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2017-08-11 21:43:25 UTC

I'm scared

2017-08-11 21:44:19 UTC

The nose knows.

2017-08-11 21:44:45 UTC

2 kikesses and a meximutt

2017-08-11 21:46:06 UTC

Why are they in a church? We all know they don't believe. I was reading about the anarchist puff peace from wsj today and they mentioned the anarchists have meetings in church basements. What's with that?

2017-08-11 21:46:40 UTC


2017-08-11 21:46:44 UTC


2017-08-11 21:47:14 UTC


2017-08-11 21:50:43 UTC


2017-08-11 21:50:53 UTC


2017-08-11 21:51:00 UTC


2017-08-11 21:52:07 UTC


2017-08-11 21:53:05 UTC

I saw the national guard rolling in on the highway into cville

2017-08-11 21:54:34 UTC

Getting a bite to eat now then getting my torches

2017-08-11 21:54:47 UTC

Virginia is so pretty btw

2017-08-11 21:55:33 UTC

they're ready but not technically called yet

2017-08-11 21:59:02 UTC

They are staging still no title status change

2017-08-11 22:00:48 UTC

Either way they are getting paid and pulled off to be "ready." These poor bastards either had to use sick leave or change shifts just to be the governors cya policy

2017-08-11 22:08:36 UTC

NBC 29 confirmed that the Nation Gaurd is on standby outside the city.

2017-08-11 22:09:04 UTC

The also covered the Cantwell incident, and interviewed a Rabbi

2017-08-11 22:11:18 UTC

The Joint task forces are staffed by full time guard guard people being paid regardless. It's an additional duty to their full time job. That is part of the title change is all the pay is keyed. You move from M day part time status to title 32 or 10

2017-08-11 22:11:51 UTC

That is a huge money cost to spin up a battalion etc. no units are probably going to be keyed unless it's serious shit happening

2017-08-11 22:17:07 UTC
2017-08-11 22:20:31 UTC

Interviewed a rabbi!?!

2017-08-11 22:22:27 UTC

There's always a rabbi within camera distance when you need them

2017-08-11 22:29:54 UTC

What time is the torchlight vigil?

2017-08-11 22:31:02 UTC


2017-08-11 22:31:14 UTC

Downtown cville.

2017-08-11 22:35:09 UTC

don't get stabbed doing that lol

2017-08-11 22:47:08 UTC
2017-08-11 22:47:38 UTC

Anyone at the Radical Agenda meet up earlier should get this, lol

2017-08-11 22:47:41 UTC


2017-08-11 22:50:24 UTC

It looks like the server was compromised

2017-08-11 22:50:59 UTC

Or someone was stupid on social media

2017-08-11 22:51:51 UTC

They are disrupting very specific events, only known on this discord

2017-08-11 22:52:26 UTC

@Tyrone I know he is, just pointing out that I think he slipped up and mentioned where the threat was coming from.

2017-08-11 22:54:15 UTC

Or someone on this server has loose lips

IGD didn't post the site of the rally

2017-08-11 22:54:20 UTC

Only there was one

2017-08-11 22:55:07 UTC

Take info from leaders

2017-08-11 22:55:10 UTC

stop posting shit

2017-08-11 22:55:14 UTC

They know it's in uva. That's all they really need to know.

2017-08-11 22:55:22 UTC

Go it jammed up in 4 car pileup on the way to cville

2017-08-11 22:55:28 UTC


2017-08-11 22:55:38 UTC

This is the before pic

2017-08-11 22:55:46 UTC

Cover the plates jfc

2017-08-11 22:56:21 UTC

Cantwell had that info on his own site. Why do we think we are compromised here?

