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2018-05-06 22:45:32 UTC

I have seen it happen a few times. Once to me and when it does this the fuel doesn't leak out of the filter it just allows air in causing the pump to lose prime and therefor fuel psi.

2018-05-06 22:46:18 UTC

Wish u was close enough for me to run over and check it out.

2018-05-06 23:25:26 UTC

We would probably figure it out pretty quick on that stuff. I always know it all when I consume it.

2018-05-06 23:42:27 UTC

That stuff was like water. I was scared to drink it because I thought I was going to accidentally die from alcohol poisoning

2018-05-07 00:13:07 UTC

It could happen for sure.

2018-05-07 00:22:58 UTC

Trying to change my wheel bearing for the first time on my own with a grand am. Any advice on changing it. Trying to avoid having to pump the brakes

2018-05-07 00:41:55 UTC

<@&435155863217504256> ☝🏻

2018-05-07 00:42:59 UTC

Well I just went ahead and did it and nowthis caliper won’t come off

2018-05-07 00:47:25 UTC

To get the caliper off use a screw driver a big one to force the pistons in.

2018-05-07 00:47:41 UTC

You should be able to find the process on YouTube.

2018-05-07 00:48:59 UTC

I’ll look that up

2018-05-07 19:18:05 UTC

@Pinochetball @JesseJames Got 'er fixed!! Took a chance on it being the IAC, went out and got a new one, threw it on, problem solved.

2018-05-07 19:18:25 UTC


2018-05-07 19:18:32 UTC


2018-05-07 19:30:52 UTC

That's great news!

2018-05-08 00:50:34 UTC


2018-05-08 00:50:40 UTC

Naturally it would be pouring

2018-05-08 00:50:48 UTC

Any idea why tf this happened?

2018-05-08 01:09:05 UTC

@ophiuchus what even is that? Is that your wheel?

2018-05-08 01:09:37 UTC

Over pressurized tire?

2018-05-08 01:13:25 UTC

Yeah it’s the tire

2018-05-08 01:13:48 UTC

Wasn’t overpressurized last I check but damn

2018-05-08 01:16:01 UTC

This is apparently blowout season. It can happen on under inflation to, or any puncture that causes a rapid air leak. That may be the worst ive ever seen

2018-05-08 01:58:52 UTC

@JesseJames would know.

2018-05-08 01:59:24 UTC

Bet he's seen a ton of blow outs

2018-05-08 02:05:14 UTC

@ophiuchus I think under inflation. Causes a lot of sagging/wrinkling in the sidewall, drive it on the highway and that becomes rapid wrinkling and unwrinkling as the sidewall moves between the underside of the wheel where wrinkle is max and the top side of the wheel where there is no wrinkle. This builds up heat and fatigues the sidewall, creating a tear around the entire sidewall.

Unwind a paperclip, then bend and unbend one of the corners 50 times as fast as you can. You’ll be able to feel the heat generated in the bend and it will likely break through from fatigue failure. Same with rubber.

When is the last time you inflated that tire?

2018-05-08 02:08:37 UTC

Here is an example of my neighbor’s tire, which was under inflated. I noticed and waived him down and got it replaced just before it would have completely let go.

2018-05-08 02:09:06 UTC


2018-05-08 02:22:34 UTC

Probably a month or two ago when it started warming up, wanted to check them after the change in weather

2018-05-08 02:25:15 UTC

Apparently I should be doing it a lot more often though

2018-05-08 02:25:33 UTC

What’s recommended?

2018-05-08 02:28:03 UTC

Also the spare said to inflate it to 60 which sounds ridiculously high to me but idk. That’s what it said.

2018-05-08 02:29:18 UTC

Yes, the spare needs twice the pressure because it’s half as wide.

2018-05-08 02:31:02 UTC

Check your tire pressure monthly and before every road trip.

2018-05-08 02:32:35 UTC

Damage to the tire or the valve stem or the wheel can cause faster than usual loss of air pressure, leading to the kind of under inflation failures shown in our pictures.

2018-05-08 02:35:58 UTC

For example, this wheel damage from your picture is a possible cause of an air leak.

