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2017-07-14 20:13:46 UTC

There is a Asatru Black Sun meet in NC. DM me for details.

2017-07-14 20:30:45 UTC

Our great leader


2017-07-14 20:31:25 UTC

I hate that I find Richard Spencer photoshops so hilarious

2017-07-14 20:34:25 UTC

@khaos156-WV tomorrow on trs radio

2017-07-14 20:34:38 UTC


2017-07-14 22:01:47 UTC


2017-07-14 22:02:08 UTC

^^^ that actually looks like him... hory shit!!!

2017-07-14 22:09:24 UTC


2017-07-14 22:09:27 UTC

So why is Richard Spencer not going to the event?

2017-07-14 22:09:51 UTC
2017-07-14 22:09:59 UTC

He's not on any of the fliers.

2017-07-14 22:10:10 UTC

Even Johnny Minoxide is on the flyers

2017-07-14 22:10:14 UTC

But not Richard

2017-07-14 22:11:46 UTC

Maybe he found out you guys keep posting up weird pictures of him and is embarrassed

2017-07-14 22:11:50 UTC


2017-07-14 22:11:57 UTC

He's going

2017-07-14 22:12:17 UTC

Oh ok, that muust be a new flyer. I have one from a few days ago without him

2017-07-14 22:12:32 UTC

He wasn't on the very first ones.

2017-07-14 22:13:25 UTC

OK, thats good. I was wondering

2017-07-14 22:40:14 UTC

>even Johnny Monoxide

Hey fuck you guy

2017-07-14 22:40:36 UTC


2017-07-14 22:40:39 UTC


2017-07-14 22:40:48 UTC
2017-07-14 22:40:56 UTC

ITs funny because you're smol

2017-07-14 22:41:33 UTC

Johnny Minoxydil

2017-07-14 22:42:33 UTC

@JohnnyMonoxide I meant nothing by it. I just cant spell

2017-07-14 22:42:41 UTC

You know me, I can barely speak either.

2017-07-14 22:42:54 UTC

I'm like a fatter hairier version of Helen Keller.

2017-07-14 22:44:15 UTC

WHo wants to go to the Alc-Right Rises exclusive afterparty Saturday night?

2017-07-14 22:47:02 UTC

This is true.

2017-07-14 22:47:11 UTC

There's an afterparty?

2017-07-14 23:17:53 UTC

@Hand Banana will there be booze?

2017-07-14 23:27:19 UTC

meee meee

2017-07-14 23:27:33 UTC

Drinking is degen

2017-07-14 23:27:39 UTC

I want to show you newfags how to drink.

2017-07-14 23:27:41 UTC

I am degen

2017-07-14 23:27:44 UTC

I never claimed not to be

2017-07-14 23:35:55 UTC

Is there a list of bars/restaurants that will actually serve us someplace?

2017-07-14 23:39:06 UTC

The latest big money funded anti white propaganda campaign

2017-07-14 23:39:28 UTC

From a group called the equal justice initiative

2017-07-14 23:40:47 UTC

(((Equal))) has become a dirty word

2017-07-14 23:41:33 UTC

@Hand Banana I wanna go

2017-07-14 23:44:36 UTC


2017-07-15 00:35:19 UTC


2017-07-15 00:35:22 UTC

There will be booze

2017-07-15 00:35:31 UTC

@JohnnyMonoxide it's going to be lit

2017-07-15 00:35:46 UTC

The Detroit Right AND TARR all crammed into one house with a bunch of Nazis

2017-07-15 00:48:28 UTC


2017-07-15 00:48:30 UTC

Make racial terror lynchings great again!

2017-07-15 00:49:03 UTC

Nazis?? Finally!! I can be with my people!!

2017-07-15 00:49:08 UTC


2017-07-15 00:49:40 UTC

Just look at all those normal happy white people

2017-07-15 00:50:53 UTC

It's going to be organized by a mixture of military veterans and frat bros

2017-07-15 00:51:45 UTC

And a slav playing an accordion

2017-07-15 00:52:08 UTC

That's not a Slav. He's standing.

