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2020-03-29 04:39:25 UTC

But what about the people who aren't @Brandon

2020-03-29 04:39:25 UTC

imagine debating vanguardism

2020-03-29 04:39:29 UTC


2020-03-29 04:39:33 UTC

please read communistic manifesto

2020-03-29 04:39:35 UTC

ok i had 2 glasses of wine

2020-03-29 04:39:36 UTC

what about them

2020-03-29 04:39:39 UTC

time to whine

2020-03-29 04:39:43 UTC

about capitalism

2020-03-29 04:39:46 UTC

Communist manifesto is only really relevant for 1848 revs

2020-03-29 04:39:52 UTC

Das Kapital is so much better

2020-03-29 04:39:54 UTC

> State socialism maybe but the majority of left western socialists are for decentralized worker owned industry
Like mutualism?

2020-03-29 04:39:57 UTC

You're just going to force your opinions on someone else or crush them with force? @Brandon

2020-03-29 04:40:12 UTC

we need to sieze the means of production

2020-03-29 04:40:13 UTC

Maos little red book

2020-03-29 04:40:22 UTC

please read Capitalism by Carlos Marksimus Aurelius

2020-03-29 04:40:26 UTC

No, I was explaining why Logos statement that socialism is inherently planned economies is false

2020-03-29 04:40:26 UTC

@Benneu in capitallism when you consolidate enough money, you can crush others and assert your will. difference in democracy you get consent before

2020-03-29 04:40:34 UTC

in capitalism you only have to collect power

2020-03-29 04:40:35 UTC

Why are you getting uppity lul

2020-03-29 04:40:46 UTC

you just compared capitalism with democracy

2020-03-29 04:40:49 UTC

Democracy is the tyranny of the uneducated

2020-03-29 04:40:53 UTC

it is the nature of power

2020-03-29 04:40:59 UTC

They correlate
> you just compared capitalism with democracy

2020-03-29 04:41:03 UTC

Democracy isn't effective

2020-03-29 04:41:07 UTC

We're a repiblic

2020-03-29 04:41:10 UTC

For that reason

2020-03-29 04:41:12 UTC

@God lmaooo, totally why democractic nations tend to be tthe smartest

2020-03-29 04:41:13 UTC


2020-03-29 04:41:20 UTC


2020-03-29 04:41:40 UTC

every god is false

2020-03-29 04:41:46 UTC

@Benneu NO thats really really dumb to say. those are not antitehtical. republic implies representatives, guess what we do to get those reps?

2020-03-29 04:41:48 UTC


2020-03-29 04:41:50 UTC

we elect tehm

2020-03-29 04:41:52 UTC

oh shit

2020-03-29 04:42:00 UTC

are we democratic republic?

2020-03-29 04:42:03 UTC


2020-03-29 04:42:08 UTC

And within the society its the least intelligent driving it

2020-03-29 04:42:18 UTC

@God source?

2020-03-29 04:42:30 UTC

ั‚ะฐะบ ั‚ั‹ ั€ัƒััะบะธะน?

2020-03-29 04:42:38 UTC

But it's not pure democracy

2020-03-29 04:42:44 UTC

We elect representatives

2020-03-29 04:42:46 UTC

guts a bottle of wine is like nothing

2020-03-29 04:42:46 UTC

@Benneu dont piviot

2020-03-29 04:42:51 UTC


2020-03-29 04:42:51 UTC

I always like how people say we arent a democracy we are a republic like they are really saying something. No we are a representative democracy, we vote for leaders who we feel represent our interests and they work for our respected interests.

2020-03-29 04:42:53 UTC

you said werent a democracyh

2020-03-29 04:42:57 UTC

i finished one in 3 mmintues flat

2020-03-29 04:43:00 UTC

this is evidently not true

2020-03-29 04:43:00 UTC

We're not

2020-03-29 04:43:03 UTC


2020-03-29 04:43:12 UTC

we arent direct democracy because of the size

2020-03-29 04:43:17 UTC

not because of whatever dumbfuck

2020-03-29 04:43:19 UTC

Electing leaders is what a republic is

2020-03-29 04:43:23 UTC

Pure democracy is warband model of demicracy
Women doesn allowed to have political rights

