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2018-10-22 07:28:42 UTC

the Galois fields can't be isomorphic that is

2018-10-22 07:29:51 UTC

Hm I think you can actually prove it if the degrees mismatch too. Since you assume the rep g has degree strictly less than f1, then g*f2/f1 should have degree strictly less than f2

2018-10-22 07:30:43 UTC

yes you can prove that

2018-10-22 07:30:46 UTC

it's quite easy actually

2018-10-22 07:31:14 UTC

the degrees part htat is

2018-10-22 07:31:28 UTC

we know the exact # of elements in F[x]/f1(x)

2018-10-22 07:31:35 UTC

it's going to be q^n

2018-10-22 07:31:41 UTC

i'm assuming q is prime btw

2018-10-22 07:32:18 UTC

Sure since it's irreducible. Otherwise, hm...

2018-10-22 07:32:58 UTC

If a polynomial has a non-prime degree, to guarantee reducibility you need to allow complex coefficients, right?

2018-10-22 07:33:48 UTC

i don't think it matters what the degree of the polynomial is

2018-10-22 07:33:58 UTC

like if it's prime or not

2018-10-22 07:34:06 UTC

i think what matters are the coefficients

2018-10-22 07:34:20 UTC

if you don't have prime coefficients, your polynomials stop being a field

2018-10-22 07:34:42 UTC

the reason why F[x] is a field is because Z_q is a field when q is prime

2018-10-22 07:34:48 UTC

if q is not prime, Z_q is not a field

2018-10-22 07:35:01 UTC

and therefore F[x] is not guaranteed to be a field

2018-10-22 07:35:24 UTC

Why is Z_q not a field when q is, say, 4?

2018-10-22 07:35:27 UTC

the very basic example is that say if you have Z_4, the polynomial "2" does not have a multiplicative inverse

2018-10-22 07:35:48 UTC


2018-10-22 07:35:53 UTC


2018-10-22 07:35:54 UTC

Z_4 is not a field because 2 does not have a multiplicative inverse

2018-10-22 07:36:10 UTC

Yeah haha been a while

2018-10-22 07:36:12 UTC

and since Z_q is a subfield of F_q[x]

2018-10-22 07:36:26 UTC

yeah I've literally pullen out my abstract alg. book out today

2018-10-22 07:36:32 UTC

i need some cryptography knowledge from it

2018-10-22 07:36:43 UTC

i learned all of this again today ๐Ÿ˜›

2018-10-22 07:39:45 UTC

That's neat. I enjoyed abstract algebra but mostly only needed the linear algebra part since then (11 years ago). Rotation groups and some other stuff relevant to geometry, but not much more. Cryptography seems interesting, we did cover RSA at some point, I only remember the main idea, that factoring is hard ๐Ÿ˜

2018-10-22 07:41:23 UTC

@ThisIsChris wellyeah, some pajeets found a way to crack RSA with you guessed it, Galois fields

2018-10-22 07:42:06 UTC

Is that a recent thing?

2018-10-22 07:42:10 UTC


2018-10-22 07:42:12 UTC

like a year or so

2018-10-22 07:42:43 UTC

it's amazing how irrelevant Abstract Algebra used to be until computers, and now it's hella important

2018-10-22 07:42:47 UTC

Huh no kidding. Guess I better put 2FA on my bank accounts then

2018-10-22 07:45:28 UTC


2018-10-22 07:45:36 UTC

idk about you, my dad make me take applied math

2018-10-22 07:45:49 UTC

it was "fun" i guess, but I really want to go back to college and get a pure math degree

2018-10-22 07:45:52 UTC


2018-10-22 07:45:53 UTC


2018-10-22 07:46:04 UTC

pure math is so much more fun that learning about how to earn money at google

2018-10-22 07:47:09 UTC

"pure math is fun" I will never understand you types

2018-10-24 03:53:03 UTC

2018-10-24 03:54:03 UTC

2018-10-24 03:54:06 UTC

I'll stop there

2018-10-24 06:23:54 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum haha I like the sigma algebra one but don't get the epic one? It's a true statement if f is 1-1 and onto. Not sure what else.

2018-10-24 06:24:54 UTC

@ThisIsChris epic means an epimorphism

2018-10-24 06:25:01 UTC

which is literally defined by that equation

2018-10-24 06:25:12 UTC

so f is epic

2018-12-15 23:02:36 UTC

So this Julian Von Abele's phsyics QCI theory of physics- anyone think anything of it?