2017-07-15 00:52:18 UTC


2017-07-15 01:05:06 UTC

This could be us, but you're on here shitposting all day about gay shit instead of buying a helicopter and ski masks.



2017-07-15 01:05:38 UTC

Youre only as WN as the amount of Discord posts you have

2017-07-15 01:10:54 UTC

Jumpmaster here. If you buy the helicopter I can handle operations in air.

2017-07-15 01:12:48 UTC

@Athena Marie your job is to make sure we have warm cookies when we get back.

2017-07-15 01:12:53 UTC

@Hand Banana so I take it I'm invited?

2017-07-15 01:13:23 UTC

Understood @Tyrone

2017-07-15 01:13:40 UTC


2017-07-15 01:13:58 UTC

All the members of the HoobZone are given access

2017-07-15 01:14:27 UTC

@JohnnyMonoxide You have to show knees to get in tho

2017-07-15 01:14:49 UTC

Well of course.

2017-07-15 01:15:53 UTC

Unless your identifying as a woman, Johnny. Then, I'm told, you can show up in a respectable burka.

2017-07-15 01:19:17 UTC

nope women are not allowed says certain groups.

2017-07-15 01:19:27 UTC

Even if your name is Johnny.

2017-07-15 01:20:54 UTC


2017-07-15 01:20:59 UTC

The afterparty you mong

2017-07-15 01:21:18 UTC

@Athena Marie women are not excluded from the knee examination

2017-07-15 01:21:44 UTC

I would never to presume that men would want women at a party.

2017-07-15 01:22:32 UTC

I think confessor will be there and def not safe for you guys.

2017-07-15 01:26:53 UTC

There will be an after party after the after party. All our welcome but only admitted with a swastika tattoo , and a copy of your 23andme/Ancestry results.

2017-07-15 01:26:55 UTC

@Hand Banana will there be tacos?

2017-07-15 01:27:17 UTC

Swastika brand*

2017-07-15 01:27:49 UTC

That will be given out during actually

2017-07-15 01:28:06 UTC

I'm still not comfortable with this knee checking. Could we settle for ankles?

2017-07-15 01:28:15 UTC


2017-07-15 01:29:01 UTC

We've all done it

2017-07-15 01:29:07 UTC

It's a rite of passage

2017-07-15 01:29:23 UTC

@Aaron - VA Is it ok if I only have the VA logo on my forehead? or do I need the matching back

2017-07-15 01:29:33 UTC


2017-07-15 01:29:54 UTC

Swastikas only sir

2017-07-15 01:30:38 UTC

brb tribal then

2017-07-15 01:33:04 UTC

Knees are a time-honored tradition of admission to our most secret and guarded grooming chambers

2017-07-15 01:35:13 UTC


2017-07-15 01:35:40 UTC

@Hand Banana the Boer farmers have a joke "if I get cold, I'll put on TWO pairs of shorts" ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

2017-07-15 01:36:18 UTC

@Aaron - VA where do I get branded/tattooed? I have ancestry dna if that's acceptable

2017-07-15 01:52:56 UTC

TARR beer pong pls

2017-07-15 01:56:45 UTC

Beyoncรฉ is kool aide

2017-07-15 01:56:53 UTC

Just in: @Ayla compared beyonce to kool aid. Now black twitter wants her dead

2017-07-15 01:57:40 UTC

I think we should appropriate kool aid and make it the official drink of the alt right

2017-07-15 01:58:33 UTC

I mean... they're both fake substitutes for actual quality so she's not wrong

2017-07-15 01:58:58 UTC

Yes!! That was my point! You get it!

2017-07-15 01:58:59 UTC

Black twitter doesn't even know how to navigate to cville you're fine.