2020-03-29 04:43:24 UTC

conserative reasoning

2020-03-29 04:43:26 UTC

The USA has become more and more democratic over time

2020-03-29 04:43:34 UTC

Claiming the US isn't a democracy is false

2020-03-29 04:43:34 UTC

look i could go into the actual reason i prefer socialism over capitalism

2020-03-29 04:43:35 UTC

a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch. @Arc

2020-03-29 04:43:44 UTC

the us isnt a democracy

2020-03-29 04:43:46 UTC


2020-03-29 04:43:47 UTC

@Benneu but thats democracy

2020-03-29 04:43:52 UTC

its a republic

2020-03-29 04:43:54 UTC

@IStoleTheJohn it is just a very poor one

2020-03-29 04:43:56 UTC

this is wrong

2020-03-29 04:44:03 UTC

you need to define the apparatus of democracy, in what fields do you use it

2020-03-29 04:44:04 UTC

republic and democracy arent antithetical

2020-03-29 04:44:16 UTC

republic is a form of praxis

2020-03-29 04:44:21 UTC

Its a republic
We use democratic principles but it is not PURE democracy specifically because pure democracy leads to terrible things

2020-03-29 04:44:30 UTC

Democratically electing representatives and the unilateral leader of a nation is democracy

2020-03-29 04:44:40 UTC

Republic is not democracy but both use the premises of majority makes right

2020-03-29 04:44:43 UTC

@Benneu you are wrong, republic implies democractically elected reps

2020-03-29 04:44:45 UTC


2020-03-29 04:44:50 UTC

Republic=democracy lul its same defenition

2020-03-29 04:44:51 UTC

The president is not elected by the popular vote

2020-03-29 04:44:54 UTC

@Crazynomad no this is incorrect

2020-03-29 04:44:58 UTC

still not a democracy

2020-03-29 04:44:58 UTC


2020-03-29 04:45:03 UTC

Republic is not a democracy, Plato would roll

2020-03-29 04:45:06 UTC

I don't know why you guys thing democracy and republicanism are mutually exclusive.

2020-03-29 04:45:07 UTC

@Benneu which the only releic from when we were plutocracy

2020-03-29 04:45:13 UTC

A republic is not a democracy

2020-03-29 04:45:15 UTC

democracy sucks

2020-03-29 04:45:18 UTC

we need a communism

2020-03-29 04:45:18 UTC


2020-03-29 04:45:23 UTC

Popular vote isn't the end all be all metric that defines a democracy.

2020-03-29 04:45:29 UTC

Democracy will inevitably lead to communism

2020-03-29 04:45:36 UTC


2020-03-29 04:45:40 UTC

> Republic is not a democracy, Plato would roll
Ochlocracy still better than democracy pleb

2020-03-29 04:45:54 UTC

@Benneu senate is , house is, local governemnt is, everyone is allowed to vote by law, we extended citizenship through nationalization, so we have become one so this means that ec needs to go

2020-03-29 04:45:55 UTC


2020-03-29 04:46:01 UTC

democracy has inconsistent nature, it won't lead to any exact ideology

2020-03-29 04:46:02 UTC

Tsar and theocracy

all other systems are bs

2020-03-29 04:46:18 UTC

@Arc We should go the other way and start moving away from democracy not embrace it further

2020-03-29 04:46:24 UTC

when the right wingers think republic is antitehtical to democracy <:eloLul:449274416376053760>

"awww, do you have an opinion, go ahead and voice it!"
what liberalist drivel.

2020-03-29 04:46:38 UTC

you can't sustain your dream mutualistic paradise through democracy

2020-03-29 04:46:39 UTC

that is a joke

2020-03-29 04:46:43 UTC

@God no, we should go further because quality of life goes up.

2020-03-29 04:46:43 UTC

It exactly same shit

2020-03-29 04:46:43 UTC

The American democratic system of electing representatives functionally is a great system, and extremely democratic compared to a lot of other nations in the world.

2020-03-29 04:46:50 UTC

Republic and democracy are separate by category determined by operation of elected people.

People choose party and then elected people on voted

Democracy: people do not choose party but vote for things

2020-03-29 04:46:51 UTC

When the left wingers think a republic is a democracy

2020-03-29 04:46:55 UTC


2020-03-29 04:46:57 UTC

@Lukaa mutualist? <:eloLul:449274416376053760>

> The American democratic system of electing representatives functionally is a great system, and extremely democratic compared to a lot of other nations in the world.
@Brandon LMAO are you joking?

2020-03-29 04:47:04 UTC

left wingers

2020-03-29 04:47:05 UTC


2020-03-29 04:47:14 UTC

@Benneu representative demcracy is still democracy lmao

2020-03-29 04:47:16 UTC

Nope. Not joking.

