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2018-07-22 00:05:46 UTC

Free range chicken, zucchini grown by a family friend, yellow onion, seasoning from my cupboard(pinch of salt, pepper, tiny bit of garlic, parsley, celery seed, and a hint of rosemary)

2018-07-22 14:12:08 UTC

if anyone is looking for a non spicy, low calorie spread to put on meats, tzatziki sauce is great

2018-07-22 20:35:05 UTC

๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท ๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ท

2018-07-25 21:46:52 UTC

I wake up so early for work that I've been skipping a true breakfast for the last year

2018-07-25 21:47:01 UTC

I should probably step it up.

2018-07-25 21:47:15 UTC

It's my favorite meal, too.

2018-07-25 21:47:30 UTC

Eggs, bacon, oats, etc.

2018-07-25 21:49:07 UTC

I'll prep some cold oats tonight ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2018-07-27 02:27:58 UTC

@Rogue I bought a few pounds of bacon the other day and had to eat it all quickly before going out of town, so I baked all of it and kept it in the fridge. Tasted fine cold

2018-08-08 02:18:26 UTC

Wow that looks yummy @missliterallywho

2018-08-08 03:09:22 UTC

Just eat it for breakfast

2018-08-08 03:10:22 UTC

V nice

2018-08-08 03:11:56 UTC

Just ๐Ÿ‘ eat ๐Ÿ‘ it

2018-08-08 03:13:16 UTC

@missliterallywho red pill me on this paleo baking you speak of

2018-08-08 03:17:01 UTC

Gotcha, Iโ€™m looking up paleo baking recipes, and they remind me of some stuff my wife and I would make when we were vegans

2018-08-15 00:56:26 UTC

I got a nice recipe for a Cauliflower soup that im going to post when I get log back into my laptop

2018-08-15 00:56:33 UTC

yummy ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-08-27 02:13:57 UTC


2018-08-27 02:14:12 UTC


2018-08-27 02:43:24 UTC

10 slices of bacon, 2 large heads of cauliflower, 4 cups of chicken broth, 1 and 1/3 cup yellow onion , 3 garlic cloves pressed, 1/2 stick of butter, 2 cups of shredded cheddar cheese, 1 cup of heavy whipping cream, salt and pepper,.......Also for a little extra flavor add spinach, Broccoli, portabella mushrooms, ,carrots and 1/4 cup of green onions.

2018-08-27 02:44:27 UTC

step 1) fry bacon than put it into a paper towel to cool and step aside

2018-08-27 02:46:23 UTC

step2) fill slow cooker with chop cauliflower and assorted vegetables listed above

2018-08-27 02:48:07 UTC

step3) fill slow cooker with 4 cups of chicken broth plus add the half of stick of butter cook on high for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours

2018-08-27 02:50:02 UTC

step 4) once the 4 or 8 hours is up set slow cooker to low and smash the vegetables in the slow cooker until you get a smooth consistency

2018-08-27 02:53:12 UTC

step5) add the bacon, cheddar cheese and heavy whipping cream stir until the cheese has melted set slow cooker to warm and serve ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-08-30 10:51:22 UTC

The carrot is a nice touch for sweetness @V.Balboa - PA

2018-08-30 16:41:02 UTC

Authentic Swedish Pancake recipe from Grandma Jewell.

2018-08-30 16:42:57 UTC



2018-08-30 23:34:55 UTC

@Prestor John yes it yes ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

2018-08-30 23:35:02 UTC


2018-08-31 00:46:00 UTC
2018-09-10 02:26:48 UTC

So I've got myself a small grill and have been fun playing around with it, but I don't know all that much. What cuts of meat are good/cheap, and what are some healthy and creative things I could grill up?

2018-09-10 03:32:39 UTC

@Ben Rainsford - OH chicken or steak stir fry is a good healthy easy cheap and tasty one, but Iโ€™m sure google can help you find good/cheap recipes

2018-09-16 23:28:13 UTC

Came up with and tried a keto smoothie recipes today.
12 conventional ice cubes
1 avacado (remove pit ofc)
~1 scoop of lemonade/ice tea BCAA mix
Heavy whipping cream.

