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2017-08-02 00:57:38 UTC

please don't ruin that youtube for me.

2017-08-02 00:58:03 UTC

guys pls dont do this

2017-08-02 00:58:05 UTC


2017-08-02 00:58:10 UTC


2017-08-02 00:58:38 UTC

I will ask nicely even though you are juggalo.

2017-08-02 00:58:51 UTC

Don't mention the standard fuck party the women will get triggered.

2017-08-02 00:59:21 UTC

I just wish they wouldn't be so brazen about it.

2017-08-02 00:59:41 UTC

that song still amuses me till this day.

2017-08-02 01:00:04 UTC

*old skool TRS

2017-08-02 01:00:06 UTC

The actual video, once was enough

2017-08-02 01:10:54 UTC

Who was the individual who was going to do tattoos?

2017-08-02 01:11:56 UTC

BTW, I spoke with Heimbach a couple of hours ago, he sends his regrets that he won't be present here tonight.

2017-08-02 01:17:19 UTC

THE PERSEID METEOR SHOWER IS BEGINNING: This week, Earth is entering a stream of debris from Comet 109P/Swift-Tuttle, source of the annual Perseid meteor shower. Specks of dusty debris hitting the top of Earth's atmosphere faster than 110,000 mph are burning up in the night sky, producing a spray of shooting stars from the constellation Perseus. Meteor rates are relatively low now, but they will increase sharply in the nights ahead. Forecasters expect the shower to peak on Aug. 11-13 with perhaps dozens of meteors per hour visible in bright moonlight. Visit Spaceweather.com for observing tips and sky maps.

2017-08-02 01:17:44 UTC

Sounds like Fate to me.

2017-08-02 01:18:01 UTC

Sign from the gods

2017-08-02 01:41:25 UTC

Shawty want an 8 ball tell her call Waka

2017-08-02 01:44:31 UTC

What's the latest on numbers? Opposition and ours. I saw something about a bunch of ministers showing up?

2017-08-02 01:46:55 UTC

6 million of us

2017-08-02 01:50:07 UTC

65 million hardened criminals with priors for violent felonies

2017-08-02 01:50:28 UTC

I'm arriving in a gunship

2017-08-02 01:51:46 UTC

Muh Six Gorillion...

2017-08-02 01:51:49 UTC

If only we could have Enoch and Spencer fly in on a helicopter and throw a dummy out right before landing hahaha

2017-08-02 01:51:54 UTC

I'm bringing spider balloons

2017-08-02 01:52:25 UTC

First person to find me a live rat to make out with wins a prize

2017-08-02 01:52:49 UTC

Does a Jew count as a rat?

2017-08-02 01:52:55 UTC

*This discord is now under control of The REEEEEfugees*

2017-08-02 01:53:06 UTC


2017-08-02 01:53:18 UTC

I love jewish women

2017-08-02 01:53:56 UTC

@Ignis Faatus add my reeshly FB profile to reeefugees. I'm in what looks to be an abandoned group

2017-08-02 01:54:12 UTC

No thats the right one

2017-08-02 01:54:16 UTC

We all have you blocked

2017-08-02 01:54:19 UTC

@Ignis Faatus dear, it's getting late. You should go to bed. (Speaking as your mother)

2017-08-02 01:55:56 UTC

You have to ask shaun Mosley or mckevitt

2017-08-02 01:56:43 UTC

It's still light out and there are too many nonwhites about I have much work to do

2017-08-02 02:01:03 UTC

No, I'm his Mother

2017-08-02 02:02:01 UTC


2017-08-02 02:02:19 UTC

^ Stealing....

2017-08-02 02:04:44 UTC


2017-08-02 02:06:04 UTC


2017-08-02 02:38:20 UTC


2017-08-02 02:38:24 UTC


2017-08-02 02:38:26 UTC


2017-08-02 02:38:52 UTC

Where's the poll?

2017-08-02 02:41:16 UTC


2017-08-02 02:41:24 UTC

Democracy fag :ree:

2017-08-02 02:42:21 UTC

Unite the right

2017-08-02 03:00:05 UTC

Bring wood and oil

2017-08-02 03:13:26 UTC

VA doesn't even have one in leadership chat? or whatever the fuck that is.