2018-05-08 02:36:42 UTC


2018-05-08 02:45:11 UTC

Yeah it’s gonna be a fun little fix

2018-05-08 02:46:52 UTC

I hadn’t even noticed that prior

2018-05-08 19:30:23 UTC

Tanner has done an excellent analysis. The only thing I would add is the bend on the wheel probably happened after the tire blew. I don't see that being a problem for you at all. You can take a hammer and beat it back straight. The lip going up isn't where the tire seals to the wheel.

2018-05-08 19:30:28 UTC


2018-05-08 19:30:51 UTC

The red line is where the bead is sealed. As long as it is straight there you're good to go.

2018-05-08 20:54:15 UTC

Oh fantastic! Yeah, that might have happened while I was pulling over to change the tire. Thank you guys for all the help!

2018-05-09 11:14:29 UTC

I should probably check my tire pressure 🤔

2018-05-09 13:36:00 UTC

>not having a sensor that tells you pressure from the dash

2018-05-12 02:23:30 UTC

*Laura Loomer detected!*

2018-05-16 01:44:51 UTC

Everyone hates a tailgater, this guy is a genius.

2018-05-16 01:45:08 UTC


2018-05-17 14:04:07 UTC

@Deleted User if I was you and was going to try anything I would try the fuel pump next. It doesn't sound like an issue that would be caused by a carb.

2018-05-17 14:07:17 UTC

Damn. Let me call a friend and ask before you buy a carb. He is much more knowledgeable on carbs than I am.

2018-05-23 01:24:47 UTC

@Deleted User sorry man I have been super busy lately. My buddy had no answers for me but maybe some more tests. But sounds like you have some developments. How is it doing now?

2018-05-23 01:57:55 UTC

So my job for tonight is to find and grease every single greaser on this piece of equipment. Wish me luck.


2018-05-23 02:07:50 UTC

And I bitch about the 15-20 on my boom truck.

2018-05-23 02:45:34 UTC

Farm stuff..... 😍

2018-05-23 03:41:53 UTC

@JesseJames HaHaHa. I lost count at 60. There's 7 per set on the front caster wheels alone. I'm pretty sure I missed some too.

2018-05-23 10:57:55 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD I hope you had a battery powered or pneumatic grease gun.

2018-05-23 10:58:38 UTC

@Deleted User that sucks man. What the heck? How much longer did it run this time?

2018-05-23 11:38:46 UTC

@JesseJames yeah I had an electric grease gun. If I had to do it manually I'm pretty sure I'd still be crawling around looking for greasers.

2018-05-23 12:07:00 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD plus you'd have perma claw hand

2018-05-23 14:17:21 UTC

@Deleted User while that is possible in the past I've never had those symptoms because of a worn cam lobe. Not saying it may not be the cause but if it is it is very interesting.

2018-05-23 14:36:03 UTC

I somehow doubt it too @JesseJames but I’m out of ideas

2018-05-24 13:26:32 UTC

@Deleted User sometimes your only option is to try things until you find the cause.

2018-05-24 13:27:11 UTC

How good was the truck running for the hour and half the other night when it was running?

2018-05-24 14:08:49 UTC

Fine. Just idling really

2018-05-25 20:17:30 UTC

I'm making some serious progress. This truck wouldn't start when I got here. I diagnosed and fixed it myself and now I have a farm truck all my own.


2018-05-25 20:20:39 UTC

It was actually a pretty simple fix once I found the problem. The low idle screw was worn down. All it needed was a few turns and it runs good as new. Took me awhile to figure that out though.

2018-05-25 23:17:19 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD Cannot go wrong with a cummins

2018-05-25 23:38:19 UTC

Honestly you can't go wrong with American.

2018-05-25 23:45:10 UTC

Diversity is our strength 😂

2018-05-28 02:26:24 UTC

@Conway - OK had this happen just now

2018-05-28 02:26:28 UTC


2018-05-28 02:27:40 UTC

First tire picked up a nail and went flat. Put on the spare (that nobody inflates on a regular schedule) which was at 15 psi, drove it at 65 mph on the highway to the next exit and unsurprisingly, the sidewall failed due to the pressure and speed.

2018-05-28 02:28:21 UTC

@ophiuchus had that with a non-spare earlier this month.

2018-05-28 02:29:53 UTC

For future reference, if you have a damaged car, you can drive like 35mph on the highway with your flashers on. So much easier of a load on the vehicle than 65 mph.

