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2017-07-03 19:49:29 UTC

No it's a felony to cover you face to conceal your identity in VA

2017-07-03 19:49:57 UTC

Bro don't worry about being doxxed @johnhimself

2017-07-03 19:49:59 UTC

You're not gonna get doxxed lol

2017-07-03 19:50:14 UTC

They can't dox 300 dudes

2017-07-03 19:50:19 UTC

They aren't 4chan

2017-07-03 19:50:30 UTC

There will be hundreds of people there. If you want you can wear sunglasses and a hat

2017-07-03 19:50:44 UTC


2017-07-03 19:51:21 UTC

Snowboard goggles and helmet will give good coverage and protection too

2017-07-03 19:51:41 UTC

Even better^

2017-07-03 19:51:42 UTC

Alright, thanks goys

2017-07-03 19:52:15 UTC


2017-07-03 19:53:12 UTC

I'll wear certain protection depending on the weather. Don't wanna sweat to death, especially if it's all black.

2017-07-03 19:53:48 UTC

Black is better for the heat, it allows it to pass through both ways. White is worse.

2017-07-03 19:54:19 UTC

But white looks good so ill be sweating like a whore in church

2017-07-03 19:55:33 UTC

Tbh it's going to be so fucking hot if it's not raining, everyone is going to sweat.

2017-07-03 19:55:55 UTC

@johnhimself IE guys aren't allowed to wear masks at rallies. Sunglasses and a hat will make you basically dox proof.

2017-07-03 19:56:14 UTC

I usually wear just sunglasses and feel quite comfortable.

2017-07-03 19:56:31 UTC

I'd rather be sweaty AF than get hit in the head without a helmet

2017-07-03 19:57:33 UTC

I don't wear anything and I'm highly active, haven't been dox'd(*knocks on wood*). I was one of the honor guards at cville 1.0

2017-07-03 19:58:08 UTC

The only thing that you need to worry about is if people at home and where you work or go to school find out.

2017-07-03 19:58:37 UTC

@Nicklis - OH why don't you buy the riot shields of Amazon for the sake of unifromity

2017-07-03 19:59:37 UTC

why is a 16 year old asking grown men what to do with their money???

2017-07-03 19:59:45 UTC

@Heinz - MI has experience in shields and came up with our designs. We are making them uniform but also custom built to the individuals size. @Charlemagne MD

2017-07-03 19:59:54 UTC

Lmao it's a sugestion

2017-07-03 20:00:11 UTC

You're only 16?

2017-07-03 20:00:16 UTC

And 16 year old who has had 3 violent altercations with antifa thus far...

2017-07-03 20:00:18 UTC

just saying bro know your place

2017-07-03 20:00:25 UTC


2017-07-03 20:01:01 UTC

It's a suggestion Raph last I checked we can all give those

2017-07-03 20:01:19 UTC


2017-07-03 20:01:22 UTC

Because plastic shields are flimsy.

2017-07-03 20:01:32 UTC

And these only cost ~$20

2017-07-03 20:03:00 UTC

I'm talking about the kind that nordfront uses

2017-07-03 20:03:04 UTC


2017-07-03 20:03:24 UTC

Expenses bro

2017-07-03 20:03:33 UTC

And time

2017-07-03 20:03:41 UTC

I personally like the ones that the Ukrainian police had during maidan and azov and right sector stole

2017-07-03 20:03:44 UTC


2017-07-03 20:04:05 UTC

If I was 16 I wouldn't be asking grown men why they aren't spending their hard earned money in a way that I thought they should for the sake of uniformity is all. Just telling you to have a little courtesy is all brother.

2017-07-03 20:04:33 UTC

It's just a suggestion Raph take it easy

2017-07-03 20:04:41 UTC

He's fine. Nothing wrong with questions and suggestions. Happy to answer them.

2017-07-03 20:04:55 UTC


2017-07-03 20:05:19 UTC

He is 16 so keep bantzing and hazing

2017-07-03 20:05:27 UTC

so long as we're all working towards β›½ ✑ I don't have any problems either lol

2017-07-03 20:06:46 UTC


2017-07-03 20:07:14 UTC

Those plastic shields are fine against projectiles but if we are rushed by a crowd they won't be of much use

2017-07-03 20:07:38 UTC

@Goldstein Riots I can finally be the villain from the music video for Take On Me by A-ha

2017-07-03 20:08:21 UTC

It's better than nothing, if you're not up front then it'll work great against rocks and bottles.

