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2017-09-06 00:36:56 UTC

If anyone wants to see something specific let me know. I have a ton of jobs going, and I can probably pick up some more weekend work to get little walk throughs on new builds and remodeling.

2017-09-06 00:43:20 UTC


2017-09-06 00:43:36 UTC

Doing some boring ass stair treads on my rental today

2017-09-06 00:44:27 UTC

haha get some Conway and you'll have a blast!

2017-09-06 00:45:28 UTC

I just caught up on Jim goads podcasts

2017-09-06 00:46:21 UTC

This is truly a shit job. Just slap it on and go as quick as I can no jig or anything

2017-09-06 00:46:31 UTC

I have to have something to take my mind off the boring stuff. Are you putting carpet on them?

2017-09-06 00:58:40 UTC

Nah just basic treads and risers. They had carpet and the treads were just 2x material. It's a duplex we just got

2017-09-06 00:59:23 UTC

I did oak in 2 units but these are just gonna be 5/4 pine. Cheap and easy

2017-09-06 01:03:35 UTC

haha nice. I love the natural/stained wood look. I don't care for painted trim or stairs. But I get why people do it.
Are you changing the flooring?

2017-09-06 13:27:29 UTC

Nope just adding tile in afew places

2017-09-07 16:50:16 UTC

Getting there

2017-09-07 16:50:17 UTC


2017-09-07 17:06:24 UTC

Damn bro you're having fun.

2017-09-07 17:06:35 UTC

Looks nice

2017-09-07 20:33:05 UTC

You get what you pay for, here's why you don't call a handyman.

2017-09-07 20:33:20 UTC


2017-09-07 20:33:39 UTC

Bondo is NOT made to fill wood.

2017-09-07 20:33:49 UTC


2017-09-07 20:34:00 UTC


2017-09-07 20:34:14 UTC


2017-09-07 20:34:29 UTC


2017-09-07 20:35:42 UTC

They wrapped the window in metal and plywood and it turned into a water trap.

2017-09-07 20:36:14 UTC

That's awful bro

2017-09-07 20:43:51 UTC

It's a mess, not sure I can save the brick molding, the sills I can save.
I'll get some pictures of this process, because we'll be installing a new frame. And if you can handle doing a historic window a replacement window will be a walk in the park.

2017-09-07 20:49:26 UTC

Also don't let ivy grow on your house, it destroys the mortar, and wood. It costs more to have a house tuck pointed and/or new windows, brick moldind, doors, corbels, soffit, everything, then it is to rip that junk off the house. I know it looks neat/nice, but be good to your home and it will be good to you.

2017-09-07 20:49:44 UTC


2017-09-07 22:22:22 UTC

Dang yeah that's a shit show. A lot of work

2017-09-07 22:45:17 UTC

That it is, but that's what I signed up for ahah.

2017-09-08 05:30:22 UTC

What's the carpentry (finish too) field looking like these days? Is it impacted? I work as a museum crate technician and want to transfer over. Any tips?

2017-09-08 11:07:04 UTC

Things are going good, busy all around. I work in historic preservation and we do finish. Low skilled guys and immigrants have driven already low wages down. But if you're working for someone honest or yourself you can do pretty good.
If you're starting fresh try a little bit of everything until you find what you like. I really enjoy framing, but I found this historic work and I fell in love.

2017-09-08 18:20:59 UTC

Honest white guys that do half way decent work and show up on time can make a killing in today's market. Problem is so many of the trade guys don't have their shit together

2017-09-08 18:21:39 UTC

All the technical/artisan stuff is still white guys for the most part

2017-09-08 18:22:06 UTC

Yeah I know more than a few trades guys. They struggle with drugs, alcohol, and minor criminal stuff. Good men all, though, and good at what they do.

2017-09-08 18:22:50 UTC

Yeah the drugs and alcohol shit is so pervasive for dudes in the building trades.