2017-07-15 01:59:34 UTC

There's a reason no nigger ever set sail(unless we made them) or learned to navigate via celestial bodies

2017-07-15 01:59:52 UTC

But gps? ๐Ÿ˜‚

2017-07-15 02:00:25 UTC

Don't lie @Americana - MD you KNOW those two nigres mathematicians put our men on the moon!!!

2017-07-15 02:00:45 UTC


2017-07-15 02:01:13 UTC

I love our folk

2017-07-15 02:01:15 UTC

Jk FBI pls no bully

2017-07-15 02:01:57 UTC

can i get added to the FBI group?

2017-07-15 02:02:41 UTC


2017-07-15 02:02:50 UTC

@khaos156-WV just retweet all my posts on twitter. I'm sure that will get you on every list you need to be on to feel dangerous

2017-07-15 02:03:49 UTC


2017-07-15 02:03:57 UTC

I meant on the discord I thought this was a dank meme

2017-07-15 02:04:10 UTC


2017-07-15 02:04:17 UTC


2017-07-15 02:05:44 UTC

All you need is love fam

2017-07-15 02:47:28 UTC


2017-07-15 02:56:06 UTC

@MadDimension, I was just informed of the torch rally. Have you gotten any feedback about it? I had lodging booked for Saturday night. It's not impossible for me to book Friday as well, but be mindful that surprises like this can make life complicated for people who are traveling long distances.

2017-07-15 03:02:43 UTC

We're doing the torch-lit rally on Friday

2017-07-15 03:03:38 UTC

Doing it Saturday would pose too great a security problem. That's why it was moved.

2017-07-15 03:04:36 UTC

That makes sense as long as it seems like people are willing to adjust and travel in early.

2017-07-15 03:34:39 UTC

Most people traveling long distances seem to be arriving sometime on Friday since the rally is pretty early on Saturday. We'll hopefully be able to hold a peaceful torchlit demonstration by doing it on a completely different night at a completely different location this time around.

2017-07-15 03:49:22 UTC

I need a clever hashtag for my flag burning campaign in June. Please give me suggestions


2017-07-15 03:49:41 UTC


2017-07-15 03:50:26 UTC


2017-07-15 03:55:50 UTC


2017-07-15 03:58:17 UTC

^^ what he said

2017-07-15 03:58:50 UTC


2017-07-15 03:59:25 UTC


2017-07-15 04:02:34 UTC

#FlamingFlag #FlamingFags

2017-07-15 04:44:39 UTC


2017-07-15 04:45:46 UTC

That seriously looks more like Madonna used to than Madonna does now.

2017-07-15 04:46:47 UTC

She's the perfect poster girl for blacks going white when they have enough money too

2017-07-15 04:47:12 UTC

My problem with her is how people literally worship her. It's incredibly disturbing

2017-07-15 04:47:42 UTC

She's the queen of their world

2017-07-15 04:53:13 UTC

Woodchipper nationalism

2017-07-15 04:56:10 UTC

Why is there no woodchipper emoji?

2017-07-15 04:59:08 UTC
2017-07-15 05:02:10 UTC

Who's that..?

2017-07-15 05:02:36 UTC

Madonna got more plastic surgery?

2017-07-15 05:41:03 UTC

Nice job on the video promo that's good stuff

2017-07-15 05:47:44 UTC

Thanks brother @JacksonSmith - PA/TX

2017-07-15 06:04:23 UTC

Paddy made a tune for our event.

2017-07-15 13:46:31 UTC

@MadDimension great interview on this week in white genocide

2017-07-15 13:49:30 UTC

<@&321389309162815488> Just joined the server. Please put me under Vanguard when you get a chance

2017-07-15 13:52:25 UTC


2017-07-15 13:52:44 UTC

Appreciate it

2017-07-15 14:57:35 UTC

How can we get Morrakiu to come

2017-07-15 15:53:41 UTC

@zyklonbeast i think he said on Radical Agenda that he's coming

2017-07-15 15:55:43 UTC


2017-07-15 16:10:21 UTC

he was at the 1st one

2017-07-15 16:47:50 UTC

he lives in VA anyways not very far

2017-07-15 19:22:34 UTC


2017-07-15 20:48:55 UTC


2017-07-15 21:29:52 UTC

@everyone Does anyone here want or plan to get a tattoo anytime soon?. Inb4 degenerate af. The biker who provided security at the recent press conference is getting nonstop harassed by anti-whites at his shop Mystic Tattoo.