2017-08-11 22:56:33 UTC

Luckily it wasn't my fault and my rental people were able to hook me up with a brand new fully loaded Grand Cherokee and waived the $200 difference

2017-08-11 22:56:36 UTC

Did he? There you go then

2017-08-11 22:56:42 UTC

If the server is compromised all the person has to do is do some basic info and your doxxed

2017-08-11 22:57:07 UTC

Don't think the license plate matters anymore @Charlemagne MD

2017-08-11 22:57:08 UTC

The plates are owned by the renal company you so idgaf @Charlemagne MD

2017-08-11 22:57:08 UTC

They know about the torch ceremony and where it's at

2017-08-11 22:57:11 UTC

Always assume your method of communication is infiltrated

2017-08-11 22:57:37 UTC

They don't know exactly where it is

Either way fuck them

Do it anyway

2017-08-11 22:58:29 UTC

UVA campus is pretty specfic, spotting some people with torched will be pretty easy

2017-08-11 22:58:35 UTC

They don't need to know specifically. They could station scouts.

2017-08-11 22:59:16 UTC

So what? As long as it's legal go for it.

2017-08-11 22:59:36 UTC

We're all earning red laces this weekend fam

2017-08-11 23:00:23 UTC

The goal is not confrotation

2017-08-11 23:00:42 UTC


2017-08-11 23:00:44 UTC

Now rocking this

2017-08-11 23:00:47 UTC

Well it's going to happen whether we like it or not

2017-08-11 23:01:12 UTC

We will be attacked

But do we give in to the hecklers veto?

2017-08-11 23:01:57 UTC

Anyway do what you want

2017-08-11 23:02:02 UTC


2017-08-11 23:02:06 UTC

Crazy idea....

2017-08-11 23:02:16 UTC

Release info to coordinators/staff...

2017-08-11 23:02:26 UTC

Then let them dispurse to who they think is okay

2017-08-11 23:03:25 UTC

I'm hoping this is all 16d chess

2017-08-11 23:04:39 UTC

So far they are all bluff. The point of this event was to make our voices heard, why cow tow to these soy eating faggots just because they know? If our numbers aren't greater than there's. The quality most assuredly is

2017-08-11 23:04:58 UTC


2017-08-11 23:08:15 UTC

Stay the course

2017-08-11 23:21:11 UTC

be safe guys

2017-08-11 23:21:47 UTC

Just saw an army humvee with some very black looking blacks headed towards cville

2017-08-11 23:22:11 UTC

probably support

2017-08-11 23:22:36 UTC

domestic response they will normally use infantry and MPs

2017-08-11 23:22:44 UTC

again no units activated

2017-08-11 23:22:52 UTC

just the JTF advising state and local

2017-08-11 23:24:05 UTC

Black = support personnel

2017-08-11 23:26:51 UTC

Theyre rolling in the field niggas sheeeeiiiiittttt

2017-08-11 23:32:22 UTC


2017-08-11 23:36:47 UTC

Good thing we are going to be there anyway

2017-08-11 23:40:25 UTC

At 8:00 the night before. Wow just wow.

2017-08-11 23:41:43 UTC


2017-08-11 23:42:13 UTC


2017-08-11 23:42:27 UTC


2017-08-11 23:42:41 UTC


2017-08-11 23:49:33 UTC

I'm in downtown cville right now, goys. I can tell there's a few antifa here. Also see some fashy haircuts. Nothing going on. Businesses serving everyone. Lee park is completely fenced off and police are EVERYWHERE. I suspect smooth sailing for the rally.

2017-08-11 23:51:13 UTC

Just wait for tomorrow goy.

2017-08-11 23:54:23 UTC

There's no way these businesses can prove your there for us unless we tell them. It's all suggestion that they wont serve us. Pure bluff

2017-08-12 00:01:02 UTC

Yeah we just cruised through downtown. Checked out Lee's statue. Pretty quiet

2017-08-12 00:01:02 UTC

<@&321389548984729600> we are at Darden towe park where is everyone in for the torch rally'?

2017-08-12 00:01:22 UTC

This server has been compromised.

2017-08-12 00:01:31 UTC

I'm not sure to what extent it's being used anymore.

2017-08-12 00:01:32 UTC

that meeting was canceled

2017-08-12 00:01:37 UTC


2017-08-12 00:01:51 UTC

Are you kidding? Lol

2017-08-12 00:02:00 UTC

no check announcements

2017-08-12 00:03:47 UTC

Is there a new server a highly vetted 504um old fag and pool party leader can get an invite to?