2017-08-02 03:13:46 UTC

I thought it was 'organizers'

2017-08-02 03:13:51 UTC

There were VA reps in there

2017-08-02 03:13:58 UTC


2017-08-02 03:14:27 UTC

Why dont you go through your chain of command instead of posting disinfo in the general channel?

2017-08-02 03:14:43 UTC

I asked a question not posted any disinfo.

2017-08-02 03:14:55 UTC

Was in respones to @Aaron - VA .

2017-08-02 03:16:39 UTC

Yeah, all is good. I just joined , that first meeting.

2017-08-02 03:17:08 UTC

I was just high energy at that time

2017-08-02 03:21:52 UTC

@Hand Banana You are an asshole but I like you anyway.

2017-08-02 03:22:53 UTC

Thank you

2017-08-02 03:23:06 UTC

I''m better in person

2017-08-02 03:31:00 UTC

Most PSD / executive protection guys I know are real good people but also can be real assholes

2017-08-02 03:31:11 UTC

I think it is part of the job

2017-08-02 03:31:55 UTC


2017-08-02 03:32:10 UTC

We are just very upfront and direct with people with lack of tact some times we get the job done πŸ˜€

2017-08-02 03:32:24 UTC

Unless you guys are making sandwiches I mean.

2017-08-02 03:32:46 UTC


2017-08-02 03:32:52 UTC

lol sorry.

2017-08-02 03:33:58 UTC

Executive protection people keep people safe .... and clean pools and get male and get ice and act as slaves for the principal

2017-08-02 03:34:37 UTC

@khaos156-WV So you know something about the executive protection world ?

2017-08-02 03:35:00 UTC

Nope. Not inside of this event.

2017-08-02 03:35:44 UTC

Ah lol the way you said making sandwiches made it seem like you did lol being yes clients have made us get them food in the past

2017-08-02 03:36:08 UTC

I was bantz.

2017-08-02 03:36:57 UTC

I do threat mitigation and security analysis for a living / degree from UCSB.

2017-08-02 03:40:59 UTC

Others who have served as military intel have even more experience in that realm.

2017-08-02 03:47:03 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:20 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:22 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:23 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:24 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:29 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:29 UTC

guess who was leaking

2017-08-02 03:49:46 UTC

90% of discord?

2017-08-02 03:49:49 UTC


2017-08-02 03:49:56 UTC

little miss dramaqueer

2017-08-02 03:50:06 UTC

I guess me then.

2017-08-02 03:50:09 UTC

or him.

2017-08-02 03:50:12 UTC


2017-08-02 03:50:17 UTC


2017-08-02 03:50:20 UTC


2017-08-02 03:50:27 UTC


2017-08-02 03:50:30 UTC

We are all surely blindsided by this staggering revelation

2017-08-02 03:51:02 UTC

For the record too, you are not able to ban others just because they are total faggots? lit sense.

2017-08-02 03:51:30 UTC


2017-08-02 03:51:33 UTC

bye bitch

2017-08-02 03:51:35 UTC

I know you already said that but others complained

2017-08-02 03:51:52 UTC

listen any other alt right event that would be the case

2017-08-02 03:52:21 UTC

unfortunately planning for this event was started WAY long ago when "unite the right" included the libertarian normies who like BASED MILO

2017-08-02 03:52:34 UTC

no future events will be homofreindly

2017-08-02 03:52:41 UTC

at least to my knowledge

2017-08-02 03:52:41 UTC

Well sorry we all gave you a hard time fam.

2017-08-02 03:53:04 UTC

The dyke was leaking information? That's hilarious

2017-08-02 03:53:11 UTC

i know shocking right

2017-08-02 03:53:27 UTC

I saw there was a bunch of drama on facebook about it

2017-08-02 03:53:41 UTC


2017-08-02 03:53:55 UTC


2017-08-02 03:54:34 UTC

lets shut up and let mods speak @MadDimension was just typing.