2018-12-15 23:12:01 UTC

@Jonaltright I'm thinking of buying the book to support him, I don't really know what his theory is. I did take a physics class in college so I hope I can understand something of it ๐Ÿ˜

2018-12-15 23:15:05 UTC

Yeah I saw people doing that. I'm sure they'll suspend publication once they see an uptick in sales though :(

2018-12-15 23:16:39 UTC

Hopefully he makes out ok. Doxxing has been devastating for me

2018-12-15 23:18:48 UTC

@ThisIsChris Physics classes can be harsh. I took some to fulfill return requirements for a computer science degree. Are they actually useful in your career?

2018-12-16 03:39:01 UTC

@Jacob Some intro to physics is a "now to know" but not "need to know". The main use in my career has been to better understand some calculus concepts, since the beginnings of calculus and physics are tightly connected.

2018-12-16 03:40:09 UTC


2018-12-16 03:40:21 UTC

you actually use calculus in your job?

2018-12-16 03:40:39 UTC

I heard programmers don't actually use it

2018-12-16 03:56:30 UTC

I'll DM you

2018-12-16 04:25:41 UTC


2019-01-01 17:45:04 UTC

Hey, has anyone here changed careers using a 'code bootcamp'? Or is anyone a front-end web developer? I want to get a new job as a web developer this summer.

2019-01-01 19:06:58 UTC

Iโ€™m currently trying to do that. Just going off of free courses online as of now

2019-01-01 20:59:59 UTC

Cool @VinceChaos. I've been doing that for a few years now, but wasn't really taking it seriously. Now I'm doing a code bootcamp. What courses are you doing? Codecademy? W3Schools?

2019-01-01 21:15:17 UTC

@NuclearReactionary Khan Academy, the Odin project, SoloLearn, and another that I canโ€™t remember the name of rn

2019-01-01 21:15:31 UTC

I use w3schools as a reference

2019-01-01 21:15:51 UTC

Learning form multiple so I donโ€™t miss anything and get different teaching types

2019-01-01 21:31:09 UTC

Upskill! That was the last one. I really like using that one if you want to learn full stack

2019-01-01 21:40:10 UTC

Nice. I haven't heard of Odin Project, SoloLearn or Upskill! I'll check them out!

2019-01-01 21:43:51 UTC

The bootcamp I'm doing rn is $200/mo. but it's self-paced. I'm hoping to finish it in 3 months and then start applying for jobs lol

2019-01-01 21:44:14 UTC

Oh yeah these are all free before I go for something like that

2019-01-01 21:44:21 UTC

Whatโ€™s your camp called

2019-01-01 21:44:58 UTC

Treehouse. They have what they call a "TechDegree" for front end web development.

2019-01-01 21:45:26 UTC

There's also one for full-stack if that's your thing, or iOS, too, I think.

2019-01-01 21:46:42 UTC

A friend of mine is a web developer and he says the projects in this program are representative of the real world, so I'm confident I'll get a job when I'm done

2019-01-01 21:49:39 UTC

Nice I actually did hear of that one maybe Iโ€™ll spend the cash

2019-01-01 21:51:23 UTC

If you do, I can refer you for a discount, I think

2019-01-01 23:32:14 UTC

@NuclearReactionary @VinceChaos vast majority of new front end devs in my experience now are coming out of code bootcamps, good choice!

2019-01-01 23:34:28 UTC

starting salary at my company for fresh code camp grads is around 65-70k

2019-01-02 00:50:36 UTC

Good to hear @ThisIsChris ! Do you know anyone that did Treehouse, specifically?

2019-01-02 00:53:17 UTC

@NuclearReactionary I know a lot of people who've used Tree House to learn tools, myself included, but this is the first I'm hearing of their credential.

The main thing I would look for from a bootcamp graduate is do you have a portfolio to present? Most code camps spend a lot of time getting you to develop one.

2019-01-02 00:54:06 UTC

Ok. Yeah, Treehouse does that. And like I said, a friend of mine said he thinks it represents real world work.

2019-01-02 00:55:00 UTC

Iโ€™m gonna be disappointed if the starting salary isnโ€™t more than that here, though. That would actually be a pay cut for me ๐Ÿ˜‚ and Iโ€™m a teacher

2019-01-02 00:55:28 UTC

Looking at indeed and paysa, Iโ€™m hopeful.

2019-01-02 00:59:27 UTC

@NuclearReactionary where's "here"? my company's in manhattan which is usually pretty top dollar location. Only place I'm seen on the paycharts that regularly exceeds it is San Francisco.

Also, I don't want to judge, but if I could teach at a comparable or better salary then I would probably choose that, why do you want to change jobs?

2019-01-02 01:06:45 UTC

My dad was a teacher, pretty good benefits, though I'm aware they've gotten worse depending on when you got into the system. But if you're making more as a teacher than 65k then you've probably been in it for a while.