2017-08-12 00:04:25 UTC

There are a bunch of police here at the park

2017-08-12 00:04:38 UTC

Bringing 25 goys tomorrow but feeling out of the loop now

2017-08-12 00:04:41 UTC

Just chillaxing

2017-08-12 00:05:21 UTC

Get up from nap, go outside, first thing I see is nigmale with young white girl for his date. Vomit.

2017-08-12 00:05:40 UTC

tonight might not work out

2017-08-12 00:05:49 UTC

if you are feeling out of the loop its because you are

2017-08-12 00:05:52 UTC

server is compromised

2017-08-12 00:06:16 UTC

tomorrow is DEFINATELY going to happen

2017-08-12 00:06:20 UTC

no matter what

2017-08-12 00:06:51 UTC

We rly gonna let the commies win?

2017-08-12 00:07:15 UTC

Why wouldn't someone just post in staff of alt right?

2017-08-12 00:07:18 UTC

So everyone is on their own to get to the park tomorrow


2017-08-12 00:07:43 UTC

If you know TWP ask them and you can roll with us

2017-08-12 00:09:02 UTC

I'll pm you

2017-08-12 00:10:40 UTC

@everyone Torchlit rally is still on. We're meeting at Nameless Field near UVA @ 9:30.

2017-08-12 00:11:02 UTC

Bad idea brah

2017-08-12 00:11:06 UTC


2017-08-12 00:11:11 UTC

Do it!

2017-08-12 00:11:12 UTC

don't let them win

2017-08-12 00:11:14 UTC

You think darkness is your ally?

2017-08-12 00:11:24 UTC

@everyone Parking sucks so get there early and carpool to reduce congestion.

2017-08-12 00:11:36 UTC

@MadDimension rgr, we will be there

2017-08-12 00:12:10 UTC

Be warned if you are going by the park, there are antifa types hiding out and filming people.

2017-08-12 00:12:30 UTC

Be careful.

2017-08-12 00:12:56 UTC

Stay in groups

2017-08-12 00:12:56 UTC

We parked to meet up with people and spotted someone hiding behind newspaper stands filming us.

2017-08-12 00:13:04 UTC

They posted an article on its going down about the plans for our Torchlit rally

2017-08-12 00:13:09 UTC

Also keep in mind they may slash tires

2017-08-12 00:13:19 UTC

They didn't specify locations tho did they?

2017-08-12 00:13:27 UTC

They did

2017-08-12 00:13:30 UTC

If you are worried about Antifa filming you wear sunglasses and travel in large groups

2017-08-12 00:13:37 UTC

We are in a parking lot with security.

2017-08-12 00:13:38 UTC

so basically, don't be retarded, don't speak of personal or sensitive info because you never know who's listening

2017-08-12 00:13:55 UTC

Just don't go

2017-08-12 00:13:59 UTC

You guys

2017-08-12 00:14:16 UTC

This server is compromised. Walking into an ambush is never a good idea

2017-08-12 00:14:25 UTC

This is retarded

2017-08-12 00:14:35 UTC

This shit looks dope!


2017-08-12 00:14:42 UTC

Really. Don't go.

2017-08-12 00:14:49 UTC

Holy Fuck

2017-08-12 00:14:55 UTC

This is the worst fucking idea. And you’re posting instructions on a compromised discord.

2017-08-12 00:14:59 UTC

The strong will come

2017-08-12 00:15:02 UTC

You are going to get hurt

2017-08-12 00:15:02 UTC

If you’re smart, you won’t go to this torch rally.

2017-08-12 00:15:05 UTC

What will break first? Your torches? Or your spine?

2017-08-12 00:15:08 UTC

Be there to support the movement

2017-08-12 00:15:19 UTC

Pride goeth before a fall

2017-08-12 00:15:36 UTC

There's a difference between standing strong and being retarded.

2017-08-12 00:15:43 UTC

@everyone we have the police explicit protections

2017-08-12 00:15:48 UTC

If something happens tonight, they will have all the ammo they need to shut down tomorrow. Risking the main event tomorrow for a tiki torch procession is a terrible mistake.

2017-08-12 00:16:01 UTC

They will be there protecting us the whole march

2017-08-12 00:16:13 UTC

I've been to many things with "police protection" The bricks sail right over their heads would you believe it?

