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2019-10-27 00:00:30 UTC

@Smoke J E S U S W A L K S P I L L E D

2019-10-27 00:00:36 UTC

but i am highly compensated since i work in tech in a high COL area

2019-10-27 00:00:46 UTC

<:udontsay:567120494516764695> your not even close to freedom

2019-10-27 00:00:56 UTC

why not?

2019-10-27 00:01:00 UTC

fuguer is doing excellent financially

2019-10-27 00:01:03 UTC

my net worth is more than my house

2019-10-27 00:01:08 UTC

your a high payed wagie

2019-10-27 00:01:08 UTC

how many pajeets do you see @fuguer Seattle is crawling with them

2019-10-27 00:01:11 UTC

I think he'll be about the same wealth level as my father when he's his age

2019-10-27 00:01:13 UTC

i also have 401k, stocks, etc

2019-10-27 00:01:16 UTC

he loves his job tho

2019-10-27 00:01:19 UTC

like an autist

2019-10-27 00:01:30 UTC

yo baste fuguer

2019-10-27 00:01:37 UTC

thats how you get successful

2019-10-27 00:01:46 UTC

basically every single year i ever worked a full time job i maxxed my 401k

2019-10-27 00:01:47 UTC

virgin poor @esotericpazuzuism vs chad rich @fuguer

2019-10-27 00:01:47 UTC

your not doing bad at all duck but your freedom is long off

2019-10-27 00:01:49 UTC

plus company match

2019-10-27 00:01:50 UTC

my dad never owned a business btw

2019-10-27 00:01:58 UTC


2019-10-27 00:02:04 UTC

just make close to 200k for more than a decade

2019-10-27 00:02:08 UTC

for a while

2019-10-27 00:02:11 UTC


2019-10-27 00:02:13 UTC

and invest well

2019-10-27 00:02:14 UTC

thats the plan

2019-10-27 00:02:16 UTC

and you'll be good

2019-10-27 00:02:17 UTC

boomer wealth

2019-10-27 00:02:32 UTC

401k is a huge giveaway

2019-10-27 00:02:42 UTC

people think the tax deduction is the benefit of a 401k

2019-10-27 00:02:46 UTC

but thats bullshit

2019-10-27 00:03:00 UTC

the real benefit is the money grows tax free, ZERO capital gains tax

2019-10-27 00:03:03 UTC

@Medman def poor as shit but ive worked for ALOT of millionares

2019-10-27 00:03:13 UTC

ppl with real money

2019-10-27 00:03:16 UTC

the benefit is zero capital gains tax and employer matching

2019-10-27 00:03:26 UTC

when can you cash out your 401k tho

2019-10-27 00:03:27 UTC

and you can rebalance your portfolio at any time with zero tax consequences

2019-10-27 00:03:33 UTC

yep nerth

2019-10-27 00:03:38 UTC

my dad chastises family friends who don't max out their contributions every year lol

2019-10-27 00:03:43 UTC

zero capital gains is HUUUGE

2019-10-27 00:03:48 UTC

@esotericpazuzuism then u noticed they all wear little hats and rub their hands so u became a nazi

2019-10-27 00:03:57 UTC

he has literally put the maximum amount legally possible every year for his career

2019-10-27 00:04:02 UTC


2019-10-27 00:04:04 UTC

@Medman naw mostly boomer whites lol

2019-10-27 00:04:05 UTC

its brainlet not to

2019-10-27 00:04:05 UTC

wtf is a 401k anyways

2019-10-27 00:04:18 UTC


2019-10-27 00:04:18 UTC

i lived like a fucking starving college student for 5 years after i got a real job

2019-10-27 00:04:23 UTC

just so i could always max my 401k

2019-10-27 00:04:24 UTC

most jews are not wealthy

2019-10-27 00:04:29 UTC


2019-10-27 00:04:36 UTC

401k is like an IRA

2019-10-27 00:04:54 UTC

its a tax advantaged savings account, the money grows tax free and you never pay capital gain on the increase