2020-03-29 04:47:18 UTC


its election methods are so retarded

2020-03-29 04:47:27 UTC

Anal sex is still sex

2020-03-29 04:47:29 UTC


2020-03-29 04:47:37 UTC

@Crazynomad yes it is

2020-03-29 04:47:38 UTC


2020-03-29 04:47:45 UTC

that was really really bad point

2020-03-29 04:47:47 UTC

anal sex is degenerate

2020-03-29 04:47:52 UTC

No. Its a separate operation

2020-03-29 04:47:55 UTC

It's not

2020-03-29 04:47:57 UTC

@Crazynomad no it isnt

2020-03-29 04:47:57 UTC


2020-03-29 04:47:59 UTC

anarcho you ever hear the quote the stars that burn the brightest burn the quickest?

2020-03-29 04:48:01 UTC

you axiomatically assert this

2020-03-29 04:48:03 UTC

prove it

2020-03-29 04:48:11 UTC

You literally just changed it do representstive democracy

2020-03-29 04:48:12 UTC

@Benneu how do you elect the reps?

2020-03-29 04:48:14 UTC

I have with using two different words

2020-03-29 04:48:18 UTC

You had to adjust your definition

2020-03-29 04:48:23 UTC

To match what a republic is

2020-03-29 04:48:23 UTC

> Republic and democracy are separate by category determined by operation of elected people.
> People choose party and then elected people on voted
> Democracy: people do not choose party but vote for things
>Plurality voting in electoral systems
>Proportional representation in electoral systems
>Democracy: people do not choose party but vote for things
Are u kidding?

2020-03-29 04:48:25 UTC

Look at eastern nations. Look at african nations. Compare them to our representative democratic system.

2020-03-29 04:48:27 UTC


2020-03-29 04:48:27 UTC

@Benneu you dont, its democracy lmao

2020-03-29 04:48:40 UTC

Democracy is similar in that it quickly increases the life of the average person but at the cost of the entire future of the civilization

2020-03-29 04:48:42 UTC


2020-03-29 04:48:48 UTC

Democracy-republic exactly plebs

2020-03-29 04:48:50 UTC

@Benneu no
I dont, democracy as we are using is the citizens elect policy/representatives

2020-03-29 04:48:51 UTC

@Logos no im not kidding. You going to make a point?

2020-03-29 04:48:53 UTC


2020-03-29 04:48:54 UTC

you're arguing over a definiton of a term that is elastic LOL

@Brandon most eastern countries are better or theocratic

2020-03-29 04:49:08 UTC

keep arguing something that is incredibly pointless

2020-03-29 04:49:10 UTC

@Crazynomad gonna try to differentitate anal sex for me?

2020-03-29 04:49:16 UTC

Lets name a few

2020-03-29 04:49:17 UTC

inb4 is ought fallacy

2020-03-29 04:49:18 UTC

Hes the same type of person to say the Nazis werent socialists

2020-03-29 04:49:18 UTC

And get specific

2020-03-29 04:49:25 UTC

inb4 appeal to nature fallacy

nazi's are not socialist

2020-03-29 04:49:39 UTC

@Arc what does anal mean and what does sex mean?

2020-03-29 04:49:44 UTC


2020-03-29 04:49:53 UTC


to copulate with a woman

2020-03-29 04:49:56 UTC

capitalism = degeneracy

2020-03-29 04:50:13 UTC

@Crazynomad sex means to insert yourself into someone for use of orgaasm, anal mean in regards to anaus

> capitalism = degeneracy
@IStoleTheJohn this is a message i can get behind

2020-03-29 04:50:15 UTC


2020-03-29 04:50:16 UTC

@IStoleTheJohn consent and self ownership is not degenerate

2020-03-29 04:50:18 UTC

anal sex is sex

2020-03-29 04:50:21 UTC


2020-03-29 04:50:23 UTC


2020-03-29 04:50:31 UTC

anal sex is gay and/or degenerate

2020-03-29 04:50:32 UTC

@Arc lol what. Sex means vaginal penetration

2020-03-29 04:50:34 UTC

capitialism is degenerate

2020-03-29 04:50:35 UTC


2020-03-29 04:50:37 UTC


2020-03-29 04:50:46 UTC

@Crazynomad no that begs the questioon

2020-03-29 04:50:46 UTC

> @Logos no im not kidding. You going to make a point?
Because of plurality voting and proportional representation in electoral systems difference between democracy and republic disappears.