It was really good, made 3 small cups. ~7 net carbs for the entire batch

2018-09-16 23:29:44 UTC

Cheaper, healthier and more huwyte than going to one of those asian bona tea places

2018-09-16 23:30:13 UTC

You could substitute whey Protein powder for the BCAA, too

2018-09-17 21:29:56 UTC

Update. Used protein powder instead of BCAA. Much better.

2018-09-17 23:03:50 UTC

I made this


2018-10-04 00:09:09 UTC

I just found canned pears for 25 cents a can. What can I do with a shitload of pears?

2018-10-04 00:09:51 UTC


2018-10-04 00:09:59 UTC

I understand I'm not really saving money buying something I don't need on sale, so will this help me make dinner in any way?

2018-10-04 00:10:02 UTC

Feed livestock?

2018-10-04 00:10:30 UTC

unfortunately I can't fit livestock into my mobile home

2018-10-04 00:11:02 UTC

Is there any real (non dessert) food involving pears?

2018-10-04 00:11:31 UTC

I once had sliced (fresh) pears on a pizza. But that doesn't help you

2018-10-04 00:13:07 UTC


2018-10-04 01:03:09 UTC

ya if you're a keto cultist

2018-10-04 01:03:16 UTC

(which I am)

2018-10-04 01:03:50 UTC

I ended up buying them. I'm gonna eat them when I get off keto. Since they're in cans it shouldn't be an issue.

2018-10-04 02:36:41 UTC

> having cheat days

2018-10-04 20:01:23 UTC

I think there's a difference between a cheat day and strategically carbing up

2018-10-04 20:02:34 UTC

From my understanding, a cheat day is just something done when people are too weak to handle their diet, while their could be legitimate reasons why someone would refill on carbs periodically.

2018-10-04 20:03:12 UTC

I've personally never refilled on carbs, but I'm not planning to be on keto for some crazy amount of time.

2018-10-04 20:07:38 UTC

Or when your early Alzheimer's mom doesn't understand/remember your diet at family dinners and you can't bear to insult her by not eating...

2018-10-04 20:09:06 UTC

Ya, when I'm at someone's house and they offer me food with carbs I usually just try to avoid the carbs but still eat it

2018-10-04 23:47:37 UTC


2018-10-04 23:47:51 UTC

about the extent of my culinary ability

2018-10-05 18:51:46 UTC

@Deleted User if you put a smashed clove of garlic and/ or a chicken or beef bullion cube in your rice as it boils, it adds a ton of flavor.

2018-10-05 18:52:25 UTC

ooh sounds good

2018-10-05 19:48:52 UTC

@Deleted User thanks for the tip. My parents were always very health conscious growing up, so my cooking is pretty bland

2018-10-05 19:50:01 UTC

When I lived with Puerto Ricans, I was blown away by all the little tricks

2018-10-07 04:53:57 UTC

Okay, just looking through some of the recent posts, and I might be the only one here who does this, but you guys should try sautรฉing apples, dates, and /or pears with some coconut oil, curry powder and cinnamon. This is actually the basis of just about everything I cook, although with some things I will add acv, umeboshi plum paste, cayenne, salt and pepper. If I'm making soup, which I do regularly, I will cook vegetables this way and then throw them in the blender with hot water and coconut milk powder.

2018-10-07 05:35:24 UTC


2018-10-07 05:47:41 UTC

Use medium low heat

2018-10-07 05:49:27 UTC

Takes about 5-7 minutes to cook apples out of the fridge, chopped into thirds 3x (27 pieces). I eat everything but the stem.

2018-10-07 05:51:03 UTC

Not sure about pear seeds, but apple seeds are very good for cancer

2018-10-07 05:53:16 UTC

Most phytonutrients are in the parts people throw away. For example, if you make a smoothie with an avocado, throw the pit in there. It's very nutritious and you will hardly notice it's there as long as you run the blender for a couple minutes.

