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2017-07-31 04:32:40 UTC

Who's gonna be cosplaying gimp marx?

2017-07-31 04:33:01 UTC

I'm coming dressed as Stalin.

2017-07-31 04:34:25 UTC

>low IQ non-whites

Redundancy wha?

2017-07-31 04:34:32 UTC


2017-07-31 04:40:43 UTC


2017-07-31 04:42:50 UTC

^Might apply if they spray us with our torches.

2017-07-31 04:44:06 UTC

Got my tiki

2017-07-31 04:44:57 UTC
2017-07-31 04:45:05 UTC

I recommend CryptoCat for this.

2017-07-31 04:46:22 UTC

We were talking about bringing the outer circle/general public people to show up early since Antifa is going to be out by 9am

2017-07-31 04:46:54 UTC

We have the park secured by our inner circle and the police at this point. Right now we're just tlaking about the composition of the crowd in the streets

2017-07-31 04:47:19 UTC

I'm going to speak to the police about it tomorrow and see what they think the safest route is

2017-07-31 04:57:14 UTC

"Wes Bellamy is a Nigger"

2017-07-31 04:58:16 UTC

Trickle up nigocracy

2017-07-31 04:59:28 UTC

Why don't we just meet up at the park at 0630?

2017-07-31 04:59:47 UTC

If we go this route of showing up early to preemptively thwart their preemptive strike, I can easily see things getting messy from there. I think we should let the police do their job. They know the Antifa plan as well as we do and will almost certainly have a plan to prevent it from being successful.

2017-07-31 05:00:10 UTC

Most of our guys are used to waking up around the anyway, and God knows they won't be able to assemble any meaningful resistance at 6 or 7 in the morning

2017-07-31 05:01:20 UTC

Welfare pocs and college trannies never see the sun come up

2017-07-31 05:01:44 UTC

There is a solid system in place for securely transporting attendees into the park. If we stick with that plan, I think we will avoid a lot of unnecessary bloodshed.

2017-07-31 05:02:33 UTC

Or maybe it is necessary. I'm just saying that the plan that we already have in place is a really good one.

2017-07-31 05:10:09 UTC @everyone support our people and our artists!

2017-07-31 05:11:32 UTC

^that album @here

2017-07-31 05:11:54 UTC

If you don't buy that shit you're not even white imo

2017-07-31 05:12:10 UTC

Why ping me over that

2017-07-31 05:12:42 UTC

@Skrrt you don't want to support your people..?

2017-07-31 05:13:03 UTC

It's 1:30 I want to sleep with my white wife

2017-07-31 05:13:08 UTC

2017-07-31 05:13:33 UTC

@Skrrt do that, sleep to the sweet sounds of Byron

2017-07-31 05:14:22 UTC

2017-07-31 05:16:50 UTC

right-wing friendship squad

2017-07-31 05:34:30 UTC

2017-07-31 05:41:43 UTC

2017-07-31 05:42:06 UTC

What can be done with this fucking nigger? Smh

2017-07-31 05:50:56 UTC

*the deep rumble of a woodchipper echoes in the distance*

2017-07-31 06:33:47 UTC

@everyone Hey! I am running the vanpool for Texas goys going to Charlottesville and am looking for anymore people interested. If you can get to Dallas, Austin, or Houston, please contact me!

2017-07-31 08:00:09 UTC

Tie David Balabon to the roof of your van

2017-07-31 13:27:43 UTC

Weev has a good piece up on the Stormer about opsec.

2017-07-31 17:01:50 UTC

@everyone We're selling tickets to the afterparty now, $12 apiece. Purchase via Paypal and simply list the names or email addresses you want added to the invite list. Send through Paypal to [email protected] or via the following link

2017-07-31 17:02:35 UTC

There are tickets to the afterparty?

2017-07-31 17:02:46 UTC

Just a paygate thing, I suppose?

2017-07-31 17:03:00 UTC

If they don't run out by payday, I'll order some for me and wife

2017-07-31 17:03:20 UTC

What if you don't want to get doxed?

2017-07-31 17:04:11 UTC

I think that evey goy in our movement should own a handful of prepaid credit cards (pay the jew tax) and a burner phone.

