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CarletonJ 2017-12-21 07:46:18

The purpose of IE Literature Club is not only to get our people reading, but to get our people to read things that are beneficial to them.

You will find a variety of literature posted here that will not only help you further your learning in politics, but help you with your finances, personal skills, relationships, health, and other personal interests.


*How to use -

If you have a book you'd like to recommend and it's not in violation of IE's national rules, follow these steps-

1) Locate the category.
2) Locate the specific channel within the category.
3) Post book name and author name (maybe a small summary on why you're suggesting it.)
4) Post a picture of the cover of the book.*


TIR stands for Today I Read - post anything new you might have learned today.

IE Reading List is a highly suggested list provided by leadership (unfinished.)

CarletonJ 2017-12-24 17:25:26

Identity Evropa members,

All Identity Evropa rules in the national server apply to this server as well.
This includes no NatSoc posting as well as literature on religious subjects.

CarletonJ 2017-12-24 17:30:03

If you would like to expand a category with another channel or add a new category, please message me and we will consider this.
It is very important we all work together to make this a quality server with reliable information.

CarletonJ 2017-12-28 02:48:19

@everyone be sure to read these announcements!! In order for this server to be successful, we'll need good quality content to be posted regularly. Let's make this awesome!

CarletonJ 2017-12-30 21:39:17

Book of the Month has been selected as well as how much we will be reading each week and when we'll be coming together to discuss.

More information in <#393247901545005056>

CarletonJ 2018-01-04 15:46:39

Just a reminder, tomorrow is the official start date for reading Why We Fight by Guillaume Faye, if you have already started reading, that's totally fine.

We are asking members to read up until Chapter 3. Then we will begin discussing what we've read Sunday (1/14).

If you have any questions or cannot obtain the book, please send me a direct message.


CarletonJ 2018-01-06 21:13:45

I am securing the server - if you are unable to access the same content after, please message me directly.


CarletonJ 2018-01-06 21:54:45

Server should be secure.
If any channels are missing for you, please message me.


Reinhard Wolff 2018-01-06 22:18:58

The IE Literature Club server had to be secured. If the only channel you can view is "receiving", please message @CarletonJ directly and he will get you full access.


John O - 2018-01-13 04:33:06

Going forward, please note that we will be abiding by the same rules found in the IE National Server. Please refrain from posting/discussing/suggesting any books which can be construed to promote violence. If there is any question, please DM myself, @Jacob or @CarletonJ


CarletonJ 2018-01-14 22:23:14

We will be having our discussion on Why We Fight tonight at 8p EST.

I have a few things typed up to discuss, but participation from everyone will be what makes this truly work!


CarletonJ 2018-01-15 00:44:40

We're going to start in about 15-20 minutes.


CarletonJ 2018-01-15 03:15:39

Just wanted to thank everyone again for making tonight's discussion successful. I look forward to next Sunday.


CarletonJ 2018-01-16 20:37:50

We will continue to read around 50 pages per week. This week we will read up until page 118 in the metapolitical dictionary. Stop on the word "discipline."
Again, we will meet Sunday at a time that works best for everyone.


Jacob 2018-01-19 04:57:12

@everyone I would like to take a moment to clarify the purpose of this server. "Literature" is not limited to books. This does not mean we will be sharing news articles, however, more advanced writing, such as scientific studies are welcome.

CarletonJ 2018-01-20 19:12:05

Reminder, tomorrow is our discussion day for Why We Fight. I have taken a bunch of notes but will basically be going over the metapolitical dictionary.

There is a small chance I will have to let one of our mods take the lead as IE Michigan may be organizing to prepare a banner drop.

We will plan to all meet here at 7pm EST


CarletonJ 2018-01-20 19:12:32

If I am unable to join the discussion, I will send my notes to one of our mods.

CarletonJ 2018-01-23 01:06:07

Why We Fight discussion in one hour! See you guys there!


CarletonJ 2018-01-23 02:12:20

Voice chat on the discussion of Why We Fight happening now! @everyone

CarletonJ 2018-01-23 04:23:59

Great discussion tonight. There was a ton of participation from everyone! Thank you all for making this server successful and I look forward to next week's discussion!

Jacob 2018-01-23 07:38:02

@everyone To finish the book in two weeks, we will have to read up to around "Modernity" before the next chat, so, let's make that our next stopping point. This is around 11 pages per day.

