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2019-10-19 01:06:01 UTC

Why? Drunks don't deserve safety nets.

2019-10-19 01:06:11 UTC

Neither do you

2019-10-19 01:06:12 UTC

Also, how reliable are those stats anyway?

2019-10-19 01:06:17 UTC


2019-10-19 01:06:23 UTC

I'm shitted

2019-10-19 01:06:27 UTC

I pooped my pants

2019-10-19 01:06:29 UTC

Would people admit to drinking when drinking is prohibited?

2019-10-19 01:06:34 UTC

I hate people who get browned

2019-10-19 01:06:38 UTC

Or "controlled"

2019-10-19 01:06:39 UTC

Never in my life

2019-10-19 01:06:41 UTC

Hate you too brown boy

2019-10-19 01:06:45 UTC

Have I been browned

2019-10-19 01:06:49 UTC

You got browned by God

2019-10-19 01:06:50 UTC

i drink about twice a year

2019-10-19 01:06:59 UTC

I don't drink at all.

2019-10-19 01:07:01 UTC

@Str3tch drink with me qt

2019-10-19 01:07:06 UTC


2019-10-19 01:07:22 UTC

@Banjod Wrong

2019-10-19 01:07:25 UTC

i made u aware last time i drank @deleted account

2019-10-19 01:07:31 UTC

but stretch

2019-10-19 01:07:35 UTC

lol but stretch

2019-10-19 01:07:37 UTC

people are the way they are by genetics and culture, if someone is doing wrong, he needs help, and depending on how genetic it is, they shouldn't have children

2019-10-19 01:07:39 UTC


2019-10-19 01:07:40 UTC

PCP, look at what it's done for cancer patients, and tell me it isn't a good thing.

2019-10-19 01:07:45 UTC

I've been gone for a month

2019-10-19 01:07:50 UTC

I plead lenience

2019-10-19 01:07:57 UTC

I forgot the rules surrounding n word talk

2019-10-19 01:08:02 UTC


2019-10-19 01:08:04 UTC

It's not medicinal, but it improves people's lives.

2019-10-19 01:08:05 UTC

i'm never wrong

2019-10-19 01:08:07 UTC

brown lenience is like a really good deal nowadays

2019-10-19 01:08:24 UTC

pcp cures cancer?! @Weaboo Kempeitai

2019-10-19 01:08:38 UTC


2019-10-19 01:08:42 UTC

did I misunderstand that?

2019-10-19 01:08:46 UTC
2019-10-19 01:08:55 UTC

Alcohol makes u aware of dharma

2019-10-19 01:09:03 UTC

It improved their mindset in their final months, iirc

2019-10-19 01:09:13 UTC

Strangely, alcohol helps me hearing... πŸ˜•

2019-10-19 01:09:15 UTC

It just dramatically changes your outlook on life.

2019-10-19 01:09:19 UTC

no idea why.

2019-10-19 01:09:29 UTC

I've never done PCP and have heard too many horror stories about it.

2019-10-19 01:09:32 UTC

You can leave a trip a totally different person, somtimes even mentally destroyed.

2019-10-19 01:09:32 UTC

Alcohol is the devil's elixir

2019-10-19 01:09:45 UTC

why do ancaps pretend they care about anything

2019-10-19 01:09:52 UTC


2019-10-19 01:09:59 UTC

mentally destroyed? why would anyone want to risk that? @Weaboo Kempeitai

2019-10-19 01:10:00 UTC

NAP or fap?

2019-10-19 01:10:02 UTC

The worst is when you trip that you're something not human, when you accidently become a table or glass or orange juice.

2019-10-19 01:10:20 UTC

@Banjod Most AnCap theorists have been socially and morally conservative.

2019-10-19 01:10:26 UTC

I don't care

2019-10-19 01:10:31 UTC

have u ever actually 'tripped'

2019-10-19 01:10:37 UTC


2019-10-19 01:10:41 UTC

Who are you asking?

