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2018-05-09 04:53:22 UTC

Say "come at me boy, lets have some fun'

2018-05-09 04:55:35 UTC

These primitives only understand force. They realize the race difference and want the step up with White women. They think we are weak yet smart. No mercy, no compromise.

2018-05-09 09:40:08 UTC

@Pat-MA Unless he said it directly to me or her, I wouldn’t have done anything at all. If he said it directly to me or her, then I agree with @Robtheroman.

2018-05-09 09:40:19 UTC


2018-05-09 09:42:17 UTC

Let me take to the opportunity to shill for training. I’m not bragging at all but I train so much nowadays that my body is like a spring trap. Sometimes my wife (who trains too) or friends will come up and poke me or tag me playfully. My body reacts on its own in fractions of a second into a defensive maneuver. It’s really fun to see that and gives me a great deal of confidence.

2018-05-09 10:19:51 UTC

I hear you guys...yeah it was one of those things where it took a second to realize, wait this guy is probably talking about us, and juuust loud enough for me to hear. Chances are the guy was too cowardly to say something straight to our face. Probably trying to look good in front of his friends

2018-05-09 11:25:52 UTC

@Pat-MA#7757 That's how I would read it. If you don't have the balls to say it to me, then I'll let it go because there's no reason to create drama unless I have to.

2018-05-09 11:28:24 UTC

Yeah..again, it could have gone either way, so I wanted to see what you guys think. Also I don’t think it impacted my gf too much...which is probably the most important thing. I usually dont care if someone says something to me and I’m by myself...guess I have learned to put my ego aside most of the time

2018-05-09 13:39:14 UTC

There has been times that I wished I would have ignored people. It just isn't in me to do. I especially don't want to look weak in front of my wife. But at the same time I've had trouble from not ignoring something stupid like this.

2018-05-09 13:43:13 UTC

There's no perfect answer to any situation, but nobody was hurt and your girl obviously didn't care @Pat-MA so you made the right call. I'm sure if it came to it you would have defended her. That being said, I think it's important we start letting them know that we won't be tolerating this type of behaviour anymore.

2018-05-09 14:32:29 UTC

Interesting takes guys. Seems like theres pros and cons to each move

2018-05-09 14:33:34 UTC

I appreciate everyones feedback. Always good to know I can come here to get good insight from like-minded individuals

2018-05-09 15:00:10 UTC

@Deleted User agreed bottom line training is essential in this movement like our ancestors carried swords to defend themselves one must learn to harden his body into a sword

2018-05-09 18:50:31 UTC

Lol F I forgot this is an IE server sorry everyone

2018-05-09 21:33:18 UTC

Since we seem to be dwelling on this dynamic of how we justify our reactions(or over-reactions) to perceived aggression, I'd like to dig deeper on this subject.

My root philosophy:
-If a man lacks the capacity for violence, he cannot choose non-violence. Because non-violence is his ONLY option.
-A strong and virtuous man has the capacity for violence, yet is very discriminatory in it's application.

As @Deleted User has said, training and experience are vital. By experiencing violence, in small doses in controlled environments(martial arts/sparring), we grow in our capacity to not be intimidated, to protect those close to us and to project our dominance when the situation calls for it.

In my view a virtuous man is:
1)Physically strong. This deters aggression from others, and increases your competency.
2)Martially skilled with his own body. ex. Martial arts, Grappling, striking etc..
3)Martially skilled with the tools of their time. This would means firearms.

2018-05-09 21:36:00 UTC


2018-05-09 22:25:56 UTC

100% agreed. I'm a big and imposing man and have never been easily intimidated, but since I added bjj to my powerlifting I have not been even close to feeling anything other than like I can handle myself

2018-05-09 22:35:56 UTC

Found an interesting channel on body aesthetics. Do you notice any peculiar about all the "wimps" portrayed as examples in this video? All but Jon Heder, that is.