Jacob 2018-01-23 07:38:44

Going forward, we'll have a set schedule at the beginning of the month posted in a locked "Schedule" channel, so we don't have to deal with this every week.

Jacob 2018-01-26 19:15:33

@everyone You can pick up the next book here. I'll be posting a reading schedule soon.

CarletonJ 2018-01-31 21:40:26

Hello, everyone! Hope your week is going well. Just a few announcements-

We are permanently setting Monday night at 8p EST for our discussion dates.

We will be meeting this Monday to finish our discussion on the last part of Why We Fight.

We are starting White Identity by Jared Taylor 02/06 and our first discussion will be 02/12.

I know we have been trying to get our members to read more, but after receiving some feedback from our community, we have decided to keep our standard 50 pages per week.

We will update the schedule soon!


CarletonJ 2018-02-04 22:11:29

Just a reminder, we will be meeting tomorrow night at 8pm to finish our discussion on Why We Fight.

If you're behind on the book, don't worry. You can still join the discussion! I always take notes and discuss what I find may be useful or important.

Talk to you guys then!


CarletonJ 2018-02-05 23:59:07

We'll be starting our discussion in one hour!


CarletonJ 2018-02-06 02:43:24

Tomorrow we are starting White Identity by Jared Taylor. I'm extremely excited about this book and think it will be awesome to read Taylor's book before meeting him at the IE conference.

Members are encouraged to read 50 pages a day. But if you fall behind or are unable to read, feel free to still join our discussions and we will catch you up.

We will be meeting to voice chat on our normal discussion days (Monday @ 8p EST)

If you have not received your copy of White Identity, or are unable, please DM me and I will get you taken care of.

Thank you everyone, I'll talk to you next Monday!!


Jacob 2018-02-06 11:00:54

@everyone Leadership of this server has decided to set 50 pages weekly as the standard. I have updated the schedule accordingly. I have chosen stopping points at ends of chapters for convenience, and approximated it to 50 pages per week. With this book, that means that it will take 6 weeks to read. At a (supposedly) average reading pace of 250 words per minute, this should be around 1 hour and 10 minutes of reading per week. If you have any issue with this schedule; too little, too much; please give us feedback. Now is probably the best time, since we are getting started with the book, but, if you develop concerns later, feel free to tell us.

CarletonJ 2018-02-12 17:45:41

Discussion tonight at 8p EST on White Identity! See you guys there!


CarletonJ 2018-02-13 01:10:47

@everyone Join the VC

CarletonJ 2018-02-18 23:05:48

Reminder, tomorrow we are discussing White Identity at 8p EST. If you are behind in your reading, please feel free to still join the discussion and we will catch you up!


CarletonJ 2018-02-26 17:15:57

Hello, everyone! Hope your Mondays are going well. Just a reminder, tonight we are discussing White Identity in voice chat at 8p EST. If you have fallen behind, or haven't read at all, please feel free to still join us and we'll catch you up. See you there!


CarletonJ 2018-02-27 00:59:34

Voice discussion on White Identity starting in 5 minutes! @everyone

Jacob 2018-03-12 23:21:34

@everyone A lot of people are probably tired after travelling back from the conference, but I'll still host discussion for anyone who wants to join

Jacob 2018-03-13 00:06:05

@everyone Anyone who wants to have discussion can join voice right now. If people are busy, that's fine.

SamanthaM 2018-03-13 00:06:24

Be there in 3

Jacob 2018-03-13 00:14:22

Are you talking right now? I see your light but I don't hear anything

CarletonJ 2018-03-19 15:04:36

Hello @everyone! Just a reminder, we will be meeting tonight (8p EST) to have a voice chat discussion on the remaining portion of White Identity.

If you have fallen behind, feel free to still join us! We will also be discussing our next book (Rules For Radicals) and setting a schedule for reading.

Have a great Monday!

CarletonJ 2018-03-19 23:53:40

@everyone We'll be starting our voice discussion in about ten minutes!

CarletonJ 2018-03-20 02:11:43

Reminder, we are starting Rules For Radical this week. We will post a schedule in the <#407044817449779200> section but will likely stick to around 50 pages per week as that seems to be working out.