2017-08-12 00:16:18 UTC

torch processions are based

2017-08-12 00:16:20 UTC

again this is not something id be putting out in open coms

2017-08-12 00:16:23 UTC

Then stay home

2017-08-12 00:16:23 UTC

@Quartermaster's Ghost yeah that's antis biggest ay

2017-08-12 00:16:26 UTC


2017-08-12 00:16:29 UTC

Odd that the security director knows nothing about police protection

2017-08-12 00:16:35 UTC

It's about the movement not you

2017-08-12 00:16:41 UTC

You're committed or not.

2017-08-12 00:16:45 UTC

TWP will not be joining you

2017-08-12 00:16:49 UTC

Last I was told the police had no details of the event

2017-08-12 00:16:59 UTC

I am sure cops are going to crack down on whichever side is the dumbest the fastest

2017-08-12 00:17:06 UTC

When the rubber hits the road we'll know who to count on

2017-08-12 00:17:06 UTC

"Hey guys let's ignore the advice of all of our intelligence team, our security team, and our professional subject matter experts just so we can march with tiki torches

2017-08-12 00:17:11 UTC

It's about all of us and safety. What will tomorrow be like if half of you are hurt or arrested.

2017-08-12 00:17:12 UTC

No theyre not

2017-08-12 00:17:12 UTC

So don't risk the big event for a torch march that has been announced on a compromised server.

2017-08-12 00:17:14 UTC

The security director, who I am sitting next to, says last he knows there was no police presence for this torch procession.

2017-08-12 00:17:26 UTC

Is there police protection or not?

2017-08-12 00:17:29 UTC

@everyone We have police protection

2017-08-12 00:17:30 UTC


2017-08-12 00:17:33 UTC

And let's post about our specific plans, locations, and approaches in a discord that is known to be compromised."

2017-08-12 00:17:41 UTC

This is also a terrible fucking discussion to have on an open compromised server.

2017-08-12 00:17:45 UTC

Stop counter-signaling. You're not helping

2017-08-12 00:17:48 UTC

Let the situation develop before making a judgement call on the inclination of any 3rd parties.

2017-08-12 00:17:54 UTC

You're a moron

2017-08-12 00:17:54 UTC

Stop being a dumb fuck

2017-08-12 00:18:01 UTC


2017-08-12 00:18:04 UTC

At this point, just assume neutrality and behave accordingly.

2017-08-12 00:18:05 UTC

You’re going to get people hurt with misinfo

2017-08-12 00:18:07 UTC

You're in the movement or not

2017-08-12 00:18:08 UTC

Your pride will get people killed

2017-08-12 00:18:08 UTC

Jesus Christ. At this point we need too learn how to shut up and follow orders

2017-08-12 00:18:10 UTC

You're going to get people hurt and our rally canceled.

2017-08-12 00:18:14 UTC

You guys are gonna let communist threats let them get a victory

2017-08-12 00:18:15 UTC

For nothing

2017-08-12 00:18:16 UTC


2017-08-12 00:18:22 UTC

Is Greg Johnson coming or not

2017-08-12 00:18:23 UTC

Fuck you

2017-08-12 00:18:23 UTC


2017-08-12 00:18:28 UTC

At this point just shut the fuck up and await further instructions

2017-08-12 00:18:33 UTC

and do not make blanket statements

2017-08-12 00:18:35 UTC


2017-08-12 00:18:44 UTC

Greg Johnson has a beautiful soul

2017-08-12 00:18:49 UTC

Stop it babies

2017-08-12 00:18:57 UTC

When in charge be in charge, when you are not, shut the fuck up and wait.

2017-08-12 00:19:01 UTC

@Hand Banana *panicks loudly*

2017-08-12 00:19:04 UTC

Clearly giving in to terrorist threats is letting them win

2017-08-12 00:19:10 UTC


2017-08-12 00:19:13 UTC

The torch event was planned from the get go

2017-08-12 00:19:15 UTC

Man, stop wetting your pants everybody. It's fine. This is Jason's city. Follow his lead

2017-08-12 00:19:17 UTC

You yanks shouldve stayed in niggertown

2017-08-12 00:19:17 UTC

You all sound like a bunch of antifa homosexuals

2017-08-12 00:19:26 UTC

Stop bitching and countersignaling each other

2017-08-12 00:19:38 UTC

Stop being antsy. Just take a breath and wait.