2018-05-09 23:14:08 UTC

Brought back some white Rex gear will be putting them up on the website


2018-05-09 23:15:04 UTC

Mma gloves too waiting on shorts


2018-05-09 23:16:50 UTC

gonna need those gloves my dude

2018-05-10 00:02:43 UTC

@Deleted User Great take. I think I subconsciously realized that, but you brought it to light

2018-05-10 10:34:46 UTC

@Robtheroman Please let us know when you post those. I'm after a White Rex shirt

2018-05-10 14:09:21 UTC

Has anyone done Kyokushin or know someone who has done it?

2018-05-10 18:52:59 UTC

@Vasily Kazansky - OH#4473 I played around using Kyokushin rules in sparring before. It's an odd ruleset.

You can kick someone in the head, but can't punch the head.

2018-05-10 19:52:38 UTC

sounds fun

2018-05-11 02:26:40 UTC

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U5u9glfqDsc Gents, this is what gym music should be.

2018-05-11 02:42:05 UTC


2018-05-11 02:42:11 UTC

along with this

2018-05-11 02:43:10 UTC

^particularly good for mma

2018-05-11 02:44:25 UTC

you can throw in anything Wardruna too :-)

2018-05-11 08:40:46 UTC

@Tyler0317 are you a Celtic metal fan?

2018-05-11 13:33:42 UTC

Since my trip been seriously into m8l8th

2018-05-11 16:09:27 UTC

Has anyone used the training masks (lung capacity)?

2018-05-11 17:30:00 UTC

My weight has fluctuated alot during the past two years,but recently I've approached my diet and exercise with greater discipline and a serious mind. I still have plenty of work to do. I'd like to drop another 2% body fat or so, maybe put on a *bit* of muscle too. Granted, I know that I'm not as stacked as some of the lads in here,but I'm feeling good today.



2018-05-11 17:30:40 UTC

Felt like sharing some progress pics. We all gonna make it, kings. 💪

2018-05-11 17:30:40 UTC


2018-05-11 17:30:50 UTC

Keep up the good work mate!

2018-05-11 17:32:37 UTC

Thanks! Sometimes you grind and grind, with little to show for. Other times you see more progress in two weeks than you do in three months. This was one of those weeks.

2018-05-11 17:35:06 UTC

@Ian-PA#9651 Aye you're looking leaner, no question. Nice work brother. It's important for all Identitarians to be aesthetic but especially for our upper leadership. Keep it up!

2018-05-11 17:40:29 UTC

It's the weeks like this that make it all worth it

2018-05-11 18:18:28 UTC


2018-05-11 20:16:23 UTC

@Deleted User Your V taper is really noticeable.

Good call tucking in the shirt. Untucked looks sloppy, and hides your waistline.

2018-05-11 20:17:21 UTC

If you aren't fat, you should always tuck in your shirt. Bring back classic aesthetics

2018-05-11 20:19:32 UTC

@Tyler0317 thanks. I've always had good shoulders, even when I was a bit on the chunky side.

2018-05-11 23:45:10 UTC

@Deleted User what kind of dieting are you doing?

2018-05-12 00:09:29 UTC

Nothing fancy. No processed sugars. As few carbs as possible and a 24 fast twice a month.

2018-05-12 00:09:45 UTC

The "not quite keto" diet

2018-05-12 00:17:16 UTC

The biggest change is that I've been doing 20 pushups every hour or so at work, in addition the standard work outs that I've always done. I can't see how it could make a huge difference, but since it's introduction I've noticed a more rapid change.

2018-05-12 00:29:04 UTC

@BigBadSaxon - ID not going to win over the youth dressing like your from the 50s. When I was at casapound they had a rap concert going on , I was surprised and asked why . He told me the youth listens to rap today if we don't provide it they'll go else where for it.

2018-05-12 00:31:20 UTC

Fair point.

2018-05-12 00:41:12 UTC

Where’s muh #endurance channel?

2018-05-12 00:41:15 UTC


2018-05-12 00:50:39 UTC

@Robtheroman we need a synthesis between old and new looks. Fashion is cyclical. I was at work anyhow in the pic :^)

2018-05-12 01:37:14 UTC

That's fine I was referring more to that everyone should have shirts tucked, which works for some but we need to approach this culture war from all angles.