2017-07-31 17:04:22 UTC

What about paying cash upon arrival?

2017-07-31 17:06:14 UTC

Long as there is space permitting

2017-07-31 17:07:13 UTC

I'll give you cash this weekend @MadDimension if that works

2017-07-31 17:09:02 UTC

I am driving from the Hampton Roads area if anyone needs a ride.

2017-07-31 17:11:29 UTC

I'd rather pay at the door TBH

2017-07-31 17:14:18 UTC

@MadDimension is there any way we could simply pay at the door?

2017-07-31 17:15:11 UTC

Another goy here who'd rather do cash

2017-07-31 17:15:41 UTC

I paypal with people I know and trust and have met in person but not otherwise.

2017-07-31 17:17:09 UTC

We'll have an option for paying at the door.

2017-07-31 17:17:39 UTC

Payment sent. Do I need any proof of payment?

2017-07-31 17:19:00 UTC

You can use your email address to get in

2017-07-31 17:20:29 UTC


2017-07-31 17:32:00 UTC


2017-07-31 17:35:35 UTC

Will it still be 12$ at the door?

2017-07-31 17:38:24 UTC

Sending this evening @MadDimension

2017-07-31 18:21:46 UTC

Is the after party at a private venue?

2017-07-31 18:42:19 UTC


2017-07-31 18:44:02 UTC

Are y'all donating the proceeds to the [Redacted private venue]?

2017-07-31 19:17:23 UTC

@MadDimension I just paid via PayPal but I didn't provide my PayPal linked email, I used a sock and added my sock email to the comments on the donation. Can you please confirm receipt by that email?

Can I pay on behalf of members of my delegation, put something like my email address + 10?

2017-07-31 19:44:11 UTC

@JacksonSmith - PA/TX hilarious. Does Twitter block that article for you too? Is Washington Times fake news? Lmao

2017-07-31 19:51:52 UTC

Well looks like confessor isn't coming to the after party

2017-07-31 19:52:01 UTC

He will never be able to scrape together 1w bucks lmao

2017-07-31 19:52:04 UTC


2017-07-31 19:52:54 UTC

better be a helluva party for that cash

2017-07-31 19:53:41 UTC

@Ignis Faatus should change his name to Brokenigga

2017-07-31 19:56:49 UTC

Then I awoke....

2017-07-31 20:03:38 UTC

what comes with this 12$? unlimited booze?

2017-07-31 20:03:57 UTC

no need to byob this time?

2017-07-31 20:05:27 UTC

^ that

2017-07-31 20:05:54 UTC

is that a yes?

2017-07-31 20:06:00 UTC

Thats a i want to know also

2017-07-31 20:07:49 UTC


2017-07-31 20:07:50 UTC

You can witness a live recording of the alc right rises

2017-07-31 20:10:35 UTC

what does the other 11 dollars get me?

2017-07-31 20:11:41 UTC

what about this 8 dollars?

2017-07-31 20:18:28 UTC

We got some shekel clutching kikes up in here lmao

2017-07-31 20:18:57 UTC

Just want to know where my sheckels are going fam

2017-07-31 20:20:11 UTC

I'd rather pay at the door myself as well

2017-07-31 20:20:48 UTC

just wondering if we BYOB or if thats what the 12$ is for

2017-07-31 20:21:45 UTC

The 12 dollars is going to cost more than the 1.49 king cobras and olde English I'm bringing

2017-07-31 20:22:02 UTC

>not hurricane

2017-07-31 20:22:20 UTC

>not four loko

2017-07-31 20:22:53 UTC

>not a triple ipa aged in bourbon barrels with orange peel

2017-07-31 20:23:22 UTC

2017-07-31 20:25:16 UTC

Fuck water, I'm bringing a camel back of 45.

2017-07-31 20:25:57 UTC


2017-07-31 20:26:10 UTC


2017-07-31 20:26:39 UTC

I'm like that general who converted to Islam because it made him better and blowing up kebabs. Except I drink 40s and fight niggers

2017-07-31 20:26:54 UTC


2017-07-31 20:27:50 UTC

Popeye had his spinach, Goldstein's got his malt.