2017-07-03 20:10:16 UTC

Fuck the alt light

2017-07-03 20:10:23 UTC

They need to be humbled

2017-07-03 20:11:15 UTC

Best revenge is being successful. Keep our heads down and keep growing while they fade into irrelevance

2017-07-03 20:11:30 UTC

We shouldn't even give them attention. They are like a low energy antifa at this point, they live to engage us.

2017-07-03 20:13:11 UTC

@AltRightCoast-FL idk fam maybe for this an exception has been allowed. I was specifically speaking with respect to masks. Helmets I'm not sure.

2017-07-03 20:13:33 UTC

Bring the helmet

2017-07-03 20:13:56 UTC

Don't get bricked in the fucking head bc of bad advice

2017-07-03 20:14:31 UTC

This event might be peaceful but probably not. Hope for the best but plan for the worst.

2017-07-03 20:15:52 UTC

The last thing I want is for anyone to get smashed in the head by some tranny freak swinging a padlock on a thong

2017-07-03 20:16:37 UTC

@WASP-VA no I do not... I've got a sheild made out of Baltic birch... But I'm looking for one like thay

2017-07-03 20:17:50 UTC

Sounds cool. Wood is probably the way to go

2017-07-03 20:18:37 UTC

Birch plywood friends @WASP-VA @Charlemagne MD

2017-07-03 20:18:54 UTC

Plywood always

2017-07-03 20:19:01 UTC

Birch plywood βœ…

2017-07-03 20:21:17 UTC

I was with @Stormer DC and his brother and we got involved with 20 plus antifa I had bricks and shit being thrown at me it may have saved me from teh hospital

2017-07-03 20:21:49 UTC

You're brave young one

2017-07-03 20:22:28 UTC

Respect to both of you. And this is why we bring helmets goys and gals.

2017-07-03 20:23:55 UTC

Raph has a helmet got taken off and thrown at me along with his sheild lmao

2017-07-03 20:25:23 UTC


2017-07-03 20:25:30 UTC


2017-07-03 20:31:19 UTC

I've got a baseball helmet and eyepro. We're doing the shield wall thing?

2017-07-03 20:32:31 UTC

They're getting ready to start with us guys

2017-07-03 20:33:13 UTC

By the way, the NJHS literally hasn't declared either groups as Terrorists, nor have they done so for Antifa

2017-07-03 20:33:13 UTC


2017-07-03 20:33:25 UTC


2017-07-03 20:33:25 UTC


2017-07-03 20:33:30 UTC

It's just an article about "groups of interest" to them

2017-07-03 20:33:43 UTC

Antifa, VA and IE are NOT considered terrorist groups

2017-07-03 20:34:08 UTC

Posobiec is a fucking lying shill and he worded his tweet like that on purpose

2017-07-03 20:34:13 UTC


2017-07-03 20:34:13 UTC

That tweet is Slanderous.

2017-07-03 20:34:15 UTC

You guys are bigots

2017-07-03 20:34:21 UTC

That'd be neat πŸ€·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

2017-07-03 20:34:24 UTC

It doesnt say the word terrorist once in there . Posobiec is worse than antifa

2017-07-03 20:34:40 UTC

Fuck Cucksobiec

2017-07-03 20:34:45 UTC

@Stormer DC plz expose him

2017-07-03 20:34:58 UTC

They're preparing for a coordinated propaganda campaign against us

2017-07-03 20:35:08 UTC

Good, let it come

2017-07-03 20:35:14 UTC

Yeah but that's illegal

2017-07-03 20:35:21 UTC

Sue them

2017-07-03 20:35:22 UTC

We can dish out a thousand times more than they can

2017-07-03 20:35:24 UTC

We originated on 8chan apparently

2017-07-03 20:35:25 UTC

"The truth fears no investigation"

2017-07-03 20:35:32 UTC

Fuck these filthy lying Kikes

2017-07-03 20:35:45 UTC

I think There's a good chance Nathan will sue

2017-07-03 20:36:00 UTC

He's built a great image and I doubt he's gonna take any bullshit

2017-07-03 20:36:04 UTC

Remember that this NOT all alt-light. This is the Alt-Light Mafia: Posobiec/Loomer/Cernovich, et al

2017-07-03 20:36:16 UTC

Just gonna sit around and wait for black lives matter to be officially labeled a hate group.....