2018-10-07 05:57:35 UTC

Which reminds me : avoid cold foods and drinks as much as possible. They slow down digestion. If you make smoothies, it's a good idea to throw in some fresh ginger to aid digestion. I could go on for a while, but I'll stop there. If you want to know what foods are good for specific diseases or chronic conditions, tag me and I should be able to help.

2018-10-07 06:00:34 UTC

By the way, unless you're totally destitute, I'd advise against buying anything in a can. Pretty much any other preservation method is better than canning.

2018-10-07 06:02:29 UTC

We should not be buying food from the Beast if we can help it. Local farmers ftw

2018-10-07 06:30:43 UTC

I really appreciate it

2018-11-23 03:06:15 UTC

What did everyone make today for their thanksgiving meals?

2018-11-23 03:07:07 UTC

I was in charge of the sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole and I also made brussel sprouts

2018-11-23 04:32:05 UTC

I took out trash and did dishes. ๐Ÿ˜‘

2018-11-23 04:33:17 UTC

Not exactly glamorous but still necessary duties @Wood-Ape - OK/MN lol

2018-11-23 05:30:01 UTC

I served as sou chef a lot actually which is more than I usually do. Stuffed the mushrooms, peeled taters and apples, and prepared appetizers

2018-11-25 03:30:16 UTC

what is the simplest way I could cook Turkey?

2018-11-25 03:30:26 UTC

I got one for free and I don't know what to do with it

2018-11-25 03:33:03 UTC


2018-11-25 03:40:14 UTC

Take the gizzards,neck,etc out of both ends. Once you make sure it has defrosted completely. Rinse off. Stick gobs of butter in between skin and meat,especially around breast area. Season with basic salt,pepper,garlic,etc. Put breast side down for most hours,basting every half hour,hour, let go for like 4hrs,depending on pounds of Turkey, flip back over the last 2 hours,continue basting...

2018-11-25 03:41:50 UTC

Also depends on pounds of Turkey, say if like a 20lb turkey.

2018-11-25 03:45:09 UTC

Yes,have always stuffed mass amounts of butter between skin,makes a huge,succulent difference.

2018-11-25 03:45:35 UTC

Also fresh chopped garlic us good too

2018-11-25 03:46:16 UTC

My uncle made his own Kane's seasonings that i use alot too.

2018-11-25 03:46:59 UTC

Have always cooked breast down for years too,turnes out more tender and juicy that way.

2018-11-25 03:47:45 UTC

Thanks a lot

2018-11-25 03:47:48 UTC

baste and redpilled as well

2018-11-25 03:47:53 UTC

Your welcome

2018-11-25 03:48:01 UTC

Lol you bet!

2018-11-25 03:48:45 UTC

Is it worth getting an actual cook book?

2018-11-25 03:48:51 UTC

My parents had a cool one that they never used

2018-11-25 03:49:17 UTC

Yes they do help

2018-11-25 03:49:31 UTC

For reference to check back on at least

2018-11-25 03:52:02 UTC

Better Homes new cook book,usually found as good basic one to always have on hand

2018-11-25 04:05:33 UTC

Yes,its a must and best way to do

2018-11-25 04:05:47 UTC

The cook book my dad had was this really old one

2018-11-25 04:05:51 UTC

It was pretty cool

2018-11-25 04:05:56 UTC

like from Soviet times

2018-11-25 04:06:08 UTC


2018-11-25 04:07:17 UTC

"Fill the turkey with aromatics like chopped onions, carrots, apples and herbs"

2018-11-25 04:07:28 UTC

is there any other fruits and vegetables that are good for this?

2018-11-25 04:10:44 UTC

that sounds less fun

2018-11-25 04:10:56 UTC

cringe and bluepilled

2018-11-25 04:15:45 UTC

I don't like to fill mine with anything either,otherwise its a pain in the butt and sometimes the stuffing isn't all that great either.

