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2017-06-18 05:12:09 UTC

Yeah I talked to the guy who sort of "counter signaled " us. He completely understands that Alt Right has certain opinions and Proud Boys have their own opinions. He just didn't want the proud boy message to be misconstrued.

2017-06-18 05:13:16 UTC

Kessler was on fire. lol

2017-06-18 05:13:31 UTC

I have him an opportunity on the live stream to explain how the proud boys felt because I wanted for everyone to feel their group was being properly represented.

2017-06-18 05:13:46 UTC

The pb guy

2017-06-18 05:14:10 UTC

Yeah Kessler was a bad ass

2017-06-18 05:14:23 UTC

Yeah i didnt think it was so big deal.

2017-06-18 05:14:48 UTC

both sides message came across

2017-06-18 05:15:22 UTC

yea he was crackn me up spitn that huwhiteness

2017-06-18 05:19:52 UTC

Charlottesville was crazy tonight. We met up with 10 Proud Boys and got surrounded by over 100 people supporting leftist and SURJ

2017-06-18 05:21:22 UTC

@卐 Heimdulf - VA 卐 were u on the stream at all?

2017-06-18 05:21:50 UTC

I should be somewhere throwing up πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2017-06-18 05:23:25 UTC

Cool. I was watching them all.

2017-06-18 05:23:41 UTC

I saw all them faggots standing around you guys

2017-06-18 05:23:51 UTC

Me @Stormer DC and @Edward - DC were rushed by a 300 lb nigger and I almost got arrested for simply putting my fists up

2017-06-18 05:26:04 UTC

Those cops looked like they were lookn for a reason to snag one of yals

2017-06-18 05:42:31 UTC


2017-06-18 05:42:45 UTC

It bears repeating: The police (The Establishment) are not your friends

2017-06-18 05:42:57 UTC

They are controlled, if not staffed by, interests hostile to us

2017-06-18 05:43:12 UTC

Do not break the law and comply with all instructions :^)

2017-06-18 05:46:47 UTC

I agree. I also have respect for good cops but honestly I don't personally like cops. I've met a lot in my life spent time with them for dif reason not as a arrestee and I just don't really tend to like the personality type drawn to that profession.

2017-06-18 05:52:48 UTC

There was a mulatto cop who repeatedly watched me get assaulted and pretended like he didn't see it

2017-06-18 05:53:19 UTC

And a black cop kept harassing me looking for an excuse to arrest.

2017-06-18 05:53:46 UTC

Didn't really have as much of a problem with the white cops

2017-06-18 06:03:54 UTC

Two months man, and we'll show them solidarity

2017-06-18 06:04:54 UTC

We got Shoahed from three bars. There was only one white cop in a red polo that was on our side.

2017-06-18 13:29:09 UTC

@MadDimension What were the PB's saying afterwards? Were they fired up for August? Do you think they'll be pushing the event in their groups?

2017-06-18 14:06:27 UTC

I hope so. Gavin has seen the video now

2017-06-18 14:07:19 UTC

The guys who came with us are jacked for August 12th

2017-06-18 14:07:44 UTC

How do you download Periscope videos? I need to get them up on Youtube so more people can see

2017-06-18 15:01:59 UTC


2017-06-18 15:03:08 UTC

What a huge faggot

2017-06-18 15:14:46 UTC

Happy Father's day goyim


2017-06-18 15:26:04 UTC


2017-06-18 15:59:24 UTC

Tae Kwon Dindu wants to square up with the Alt-Right in Charlottesville


2017-06-18 16:03:38 UTC

This one is more aesthetic


2017-06-18 16:16:29 UTC

"Listen here brother, I don't need no hate come'n into my town so you better just do a 360 and walk away. If you don't there will be repercussions for your actions buds. I'll have you know I've trained extensively in the arts of the orient and I have no quarrels with demonstrating my full far east powers on you swastika loving white boys. Just one of my famous open handed, air slicing dragon wacks to one of your inferior gene skulls will having you on a one way ticket to the hospital. You understand that boy? Sure I might spend a night in jail but the town's people will have my bail in the morning, be because I am the hero this town needs AND deserves! We here in Charlottesville won't stand for your twisted sense of politics and if I got to split every last one of you're skulls and just spend a night in jail I will be a martyr for my people and they will thank me for it, you got that?"