2017-07-03 20:36:16 UTC


2017-07-03 20:36:29 UTC

They all go on the Night of the Long knives

2017-07-03 20:36:46 UTC


2017-07-03 20:36:52 UTC

(in an ironic self defense pranking situation of course)

2017-07-03 20:37:21 UTC


2017-07-03 20:37:21 UTC

They're classic jewish controlled opposition.

2017-07-03 20:37:43 UTC

Text book definition of it.

2017-07-03 20:38:13 UTC

The reason they fear us is that they know this event could be a major recruitment drive for us from current alt-light ranks

2017-07-03 20:38:29 UTC

We are setting the pace here

2017-07-03 20:39:02 UTC

The Jews are milking what's left of this empire and fleeing

2017-07-03 20:39:06 UTC

That's why we don't want to flame people who are potential new recruits. We need to fight the Cernovich crowd for the hearts and minds

2017-07-03 20:39:16 UTC


2017-07-03 20:40:03 UTC

I don't like any of the alt light. They need to be pulled to the full truth

2017-07-03 20:40:08 UTC

Yeah, Cernovich's followers will thirst for something more meaningful than reading his gorilla book and lining his pocket. We're the next logical step

2017-07-03 20:40:32 UTC

We only want their chads

2017-07-03 20:40:38 UTC

Dont flame the recruits, insult and mock their leafers

2017-07-03 20:40:40 UTC


2017-07-03 20:40:45 UTC

The rest are useless tbqh

2017-07-03 20:40:47 UTC

Chads are degenerate pieces of shit

2017-07-03 20:41:10 UTC

High confidence is good but chad stereotype is degenerate

2017-07-03 20:41:15 UTC

We want young strong men, not sissy middle age pencil pushers

2017-07-03 20:41:32 UTC

Chads are usually race mixing drunk morons

2017-07-03 20:41:32 UTC

@HipToTheJQ reading is hard.

2017-07-03 20:41:33 UTC


2017-07-03 20:42:13 UTC

But no, neither VA or IE should be on any watch list.

2017-07-03 20:42:24 UTC

I didn't quite understand that

2017-07-03 20:42:35 UTC

Could you restate it in way so you sound more like a cunt for me?

2017-07-03 20:42:47 UTC

@HipToTheJQ let it go

2017-07-03 20:42:51 UTC

Be the man

2017-07-03 20:42:51 UTC

I would definitely process the information better if you said like that

2017-07-03 20:43:21 UTC


2017-07-03 20:43:27 UTC


2017-07-03 20:43:34 UTC

Professional street nigga

2017-07-03 20:43:40 UTC

Look we obviously have bigger fish to fry than insulting each other. IE and VA are in the same boat now. May as well act like it.

2017-07-03 20:44:01 UTC

What boat are y'all in?

2017-07-03 20:44:01 UTC

Tell Queen Erika that

2017-07-03 20:44:32 UTC

The one where NJ put us both on some stupid hate list.

2017-07-03 20:44:59 UTC

@Erika please gas yourself

2017-07-03 20:45:04 UTC

Oh well we're all a threat to the system, we're all going on these lists

2017-07-03 20:45:24 UTC


2017-07-03 20:45:36 UTC

Yeah. Thankfully once push comes to shove we won't have an over abundance of esotrogen in our ranks to derail that

2017-07-03 20:45:45 UTC

I'm just waiting for when the feds start locking up, dropping, or buying off leaders. That happened in the 80s and 90s

2017-07-03 20:45:55 UTC


2017-07-03 20:46:05 UTC

But we should have learned from that

2017-07-03 20:46:11 UTC

And we won't let it happen again

2017-07-03 20:46:14 UTC

We didn't

2017-07-03 20:46:18 UTC

Yeah learned that we can't play Jew politics

2017-07-03 20:46:22 UTC

We got even more stupid with security

2017-07-03 20:46:25 UTC

That's what we should've learned

2017-07-03 20:46:42 UTC

I don't want it to happen tbh

2017-07-03 20:46:49 UTC

Where's Rockwell when you really need him?