2019-10-27 00:05:00 UTC

ive know a couple of jews befor

2019-10-27 00:05:08 UTC

none making over 200k

2019-10-27 00:05:12 UTC


2019-10-27 00:05:16 UTC

yep 401k is like free money

2019-10-27 00:05:20 UTC

its like the government saying

2019-10-27 00:05:28 UTC

more like 50k and tight with money

2019-10-27 00:05:34 UTC

'you can invest this and you'll never pay anything on it, but you can only put so much in'

2019-10-27 00:05:51 UTC

what can u do with a 401k

2019-10-27 00:06:03 UTC

basically its so that everyone who works can have a million dollars when they retire if they really try

2019-10-27 00:06:03 UTC

what's the point of it

2019-10-27 00:06:05 UTC

that's the idea

2019-10-27 00:06:06 UTC

the only thing that sucks about 401 is its not liquid and linked to the stock market

2019-10-27 00:06:10 UTC


2019-10-27 00:06:20 UTC

oh so like freeze money u mean

2019-10-27 00:06:28 UTC

stocks tank you fucked

2019-10-27 00:06:46 UTC

have a event where you need it cashed

2019-10-27 00:06:48 UTC

you fucked

2019-10-27 00:06:54 UTC


2019-10-27 00:07:44 UTC

i'm just gonna die

2019-10-27 00:07:47 UTC

that's my plan

2019-10-27 00:07:52 UTC


2019-10-27 00:07:56 UTC

i'll contact mossad

2019-10-27 00:07:58 UTC

and really if your under 50k mark you dont have the cash to put in said 401k

2019-10-27 00:07:59 UTC

see if they are hiring

2019-10-27 00:08:07 UTC

im not gonna make it past 20 <:CHAD:396569198404435969>

2019-10-27 00:08:11 UTC

shut up

2019-10-27 00:08:24 UTC

imma become a neet med

2019-10-27 00:08:24 UTC

Damn I need to sign on with the labour party

2019-10-27 00:08:26 UTC

<:CHAD:396569198404435969> <:CHAD:396569198404435969> <:CHAD:396569198404435969>

2019-10-27 00:08:36 UTC

Labour party baseeeddd

2019-10-27 00:08:41 UTC

Moving to the UK to subvert the labour party brb

2019-10-27 00:08:44 UTC

heres an example, say you invest


2019-10-27 00:08:46 UTC

yo baste

2019-10-27 00:09:02 UTC

after 30 years, most of your savings are actually growth from investment, not your original contribution

2019-10-27 00:09:16 UTC

so capital gains will take a fucking massive bite out of your savings

2019-10-27 00:09:27 UTC

Ok I should actually go

2019-10-27 00:09:33 UTC

Why does it have to rain?

2019-10-27 00:09:41 UTC

lol it's early in canuckistan

2019-10-27 00:09:52 UTC

it's 1:09 here in britbongland

2019-10-27 00:09:54 UTC

you can put cash in 401k if you make under 50k

2019-10-27 00:09:57 UTC

wtf dude

2019-10-27 00:09:58 UTC

It's 8pm

2019-10-27 00:10:05 UTC

I'm 28. Is it too late for me

2019-10-27 00:10:08 UTC

In my part of Canada

2019-10-27 00:10:16 UTC

There are 6 time zones tho

2019-10-27 00:10:18 UTC

i put money in my IRA when i made 20k

2019-10-27 00:10:21 UTC

the biggest black pill no one ever tells you in life when it comes to money............. end of life cost of health care will take every dallor you have saved and made

2019-10-27 00:10:22 UTC

Because our country is really long

2019-10-27 00:10:24 UTC


2019-10-27 00:10:29 UTC

eh i dont thnk so

2019-10-27 00:10:30 UTC

Thicc nation

2019-10-27 00:10:33 UTC

just get good insurance

2019-10-27 00:10:42 UTC

does not matter

2019-10-27 00:10:45 UTC

on avarage

2019-10-27 00:10:53 UTC

<:black_pill:565703068478341151> <:monkaS:299267496668692493>

2019-10-27 00:10:56 UTC

no one in my family ever got bankrupted by medical issues

2019-10-27 00:11:04 UTC

both my grandmas lived till 90s

2019-10-27 00:11:16 UTC

one lives in a home, one was independent

2019-10-27 00:12:25 UTC

sts for End-of-Life Care. In 2009, Medicare paid $55 million for doctor and hospital bills incurred during the last two months of patients' lives. Hospital inpatient charges exceed $6,200 per day, and costs to maintain someone in an ICU can reach up to $10,000 per da

2019-10-27 00:12:30 UTC

so if I were to run a D&D game for the server hypothetically speaking, would people prefer it to be text-based or voice-based for the first one?