2017-09-08 18:23:15 UTC

I try to only hire white guys but it can be a challenge

2017-09-08 18:26:12 UTC

Step 1: Don't do drugs

2017-09-08 18:26:34 UTC

Step 2: Do almost anything else

2017-09-08 18:26:38 UTC

Easy as that

2017-09-08 18:27:24 UTC

Eh, not so easy for some guys I know. They struggle with chronic pain and working the hours they do is hard on them. I can sympathize.

2017-09-08 18:29:31 UTC

Yeah, me too, but I work 80 hour weeks around 3 months out of the year. I understand the chronic pain thing, too. I'm 6'3", so my back is falling apart already. But I've never done coke, meth, bars, perks, or any of the other shit that people try to sell me.

2017-09-08 18:30:39 UTC

I feel for these guys, but they've got to get their shit together themselves. No one else can do it.

2017-09-08 18:34:18 UTC

True true

2017-09-08 18:41:10 UTC

I used to do a lot of drugs and booze. Haven't touched a drop of anything in 7 yrs. much better

2017-09-08 18:42:27 UTC

BTW for those goys out there with HVAC systems always use these cheap filters. Cheapest you can find cause they don't restrict the air flow for your handler. Unless you got allergies

2017-09-08 18:42:34 UTC


2017-09-08 18:43:19 UTC

Otherwise all the techy filters just pay schlomo

2017-09-08 20:24:06 UTC

I have allergies. What is the best filter for me?

2017-09-08 20:27:23 UTC

I've beat the shit out of my body broken fingers, toes, arms, legs, cracked ribs, more stitches than I can remember, I've ridden ladders down telephone poles and walls, rode a few to the ground, I've 2 hernias repaired, and I've been shocked by power lines while 30 feet in the air. But you rub some dirt on it and carry on. Like a man. Haha

2017-09-08 20:28:38 UTC

I've worked 6 days a week for years. I smoked pot for almost 15 years, it didn't help with the pain, it just took my mind off it.

2017-09-08 20:45:11 UTC

@Bayernmensch#6240 is the air in your house a problem? If so maybe one of the hyperallegenic one but usually that's for people with abnormal allergies.

2017-09-08 20:45:33 UTC

I have em too but not bad enough I need to filter the air

2017-09-08 20:47:41 UTC

@Deleted User You're the man. Did owning more than 1 property turn you into a jack of all trades?

2017-09-08 20:49:08 UTC

Haha no I got my start doing trim carpentry on small scale remodels working for a good contractor

2017-09-08 20:49:51 UTC

Did it for years then got a (((media))) job which looked better to banks

2017-09-08 20:50:11 UTC

Made some smart purchases that cash flowed very well early on

2017-09-08 21:09:32 UTC

Oh nice, what is that you do now? If I can support a brother I will.

2017-09-08 21:40:27 UTC

How much do finish carpenters make? I get that it's based upon location. As a crate technician in LA I make $20/hr...

2017-09-08 21:51:45 UTC

Carpenters are the one of lowest paid trades unfortunately. But if you're the contractor you have no limit. Or you could get on with a big company and do well.
Like the electricians said the end goal is to become the contractor.

2017-09-08 23:30:08 UTC

Yeah I thinking of getting my contractors license

2017-09-09 01:34:28 UTC

I got mine but hardly use it.

2017-09-09 01:35:04 UTC

@RevStench Now I'm a director for a yuuuge media company. Total fuckin pox all day long

2017-09-09 01:35:19 UTC


2017-09-09 01:36:26 UTC

Trim carpenters/artisans can make decent money but yeah they don't make as much as elec, plumbers, etc unless your doing work like @RevStench

2017-09-09 01:37:09 UTC

Your type of restorations are priceeeey .....

2017-09-09 01:37:53 UTC

For sure, but it's either me or you can call this guy


2017-09-09 01:38:10 UTC

Hahaha no joke

2017-09-09 01:38:16 UTC

That's plywood holding the sash together haha

2017-09-09 01:39:35 UTC

@Pendragon#1229 If you can run small jobs as a contractor and hire subs and do all the carpentry yourself you can make more than just running trim but it's more headaches. I did that for a few years

2017-09-09 01:40:38 UTC

@Pendragon#1229 You in LA? I built sets for a few years too a looong time ago. That pays decent

2017-09-09 01:41:49 UTC

Oh cool @Deleted User I bet that was a lot of fun and headache. Got any set you can brag about?