2018-05-12 01:39:43 UTC

Yes I agree. Every cultural element is like a tool in a tool chest. Choose the right tool for the right job.

2018-05-12 18:04:18 UTC


2018-05-12 18:04:22 UTC


2018-05-12 18:04:32 UTC

The chad gym

2018-05-12 18:32:15 UTC


2018-05-12 18:37:39 UTC

chad af

2018-05-12 19:40:43 UTC

Cali af

2018-05-13 11:09:25 UTC

Its in Ukraine @Deleted User

2018-05-13 14:39:42 UTC

Wish that was in cali , I'd be living at that place

2018-05-15 00:32:31 UTC

Any good tips on how to improve my swimming?

2018-05-15 00:45:38 UTC

swim more

2018-05-15 01:58:30 UTC


2018-05-15 15:44:35 UTC

Pretty solid advice from @Deleted User

2018-05-15 18:28:20 UTC

Maybe we could be more specific @Deleted User / @Deleted User?

2018-05-15 18:32:39 UTC

@heartsigh#7429 Improve how?

Learn new swimming strokes?
Improve stamina?
Learn to dog paddle?

2018-05-15 18:34:40 UTC

Attending classes would likely be the way to learn what you want the fastest.

Check Google and Craigslist for local swim instructors.

2018-05-15 18:37:03 UTC

-Orrr, this could be a good reason to schedule a state meetup at lake or river, there's probably someone in your chapter who would enjoy mentoring you.

2018-05-15 20:35:03 UTC

I know it sounds douchey, but honestly it's probably the best advice... I wasn't being ironic lol

2018-05-16 02:22:41 UTC


2018-05-16 02:22:55 UTC

0 fucks given!

2018-05-16 07:53:20 UTC

@Robtheroman are you guys still over there?

2018-05-16 10:54:28 UTC

I’m still in Ukraine. I don’t want to go home. I love this country 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

2018-05-16 14:41:19 UTC

Hahaha! I’ll take it. We look good in that pic tho

2018-05-17 20:56:33 UTC


2018-05-17 20:56:40 UTC

Unknown scary eastern euro man

2018-05-17 20:57:00 UTC

For real though, looking good guys. Looks like you rep'd well.

2018-05-18 02:23:07 UTC

Why do pajeets wear polos in the gym?

2018-05-18 05:19:06 UTC

Honestly I've wondered that myself

2018-05-18 12:34:00 UTC

Been wondering that since I first stepped into a gym at 13

2018-05-18 12:34:34 UTC

Only thing I can think of is that they think polo shirts are attractive to women

2018-05-18 17:58:47 UTC

Found this online earlier today. Now even you can be Aragorn with this one workout to rule them all

2018-05-19 00:10:39 UTC

I once read an article where it calculated the distance that Aragorn must have ran throughout the books, and the result was that he is an elite ultramarathoner with a chance that it was impossible

2018-05-19 00:59:47 UTC

Numenorean are hardly men

2018-05-19 17:23:36 UTC


2018-05-19 17:24:05 UTC

The groypers have gone too far this time.

2018-05-19 19:43:25 UTC


2018-05-19 21:07:25 UTC

is that supposed to be piano man

2018-05-20 14:55:45 UTC

Rip Rich

2018-05-20 14:56:02 UTC

Live large die large leave a giant coffin

2018-05-20 14:57:09 UTC

Watch "Rich Piana Man" on YouTube

2018-05-20 14:57:16 UTC

I miss him lads

2018-05-20 15:15:20 UTC

Watch "Gaston's Lifting song" on YouTube

2018-05-20 15:15:40 UTC

>ywn be as /fit/ as Gaston

2018-05-21 04:23:10 UTC

Love this propaganda

2018-05-21 04:24:08 UTC

Very high energy 👌🏻

2018-05-21 18:08:33 UTC


2018-05-21 19:33:42 UTC

Just got sponsored by a supplement company, FNX fit for my involvement in the obstacle course racing scene.

2018-05-21 19:34:12 UTC

Pretty excited, kind of cool to be getting offers like that.

