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2019-02-10 19:55:08 UTC

@VinceChaos I wonder where Jared gets his accent from. It reminds me of William Buckley's (not a fan anymore of him btw).

2019-02-10 19:55:35 UTC

Is it a Yale thing? 😂

2019-02-10 19:56:17 UTC

Buckley’s accent came from old Anglophile New England. It was actually a bit ridiculous he didn’t drop it like most of the rest of his cohort when it went out of style

2019-02-10 19:57:42 UTC

Jared sounds like most other east coast southerners, with the exception of his pronunciation of “wh.” Buckley’s non-rhotic r is grating on the ears too lol

2019-02-10 19:57:47 UTC

At least to me

2019-02-10 19:58:53 UTC

Buckley views were often not as bluepilled as you might think especially in the early days of National Review, but my impression is that he did change his views later on

2019-02-10 19:59:00 UTC

Real chads listen to JT while on a banner drop

2019-02-10 19:59:20 UTC
2019-02-10 20:00:00 UTC

Zman's most recent podcast talked about Buckley routinely backstabbing people in NR who didn't agree with what he viewed as the new conservative platform. I could see how his views changed.

2019-02-10 20:00:08 UTC

Yeah it's a transatlantic Connecticut thing

2019-02-10 20:11:00 UTC

those who say they arent meant for leadership are often people who should be leaders

2019-02-10 20:11:40 UTC

Oh boy

2019-02-10 20:12:02 UTC

wew boy

2019-02-10 20:12:03 UTC

It's a good question

2019-02-10 20:12:09 UTC


2019-02-10 20:14:15 UTC

Great answer

2019-02-10 20:14:29 UTC

Perfect answer honestly

2019-02-10 20:24:31 UTC

We'll try to get everyone's questions in time but cant make any promises

2019-02-10 20:26:48 UTC

LOPF 2019

2019-02-10 20:28:36 UTC

The US will soon be a one party country.

2019-02-10 20:29:13 UTC

Unless something changes.

2019-02-10 20:31:15 UTC

Great answers, yes.

2019-02-10 20:35:33 UTC

Is that a cat i hear?

2019-02-10 20:36:13 UTC

😺 *meow*

2019-02-10 20:36:41 UTC

Mr. Taylor, this was such a pleasure to hear you speak. Thank you, truly!

2019-02-10 20:37:25 UTC

Lmao I just now thought of a question for him 🤦

2019-02-10 20:37:35 UTC

Thanks for coming on, Mr. Taylor. You are the man

2019-02-10 20:37:36 UTC


2019-02-10 20:38:16 UTC

Great interview

2019-02-10 20:38:37 UTC

Thank You Mr. Taylor!

2019-02-10 20:41:52 UTC

@Craig leave

2019-02-10 20:42:47 UTC

wow rude

2019-02-10 20:44:27 UTC

Good job @Jacob!

2019-02-10 20:44:37 UTC

thanks, I really appreciate it!

2019-02-10 20:46:51 UTC

I should've asked his advice to parents raising racially aware kids

2019-02-10 20:49:22 UTC

oooh that would have been an interesting one

2019-02-10 21:15:54 UTC

@missliterallywho He goes over this in the latest AmRen podcast.

2019-02-10 21:25:44 UTC

Taylor and Paul Kersey have begun to dedicate the end of their podcasts to listener questions no matter how much they want to get more news stories in. Send questions to

2019-02-10 21:26:00 UTC

you can send them to Paul Kersey's email too but i dont remember it

2019-02-10 21:26:10 UTC

sbpdl1 something....

2019-02-10 21:26:28 UTC
2019-02-10 21:32:12 UTC

wasnt sure if it was gmail

2019-02-10 21:47:34 UTC

@nord oh thanks! I'll check that out

2019-02-11 02:31:51 UTC

Is "Born Guilty" by Jason Köhne worth a read?

2019-02-11 20:33:19 UTC

It appears that I stumbled upon the one Gentile Marxist Economist who predicted something like our current Neo-Liberal economic system. He was just mad about it, where Marxists today ( at least the cultural ones) kind of like it.

2019-02-11 20:34:20 UTC

He predicted that rather than a violent Proletariat revolution, Capitalism as it stood in the early 20th century would transform into corporatism.

2019-02-11 20:35:07 UTC

Essentially through creative destruction (his term, initially popular with Marxists) power would consolidate in each creative destruction market cycle.

2019-02-11 20:35:58 UTC

He agrees with Neo-Liberals on the phenomenon, its just through his moral lens it is a morally evil thing, while Neo-Liberals believe it is a productive function.

