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2019-07-14 00:34:58 UTC

2019-07-14 00:35:12 UTC

this is me

2019-07-14 00:35:59 UTC

2019-07-14 00:37:55 UTC

ew shes too old

2019-07-14 00:38:01 UTC

hit the wall

2019-07-14 00:38:26 UTC

Well they should make more tv shows like that

2019-07-14 00:43:33 UTC

good night frens <:uwu:456208314817314817>

2019-07-14 00:45:18 UTC

why is bread only good for one day

2019-07-14 00:45:22 UTC

then it smells and tastes like shit

wtf is polish bread that bad...

2019-07-14 00:46:23 UTC

depends on the bread

2019-07-14 00:47:02 UTC

but i dont have that issue

2019-07-14 00:47:07 UTC

sounds like your bread is old

i don't even eat bread...

except when I'm at my dad

I ate a lot of sandwich in the last days

2019-07-14 00:47:54 UTC

i love good bread

2019-07-14 00:48:02 UTC

sadly Sweden lacks it

I'm just lazy to make sandwiches

2019-07-14 00:48:20 UTC

i am eating a sandwich now

2019-07-14 00:48:21 UTC


And my mom doesn't eat bread too so we don't even buy it

But at here we always have

2019-07-14 00:48:36 UTC

what do u eat for breakfast?

I don't eat breakfast

2019-07-14 00:48:42 UTC

i cant take the "healthy" bread really

Except when I'm here..

2019-07-14 00:48:48 UTC

its too heavy

2019-07-14 00:48:52 UTC


What is healthy bread

2019-07-14 00:49:17 UTC

dark whole grains

2019-07-14 00:49:24 UTC

he probably means dark bread with a lot of fibers or other shit

2019-07-14 00:49:27 UTC

they can be nice as well

2019-07-14 00:49:35 UTC

right now im eating uhh

2019-07-14 00:49:50 UTC

Russian bread is really nice

My mom likes it better

2019-07-14 00:49:52 UTC

I miss it a lot

2019-07-14 00:49:59 UTC

fuck i cant take pic really

I thought I like it more too but I realized no and white bread is better

2019-07-14 00:50:11 UTC

but i have good bread now at least i like it

2019-07-14 00:50:18 UTC

white bread is not as good

2019-07-14 00:50:21 UTC

its light and darker than normal but not brown

Hungarian bread is so good too

2019-07-14 00:50:33 UTC

it has good consistency 👌

2019-07-14 00:50:41 UTC

i like white bread as well

2019-07-14 00:50:44 UTC

i normally dont eat bread because unless its fresh its disgusting

2019-07-14 00:50:48 UTC

but I dont eat it all the time

2019-07-14 00:50:56 UTC

that is acutally what makes u fat

Yeah light brown bread is cool too, when my mom buys bread she buys brown

2019-07-14 00:51:17 UTC

so i'd rather have a toast normally

2019-07-14 00:51:23 UTC

a french baguette some nice butter and russian caviar

2019-07-14 00:51:28 UTC

very good kombo

2019-07-14 00:51:36 UTC

also not all things imo fit bread

2019-07-14 00:51:47 UTC

i hate bread with nutella for whatever reason

Eat nutella with pancakes

2019-07-14 00:52:15 UTC

id eat it with the bread I have right now but with a normal one no

2019-07-14 00:52:25 UTC

yeah pancake nutella is the best

What about cinnamon pancakes

2019-07-14 00:53:07 UTC

cinnamon panackes?

2019-07-14 00:53:30 UTC

well sounds good

2019-07-14 00:53:33 UTC

didnt eat tho

2019-07-14 00:53:39 UTC

2019-07-14 00:53:41 UTC

mom doesnt use cinnamon

2019-07-14 00:53:41 UTC


2019-07-14 00:53:46 UTC

never ate caviar

I haven't eat since my grandma died

2019-07-14 00:53:55 UTC

i love it

Caviar is so good

2019-07-14 00:54:12 UTC

i associate with russia so no thanks

2019-07-14 00:54:22 UTC


2019-07-14 00:54:27 UTC


I associate it with fish...

2019-07-14 00:54:32 UTC

also i need a book to read after master and margarita

2019-07-14 00:54:35 UTC

tho I found one for now

What's wrong with you dude...

2019-07-14 00:54:46 UTC

master and margarita is Russian

2019-07-14 00:54:50 UTC

should i try reading crime and punishment again because I tried twice and i didnt finish it

2019-07-14 00:54:52 UTC

good boy 😃

2019-07-14 00:55:02 UTC

now eat some caviar also!