2017-09-09 01:42:41 UTC

It's a shame carpenters get stiffed on moneybecause there are so many neat things to do.

2017-09-09 01:59:04 UTC

@RevStench It was NY in the 90s sonit was fun. The only noteworthy set was probably upright citizens brigade on comedy central

2017-09-09 01:59:55 UTC

No way, I love UCB. Little Donnie is my favorite

2017-09-09 02:00:04 UTC

I was just a helper basically. And I put together a ton of flats and stages. Then moved back down here and started working with that contractor

2017-09-09 02:00:14 UTC

Haha little donny

2017-09-09 02:00:40 UTC

I helped build the inner sanctum set

2017-09-09 02:00:55 UTC

Their headquarters

2017-09-09 02:01:46 UTC

Carpentry is one of the most underrated and underused professions

2017-09-09 02:15:50 UTC

That's really cool man, what neat place to get a start in building.
It's a shame that carpentry has become what it is. I've seen articles over in the Netherlands where they are building multi story buildings with wooden frames again. That's really cool.

2017-09-09 02:16:30 UTC

Morgan cars still use a wooden frame, that would be a dream job.

2017-09-09 02:40:04 UTC

Wow that's nuts

2017-09-09 14:24:24 UTC

That's pretty cool. I wish there was a market for homes like this. I could do this type of work for pleasure.

2017-09-09 14:25:28 UTC

This guy has making shakes down to a science. I've pretty much memorized his technique, it's good information.

2017-09-09 17:28:06 UTC

@RevStench You ever seen the Dick Pernake doc?

2017-09-09 17:29:25 UTC

Think it was on PBS years ago but it's on YouTube. Ex navy pilot moved to the Alaskan wilderness and built everything by hand. Amazing he filmed all of it on 16mm

2017-09-09 17:39:31 UTC

No I haven't, I'll look it up.
People show me video's like that house all the time, I appreciate it. But most of the these people say they do things the old ways then I watch and I only see where they skipped the old hard ways for modern things. Like that house they used rebar. No one used rebar for foundations. They also ran the trees through a saw.


2017-09-09 17:39:49 UTC

Hand hewed logs,

2017-09-09 17:40:21 UTC

Floor joist for this place built in the 1850s

2017-09-09 17:40:55 UTC


2017-09-09 17:45:34 UTC

My family house in New York had hand hewn logs. It was one of the first houses in the area. I used to daydream about what it was like to walk to the middle of nowhere all alone, chop down a few trees, and start building yourself a new life.

2017-09-09 17:50:20 UTC

I do that same day dreaming almost everyday. Or what it was like when a new town was being built. I go to a lot of small towns, ones with one 4 way stop being the town center. Life was harder but in my opinion better in the good ol'days.

2017-09-09 18:01:33 UTC

@Joseph McCarthy - NJ Just watched that video. Gods. White people are fucking awesome.

2017-09-09 18:03:24 UTC

@Deleted User for sure, WE are the builders of cities.

2017-09-09 21:58:52 UTC

There's several parts to this. It'll put you to sleep but it's pretty amazing what this guy did. Killed all his own food but cabin and smoke house by hand

2017-09-10 02:43:23 UTC

I hope it's related but has anyone made fasces for decoration?

2017-09-10 02:43:35 UTC

Like this

2017-09-10 04:11:58 UTC

No sir, you make one and show us haha. For real though

2017-09-10 04:16:52 UTC

There's some really cool buildings being made out of wood again.

2017-09-10 04:22:08 UTC
2017-09-10 13:11:36 UTC

Supposedly LVLs and CLTs can be stronger that concrete and rebar in earthquake prone areas

2017-09-10 21:40:43 UTC

Lvl is some good stuff, I used to use it for building pole barns, I've loads of barns for some of the big horse farms in KY. LVL is so heavy though, kicks my little ass.

