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2018-01-10 00:47:37 UTC

What's the pro/cons of that vs a traditional pre workout powder like no explode or c4? I'm trying to start working out before work but it's hard for me to get going

2018-01-10 00:51:34 UTC

ECA is primarily used for fat loss

2018-01-10 00:52:14 UTC

It's not really a pre workout but it will definitely give you energy

2018-01-10 00:54:14 UTC

Ya I knew it gave you energy. I thought the fat loss just came from working out with the energy it gave you. I am definitely not wanting to lose any weight so I better stay away. I guess I'll try a good pre workout. I've used a couple different ones in the past being the two I previously listed.

2018-01-10 00:58:45 UTC

Fat loss occurs on ECA by increasing your resting heart rate. Studies show it helps decrease bodyfat while retaining significant amounts of muscle mass

2018-01-10 00:59:13 UTC

I'd just go for a preworkout... my favourite is nitraflex from GAT or Bang

2018-01-10 00:59:36 UTC

Ok thanks man I'll check them out.

2018-01-10 01:00:54 UTC

I'm never going vegan ahaha stay mad soyboys check 'em ☝🏻☝🏻️☝🏻️ (I'm only being slightly ironic)

2018-01-10 01:03:20 UTC

@JesseJames i workout before work and NOxplode is essential

2018-01-10 01:03:29 UTC

cant get up without it

2018-01-10 01:03:42 UTC

It's like crack

2018-01-10 02:31:47 UTC

ECA is pretty over rated, but I might just have a degenerately high tolerance to stims.

2018-01-10 02:32:08 UTC

The first few weeks of taking it it will definitely supress your appetite though so that's a bonus if you're cutting.

2018-01-10 02:32:26 UTC

Make sure you are still getting enough protein though.

2018-01-10 02:40:30 UTC

@Zyzz ya I've used noxplode before as well. It seemed to do great. It's a different ball game going in the gym before work though lol. I'm not a morning person.

2018-01-10 02:42:28 UTC

@JesseJames first thing i do when i wake up is take it. in literally a minute or two i start to feel it wake me up. i am not really a morning person either but the powder helps gets me going better than any cup of coffee i have ever had

2018-01-10 02:44:40 UTC

Good to know. Where is the best place to buy it? I think I had gotten it off amazon before. You don't know any big box stores that may carry it do ya?

2018-01-10 02:45:36 UTC

i am sure your local GNC or vitamin shop would

2018-01-10 02:45:42 UTC

i buy mine off amazon

2018-01-10 03:20:52 UTC

I'll try gnc.

2018-01-10 04:37:56 UTC

I don't know if I've ever felt as good as I have this past week and the only thing I've done differently is get my 5 servings of cruciferous greens in a blender every day for the last two weeks

2018-01-10 04:38:11 UTC

Cannot recommend this highly enough atm

2018-01-10 05:52:42 UTC

So I hear

2018-01-10 05:52:46 UTC

You wanna know

2018-01-10 05:52:56 UTC

Bout some supplements

2018-01-10 05:53:06 UTC

Whelp ya boy works at GNC

2018-01-10 09:30:37 UTC

While I'm no expert, you might want to be careful drinking cruciferous shakes.


2018-01-10 09:31:01 UTC

Uncooked cruciferous vegetables can damage your health.

2018-01-10 09:31:48 UTC

Particularly your thyroid.

2018-01-10 14:00:02 UTC

God damn guys is there anything you can eat?

2018-01-10 14:00:25 UTC


2018-01-10 14:00:38 UTC


2018-01-10 14:02:26 UTC

absolutely nothing wrong with a gallon of milk a day

2018-01-10 14:03:21 UTC

(I'm being satirical of course. I just type "is x bad for you" into google).

2018-01-10 14:13:52 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff very interesting read, thank you! Maybe I'll switch to a different vegetable every couple days

2018-01-10 18:49:15 UTC

Irish potato and turkey stew Uber Alles.