CarletonJ 2018-03-20 02:12:23


Jacob 2018-03-20 02:24:38

I will try to do the schedule today

Jacob 2018-03-20 02:25:03

Today on Pacific Time, so might be late for you guys

SamanthaM 2018-03-23 00:49:33

@everyone Hey all! This is the documentary "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing." It's about the life and legacy of Saul Alinsky.


CarletonJ 2018-03-23 00:51:54

[This is the author of the book we're currently reading. I would highly recommend this documentary to get a bit of perspective on Alinsky.]

SamanthaM 2018-03-23 19:23:38

Please consider taking this course on ItunesU. Extremely helpful for activism.


CarletonJ 2018-03-25 21:08:36

Hey, @everyone!

Just a reminder that we are having our first discussion on Rules For Radicals tomorrow at 8p EST. If you haven't been able to read, feel free to still join. This information is very beneficial to all activists.

Looking forward to it!

FACINEMA 2018-03-26 22:12:20

@everyone @CarletonJ has asked a Mod to postpone the chat until tomorrow night. Please give a Y for yes if you're ok, or a N for no if not. Whichever wins will determine if we hold it tonight or tomorrow!

CarletonJ 2018-03-26 23:50:31

Hey, @everyone.

Sorry for postponing the voice discussion tonight. My assistant manager just unexpectedly went into labor and is now on maternity leave.

To make it easier on her and everyone else, I picked up her Monday shift today and next week. I'm going to try and get that changed for next week but don't want to be too much of a burden.

Thank you guys for understanding and I will talk to you tomorrow night!

CarletonJ 2018-03-27 23:26:39

Voice discussion in about 30 minutes!


CarletonJ 2018-03-28 00:01:49

We're going to be starting in about 5 minutes!

CarletonJ 2018-03-28 00:01:53


CarletonJ 2018-03-30 21:15:39

Hello, @everyone.

I was not able to get work off Monday, so we will be having our discussion again this Tuesday at 8p EST.

CarletonJ 2018-03-31 00:55:23

**There is now a category for documentaries.**

Please post videos in their respected categories. If there is no category for your video, contact a <@&393557365972271106> and we will add additional.



CarletonJ 2018-04-03 23:46:36

Voice discussion starts in 15 minutes!


CarletonJ 2018-04-10 22:45:19

We're going to cancel tonight's voice discussion and have a final discussion April 16th for Rules for Radicals. This way everyone can enjoy the activism webinar.


CarletonJ 2018-04-15 16:46:36

Would anyone be interested in leading the book discussion Monday or Tuesday? I am unavailable due to trading work days around to make the DC action. Our staff are also unavailable to host these days.

If no takers, we may have to again cancel the discussion or postpone it after the DC action.

DM me if you're interested!


Jacob 2018-04-16 20:54:43

@everyone A whole lot of people are busy this week, so we'll postpone discussion to next week. Now you all have an extra week to catch up. Enjoy!

CarletonJ 2018-04-25 23:32:31

Hello, @everyone.

We are currently looking to expand our team on this server.

Responsibilities would include enforcing our national rules in this server, assisting members and answering their questions, assisting our ILC team with the Book Of The Month by collecting notes on the chapter, contributing in the discussion, etc.

There are NO personal requirements other than being an active and helpful team member.

We also have various projects we are working on to better engage, educate, and train our community.

If you are looking to get more involved with Identity Evropa, this is your chance!

CarletonJ 2018-04-26 23:19:21

Head over to <#395779687391035395> and place your vote for our next Book Of The Month!


CarletonJ 2018-04-28 19:18:35

**Culture Of The Critique** has been voted to be our next Book Of The Month. We'll post a reading schedule shortly. We'll give everyone at least a week to order and receive their books.

CarletonJ 2018-04-28 19:18:40


CarletonJ 2018-04-29 00:34:06

Hello, @everyone.

We received two new additions to our <@&393557365972271106> team, @NeoRealist & @Tron.

Murdock is currently working for his masters in history and has teaching experience!

Feel free to reach out to them!


Tron 2018-04-29 00:55:12

@CarletonJ Glad to be here. If anybody ever has any questions about anything relevant to this channel, feel free to ask. My specialty is history, obviously. So, if you have any questions about modern European history or the development of the worldview of our movement, holler at me. Or if you just want to talk about it, I’m down for that too.

CarletonJ 2018-05-05 21:16:50

Reminder, we will be starting Culture Of Critique in three days, and will have our voice discussion the following week, **5/15.**

If you are unable to receive a copy in time, message me and I'll get you taken care of.