2019-10-27 00:12:38 UTC


2019-10-27 00:12:41 UTC


2019-10-27 00:12:49 UTC

My medical expenses since I was a kid have amounted to like $2,400 to $3,600, excluding doctor's visits and hospital stays, annually. I've never had to pay for any of it

2019-10-27 00:13:15 UTC

make it text based so weeaboo can play

2019-10-27 00:13:17 UTC

So wtf is happening in Chile? Why is everyone angry at the government and whose side are we on?

2019-10-27 00:13:29 UTC

Something to do with transportation fares?

2019-10-27 00:13:47 UTC

chile is backsliding into latino socialism

2019-10-27 00:14:04 UTC

Socialism is actually pretty great as long as it's paired with racism

2019-10-27 00:14:05 UTC

it was inevitable

2019-10-27 00:14:10 UTC

Ok phone gonna die gotta leave

2019-10-27 00:14:13 UTC

Goodbye frens

2019-10-27 00:14:15 UTC

yeah, it's not that kind of socialism

2019-10-27 00:14:18 UTC


2019-10-27 00:14:26 UTC

whats happening in chile

2019-10-27 00:14:34 UTC

why is south america always fuckups

2019-10-27 00:14:47 UTC

the mass transit system owned by the state hiked up their fares

2019-10-27 00:14:48 UTC

In 2006, state Medicaid programs spent $1.639 billion on hospice, paying different rates depending on the level of care provided:
Routine home care – $102 per day.
Continuous home care – $595 per day.
Inpatient respite care – $110 per day.
General inpatient care – $453 per day.

2019-10-27 00:14:50 UTC

Yeah but the South American right are also CIA.

2019-10-27 00:14:50 UTC

cant they go a decade without a revolution or some corruption

2019-10-27 00:14:52 UTC

and people burned the subways

2019-10-27 00:15:06 UTC

set the rolling stock on fire

2019-10-27 00:15:17 UTC

and police went HAM on them

2019-10-27 00:15:23 UTC


2019-10-27 00:15:26 UTC

so now it's like viva la revolucion mode

2019-10-27 00:15:30 UTC

Seems a bit extreme.

2019-10-27 00:15:45 UTC

But I can understand their frustration.

2019-10-27 00:17:03 UTC

Railways, and public transportation in general, are rather confusing. Some countries have them privatised and they work out fine, others turn out shit.

Like, privatised rail worked out in Japan but not over here.

2019-10-27 00:17:20 UTC

uneral & Burial Costs
While they’re the last stop in terms of end-of-life expenses, funeral and burial costs may not be the least of your worries. The National Funeral Director’s Association estimates median funeral costs, such as viewing services and cremation, hover at $7,360. While cremation is generally less expensive than burial, the Consumer Price Index indicates that over the last thirty years, all funeral expenses have risen more than 200%.

2019-10-27 00:17:31 UTC


2019-10-27 00:17:50 UTC

die > still own money

2019-10-27 00:17:53 UTC


2019-10-27 00:18:26 UTC

Being corrupt in the private sector in Japan would bring great shame to your famiry

2019-10-27 00:18:40 UTC

you'd have to seppuku

2019-10-27 00:18:54 UTC

The whole funeral industry is a load of horseshit

2019-10-27 00:19:16 UTC

Just put me in a biodegradable coffin, or cremate me. I don't care.

2019-10-27 00:21:35 UTC


2019-10-27 00:21:55 UTC

latino socialism = jewish socialism

2019-10-27 00:22:11 UTC

comes aoc/bernie sanders socialism

2019-10-27 00:22:40 UTC

La Raza!