2018-05-28 11:23:00 UTC

Also check your spare every time you check the rest of your tires. You should be checking your tire pressure monthly at the very least. Just take an extra second at the gas station and check them everytime you fill. It can end up saving you money on fuel and it might even save your life. One of my coworkers had a blowout like this while taking his daughter to kindergarten. He said it was the scariest moment in his life. Sometimes a blowout is unavoidable but no little white girls should be put at risk because you couldn't be bothered to do regular preventative maintenance.

2018-05-28 17:41:14 UTC

Front end alignment can wear out your tires a lot faster. If you've been having continuous problems with your tires you may need a realignment.

2018-05-30 22:28:15 UTC

Cool mechanic story:
Belt snapped at 2AM in route to Disney. Guy drove over an hour with zipties running his water pump.
“This is on my 04 Grand Cherokee I6. Idler pulley locked up and shredded my belt over an hour away from our hotel. Being stubborn and too cheap to pay for a towtruck. I bought every pack of zip ties the nearby gas station had and made it work.”

2018-05-30 22:30:02 UTC


2018-05-31 09:41:12 UTC

ha! awesome

2018-05-31 18:37:48 UTC

@Tanner - SC I’ve done that with belts and shoe strings to make it back to camp while out fourwheeling. I can tell all kinds of haggered things we have rigged while in the woods.

2018-05-31 18:38:13 UTC

@Deleted User any developments with the truck?

2018-05-31 22:56:33 UTC


2018-05-31 23:02:49 UTC

@JesseJames new carb arrived today. Will put it on in the next week or so

2018-06-01 03:58:14 UTC

Damn. Hope that fixes it man.

2018-06-10 00:56:18 UTC

browsing <https://www.reddit.com/r/JustRolledIntoTheShop> and came across one I haven't seen before, but I'm not surprised:


2018-06-13 14:30:58 UTC

This is one of the most wild things I’ve ever seen:

2018-06-18 19:25:50 UTC

Definitely check these out if you’re looking for a career in the mechanic field

2018-06-18 19:26:15 UTC

I’m doing the diesel mechanic course which is only 7 months 50$ a month for the test prep

2018-06-20 21:51:04 UTC

I hate lug nuts


2018-06-20 21:51:22 UTC

It’s stuck, maybe for good this time

2018-06-20 21:53:29 UTC

Tried heating it, using a punch, tried putting it on a stud and shaking, and the other guy did all this and more, moral of the story is that lug nuts become ”swollen” and also fuck Ford

2018-06-20 22:18:26 UTC

What model Ford?

2018-06-20 22:19:37 UTC

Have you tried putting a breaker bar on, rest the bar against the ground, and drive forward with the vehicle to force the breaker bar into the ground?

2018-06-21 01:08:06 UTC

The ford is long gone

2018-06-21 01:08:12 UTC

It was f-150 maybe

2018-06-21 01:08:21 UTC

I just gave him a new lug

2018-06-21 01:08:43 UTC

I don't have a breaker bar, closest I have is a tourque wrench

2018-06-21 01:08:56 UTC

Not willing to hurt my baby

2018-06-21 01:09:20 UTC

TBH using a chissel is the woke method for removing lugs

2018-06-21 16:19:28 UTC

I use the removable handle of my floor jack as my breaker bar.

2018-06-24 04:24:06 UTC

Do you grease, locktite, or neither?

2018-06-24 04:24:22 UTC

Or antiseize??

2018-06-24 04:29:03 UTC

I don’t use any grease or any type of penetrating oil on lugs

2018-06-24 04:30:08 UTC

It can cause the torque to reduce as you drive the car. The lugs can slip off slightly despite being properly torqued.

2018-06-24 04:31:02 UTC

Which probably won’t cause problems, however I’m a stickler for regulations tbh.

2018-06-24 04:32:05 UTC

Oh I got the lug out with a sledge, vice and punch today.

2018-06-24 04:32:11 UTC


2018-06-24 04:32:35 UTC

I had to have my thinwall for some chrome rims

2018-06-24 11:34:33 UTC

Why not just wipe the grease off after you've removed the lugs?

2018-06-25 01:15:14 UTC

Also, the lugs come off regularly for tire rotations. Anti-seize is for things that don’t get touched for a long time, like spark plugs.

2018-06-25 01:15:49 UTC

Usually lugs only get screwed up when people use far too much torque or far too little.

