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2019-10-27 01:04:05 UTC

it certainly didn't happen like they portrayed it

2019-10-27 01:04:06 UTC


2019-10-27 01:04:13 UTC

74% <:OMEGALUL:461556461198376960>

2019-10-27 01:04:40 UTC

It's not even portrayed as dystopic that whites live in slums, and blacks are given enough money to start their own businesses and live decent lives, as reparations, and that people can be arrested and executed by the government without any due process.

2019-10-27 01:04:52 UTC

*"Very Jewish way of preying on women"*

2019-10-27 01:05:51 UTC

so how is everyone this evening?

2019-10-27 01:06:03 UTC

i'm leaving the server

2019-10-27 01:06:05 UTC

@Nerthulas Was there even a plane?

2019-10-27 01:06:06 UTC

aren't jews like 2-4% of the US population?

2019-10-27 01:06:10 UTC

to become a mod of the sargon server

2019-10-27 01:06:11 UTC


2019-10-27 01:06:15 UTC

ahhh ok

2019-10-27 01:06:25 UTC

put in a good word for me to replace you str3tch

2019-10-27 01:06:30 UTC


2019-10-27 01:06:32 UTC

will do

2019-10-27 01:06:36 UTC

I'll keep Banjod in line

2019-10-27 01:06:44 UTC

can I get 1000 dollars?

2019-10-27 01:06:47 UTC


2019-10-27 01:06:54 UTC

will gib

2019-10-27 01:07:39 UTC


2019-10-27 01:07:45 UTC


2019-10-27 01:08:07 UTC

I'm banned from Athens

2019-10-27 01:08:08 UTC

@Weaboo Kempeitai ah ok tulsa race riots eh, man this looks like an allied incursion planes and all

2019-10-27 01:08:20 UTC


2019-10-27 01:08:45 UTC

air raid sirens, lol town is prepared for serious attack

2019-10-27 01:09:49 UTC

dooosh dooosh dooosh!

2019-10-27 01:10:01 UTC

weeeeeoooooh! wooooeeeeeh!

2019-10-27 01:10:05 UTC


2019-10-27 01:10:22 UTC

the equivalent of the damages and deaths from the tulsa riots (notice these are the Tulsa RACE Riots, very few riots which are racial in nature receive this appellation) are inflicted against the white population of the US by blacks on a weekly basis

2019-10-27 01:11:14 UTC

Fuck watchmen

2019-10-27 01:11:18 UTC

Blacks would be funny if they weren't violent

2019-10-27 01:11:25 UTC

I'm not so sure about the commission's numbers anyway

2019-10-27 01:11:29 UTC

I'd have to see who was on it

2019-10-27 01:11:46 UTC

police reports accounted no more than 36 deaths

2019-10-27 01:12:17 UTC

"Members were appointed to investigate events, interview survivors, hear testimony from the public, and prepare a report of events. There was an effort toward public education about these events through the process. The Commission's final report, published in 2001, said that the city had conspired with the mob of white citizens against black citizens; it recommended a program of reparations to survivors and their descendants."

2019-10-27 01:12:24 UTC

published 2001

2019-10-27 01:12:25 UTC


2019-10-27 01:12:27 UTC

yeah no

2019-10-27 01:13:15 UTC


2019-10-27 01:13:27 UTC

lookin out fo da popo

2019-10-27 01:14:25 UTC

Honestly they seem so human.

2019-10-27 01:14:34 UTC

In 1996, seventy-five years after the riot, a bipartisan group in the state legislature authorized formation of the Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921 (renamed Oklahoma Commission to Study the Tulsa Race Massacre, in November 2018).

2019-10-27 01:14:45 UTC

seventy-five years after the riot

2019-10-27 01:14:48 UTC

in other words

2019-10-27 01:14:56 UTC

they have no idea and its a propaganda op

2019-10-27 01:15:07 UTC


2019-10-27 01:15:46 UTC

They don’t teach it in school. I’m an okie

2019-10-27 01:16:01 UTC

Those gorillas looks just like a street corner in Detroit

2019-10-27 01:16:07 UTC


2019-10-27 01:16:09 UTC

They dont teach it because the violence was started by blacks

2019-10-27 01:16:19 UTC

Yeah everyone was complaining about how they only heard about it now, and that it wasn't taught to them in school.

2019-10-27 01:16:21 UTC

They showed up at the couthouse and shot 8 people

2019-10-27 01:16:25 UTC

That's Dr. Georgolous

2019-10-27 01:16:29 UTC


2019-10-27 01:16:38 UTC

THEN the people burnt their whole part of town down in response

2019-10-27 01:17:06 UTC

hot take: Watchmen was released in order to popularize 'knowledge' of the 'new understanding' of the Tulsa riots

2019-10-27 01:17:59 UTC

is that why u guys are talking about tulsa? because it's in the watchmen television show?