2017-06-18 16:28:10 UTC

Did we get that skinny blond cuck who told us to leave Cinema Taco on camera?

2017-06-18 16:28:51 UTC

The guy that kept repeating "We are closed"?

2017-06-18 16:29:19 UTC

Yes, the one I suspected is the rich boy owner

2017-06-18 16:29:48 UTC

Yea altrightva got it, give me a sec I'll get the link

2017-06-18 16:32:31 UTC

About a min in

2017-06-18 16:32:44 UTC
2017-06-18 17:41:27 UTC

There was definitely a pack of 5-6 hardened nigger thugs looking for a fight. They were super aggressive and that look of "murder whitey" in their eyes.

2017-06-18 17:43:20 UTC

Was Samurai Black in that pack?

2017-06-18 17:50:34 UTC

Samurai Black is now officially that Nagger's nickname, that's fucking hilarious.

2017-06-18 17:51:14 UTC

@卐 Heimdulf - VA 卐 heard you were ready to throw down again πŸ‘πŸ»

2017-06-18 17:52:25 UTC

@卐 Heimdulf - VA 卐 when are we forming the einsatzgrüppen?

2017-06-18 17:52:58 UTC

They surely didn't look like they gave a shit and we're ready to chimp out on us. All I can say to everyone is that the blacks really do hate us and they love to fight so keep yourselves ready by lifting and training in boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay-Thai if you can. Also weapons training.

2017-06-18 17:54:15 UTC

Just for perspective, most of the blacks here don't give a fuck. Only the few that have a mixture of SJW/SURJ friends.

2017-06-18 17:55:27 UTC

The left tells the blacks the kkk is coming and they all start chimping out to attack us. Typical jewish fighting tactics.

2017-06-18 17:56:48 UTC

Though I did see a few posts of people complaining more about the August then the actually KKK coming. They have operation care bear stare for the KKK. It's a literal plan/group. πŸ˜‚

2017-06-18 17:58:13 UTC

They call us "the actual kkk" but than disregards THE ACTUAL KKK

2017-06-18 17:59:24 UTC

It's bc the kkk is a small org with about 8k in the entire world that was started by democrats to scare ppl into to voting left

2017-06-18 17:59:38 UTC


2017-06-18 18:00:15 UTC


2017-06-18 18:01:44 UTC

It really says something about what we are doing here if the left is willing to ignore the kkk but they can't not physically attack us.

2017-06-18 18:20:22 UTC

@everyone Alt-Right and Trump supporters BANNED from Charlottesville bars for no damn reason but that an SJW mob swarmed us


2017-06-18 18:20:49 UTC

So, no drinking after the event? LoΓΆ

2017-06-18 18:20:51 UTC


2017-06-18 18:21:17 UTC

They better fucking serve us or they'll have to shut down the entire city

2017-06-18 18:21:40 UTC

We will find somewhere to drink, I'm not worried about that at all

2017-06-18 18:22:20 UTC


2017-06-18 18:23:11 UTC


2017-06-18 18:23:18 UTC

Bring your own bar

2017-06-18 18:23:25 UTC


2017-06-18 18:24:47 UTC

What about the faggot wedding cake precedent?

2017-06-18 18:25:24 UTC

They're a protected group...... Nazis lives don't matter.

2017-06-18 18:26:33 UTC

Unfortunately, you're right.

2017-06-18 18:26:44 UTC

You can discriminate based on political beliefs

2017-06-18 18:29:03 UTC

Half of downtown is owned and or run by SJWs and/or Faggots. It's a yuppie waste land these days. Wasn't like that when I was a child.

2017-06-18 18:29:35 UTC

So do we push back, or not worry about it?

2017-06-18 18:30:17 UTC

Part of me wants to get in their faces, but it may not be worth it.

2017-06-18 18:32:14 UTC

I understand wanting to push back and part of me wants to but also who the fuck really wants to be around droves of those kind of people? Unfortunately, Jason is a huge trigger for them. I'd like to see what happens if a group goes out without him......

2017-06-18 18:32:57 UTC

I'm curious to see if the whole mall does some sort of shut down that Saturday...

2017-06-18 18:33:08 UTC

That would be interesting

2017-06-18 18:33:32 UTC

Even the Downtown malls Facebook page shared that BS crybaby post from the Taco place people.