2018-06-25 23:06:15 UTC

^ This

2018-06-25 23:07:09 UTC

Jiffy lube is a heathen organization and is responsible for every error I have to fix. Almost daily

2018-06-25 23:07:22 UTC

(((Jiffy Lube)))

2018-06-26 00:58:43 UTC

(((Jiffy))) (((Lube)))

2018-06-26 00:59:00 UTC

Their shop *is* pretty echoey...

2018-06-29 03:45:06 UTC

Check out my new dumpster score.. the float was upside down in the carb and the fuel filter was in backwards. Fixed that, cleaned the carb and tightened up a few things. Now it fires right up and runs great! 1977 pedal Batavus scooter.


2018-06-29 03:45:32 UTC

Side note- I don't actually go around dumpster diving, I saw this sitting next to the dumpsters at work. I've also gotten multiple lawn mowers and various tools. People would rather buy something new than clean a carburetor or do a couple small repairs.

2018-06-29 03:45:43 UTC


2018-06-29 03:46:13 UTC

I would absolutely purchase that from you

2018-06-29 03:47:49 UTC

Haha well it tops out around 27mph now, but there are a few mods you can do to get a bit more out of it (different exhaust, tweak the clutch, etc)

2018-06-29 03:49:07 UTC

I'll let you know if or when I'm interested in selling it.

2018-06-29 21:47:27 UTC

This is sitting in the corner of our main shop. I'm tempted to see if I can get it running.


2018-06-29 22:22:15 UTC

It actually fired right up. I guess it was just sitting there because nobody wanted to ride it.

2018-06-29 22:22:25 UTC


2018-06-29 22:32:36 UTC

@Sonic want to race?

2018-06-29 22:36:03 UTC

Oh, a trike. Gay

2018-06-29 22:37:37 UTC

I just thought the contrast was funny. That trike will do 180. The bike might do 18.

2018-06-30 01:21:58 UTC

Haha nice work @Der Seeteufel - SD !!

2018-06-30 01:23:16 UTC

I'd say you could probably push 20-25mph

2018-06-30 01:26:40 UTC

No thanks. I dumped it doing about 2mph. The handle bars came loose on me. I swear they were tight when I started. Luckily the bike fell on me and I didn't even scratch the paint I got a little bit of a scratch though. Check out the medical channel.

2018-06-30 01:30:00 UTC

Oooof harsh..

2018-06-30 01:31:42 UTC

Yeah I'm fine honestly I was more worried about the bike. My boss let me ride it, since I cleaned it all up for him but it's his dad's so it has sentimental value.

2018-06-30 01:32:25 UTC

Damn that's quite a gash man!

2018-06-30 01:38:06 UTC

Eh.. I've had worse. Not cuts, but I've broken 7 bones (5 at once) and have been burned pretty badly once. I'll be fine.

2018-06-30 14:25:52 UTC

That car is missing a front wheel.

2018-06-30 23:38:06 UTC

@JesseJames Do you think this patch is too close to the sidewall? Do I need a new tire?


2018-06-30 23:44:15 UTC

I would replace it forsure. If you need to run it until Monday put it on the back. Plugs are only for temporary use anyway. But when it is that close to the sidewall a patch won’t stay anyway.

2018-06-30 23:51:17 UTC


2018-07-01 00:08:28 UTC

Sorry bro.

2018-07-01 21:01:54 UTC

That's a blowout in the making.

2018-07-01 21:02:19 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD That Whizzer looks awesome!

2018-07-04 22:17:56 UTC

Can anyone tell me if a 600cc cruiser (Honda Shadow) has sufficient power to carry a passenger and still maintain highway speeds (80+mph)?

2018-07-04 22:31:33 UTC

<@&435155863217504256> ^^^

2018-07-04 22:32:26 UTC

Why? Is your passenger 400lbs?

2018-07-04 23:32:07 UTC

How much combined weight? What year is it? You can re hear anything to run lower rpms at higher speeds just by replacing one or two sprockets and taking links out of a chain.

2018-07-04 23:35:38 UTC

Haha no she's not even close to 400lbs. Just looking to get another bike and don't want to waste my time getting a 600 if I'm going to regret it later. Looking at 750's on up.

2018-07-04 23:36:23 UTC

Combined weight would be about 325lbs.