2017-09-12 12:27:31 UTC
2017-09-12 12:27:52 UTC

So much cool stuff happening with timber.

2017-09-19 19:03:07 UTC

@Deleted User haha thanks for posting that. I'm fixing a door and can usually find a way to get out stripped screws. Totally forgot about these

2017-09-19 19:03:48 UTC

@RevStench You on the real estate server?

2017-09-19 20:14:59 UTC
2017-09-19 21:02:33 UTC


2017-09-20 15:49:14 UTC

Working on a folding metal basics for today. I'm wrapping up a few jobs right now and don't have a lot of actual work, just breaking down scaffolding and doing some really minor finishing touches.

2017-09-20 22:44:20 UTC

That last pic look sharp @RevStench !

2017-09-20 22:44:24 UTC

Nice work

2017-09-20 22:44:55 UTC

Thanks brother. I do my best.

2017-09-20 22:59:28 UTC

I liked the spinal tap reference😄

2017-09-20 23:01:07 UTC

haha I figure that these things are boring so it needed to be a little fun to read

2017-09-22 20:13:22 UTC

These we're turned into leaded glass sometime in the 1850s, pretty sweet. Hamline Chapel, Lawrenceburg, IN



2017-09-22 20:15:28 UTC

I restored one of these. I don't have any pictures of the sash I did. But it's the first one on the right when you go through the front door, if anyone is interested haha.


2017-10-03 21:28:50 UTC

Sorry I haven't been active here. We don't really have anything fun right now, I'm busy but everything big wrapped up and we picked up a job restoring more than 40 sets of windows. So that is going to take some time. I've been breaking down windows and stripping paint for the last week.

2017-10-14 01:37:19 UTC

@RevStench hey I got a decent drywall patch lesson/pics ready to go should I post here? A lot of people need to patch holes etc and it’s super easy but they don’t know how. Not carpentry but still helpful building skill

2017-10-14 02:02:53 UTC

Drywall work is a pain!

2017-10-14 02:04:44 UTC

It's dirty, too. I'm pretty happy I picked electrical, it's the easiest on your body.

2017-10-14 02:33:48 UTC

Till you get lit up you mean

2017-10-14 02:34:19 UTC

That stuff hurts

2017-10-14 03:07:12 UTC

@Deleted User yeah bro, go ahead. I'll figure out how to move it into lessons after you finish.

2017-10-14 03:07:58 UTC

Thanks. That's good stuff to know how to do.

2017-10-14 12:15:43 UTC

Ok everybody. Patching some drywall with the “hot patch” method. This is only one way to do it but you don’t have to buy those kits and works just as good if you’ve got a scrap piece of drywall laying around:

2017-10-14 12:16:03 UTC


2017-10-14 12:17:22 UTC


2017-10-14 12:17:25 UTC

That’s the hole we wanna patch. You’ll need these tools plus some drywall and mud

2017-10-14 12:18:11 UTC

Measure the size of the hole. In this case it’s approx 3.5” the size of a coffe top

2017-10-14 12:18:27 UTC


2017-10-14 12:18:58 UTC

Outline around the size of the hole about an inch in every direction

2017-10-14 12:19:15 UTC


2017-10-14 12:19:38 UTC

Then cut out the bigger outline

2017-10-14 12:19:55 UTC


2017-10-14 12:20:30 UTC

Flip the piece over and draw your true patch size on The backside

2017-10-14 12:20:45 UTC


2017-10-14 12:21:25 UTC

Then cut out everything on that line. You can make straight cuts like so and fold then peel away the sheet rock leaving the paper

2017-10-14 12:21:43 UTC


2017-10-14 12:22:04 UTC

Then peel off the excess by going all the way around.