2017-07-15 21:30:09 UTC

I do

2017-07-15 21:30:22 UTC

@MadDimension I don't do tatoos

2017-07-15 21:30:28 UTC

Would he do a swazi???

2017-07-15 21:31:51 UTC

@Stormer DC Prob so. One of his artists has an 88 tattoo evidently

2017-07-15 21:32:07 UTC

๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿค” ๐Ÿค”

2017-07-15 21:32:11 UTC

Let's do it!!!

2017-07-15 21:32:26 UTC

Ya I'm down to get one

2017-07-15 21:32:38 UTC

@MadDimension tattoos at the after party?

2017-07-15 21:32:43 UTC


2017-07-15 21:32:47 UTC


2017-07-15 21:32:50 UTC


2017-07-15 21:34:20 UTC

I planned on it and I know a bunch of guys I'll be with want some

2017-07-15 21:34:46 UTC

Honestly he could probably make a lot of money traveling to events giving tattoos

2017-07-15 21:34:47 UTC


2017-07-15 21:36:33 UTC
2017-07-15 21:36:48 UTC

He'd need licensing

2017-07-15 21:37:03 UTC

Idk the paperwork, just spitballing ideas fam

2017-07-15 21:37:24 UTC

2017-07-15 21:39:02 UTC

I'm gonna get the entire Bee Movie script inked on my back

2017-07-15 21:39:25 UTC

We could do an Alt-Right tattoo party and he could make bank. Tattoo artists make a shitload more when not in a shop because they don;t have to rent the space nor do they have to give up a chunk of the price theuir paid to the shop. He'd prolly charge a lot less too.

2017-07-15 21:39:56 UTC

I like these ideas

2017-07-15 21:40:43 UTC

I literally manifest all thoughts into my life. How much would a chest sized tattoo be?

2017-07-15 21:41:29 UTC

Quite a bit

2017-07-15 21:41:53 UTC

And depending on how much is involved, could very likely take multiple sessions

2017-07-15 21:41:58 UTC


2017-07-15 21:42:03 UTC

One day when I'm swole enough I'll probably get a sonnenrad

2017-07-15 21:42:12 UTC

That's what I want

2017-07-15 21:42:20 UTC

Sonnenrad in a laurel

2017-07-15 21:42:32 UTC

You're not supposed to get tattood having drank the day before right?

2017-07-15 21:42:46 UTC

He said he would give a good discount to /our guys/ too

2017-07-15 21:42:56 UTC

Before or after

2017-07-15 21:43:08 UTC

Don't want thin blood famalam

2017-07-15 21:49:35 UTC

If people are going to line up he needs to just come up with some quick fash-flash so we don't have some jackass getting a 6 hour session for a hitler portrait. He needs 14 pieces of flash art for us to choose from. $88 each. @MadDimension

2017-07-15 21:55:38 UTC

Not a bad idea

2017-07-15 21:57:19 UTC

Are we just planning on going to the shop and lining up? My boyfriend may want to do this.

2017-07-15 22:00:28 UTC

We'll have to contact the shop, see what works for them

2017-07-15 22:06:32 UTC

Mystic Tattoo
(434) 245-8282

2017-07-15 22:07:01 UTC

Open till 10pm. Call and tell them you support

2017-07-15 22:07:58 UTC

Heard that, chef.

2017-07-15 23:10:25 UTC

I was on pol at work today and someone posted they were going to "kill spencer at Charlottesville" I didn't get a screen cap and it got deleted. Did you guys see it?