2019-01-02 01:11:28 UTC

I often recommend front-end dev work for people without a college degree or people who got a degree in underwater basket weaving and just woke up. 65k coding certainly beats retail, diner serving, or being a journalist as a career path. But I wouldn't take a pay cut from a respected job to do it. The pay scale does go up, of course, with years of experience. But life experience isn't going to transfer over that much, I'm sorry to say.

2019-01-02 01:21:07 UTC

If you want to make a bigger salary and really need to code then it would make more sense to get a Computer Science degree. Since you have a Bachelor's already (I assume since you're a teacher) then I guess you would go for a Master's in CS degree.

2019-01-02 01:22:06 UTC

They can make big bucks. With a Master's in CS degree + some internships, you can easily get 125k. (Not my field, I just know the salaries, kinda wish I had done more CS in school!)

2019-01-02 01:24:16 UTC

Were you genuinely interested in coding/CS before you got started on this path or was it more pragmatism that took you this direction? For me it'd be more pragmatism. I feel like I could do it, it's just not a passion of mine.

2019-01-02 01:24:39 UTC

I got a general business degree and Iโ€™m not even working in my chosen field. Considering a masters too but idk if I wanna spend way more money

2019-01-02 01:26:07 UTC


2019-01-02 01:26:37 UTC

@Mick is that a question for me or NuclearReactionary?

2019-01-02 01:27:15 UTC

@VinceChaos A Master's in what?

2019-01-02 01:27:27 UTC


2019-01-02 01:28:42 UTC

@VinceChaos The opportunities with a Master's in CS are unparalleled. If you really like computers

2019-01-02 01:32:56 UTC

Thatโ€™s what I understand. Youโ€™ll get an offer months ahead of time in anticipation of graduation

2019-01-02 01:34:03 UTC

Itโ€™s just the price

2019-01-02 01:34:11 UTC

Yeah pretty much. Ideally you have time for a (paid) internship between your first and second year.

2019-01-02 01:37:34 UTC

Nice. Yeah Iโ€™m using free products as of now. Weโ€™ll see whatโ€™s next

2019-01-02 01:40:27 UTC

@ThisIsChris for you, but I'd love to hear what you have to say @NuclearReactionary

2019-01-02 01:40:48 UTC

I heard of this great apprenticeship program from LinkedIn called Reach for programmers from non traditional backgrounds

2019-01-02 01:41:42 UTC

@Mick yes I was very interested in coding. It really helps because even when you start working you learn a lot on the job but it helps a lot to learn outside of work too.

2019-01-02 01:43:57 UTC

Recommending the podcast โ€œlearn to code with meโ€ if you drive a lot like I do and feel guilty if you canโ€™t seem to find the time to code

2019-01-02 01:50:11 UTC

@ThisIsChris I've only taken a couple of introductory courses when I was younger. So I only have a very basic understanding of what goes into coding. Just made a basic website once really. It was actually kind of fun. I've the means to go back to school, eventually, it's just a matter of when at this point really. And for what.

2019-01-02 01:52:19 UTC

@Mick I'll DM you

2019-01-02 03:39:20 UTC

Sorry, lotta questions to answer. In order:
1. "Here" is San Jose.
2. I fell into teaching and I'm not crazy about it. Also, I'm at a private school, which doesn't necessarily mean high salary (you'd assume that, but it's not always the case). Most importantly: no pension.
3. Yes, I'm interested in CS now. Hindsight being 20-20, I definitely got the wrong degree: Music Business/Technology. I just was never exposed to CS or didn't think I could do it.
4. A Masters in CS isn't really an option; schools won't consider a BA good enough.

2019-01-02 03:48:45 UTC

2019-01-02 03:48:54 UTC

2019-01-02 03:50:06 UTC
2019-01-02 03:51:31 UTC

@VinceChaos I've always been a little put-off by that site. That's the podcast you're referring to, right?

2019-01-02 03:51:54 UTC

But I've never listened to her podcast. It's good, you say?

2019-01-02 03:52:27 UTC

I got valuable info the first episode I listened to

2019-01-02 03:52:34 UTC

About that reach program

2019-01-02 03:52:41 UTC

Never visited the site

2019-01-02 22:17:24 UTC

@NuclearReactionary San Jose is basically same as SF, in which case any salary I quoted for NY you can tack on 10-15% on. But I'm skepical of those payscale estimates for front end devs unless you qualified them as people with a Bachelor's in CS, or who have many years of experience.

2019-01-02 22:24:18 UTC

Ok @ThisIsChris . Hmm. Well, we'll see what happens. I teach web dev anyway, so this program isn't terribly expensive as a form of professional development.

2019-01-02 22:29:47 UTC

Another thing to consider: In my current position my salary isn't likely to grow much, if at all. Meanwhile, the salaries as a web dev _start_ maybe a bit below what I make now and grow far above whatever I'll ever make in my current employment.