2017-10-14 12:22:17 UTC


2017-10-14 12:22:28 UTC

Should end up looking like this

2017-10-14 12:22:39 UTC


2017-10-14 12:24:13 UTC

Now use that piece to plug the hole but BEFORE YOU DO put fresh mud around the outside of the hole on the wall so the paper has something to stick to. (Don’t have photos of the mud) I

2017-10-14 12:24:27 UTC


2017-10-14 12:24:49 UTC

Make sure there is mud underneath the paper

2017-10-14 12:25:14 UTC

Then you take a drywall knife and spread it out

2017-10-14 12:25:26 UTC


2017-10-14 12:25:46 UTC

Put mud over the entire patch if it is small enough

2017-10-14 12:26:08 UTC

Make sure you have a nice ever coat

2017-10-14 12:26:18 UTC


2017-10-14 12:27:29 UTC

Let dry and knock the ridges down with a drywall knife. You may have to do a second coat, repeat the knife to knock down ridges, then sand and your done

2017-10-14 13:05:40 UTC

@Deleted User nice one bro. That's something everyone can use. I've patched a few holes and dents in apartments I've lived in, gotta get that deposit back.
Hey @Deleted User how I do move this into lessons?

2017-10-14 13:45:37 UTC

Now thats a thinking mans solution!!

2017-10-14 15:19:06 UTC

@RevStench copy paste I think is the only way

2017-10-14 21:04:38 UTC

@RevStench cool man thanks, I forgot to take pics of the mud going on before the patch but you get the idea.

2017-11-11 16:05:10 UTC


2017-11-11 16:05:26 UTC


2017-11-11 16:05:30 UTC


2017-11-11 16:05:35 UTC


2017-11-11 16:09:52 UTC

Built my own bed. I used a 5" thick high density upholstery foam for a mattress because I like firm and it's the best for your body. Mattresses are a shlomo scam, you can literally sleep fine on a yoga mat after your body adjusts after a few nights. Total cost of this was $450

2017-11-11 16:26:42 UTC

Nice! That was a hell of an idea

2017-11-11 16:50:16 UTC

Thanks. Also, no squeaking 😃

2017-11-11 18:01:06 UTC

Low profile lovin'

2017-11-12 14:38:59 UTC

Very nice

2017-11-13 16:28:06 UTC

Thats a solid baby making platform

2017-11-13 17:37:42 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ looks nice bro, but you really should have used mortis and tenon joints, or some other joinery, for the strength. Over time those screws are going to waller out and not hold, they'll start to back out. That's the number reason the Japs don't use fasteners.
Sorry if I sound like a dick.

They also make some sweet motion activated lighting for under the bed.

2017-11-13 18:31:20 UTC

>motion activated

2017-11-13 18:49:15 UTC

@RevStench I bet your right. With my limited skill in carpentry this is what I came up with. That motion activated lighting sounds sweet

2017-11-13 19:15:20 UTC

@RevStench if you used a couple of angle brackets let's say 3 in by 2 in. Would that help with the screws loosening. One that size usually has three screws on either side and you could go from the side board to the leg?

2017-11-13 19:15:43 UTC

Put one on either side of the leg

2017-11-13 19:46:50 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ @RevStench you could also use joist hangers for the time being

2017-11-13 20:26:03 UTC

@John O - motion activated lol that would be hilarious. be in the bed bouncing around with the wife and the lights going off and on

2017-11-13 22:12:44 UTC

@Deleted User @CJames - TN#6244 both would work.

@⚡Clark⚡ You need something to stiffen up the corners.
Next time you build something with 2x 6, 8, 10 or bigger. Check the timber for a cup or a bow. Even straight boards can be crooked.
A board with a cup will have a U in it.
A board with a bow will have a noticeable sag in it.
A crook board could look straight but have a twist.
Stay away from knotty wood that's NOT pine. All this timber we buy from the big stores and most lumber yards is fast grown, and the wood is softer and full of sap(sugar) which will attract bugs. Inside you're usually fine.

Here's that light

2017-11-13 22:14:17 UTC

@RevStench u da man!

2017-11-13 22:21:37 UTC

Did you see how cheap those lights are? Like 40 bucks.