2018-07-04 23:39:58 UTC

I would recommend a larger cc bike for riding 2 up. I would also recommend avoiding interstates whenever possible for safer more fun alternatives of highways.

2018-07-04 23:40:06 UTC


2018-07-04 23:40:15 UTC

I recommend one of those for 2+

2018-07-04 23:51:05 UTC

Yeah I avoid highways. Prefer riding through the mountains or back country roads.

2018-07-05 00:51:50 UTC

I have a 390 KTM, and I can easily acheive highway speeds with a passenger. I don't like it, because I can't speed out of dangerous situations, but it can be done

2018-07-05 01:09:25 UTC

There is a happy medium for sure.

2018-07-05 04:50:03 UTC

Based @John O - I'm actually getting a 125 LOL, you guys are all way ahead of me.

2018-07-09 22:39:07 UTC

Self-driving 18 wheelers are now on the road in testing mode! Here’s one from Embark:

2018-07-09 22:39:09 UTC


2018-07-09 22:40:08 UTC

Here’s one from Waymo (Google):

2018-07-10 02:35:21 UTC


2018-07-11 16:30:36 UTC
2018-07-11 18:01:00 UTC

That's the type of disruptive technology that sparks wars. Trucking employs 3.5 million men.

2018-07-11 18:01:20 UTC

In the US.

2018-07-11 20:15:27 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD yeah exactly. I'm like... "Wow, cool... I guess" but I feel like it will also put a lot of men out of work, but then again if it works it will probably be hard to stop that kind of economic force. Trucking as I understand it actually pays decently, which mean the globalists are going to gleefully push this.

2018-07-11 20:16:17 UTC

I have all kinds of mixed feelings about it.

2018-07-11 20:16:48 UTC

It would be a lot better if they were replacing the foreigners driving the taxis and Uber and stuff

2018-07-11 20:18:46 UTC

Many foreigners drive trucks also.

2018-07-11 20:52:34 UTC

Shovels put hand-diggers out of work and we’re all better for it.

2018-07-11 21:03:01 UTC

@Tanner - SC Yeah but hand diggers weren't better off for it in their lifetimes, neither were luddites.

2018-07-11 21:34:52 UTC

Sure they were. The technological breakthrough dropped the price of digging related goods and services, the technology enabled previously unfeasible developments, and the large amount of labor availability allowed other projects to develop.

2018-07-11 21:35:49 UTC

I know many people who used to do secretarial work on typewriters and manually running around letters. They’re all far better off now, even though computers and email “killed” their jobs.

2018-07-11 22:08:40 UTC

@Tanner - SC the worrying thing is that workers are being attacked in two fronts. One, the natural progress of technology, which is (arguably) a net positive to society, and the over crowding of the labor market via immigration

2018-07-11 22:43:35 UTC

The problem isn't progress it's too rapid progress. We fought some pretty massive wars around the time of industrialization which resulted in a substantial reduction in the labor pool. I'm not necessarily saying that one thing lead to the other but when there is a sudden surge of unemployed men conflict usually follows shortly after.

2018-07-11 22:50:30 UTC

Why didn’t the invention of the internet and computers set off a war? That was far more profound of a change than automated 18 wheelers.

2018-07-11 22:52:54 UTC

>meanwhile, in Andrew's imagination


2018-07-11 22:52:58 UTC

Plus, autonomous 18 wheelers will not happen overnight and they will not transition immediately to zero drivers. I work with automation in manufacturing all the time. First you have the driver overseeing and intervening in some circumstances, then just overseeing, then maybe he manages 2 trucks at once, then 3. For all we know, this will simply allow more goods to be shipped by the same number of drivers. My manufacturing plant has seen that many times.

2018-07-11 22:53:58 UTC

Fear of the unknown is overblown when it comes to technological progress. When cars were invented, many people insisted that the human body cannot survive at such speeds.

2018-07-11 23:01:01 UTC

The internet created jobs that never existed before and the damage to people like postal workers was substantially limited by the government. Automated trucks represent a more serious threat to working class men in particular. Tech can cause significant disruption. Just look at the uber riots in France. They were more pissed off at some taxi drivers losing their jobs then they were about their women being raped by Africans

2018-07-11 23:04:31 UTC

France protests in the streets and riots about anything and everything.

2018-07-11 23:04:48 UTC

Speaking of out dated farm equipment. The automation of farming created a gigantic permanent underclass in the United States.