2018-01-10 18:49:25 UTC


2018-01-10 20:42:30 UTC

@Deleted User I eat 4 eggs for breakfast every day. Eat eggs

2018-01-10 20:48:58 UTC

The diet plan the Golden One gave me suggested a 6 egg omelette post workout

2018-01-10 20:49:31 UTC

Not eating eggs might be heresy, in all actuality

2018-01-10 21:17:46 UTC

@Mark Vandal we get three cartons of eggs per week from the guy up the road. I have more eggs than I know what to do with

2018-01-10 21:18:03 UTC

I sometimes throw them at friends

2018-01-10 21:18:16 UTC

I want my own chickens one day. As many eggs as I want

2018-01-10 21:18:44 UTC

He’s got dozens of chickens

2018-01-10 21:18:48 UTC

I have 9 chickens and in warm weather we have more eggs than we can possibly use

2018-01-10 21:18:59 UTC

Yeah they’re so prolific lol

2018-01-10 22:33:50 UTC

Seems like it's time for chicken soup.

2018-01-11 01:39:46 UTC

I eat a ham and cheese sandwich with sour cream and onion (lays) chips every day for lunch. Maybe i will switch to mixed nuts...thoughts?

2018-01-11 02:19:58 UTC

Are you 12?

2018-01-11 02:20:43 UTC


2018-01-11 02:20:57 UTC

Actually sounds pretty good to me

2018-01-11 02:49:20 UTC

@Pat-MA i say mix it up. sour cream and onion are great but throw in some salt & vinegear or wavy lays. Not on the same day obviously

2018-01-11 02:50:01 UTC

Also what type of cheese?

2018-01-11 02:50:12 UTC

Have your mom pack fruit gushers as well for vitamin C gains

2018-01-11 03:05:01 UTC

Stop πŸ‘ eating πŸ‘ processed πŸ‘ food

2018-01-11 03:07:15 UTC

Are Doritos processed food?

2018-01-11 03:10:52 UTC

Doritos are a food group bro

2018-01-11 03:11:12 UTC


2018-01-11 03:21:12 UTC


2018-01-11 03:21:31 UTC

Well what do you experts eat for lunch

2018-01-11 03:26:25 UTC

Eggs and steak

2018-01-11 03:26:31 UTC

And onions.

2018-01-11 03:26:36 UTC

And milk

2018-01-11 03:27:02 UTC


2018-01-11 03:27:09 UTC

All organic though

2018-01-11 03:27:50 UTC

I eat a lot of tuna for lunch. Whole grain bread and fruit with it. I also like KambuCha

2018-01-11 03:28:55 UTC

Sourdough bread. Good for the gut.

2018-01-11 03:29:32 UTC

Throw any kind of meat in a pan with any veggies + fat + spices

2018-01-11 03:29:49 UTC

Endless varieties of flavor

2018-01-11 03:29:56 UTC

Guaranteed healthy

2018-01-11 03:30:13 UTC

Non GMO at least

2018-01-11 03:30:18 UTC

Watch the corn

2018-01-11 03:30:27 UTC

Corn is overrated anyway

2018-01-11 03:30:33 UTC


2018-01-11 03:31:18 UTC

Corn wheat and soy

2018-01-11 03:31:28 UTC

Asparagus, brussel sprouts, onions, garlic, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, broccoli, eggplant, zucchini, etc etc etc

2018-01-11 03:32:05 UTC

Add whey to that bad list, it's worse than soy as far as estrogen goes

2018-01-11 03:35:37 UTC

300g fish (this week is catfish) 100g sweet potato 50g beets or cabbage

2018-01-11 03:39:52 UTC

Just eat those same things but don't measure it. Just make meals and eat until you're satisfied. That's what I've done and it seems to work.

2018-01-11 03:41:33 UTC

Kale with vinegar and olive oil, 4oz meat

2018-01-11 03:41:44 UTC

Whey contains hardly any estrogen at all...