2019-07-14 00:55:08 UTC

i give u money for it

2019-07-14 00:55:09 UTC

its russian but its actually good

2019-07-14 00:55:15 UTC

unlike most of the russian things

2019-07-14 00:55:23 UTC

well u are kid

2019-07-14 00:55:25 UTC

reading it you can almost think that a proper europeans has written it

2019-07-14 00:55:28 UTC

so u will find more good stuff

2019-07-14 00:56:19 UTC

the behemot cat in master and margarita was absolutely based

2019-07-14 00:56:24 UTC


2019-07-14 00:56:24 UTC

my spirit animal

2019-07-14 00:56:26 UTC

He is cool

2019-07-14 00:56:33 UTC

There is a decent tv show

2019-07-14 00:56:40 UTC

But u cant speak russian

2019-07-14 00:56:47 UTC

or I mean understand it

2019-07-14 00:56:57 UTC

I hope someone more adapts it

2019-07-14 00:57:14 UTC

the only good show is gintama

2019-07-14 00:57:17 UTC

i refuse to watch anything else

2019-07-14 00:57:32 UTC

2019-07-14 00:57:36 UTC

About to make my pillow and sleep

Then I just heard my dad's gf in the other room

2019-07-14 01:04:04 UTC

what is she doing


2019-07-14 01:04:09 UTC


2019-07-14 01:04:21 UTC

just go back to sleep

2019-07-14 01:04:29 UTC

its *none of your business*

They didn't do anything

I'm still shaking

My dad went out to the kitchen

And she just made 1 other sound since this

2019-07-14 01:05:17 UTC

so what happened

2019-07-14 01:05:27 UTC

maybe shes got a bad dream

2019-07-14 01:05:49 UTC

is your dad awake

2019-07-14 01:06:09 UTC

so either he was raping her or she woke him up too

When I get excited my hearing gets annoyingly good

2019-07-14 01:06:39 UTC

so everything is alright

2019-07-14 01:06:41 UTC


So heard and I still hear every little shit

I was about to get my pocket knifw

2019-07-14 01:09:08 UTC

2019-07-14 01:09:13 UTC


2019-07-14 01:09:28 UTC

exclamation mark x2

2019-07-14 01:10:59 UTC

@!! ...? hello?

Just took out my pocket knife from my bag

Anything can happen here tbh

2019-07-14 01:12:16 UTC

no dont you will hurt yourself

2019-07-14 01:12:18 UTC


2019-07-14 01:12:19 UTC

in sleep

2019-07-14 01:12:55 UTC

put it in your *****

2019-07-14 01:13:13 UTC


The neighbor cute woman came to our house at night

They saw a strange man with an axe on the field

2019-07-14 01:14:22 UTC

thats kinda scary

This street is between 2 fields so yeah

2019-07-14 01:14:33 UTC

do you live in a house or a block apartment

We built it when I was 3

You can see this from the kitchen

2019-07-14 01:15:04 UTC

oh so its kinda rural

2019-07-14 01:15:13 UTC

ebin crazy idiot with an axe

My retarded uncle was here too

And I was just like

2019-07-14 01:15:41 UTC

how is this Erd tbh

2019-07-14 01:15:43 UTC

is Erd a fucking village

2019-07-14 01:15:59 UTC

so its a village

2019-07-14 01:16:02 UTC


I live in a flat with my mom at érd

2019-07-14 01:16:09 UTC

villages are scary

2019-07-14 01:16:11 UTC

do u dad live far ?

20 minutes with car

2019-07-14 01:16:32 UTC

all this emtpiness

2019-07-14 01:16:59 UTC

all sorts of things might lurk in the darkness

2019-07-14 01:17:05 UTC


2019-07-14 01:17:33 UTC


2019-07-14 01:17:52 UTC

is he drunk or something?

Tbh I thought I could go out for a nightwalk here but this story came to my mind so no I guess I won't ;_;

He drinks every day I guess

But he can handle it very very well

Never saw him puke except yesterday 2am

2019-07-14 01:18:59 UTC

i hope my gf cheats on me and fucks niggers and arabs

"no ahmed, I don't mind if you rape my wife till she dies no no give her babies I'll go to the other room ^^"

2019-07-14 01:20:21 UTC


2019-07-14 01:20:29 UTC

whats the point of gf lol

2019-07-14 01:20:32 UTC

night walking in a village its not the best idea

2019-07-14 01:20:36 UTC

if you are not in a group

Tbh it's a pretty small and safe place

And there are no creepy madmans

2019-07-14 01:21:03 UTC

safe until you get raped alone in the night

It has an atmosphere

Like there is an old school building

Wasn't used in the last 20 years only for 1-2 events

We go there with my friend to skating etx

2019-07-14 01:22:01 UTC

also apparently its not allowed to walk in the night without reflective gear

Because the ground is very good

2019-07-14 01:22:17 UTC

ahh its good to have friends

2019-07-14 01:22:19 UTC

and go out with them

I went there alone

2019-07-14 01:22:21 UTC


2019-07-14 01:22:24 UTC


2019-07-14 01:22:26 UTC


And I couldn't stay more than 30 minutes

And I needed loud music

And I started to cry without any reason lol

2019-07-14 01:23:19 UTC

i beat tarzan listens to rap

Metal mostly but almost

But I listen to everything

Literally everything

2019-07-14 01:24:25 UTC

what metal do you listen too i laready forgot

2019-07-14 01:24:26 UTC


2019-07-14 01:24:36 UTC

i remember some entry level shit but what exactly

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