2017-07-31 20:28:47 UTC

The rally is the after party with Billy Dee.

2017-07-31 20:29:12 UTC

hope he comes dressed as lando

2017-07-31 20:29:32 UTC

I actually think he might be dead.

2017-07-31 20:30:35 UTC

nah he's just old as dirt

2017-07-31 20:30:44 UTC

Nope, still alive.

2017-07-31 21:03:37 UTC


2017-07-31 21:40:51 UTC

@everyone Whatever name or email you buy your ticket with will be what we put on the guest list.

2017-07-31 21:41:07 UTC

for the paid after party?

2017-07-31 21:41:17 UTC

oy gevalt

2017-07-31 21:44:35 UTC

@everyone We'll be announcing the location via the Discord a few days before the event.

2017-07-31 21:45:14 UTC

is that a good idea?

2017-07-31 21:45:29 UTC

Seriously like where is the after party money going though

2017-07-31 21:45:35 UTC

shouldnt this just be DM'd to leaders and they can give it to the people they are brining

2017-07-31 21:47:48 UTC

Paid after party?

2017-07-31 21:55:25 UTC

@Munich it stands to reason that the after party will be a rented location and not a random bar that we might get kicked out of

2017-07-31 22:01:44 UTC

idk if an after party is going to be appropriate depending on how crazy it gets

2017-07-31 22:09:36 UTC

Oh it is appropriate trust us

2017-07-31 22:24:39 UTC

@MadDimension I'm assuming ID will be checked to match the name on the guest list?

2017-07-31 22:25:52 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL no it sounds like people can use pseudonyms

2017-07-31 22:26:58 UTC

At some point someone is going to have to card.

2017-07-31 22:27:03 UTC


2017-07-31 22:27:37 UTC

well yeah for age but not for the list

2017-07-31 22:27:48 UTC

VA doesn't fuck around with ABC laws

2017-07-31 22:28:01 UTC

Serving alcohol will pretty much require that. All it will take is for some Antifa to get ahold of the ticket link, then give it to underage people, buy tickets for them, then call the cops b/c underage people being served alcohol

2017-07-31 22:28:56 UTC

It's also a good safety measure, as this is how DJ20 got busted trying to acid attack deploraball. They had to buy tickets in their own names.

someone spoke about a bracelet system for underage people

2017-07-31 22:34:09 UTC

Check my ID and get rekt. It's expired.

2017-07-31 22:35:36 UTC

@khaos156-WV b& for being a nigger

2017-07-31 22:35:40 UTC

I am not able to come to the afterparty anyway I am carpooling with TWP goy/some others

2017-07-31 22:35:49 UTC


2017-07-31 22:36:23 UTC

I could be very wrong but lots of us are doing something else after anyway.

2017-07-31 22:44:05 UTC

Will there be OPTICS at the after party?

2017-07-31 22:44:28 UTC

I love those

2017-07-31 22:46:59 UTC

Why are people so surprised there's a IRL paywall for part of the event that got suddenly announced well after everyone made plans to go? That's exactly what happened at 1.0 lmao

2017-07-31 22:48:28 UTC

> paywall for the after party for people showing up to take part in the event

That is some Jewy shit right there

2017-07-31 22:50:09 UTC

What if I get Hashtag Unite The Right tattoed on my neck, is that a free pass?

2017-07-31 22:54:16 UTC

What about all the security volunteers who are going to be risking their necks to stop Antifa from rushing you @MadDimension

2017-07-31 22:55:47 UTC

@lolyouwish do you think food and a venue are free ?

2017-07-31 22:58:08 UTC

No, but that doesn't really change anything. People are already pinching pennies to attend, and in many cases putting themselves at risk just to attend in the first place. I imagine many people will opt to just go to a bar as opposed to pay for an after party.

2017-07-31 22:58:10 UTC

You are sounding like a bunch of leftists wanting free shit

2017-07-31 22:59:03 UTC

Isn't the ticket like 12 bucks?

2017-07-31 22:59:07 UTC

Especially considering how this is pretty last minute to announce there will be a paywall for it with no actual details beyond food and drinks.