2019-02-11 20:38:19 UTC

"Parliaments will increasingly elect social democratic parties, and democratic majorities will vote for restrictions on entrepreneurship. Increasing workers' self-management, industrial democracy and regulatory institutions would evolve non-politically into "liberal capitalism". Thus, the intellectual and social climate needed for thriving entrepreneurship will be replaced by some form of "laborism". This will exacerbate "creative destruction" (a borrowed phrase to denote an endogenous replacement of old ways of doing things by new ways), which will ultimately undermine and destroy the capitalist structure."

2019-02-11 20:38:49 UTC

This basically describes Social Democracy in Europe.

2019-02-12 02:30:26 UTC

This is a common Marxist critique of social democracy. They argue that social democracy a tool of the bourgeoisie to preserve power by accommodating class consciousness. I always cringe whenever people in our community use the term “cultural Marxist”; no one should use the term because it is a contradiction in terms. Marxism is a purely materialist ideology and considers categories of race, culture, and the like to be constructions of bourgeois false consciousness. In this way, a classical Marxist would argue that racial grievance politics (e.g., BLM) are bourgeois constructions that exist in order to prevent class solidarity.

2019-02-12 02:46:17 UTC

That’s why I believe “cultural Marxist” is an appropriate term. The qualifier, “cultural” illustrates how Marxism is fundamentally not cultural, but economic. But instead of the bourgeoisie oppressing the proletariat, men oppress women, whites oppress blacks etc.

2019-02-12 02:49:02 UTC

And democracy is, without a doubt, a tool of the ruling class

2019-02-12 04:19:29 UTC

Kudos literature club team for the Mr. Taylor debate. That was fantastic.

2019-02-12 04:19:59 UTC

What’s the next book for BOTM?

2019-02-12 04:20:39 UTC

we're looking at USA history books - maybe one on the revolution

2019-02-12 04:21:32 UTC

Excellent. Keep us updated. Looking forward to it.

2019-02-12 04:57:20 UTC

We haven't settled on one title in particular yet. You should feel free to give suggestions. The criteria is a non-political text that pertains to American history, culture, and heritage; think Lewis and Clark-type stuff.

2019-02-12 21:27:15 UTC

@William_1994 - WA Fiction or non fiction?

2019-02-12 22:10:50 UTC


2019-02-12 22:14:03 UTC

First or Second Revolution?

2019-02-13 21:28:28 UTC

Have any of you read 'Which Way Western Man?' ? I just started it and I'm loving it thus far.

2019-02-13 21:34:32 UTC

no i didnt know that was an actual book and not just a meme lol

2019-02-13 23:41:09 UTC

I have no

2019-02-13 23:41:21 UTC

*not. Lol

2019-02-15 17:28:58 UTC

Ok why do new messages seem to be showing up in <#542123221944893483> and <#405179684230266880>? I can’t see these messages and we’re done with the jared Taylor interview for the qanda. What is happening in resources?

2019-02-15 18:48:31 UTC

Discord does that sometimes

2019-02-15 18:56:18 UTC

Stahp dis

2019-02-15 19:54:52 UTC


2019-02-15 19:55:02 UTC

I don't think there's really anything we can do about it

2019-02-15 20:01:48 UTC

Mute the channel

2019-02-15 20:02:00 UTC

Or mark them all as read

2019-02-15 20:03:52 UTC

muting the channel isn't going to do anything

2019-02-15 20:04:10 UTC

it's a problem with Discord not the specific channels

2019-02-15 21:29:16 UTC

2019-02-15 21:29:38 UTC

2019-02-15 21:30:41 UTC

2019-02-15 22:40:12 UTC

2019-02-18 03:58:17 UTC

So what's going on with the club? What's the next book?

2019-02-18 04:01:31 UTC

it's being decided on

2019-02-18 07:19:25 UTC

When are we making Monika mascot of the server?

2019-02-18 21:09:06 UTC

More than halfway through White Identity, it’s quite the eye opener. This should be a requirement for all members.

2019-02-18 21:09:53 UTC

What's the premise of the book? I'd give it a read if I didn't feel like it was going over stuff I already know.

2019-02-18 21:25:15 UTC

@Ryonne the book gives many examples of racism towards whites, anti white rhetoric, how the push for diversity hurts more people than it helps and how whites continuously work against their own self interest. It's all stuff you know already, but it's worth a read for the statistics and examples Taylor uses. It's a quick read. Definitely worth it.

2019-02-18 21:29:20 UTC

Alright, I’ll give it a read then.