2017-12-04 19:38:22 UTC

So the hysterical society won't let us replace this wood, yet, it's not rotten enough. So I've had to rebuild it out of epox. So shitty. But here's an option if you need some quick wood repair.

2017-12-04 19:38:29 UTC



2017-12-04 19:40:13 UTC

That transcend windows look fantastic

2017-12-04 19:40:48 UTC

Perfect mitered corners on that glazing.

2017-12-04 19:41:14 UTC

I'm starting to get a Rush Limbaugh ego 😂

2017-12-04 20:10:54 UTC

Hysterical society...haha

2017-12-04 20:56:17 UTC

They torment these people who own historic homes. The homes cost a fortune to keep up as they are. The historic society has people who patrol neighborhoods and give fines to people who change the look of the home. If they find out you remodeled the inside, they make you change it back. If there are old pictures of the home it has to stay that way. You can't change the colors, nothing. If there is one hand rail and you want two, but there's a picture of only one, that's all you get. Assholes

2017-12-04 21:03:29 UTC


2017-12-04 21:03:40 UTC

Baltimore has some areas like that

2017-12-04 21:48:57 UTC

I appreciate what they do but they get a little silly with some policing.

2017-12-05 08:11:00 UTC

Hysterical Societies sort of black pill me. It just makes me feel like we're in decline. A civilization on the rise doesn't have time for that sort of stuff.

2017-12-05 12:20:41 UTC

Good point

2017-12-07 00:34:21 UTC

Got a paint tip. If you have some paint sitting around and it's gotten really thick and you're getting brush marks that won't go away. You can revive it with Penetrol for oil based and Floetrol for latex. Add a little at a time until the paint flows evenly, when you apply the paint the brush marks should go away after 3 or 4 minutes. Don't add to much.



2017-12-07 23:32:29 UTC

👍🏻good to know

2017-12-07 23:33:07 UTC

I actually really like painting. Just don’t like set up and tear down

2017-12-13 19:54:30 UTC

@Deleted User here's the windows after I used penetrol in the year old paint

2017-12-13 19:54:49 UTC




2017-12-13 19:55:58 UTC

That paint is dry. You can see my paint brush in the first picture

2017-12-13 19:58:15 UTC

So here's a sweet old tool no one uses anymore. A gimlet. Used to make a threaded hole to help start screws.


2017-12-13 19:58:26 UTC


2017-12-13 20:17:49 UTC

@RevStench yeah man those are beautiful! That’s a lot of skilled work. Shit I need a gimbal- I usually just a drill bit to start screw holes

2017-12-13 20:18:20 UTC

Dude the gimlet is a game changer.

2017-12-13 20:19:58 UTC

Usually I'm doing everything one handed and this just made getting a screw started so easy, no fighting the screw to stay on the bit when I'm trying to screw it in.

2017-12-13 21:15:34 UTC

@Deleted User hey sorry, it's called a gimlet.

2017-12-13 21:48:26 UTC

Yeah those are really great

2017-12-14 01:23:24 UTC

@RevStench cant tell how many metal shards I’ve had from holding shitty screws to get the started

2017-12-14 01:44:54 UTC

For sure, I use a lot of 3/4in number 1 or 0 screws, square head. They dance around so much and I fight them every single time. But not anymore with a gimlet.

2017-12-14 21:54:24 UTC
2017-12-14 21:54:50 UTC

Paul Sellers uses _all_ hand tools. It's very comfy

2017-12-20 01:15:53 UTC

Here's something cool. This window's bottom sash is bigger than the top, and to get proper ventilation you have to get the top sash out of the way, the top sash disappears into the wall. This one goes up, some drop down into the wall. It's hard to see.


2017-12-20 01:16:07 UTC


2017-12-20 22:21:22 UTC



2017-12-20 22:21:27 UTC

Old levels

2017-12-20 22:21:58 UTC

Early 1900s plane I use


2017-12-20 23:36:27 UTC

The Ecuadorians apparently use a clear hose filled with water

2017-12-20 23:37:04 UTC

Works no matter how far apart the two ends of the hose are.