2018-01-11 03:44:20 UTC

People also forget that estrogen isn't all bad

2018-01-11 03:44:47 UTC

They'll swear off anything with it or that increases it but you need it for strength and a healthy heart as well

2018-01-12 23:52:30 UTC

Will eating McDonald's get me GAINS???

2018-01-13 00:09:25 UTC

You will... gain... @Rogue#0890

2018-01-13 01:05:47 UTC


2018-01-13 04:17:38 UTC

If I don't go to the gym tonight will all the protein I've eaten today go to waste?

2018-01-13 04:19:58 UTC

I don't think that's how it works

2018-01-13 04:40:21 UTC

Can anyone recommend a website/app to calculate how much daily caloric intake one needs to gain weight?

2018-01-13 04:42:16 UTC

Bro I don't know how this shit works I know what to put in and why but ibdont know the science

2018-01-13 04:50:51 UTC

I'd like to find some sort of appetite stimulant so I can pack on some weight. No I'm not going to smoke weed all day.. @Mark Vandal do you by chance run the liftwaffe Twitter page?

2018-01-13 04:51:13 UTC

No. But I got their tank gonna rick it tonight

2018-01-13 04:51:36 UTC

Nice. Love that logo

2018-01-13 04:52:19 UTC

@Sonic try steroids. seriously

2018-01-13 04:52:44 UTC

itll help your appetite

2018-01-13 04:53:20 UTC

Opinions.. Hypertrophy lifting vs full body routine? For strength and size.

2018-01-13 04:54:08 UTC

Just gotta force it down man

2018-01-13 04:54:08 UTC

@Sonic are you lifting? after more than a year of consistent lifting my appetite has increased dramatically

2018-01-13 04:54:13 UTC

It sucks nut you gotta

2018-01-13 04:54:34 UTC

I've done massive weight loss and gain abd gaining is by far harder

2018-01-13 04:56:35 UTC

Yes. Around 9 months or so now, and appetite has increased dramatically but I have a high metabolism. I eat about every 2-3 hours all day, protein shakes, full meals, etc. Have gained about 10-12 lbs but would like more.

2018-01-13 04:57:40 UTC

Lift 3 days a week, full body routine.

2018-01-13 04:59:38 UTC

@Zyzz can you provide name or brand? I'm not interested in illegal shit but a legal form?

2018-01-13 05:01:41 UTC

Guess I'll just keep packing my gut full. Thanks guys πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-01-13 05:03:54 UTC

@Sonic have you T levels checked and get a script from a doctor

2018-01-13 05:04:43 UTC

all men should have their T levels checked with all the pesticides/hormones and other nonsense out their impacting our health (and T levels)

2018-01-13 05:12:54 UTC

I'll look into this thank you

2018-01-15 17:02:22 UTC

Big nutrition red pill: https://youtu.be/0bNdhM4vt4I

2018-01-15 18:35:59 UTC

That video was very informative! Learned some new stuff @missliterallywho

2018-01-15 18:36:19 UTC

Always knew salt wasn't necessarily bad for you but didn't know why

2018-01-15 18:36:23 UTC


2018-01-15 19:38:10 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID You're welcome! That yt channel is really good, has some great videos on fasting as well.

2018-01-15 20:03:06 UTC

I put enough hot sauce on my food that I probably eat enough salt for all of us

2018-01-22 22:57:15 UTC

"Hi. I'm Will Kenney. Like many Americans, I suffer from chronic joint pain. Over the years, I've tried everything to manage it, but nothing seemed to work. That is until my friends at Identity Evropa recommended [X]. Since starting [X], I've seen a dramatic improvement in my chronic joint pain. Activities are fun again, and I can work all day without arthritic flare-ups. Thanks, Identity Evropa!"

2018-01-22 22:57:29 UTC

Please solve for X. I'm dyin' over here.

2018-01-23 03:44:29 UTC

@Deleted User Have you tried supplementing MSM?

2018-01-23 03:44:47 UTC

@DCViking whats that?