2017-07-15 23:20:18 UTC

No, I'm sure it was edgy tho

2017-07-15 23:36:27 UTC

@Nick425 I didn't see it but pol has been getting raided harder than I've ever seen before by leftists within the last few days. Don't even bother going there during the morning. It seems to clean up by the evening.

2017-07-15 23:37:26 UTC

Its been slide central

2017-07-15 23:38:26 UTC

Yeah I didn't know if it was a normal thing or something to be alarmed about

2017-07-15 23:40:46 UTC

Well, that is a threat. But a lot of people want to kill Spencer. Thats just part of it all.

2017-07-15 23:46:51 UTC

Well I have been meaning to get a kolovrat tatoo done...

2017-07-16 00:02:08 UTC

Is there a general itinerary of what's going on? I saw something about torches and whatnot

2017-07-16 00:10:19 UTC

They just trying to scare ppl away don't fall for it

2017-07-16 00:20:53 UTC

@Nick425 @Aaron - VA it's definitely not normal. Something big is about to happen. Shills are riding the coattails of the Trump jr stuff and going hard on everything else. Personally I get pissed off at all the anti Russia shit. My girlfriend is russian.

2017-07-16 00:23:19 UTC

We should always expect the worst at all times, especially at major events like these. There is always a risk. But that's why we do what we do, to fight for our people. We just have to be aware and ready.

2017-07-16 00:41:19 UTC


2017-07-16 00:43:29 UTC

Rockwell held a rally in San Francisco. 26 of his people showed up. They were upposed by 3000 protesters. Rockwell and all his boys made it out fine. After alot of Fighting :)

2017-07-16 00:44:41 UTC


2017-07-16 00:50:34 UTC


2017-07-16 00:56:11 UTC


2017-07-16 00:56:14 UTC

I miss Rockwell

2017-07-16 00:56:44 UTC


2017-07-16 00:57:12 UTC


2017-07-16 00:58:17 UTC

Rockwell was a filthy purity spiraller, tho

2017-07-16 00:59:20 UTC

Many right-wingers are sincerely concerned, I know, about my battles with men such as Maguire, Snowden, Welch, Hargis, et al., and my revelations of what they really are. โ€œThey are doing good,โ€ I am told, โ€œwhy not let them go about their business their own way. They are helping. Donโ€™t hurt themโ€.

I maintain they are only giving the appearance of helping-but are actually hurting.

Before a mass of people will rise up and do anything effective and forceful about a tyrannical situation, there must be built up a certain emotional pressure. A firecracker has not the force of a rifle bullet because it explodes harmlessly in all directions. But the gas from a rifle bullet cannot escape, except by forcing the bullet out at terrific speed, because it is confined, directed into useful channels.

As long as Welch and all the rest of his ilk, rich and poor, can give themselves the illusion of โ€œfighting the Jewsโ€ by exploding the pressure inside of them verbally and harmlessly, in all directions, and without ever hurting a Jew traitor, they keep the pressure we need to get mad and fight from ever building up.

The Jews know this, and permit these hundreds and hundreds of harmless rightwing organizations to spout endlessly in silence behind the Jewish โ€œpaper curtainโ€. They donโ€™t reach any significant number of people outside their own group. Even when they do, their approach is so feeble and so psychologically wrong that they win only a few rare types.

They never, never get out into the public, into the streets, and reach the masses with an inspiring and driving masculine movement, which alone can win the hearts of the masses! They pass literature and talk only to each other.

2017-07-16 00:59:21 UTC

If just one tenth of the money which pours every year, year after year, into such โ€œfire-crackerโ€ movements were to be contained, directed, and used behind an ideological bullet forced out by fighting men, the Jews would stop at nothing to crush and destroy that deadly โ€œbulletโ€. Even without that money, with only a few grains of โ€œpowder,โ€ but confined and directed with force, we have already earned the all-out hate of the Jews, the only sure sign that we are not firing the eternal rightwing โ€œgasโ€ at them, but the deadly bullets which they know will eventually destroy their illegal, tyrannical power.