2018-05-21 19:34:50 UTC

Not sure if this would be appropriate or not but I guess if anyone is wanting to try a new brand of supplements let me know and Ill hook you up with a discount.

2018-05-21 19:52:52 UTC

I'll check it out

2018-05-21 20:05:25 UTC

I'll just put it here that if anyone does in fact do that I'll just funnel the proceeds I would receive back into IE.

2018-05-21 21:07:49 UTC

Nice @BryceB-ND !

2018-05-22 01:00:30 UTC

Has anyone used any of the stacks from Crazy Bulk?

2018-05-23 20:03:41 UTC

Just brought my dad to the gym with me. We had a very wholesome lifting sesh making fun of the gym thots running around in their underwear

2018-05-23 20:22:07 UTC


2018-05-23 20:22:15 UTC

Solid father son bonding

2018-05-23 20:22:24 UTC

Critiquing thots

2018-05-23 21:08:45 UTC

I love gym thots, they boost your test.))

2018-05-23 21:57:54 UTC

@Nick-NJ thats good man. I couldn't drag my dad into thr gym

2018-05-24 17:30:48 UTC

Gym thots... (translated) not red-pilled yet

2018-05-25 13:16:27 UTC

Anyone got a good bodyweight/calisthenics routine I can do until I can get back in the gym

2018-05-25 13:18:03 UTC

Do you have somewhere to do pullups?

2018-05-25 13:27:38 UTC

I have a pull up bar

2018-05-25 13:27:56 UTC


2018-05-25 13:43:00 UTC

I can write something up for you, or if you're cool with waiting about an hour I can talk to you on voice about it for song extra tips.

2018-05-25 13:43:28 UTC

t. Exercise Science Major withStrength and Conditioning Minor

2018-05-25 17:28:27 UTC

@Suomi Stronk if you could write something up for me that'd be awesome

2018-05-25 17:28:30 UTC

much appreciated

2018-05-26 04:15:11 UTC

What healthy white youth should look like

2018-05-26 10:17:26 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff @Matthias We need a video like this for IE.

2018-05-26 13:21:41 UTC

Couldn't agree more

2018-05-26 17:20:21 UTC


2018-05-27 04:06:13 UTC


2018-05-27 16:28:13 UTC

nothing like a cool early morning workout on an outdoor track. 55 degrees, windy, but the air was fresh

2018-05-27 17:25:47 UTC

Sup fellas, Picked up an everlast 45lb bag at a yard sale for 6 bucks. Reccs on gloves?

2018-05-27 17:45:46 UTC

I like the 16oz Venum Gloves

2018-05-27 17:45:59 UTC

Not too expensive but good quality

2018-05-27 17:55:14 UTC

Fug, I need to get back on my diet. Still about 170, but feeling bloated after drinking alcohol the last two days

2018-05-27 19:08:02 UTC

Venom gloves are ok I use them but I notice especially if your doing lots of bag work the padding on the inside starts to come out

2018-05-27 19:08:40 UTC

I have a pair now that I haven't had for even a full year I don't think I will be buying from them again TBH

2018-05-28 01:47:18 UTC

I think I'm going to aim for the 3rd weekend in July for the Pikes Peak hike.

2018-05-28 08:48:30 UTC

motivation to lift

2018-05-28 08:48:34 UTC

IE rallies need to be chad rallies

2018-05-28 23:42:04 UTC

That dude is the embodiment of everything the left hates lol

2018-05-29 03:21:40 UTC

^^ And the embodiment of what inspires us,........... the irony.

2018-05-29 22:04:33 UTC


2018-05-30 18:54:39 UTC

Just got the okay from the ortho to take the brace off 💪

2018-05-30 18:58:37 UTC


2018-05-30 20:20:04 UTC


2018-05-30 21:15:01 UTC

@Nick-NJ easy now there tiger. Easy does it

2018-05-30 22:34:54 UTC

Don't worry, I'll only be hitting single leg step up PRs for the time being

2018-05-31 11:02:19 UTC
2018-06-01 03:44:53 UTC

Being an assistant weights coach has definitely been fun. I will be happy once I've graduated and am doing this for an actual career

2018-06-01 03:45:03 UTC

But hopefully higher on the food chain lol

2018-06-02 21:36:31 UTC

@here With the warm season officially upon us, I want to remind everyone about our Strava app athletic club. Request to join online or in-app (follow up with a DM here) and I'll get you approved. https://www.strava.com/clubs/PeakAesthetics

2018-06-02 21:49:32 UTC

What's this?