2018-01-23 03:46:07 UTC


2018-01-23 03:46:10 UTC
2018-01-23 03:46:41 UTC

what does MSM stand for?

2018-01-23 03:48:04 UTC


2018-01-23 03:48:27 UTC

ah no i havent tried that.

2018-01-23 03:48:34 UTC

Will have a look thanks very much

2018-01-23 15:07:52 UTC

Why are #5 and #6 the same?

2018-01-23 16:31:48 UTC

Because that’s the most important part.

2018-01-23 22:40:23 UTC


2018-01-23 22:41:09 UTC

@Deleted User having lucious hair should be a recruitment requirement.

2018-01-23 22:47:55 UTC

@DCViking#3202 I’m gonna order some tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion

2018-01-23 22:55:02 UTC

@Deleted User You’re welcome!

2018-01-25 16:37:52 UTC

My wife makes these little powerballs as a cheaper alternative to protein bars. She makes a big bowl and then rolls them up into little spheres about the size of a donut hole. I think I’m getting this right:

- Steel cut oats
- Peanut butter
- Protein powder (we use combat powder)
- Wee bit of honey
- Wee bit of cocoa powder

2018-01-25 17:22:01 UTC

She freezes them for about 20 mins then put them in the refrigerator

2018-01-25 17:25:45 UTC

We made something similar to this a few years back. They taste awesome and are a healthy snack.

2018-01-25 21:07:45 UTC

Those look tasty

2018-01-25 21:08:10 UTC

I've been using pea protein lately. It's supposed to be better than whey. Definitely tastes awful, though.

2018-01-25 21:08:16 UTC

Pea protein + creatine.

2018-01-25 22:38:22 UTC

I've heard pea and hemp. It tastes like actual dirt and is kind of chalky, though yeah

2018-01-25 22:57:45 UTC

I've used pea protein

2018-01-25 22:57:49 UTC

It's super grainy

2018-01-25 22:57:53 UTC


2018-01-26 01:02:56 UTC


2018-01-26 01:03:01 UTC

R8 my dinner

2018-01-26 01:22:24 UTC

Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8

2018-01-26 04:59:54 UTC

Someone must have a dirty mouth 😏

2018-01-26 17:04:05 UTC

I'll have to try making those protein balls

2018-01-29 00:39:23 UTC

How bad is it to not eat all day and then eat one huge meal?

2018-01-29 00:42:23 UTC

There have been studies actually showing benefits to that kind of diet.

2018-01-29 00:42:54 UTC

Im not sure how beneficial it is if youre trying to gain weight though.

2018-01-29 00:43:50 UTC

I eat my largest meal in the morning because I need the energy for my job

2018-01-29 00:44:06 UTC

Then I eat a light meal for dinner

2018-01-29 00:49:13 UTC

That's OMAD nigga

2018-01-29 00:49:50 UTC

I'm not trying to gain weight right now

2018-01-29 00:50:28 UTC

I'm also not doing this as a diet. More because I'm sick right now and haven't been in the mood to eat.

2018-01-29 01:28:44 UTC

I do this by accident as well

2018-01-29 01:28:55 UTC

Not the best strategy to gain I think

2018-01-29 02:17:17 UTC

@Jacob it's called intermittent fasting and it will improve your health and increase your lifespan.

2018-01-29 03:15:14 UTC


2018-02-01 22:35:24 UTC
2018-02-08 06:36:52 UTC


2018-02-08 06:37:10 UTC

Grilled cod, whole grain couscous, sautΓ©ed tomatoes and squash

2018-02-10 16:11:14 UTC


2018-02-10 19:45:20 UTC

What do you all think of intermittent fasting and extended fasting?

2018-02-10 19:45:36 UTC

I was thinking about doing a 6 or 8 hour eating window on days I lift, and then fasting all day on my rest day

2018-02-10 21:40:44 UTC

10/10 would recommend

2018-02-11 00:40:23 UTC

@here rec for a high quality BCAA supplement?