2017-12-21 00:00:48 UTC

Oh neat. I guess they can't figure it out how to square a block 😆
I guess you could use a lot of different things.

2017-12-21 00:18:48 UTC

@Deleted User I was trying to figure out how you would plane a piece of wood with a hose

2017-12-21 00:19:26 UTC

I get it, a level

2017-12-21 00:19:52 UTC

Well I think they use it for cutting their structural timbers, 4x4s, etc

2017-12-21 17:58:23 UTC

The new baby is pushing me out of my office, so I was thinking about building a new one using the shell of a car port the old owner used for his RV. What’s a good resource (books, etc) that I could use, for a beginner? Also, does this seem like a doable project?

2017-12-21 17:58:35 UTC


2017-12-21 17:58:45 UTC


2017-12-21 17:58:51 UTC


2017-12-21 17:59:22 UTC

I don’t mean using the whole thing, but maybe building two rooms in it.

2017-12-21 18:08:02 UTC

Yes sir, you can do that. When I get home today, I'll get together what I can to try and help you.

2017-12-21 20:30:56 UTC

@RevStench Thanks so much.!

2017-12-21 22:56:44 UTC

So I don't know your skill level, so here's a good start. You're going to have to pour a floor, or you could build it out of wood. It would be similar to hanging the floor of a deck. You can insulate under it.
You need to check the building code in your state.

This will give you an idea of what needs to be done, depending on the share of the existing structure.

With the size of it you could build two rooms in the back and still pull your car into it.

2017-12-21 23:01:11 UTC

Framing the walls be easy, you can add some studs stick them against the purlings, insulate the wall and drywall.

2017-12-21 23:02:05 UTC

Putting a ceiling on is cake too. This whole project is time consuming if you're doing it alone.

2017-12-21 23:03:26 UTC

If you want exterior windows you'll have to frame them in, basically doubling the 2x's and adding support footers and headers.

2017-12-21 23:04:12 UTC
2017-12-21 23:06:27 UTC

You can keep a metal roof, that blow in insulation is good stuff, you could do something like 13inches on top of the ceiling.

2017-12-21 23:08:39 UTC

If you want, basically 2 boxes with a doorway in between the rooms and an entrance way. Should be easy enough. You'll have to get the Electricians to help wire it.

2017-12-21 23:12:05 UTC

Awesome, thanks for the info. It’s already got electricity, just need to make sure it’s up to code. Water too, and a small septic tank out back where he emptied his RV.

2017-12-21 23:36:25 UTC

Oh cool, you'll have to run outlets and switches, lighting.
Greg can help some with plumbing.

2018-01-10 19:33:36 UTC

I'm currently working on restoring these right now. I finished and reinstalled the two bottom right casements.


2018-01-10 19:34:17 UTC



2018-01-10 19:34:37 UTC

Those two are mine

2018-01-10 19:35:08 UTC



2018-01-10 19:36:39 UTC

These should be next but theres an 18 foot triple hung with the check rails falling out that's next.

2018-01-10 22:01:38 UTC

@RevStench bro, that's beautiful. I know you didn't do the glass work, but that's really cool you get to do restorations like that

2018-01-10 22:21:05 UTC

Thanks bro, saving OUR history one window at a time!😂

2018-01-11 14:30:16 UTC

@RevStench Brother, your pics are always awesome.

2018-01-11 22:00:55 UTC

Excellent project! Thanks for sharing the photos.

2018-01-11 22:27:51 UTC

@Deleted User thanks bro. It really means a lot.
So I puller this one today, 18 1/2 foot tall triple hung, 20 lite. Massive.

2018-01-11 22:28:06 UTC


2018-01-11 22:28:17 UTC


2018-01-11 22:28:44 UTC


2018-01-11 22:29:39 UTC

Look at the bow in this check rail.


2018-01-11 22:30:46 UTC

That's going to take a long time to glaze that big boy haha

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