2018-07-11 23:05:12 UTC

Their low IQ created a large permanent underclass

2018-07-11 23:05:32 UTC

It’s a genetic separation of economic status, not technological.

2018-07-11 23:06:32 UTC

Ok so what happens to the IQ 90 white truck driver?

2018-07-11 23:07:20 UTC

Economics is a study of the seen and the unseen. Everyone points to the “seen” and demands to know exactly what will happen.

2018-07-11 23:08:00 UTC

I don’t know exactly what will happen to the 90 IQ truck driver. That doesn’t mean we should halt technological progress.

2018-07-11 23:08:24 UTC

“If we asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses” - Henry Ford

2018-07-11 23:08:36 UTC

“But what will happen to the buggy whip manufacturers?”

2018-07-11 23:09:21 UTC

Look we've all read Bastiat. I'm not saying we should halt technological progress I'm just saying that it's likely to cause conflict.

2018-07-11 23:09:36 UTC

Highly recommended book on the “seen” vs the “unseen”: <https://www.mises.org/library/economics-one-lesson>

2018-07-11 23:10:06 UTC

Immigration is a problem. Not technological progress.

2018-07-11 23:10:55 UTC

I think a future where no one owns cars, and your movements are tracked constantly through rideshare apps is scary, but automated vehicles would *greatly* alleviate the strains that we've seen with exploding populations in major metropolitan areas

2018-07-11 23:12:28 UTC

Every one of these autonomous trucks will be running 24/7. That’s like 3x the uptime per truck of current. Someone has to load and unload all of these trucks. Someone has to make the tires that will get consumed at 3x the rate. Cheaper goods from lowered transport costs mean more money is free to go elsewhere, which will drive up jobs in those areas.

2018-07-11 23:13:13 UTC

“No one will own cars” is ridiculous. Technology does not make things black and white.

2018-07-11 23:13:34 UTC

People who would be better off sharing will share and people better off owning will still own.

2018-07-11 23:13:51 UTC

Apartments are cheaper than houses, but not everyone lives in an apartment.

2018-07-11 23:14:55 UTC

I’m not going to re-install child seats every morning in a new Uber autonomous car, nor am I going to share a child seat with strangers. I will continue to own a car. Maybe it’ll be autonomous, but I will own it. I also don’t ride the subway or a bus, even though those are cheaper. But the introduction of the subway and the bus were good for those who are better served by it.

2018-07-11 23:17:10 UTC

@Tanner - SC of course it's ridiculous, I was being hyperbolic. However, car ownership will become a luxury few can afford in a future of self driving vehicles

2018-07-11 23:18:28 UTC

Nonsense. You cannot say that with any lick of confidence.

2018-07-11 23:18:45 UTC

Renting will become cheaper. That does not mean owning will become more expensive.

2018-07-11 23:18:57 UTC

Look at the affordability if vehicles over the last 50 years. They've become a greater and greater percentage of a person's net worth, because of more and more technology

2018-07-11 23:19:21 UTC

Because manipulated interest rates influencing a massive amount of lending and debt

2018-07-11 23:19:38 UTC

Auto loans are in a huge bubble due to this.

2018-07-11 23:20:33 UTC

One moment, I'm trying to find an article

2018-07-11 23:20:34 UTC

You can spend the same % of your net worth on a vehicle today as the average person did 50 years ago and you’d have a FAR better vehicle.

2018-07-11 23:21:01 UTC

Used cars last far longer too, making that market enormously bigger than it used to be.

2018-07-11 23:21:32 UTC

What do you mean, used cars last longer?

2018-07-11 23:21:33 UTC

Technology does not make people spend more. Jew-manipulated interest rates plus media promotion of consumerism makes people spend more.

2018-07-11 23:21:50 UTC

Used cars last far longer today than ones 50 years ago.

2018-07-11 23:22:49 UTC

Cars used to require major service before 50,000 miles. Now there are many cars that can run 150,000 miles with just gasoline, oil changes, tires, and brake pads.

2018-07-11 23:23:04 UTC

FAR more reliable and FAR longer lasting than they used to be.

2018-07-11 23:23:44 UTC

Even in my lifetime (I'm only 31), tires get far fewer flats than they used to, for example.