2019-10-19 01:10:41 UTC

ok that's what I thought

2019-10-19 01:10:50 UTC

I'm starting to understand why so many people hate Anglos

2019-10-19 01:10:52 UTC

That's just what people say

2019-10-19 01:10:53 UTC

Banjod is the smartest person in this discord

I say this once and I will repeat it multiple times

2019-10-19 01:10:54 UTC


2019-10-19 01:11:02 UTC

can't argue with facts

2019-10-19 01:11:08 UTC

@Nerthulas uwu hi nerth

2019-10-19 01:11:12 UTC

Protecting people from poor choices encourages weakness.

2019-10-19 01:11:12 UTC


2019-10-19 01:11:24 UTC

we need a CRINGE emoti.

2019-10-19 01:11:31 UTC


2019-10-19 01:11:37 UTC

if you want ancapism, you also want freedom to choose whatever you want

2019-10-19 01:11:44 UTC

The revolutionary phenotype will make us strong again @Weaboo Kempeitai

2019-10-19 01:11:54 UTC

which is contradictory to wanting anything

2019-10-19 01:11:57 UTC

look, its not hard to find out which side is right and which side is wrong

2019-10-19 01:11:57 UTC

except the freedom to choose

2019-10-19 01:11:59 UTC

My ancap company will restart humanity with Gene editing machines

2019-10-19 01:12:04 UTC


2019-10-19 01:12:05 UTC

Yeah let's spend exuberant amounts of public money on prohibition policies to protect junkies instead of just ostracising junkies.

2019-10-19 01:12:10 UTC

just look at which side has all the cool chads and which side has gays

2019-10-19 01:12:19 UTC

that's all you have to do

2019-10-19 01:12:20 UTC

So, Greeks vs Greeks?

2019-10-19 01:12:21 UTC

on any issue

2019-10-19 01:12:36 UTC

lets spend money on fixing the root cause

2019-10-19 01:12:40 UTC

Most trad societies had gays, in very high positions of power.

2019-10-19 01:12:40 UTC

and not bully people for their situation

2019-10-19 01:12:41 UTC

Yes because law enforcement to deal with the degenerates of your ideal libertine society is more cost efficient than actual, mostly inexpensive preventative measures

2019-10-19 01:12:55 UTC

@Leaf Inexpensive? Lmao

2019-10-19 01:13:24 UTC

Millions of state dependents in tax funded jails and police patrols and safe-injection sites and government inspectors for pubs in the like is less expensive than prohibiting the import and manufacture of these substances

2019-10-19 01:13:27 UTC

The root cause is hopelessness in many cases and tired/bored of the mundane after long week of work

2019-10-19 01:13:28 UTC

It literally costs zero dollars to not host a junkie as a tenet.

2019-10-19 01:13:42 UTC

we drink/drugs to escape from ourselves for abit, or forget ourselves abit.

2019-10-19 01:13:46 UTC

at least I do heh

2019-10-19 01:13:51 UTC

It costs your entire society more than money

2019-10-19 01:14:03 UTC

The best societies win. Make the compete.

2019-10-19 01:14:05 UTC

we're so far from fixing the problem, the only way to do it now (with our current level of power)

2019-10-19 01:14:07 UTC

is through banning

2019-10-19 01:14:09 UTC

But no, someone ends up dealing with them and they use taxpayer funds to do it

2019-10-19 01:14:09 UTC

Wait where is kaiser

2019-10-19 01:14:15 UTC

The ones with the better standards will succeed.

2019-10-19 01:14:17 UTC

but, the best solution is to fix things at their root

2019-10-19 01:14:18 UTC

Did he get banned again

2019-10-19 01:14:20 UTC

which is not the substance itself

2019-10-19 01:14:26 UTC

Then whites will lose

2019-10-19 01:14:30 UTC

no, the best society is not the one that wins, because winning is not the standard

2019-10-19 01:14:30 UTC

and deservedly so

2019-10-19 01:14:38 UTC

we have to give people purpose and sense of pride and patriotism, that will lower the need to escape in alcohol.