2018-06-02 22:12:58 UTC

A fitness (primarily cardio) tracking app.

2018-06-02 22:14:37 UTC


Whelp, I won't be doing much then lol

2018-06-02 23:13:48 UTC

Haha @Suomi Stronk we got that warrior dash coming up

2018-06-02 23:14:17 UTC

I fully embrace the fact that it will be just as miserable as it was for me last year 😛

2018-06-02 23:14:31 UTC

Although now I'm about 40 lbs lighter, so that should help a bit lol

2018-06-03 10:02:19 UTC

40 pounds?!?

2018-06-03 10:02:29 UTC

You could only have weighed 185 last year i thought

So I've got a hypermobile shoulder (a "double-joint") and it keeps me from benching as much as I'd like. Anyone have a good set or stretch for this?

2018-06-03 23:12:24 UTC

@Deleted User I'm pretty sure I was a few pounds above 200 at the time, maybe just about. I'm about 165 now.

2018-06-03 23:50:46 UTC


2018-06-03 23:50:53 UTC

You’ll run like a gazelle

2018-06-05 18:19:51 UTC

Quick, someone give me motivation to get my tired ass in the gym today

2018-06-05 18:24:36 UTC

Our enemies are working while you relax if you don't go

2018-06-05 18:44:56 UTC


2018-06-05 19:33:56 UTC

@Robtheroman Whats your take on bare knuckle fighting? Does it display masculine virtues, or stupidity and barbarianism? Personally I would never get into that, I value my brain cells and face too much.

2018-06-05 21:51:25 UTC

For my part, I'm for it.

2018-06-07 10:15:09 UTC

Those new stickers are bad ass

2018-06-08 05:18:36 UTC

Go to one minute in

2018-06-08 14:17:04 UTC

@Pat-MA the bareknuckle thing would actually do wonders for head injury’s in fighting. The gloves are not to protect your head they’re to protect your hand. A fighters hand can only last for so many big shots without gloves before they can’t hit anymore.

2018-06-08 17:16:12 UTC

So how does that prevent head injuries?

2018-06-08 19:51:56 UTC

That is absolutely correct. In the pre-glove days of the UFC just about every fighter who fell out due to injury did so with a broken hand.

2018-06-09 00:07:23 UTC

Do girls melt when you tell them badass stuff like that

2018-06-09 02:16:21 UTC

Yeah I was up front shooeing away the rainbow vestment clergy.

2018-06-10 18:32:08 UTC

How often do you guys max out

2018-06-10 18:36:32 UTC


2018-06-10 18:37:55 UTC

Realistically, maybe every 3 months just to adjust my percentages on my program

2018-06-10 18:38:22 UTC

Doing max weight too often has more cons than pros

2018-06-11 20:24:59 UTC

Have you all ever done Bar Bros routines? You're all probably really against it, but that's the type of stuff I did in HS, and I want to get back into it

2018-06-11 21:19:10 UTC

First I’ve heard of it

2018-06-11 21:26:34 UTC

It's just body weight stuff. They mostly do stuff on the bar (hence bar bros) like flagpoles and muscle ups

2018-06-11 21:33:52 UTC

Oh damn, I just went on their website for the first time in years. These guys got gay as heck, son

2018-06-11 21:34:12 UTC

And very obviously don't just do body weight

2018-06-11 21:40:10 UTC

I used to do this. I was doing pretty well, too. I could do 3x20 pistol squats, and 3x10 uneven pullups


2018-06-11 22:53:00 UTC

Lots of SEALs stuff in there too

2018-06-13 13:14:09 UTC

@John O - oddly enough my daughter is in to it some what. She is 11 and can do more pull ups than I can. She does a lot of these workouts on bars they teach in gymnastics. Including leg stuff so it’s a bit different than what you’re talking about but the same concept.