2017-06-18 18:34:16 UTC

Maybe if we avoided it altogether Saturday night, they'll wonder where we are and what we're up to.. It may keep them on edge.

2017-06-18 18:35:33 UTC

A shutdown would be good. It would cost them shekels in lost business

2017-06-18 18:36:47 UTC

I like the optics of a boarded up ghost town hiding from the evil powers descending on their town.

2017-06-18 18:40:28 UTC


2017-06-18 18:58:26 UTC

Why don't we have a picnic on the downtown mall? We take the space and don't give shitlib shops our shekles.

2017-06-18 18:59:03 UTC

That would actually be hilarious

2017-06-18 18:59:24 UTC

Traditional picnic set up

2017-06-18 19:00:21 UTC

Checkered cloths, baskets, real trad stuff.

2017-06-18 19:00:26 UTC

So all we need to do is discriminate against anyone who isn't a white nationalist?

2017-06-18 19:00:50 UTC


2017-06-18 19:01:43 UTC

Perfect lady work.

2017-06-18 19:03:13 UTC

We need stick and hoop and frisbee catching

2017-06-18 19:03:26 UTC

Frankly I'd rather have our women preparing food off site instead of at the rally. They can come in if things aren't crazy.

2017-06-18 19:06:10 UTC

What if a riot breaks out in Charlottesville?

2017-06-18 19:06:17 UTC

And if they are we can meet them some place else to eat.

2017-06-18 19:08:33 UTC

Oh I wouldn't set up that down there at all. It would be funny but not ideal.

2017-06-18 19:10:07 UTC

The way it was last night a riot wouldn't surprise me at this point. Locals are really torn- they either want to harm you guys or gather in a circle and sing kumbaya while they hold each other.

2017-06-18 19:31:24 UTC

Picnic nationalism now

2017-06-18 19:31:35 UTC

It's implicitly white

2017-06-18 21:09:50 UTC

Thats retarded

2017-06-18 21:23:26 UTC


2017-06-18 21:23:29 UTC


2017-06-18 21:30:19 UTC

^Great Idea^

2017-06-18 21:38:47 UTC

What a great business decision

2017-06-18 21:39:13 UTC

"Let's only serve antifa, a bunch of broke hipsters that smell like shit"

2017-06-18 21:53:25 UTC

@Johnny O'Malley "why did our buisness go broke this month"

2017-06-18 21:53:41 UTC

Pretty much

2017-06-18 22:03:03 UTC

So how will they know if someone is a WN?

2017-06-18 22:03:43 UTC

Or muh trump supporter?

2017-06-18 22:04:27 UTC

If you're white and dont look homeless

2017-06-18 22:05:51 UTC

I am of the opinion that by physically dominating public space we do more than by cucking and just not showing up

2017-06-18 22:06:08 UTC

I, and I hope the rest of the <@&324666407872757760> , am going to make an effort to visit every bar in Charlottesville

2017-06-18 22:07:14 UTC

Of coursh

2017-06-18 22:10:05 UTC

I doubt they will be able to enforce it. But I do like the idea of having our own thing instead of spending our money in those bars.

2017-06-18 22:13:23 UTC

We took over millers last time

2017-06-18 22:16:00 UTC

seems like they'd want our business we tip well

2017-06-18 22:16:21 UTC

very white of us

2017-06-18 23:24:35 UTC

how many of you would want one of these at the rally


2017-06-18 23:42:03 UTC

very nice

2017-06-19 01:32:19 UTC

@Skull If a riot breaks out in Charlottesville it will not be a result of us breaking windows, damaging property or otherwise using Antifa tactics.

I also highly recommend using defensive tactics because the police are against us just like in Berkeley.

But if we are forced into a street brawl... fight them with honor, stay within reasonable bounds of the law and whoop that Commie, anti-white ass all over God's green Earth.

2017-06-19 03:13:01 UTC

Theres a discussion i want to have in persom

2017-06-19 05:00:08 UTC

Holy shit dude that's word for word in the beginning! He didn't even bother changing anything up until halfway through.

2017-06-19 05:03:22 UTC

I could sue his ass and if he keeps attacking the Alt-Right I just might

2017-06-19 05:03:33 UTC

Makes you wonder if he may have stole from anyone when writing the new book he just released.