2017-07-31 22:59:17 UTC

So go to the bar the after party is something special with extra stuff at it that isn't part of the event

2017-07-31 22:59:19 UTC

Believe it or not most of us here are National *Socialists*

2017-07-31 22:59:54 UTC

If you think National Socialism Is about getting free shit you are economically retarded

2017-07-31 23:00:41 UTC

Don't get me wrong, I understand the why. I just don't see it as being popular and imagine a lot of people simply won't bother.

2017-07-31 23:01:18 UTC

It is about people working jointly together and helping each other aka of your goy can't afford the $12 tour group gets together and chips in to help him out

2017-07-31 23:01:37 UTC

@Hand Banana has a good point.

2017-07-31 23:01:54 UTC

Dude if 12 bucks breaks you over this trip then you really can't afford to go

2017-07-31 23:01:58 UTC

If they don't go they miss out

2017-07-31 23:02:00 UTC


2017-07-31 23:02:21 UTC

$12 is not much considering the cost of the location and how many people are showing up.

2017-07-31 23:02:42 UTC

12 bucks will get you 3 shitty beers at a bar full of normies

2017-07-31 23:02:55 UTC

It is $12 bucks as so if your goy can't afford it you and your other goys get together and chip in $2 each and pay for him

2017-07-31 23:03:06 UTC

That is how National Socialism works

2017-07-31 23:03:10 UTC

or half a beer at a concert.

2017-07-31 23:03:36 UTC

Well I'm going to guess that the afterparty isn't being run at cost and there's going to be cash flowing into pockets

2017-07-31 23:03:53 UTC

@lolyouwish mfw you'll go to a bar and likely spend much more than $12, rather than just spend $12. šŸ¤·

2017-07-31 23:04:29 UTC

alc-right rising I kinda trust but its co hosted with detroit guys. Like I said originally a couple of goys have other shit to do anyway.

2017-07-31 23:04:35 UTC

Doubt that there will be food drinks and speakers there plus the hall cost

2017-07-31 23:05:04 UTC

Whereas at this after party $12 gets me as of yet unspecified food and alcohol. For all I know once it is divided up it could be half a sandwich and two beers.

Again, without details as to what people are actually paying for I don't see it as being popular. Especially as a pretty last minute announcement for people budgeting to go.

2017-07-31 23:05:21 UTC

@HueTheHand You will have to wait for them to respond. That information is not opsec or intel related and can be dropped.

2017-07-31 23:05:55 UTC

I'm not even a drinker and likely won't e en go to a bar. I'm just saying in general.

2017-07-31 23:06:05 UTC

$12 for the house/property bringing your own alcohol even seems ok to me.

2017-07-31 23:06:54 UTC

I know some of what is going on at the party and all I'm aloud to say is it will be worth it

2017-07-31 23:07:37 UTC

Your opinion, people will have to make that call themselves. And if details are not actually released prior to having to pay, I don't see it flying.

2017-07-31 23:07:58 UTC

ahh ok yeah. again not attending even though I love getting drunk and would to throw up on several of you.

2017-07-31 23:08:24 UTC

I wouldn't complain until things are final but I do agree serious volunteers/security should have their shit waved.

2017-07-31 23:08:56 UTC

$12 is $12 we could hand that directly to Enoch and just not attend.

2017-07-31 23:10:29 UTC

Releasing the fact that certain people have gotten in with no feed ahead of time is also an asshole move.

2017-07-31 23:10:50 UTC


2017-07-31 23:11:27 UTC

The Detroit Right and TARR are not in any way involved in running this after party

2017-07-31 23:11:49 UTC

I thought that _was_ the afterparty?

2017-07-31 23:11:55 UTC

That is the only reason I wanted to go.

2017-07-31 23:12:10 UTC

I've seen no one say any one was getting in the official after party free

2017-07-31 23:13:03 UTC

There are many party's going on that night there are severe after party after parties also

2017-07-31 23:13:06 UTC

The best thing about this event is how there's usually 3 or more conflicting narratives and people tag the event organizers multiple times and the conflict is never cleared up or in any way answered

2017-07-31 23:13:15 UTC

No swasis, No TARR.