2019-01-02 22:53:15 UTC

@NuclearReactionary yes, also with respect to you pointing out you teach at a private school, I see what you mean. Private school teaching, afaik from my dad, doesn't compensate nearly as much.

2019-01-14 03:19:52 UTC

$142,000 avg salary in San Jose, CA
$143,000 avg annual rent for 1br apartment in San Jose, CA

2019-01-14 03:19:57 UTC


2019-01-14 03:20:31 UTC

@Tanner - SC The Bay is bananas!

2019-01-14 03:24:21 UTC

BS! A 12k/month apartment?! Thatโ€™s not an avg apartment!

2019-01-14 03:26:23 UTC

Last time I was out there, a small 2 bedroom ranch outside the city was ~$800k

2019-01-20 06:06:54 UTC

@micbwilli what do you think of "the singularity" and brain emulation? I was talking to a friend about it earlier today.

2019-01-20 06:12:12 UTC

I listened to Kaczynski manifesto on the progress of man and industrialization. I got 2 big take aways from it.

You can't end the progress due to an inability to make a simultaneous revolutionary impact.

Who controls and builds the last machine brain build by a man will ever build might decide if human existence continues.

2019-01-20 06:20:15 UTC

@micbwilli ๐Ÿ˜ข scary stuff

2019-02-02 03:21:15 UTC

Does anyone have any experience with visual basic and the correct way to save a project's files? Gotta love putting in extra hours at school just to get a zero on something because it didn't save properly... ๐Ÿ˜ก

2019-02-02 03:21:58 UTC

<@&387091385075105804> <@&435155896780324864> ?

2019-02-02 03:22:03 UTC


2019-02-02 03:22:23 UTC

Did you get any feedback on what was wrong with your submission

2019-02-02 03:23:41 UTC

"does not have all project files to run the program"

2019-02-02 03:24:05 UTC

Using visual studio?

2019-02-02 03:24:54 UTC


2019-02-02 03:26:38 UTC

I've never used vb, but you'll want to include all of the cls, frm, and bas files as well as the visual studio project file (maybe .sln). If you want to test it, move the whole thing to a different folder and see if it runs. That'll help you understand all the files you need.

2019-02-02 03:27:03 UTC

I basically need to know how to save both the design and code files and then put them in a .zip file.

2019-02-02 03:30:29 UTC

To make a zip file, select all the files you want, right click -> send to -> compressed folder

2019-02-02 03:30:54 UTC

The files should all be saved all ready in your project folder

2019-02-22 20:39:14 UTC

Do we have any actuaries or CFAs in here?

Pic somewhat related. I want to work with him.

2019-02-23 05:52:52 UTC
2019-02-23 06:42:42 UTC


2019-02-24 03:34:53 UTC

okay can someone help me with this?

2019-02-24 03:35:13 UTC

Determine which books cost less than the average cost of books in the same category.List the title, the category, and the cost of these books.

2019-02-24 03:35:24 UTC

apparently this is the answer, but I don't really get it

2019-02-24 03:35:42 UTC

SELECT a.title, b.category, a.cost
FROM books a,
(SELECT category, AVG(cost) averagecost
FROM books
GROUP BY category) b
WHERE a.category = b.category
AND a.cost < b.averagecost;

2019-02-24 03:39:19 UTC

I see no numbers

2019-02-24 03:39:34 UTC

it's not a math question

2019-02-24 03:39:39 UTC

it's just SQL

2019-02-24 03:39:53 UTC

oh ya I forgot to tag <@&435155896780324864>

2019-02-24 04:08:38 UTC

I ended up writing my own solution like this

2019-02-24 04:09:39 UTC

GROUP BY BOOKS.Category) AverageCosts
WHERE BOOKS.Category = AverageCosts.Category
AND BOOKS.Cost < AverageCosts.AverageCost

2019-02-24 04:09:57 UTC

idk if the first one is better

2019-02-24 04:10:12 UTC

mine feels less convoluted

2019-02-24 04:26:18 UTC

@Jacob I agree yours is less convoluted that the first one, but I would do
SELECT Title, Category, Cost FROM
SELECT Category, AVG(Cost) as avg_cost FROM
WHERE Cost < avg_cost

2019-02-24 04:26:59 UTC

haha wow that's a lot less

2019-02-24 04:27:39 UTC

I think our teacher wants us to get practice with subqueries on this assignment, though

2019-02-24 04:28:27 UTC

@Jacob well the avg cost part is calculated with a subquery

2019-02-24 04:29:17 UTC

oh that's right

2019-02-24 04:29:49 UTC

I don't think we officially learned to do subqueries in the JOIN clause yet

2019-02-24 04:30:04 UTC

but that looks like a better solution for the future, thanks

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