2018-07-11 23:25:59 UTC

If this wasn't the <#322712586741088256> channel, I'd transition into urbanization too. Because that's another phenomenon and result of technological progress that brings a lot of good to the world, but jews have manipulated things so as to also bring a large amount of bad.

2018-07-11 23:26:18 UTC

Absent jew influence, technological progress always brings bad with the good, but it brings far more good than bad.

2018-07-11 23:26:43 UTC

I'm having a hard time saucing my claims, but I have a hard time believing that all the proprietary tech involved with self driving vehicles will make car ownership cheaper

2018-07-11 23:27:14 UTC

I'm not saying it won't be a net positive, I'm saying I'm worried about some of the specifics

2018-07-11 23:28:52 UTC

I should probably mention I have skin in the game. I just learned how to drive truck a couple of months ago.

2018-07-11 23:30:09 UTC

I don't think your average farmer will be able to afford that tech, or that it will make economic sense for him to

2018-07-11 23:32:55 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD You already participate in one of the most highly automatized industries.

2018-07-11 23:33:18 UTC

Even just a few decades ago, double-digit percentages of america were farmers and now it's below 2%

2018-07-11 23:33:29 UTC

You have enormous machines that displace the work of ~~dozens~~ hundreds of men

2018-07-11 23:33:35 UTC

Some machines that drive themselves already

2018-07-11 23:35:52 UTC

All new 18 wheelers are now automatic transmission. Guys who trained to drive stick now have a depreciated skillset. So did VCR repairmen. We're all okay and better off for it.

2018-07-11 23:36:48 UTC

The iPhone put the Walkman out of work, the Palm Pilot out of work, the Kodak camera out of work, the Garmin GPS out of work, the pay phone out of work (I still have a calling card), the GameBoy out of work ... and we're all better for it.

2018-07-11 23:37:11 UTC

I used to have one of each of those and thought to myself, "I can't wait until I can have all of these in one device"

2018-07-11 23:38:21 UTC

The guy who told me about Identity Evropa and got me to join? He's a very young man who was red-pilled by listening to podcasts on his iPhone while mowing his dad's lawn. iPhones and podcasts didn't even EXIST when I was mowing my dad's lawn. I had to wait like 18 extra years to get red-pilled compared to him.

2018-07-11 23:58:43 UTC

@Tanner - SC I get what you're saying and to be honest I'm not that worried about being displaced. I used to operate nuclear reactors and have an IQ in the 130 range. I farm because I love it. Not everyone is so lucky though.

2018-07-12 00:02:37 UTC

Also I do only make $13 an hour farming. If I didn't have secondary sources of income farming would represent a pretty substantial reduction in my standard of living.

2018-07-12 00:02:57 UTC

I understand and I'm not inconsiderate of our lower-IQ whites.

2018-07-12 00:03:41 UTC

I just want to push back against the idea the disruption is bad. It's change, it's different, it's unknown, it might have short-term pain, but there is a lot of medium-term gain, including those lower IQ people.

2018-07-12 00:04:35 UTC

Also, "If your IQ is 120 or higher, birth control should be illegal for you" - Richard Spencer

2018-07-12 00:05:12 UTC

I love that quote and I keep in mind that it's a bit of our duty as high IQ guys to have high birth rates.

2018-07-12 00:19:10 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD your lack of a decent wage has more to do with immigration than innovation

2018-07-22 19:42:25 UTC


2018-07-22 19:42:27 UTC


2018-07-24 17:45:01 UTC


2018-07-24 18:21:09 UTC

Cuz racism.

2018-07-24 21:41:22 UTC

So I’m changing the compressor on a car today and every single piece of plastic a hose was attached to was brittle and broke. So a 1-2 hour job turned into waiting for JB weld to set overnight.

2018-07-24 22:08:54 UTC

I'd almost say just replace all the hoses.

2018-07-25 16:09:54 UTC

It’s the plastic fittings for the hoses!

2018-07-25 16:10:08 UTC

They are all brittle from heat the hoses are fine

2018-07-25 16:10:37 UTC

I replaced the fittings and jb welded them in place and it held up in a pressure test

2018-07-25 18:43:08 UTC


2018-07-25 18:43:12 UTC

Fixing the school buses in my town

2018-07-25 18:43:20 UTC

Brakes mostly tbh

2018-07-25 18:47:49 UTC


2018-07-25 18:47:52 UTC

Also this old piece of junk

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