2017-07-03 20:46:57 UTC

Guys do not respond

2017-07-03 20:47:03 UTC

Not worth the fight

2017-07-03 20:47:16 UTC

I was just joking mane πŸ˜‚

2017-07-03 20:47:22 UTC

@Erika just like you can't handle child birthπŸ€”

2017-07-03 20:47:29 UTC

That wasn't to you Vince

2017-07-03 20:47:29 UTC

Can't handle motherhood?

2017-07-03 20:47:35 UTC

Just like you can't handle the fatherhood.

2017-07-03 20:47:38 UTC

Or do respond. What do I know

2017-07-03 20:48:00 UTC

@Francisco VA It might seem petty but this women needs to learn to keep her mouth shut

2017-07-03 20:48:02 UTC

Lol man shaming feminist

2017-07-03 20:48:16 UTC

Women don't do "bantz"

2017-07-03 20:48:21 UTC


2017-07-03 20:48:24 UTC

I agree, but better ways to go about it

2017-07-03 20:48:29 UTC

At least in my head

2017-07-03 20:48:37 UTC

"Don't parental shame me bro"

2017-07-03 20:48:55 UTC

@Francisco VA stop counter signaling. We've been dealing with her for months now

2017-07-03 20:49:06 UTC

Thing is, everyone in IE agrees with us, so it's not like some flame war between two important groups here

2017-07-03 20:49:09 UTC

>unite the right server
>everyone is arguing

2017-07-03 20:49:27 UTC

The conflict is a women giving orders to a man while claiming she's fighting for traditional gender roles

2017-07-03 20:49:30 UTC

It's literally just the one cunt

2017-07-03 20:49:34 UTC

Erika, if you're a mod here why are you being petty and rude with the masses?

2017-07-03 20:50:16 UTC

Not enough kids to occupy

2017-07-03 20:50:20 UTC

@Skull she is a woman that's why

2017-07-03 20:50:41 UTC

We are about to be under a sustained attack from the alt-light and their media buddies. Better get our act together and stop infighting

2017-07-03 20:51:20 UTC

inb4 tweets disowning us : /

2017-07-03 20:51:29 UTC

@MadDimension Tell Erika (sic) that

2017-07-03 20:51:30 UTC

why the big deal about this thing from a month ago anyways? also clearly theres nothing about any white organizations on there https://www.njhomelandsecurity.gov/analysis/anarchist-extremists-antifa

2017-07-03 20:52:09 UTC

True, but when MSM says we're the same thing, it's just going to look like infighting to the public.

2017-07-03 20:52:50 UTC
2017-07-03 20:53:01 UTC

@WhiteTrash Vanguard and IE are both listed on that site

2017-07-03 20:53:05 UTC

How many times does she have to be talked to?

2017-07-03 20:53:11 UTC
2017-07-03 20:53:36 UTC

nigger i don't wanna see ascreenshot

2017-07-03 20:53:38 UTC

Sorry for Jack posting, that's where I got it from though

2017-07-03 20:53:40 UTC

Because of all them truck bombs we drive around amirite?

2017-07-03 20:53:41 UTC

i'm looking at the actual site

2017-07-03 20:53:45 UTC

not some fake screenshot

2017-07-03 20:53:47 UTC

but the real site

2017-07-03 20:54:21 UTC

ok found it

2017-07-03 20:54:29 UTC

don't see why he wouldn't just link to it

2017-07-03 20:54:44 UTC

I didn't have the link, my bad fam

2017-07-03 20:54:49 UTC

I was looking for it

2017-07-03 20:55:01 UTC

The hostility in here...

2017-07-03 20:55:50 UTC

Time to build secret saloons and underground bars to practice nationalism in. Welcome to Prohibition 2K17.

2017-07-03 20:56:06 UTC


2017-07-03 20:56:07 UTC

they want us to hide like roaches

2017-07-03 20:56:08 UTC

don't give in

2017-07-03 20:56:13 UTC

Vandal Nationalism*

2017-07-03 20:56:14 UTC

Interesting that the NJ page references the "Loyal Knights of the KKK", the fake FBI group demonstrating in Charlottesville July 8th

2017-07-03 20:56:21 UTC

I can stand behind that @WhiteTrash

2017-07-03 20:56:25 UTC

Trying to link us to them

2017-07-03 20:56:37 UTC

Now is the time to be proud and defiant.