2018-11-25 04:17:42 UTC

A heavier pan is usually the best too,a good roasting pan with a rack,you can buy at department stores,etc.

2018-11-25 04:24:41 UTC

Ya,buying a good decent one for like $20,$30 is worth it. Think I got 1 long ago at Kohl's, then daughter got me better 1 later. Good 1 with handles and rack,big difference.

2018-11-25 04:55:18 UTC

How do you put butter under the skin?

2018-11-25 04:55:28 UTC

Just cut off little pieces and shove them in there?

2018-11-25 05:14:12 UTC

Yes cut off multiple pieces,its easier if its been sitting out softening for awhile. Put in plenty to cover the whole spread of breast ,thighs,etc

2018-11-25 05:14:58 UTC

Sometimes I just use my hands and stick in gobs between the skin

2018-12-06 21:14:55 UTC

hot buttered rum recipes, anyone?

2018-12-06 21:20:21 UTC

What is hot buttered rum

2018-12-06 21:36:09 UTC

^and where can I get some

2018-12-06 22:25:48 UTC

@John O - it makes pumpkin spice look like dollar store kool-aid

2018-12-06 22:26:43 UTC

nectar of the gods


2018-12-23 21:36:27 UTC

Chocolate coated Rum balls.


2018-12-23 21:38:35 UTC


2018-12-23 21:39:16 UTC

We are using dark chocolate instead of sprinkles.

2018-12-27 07:20:47 UTC


2018-12-31 06:26:33 UTC

Chocolate berry trifle.


2018-12-31 06:27:23 UTC

She won't give me the recipe. Sorry.

2019-01-02 22:24:56 UTC

Spent a couple extra bucks for a really good quality roast, worth it


2019-01-02 22:56:52 UTC

Perfect on these cold winter days! Funny, as I also bought a roast to make for dinner tonight, sounded good. And now I remember why I don't buy as much. My daughter came home for a lil bit,so gonna make before she has to go back.

2019-01-12 22:28:16 UTC

Just finished making kraut burgers ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช


2019-01-12 22:40:41 UTC

Are those bierocks? @Sonic

2019-01-12 22:43:06 UTC

@DCViking I'm not sure what a bierock is, but I know these as kraut burgers. Burger, cabbage, onion spooned into dough, wrapped up and put in the oven.

2019-01-12 22:44:34 UTC

Yep, same thing. One of my favorite foods ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

2019-01-15 03:57:50 UTC

What's a relatively easy way to cook Pork Steak?

2019-01-15 03:58:04 UTC

I'm a poor college student so I don't have any special ingrediants

2019-01-15 03:58:13 UTC

<@&403278635898765325> academics pls respond

2019-01-15 04:01:58 UTC

if u got butter n' seasonings that's all it takes lad

2019-01-15 04:04:17 UTC

just with a pan?

2019-01-15 04:04:24 UTC

or do I put it in the oven like with a regular steak?

2019-01-15 04:06:23 UTC

you cook steak in the oven?

2019-01-15 04:07:32 UTC

@Deleted User broiling is awesome

2019-01-15 04:07:35 UTC

you should try it

2019-01-15 04:07:40 UTC

you're supposed to fry it and then stick it in, right?

2019-01-15 04:07:46 UTC

idk I've only bought steak once in my life

2019-01-15 04:07:59 UTC

I'm not a member of the bourgeoisie

2019-01-15 04:08:11 UTC

never thought about using the broiler on steak

2019-01-15 04:08:30 UTC

it's a great substitute for a grill

2019-01-15 04:09:23 UTC

@Jacob if you're an absolute beginner, start with learning how to make like 3-5 dishes well, and expanding.

2019-01-15 04:10:00 UTC

that sounds like a good idea

2019-01-15 06:28:43 UTC

Make spinach artichoke dip I made that for a party I hosted and the ladies loved it

2019-01-15 06:32:32 UTC

You can never go wrong with a spinach dip,that's for sure

2019-01-15 11:37:30 UTC

Also if you are a poor college kid just rely on butter salt pepper and garlic. Those are the most important Ingried Kentโ€™s to make things taste good.