2017-08-02 03:54:39 UTC

admins even*

2017-08-02 03:56:49 UTC

that evidence of queer collusion by leaking info must be made public

2017-08-02 03:57:23 UTC

honestly its not that big a deal. we were very fortunate to find the leaker through investigative work

2017-08-02 03:57:50 UTC

For intel reasoning and OPSEC they should do what they already are.

2017-08-02 03:58:31 UTC

anyway im going to bed if there is an emergency i cant help

2017-08-02 03:58:47 UTC

later wyatt

2017-08-02 03:59:27 UTC


2017-08-02 04:00:48 UTC

WAIT WAIT WAIT!!!!! Am I to understand that the gheys are bitchy gossips?

2017-08-02 04:00:54 UTC

It isn't really up to us.

2017-08-02 04:35:06 UTC

Whoa, what the fuck did she leak?

2017-08-02 05:04:38 UTC

Its not important

2017-08-02 05:14:06 UTC

If it was me, then can I go first on the name that trannie game?

2017-08-02 05:14:27 UTC

lets pitch in for prizes

2017-08-02 05:15:38 UTC

This chan kvetches 24/7, usually for fun and is funny but what is anyone getting done?

2017-08-02 05:15:50 UTC

We are all getting wound up as event comes closer.

2017-08-02 05:29:44 UTC

ChEcK oUt ThIs DaNk DyKe

2017-08-02 05:29:53 UTC


2017-08-02 05:32:02 UTC


2017-08-02 07:49:48 UTC

@everyone Anyone else here get hyped every night as the C-ville event gets closer? I'd take going to this rally ANY day over going to the Bahama's. Nothing can replace the feeling you get at a White Nationalist rally. That feeling of brotherhood and communion is so far beyond anything else that I know.

2017-08-02 08:24:57 UTC

@Jacob Freeman Hail victory friend

2017-08-02 09:17:54 UTC


2017-08-02 09:18:08 UTC

tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado

2017-08-02 11:50:04 UTC

@everyone i suggest everyone get this book and read it it is about the need for security and how implement a security plan for movements like this it was written by a SF Intel guy .

2017-08-02 12:25:15 UTC

Sometimes the Jew programming in me takes over and I think something like "so what, she's a lesbian. She's obviously pro-white and we shouldn't be hostile". That's the nice guy in me. Then I wake up and realize that ideological differences are what create divisions and traitors, so it's best to have firm ideologies and keep potential traitors out.

2017-08-02 12:50:28 UTC

Yeah supporting the ethnostate and not being a homo are basic requirements for being an ally to our cause

2017-08-02 13:30:45 UTC

Fuxkibg savages

2017-08-02 13:41:12 UTC

It's important for normy white ppl to see these news stories

2017-08-02 15:53:01 UTC


2017-08-02 16:27:41 UTC

The Ford translation of mine komph is the best one right ?

2017-08-02 16:32:51 UTC

Yes. imo.

2017-08-02 16:34:52 UTC


2017-08-02 17:20:07 UTC

@The Goy Scout Yeah this one is pretty simple and to the point.

2017-08-02 17:38:33 UTC
2017-08-02 17:48:09 UTC

why is my name brown now wtf

2017-08-02 17:49:36 UTC

You were gave 'attendee' permissions

2017-08-02 17:49:51 UTC

fancy shit

2017-08-02 17:50:02 UTC

Basically if you are not in a specific group your name will appear brown

2017-08-02 18:15:31 UTC

Yes! I just saw that headline.

2017-08-02 18:16:04 UTC

English speakers and financially stable?

2017-08-02 18:16:24 UTC

So Brown is shit tier?

2017-08-02 18:16:32 UTC

Good to know

2017-08-02 18:16:43 UTC

100% Pure Bavarian Phenotype @The Goy Scout

2017-08-02 18:18:01 UTC

How do I align myself with my group?