2017-06-19 05:04:14 UTC

Many of the alt-light people are plagiarists. My buddy wrote an article for Cernovich on Carlos Slim and Cernovich put his own name in the headline

2017-06-19 07:43:38 UTC

Sue him and milk him for every cent you can, put it into alt-right activism and a legal fund for yourself lol

2017-06-19 12:39:29 UTC

is it grounds for law suit? Don't you lose copyrights if you put it on YouTube?

2017-06-19 12:41:08 UTC

I'm not too familiar with how it works. I know with music, you can't use it and generate and revenue without permission of the owner

2017-06-19 12:52:36 UTC

Legal Repercussions

The legal repercussions of plagiarism can be quite serious. Copyright laws are absolute. One cannot use another person’s material without citation and reference. An author has the right to sue a plagiarist. Some plagiarism may also be deemed a criminal offense, possibly leading to a prison sentence. Those who write for a living, such as journalists or authors, are particularly susceptible to plagiarism issues. Those who write frequently must be ever-vigilant not to err. Writers are well-aware of copyright laws and ways to avoid plagiarism. As a professional writer, to plagiarize is a serious ethical and perhaps legal issue.
Monetary Repercussions

Many recent news reports and articles have exposed plagiarism by journalists, authors, public figures, and researchers. In the case where an author sues a plagiarist, the author may be granted monetary restitution. In the case where a journalist works for a magazine, newspaper or other publisher, or even if a student is found plagiarizing in school, the offending plagiarist could have to pay monetary penalties.

2017-06-19 19:33:12 UTC

yo is this the mitch hoob discord

2017-06-19 19:46:48 UTC

Why yes it is @Ignis Faatus

2017-06-19 21:03:01 UTC

ok sick

2017-06-19 22:31:43 UTC

@everyone After refusing to speak at a Free Speech event with Richard Spencer and Nathan Damigo this Sunday in Washington DC Jack Posobiec has been exposed for plagiarizing my work.

Really activates the old almonds!


2017-06-19 22:32:00 UTC

dude nice

2017-06-19 22:33:47 UTC

Give em hell.

2017-06-19 22:34:01 UTC


2017-06-19 22:34:39 UTC

How do we know you didn't time travel and steal his work after he wrote it

A future soldier would know all about time travel, huh

2017-06-19 22:37:35 UTC

A Jew and their shill of taking from Whites something they didn't create is pretty much the only course of action they have.

2017-06-19 22:37:37 UTC

I'm sure it's merely a coincidence @MadDimension

2017-06-20 00:44:39 UTC
2017-06-20 00:45:06 UTC

@MadDimension those vids work out ok? May need a lil rotation and maybe aspect changed

2017-06-20 01:45:03 UTC

@WhiteTrash Let me check on them right now

2017-06-20 02:01:32 UTC


2017-06-20 02:08:26 UTC

It's going down has been doxed

2017-06-20 02:27:05 UTC

They got pretty much everything

2017-06-20 02:30:51 UTC

How does igd still have patreon

2017-06-20 02:31:08 UTC

They dox like crazy which is a direct violation

2017-06-20 02:31:18 UTC

Everyone report

2017-06-20 03:00:31 UTC

@MadDimension The TRS IGD dox link is dead, but it's on archive http://archive.is/REDACTED

2017-06-20 03:00:41 UTC


2017-06-20 03:01:25 UTC

Weird that the TRS link on [REDACTED] went down. He's been "known" for a long time but people have been holding back to gain intel on his associates.

2017-06-20 03:18:20 UTC

Probably trying to limit their liability after the ds lawsuit

2017-06-20 03:18:33 UTC

Yet idg can dox everyone and still have patreon

2017-06-20 09:35:57 UTC

info is out there regardless

2017-06-20 14:59:21 UTC


2017-06-20 14:59:22 UTC


2017-06-20 15:30:10 UTC

These are easy, fun things to do, that get the message out everywhere.

2017-06-20 18:05:31 UTC

I've been thinking of doing one of these I've got a great bridge in mind too

2017-06-20 18:09:29 UTC

wow charlottesville is ground zero this summer huh

2017-06-20 18:10:44 UTC

this eternal boomer chiming in over our guys shoulder as his wife whispers in his ear what to say

2017-06-20 18:12:07 UTC

Dindu police

2017-06-20 18:17:54 UTC

virtue signaling whites gotta go back

2017-06-20 18:28:16 UTC

@everyone in georgia, get out there and vote for Karen Handel today, very important congressional special election going on, dont let this slip past us, its neck and neck!