2019-10-27 01:18:27 UTC

What's that American movie about segregation & football? Bringing people together & some such nonsense

2019-10-27 01:18:28 UTC


2019-10-27 01:18:31 UTC

yes it is

2019-10-27 01:18:33 UTC

Just remembered that

2019-10-27 01:18:41 UTC

Ages ago we watched in theology class

2019-10-27 01:18:42 UTC


2019-10-27 01:18:47 UTC

damn 8mb limit on files to paste into discord channel, i have a short clip from the intro but its liek 30mb

2019-10-27 01:18:58 UTC

was it a college based one?

2019-10-27 01:19:03 UTC

there's like...2 or 3 movies about that i think 😄

2019-10-27 01:19:15 UTC

that that description could apply to

2019-10-27 01:19:32 UTC

Has anyone listened to Kanye's new album? It's actually pretty good.

2019-10-27 01:19:55 UTC

I listened to it last night

2019-10-27 01:19:59 UTC

Yeah, the whole premise of this new NOT-Watchman show is based on the Tulsa riots

2019-10-27 01:20:04 UTC

the bad guys are all WN

2019-10-27 01:20:29 UTC

did JF's stream get nuked live?

2019-10-27 01:20:38 UTC

I was watching and it just vanished

2019-10-27 01:20:46 UTC

The evil white racist coach gives the black coach a banana I think

2019-10-27 01:20:46 UTC

no, he's uploading it to bitchute tho

2019-10-27 01:20:49 UTC

He just posted that he took it down

2019-10-27 01:20:56 UTC

4 messages before yours 🙂

2019-10-27 01:20:59 UTC

like 2 seconds ago

2019-10-27 01:21:02 UTC

copyright issue ?

2019-10-27 01:21:04 UTC


2019-10-27 01:21:08 UTC

i dont think so

2019-10-27 01:21:13 UTC

But his whole "I'm a born again Christian" shtick is kind of cringe. And as usual, his rapping is average and it's his production that sells it.

2019-10-27 01:21:15 UTC

No, marketing straegy

2019-10-27 01:21:16 UTC

i thought this server was nitro boosted

2019-10-27 01:21:20 UTC

it was

2019-10-27 01:21:23 UTC

for like a day

2019-10-27 01:21:25 UTC


2019-10-27 01:21:27 UTC


2019-10-27 01:21:37 UTC

remember being able to share larger files...

2019-10-27 01:21:43 UTC

well no, he says he's uploading it to bitchute

2019-10-27 01:21:59 UTC

@JFGariepy if it's not a pain in the ass, it might be worth uploading the sargon segment seperately as well

2019-10-27 01:22:00 UTC

it wasn't clear whether he's doing it because youtube nuked him

2019-10-27 01:22:14 UTC

Hum, too much of a pain in the ass

2019-10-27 01:22:22 UTC


2019-10-27 01:22:34 UTC

@Norik i think it's more of a precaution

2019-10-27 01:22:38 UTC

sargon is too woke

2019-10-27 01:22:46 UTC

Yes it is

2019-10-27 01:23:12 UTC

Sargon's video might disappear though..

2019-10-27 01:23:27 UTC

I can't believe it's still on there

2019-10-27 01:23:29 UTC

@Nerthulas Lol how did you get banned from there.

2019-10-27 01:23:41 UTC

especially with the "it's true" to the "specifically jewish" comment

2019-10-27 01:23:46 UTC

>just about to watch
>Video has been removed by the user.


2019-10-27 01:23:48 UTC

I love how Kanye goes from talking about anal bleaching to making gospel music.

2019-10-27 01:23:56 UTC
2019-10-27 01:24:28 UTC

this is what i get for not watching live i guess

yeah ill do the bitchute thing 👌

2019-10-27 01:24:31 UTC

I just find it a bit hypocritical for kanye to talk about gospel when his wife is thottiusprime

2019-10-27 01:24:44 UTC

I know alt-tech is the only real long-term solution for our circles, but BitChute is such a poorly designed website

2019-10-27 01:25:02 UTC

it is. it's gotten better. search still sucks ofc

2019-10-27 01:25:09 UTC

but it's growing, and that's cool

2019-10-27 01:25:29 UTC

idk it looks too much like a porn site

2019-10-27 01:25:31 UTC

Stonetoss should sue his copycats

2019-10-27 01:25:34 UTC

a low-budget one at that

2019-10-27 01:25:44 UTC


2019-10-27 01:25:55 UTC

His copycats make him more famous

2019-10-27 01:26:26 UTC

That's true

2019-10-27 01:26:28 UTC


2019-10-27 01:26:49 UTC

If they start getting bigger than him he should for sure

2019-10-27 01:26:59 UTC


2019-10-27 01:27:17 UTC


2019-10-27 01:28:23 UTC

The problem with that is with US copyright law, if you knowingly let people break your copyright you cant go back later and sue them for it