2017-08-12 00:19:44 UTC

refusing to walk into an ambush without any organized security isn't "letting them win," it's tactically sound

2017-08-12 00:19:45 UTC

Listen to Vanguard

2017-08-12 00:19:46 UTC

@WhiteTrash thats not what Dr Hill has said to us

2017-08-12 00:19:55 UTC


2017-08-12 00:20:11 UTC

Getting hopped up and making judgements with no information gets you or others injured.

2017-08-12 00:20:11 UTC


2017-08-12 00:20:13 UTC


2017-08-12 00:20:21 UTC

Ls has never had anything to do with the torch rally

2017-08-12 00:20:25 UTC

Join the atomwaffen divsision

2017-08-12 00:20:27 UTC

If you want to become our Horst Wessel then going to the march is a good idea.

2017-08-12 00:20:31 UTC

Y'all being spergs

2017-08-12 00:20:37 UTC

Join the AtomJohnson division

2017-08-12 00:20:42 UTC

There is a little virtue called tactical patience. Learn it.

2017-08-12 00:20:56 UTC

This is fucking ridiculous

2017-08-12 00:21:09 UTC

Greg Johnson's huge cock is ridiculous

2017-08-12 00:21:15 UTC

Look martyrs are useful for propaganda sure but in the words of our Lord Jahans it's not worf it

2017-08-12 00:21:24 UTC

Reeeee wtf is going on?

2017-08-12 00:21:34 UTC

when there is ambiguity or you make sudden contact in a tactical situation you dont sperg when you are trail elements, you take a knee and wait for further info. The main element is engaged with the city piece. Just wait before moving left right forward etc.

2017-08-12 00:21:39 UTC

Stop with the autism plz.

2017-08-12 00:21:43 UTC

Which march is more important?

2017-08-12 00:21:53 UTC
2017-08-12 00:21:59 UTC

The march to Greg Johnson's love palace

2017-08-12 00:22:02 UTC

Both. The situation will develop itself.

2017-08-12 00:22:06 UTC

give it time.

2017-08-12 00:22:20 UTC


2017-08-12 00:22:23 UTC


2017-08-12 00:22:29 UTC

He's right you know

2017-08-12 00:22:53 UTC

@Cacoethes - MI if you think other people don't know this, i don't know what to tell you. It is well-understood.

2017-08-12 00:23:04 UTC

He is to a degree, people are just antsy and nervous, many have spent a great deal of time and money to get there. Just take a knee and wait.

2017-08-12 00:23:07 UTC


2017-08-12 00:23:17 UTC

When you need to know you will know.

2017-08-12 00:23:24 UTC

@everyone The torch rally is going on as planned. If you dont want to go , you dont have to. this is not an army you are not being drafted. Police will be there to rape antifa if you are worried.

2017-08-12 00:23:26 UTC

If ya'll insist I'd recoment it

2017-08-12 00:23:31 UTC


2017-08-12 00:23:47 UTC

I'm going.

2017-08-12 00:23:53 UTC

Damnit @wyatt

2017-08-12 00:23:55 UTC

can someone delete the retarded spam

2017-08-12 00:24:14 UTC

Police are not blank slate on either side, again they will swoop on whoever is the dumbest the fastest in nature of stopping things from instigating. Just don't be retarded with cops and let the left be retarded and get balled up.

2017-08-12 00:24:28 UTC

if you are worried DONT GO

2017-08-12 00:24:42 UTC

Greg Johnson is the leader of the alt right

2017-08-12 00:24:42 UTC

They are there for public safety and as such whoever over reaches and is stupid, will get balled up.

2017-08-12 00:24:43 UTC

if you want to be face to face with antifa spergs and have a badass torchmarch

2017-08-12 00:24:44 UTC


2017-08-12 00:24:59 UTC

So just keep some control about you

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