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2019-09-25 14:33:28 UTC

Changelings are bogdanof designer babies

2019-09-25 14:34:03 UTC


2019-09-25 14:34:25 UTC


2019-09-25 14:34:38 UTC


2019-09-25 14:34:45 UTC

who is the loremaster here

2019-09-25 14:34:47 UTC

valids ?

2019-09-25 14:34:51 UTC

@Suchai there you go. If no one uses it after a few weeks I'll prune it or _stick it at the bottom of the list_.

2019-09-25 14:35:14 UTC

@Suchai are you the new loremaster

2019-09-25 14:35:18 UTC

can i have some lore please

2019-09-25 14:35:19 UTC

oh I guess this is the porn channel

2019-09-25 14:35:39 UTC

we discuss things here.

2019-09-25 14:35:45 UTC

and write lore for vg station

2019-09-25 14:36:01 UTC

uhhhh my static founded medical science

2019-09-25 14:36:16 UTC

>discussion of vox genitals is forbidden

2019-09-25 14:36:18 UTC


2019-09-25 14:36:30 UTC

plasma penus weenus...

2019-09-25 14:36:49 UTC

okay my lore suggestion is that every round takes place on friday the 13th

2019-09-25 14:36:51 UTC

reminder: nothing is canon

2019-09-25 14:36:54 UTC

and thats why everything goes wrong

2019-09-25 14:36:59 UTC

Well, we need to formalize what the Vox are and unify everything that we know

2019-09-25 14:37:06 UTC

okay my second lore suggestion is that everything is canon

2019-09-25 14:37:12 UTC


2019-09-25 14:37:17 UTC

yes, everything is canon and we work shifts

2019-09-25 14:37:25 UTC

previous shift, 'next' shift

2019-09-25 14:37:32 UTC

we can choose to ignore what antags did specific rounds

2019-09-25 14:37:48 UTC

and everyone is best friends

2019-09-25 14:37:55 UTC

or have it not affect our characters, or say that one shift we were on leave and someone was our doppelganger (if we were antag)

2019-09-25 14:38:11 UTC

NanoTrasen is actually not in profit and is just trading through

2019-09-25 14:38:59 UTC

nanotrasen isnt a tech or research company or anything, they just copy things at a really small scale

2019-09-25 14:39:00 UTC

how do you justify changelings killing you and stealing your identity to get on the station

2019-09-25 14:39:03 UTC

nano tracing

2019-09-25 14:39:21 UTC

the wizard federation does all of it

2019-09-25 14:39:26 UTC

NT has huge database of all genetic codes that are a back up.

2019-09-25 14:39:31 UTC

it's all magic

2019-09-25 14:39:43 UTC

Once you are not showing up and investigation was made that you actually died, you are recovered from the database.

2019-09-25 14:39:52 UTC

Eternal servitude act

2019-09-25 14:39:53 UTC

the wizard federation are actually just a group with really advanced technology and not magic

2019-09-25 14:39:54 UTC

let's say.

2019-09-25 14:39:54 UTC


2019-09-25 14:40:04 UTC

but everything on nanotrasen is magic and not technology

2019-09-25 14:40:12 UTC

that's a good take

2019-09-25 14:40:16 UTC

hence why when stations are destroyed completely you are recovered

2019-09-25 14:40:26 UTC


2019-09-25 14:40:35 UTC

oh god

2019-09-25 14:40:38 UTC

can we put that in print

2019-09-25 14:40:40 UTC

l-love nanotrasen

2019-09-25 14:40:47 UTC

someone add that to the lore page of the wiki

2019-09-25 14:41:21 UTC

real talk

2019-09-25 14:41:24 UTC

if you need like

2019-09-25 14:41:31 UTC

10 people to summon a dark eldritch god

2019-09-25 14:41:39 UTC

why the fuck are cultists doing it on a well armed station

2019-09-25 14:42:06 UTC

they need the blood of someone on the station

2019-09-25 14:42:07 UTC


2019-09-25 14:42:10 UTC


2019-09-25 14:42:15 UTC

but they can reroll

2019-09-25 14:42:18 UTC

theyre chosen or something like that

2019-09-25 14:42:19 UTC

if he leaves the station

2019-09-25 14:42:37 UTC

the veil is weak there because first of all NT is doing expedition in anomaly zone where the plasma is rich (nowhere else in universe there's vein so big)

2019-09-25 14:42:39 UTC


2019-09-25 14:42:49 UTC

oh yeah its because of the bluespace

2019-09-25 14:42:52 UTC

how is that

2019-09-25 14:42:53 UTC

so there isn't a SINGLE planet nearby?

2019-09-25 14:43:03 UTC

its the bluespace research

2019-09-25 14:43:10 UTC

all monkeys are the same monkey

2019-09-25 14:43:16 UTC

or narsie went to cargo and asked for a weapons crate

2019-09-25 14:43:19 UTC

and they wouldnt buy it

2019-09-25 14:43:25 UTC

so now they want to destroy nt

2019-09-25 14:43:25 UTC


2019-09-25 14:43:39 UTC

monkey (1) was also the first crewman

2019-09-25 14:43:42 UTC

we are all Monkey (873)

2019-09-25 14:44:04 UTC

oh cool

2019-09-25 14:44:26 UTC

THIS is a channel I've been waiting for

2019-09-25 14:44:51 UTC

nanotrasen aren't in space for plasma

2019-09-25 14:45:10 UTC

plasma is code

2019-09-25 14:45:14 UTC

okay new lore suggestion

2019-09-25 14:45:20 UTC

they are creating mass vats of chloral

2019-09-25 14:45:33 UTC

the miners arent taking the gas from the planet or whatever, theyre just teleporters

2019-09-25 14:45:38 UTC


2019-09-25 14:45:41 UTC

genius idea

2019-09-25 14:45:55 UTC

advanced energy guns dont recharge, the advanced kit is just a teleporter

2019-09-25 14:46:03 UTC

and it slowly teleports laser energy into the gun

2019-09-25 14:46:17 UTC

nanotrasen has a big box floating in space full of lasers

2019-09-25 14:46:22 UTC

with a little teleporter at the bottom

2019-09-25 14:46:23 UTC

when the shuttle gets to centcomm time reverses and the cycle repeats

2019-09-25 14:46:35 UTC

the true objective is beating the cycle

2019-09-25 14:46:50 UTC

hmmmm nah, I like continuity

2019-09-25 14:46:59 UTC

I don't make the rules

2019-09-25 14:47:09 UTC

everyone round is you daydreaming about how exciting your shift could have been

2019-09-25 14:47:11 UTC

because reset every time makes it so that epic events are never remembered?

2019-09-25 14:47:30 UTC

when you get on the shuttle and get back to centcomm its the actual end of your shift

2019-09-25 14:47:40 UTC

and you just imagined how exciting it could have been

2019-09-25 14:47:43 UTC

The time between rounds is actually Nanotransen fixing up the station and sending clones of people who died in the last round to go back to the station

2019-09-25 14:47:44 UTC

what happens to those that die then?

2019-09-25 14:47:52 UTC

they get killed

2019-09-25 14:47:56 UTC

they died yeah

2019-09-25 14:48:00 UTC

its still dangerous

2019-09-25 14:48:11 UTC

every time you go back to centcomm they kill and clone you and that's why you don't remember anything

2019-09-25 14:48:40 UTC

so is blasma some sort of primordial gas/super matter

2019-09-25 14:48:40 UTC

or they just memory wipe your clone

2019-09-25 14:48:54 UTC

Can someone paste the canon johnson chart in here and pin it?

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