2018-06-13 13:37:52 UTC

We've had this conversation before, but I always thought feats if athleticism were way more impressive than feats of strength

2018-06-13 16:39:39 UTC

I need to know where to start in lifting

2018-06-13 16:40:12 UTC

I’ve done calisthenics and running climbing etc

2018-06-13 16:40:22 UTC

But I don’t know how to start on a proper bulk

2018-06-13 16:59:10 UTC
2018-06-13 16:59:19 UTC

He’s our designated fitness trainer

2018-06-13 16:59:29 UTC

He’ll probably say starting strength

2018-06-13 17:01:32 UTC

I may be perpetually stuck in marathon running

2018-06-13 17:02:08 UTC

Endurance is perhaps the realm I’ll have to stick to

2018-06-13 17:14:02 UTC

I max out at meets

2018-06-13 17:14:17 UTC

I don't max out in traininh

2018-06-13 17:14:22 UTC


2018-06-13 18:00:31 UTC

It'd be better if I could talk to you instead of chat, tbh @Francis V

2018-06-13 18:02:02 UTC

I’ll be off work in 5 hours

2018-06-13 18:02:06 UTC

I’ll let ye know

2018-06-13 18:05:12 UTC


2018-06-14 15:54:16 UTC

Did 8km last evening

2018-06-14 15:54:45 UTC

Considering making it a tri weekly run

2018-06-14 15:55:11 UTC

It’s a square course around my section of he city

2018-06-14 15:55:46 UTC

It had been a long time since my eyebrows were dripping sweat onto my cheeks tbh

2018-06-14 15:56:08 UTC

Like 20 minutes after and you’re still pouring swea

2018-06-18 16:42:10 UTC


2018-06-18 16:42:23 UTC


2018-06-18 16:42:43 UTC


2018-06-18 16:43:45 UTC


2018-06-18 16:45:09 UTC

Mt Williamson, 14,380’ my brother and I summited but it was a grind, I’m in pain. 28 miles 10,000’ elevation gain and no trail

2018-06-18 16:45:28 UTC


2018-06-18 16:45:51 UTC


2018-06-18 16:46:14 UTC


2018-06-18 17:07:07 UTC


2018-06-18 17:08:02 UTC

is that your bro or chuck?

2018-06-18 17:08:38 UTC


2018-06-18 17:08:48 UTC

My brother

2018-06-18 17:08:57 UTC

Awesome! have fun guys!

2018-06-18 17:09:03 UTC


2018-06-18 17:10:25 UTC

Thanks Austen! See you in San Diego soon)

2018-06-18 17:21:28 UTC

Climbing that mountain is chad af

2018-06-18 17:26:28 UTC

Thanks brother , we really had to push ourselves to our mental and physical limits just to get off the mountain safely. Shit was no joke

2018-06-18 17:54:01 UTC

@Deleted User is this an invite only thing? Could I get in on some climbs with you guys?

2018-06-18 17:54:51 UTC

That looks like a fantastic climbing site as well

2018-06-18 18:13:18 UTC

@Francis V of course, we’re planning another trek in August in So Cal. You need your own gear. Backpack, sleeping bag, pad, boots and base layer at the minimum. And be in shape!!

2018-06-18 18:13:49 UTC

I am and have all of these things! I’ll stay in touch

2018-06-18 18:14:00 UTC


2018-06-18 18:14:02 UTC

I do climbs a few times a year myself

2018-06-18 18:14:51 UTC

Baldy point OK


2018-06-18 18:14:55 UTC

It’s a small mountain

2018-06-18 18:15:10 UTC

Nothing majorly intense but it was about 110F that day

2018-06-18 20:39:53 UTC


2018-06-18 20:40:16 UTC

Squad goals )

2018-06-18 21:16:42 UTC

@Deleted User awsome brother love it

2018-06-18 21:42:45 UTC

Cool man! How long did it take you?

2018-06-18 22:11:34 UTC

3 days

2018-06-19 01:17:03 UTC

Well done!

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