2019-10-19 01:14:53 UTC

The best society can win if it respects the males and has high IQ

2019-10-19 01:14:57 UTC

how is winning not winning, nerth?

2019-10-19 01:15:15 UTC

Banjod, what if the revolutionary phenotype wins

2019-10-19 01:15:17 UTC

The death penalty for substance traffickers and manufacturers should be law

2019-10-19 01:15:18 UTC

that's not better

2019-10-19 01:15:21 UTC

In every society

2019-10-19 01:15:25 UTC

obviously winning isn't the thing

2019-10-19 01:15:26 UTC

no, bu thtere is a difference

2019-10-19 01:15:31 UTC

"War on Drugs isn't the same as the war on terror hurrdur"

Nick Fuentes is such a fucking liar.

2019-10-19 01:15:48 UTC

Or he just dosen't know his history.

2019-10-19 01:15:51 UTC

Hey, dont talk shit about Nick Fuentes! top bloke.

2019-10-19 01:15:52 UTC

there is a difference in inherence

2019-10-19 01:16:07 UTC

The war on drugs is a lie in which the U.S. government profiteers and manufactures geopolitical machinations by funding cartels and wiping out their competitors

2019-10-19 01:16:16 UTC

China needs to eliminate the Anglo menace

2019-10-19 01:16:20 UTC

Release us from this prison

2019-10-19 01:16:23 UTC

Of eternal autism

2019-10-19 01:16:27 UTC

If they really wished to eliminate drug manufacturing and trafficking, they would execute those who partook in both practices

2019-10-19 01:16:31 UTC

As they should

2019-10-19 01:16:32 UTC

a real war on drugs would be cool 😎

2019-10-19 01:16:46 UTC

I make the argument all the time to my NazBol friend that libertarians are closer allies than communists

2019-10-19 01:16:50 UTC

but its really hard to make πŸ˜†

2019-10-19 01:16:53 UTC

@Leaf Chile tried that. Didn't work.

2019-10-19 01:16:56 UTC

Nope, we will not do that! We will infact support HK and undermine Chincoms @iippo

2019-10-19 01:16:59 UTC

No they didn't

2019-10-19 01:17:03 UTC

The Philippines is trying that

2019-10-19 01:17:04 UTC

It works

2019-10-19 01:17:04 UTC


2019-10-19 01:17:11 UTC

communists just want us all to starve

2019-10-19 01:17:13 UTC

Why is Hillary attacking mama tulsi

2019-10-19 01:17:15 UTC

tha'ts their thing

2019-10-19 01:17:20 UTC

If you kill the people who do these things and prohibit them from entering your country, they die

2019-10-19 01:17:25 UTC

It's very simple and efficient

2019-10-19 01:17:29 UTC


2019-10-19 01:17:31 UTC


2019-10-19 01:17:34 UTC

@Leaf They just migrate North. Either way, cartels wouldn't exist if not for prohibition.

2019-10-19 01:17:37 UTC

If you kill your enemies, they win

2019-10-19 01:17:37 UTC

@fuguer because she's evil and hates everything good in the world

2019-10-19 01:17:51 UTC

so therefore hates Aryan Assad-Apologist Milkers

2019-10-19 01:18:05 UTC


2019-10-19 01:18:06 UTC

Whether or not a cartel is legal does not really influence the amount of damage they do

2019-10-19 01:18:19 UTC

Have you heard of the opioid epidemic in north America?

2019-10-19 01:18:28 UTC

It was legal pharmaceutical companies which created that

2019-10-19 01:18:48 UTC

Cartels literally have no reason to exist without prohibition, dude.