2018-02-11 00:40:59 UTC

Red meat.

2018-02-11 00:59:30 UTC


2018-02-11 07:09:56 UTC

Scivation Xtend

2018-02-11 07:10:01 UTC


2018-02-11 07:10:07 UTC

Green apple flave

2018-02-11 07:10:43 UTC
2018-02-11 11:23:29 UTC


2018-02-11 21:29:38 UTC


2018-02-11 21:29:47 UTC


2018-02-11 21:29:50 UTC

Week 1

2018-02-11 21:31:01 UTC

Chicken leg quarter, about 3.35 oz of pork, handful of watercress, white mushrooms and a ridiculous helping of brown whole grain rice + lentils.

2018-02-11 23:21:33 UTC

Hell yeah

2018-02-11 23:34:14 UTC

How did you prepare the chicken? It looks good

2018-02-11 23:45:57 UTC

It was pre-seasoned. Put it on a tray with some foil, salt + pepper and olive oil, covered it and let it bake for ~30 minutes.

2018-02-11 23:46:06 UTC

Nice and juicy.

2018-02-12 22:22:03 UTC

Damn I have to look into buying chicken quarters. Looks real good

2018-02-13 00:01:41 UTC

Not impressed by the amount of meat on the one that I ate today tbh

2018-02-13 00:01:51 UTC

was tasty tho

2018-02-13 00:55:07 UTC

I thought that was a platypus with eyebrows in the top of the pic but it's a dog

2018-02-16 04:39:53 UTC

Would you guys say that organic food is the way to go?

2018-02-16 04:56:15 UTC

I buy organic when I can afford it

2018-02-16 04:56:29 UTC

Ideally you should eat all organic/local

2018-02-16 04:56:49 UTC

Minimize toxins in the body and be your healthiest self!

2018-02-16 10:38:42 UTC

There have been multi generational studies of testosterone levels on men. Basically what they found was our fathers have about half the T levels as our grandfathers and we have about half the T levels of our fathers. People think this has to do with the food we eat and our environment amongst other things. Now a days non organic food is covered in pesticides and the meat is filled with hormones/steroids and other non natural components. So in summary, yes try to eat organic whenever you can. What is considered organic now was just regular food when our parents and grandparents were growing up

2018-02-16 10:42:18 UTC

People will say β€œbut our food is so cheap!” And yes that is correct. Looking back over time as a % of a typical household budget, food expenditures is at a very low historical level but that comes with a cost! We essentially eat this junky food that messes with our hormones and other aspects of our body and it makes us sick in one way or another.

2018-02-16 12:30:22 UTC


2018-02-16 12:31:14 UTC

I believe this to an extent, haven't read any studies.

2018-02-16 12:36:23 UTC

for whatever reason that link is not working for me

2018-02-16 12:36:54 UTC

idk if its working for anyone else but i will see what i can dig up later today

2018-02-16 13:01:45 UTC
2018-02-16 13:02:36 UTC

some good general info ^

2018-02-16 13:11:06 UTC

Where does it say we have 25% the test of our grandfathers?

2018-02-16 14:07:30 UTC

If that were true my grandfather would have been a silverback gorilla

2018-02-16 14:07:51 UTC

Speaking of, anyone heard from @Nick-NJ recently?

2018-02-16 14:16:34 UTC

Hello m8

2018-02-16 15:10:50 UTC

It's probably general assumption for most normie males

2018-02-16 15:11:18 UTC

Fitmales are probably doing fine buy maybe slightly hampered by xenoestrogens

2018-02-16 15:11:24 UTC


2018-02-16 15:12:31 UTC

Maybe in general, the average male has less test because of obesity, shitty lifestyle and diet, etc. I really, really doubt that we (men) on average have a quarter the test of our grandfathers.