2020-03-29 04:50:46 UTC


lmao northern america is a flawed democracy

2020-03-29 04:50:51 UTC

kinda defiton is that

you just destroyed your own point

2020-03-29 04:51:03 UTC

Wait what's Greenland tho

2020-03-29 04:51:16 UTC

ah yes I love data made by an extremely western centric and biased organization with ulterior motives

2020-03-29 04:51:16 UTC

I wouldnt expect an ancap to recoginize fallacies doe

2020-03-29 04:51:28 UTC

Amurika fuck yeaah

2020-03-29 04:51:30 UTC


2020-03-29 04:51:32 UTC

I never said it was a fully democratic system. I said specifically it functions great, especially compared to other nations ie eastern hemisphere, middle east, africa

2020-03-29 04:51:35 UTC

Democracy and shiiit

2020-03-29 04:51:40 UTC

@Crazynomad one of two forms

2020-03-29 04:51:44 UTC

@Arc big oof

2020-03-29 04:51:45 UTC

And slavic countries

2020-03-29 04:52:00 UTC

anal sex is objectively lame

2020-03-29 04:52:04 UTC

Well i am from slavic country

2020-03-29 04:52:04 UTC

stop spreading the virus

2020-03-29 04:52:05 UTC


2020-03-29 04:52:08 UTC

@Crazynomad link it because ti says "two major forms"

2020-03-29 04:52:11 UTC


2020-03-29 04:52:16 UTC

corona spreads from spurthole

2020-03-29 04:52:21 UTC

STOP anal sex immediately

2020-03-29 04:52:21 UTC

@Lukaa you are objecitvely lame <:hyperdab:602624263480016896>

> I never said it was a fully democratic system. I said specifically it functions great, especially compared to other nations ie eastern hemisphere, middle east, africa
@Brandon but democracy sucks
and even then, america sucks at democracy, Britain and many other european and western democracies are much more efficient than America.

2020-03-29 04:52:25 UTC

ok boomer

2020-03-29 04:52:30 UTC

@Arc mean

2020-03-29 04:52:32 UTC

@Arc anal is not part of the reproductive structures

2020-03-29 04:52:33 UTC


2020-03-29 04:52:33 UTC

capitalism is degenerate

2020-03-29 04:52:35 UTC

Big oof

2020-03-29 04:52:38 UTC

peeing hits different after a cum

2020-03-29 04:52:42 UTC

Also a fully democratic system is utopian can you point to one system in history that was 100% fully democratic

> capitalism is degenerate

2020-03-29 04:52:48 UTC

Are we talking about what defines sex wtf why

2020-03-29 04:52:49 UTC
2020-03-29 04:52:53 UTC

@Crazynomad and? that doesnt mean anything

2020-03-29 04:52:57 UTC

Sex is union between men and women (femoid). Everything else is sin, degenarecy and perverted shit

2020-03-29 04:53:00 UTC

paris commune

2020-03-29 04:53:00 UTC

@Arc its in the definition

2020-03-29 04:53:01 UTC

Zulu tribes 600 AD

2020-03-29 04:53:01 UTC

@Crazynomad "two major forms"

2020-03-29 04:53:05 UTC


2020-03-29 04:53:11 UTC

@Crazynomad you didnt post the entire thing

2020-03-29 04:53:16 UTC

you cropped it

2020-03-29 04:53:19 UTC

@Arc yes i did

2020-03-29 04:53:23 UTC

read proudhon

2020-03-29 04:53:24 UTC

> Sex is union between men and women (femoid). Everything else is sin, degenarecy and perverted shit
Proof me wrong plebs

2020-03-29 04:53:25 UTC

I posted the whole thing

2020-03-29 04:53:27 UTC

to stop being mutualist

2020-03-29 04:53:29 UTC

@Crazynomad Link it

2020-03-29 04:53:37 UTC

Anarcho capitalism is the purest form of an ideology that makes no fucking sense.

2020-03-29 04:53:39 UTC

Sure, America is still in the top percentile of democracy though. Because every citizen has the right to vote for representatives.

> @Logos
> Proof me wrong plebs
@Logos you are correct

2020-03-29 04:53:47 UTC


2020-03-29 04:53:48 UTC


2020-03-29 04:53:56 UTC

Don't fix what aint broken.

2020-03-29 04:53:56 UTC


@Brandon but it still sucks at what it's meant to represent.

2020-03-29 04:53:58 UTC

@Arc look it up if you think im being dishonest

2020-03-29 04:54:00 UTC

@Fable neofeudalism lit

2020-03-29 04:54:01 UTC

@Brandon Except felons.

2020-03-29 04:54:01 UTC

anarcho communism makes more sense

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