2019-01-15 17:01:52 UTC

I still do that

2019-01-16 18:29:32 UTC

Pan searing is a great simple way to make steaks on a stove, but it's a bit of an artform getting it right. I've destroyed a few good steaks. Also be prepared for some smoke.

2019-01-16 18:32:35 UTC

Smoke may result from having your oil/butter too hot, or the steak itself meaning you need some oil/butter

2019-01-16 18:32:58 UTC

if you start to see it just dial back the heat a tad

2019-01-16 18:41:02 UTC

Yeah it's a balance though because you want your pan nice and hot. Once you figure out your stove its pretty easy.

2019-01-18 04:53:22 UTC

Broiling is also an option for steak without a grill.

2019-01-18 16:20:30 UTC

Have a nice chefs pan for cooking steak on the stove makes a difference

2019-01-18 21:17:46 UTC

Use a high smoke point oil to start the sear. Then after you've developed a good crust, add a few tablespoons of butter, garlic, and thyme and use a spoon to base the steak. Medium high heat on most stove tops should do the trick just dont over brown the butter.

2019-01-22 01:35:25 UTC

Just did this tonight. Great tip. You should be some kind of chef or something @Arvon

2019-01-27 20:53:22 UTC

Thats what im trained for, taking classics into the ethnostate.

2019-02-06 01:37:19 UTC



2019-02-06 01:37:46 UTC

The GF keeps out doing herself.

2019-02-06 01:38:27 UTC


2019-02-14 00:14:02 UTC

Anyone cooking anything for Valentine's Day?

2019-02-24 22:10:06 UTC

Got a request to post some low cost recipes in this server, so hereโ€™s a couple recipes

2019-02-24 22:12:29 UTC

Beef and noodles (8 servings, 25 dollars)

Im not entirely specifying measurements simply because people prefer this in so many different ways, but hereโ€™s the basic run down. Youโ€™ll need a crock pot for this also.

2019-02-24 22:15:43 UTC


-1 two-four pound rump roast, or similar cut.
-half a stick of butter
-1 1/2 - 2 cups of sour cream
-4-6 cans of cream of mushroom
-3 bags of wide Amish egg noodles. Itโ€™s important to get this specific type of noodle, because other noodles will get mushy when stored for more than a couple days.
-salt and pepper to taste
-mushrooms (optional)

2019-02-24 22:18:51 UTC

Put the entire rump roast in a crock pot on high for 6 hours, or low for 8 (I recommend low, itโ€™s more tender)

When done, shred roast with two forks, removing any excessive fatty bits.

Cook egg noodles in separate pot until soft, when done, add into crock pot with beef and all other ingredients, stir thoroughly.

In my experience, these can last for about a week. Which is perfect, since there are 8 servings, one person can eat this for dinner for a whole week (thatโ€™s about 3$ per dinner!)

And itโ€™s fantastically savory, and great for high energy work. Iโ€™ve been eating this all winter lately.

2019-02-24 22:20:02 UTC

Next recipe -

2019-02-24 22:21:43 UTC

Simple roast and vegetables (23$ 6 servings)

Though Iโ€™m not as big of a fan of this as I am beef and noodles, itโ€™s still a nice way to get in those veggie servings, and is Lower calorie.

2019-02-24 22:24:35 UTC


-1 two to four pound roast
-1 bag of small golden potatoes
-1 bunch of celery
-4 carrots
-2 sweet onions
-2 boxes of beef broth

This is very simple. Peel potatoes and carrots, cut all veggies. Put roast in crock pot, then add veggies and broth.

Let simmer on high for 6 hours or low for 8.

2019-02-24 22:25:02 UTC

This recipe doesnโ€™t conserve as well as the beef and noodles, expect this to last 5-6 days.

2019-02-24 23:57:45 UTC

I made a 3 pound roast with onions, potatoes and carrots. Cost me like $15

2019-02-25 23:19:19 UTC

@NITRODUBS Thanks for all that!