Check <#407044817449779200> for all voice discussion dates.


CarletonJ 2018-05-13 17:35:53

Switching discussion day this week from Tuesday (5/15) to Monday (5/14) at 8p EST.

Talk to you guys then.


CarletonJ 2018-05-15 00:00:49

@everyone VC starting in 5 minutes!

CarletonJ 2018-05-22 22:09:21

Hello, @everyone.

Were going to have to cancel tonight's voice discussion as our team is either doing IE related things or working. We'll brief this chapter before next week's discussion. Sorry for the inconvenience!

CarletonJ 2018-05-27 14:33:46

We will be moving Tuesday's voice discussion to tomorrow at 8p EST.


CarletonJ 2018-05-28 23:02:52

VC in 1 hour!

CarletonJ 2018-05-28 23:03:06


CarletonJ 2018-05-29 00:00:39

@everyone join the VC, we'll be starting here soon.

CarletonJ 2018-10-26 02:10:44

Hello, @everyone.

For those that do not know me, I am Carleton, I run the Identity Evropa Literature Club (ILC) server with a great team of mods.

Last year we had major success engaging our community here and encouraging members to read and participate in weekly book discussions which would often inspire conversation to expand on an assortment of topics - not to mention the dozens of book recommendations and academic articles that have been posted by various intellectuals.

This year we are planning on revamping the server with what we learned was most effective previously - as well as introducing fresh new ideas and projects (debate club!?)

**If you are new to the ILC server,** feel free to reach out to myself or our <@&393557365972271106> team with any questions regarding how this server operates. We will be glad to help you.

I will announce details about the Book Of The Month in a few days.

CarletonJ 2018-10-26 02:35:23


*Anyone can post recommendations in their respected categories/channels. All recommendations must be consistent with Identity Evropa National rules or it will be removed. This includes ALL copyright material (illegal PDFs) as well as certain historical revisionism. If you have any questions, please contact myself or a mod.*

CarletonJ 2018-10-27 14:34:41

Hello, @everyone!

It's that time of year again for the Book Of The Month! This year the process will be a bit different - instead of voting on a book, they will be preselected by leadership. All selections will be relatively short and none will be academic - this gives the average reader a chance to participate. The majority of all literature selected will be taken directly from the Official IE Reading List.

Our first selection -

Those interested in participating will need to acquire this book by __Nov. 3rd.__

*If you have any questions on the process of the Book Of The Month, please DM myself or a Mod.*

CarletonJ 2018-10-29 23:24:14

^^^ Reminder @everyone

(For those that are unfamiliar - this is where we read a book as a group and discuss it's content once a week. It's a ton of fun!)

CarletonJ 2018-11-03 23:03:34

Hello, @everyone.

I am pleased to announce the schedule for the Book Of The Month has been posted!

For those wanting to participate - you will be required to begin reading independently starting tomorrow (Nov. 4th). Familiarize yourself with the <#407044817449779200> to ensure you are starting and stopping at the correct locations.
We will plan our discussions every Sunday at 7p ET, but this is subject to change at our discretion.

I look forward to getting LEARNT with you all!!

CarletonJ 2018-11-06 13:57:00

Get out and VOTE! ❎


CarletonJ 2018-11-06 22:55:50

I've received a few messages requesting we push the discussion back a day because folks will be returning from DTR. We will now plan to have our discussion **Monday @ 7p ET.**

Thank you!


CarletonJ 2018-11-12 19:43:53

Reminder, book discussion will be tonight at 7p EST.


CarletonJ 2018-11-12 23:58:00

Voice discussion on the first part of Generation Identity shall begin in 5 minutes!

CarletonJ 2018-11-16 01:51:15

Reminder, we will be doing a voice discussion on chapters 15-29 this Sunday @ 7p ET from Generation Identity. @everyone

CarletonJ 2018-11-16 17:46:31

The Identity Evropa Literature Club Reading List has been added to <#393247839482019840>.

All the titles were carefully selected both by IE Leadership and our team.
I HIGHLY encourage you check out the list and start reading!


CarletonJ 2018-11-17 16:34:56

Change in schedule - we will finish Generation Identity and have the final discussion tomorrow night at 7p ET.

I will announce our next book during that discussion.