2017-06-20 18:55:18 UTC

I'm in the 4th district or I definitely would have already

2017-06-20 19:35:14 UTC

@HouseboatMedic are you coming to Charlottesville?

2017-06-20 19:36:11 UTC

I am not 100% sure, but I'm definitely tentatively planning on it.

2017-06-20 19:36:23 UTC

Depends on work schedule etc

2017-06-20 19:42:30 UTC

Okay cool

2017-06-20 21:15:17 UTC

Charlottesville City Council holds a press conference to announce that they would cancel our permit if we weren't protected by the First Amendment and that the Proud Boys (of all people) are a "terrorist group"


2017-06-20 21:58:53 UTC

@MadDimension who's the woman who speaks second?

2017-06-20 21:59:15 UTC

City Councilor Kathy Galvin

2017-06-20 22:37:42 UTC

May be late to the game lol

2017-06-20 22:37:45 UTC

They found my shit!

2017-06-20 22:37:56 UTC

And they gave it to Jews?

2017-06-20 22:38:02 UTC


2017-06-20 22:47:48 UTC

They gave it to Jews? I'm about to throw up.

2017-06-20 22:50:03 UTC

Not yet, but they probably will

2017-06-20 23:03:04 UTC

It said in the article they gave it to some Israeli something to 'commercialize'

2017-06-20 23:59:11 UTC

Damn. They really raided the dude over historical artifacts...

2017-06-21 00:13:25 UTC

Damn, those artifacts are fucking beautiful.

2017-06-21 01:53:37 UTC

That article apparently is not accurate, there is another guy who fits the profile better. Also Mike has asked that people don't pass it around because he doesn't want to open TRS up to a lawsuit like DS got hit with. That is why it was taken down.

2017-06-21 02:30:28 UTC

May just be smokescreening..dunno

2017-06-21 03:23:49 UTC

TRS took the article down, so it's probably the wrong dox. That's the only reason I can see TRS taking down a dox.

2017-06-21 03:26:15 UTC

Yeh the author said as much

2017-06-21 03:26:20 UTC

Was just talking to him

2017-06-21 04:52:13 UTC

either way, this faggot is a leftist prof at berkely, his entire network is made up of far left shitbags

2017-06-21 04:52:50 UTC

even if he doesnt run IGD, he deserves to be painted with the same brush

2017-06-21 04:53:18 UTC

I have a feeling hes associated and trying to play it off

2017-06-21 04:53:24 UTC

the lefties should fear being doxxed as much as any common alt righter

2017-06-21 04:54:03 UTC

Berkeley staff meetings probably consist of taking turns reading aloud the communist manifesto

2017-06-21 04:54:37 UTC

even if he has nothing to do with Igd, hes part of a radical leftist circle and should pay the same social price any of our folks would

2017-06-21 04:55:15 UTC

I'm sure he is one degree of seperation away if nothing else

2017-06-21 04:55:23 UTC


2017-06-21 04:55:46 UTC

igd or not, im spreading his shit everywhere

2017-06-21 04:56:17 UTC

there should be a social cost for being a leftist shit heel

2017-06-21 07:42:42 UTC

Guess we'll have to supply our own buttplugs, fellas.

2017-06-21 11:00:24 UTC

We'll be taking action on this. Don't you worry. Stay tuned. Gavin is gonna be eternally BTFO when I release all his dirty laundry over the years like drunk driving his kids around or taking them to coke parties and an entire list of shit. If he thinks this is going to go unanswered he is wrong. I'll get his fucking wife to divorce him while we all laugh if I have to.

2017-06-21 11:14:38 UTC


2017-06-21 11:27:17 UTC


2017-06-21 11:27:48 UTC

Can we gas that cuck faggot yet? And his boss (((Ezra)))

2017-06-21 11:59:31 UTC

Sounds like things are gonna get spicy

2017-06-21 12:03:06 UTC

Dam @Eli Mosley you a cold ass honkey

2017-06-21 12:22:39 UTC


2017-06-21 12:23:41 UTC

We just need to put around 50 of our guys in Proud Boy polos and have them sing "Proud of your boy." Mission still accomplished.

2017-06-21 12:24:15 UTC

Fred perry time?