2017-08-02 18:18:13 UTC

I'm a good boy and I dindu nuffin

2017-08-02 18:19:27 UTC

I don't care for this brown, no group stuff!haha

2017-08-02 18:20:33 UTC

Talk to your group leader I guess

2017-08-02 18:29:26 UTC

If your group is already on the list (or regardless) ask inside of <#323601101330972683> and tag them or in the case that it is not an admin.

2017-08-02 18:51:53 UTC

Brown means under suspicion for being part ape?

2017-08-02 19:23:44 UTC

What's my color

2017-08-02 19:23:57 UTC

Oh I'm shitskin'd too

2017-08-02 19:46:49 UTC

Color test

2017-08-02 19:47:09 UTC


2017-08-02 19:56:09 UTC

Color test

2017-08-02 19:57:14 UTC

OH WTF I'm in VA! Get this niggy pigment off of my name!

2017-08-02 20:08:11 UTC


2017-08-02 20:41:15 UTC

@Fevs did you say they're bringing tendies????

2017-08-02 20:42:12 UTC

If there aren't tendies at the after party I'm supplementing it with nigger death

2017-08-02 21:01:38 UTC

@Fevs you never stop shitposting, do you?

2017-08-02 21:01:50 UTC


2017-08-02 21:02:11 UTC

This is the most fucked up discord I have seen in my life even after moderating /pol/'s kangz raid

2017-08-02 21:02:37 UTC

Someone really had the nerve to kick Americana?

2017-08-02 21:04:16 UTC

Americana is my n word

2017-08-02 21:04:19 UTC

Don't kick him

2017-08-02 21:05:44 UTC

You guys got browned too. never forget the browning.

2017-08-02 21:07:58 UTC
2017-08-02 21:08:39 UTC

Can someone add me into the VA list?

2017-08-02 21:09:00 UTC

O fuck never saw the above post my bad

2017-08-02 21:13:26 UTC

I will wait for the video. Installing flash player not the best idea

2017-08-02 23:22:33 UTC

T o r n a d o

2017-08-02 23:50:02 UTC

Help me

2017-08-03 00:33:11 UTC


2017-08-03 00:33:17 UTC


2017-08-03 00:36:16 UTC

What's wrong @Ignis Faatus ?

2017-08-03 00:38:50 UTC


2017-08-03 00:38:52 UTC

@WASP-VA Hmmmm

2017-08-03 00:39:29 UTC

They're looking for a way to shut us down according to CVille tranny

2017-08-03 00:39:43 UTC

I'm coming no matter what so good luck

2017-08-03 00:39:51 UTC


2017-08-03 00:48:39 UTC
2017-08-03 00:49:45 UTC

The for now..,part is ominous

2017-08-03 00:50:11 UTC


2017-08-03 00:50:44 UTC

Bottom line: they want to shut us down but are still trying to figure out how to

2017-08-03 00:52:46 UTC


2017-08-03 00:53:04 UTC

Well nonetheless we show up in Cville regardless.

2017-08-03 00:53:15 UTC
2017-08-03 00:53:26 UTC

White Pill: Cville tranny not happy about indecision

2017-08-03 00:53:29 UTC


2017-08-03 00:53:41 UTC


2017-08-03 00:53:51 UTC

Showing up anyway faggots

2017-08-03 00:53:51 UTC

>enemy of the state

These "people"

2017-08-03 00:53:51 UTC


2017-08-03 00:54:03 UTC


2017-08-03 00:54:03 UTC


2017-08-03 00:54:22 UTC


2017-08-03 00:54:34 UTC

I heard some black church is bringing like 1k people to protest

2017-08-03 00:54:39 UTC

We are coming and they aren't going to stop us

2017-08-03 00:54:41 UTC

1000 blacks is serious

2017-08-03 00:54:42 UTC

Plane tickets are expensive. Going to be pissed if I fly down there for nothing

2017-08-03 00:54:44 UTC

Lol it's funny that they entertain the idea that we'll just cancel our plans

2017-08-03 00:54:52 UTC

He's been shitting his panties for weeks.

2017-08-03 00:54:58 UTC

N00B question:

How do I go about getting someone added to this server?