2019-10-27 01:28:56 UTC

Thats PART of why corporations are so overzelous in going after people for it

2019-10-27 01:29:54 UTC

The other half is that lawyers file all these claims and then bill the corporation for doing the "work"

2019-10-27 01:31:48 UTC

im fucking pissed

2019-10-27 01:31:53 UTC

i want every anglo boiled alive

2019-10-27 01:32:01 UTC

what pathetic worthless people

2019-10-27 01:32:04 UTC

in minecraft

2019-10-27 01:32:08 UTC

oi.. u got a loicense to..not...have sex...with that...ehem...woman

2019-10-27 01:32:09 UTC


2019-10-27 01:32:11 UTC


2019-10-27 01:32:20 UTC

Europa Universalis IV

2019-10-27 01:32:45 UTC

but seriously, they drive chick fil-a out of town, then happily slurp down shwarma made by muslims that would happily throw gays off roofs

2019-10-27 01:32:53 UTC

theyre not human

2019-10-27 01:32:56 UTC

the anglos i mean

2019-10-27 01:33:14 UTC

of course the cult of woke is the blame

2019-10-27 01:33:25 UTC

How long does it take to Core London province afterwards?

2019-10-27 01:33:25 UTC

you could never criticize muslims, thats hateful, thats racist

2019-10-27 01:33:34 UTC

but whites and christians are >>ALWAYS<< fair game

2019-10-27 01:34:52 UTC

time to go watch my hero academia

2019-10-27 01:35:00 UTC

and forget a place as disgusting and perverted as the WEST exists

2019-10-27 01:35:03 UTC

the thing is, the hypocrisy is obvious and blatant, but seemingly it's never challenged at a society-wide scale

2019-10-27 01:35:03 UTC

i am ashamed of my race

2019-10-27 01:35:07 UTC

absolutely pathetic

2019-10-27 01:35:07 UTC

Those doctors will be arrested

2019-10-27 01:35:29 UTC

@fuguer you must be White <:athSM:632619232089341955>

2019-10-27 01:35:43 UTC

@DarthSammich No they won't.

2019-10-27 01:35:44 UTC

how did you guess

2019-10-27 01:35:55 UTC


2019-10-27 01:35:59 UTC

dey raycis. They will be arrested

2019-10-27 01:36:07 UTC

how did this even get to become a part of mainstream medical practice? like, if it was some underground / overseas industry i could understand, but like doctors are engaging in these procedure and prescribing these drugs without losing their medical license?

2019-10-27 01:36:11 UTC

in b ritain its just sickening

2019-10-27 01:36:27 UTC

they will eat halal chicken from muslims who hate gays

2019-10-27 01:36:40 UTC


2019-10-27 01:36:41 UTC

and chjick fil a, never took an official position its just a christian owned family bussiness

2019-10-27 01:36:43 UTC

It's worse than that

2019-10-27 01:36:46 UTC

and they want to hound them out of town

2019-10-27 01:36:46 UTC

Remember, it's totally reversible, there's no harm done. It's settled science.

Also, you can change sombody's sex, and any reports of SRS going horribly wrong are mere anecdotes.

Just let people live, dude, they aren't hurting you.

2019-10-27 01:37:11 UTC

yea uk cucked to the f-words

2019-10-27 01:37:13 UTC


2019-10-27 01:37:18 UTC

hehe, JF is really getting his fill of "Nickers" in tonight

2019-10-27 01:37:24 UTC

no southern fired chicken for you

2019-10-27 01:37:29 UTC


2019-10-27 01:37:43 UTC

KFC is actually fine over here. I hear it's crap in the US.

2019-10-27 01:37:44 UTC

past the point of no return
the sun will set on the British empire

2019-10-27 01:37:47 UTC


2019-10-27 01:37:51 UTC


2019-10-27 01:37:54 UTC

KFC is garbage

2019-10-27 01:38:07 UTC

Im pretty sure every non-US one is decent from what Ive heard

2019-10-27 01:38:24 UTC

The ISIS KFC is probably better

2019-10-27 01:38:37 UTC

@fuguer Ready to get triggered to orbit?

2019-10-27 01:38:41 UTC

when my daughter went to china, her favorite restaurant was KFC

2019-10-27 01:38:42 UTC


2019-10-27 01:38:51 UTC

here how it goes in the usa why most fast food is trash level

2019-10-27 01:38:59 UTC

isnt that an old story?