2018-02-16 15:12:38 UTC

Of course there are exemptions

2018-02-16 15:12:57 UTC

People are fatter and doing more sedentary work, eating way more carbohydrates and less saturated fats and protein

2018-02-16 15:13:11 UTC

Yeah exactly @Deleted User

2018-02-16 15:13:20 UTC

Agreed πŸ‘πŸ»

2018-02-16 15:13:50 UTC

People who don't workout and eat right might have a portion of their grandfather's test but I think most of us in here are doing okay.

2018-02-16 15:15:03 UTC

If you're working out, eating right, getting adequate sleep, flirting with women and competing with other males in some form you're probably fine

2018-02-16 15:16:54 UTC

Yeah it was meant to apply men in general. I will keep looking for the study that says quarter of T levels

2018-02-17 12:06:03 UTC

Most inexpensive T check I've found.

2018-02-17 20:10:44 UTC

Have you tried it? @Reinhard Wolff

2018-02-18 06:48:15 UTC

Yeah, I used this service.

2018-02-18 06:48:40 UTC

You order online, and then you bring in the paperwork they sent you to a LabCorp.

2018-02-18 06:48:52 UTC

The whole process was very simple.

2018-02-18 06:49:16 UTC

Don’t try to drive afterwards though

2018-02-18 06:49:36 UTC

I felt fine for a few minutes and then blacked out

2018-02-18 07:03:06 UTC

Long but well worth the watch https://youtu.be/LUm4LSGlKsY

2018-02-18 07:03:29 UTC

*cue passionate argument*

2018-02-18 08:17:32 UTC

I went to the downtown Birmingham labcorp once for a blood test to see if I was the best match for a marrow donation

2018-02-18 08:17:38 UTC

There were some uh

2018-02-18 08:17:42 UTC

Interesting people there

2018-02-22 08:17:18 UTC

I need some advice for my diet plan. I used an online meal plan calculator to find my goals and this is what I got

Calorie Goal: 3709
Protein Intake Goal: 324
Fat Intake Goal: 57
Carbohydrate Intake Goal: 475

Any advice on reaching this? What are your favorite protein dense foods?

2018-02-22 16:41:45 UTC

Peanut butter is ridiculously calorie and protein dense

2018-02-22 16:41:54 UTC

I eat some out of the jar at my desk at work

2018-02-22 17:28:10 UTC

High carb diets literally run your body on sugar. Healthy fats should be your primary fuel.

2018-02-22 17:31:35 UTC

God damn that's a lot of calories

2018-02-22 17:31:40 UTC

Power bulk?

2018-02-22 17:41:20 UTC

@missliterallywho I disagree. If you're eating most of your carbs post/pre workouts and your carbs being "Good", I've had a lot better approach with the high carb approach with my training.

2018-02-22 17:42:24 UTC

@Suomi Stronk you're still a slave to sugar tho

2018-02-22 17:43:11 UTC

Your body won't burn its own fat when you run out of sugar, like it's supposed to

2018-02-22 17:43:43 UTC

Fuel with fat, you'll always have fuel on hand, even when food is unavailable

2018-02-22 20:13:24 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID I put my stats into a meal planner and told it I was trying to lose fat and put on muscle and choose the x2 protein option, figured that would lead to faster muscle growth

2018-02-22 22:08:31 UTC

I'd forego internet calculator and read some articles about how the body processes macronutrients

2018-02-22 23:12:19 UTC

If you are trying to lose fat, 3709 calories is probably a no-go

2018-02-22 23:12:39 UTC

There are a lot of good carbs too but shit that's a lot

2018-02-22 23:18:55 UTC

Nobody wants to hear it but fasting is the most efficient, healthiest way to lose fat

2018-02-22 23:19:36 UTC
2018-02-24 20:43:47 UTC

It all depends on what your goals are. If you're concerned with athletic performance, you need glycogen.

2018-02-24 20:44:01 UTC

Otherwise, low-carb is probably best, particularly if you're trying to lose weight.

2018-02-25 04:45:58 UTC

I do know that you need carbohydrates to burn fat in a healthy way

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