CarletonJ 2018-11-18 23:33:47

Last book discussion on Generation Identity will begin in 30 minutes!

CarletonJ 2018-11-19 01:41:41

Reminder, all IE national rules will be enforced on this server.

1 - Illegal Activity
Advocation of illegal activity in any way will result in immediate removal from the server. Any suggestion of violence, serious or joking, is also prohibited.

2 - Divisive Topics
Any topic of discussion which is becoming divisive among members must be dropped immediately. This will be considered no-fault as long as the topic is dropped as soon as it becomes apparent that it is creating agitation among members beyond what would be expected for normal, civil debate.

3 - Religion
For the sake of inter-group cohesion, religious debate shall not be conducted on this server. For the purposes of this rule, a "religious debate" is any discussion on the topic of religion which becomes heated, or which involves discussion of personal beliefs, or which continues longer than briefly.

4 - National Socialism
The posting of National Socialist memes, symbols, or any other advocacy or promotion of NS ideology or associated historical figures from the Third Reich is not permitted.

CarletonJ 2018-11-19 01:43:26

5 - Veracity of Information
The spreading of false information casts us in a very bad light if we partake in it. When such false information is posted in this server, it can lead activists to embarass our organization by using it, thinking it was trustworthy because it was posted here. Therefore, do not post anything in this server without making every effort possible to verify it as true, unless you clearly and explicitly mark it with the words "NOT FACTUAL" in all-caps.

6 - Respect
Disrespect of any members (to include disobeying moderator orders or insulting other members) is considered a serious offense and will not be tolerated.

7 - Productive Conversation
All conversation on the server must be productive. 'Shitposting' and spamming are not permitted. Theoretical discussions, like the sort of 'this is what we should do when we have an ethnostate' are likewise prohibited.

8 - Weapons
No discussion of weaponry of any kind is permitted on the server. Discussion of historical artifacts, in a historical context, where those artifacts happen to be weapons, is permitted as long as this is not used as a proxy for discussion of how those weapons may be put to actual use.

CarletonJ 2018-11-19 01:45:35

9 - External URLs
Any links to enemy websites must be run through archive.is. This is not limited to explicitly antifa websites, but includes any media site hostile to our point of view. If in doubt, archive it. If the website does not display properly when archived, you may post the direct link, but note in your post that the archived version does not work properly or else your post may be deleted by a moderator.

10 - Screenshots
Taking a screenshot of any IE Discord server (or any other official IE communication medium), except to share to another channel on IE Discord other than receiving, or to an IE coordinator by direct message, is grounds for dismissal from the organization. If you take a screenshot under the exceptions listed in this rule, you must delete all copies in your possesion immediately after sharing it. The mere existence of a message containing a screenshot captured and shared under one of this rule's exceptions does not count as a copy in your possession. Copy/pastes are considered the same as screenshots for the purposes of this rule.

11 - Private Information
No user of this server shall post the private information of any person without that person's express permission. "Private information" means names, addresses, phone numbers, places of work, pictures, or any other information which may be used to identify a person.

12 - Vulgar Language
In order to foster a more positive culture for our people's future, the use of crude and unbecoming language is not permitted. This includes, without limitation, excessive cursing, and any use of vulgar racial epithets.

13 - Intraracial Ethnic Conflict
Ethnic chauvinism is not allowed in IE. While some banter is to be expected, this is best done elsewhere. In general, it’s best to avoid saying “__ aren’t white.” Many people in IE from that ethnic background might not care, but others probably will - particularly if you don’t have a rapport with them.

CarletonJ 2018-11-19 01:45:38

14 - Other
Moderators have the right to take action to curb any other conduct not specifically mentioned here which steps outside the boundaries of how a European should conduct themselves in polite discourse or which would tend to undermine our organization's message or image if screen-captured and posted publicly.

CarletonJ 2018-11-19 01:46:56

The next Book Of The Month:
**Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky**


CarletonJ 2018-11-19 01:48:13

You have a week to obtain a copy of RFR. I will post a schedule in the next few days.

William_1994 - WA 2018-11-19 16:15:38

@everyone 6PM (EST) next Sunday the 25th, the voice chat will host Chris Robertson, a noted essayist for Counter Currents. I will conduct a 30-60 minute interview with him about his two books—*In Defense of Hatred* and *Letters to Anwei*—and then the voice chat will open to a general question format between members and Chris Robertson. My interview will be critical because I have several disagreements with Chris, but remember to be respectful; do not interrupt the guest, keep on topic, and mute your microphones when not speaking.

