandiose.
I'd like to incorporate classical elements so any one with experience in classical music would be a boon. If you play any instrument you are welcome to try your hand at this and I'm open to people coming and going and having anywhere from 3 to 20 people involved at a time. If you aren't musically inclined but think you're a wonderful poet you are welcome to try your hand at lyrics. If you know someone outside IE or another major organization you are welcome to invite them as well.
Post here or message me if interested

2017-07-19 03:41:50 UTC

More shilling if you aren't on the music server

2017-07-19 08:06:32 UTC

I just want everyone here to know I'm a real swell guy.

2017-07-19 08:10:15 UTC
2017-07-19 09:02:54 UTC

I'm a nice guy I'm a swell guy

2017-07-19 11:27:40 UTC

I'm Not Cody Cigar

2017-07-20 01:07:03 UTC

I need help telling some faggot Aussies how to salute in a poll please

2017-07-20 01:07:30 UTC


2017-07-20 01:09:14 UTC

More important is the cattle-prod question:

2017-07-23 08:50:47 UTC

"Paul joins us to discuss activism & antifa. In part two of this episode, Johnny Monoxide joins Larry, Confessor, and Jayoh to read some Daily Stormer articles."


2017-07-23 23:49:47 UTC

@b-luccason heres our episode with ya

2017-07-24 00:19:26 UTC

Exciting news to anyone in SE Virginia and eastern NC.
We are confirmed. Simon Roche at Stanley Ball Room in New Bern, NC 7:00 on August 15, 2017

2017-07-24 21:45:34 UTC

Here's my podcast guys with some vanguard america guys

2017-07-24 21:47:51 UTC

Awww shiet

2017-07-24 21:49:23 UTC

Spread it everywhere broski

2017-07-24 21:59:52 UTC

Will do brother

2017-07-25 21:33:18 UTC

Great podcast, listening now

2017-07-25 22:09:44 UTC

excelllent thank you spread it eveywhere

2017-07-25 22:10:25 UTC

im going on trs after the paywall is added and sacco said soon itll be put on vandal void

2017-07-25 22:32:43 UTC


2017-07-27 21:20:23 UTC

Triumphant return to Live Radio tonight speaking about Simon Roche 107.1 WTKF. They do ustream and occasionally Facebook livestream.

2017-07-27 23:16:23 UTC

Hey goyim! Plugging this once more. Please give it a look if you appreciate high quality photography work and agree that it would help benefit our movement:

2017-07-27 23:22:36 UTC

@V I T A L I T Y give me another twitter link for that

2017-07-28 07:20:05 UTC

Can you guys check out a podcast I was on? Remember David Clark is the black Mussolini

2017-07-29 01:18:33 UTC


2017-07-29 12:06:59 UTC

@Mack Albion thank you man spread it everywhere

2017-07-29 23:57:21 UTC
2017-07-30 02:57:10 UTC

https://therightstuff.biz/2017/07/29/8136/ get drunk and listen to this

2017-07-31 06:51:35 UTC
2017-08-02 05:40:57 UTC

@V I T A L I T Y That picture of Spencer is so so cool. I hope you get continued support!

2017-08-02 05:41:49 UTC

Thank you! I will be doing similar photos no matter what the state of my Rootbocks funding is.

2017-08-02 05:43:03 UTC

Good!! We need more sick photos of our historic movement.

2017-08-02 05:44:10 UTC

I 100% agree. It'll be important to show our children this part of our history.

2017-08-02 05:44:42 UTC

If you are going with a group or a husband or something, message me on here and I'll snap some photos of you guys if you want.

2017-08-02 05:48:27 UTC

^ This offer goes out to anybody else on this server, too. If you want a picture at the after party (or some time other than the rally) just let me know. I'll get to as many people as I can

2017-08-05 15:09:06 UTC

our shows rss feed is http://wolfmansae.weebly.com/1/feed .... i been forgetting to put this out there

2017-08-05 15:11:07 UTC

@Hand Banana if you guys need a guest I'll be on

2017-08-09 18:47:11 UTC

@kriegsmariner VA Aahahaha...I remember suicidal tendencies!

2017-08-09 20:18:13 UTC

@GoyMeets on the Twitter if anyone wants to combine groups for Saturday

2017-08-09 20:18:49 UTC

I'll be with @AltCelt(IL) and @IceBaine

2017-08-09 21:12:48 UTC


2017-08-10 19:11:48 UTC

I'll be streaming the rally here. https://www.pscp.tv/TheMissTrixie

2017-08-13 20:47:06 UTC

@Trixie Dixie No the organization or Boston are punching right against the CVille rally and are cucking hard canceling the march saying it is to dangerous. They spit on all the brave men and woman that were involved this weekend. Let Gaven have his little rally fuck them

2017-08-13 20:52:36 UTC

Abandon them tbh

2017-08-13 21:08:11 UTC

@Trixie Dixie after all the counter signaling they did against us how the hell could they expect us to go put our asses on the line for them? Not me. Never. They were cowards and cucks and continue to shit on us all over sm.

2017-08-13 21:08:50 UTC

This is what he said in regards to that

2017-08-13 21:09:01 UTC


2017-08-13 21:09:30 UTC
2017-08-13 21:10:43 UTC

Yeah bull shit fear mongering cowards

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