2017-08-03 00:55:04 UTC

Of course they're afraid. We hold the rally with limited interference, we win. If we end up having to defend ourselves and BTFO commies we win.

2017-08-03 00:55:17 UTC

Ask in modhelp @GoyMeetsWorld

2017-08-03 00:55:22 UTC

We win either way.

2017-08-03 00:55:33 UTC
2017-08-03 00:55:35 UTC

1k nogs ain't shit. We're white men.

2017-08-03 00:55:43 UTC

They're fucked either way and they know it. The only way they win is shutting it down (oy) and even then we show up anyway.

2017-08-03 00:55:46 UTC

We can't lose if our enemies are already losers

2017-08-03 00:55:56 UTC

Also it's just fun to be at a huge rally with other alt right people.

2017-08-03 00:56:17 UTC

@Phillip-TX a mass chimpout could result in a riot that could end up in tear gas, and all sorts of shiiiiet.

2017-08-03 00:56:23 UTC

@Nerv - VA hell yeah

2017-08-03 00:56:53 UTC

They wouldn't win even then

2017-08-03 00:57:14 UTC

Tranny said Charlottesville 2.0 is a prelude to a fascist police state. From your lips to god's ears, honey

2017-08-03 00:57:21 UTC

I fucking wish

2017-08-03 00:57:52 UTC

It is win win. Best case scenario we can hold our event without fights. Second best scenario is they attack us and show the country that they dont support free speech.

2017-08-03 00:58:11 UTC

The only way we lose is by not showing up. They know it

2017-08-03 00:58:16 UTC

Well, one scenario is much much better than the other

2017-08-03 00:58:30 UTC

They are incapable of carrying out co-ordinated violence with impunity because of VA's no-mask laws, so essentially there is nothing they can do but cry. This attempt at pursuing legal action is their last stand against us...if they fail, we win. Hell, even if they succeed we'll do it anyway and win.

2017-08-03 00:59:17 UTC

They are shitting themselves over this

2017-08-03 00:59:40 UTC

Just keep your eyes out for any funny business from them

2017-08-03 00:59:45 UTC

This isn't over until August 12th

2017-08-03 00:59:53 UTC

They could try something ANYTIME between now and then

2017-08-03 01:00:18 UTC

I expect them too, would be surprised if they didn't

2017-08-03 01:01:46 UTC

oy vey we should have done communist revolution in the 60s the goyim are coming back

2017-08-03 01:02:13 UTC


2017-08-03 01:02:23 UTC

I know they were meeting about parking. Did anything come of that?

2017-08-03 01:03:10 UTC

It Will be a much more dangerous situation if they decide to revoke the permit

2017-08-03 01:03:50 UTC

I like how they can't admit to themselves that it's the counter protestors that pose the biggest concern

2017-08-03 01:05:03 UTC

if they revoke the permit we could probly sue the city into the ground. No point in showing up if that happens

2017-08-03 01:06:01 UTC

They can't shut down the event. If they were able to do it they would have done it a month ago

2017-08-03 01:06:03 UTC

I don't think we'd be able to make much of a REAL impact with lawyers in that case IMO

2017-08-03 01:06:40 UTC

@Frederick De Peyrens - VA that's always their entire argument "if these fascist hold a rally, who will keep the community safe from our rioting?"

2017-08-03 01:07:40 UTC

The city council isn't deciding whether or not we will have a rally, they're deciding whether or not we get to have it LEGALLY

2017-08-03 01:07:58 UTC

They have to give us the permit

2017-08-03 01:08:28 UTC

They could do some subversion shit to complicate things

2017-08-03 01:08:45 UTC

there is no legal way to shut it down

2017-08-03 01:08:48 UTC

Unlawfully take the permit anyway, even though they'd get sued

2017-08-03 01:08:48 UTC

if they treid

2017-08-03 01:08:54 UTC

they would get annihilated in court

2017-08-03 01:09:07 UTC

Regarding the August 7th press conference: They're not going to be able to cancel it. They're going to hold a press conference talking about "muh white supremacy" and the need for everyone to stay home and be nonviolent (which worked so well last time)

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