CarletonJ 2018-11-21 16:39:14

We will start reading **Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky** 12/01. Have a great Thanksgiving!


CarletonJ 2018-11-21 16:40:24

Make sure to join us Sunday @ 6pm EST for our Meet The Author segment.

CarletonJ 2018-11-24 20:17:17

Book Of The Month schedule has been posted in <#407044817449779200>.

Be sure to swing by tomorrow to listen in on our very first **Meet The Author** segment. Our guest author is **Chris Robertson.**

There will be a Q+A at the end of the interview. Be sure to represent IE respectfully - all National Rules will apply.


CarletonJ 2018-11-25 22:15:38

**Meet The Author will begin in 45 minutes.**


William_1994 - WA 2018-11-25 22:54:22

@here Everyone jump in the #MeetTheAuthor voice chat and mute your mics. We will start the interview at 6:00 (EST) on the dot.

CarletonJ 2018-11-25 22:55:03


Tron 2018-11-25 22:56:40

6 Eastern, 5 Central

CarletonJ 2018-12-06 23:31:46

Hello, @everyone

This Sunday we will be having our first discussion on **Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky.** I am currently moving into a new house with my fiancée, and have a ton of work to do, so I will not be making this discussion. @Nemets will host in my place.

Have a great week and keep reading!!

CarletonJ 2018-12-06 23:32:20

For any information regarding the schedule for the Book Of The Month - <#407044817449779200>

Nemets 2018-12-09 19:28:26

Hello @everyone - first discussion on Rules for Radicals will be starting at 7:00 pm EST

CarletonJ 2018-12-13 22:21:42

Hello, @everyone.

Hope your week is going well. Mine has been crazy busy with the new house! Things are really starting to come together though!

Anyways, I was scheduled to work this Sunday, unfortunately. **We will be moving the discussion to Saturday night @ 7p EST.**

If this conflicts with your schedule, DM me and we will seek other solutions.


CarletonJ 2018-12-16 00:01:33

We'll be starting here shortly @everyone

CarletonJ 2018-12-22 16:56:24

Hello, @everyone.

Hope your week is going well and you're enjoying the holiday with loved ones! We're going to cancel the next book discussion on Rules For Radicals, and just finish the book with the last discussion at the end of the month.

Merry Christmas!!

CarletonJ 2019-01-01 16:18:26

Today we will begin reading White Identity by Jared Taylor. I will post a schedule soon.

We also have a special announcement to release later tonight. Keep your eyes open - you won't want to miss this one!


Jacob 2019-01-02 04:57:43

@everyone We established this literature server with the goal of motivating members to expand their abilities to articulate and further develop our ideas and be effective activists.

One effective way to do this is to read literature by some of the greatest minds in politics and philosophy to study their rhetoric, learn new ideas, talking and tactics, and share what we learned with each other to make the most of the literature.

On February 10th, we will have the opportunity gain insight from one of the authors himself, one of the greatest minds in our movement, Jared Taylor.

This will be an opportunity to learn more about his motivations and experiences, and to gain further insights.

Jared Taylor will be interviewed here in our voice chat, followed by a Q&A session at 2:00 PM EST on February 10th.

CarletonJ 2019-01-05 19:29:03

<#407044817449779200> for White Identity has been posted. Talk to you all tomorrow night!


Jacob 2019-01-06 23:57:09

@everyone Literature discussion in a few minutes

Nemets 2019-01-13 22:27:36

@everyone Hello Friends, voice discussion on Mr. Taylor's "White Identity" will start at 7:00 pm EST

CarletonJ 2019-01-20 16:24:17

Tonight I make my return to the Book Of The Month! I'll see you all at 7p ET!


CarletonJ 2019-01-20 23:59:19

We will be starting shortly!

CarletonJ 2019-01-27 23:00:12

Book discussion in one hour! @everyone

CarletonJ 2019-02-03 23:57:57

Unfortunately, the book discussion tonight is canceled. All mods are currently busy and unable to host the discussion.


CarletonJ 2019-02-04 18:58:20

Reminder, this **Sunday at 2p EST** we will be hosting **Jared Taylor**!