2019-10-19 01:18:57 UTC

Prohibition is ineffective because it doesn't actually impose genuine punitive measures against those who violate it

2019-10-19 01:19:11 UTC

you don't know what a cartel is then

2019-10-19 01:19:18 UTC

lol, only reason cartels wouldn't exdist then

2019-10-19 01:19:22 UTC

is because you have no laws

2019-10-19 01:19:23 UTC

What is the difference between a legal pharmaceutical company hooking your country on drugs and an illegal one doing the same?

2019-10-19 01:19:27 UTC

if you have laws, you're gonna have smugling

2019-10-19 01:19:32 UTC

stealing is a thing..

2019-10-19 01:19:37 UTC


2019-10-19 01:19:42 UTC


2019-10-19 01:19:42 UTC


2019-10-19 01:19:47 UTC

the idea of what a cartel is is only tangentially related to prohibition

2019-10-19 01:19:52 UTC

if you have laws, you're gonna have the CIA assist in smuggling

2019-10-19 01:19:57 UTC

Eh, tbh, I have zero sympathy for opium addicts. What are doctors supposed to do when you complain about pain?

2019-10-19 01:20:01 UTC

a cartel is a group of manufacturers colluding to control prices

2019-10-19 01:20:23 UTC

it can be legal or illegal

2019-10-19 01:20:27 UTC
2019-10-19 01:20:29 UTC

and deal in legal or illegal substances

2019-10-19 01:21:02 UTC

i'll repeat what I said earlier

2019-10-19 01:21:06 UTC

the best solution is not banning

2019-10-19 01:21:10 UTC

@Banjod No, laws are ineffective when dealing with cartels. Despite Amercia subsiding prohibition overseas, cartels still exist.

2019-10-19 01:21:15 UTC

it's to go for the root cause

2019-10-19 01:21:15 UTC


2019-10-19 01:21:22 UTC

as it is, banning is the only thing we can do

2019-10-19 01:21:23 UTC

They don't subsidize actual prohibition

2019-10-19 01:21:26 UTC

because society is sick and we odn't ahve power

2019-10-19 01:21:31 UTC

They wipe out competition against factions they back

2019-10-19 01:21:31 UTC

@Banjod Communism

2019-10-19 01:21:36 UTC

Amercia invaded Panama and put Pinochet in power to enforce prohibition. How much more 'law' do you need?

2019-10-19 01:21:39 UTC

Under the guise of prohibitive measures

2019-10-19 01:21:55 UTC

Pinochet ruled Chile not Panama

2019-10-19 01:22:00 UTC

What are you talking about

2019-10-19 01:22:00 UTC


2019-10-19 01:22:05 UTC

Not even the same continent bud

2019-10-19 01:22:06 UTC

Never said that

2019-10-19 01:22:16 UTC

Read again. Slowly.

2019-10-19 01:22:21 UTC

Don't need to

2019-10-19 01:22:27 UTC


2019-10-19 01:22:27 UTC

You do

2019-10-19 01:22:40 UTC


2019-10-19 01:22:44 UTC

they just got jf

2019-10-19 01:22:48 UTC

lol @Deleted User yeh I am really scared of marrying because of the stereotype about it....

2019-10-19 01:22:56 UTC

Amercia invaded Panama. They didn't invade Chile, but funded their military junta.

2019-10-19 01:22:57 UTC

wym they got jf

2019-10-19 01:22:58 UTC


2019-10-19 01:23:03 UTC

youtube police

2019-10-19 01:23:06 UTC


2019-10-19 01:23:13 UTC

You don't like the idea of a permanent contract with a woman you might not trust?

2019-10-19 01:23:14 UTC


2019-10-19 01:23:17 UTC

what happened?

2019-10-19 01:23:20 UTC

it's those pesky vegans

2019-10-19 01:23:22 UTC

I know it

2019-10-19 01:23:38 UTC

he is back

2019-10-19 01:23:45 UTC


2019-10-19 01:23:53 UTC

One of the motivations was to enforce prohibition, as was the invasion of Panama. Yet, depute all the destruction the US hasn't put a dent in drug cartels.