2017-07-16 01:00:46 UTC

Yeah he's talking about pressure releases like the alt lite

2017-07-16 01:01:05 UTC

But sure I guess that makes him a "purity spiraler"

2017-07-16 01:01:28 UTC

>implying there's a difference of anything other than degree between the alt-lite and the alt-sodomite

2017-07-16 01:35:35 UTC

Did anyone see someone put the word out to the local civil war reenactors about the rally?

2017-07-16 01:44:23 UTC

I appreciate our Anti-Com Freikorps comrades but pls dont talk shit about Cdr Rockwell

2017-07-16 01:47:44 UTC

@The Inquisitor [โ˜ง] Have you read that book or is that just a quote you saw?

2017-07-16 01:48:24 UTC

@Hand Banana I haven't read all of his books, just some

2017-07-16 01:48:51 UTC

That specific quote is from Chapter 12 of "White Power"

2017-07-16 01:49:13 UTC

And don't get me wrong, me calling Commander Rockwell a "purity spiraller" wasn't an insult

2017-07-16 01:49:23 UTC

@I'm Not Sam Hyde I've asked multiple people to bring reenactors. What have you heard?

2017-07-16 01:49:23 UTC

I very much support the ideal of purity

2017-07-16 01:49:44 UTC

I've specifically spoken to reenactors as well

2017-07-16 01:50:10 UTC

@MadDimension I was just browsing the discussion page for the event on fb

2017-07-16 01:50:23 UTC

Thought it was a really great idea

2017-07-16 01:51:12 UTC

Any reenactor regiments that shows up in uniform are pretty brave tbh after the way the liberals have torn into the motorcycle gang and every other identifiable group that has stood up against the anti-whites

2017-07-16 01:52:30 UTC

Well, hopefully they do

2017-07-16 01:53:34 UTC

Definitely. Hard to say if they will be as relentlessly harassed as others have been since there will be so many directions for the liberals to spread their hate after this event.

2017-07-16 01:53:55 UTC

Dude I'm sure they catch shit already

2017-07-16 01:54:37 UTC

You have no idea to what level they bring it

2017-07-16 01:54:53 UTC

I'm sure there are soccer mom's who raise he'll over a confederate flag or uniform

2017-07-16 01:55:16 UTC

Anyone who stands with me here the media and activists call KKK until they have hundreds of blacks, jews and race-mixers hounding them on social media and calling their place of business

2017-07-16 01:56:19 UTC

If you Google search KKK you will find numerous liberal sites like Slate bringing their wrath upon this city and anyone who would oppose monument removal

2017-07-16 01:56:30 UTC

Sounds about par for the course as far as leftists go

2017-07-16 01:56:44 UTC

I think it says a lot when you see leftists calling proud boys white nationalists

2017-07-16 01:57:02 UTC

City council held a press conference and called them terrorists

2017-07-16 01:57:13 UTC

Dude, your average rah rah Murcia boomer is a white nationalist

2017-07-16 01:57:21 UTC

To these people

2017-07-16 01:57:45 UTC

I've seen it first hand

2017-07-16 01:57:57 UTC

Anyone right of Trotsky is a nazi

2017-07-16 01:58:02 UTC

Have you guys had problems keeping antifa out of the Discord so far?

2017-07-16 01:58:02 UTC

Lefties do us a favor tbh, they know there's no middle ground: in the long run you're either white nationalist or you're anti white

2017-07-16 01:58:52 UTC

Well, if the antis are here they're doing a good job keeping their mouths shut

2017-07-16 01:59:05 UTC

So hard to say

2017-07-16 01:59:14 UTC

@ItsAndrewDickhead hello antifa

2017-07-16 01:59:20 UTC

It's one thing for them to theoretically consider Trump supporters white nationalists but another to fall into the eye of the storm where they are specifically focused on you.

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