2017-07-31 23:14:38 UTC

It's Kesslers event but it is all kind of enraging tbh.

2017-07-31 23:14:57 UTC

I will obviously respect the rules but I get how everyone else feels.

2017-07-31 23:15:31 UTC

@MadDimension could you comment on this and clear things up

2017-07-31 23:19:04 UTC

No Swastika?

2017-07-31 23:23:09 UTC

Some of ya'll are a tough crowd man, relax and wait for more details.

2017-07-31 23:23:18 UTC

I'm going to wear my armband no matter what

2017-07-31 23:23:35 UTC

I have GLR on my side

2017-07-31 23:24:11 UTC

You just want your protection to work extra don't you šŸ˜œ @Herrenvolk - MD

2017-07-31 23:26:00 UTC

We were asked not bring swasis but there is no real way of stopping this either @Herrenvolk - MD .

2017-07-31 23:26:26 UTC

Also my flag

2017-07-31 23:26:40 UTC

As Much as I love Hitler and the Swastika they are still too triggering to normies

2017-07-31 23:26:43 UTC

And my full SS uniform

2017-07-31 23:26:53 UTC


2017-07-31 23:27:06 UTC

I'm just going to dress as Hitlr

2017-07-31 23:27:06 UTC

People are seriously worked up over $12 bucks? If $12 is that big of an economic hurdle to, you should unironically stay home and sort your life out instead of trekking to political rallies and trying to change the world.

2017-07-31 23:27:09 UTC

Just don't bring face masks or ICP status makeup

2017-07-31 23:27:34 UTC

So Mr. Liqz can't come?

2017-07-31 23:27:40 UTC

That's it, I'm out

2017-07-31 23:27:49 UTC

I just lol so hard ^^^

2017-07-31 23:27:56 UTC

Yea $12 should be less than a hour of work for the majority of people... Shit I over pay my fellow Fashy Goys out of love

2017-07-31 23:28:14 UTC

$12 is fine...across a lot of goys that adds up to serious booze and chow shekels

2017-07-31 23:28:46 UTC

I make $12 in about 5 minutes

2017-07-31 23:28:49 UTC

Lotta sensitive girls in here whining about a few bucks. I don't even drink and I don't mind paying a dozen shekels for a space to hang out and throw a friendly wave to my friend Kyle.

2017-07-31 23:29:15 UTC

How Tall was Kyle again?

2017-07-31 23:29:27 UTC

Got an extra SS hat?

2017-07-31 23:31:06 UTC

Last I saw he was about yea high...

2017-07-31 23:31:11 UTC

People act like Jason should just come out of pocket and provide us with a secure private venue to relax and party. While simultaneously second-guessing and complaining about every decision he makes. As though he's a professional alt-right rally organizer instead of doing this for the first time ever. "I tagged you on Discord, and you didn't respond to me immediately! This is a disaster and not serious, yet I'm going to stay in here for multiple hours a day critiquing every thing instead of organizing my own perfect events."

2017-07-31 23:31:29 UTC

2017-07-31 23:31:52 UTC

Venues and supplies cost money

$12 is quite reasonable

2017-07-31 23:31:58 UTC

@Wade Garrett Amen, brother.

2017-07-31 23:32:00 UTC

There were tickets to the after party of the first rally. Those were 60 bucks a pop.
Last I checked, reserving a venue cost money...
Or is this just another excuse to shit on Kessler, the man who is more or less responsible for this rally as well as the previous one... šŸ¤”

2017-07-31 23:32:06 UTC

^^ cheap af

2017-07-31 23:32:16 UTC

@Wade Garrett 100%, getting pretty sick of people being ungrateful.

2017-07-31 23:32:26 UTC

Wen even NSM removes the swastika you know something is changing trying to attract more people

2017-07-31 23:32:30 UTC

Cheaper than the cover at some concert halls and there's probably drunk tickets

2017-07-31 23:32:34 UTC


2017-07-31 23:33:01 UTC

Lol that fucking name

2017-07-31 23:33:04 UTC


2017-07-31 23:33:19 UTC


2017-07-31 23:36:37 UTC

Everyone is not willing to admit what they are mad about.