2019-10-19 01:23:59 UTC

Just made them more powerful

2019-10-19 01:24:01 UTC
2019-10-19 01:24:11 UTC

The U.S. is upholding cartels, not suppressing them

2019-10-19 01:24:13 UTC

Stop humoring his autism

2019-10-19 01:24:15 UTC

This is not even a conspiracy

2019-10-19 01:24:18 UTC

Well recorded fact

2019-10-19 01:24:18 UTC


2019-10-19 01:24:21 UTC

But ok, whatever

2019-10-19 01:24:38 UTC

People supporting drug traffickers and calling it prohibition is proof prohibition doesn't work

2019-10-19 01:24:42 UTC

I'm done

2019-10-19 01:25:00 UTC

whew he's back

2019-10-19 01:25:07 UTC

he keeps thinking, over and over, in argument after argument, that people defend or support the United States Government and their policies, and the actions of their intel agencies

2019-10-19 01:25:19 UTC

But the dictators and their laws haven't worked, as evident with Colombia, Chile, Amercia's invasion of Panama, they uphold cartels, but not directly. They wouldn't need to exist if not for prohibition laws.

2019-10-19 01:25:19 UTC

Im with my female

2019-10-19 01:25:25 UTC

Shes doing homework

2019-10-19 01:25:27 UTC

@Nerthulas Literally not doing that lmao

2019-10-19 01:25:29 UTC

a guy can't fucking review a fucking laurence krauss interview with getting attacked by censorship bot

2019-10-19 01:25:31 UTC

Yes they would and they do

2019-10-19 01:25:36 UTC

Dubs decides what i do next

2019-10-19 01:25:53 UTC

Are pharmaceutical companies which intentionally encourage widespread opioid addiction not cartels?

2019-10-19 01:26:04 UTC


2019-10-19 01:26:08 UTC


2019-10-19 01:26:12 UTC

I am orthodox

2019-10-19 01:26:15 UTC


2019-10-19 01:26:16 UTC

I totally loathe the dude JF is covering tonite

2019-10-19 01:26:25 UTC

100% sophist bullshitter

2019-10-19 01:26:30 UTC

this guy think we just need to ostracize. thats not a solution in any society, and it certainly isn't going to happen now

2019-10-19 01:26:32 UTC

@Leaf Why did the opiate crisis only ramp up now? Why not before?

2019-10-19 01:26:34 UTC

Dishonest court jew

2019-10-19 01:26:36 UTC

it's just fantasy on top of fantasy

2019-10-19 01:26:40 UTC

there is no point

2019-10-19 01:26:42 UTC

Why are perscribed opiates only now an issue?

2019-10-19 01:26:52 UTC

@Weaboo Kempeitai because Europeans used to be better than degenerates like you, on average

2019-10-19 01:27:03 UTC

btfo myself there lmao

2019-10-19 01:27:08 UTC

Amercians are just weak tbh

2019-10-19 01:27:19 UTC

It's not just America

2019-10-19 01:27:24 UTC

@Weaboo Kempeitai you are too young to be awake at 2:30am. This is why your brain is defective

2019-10-19 01:27:33 UTC

They drug their kids up on speed so they do better in public school.

2019-10-19 01:27:44 UTC

Not a school day tomorrow, I can sleep for however long I want.

2019-10-19 01:27:45 UTC

no they don't lmfao

2019-10-19 01:27:51 UTC

that is not widespread

2019-10-19 01:28:08 UTC


2019-10-19 01:28:10 UTC

Adderall is frequently perscribed to young children with ADHD.

2019-10-19 01:28:11 UTC

what is the solution right now

2019-10-19 01:28:14 UTC

what can we do

2019-10-19 01:28:19 UTC

Legalise everything.

2019-10-19 01:28:26 UTC


2019-10-19 01:28:33 UTC

All the drugs.

2019-10-19 01:28:35 UTC

Kill Libertarians

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