2019-10-27 00:23:23 UTC


2019-10-27 00:23:46 UTC


2019-10-27 00:24:40 UTC

viva la raza is literally 'live the race'

2019-10-27 00:24:46 UTC

but it means 'life to the race'

2019-10-27 00:24:51 UTC

I don't really regard cooperatives as socialism. They're voluntary and individual based, thus private. Socialism requires the forceful redistribution of property titles. If Socialists want to keep to their own, and LARP in their shitty communes, that's okay, just don't try to take other people's shit, or deny workers the right to enter contracts.

2019-10-27 00:25:39 UTC


2019-10-27 00:26:18 UTC

the reality is that large scale social structures support small scale social structures which may not be possible without the material conditions created by the former

2019-10-27 00:26:31 UTC

so nothing on the 'small scale' is really evidence for any system or other

2019-10-27 00:26:36 UTC

i mean in favor

2019-10-27 00:26:57 UTC

this goes for ancap arguments as well, not just socialism

2019-10-27 00:27:18 UTC

when people say 'the market does x' etc. - it does it in particular context

2019-10-27 00:27:25 UTC

True. Slab city isn't evidence that Anarchism could work on any large scale. Rojava isn't even Anarchist, and Revolutionary Catalonia was definitely not Anarchist.

2019-10-27 00:27:56 UTC

however you don't necessarily have to be completely focused on the large scale

2019-10-27 00:28:01 UTC

you could set your goals smaller

2019-10-27 00:28:12 UTC

ppl are flawed , ppl being flawed means you must rule them with an iron fist to be good

2019-10-27 00:28:17 UTC

Land owners being slaughtered, everyone being payed the same, unions controlling everything. The union bosses became shittier capitalists.

2019-10-27 00:28:45 UTC

I wouldn't phrase it like that, SEEJ

2019-10-27 00:28:49 UTC

I would say -

2019-10-27 00:28:54 UTC

people will always have rulers

2019-10-27 00:29:08 UTC

they can be benevolent or malevolent, interested or disinterested

2019-10-27 00:30:59 UTC

The Republic of China recruited over 40 million troops into a volunteer army. That sounds like a government worth defending.

2019-10-27 00:32:35 UTC

Exactly what Confucius envisioned. A government that represented its people, to the point that many were willing to die for it, even when not conscripted.

2019-10-27 00:38:38 UTC


2019-10-27 00:39:56 UTC


2019-10-27 00:40:56 UTC

Friends bought me Mediations by Marcus Aurelius

2019-10-27 00:41:00 UTC


2019-10-27 00:43:10 UTC

good frens are hard to find

2019-10-27 00:44:34 UTC

how many friends (not family members) do you have that you would trust so far as to ask for help if you had killed someone

2019-10-27 00:45:18 UTC


2019-10-27 00:45:28 UTC


2019-10-27 00:45:34 UTC

I have one

2019-10-27 00:45:37 UTC

maybe two

2019-10-27 00:46:58 UTC

its wierd as an adult you have less and less frens

2019-10-27 00:47:51 UTC

None, but I suppose you can't really gauge it. It depends on who you killed and for what reason.

2019-10-27 00:48:47 UTC

If you have a good reason to murder someone, then they might be sympathetic, but if you killed sombody totally innocent, like a kid, your family member is just as evil if they defend you.

2019-10-27 00:49:23 UTC

ok we'll put it this way

2019-10-27 00:49:44 UTC

you're in trouble with the mob, and anyone you ask for help will be exposed to that as well

2019-10-27 00:50:08 UTC

I have like 12 or 13

2019-10-27 00:51:21 UTC

wow, that's a lot

2019-10-27 00:51:24 UTC

but nice

2019-10-27 00:51:28 UTC


2019-10-27 00:51:45 UTC

well, many of my friends are killers so you know... πŸ˜‰

2019-10-27 00:52:21 UTC

If I had a nickle every time I had to help dispose of a body, I could buy bubblegum

2019-10-27 00:52:42 UTC

But as she shook your hand, she stole your man
And it was done so swift, it had to be a plan
Couldn't trust her with cheese, let alone your keys
With friends like that you don't need enemies
You wonder how long it was all going on
And your still not sure if your man is gone
You say, well if she took him he was never mine
But deep inside you know that's just another lie
And now you're kinda cold to the people you meet
Cause of something that was done to you by some creep
But nevertheless, I'll say it again
That these are the people that we call friends

2019-10-27 00:53:28 UTC


2019-10-27 00:54:24 UTC


2019-10-27 00:54:53 UTC

wow... anyone familiar with watchmen?