2019-02-26 22:26:36 UTC

@everyone Let's breath a little life into this server. ** What is your favorite meal to make and why?**

For me, it would have to be savory German Style Crepes. They are a bit thicker than French style crepes which are thinner and generally filled with sweet things (jams, jellies, nutella, powdered sugar on top). I have heard them referred to as "German Omelets" before as well. Typically I fill them with onions and cheese, sometimes mushrooms, sometimes even ham.

I like them because they are easy to make, they require only eggs, milk, water, flour salt and butter plus fillings, I almost always have the ingredients on hand (especially if I used powdered milk) and because they remind me of my childhood. Both my German Grandmother and my mother used to make them following a recipe similar to this one.

2019-02-26 22:27:23 UTC


2019-02-26 22:27:43 UTC

Probably British bangers and mash

2019-02-26 22:28:41 UTC

I usually cook real simple, but I have a mean recipe for goulash. I'll post it later on.

2019-02-26 22:29:53 UTC


2019-02-26 22:29:56 UTC


2019-02-26 22:30:28 UTC

Steak. One ingredient.

2019-02-26 22:30:35 UTC

Beef stews are a favorite of mine

2019-02-26 22:30:41 UTC

epic, but WHY do yall like making this stuff? Convenience, taste, memories, the challenge, something else?

2019-02-26 22:31:00 UTC

For power.

2019-02-26 22:31:51 UTC

I was told once not to use any seasonings on steak until it was off the grill, for fear that it would dry the meat. Thoughts?

2019-02-26 22:34:26 UTC

I havenโ€™t heard that. I usually coat it with salt and pepper and lime juice 30 ish minutes before I cook and it doesnโ€™t get dry

2019-02-26 22:41:51 UTC

I've seen many cooking vids that say salt and seasoning help with water retention

2019-02-26 22:51:22 UTC


2019-02-26 22:51:34 UTC

Iโ€™ve got the pizza and hot sauce game on lock down.

2019-02-26 22:51:39 UTC

Dead serious.

2019-02-26 22:51:50 UTC

I can make pizza crust that rivals these best.

2019-02-26 22:52:15 UTC

Get that oven to 500 degrees and Iโ€™ll blow your mind.

2019-02-26 23:05:49 UTC

Chili + spaghetti for childhood nostalgia reasons.

2019-02-26 23:10:39 UTC

I don't cook much, but I quite enjoy making borsch. It takes awhile so its kinda relaxing, plus I usually have friends or family over whenever I make it.

2019-02-26 23:11:20 UTC

Pierogies are also great because they take less than 10 minutes to cook and taste incredible.

2019-02-26 23:31:51 UTC

@Mojave Paisan - NV Never had a good pierogi until this year. Now I understand why people like them.

2019-02-26 23:39:13 UTC

I go back n forth between steaks,chicken,fish when able. Yes the key to alot that makes it so tasty is seasonings,I always enjoy using various spices. And of coarse veggies too.

2019-02-26 23:52:38 UTC

When in a hurry,don't have time to chop onions,etc throw some spices in,be creative,play with it,see what works,what sounds good. Also i always put a lil water in my pyrex dish when cooking chicken so its doesn't dry out. 350ยฐ 1hr,30min. Thow together some veggies,your good๐Ÿ˜‰


2019-02-26 23:56:01 UTC

Also after putting on foil,sometimes poke holes to help vent it properly.

2019-02-27 00:22:08 UTC

my autism gets triggered when people use "pierogi" as singular

2019-02-27 00:22:23 UTC

it's plural niBBas

2019-02-27 00:49:43 UTC

Iโ€™ve got a super easy go-to meal for the slow cooker, easily made /fit/ friendly as well

2019-02-27 00:55:24 UTC

Slow Cooker Salsa Chicken
2 lb boneless skinless chicken (breast or thigh)
2 jars salsa
1 can black beans
1 can yellow corn
1 brick cream cheese, (non fat, 1/2 fat or full) doesnโ€™t matter.