2017-07-31 23:36:41 UTC

@HueTheHand simply removing the swastika isn't enough, if you want to attract people, you gotta lead by example and be the Ɯbermenschen, be the role models that your community looks to.

2017-07-31 23:36:57 UTC

I was gonna make fun of the hosts by calling 'em jews for charging us for the party, but the people *complaining* about having to pay $12 have taken this to a whole new level of kike

2017-07-31 23:37:17 UTC


2017-07-31 23:37:40 UTC

If you don't have $12 you've got worse problems to worry about than saving the white race lol

2017-07-31 23:37:43 UTC

@Jack Danson - KG that is why we have groups like VA , IE and , TWP now

2017-07-31 23:38:22 UTC

-A meal at any shit tier Mexican restaurant. -two packs of cigarettes -a six pack of quality beer -a movie ticket to see some Jew vibrant production

2017-07-31 23:38:49 UTC

Oh and LOTS

2017-07-31 23:39:06 UTC

I know some of you guys live hand to mouth. Simple answer, don't go to the after party. Nobody is holding a gun to your head

2017-07-31 23:39:39 UTC

I'm fine with the barrier to entry. The party at 1.0 got shut down. A lot of doxing apparently took place at the afterparty at Pikeville. They are trying to prevent both of these things this time. $12 bucks is a small price to pay for that. And you are still free to throw your own parties or whatever, ofc.

2017-07-31 23:40:10 UTC

Hell I sold some of my firearms collection to do this just to inshore I had extra spending cash on top of lodging and travel

2017-07-31 23:41:25 UTC

@Wade Garrett When you are already doxxed so you are free to do anything

2017-07-31 23:41:36 UTC


2017-07-31 23:42:07 UTC

And if you think swastikas should be front and center, organize a rally and make them mandatory. If I come, I'll fly one. But the people that organized this one want to go a different direction. Don't see the big deal there, either.

2017-07-31 23:42:25 UTC

I thank Huggins Half Kindred for dxing me this spring so I no longer give a crap about being seen

2017-07-31 23:42:37 UTC

@Wade Garrett you know about the GLR thing right?

2017-07-31 23:42:53 UTC

The Swastika will rise again, it is the Symbol of our people, White People... just the masses aren't ready for that yet, it will do more harm than good ATM

2017-07-31 23:42:54 UTC


2017-07-31 23:43:41 UTC

have to kill the conditioning first

2017-07-31 23:43:57 UTC

Exactly @jtlowe83 the sunweal will come back

2017-07-31 23:50:15 UTC

Bunch of Nazi faggots

2017-07-31 23:51:28 UTC

Hitler was gay

2017-07-31 23:51:31 UTC

The Sunweal never left

2017-07-31 23:52:48 UTC


2017-07-31 23:53:00 UTC

Doesnt matter if you use it now, or never. The opposition still looks at you like you are a tattooed skinhead. Dont be a pussy

2017-07-31 23:54:36 UTC

well it isn't a Nazi rally, it is suppose to be super normie friendily with alt right people and hopeful people on the edge we can convert them, triggering them isn't super helpful

2017-07-31 23:55:17 UTC


2017-07-31 23:55:56 UTC

the flood of tears from alt lite people and normies would be overwhelming haha

2017-07-31 23:56:23 UTC

would need to build a fucking New Noah's Ark

2017-07-31 23:56:32 UTC

Yeah, I get that. I'm just saying though. You do a lot more damage to yourself when you hold back how you really feel. Talk about triggering, no one likes a liar.

2017-07-31 23:57:25 UTC

Idenitarian is just an labeled excuse to not make enemys

2017-07-31 23:58:20 UTC

Can someone explain to me the difference between the alt-lite counter signaling us for being WNs and y'all countersignaling those with the balls to use swastikas?

2017-07-31 23:58:26 UTC

I don't think it's a bad idea to have swazis and other more explicit WN symbolism mixed into these events

2017-08-01 00:00:02 UTC

uh because telling a 85 IQ boomer they shouldnt want to live in a country full of muslims and violent mexican gang members is relatable and agreeable where as slapping a swastika on and worshipping a dead german politician isnt

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