2017-07-03 20:56:43 UTC


2017-07-03 20:56:47 UTC

***American Futurism Intensifies***

2017-07-03 20:57:11 UTC

We'll rob trains

2017-07-03 20:57:37 UTC

Take Wells Fargo back from (((them)))

2017-07-03 20:57:46 UTC

Stage Coaches and all

2017-07-03 21:01:12 UTC

The path to the palace leads through the dungeons

2017-07-03 21:04:01 UTC

And our children, our people, shall not be victims of multicultural terrorism any more!

2017-07-03 21:04:11 UTC


2017-07-03 21:04:33 UTC

To quote a Potato Nigger: "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."

2017-07-03 21:05:01 UTC

We shall be that evil they fear

2017-07-03 21:05:09 UTC

I have no problem playing their villain

2017-07-03 21:06:29 UTC

Villains are only relative

2017-07-03 21:07:05 UTC

Of coursh, but to them we are not.

2017-07-03 21:09:25 UTC

Brb I'm going to go rockwell post in the shitposting channel

2017-07-03 21:16:59 UTC

@MadDimension (((media buddies)))

2017-07-03 21:17:32 UTC

@MadDimension can we chant "Saggy Tits" at Laura loomed if she shows up?

2017-07-03 21:20:00 UTC

How is that loyal Knights of the Kkk in the FBI?

2017-07-03 21:20:42 UTC

Chris Barker their imperial what the fuck ever has been accused multiple times of being a federal informant by other more reputable groups of the KKK

2017-07-03 21:20:58 UTC

He's out in bond at the moment as well and won't be coming on the 8th

2017-07-03 21:21:29 UTC

I see

2017-07-03 21:21:37 UTC

Are they big to any extent

2017-07-03 21:29:30 UTC

Jack Posobiec is such fat a lier. Nowhere does that NJ DOJ page mention IE or VA as a "Domestic Terrorist Organization"

2017-07-03 21:29:42 UTC

No, that's why its odd that they would end up on the NJ page

2017-07-03 21:30:07 UTC

@Charlemagne MD not from what we understand that that group

2017-07-03 21:33:07 UTC

@MadDimension A prank was pulled recently that coinciendally left links to the VA website in NJ. That article has probably been sitting in the coffers for a while until the ADL gave word to publish it over said prank that may or may not have had anything to do with our group

2017-07-03 21:33:45 UTC

It was a lone wolf not associated with our group

2017-07-03 21:33:50 UTC

At least the goyim know, now. @HipToTheJQ

2017-07-03 21:33:55 UTC

Some nigger I heard did it

2017-07-03 21:34:30 UTC

I think it was probably the neo Nazi terrorist organization known as the Proud Boys

2017-07-03 21:34:43 UTC

Thats what it was ahhh my bad

2017-07-03 21:35:19 UTC

I thought it was a rabbi trying to take attention away from the Jew scandal

2017-07-03 21:35:30 UTC

I did hear that the guys who did it were really good looking though

2017-07-03 21:35:36 UTC


2017-07-03 21:36:42 UTC

I think it's awesome that instead of just spray painting swastikas they might be doing fake stuff that is exactly the kind of things we should be doing.

2017-07-03 21:36:52 UTC

You sure? Because I think they mentioned a name. It was like.. erreeka or something.

2017-07-03 22:14:13 UTC


2017-07-03 23:07:23 UTC

Stick to Dark Horse or other Indy comics. The Kikery doesnt thrive too well there.

2017-07-03 23:07:51 UTC

The Hellboy series especially.

2017-07-03 23:44:08 UTC

Microsoft NormieBait News network really pushing the Russia scare hard.

2017-07-03 23:57:23 UTC

@everyone We need everyone with a website, podcast, or other platform to promote the event. Encourage people you know to use their platforms. The bigger we can make this the better.

2017-07-03 23:58:18 UTC

@AltCelt(IL) and I have been giving shoutouts on our show

2017-07-03 23:58:34 UTC

@MadDimension doing Sunday haha

2017-07-03 23:58:43 UTC

@GoyMeetsWorld what's your show?

2017-07-03 23:59:50 UTC

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