2017-06-21 12:24:34 UTC

I don't think we will need to fake it. We can get 50 actual PB to ditch Gavin.

2017-06-21 12:25:19 UTC

Especially if eli drops some bombs

2017-06-21 12:32:14 UTC

The article has been pulled so everyone just chill for now while we figure out what the hell is going on.

2017-06-21 12:33:30 UTC

Hm. I was just thinking what a bad look it would be for them to do this the day after being called terrorists by Cville city council. Very cowardly.

2017-06-21 14:24:40 UTC

The article is down, and so is the Facebook post about it. It appears Gavin does not wish to officially disavow the event.

2017-06-21 14:31:40 UTC

Good idea

2017-06-21 15:21:11 UTC

^^^That's White Power in Action^^^

2017-06-21 15:22:14 UTC

I think the Proud Boy name is gay, but I like their bold brazen approach

2017-06-21 15:24:26 UTC

I will never be one of them, but I would wear a similar gear. We need our own designated group that will work with them as an alliance of equals

2017-06-21 15:26:17 UTC

I do personally like the idea of co-opting the Black and Yellow

2017-06-21 15:26:49 UTC


2017-06-21 15:36:27 UTC

i dunno thats kinda an insult to ancaps to put gavin in that category lol

2017-06-21 15:46:06 UTC

Hey, he posted my flyer!

2017-06-21 15:46:28 UTC

"Just look at this flyer and try to tell me it doesn’t look like Nazi propaganda" _LMAO_

2017-06-21 15:57:59 UTC


2017-06-21 16:07:29 UTC

@everyone The "disavowal" article was a fake likely put out by an agitator working in the Cernovich/Posobiec/Loomer network.

Gavin DID NOT disavow. Stickman is still coming. Don't attack the Proud Boys. We want them to come to our event. Show them that they are our friends and welcome at our rally.

2017-06-21 16:07:59 UTC


2017-06-21 16:08:16 UTC

Working on positive PR

2017-06-21 16:09:20 UTC

@MadDimension so an agitator working for cernovich/posobiec/loomer had access to publish articles on gavins website?

2017-06-21 16:09:44 UTC

or is this proudboys magazine not even his operation?

2017-06-21 16:10:07 UTC

They are libertarian faggots. They have no ability to have an organized operation.

2017-06-21 16:10:07 UTC

Aren't there spics etc with them?

2017-06-21 16:10:34 UTC

>Gavin doesn't want "racists" in his group.
>Allows low life kike loving agitators in the group.

2017-06-21 16:11:32 UTC

the guy who wrote it "based in colorado" publishes quite a lot of articles on that proudboy magazine site

2017-06-21 16:11:37 UTC

Gavin mcinnis= shabbos goy

2017-06-21 16:12:21 UTC

I won't attack the PBs. I know many of them are good guys who are just one step away from being one of us, but I absolutely won't trust them.

2017-06-21 16:13:03 UTC

@Erika the proud boys i've met here in fl have been ok except for their whole "i'd punch a nazi too" thing and DR3 all day

2017-06-21 16:13:15 UTC

Crap like that article is what happens when you have a low trust multicult group filled with blacks, faggots, and kikes

2017-06-21 16:13:32 UTC

But Yes ALOT of pbs are just one hop and a skip away from the alt right

2017-06-21 16:13:46 UTC

@Erika same ones that were there in orlando but they remembered me from previous protest and we talked a bit

2017-06-21 16:14:21 UTC

@WhiteTrash yeah. The Florida PB chapter leader just joined IE. A lot of the PBs are good guys.

2017-06-21 16:15:02 UTC

The crap he saw going on in PB is what pushed him over the edge to become alt-right

2017-06-21 16:15:31 UTC

2017-06-21 16:16:12 UTC

@Erika this is logical btw obviously.. i should've joined their kikebook group just to see the shitstorm brewing from the inside

2017-06-21 16:16:27 UTC

i told em i hated niggers and jews and they still wanted me to join lol

2017-06-21 16:16:52 UTC

Pillable PBs will come to us, it's just a matter of time. One can only put up with so much degeneracy.

2017-06-21 16:18:34 UTC

haven't proud boys been planning on coming to cville anyways

2017-06-21 16:19:49 UTC

I mean they did come down last weekend to hang with Kessler and the Beltway Bigots

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