CarletonJ 2019-02-09 19:29:58

**Meet The Author**
*with special guest*
**Jared Taylor**

__**Tomorrow @2p EST**__

The ILC Team has created a new channel called <#542123221944893483>.

If you have a question for our guests, please submit it here. Once submitted, our team will add it to a list of questions we are collecting for the end Q&A. You will not be able to view posts in this channel. This protects the channel from clutter and unnecessary conversation that could be held elsewhere.  

This process will be similar to YouTube "SuperChat" streams - but will obviously be free of charge.

In an attempt to answer all of your questions in a timely fashion, we will not offer questions that are similar to others or unrelated to the conversation. Questions may be submitted anytime during the conversation - it is encouraged to submit questions before the Q&A begins.

We will make an attempt to answer all legitimate questions, but cannot guarantee this due to time constraints.

Reminder, all IE national rules must be followed on official severs, including the ILC server.

If you have any questions at all, DM myself or a <@&393557365972271106>.

CarletonJ 2019-02-09 19:32:40


CarletonJ 2019-02-09 23:55:19

Feel free to start posting your questions in <#542123221944893483>. Reminder - you WON'T be able to view messages in this channel. But your questions will be saved and relayed to our hosts.


CarletonJ 2019-02-10 17:50:05

**Meet The Author**
*with special guest*
**Jared Taylor**

__**ONE HOUR**__

The ILC Team has created a new channel called <#542123221944893483>.

If you have a question for our guests, please submit it here. Once submitted, our team will add it to a list of questions we are collecting for the end Q&A. You will not be able to view posts in this channel. This protects the channel from clutter and unnecessary conversation that could be held elsewhere.  

This process will be similar to YouTube "SuperChat" streams - but will obviously be free of charge.

In an attempt to answer all of your questions in a timely fashion, we will not offer questions that are similar to others or unrelated to the conversation. Questions may be submitted anytime during the conversation - it is encouraged to submit questions before the Q&A begins.

We will make an attempt to answer all legitimate questions, but cannot guarantee this due to time constraints.

Reminder, all IE national rules must be followed on official severs, including the ILC server.

If you have any questions at all, DM myself or a <@&393557365972271106>.


CarletonJ 2019-02-10 18:57:33

Starting in a few minutes!! @everyone

CarletonJ 2019-02-10 20:36:51

Where to find more from Mr. Taylor -

CarletonJ 2019-02-24 00:56:49

**THE JOURNALS OF LEWIS AND CLARK** has been voted our next Book Of The Month.

We will be reading the De Voto edition - which is a great collection of L&C, Jefferson, Gass, and various others journals/articles of the expedition.

You can purchase a copy here for $10.

We will give members until next Sunday to purchase their copy. I will post a schedule soon.


FACINEMA 2019-02-24 21:27:09

I know we are all good readers, but before you make any purchases on books, I always recommend checking out Archive.org It is my number 1 go to site for literature before I buy, because you can download a ton of the books we read there for free. Case in point: https://archive.org/details/originaljournals08lewi/page/n9 This is legal, so you don't have to worry about putting IE in jeopardy. @everyone

Jacob 2019-02-25 06:08:23

@everyone I've posted the interview as a private video on YouTube. This is only for IE members and trusted outsiders, so please ask before sharing.

Jacob 2019-03-03 21:42:56

@everyone I would like to take a moment to clarify what this server is for. Obviously it's for discussing "literature", but this raises the question of what counts as literature. It's not just books. Literature is any kind of written content requires some deeper thinking to enjoy.

**Books are obviously an example of literature**

**Articles can be literature**
A local news story isn't literature. A long form article or an article with original ideas and analyses in it is literature. Examples would be Counter Currents or The Occidental Observer.

**Speeches are literature**
The only difference compared to other forms of literature is that it's spoken. Speeches can be very insightful and serve the exact same purpose as long form articles. A speech has more in common with a short book than it does with a 10 minute Youtube video. So, if you heard an interesting speech, you should absolutely share it on this server.

Obviously what is and isn't literature is going to be subjective. So just use your best judgement. As long as you're posting in good faith you won't get in trouble.

CarletonJ 2019-03-05 02:21:55

Due to LOPF 2019 being this weekend, we will skip starting the BOTM this week and instead start it the following Sunday. I will post a schedule soon in <#407044817449779200>

CarletonJ 2019-03-05 02:21:59


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