2019-10-27 01:39:01 UTC


2019-10-27 01:39:06 UTC

thats happened before

2019-10-27 01:39:10 UTC


2019-10-27 01:39:16 UTC

management job only decent job in the place they get a white guy

2019-10-27 01:39:17 UTC

like 2007ish

2019-10-27 01:39:19 UTC


2019-10-27 01:39:25 UTC

but worth reminding people about

2019-10-27 01:39:28 UTC

i dont blame barbarians for being barbarians

2019-10-27 01:39:34 UTC

You know what I remember from 2007?

2019-10-27 01:39:37 UTC

@DarthSammich In Japan, KFC is had for Christmas dinner. It's considered waiter service restaurant tier food.

2019-10-27 01:39:39 UTC

i blame civilized societies from abdicating their responnsibility to the next generation

2019-10-27 01:39:39 UTC

rest of the staff is shit and black part time min wage workers

2019-10-27 01:39:40 UTC

No non-Europeans

2019-10-27 01:39:41 UTC

that's some sick evil shite <:DansGame:324994519961567243>

2019-10-27 01:39:42 UTC

Blame whoever opened the gates for the barbarians

2019-10-27 01:39:43 UTC

and turning their nation into shitholes

2019-10-27 01:39:54 UTC

i dont blame the non-whites, they are conquering territory

2019-10-27 01:40:00 UTC

@Weaboo Kempeitai Thats some Demolition Man shit right there

2019-10-27 01:40:03 UTC

as every race will do naturally

2019-10-27 01:40:05 UTC

white manger goes corp fired or quits take another job

2019-10-27 01:40:10 UTC

our pathetic jew infested race is to blame

2019-10-27 01:40:12 UTC

for being so weak

2019-10-27 01:40:13 UTC

Democracy. The Enlightenment. Basically, people who ran before us knew what they were doing, but were too soft on the wrong people.

2019-10-27 01:40:18 UTC

then they hire a black manger

2019-10-27 01:40:25 UTC

then it all falls apart

2019-10-27 01:40:31 UTC

I really want KFC now.

2019-10-27 01:40:34 UTC

youre so right dude

2019-10-27 01:40:44 UTC

the only problem with chicken places is the staff gradually gets more and more black over time

2019-10-27 01:40:51 UTC

till it reaches critical incompetence and shuts down

2019-10-27 01:40:58 UTC

seen it time and time again

2019-10-27 01:41:01 UTC

Just like society

2019-10-27 01:41:11 UTC

All the people at my chicken places are Nepalese, but my town has a high Nepalese population.

2019-10-27 01:41:15 UTC

@fuguer We will call this , the Fuguer Effect

2019-10-27 01:41:19 UTC


2019-10-27 01:41:21 UTC

fuck i love nepal

2019-10-27 01:41:27 UTC

nepalese people are cool

2019-10-27 01:41:34 UTC

i always wanted to pull a dr strange

2019-10-27 01:41:36 UTC

go to kathmandu

2019-10-27 01:41:42 UTC


2019-10-27 01:41:43 UTC

go hike the annapurna trail

2019-10-27 01:41:43 UTC


2019-10-27 01:41:46 UTC


2019-10-27 01:41:49 UTC

yea the nepalese here run the curry hut here

2019-10-27 01:41:52 UTC

are you nepalese dashi

2019-10-27 01:41:55 UTC

wanna be my ghurka?

2019-10-27 01:41:56 UTC

I want to meat up with the League of Shadows

2019-10-27 01:41:59 UTC

bad ass mango chicken

2019-10-27 01:42:00 UTC

i can hire you to guide me

2019-10-27 01:42:04 UTC


2019-10-27 01:42:06 UTC

Mango chicken is good

2019-10-27 01:42:06 UTC

They seem way cooler

2019-10-27 01:42:09 UTC

Ty jesus

2019-10-27 01:42:09 UTC

Their chips are alright actually.

2019-10-27 01:42:12 UTC

Ily jesus

2019-10-27 01:42:16 UTC

But I prefer McDonald's.

2019-10-27 01:42:20 UTC

i dont like mangos

2019-10-27 01:42:26 UTC

theyre too sweet and stringy

2019-10-27 01:42:29 UTC

Fuguer is spice chaser

2019-10-27 01:42:34 UTC

But no fry can compare to a chip from a proper fish and chip place.

2019-10-27 01:42:37 UTC

i mean why would i eat mangos if i can eat strawberries

2019-10-27 01:42:43 UTC

doesnt make sense

2019-10-27 01:42:50 UTC

What? What's wrong with fish and chips?

2019-10-27 01:42:57 UTC

It's high-tier food.

2019-10-27 01:43:00 UTC


2019-10-27 01:43:05 UTC

yeah i have nearly infinite spice level tolerance

2019-10-27 01:43:05 UTC


2019-10-27 01:43:14 UTC

What? Because I like fish and chips? I'm embracing my Scottish side.

2019-10-27 01:43:18 UTC

I have 0 tolerance policy for gay shit

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