Put chicken in slow cooker, cover with salsa, beans and corn. Cook on high for 3-4 hours or low for 4-5. About 30 mins before done, pull chicken out and shred, return to slow cooker and add cream cheese. Once cheese is melted, stir thoroughly and enjoy.

Protip- take the cream cheese out of fridge to soften for an hour or 2 before shredding the chicken, itโ€™ll melt a lot faster and mix more easily.

2019-02-27 01:42:13 UTC

I have eat at least one pierogi with every meal

2019-02-27 01:59:29 UTC


2019-02-27 02:22:09 UTC

@Jacob We've appropriated your culture into English.
But seriously, it just feels to say pierogi in English when referring to multiple of them.

2019-02-27 17:40:46 UTC

nice to see this server/channel being utilized more.
i'd love to break in the new kitchen with some suggestions from everyone

2019-02-27 22:26:14 UTC

Iโ€™ve always enjoyed making meatballs, standard ground beef, spices, etc. but when forming them I take bits of mozzarella and place them in the centers. Bake in a Pyrex dish with foil on the bottom to keep all that delicious fat and cheese in. Goes well with any pasta

2019-02-28 05:11:54 UTC

I make a lot of borsch. Start off with two pounds of pork, and boil it while you make the rest of the dish. Scoop the fat off while cooking. Add four sliced potatos after 45 minutes. In the meantime, mix chopped carrots with chopped beets in one pan, and diced tomatoes with sliced onions in another. Use enought to fill the pans. Add butter, tomato paste, and olive oil to the pans. Once cooked, add them into the pot after 90 minutes after you started cooking it. Lastly, chop up half a cabbage and add it. Should be good for 3-4 meals.

2019-03-03 23:40:22 UTC

My GF is making crumb chicken tonight. I'm sure glad I imported her from Australia.


2019-03-04 00:09:59 UTC

She's living with you?

2019-03-04 00:10:40 UTC

No she's staying in an appartment my aunt owns.

2019-03-04 00:11:19 UTC

But she is coming over to cook for me @John O -

2019-03-04 00:11:48 UTC

Still, dude

2019-03-04 00:11:51 UTC


2019-03-04 00:14:03 UTC

She's yelling at me to stop trying to take pictures.


2019-03-04 00:15:13 UTC

I'm telling her that she doesn't need to cook enough for an army.

2019-03-04 03:33:49 UTC

Thatโ€™s awesome. I always like leftovers.

2019-03-05 17:30:35 UTC


2019-03-05 17:31:10 UTC

Homemade garlic sundried tomato seen crackers topped with spinach dip

2019-03-05 17:43:31 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SDHappy for you. Be greatful she overcooks,she was obviously raised right. I was raised to always cook more than enough. Most traditional women are. Its the hard part later of trying to not do so much later in life. She's obviously very happy & this makes her feel good,taking care of her man. Really sounds like ya got a great keeper for life! Way to go!๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘Œ

2019-03-05 17:45:46 UTC

Ha ha. She sure was raised right. I went out to shovel my driveway and I came back in to her cleaning my whole kitchen.

2019-03-05 17:47:59 UTC

I was introducing her to Bob Ross's painting show which she really liked and I figured she would just watch TV until I was done.

2019-03-05 17:48:32 UTC
2019-03-05 17:48:48 UTC

Lol nice

2019-03-05 17:49:31 UTC

She is trying very hard to make the best with you,you can see that. Truly wish you 2 the best๐Ÿ˜‰

2019-03-05 18:37:13 UTC

Liver pate making!

2019-03-05 18:37:17 UTC


2019-03-05 18:38:24 UTC

Looks good. Usually not a fan,but bet that is good. My dad loves liver & onions.

2019-03-05 18:42:17 UTC

I can only enjoy liver in the form of pate. On crackers.

2019-03-05 18:42:35 UTC

I see it as kindof a multi vitamin

2019-03-05 18:42:38 UTC


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