2019-10-27 00:55:11 UTC

and have you seen the HBO remake recently released?

2019-10-27 00:55:12 UTC

What an awkward opening paragraph

```The great white sharkβ€”a fast, powerful, 16-foot-long torpedo that’s armed to the teeth with teethβ€”has little to fear except fear itself. But also: killer whales. ```

2019-10-27 00:55:31 UTC

Atlantic piece

2019-10-27 00:55:56 UTC


2019-10-27 00:56:13 UTC

yelling fest about healthcare

2019-10-27 00:56:19 UTC

one of the brothers is a democrat

2019-10-27 00:56:23 UTC

so its inevitable

2019-10-27 00:56:32 UTC


2019-10-27 00:56:35 UTC

all the reviews of watchmen say that it sucks

2019-10-27 00:56:46 UTC

The Boys was pretty good though

2019-10-27 00:56:57 UTC

I read ***The Boys*** comic book

2019-10-27 00:56:59 UTC

a while ago

2019-10-27 00:57:01 UTC

years ago

2019-10-27 00:57:08 UTC

its one of the only comics I've read lol

2019-10-27 00:57:15 UTC

Amazon made a show, it's not bad

2019-10-27 00:57:26 UTC


2019-10-27 00:57:34 UTC

definitely worth a watch

2019-10-27 00:58:18 UTC

don't read or watch any reviews and just jump right into it.
the first 5 minutes are rough πŸ˜„

2019-10-27 00:58:53 UTC

Garth Ennis is extremely jewish

2019-10-27 00:58:56 UTC

even though he's irish

2019-10-27 00:59:00 UTC

dude, watchmen HBO is seriously inflammatory

2019-10-27 00:59:16 UTC

opens with origin story of the new black super hero lead

2019-10-27 00:59:33 UTC

where KKK raids the black hometown with its AIR FORCE

2019-10-27 00:59:42 UTC

executes everyone and burns the place to the ground

2019-10-27 00:59:47 UTC

the kkk have their own air force!?

2019-10-27 01:00:25 UTC

cut to next scene > superhero now adult, pulls over hillbilly giving him racist lip

2019-10-27 01:00:26 UTC


2019-10-27 01:00:33 UTC

I swear the people who say a civil war is close are feds. What a stupid thing to say.

2019-10-27 01:00:52 UTC

feds might be pushing it

2019-10-27 01:00:53 UTC


2019-10-27 01:01:01 UTC

for an excuse to crack down

2019-10-27 01:01:03 UTC

FF a bit, looks like super villain is old white guy, who sends in hillbilly henchmen to terrorize blacks?

2019-10-27 01:01:13 UTC

I wouldn't be surprised.

2019-10-27 01:01:14 UTC

do the kkk also have their own NASA?
I mean, I could be convinced to join that, I don't care if it means I can go to space..

2019-10-27 01:01:28 UTC

so fucking contrived im incredulous

2019-10-27 01:01:54 UTC


2019-10-27 01:02:00 UTC

this stream great

2019-10-27 01:02:11 UTC

good play JF

2019-10-27 01:02:48 UTC

yeah, JF's flattering Sargon in stream
maybe Sargon will come on TPS some time

2019-10-27 01:02:52 UTC

NASA == KKK/WN due to focus on math, which is implicitly white supremacist

2019-10-27 01:02:58 UTC

Oh JF is streaming.. let me check the topic.. GOD FUCKING DAMIT!

2019-10-27 01:03:06 UTC

he should

2019-10-27 01:03:20 UTC


2019-10-27 01:03:20 UTC

@CryptoJack That actually happened. Tulsa race riots, 1921. But yeah, you see the black kid who survived lynch the white sheriff at the end, 98 years later. I think they imply the sheriff was a racist, because he fathered that angry 10 year old at the start of the show, the one that got punched.

2019-10-27 01:03:35 UTC

So much forced symbolism.

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