2019-02-18 22:48:34 UTC

You won’t regret it, and everything is backed with facts.

2019-02-19 01:16:19 UTC

Sources to the facts I mean...

2019-02-19 19:20:19 UTC

For the kids

2019-02-19 19:23:14 UTC

God that's hilarious

2019-02-19 19:23:26 UTC

might be a bit *too* much indoctrination, though

2019-02-19 19:49:12 UTC

It was a lot haha. He hasn’t drained the swamp so it is

2019-02-19 19:49:25 UTC

The bad guy? George Saurus

2019-02-21 15:33:22 UTC

I see Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, And Hillary on the front of that book.

2019-02-21 21:54:32 UTC

Who else here is reading “Ship of Fools” by Tucker?

2019-02-21 22:06:18 UTC

I read it. It's a great read. @Sam Anderson

2019-02-21 22:40:27 UTC

Hey guys, being fairly new to Identitarianism, which book would be recommended to read next? I read Why We Fight and will be finishing White Identity soon.

2019-02-21 22:41:43 UTC

The White Nationalist Manifesto is a really good summary of lot of identitarian ideas

2019-02-21 22:42:29 UTC

You don't necessarily have to agree with all of Johnson's conclusions, but it's good to read about different suggestions for how exactly we should go about implementing our ideas so you can further refine your own ideology

2019-02-21 22:42:48 UTC

@Sam Anderson it's really good. He reads the audiobook himself if you're interested in that.

2019-02-21 22:43:01 UTC

While we don't use the same terminology as him, none of the policies he proposes are particularly edgy

2019-02-21 22:44:17 UTC


2019-02-21 22:45:24 UTC

Agreed with @Jacob . Johnson has a lot of great material. I recommend Old Right vs New Right. Also the collection from Counter Currents "Alternative Right" serves as a good historical snapshot piece with a good dose of criticism as well.

Sam Francis - Essential Writings on Race <<< a nice, quick read.


2019-02-21 22:46:25 UTC

Alternative Right is good. I haven't finished reading it yet, but I really liked the first two parts

2019-02-21 22:46:30 UTC

Also it's a bit dated but Peter Brimelow's 'Alien Nation' does a good job breaking down a lot of bogus claims about our immigration history and demography.

2019-02-21 22:46:43 UTC

ah, yes, I read Alien Nation when I was new to this

2019-02-21 22:46:58 UTC

Thanks guys, I do have that in my amazon cart so maybe I’ll start there. Also been eying Identity Rising and Signs of Identity, you guys read those?

2019-02-21 22:47:09 UTC

been meaning to read it again now that I'm more knowledgeable and would probably understand it better

2019-02-21 22:47:23 UTC

I haven't read either of those personally

2019-02-21 22:47:49 UTC

I purchased Identity Rising and was very off put by the guy's writing style. Put down less than 15% through. Could just be my personal taste.

2019-02-21 22:50:11 UTC

Awesome thanks for the recommendations guys.

2019-02-21 22:54:24 UTC

do you want stuff that isn't political, but is tangentially related?

2019-02-21 22:54:47 UTC

if you're new to this, A Troublesome Inheritance is a pretty good introduction to race science and a pretty easy read

2019-02-21 22:55:04 UTC

it's not that long of a book, so it should be cheap

2019-02-21 22:55:23 UTC

the guy who wrote it is actually a liberal, but most of the science is pretty solid

2019-02-21 22:55:54 UTC

and AmRen has a review of the book that I think summarizes fairly well what the author missed

2019-02-21 23:05:11 UTC

@Jacob I’m finishing up Johnson’s Manifesto. He mentions IE as a pillar of effective white advocacy. All in all, a lot of the book feels like WN 1.0, but it was a good / quick read.

2019-02-21 23:09:54 UTC

I think it might feel like 1.0 because a lot of the stuff he discusses isn't really stuff that we generally lead in with

2019-02-21 23:10:01 UTC

Though it's stuff we do need answers to

2019-02-21 23:11:09 UTC

Ok cool I have heard of that one as well @Jacob, I have been eying some on race science. Does the Bell Curve fall into that category? Also I saw one called Race: The Realities of Human Differences

2019-02-21 23:11:33 UTC

The Bell Curve is more of a general book on IQ

2019-02-21 23:11:50 UTC

Which is still a useful topic to know about, but I personally think that's it's something we focus on too much

2019-02-21 23:12:42 UTC

It's also extremely long. I don't know if anyone actually reads it front to back. I think your time will be better spent on books that are shorter and have more relevant information.

2019-02-21 23:13:17 UTC

I haven't heard of that second book, but Iooked it up and it sounds interesting

2019-02-21 23:13:36 UTC

Troublesome Inheritance is probably the first one anyone should read on race science

2019-02-21 23:13:53 UTC

I heard that Why Race Matters by Mike Levin is good, but it's very deep

2019-02-21 23:14:08 UTC

There's also Race, Evolution and Behavior

2019-02-21 23:14:27 UTC

10,000 Year Explosion is one I've heard recommended a lot that is related to race science

2019-02-21 23:14:52 UTC

It's actually on our "official" reading list

2019-02-21 23:15:53 UTC

Cool thanks for all the options yeah I think a couple of the shorter ones would be better diving into before I hit bell curve. I think I’ll read the WNM and then a troublesome inheritance

2019-02-21 23:16:52 UTC

That sounds like a good plan

2019-02-21 23:17:09 UTC

Thanks for the help man

2019-02-21 23:18:59 UTC

Of course. We like having more activity in the server, so come by if you have more questions or if there's just something interesting you read and wanna comment on.

2019-02-21 23:20:12 UTC

Yeah for sure I’ll keep it in mind and hop back in here!

2019-02-22 14:46:26 UTC

Definitely make sure you read the 10,000 Year Explosion.

2019-02-22 14:47:18 UTC

Why Race Matters was good.

2019-02-22 17:35:07 UTC

I’ll definitely do that

2019-02-22 18:06:50 UTC

2019-02-23 19:01:43 UTC

All set. Welcome! @Hans Fassbinder

2019-02-23 19:09:11 UTC

Great to be here

2019-02-24 04:32:17 UTC

When will you begin reading your next book? Lewis & Clark grabs my attention obviously since part of my heritage.

2019-02-24 04:37:44 UTC

We will decide scheduling after Sunday 3/3, when members are required have it purchased and possessed.

2019-02-25 05:36:37 UTC

Ok thanks!

2019-02-25 15:35:04 UTC

I bought the book and started reading. Can someone familiar with the book answer a question? There seems to be a redundancy in entries by Clark. The same entry is repeated at least twice. Is this the case throughout the book? Why is the book setup this way?

2019-02-25 23:16:23 UTC

@Ryan -NJ I have a rare version of the De Voto edition - it was not set up this way. I just purchased the paperback version so I can mark it for note taking. I will let you know if it is laid out this way, but I think it's more likely your version may be flawed.

2019-02-25 23:28:29 UTC

@CarletonJ I bought it via the link. On Amazon. Kindle version.

2019-02-25 23:29:46 UTC

That's odd. I purchased the physical copy. It's not here yet. Hopefully the kindle version is just redundant and not missing information.

2019-02-25 23:34:16 UTC

@CarletonJ Here’s a for instance. Most passages have two or three entries. Earlier ones look like shorthand?

2019-02-26 16:06:33 UTC

@Ryan -NJ I referenced my copy - this is not laid out in this way. It only had one entry. The kindle version may be flawed. If you continue to have this issue - DM me and I will send you a legitimate copy.

2019-02-26 16:07:01 UTC

I can also fill in the blanks to whatever you're missing if this would help

2019-02-26 16:15:51 UTC

@CarletonJ I’m going to keep reading for a bit to see if things smooth out 👍

2019-02-27 20:57:10 UTC

2019-02-28 00:25:41 UTC

All set. Welcome! @Lawrence of Eurabia @Asa1117

2019-02-28 06:32:51 UTC

Taylor's White Identity and about 15 titles from Counter Currents deleted from Amazon.

2019-02-28 15:37:08 UTC

Lizard Man is at it again.

2019-03-02 01:48:57 UTC

2019-03-02 03:17:06 UTC
2019-03-02 03:17:11 UTC

you've been verified

2019-03-02 03:18:04 UTC

Good deal

2019-03-02 03:19:20 UTC

You guys are reading Lewis and Clark rn correct?

2019-03-02 03:20:11 UTC

2019-03-02 03:20:38 UTC
2019-03-02 03:28:11 UTC

2019-03-02 03:28:24 UTC
2019-03-02 03:53:50 UTC

2019-03-02 03:54:28 UTC

@Lawrence verified

2019-03-02 03:56:13 UTC

Awesome. Thank you!

2019-03-06 09:31:35 UTC

2019-03-06 12:35:54 UTC

All set! Welcome @Dylan - NY

2019-03-06 16:34:00 UTC

2019-03-06 16:56:03 UTC

Welcome! @Cooper

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