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2018-09-19 03:12:27 UTC

Sounds like a solid coach

2018-09-19 03:14:11 UTC

He has some rune tattoos. Well see how things go as we build our friendship

2018-09-19 03:22:44 UTC


2018-09-19 03:23:14 UTC

What's wrong with flyering a high school? Just wondering.

2018-09-19 03:23:27 UTC

Legal issue?

2018-09-19 03:24:37 UTC

(High schools aren’t mentioned in β€œHow we Poster”)

2018-09-19 03:24:44 UTC

I guess most of them are set up like prisons nowadays. When I was in hs it was all open.

2018-09-19 03:30:55 UTC

@Bogl - CA parents don't like people recruiting their children.

It's only ok if you do it in dress blues.πŸ™„

2018-09-19 03:33:20 UTC

There are many problems with the idea of flyering high schools. #1 they are generally closed to people over 18 who are not employees and/or parents of a student there due to security considerations, and #2 there is the potential for major bad press with "they're targetting our chilluns"β€” both of which can open you or IE up to legal trouble.

2018-09-19 03:33:23 UTC

Video games are recruiting tools, not training tools.

Games like this are accurate training for the military. https://g.co/kgs/N1Yi3T

2018-09-19 03:35:20 UTC

There was a legit police investigation in MD because someone stuck β€œit’s okay to be white” flyers on the front entrance of a high school

2018-09-19 03:37:32 UTC

Gamers rise up and become who you are!

2018-09-19 03:38:46 UTC

Legal issues and bad optics.

2018-09-19 03:40:01 UTC

Rise up gamers

2018-09-19 03:59:27 UTC

@NateDahl76 That whole debacle was a net positive for us though. It proved how anti-white the media (and many blue check marks on Twitter) really are.

2018-09-19 04:00:22 UTC

And I'd bet it was a kid that went to that high school who did it, so no harm, no foul.

2018-09-19 04:01:27 UTC

Probably. I tried as well, but failed. Totally different tactics though. Good thing it did fail, I made a fatal mistake in the process

2018-09-19 04:01:41 UTC
2018-09-19 04:02:22 UTC

Very small mistake, but enough. Was between my classes

2018-09-19 04:03:05 UTC


2018-09-19 04:25:20 UTC


2018-09-19 04:26:19 UTC

Interesting. When was that photograph actually taken, could have been last year pre-UTR1

2018-09-19 04:30:56 UTC

> Trump supporters in the area
> IE flag goes by and they take a picture
> Trump supporters are all part of IE
the logic of the left πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-09-19 04:38:36 UTC


2018-09-19 04:38:41 UTC

@EPICburgerman769 More like EPICFORNITEBurgerman769

2018-09-19 04:51:17 UTC

Whats the deal with our wikipedia page?

2018-09-19 05:04:30 UTC

literally one or two senior wikipedia editors decided to filibuster any edits

2018-09-19 05:11:44 UTC

Dude High Schools are so secure nowadays, even if it was legal it would be a retarded idea to poster one of them. Even assuming High School kids care about this kind of thing anyways. And even if they do they will find it on their own. AKA James Allsup.

2018-09-19 05:12:28 UTC

James Allsup a.k.a. @canadianwall

2018-09-19 05:13:16 UTC

I keep hearing gen z get red pilled really young. Well catch them when they get to the college campuses

2018-09-19 05:14:21 UTC

@Valaska I've heard that in our circles, but where does this come from? I'm not sure what the evidence is supposed to be. (Not to jump on you, I know gen z is a popular meme.)

2018-09-19 05:16:53 UTC

I am somewhat skeptical as well. There will be large swaths of Gen Z that take either the red or blue pill. and hard. We will see.

2018-09-19 05:18:25 UTC

The most important thing is to give the redpilled ones something constructive to join. And something that can allow them to articulate our ideas in a positive light. The days of gaining ground with negging other races is gone.

2018-09-19 05:18:33 UTC

Seems the white males are very based, but the non-whites are full-on BLM/LaRaza/Antifa, and the white girls are split. 😦

2018-09-19 05:18:58 UTC

People generally that join our sphere have enough experience with others to get it.

2018-09-19 05:19:21 UTC

Yeah the White males are what we need, they can be role models for the White Females if done right.

2018-09-19 05:21:30 UTC

Ultimately this polarization is natural due to diverse genes, identities and goals.

2018-09-19 05:21:36 UTC

GenZ is pretty great. We had a slow day at lunch when it was only AP kids. Guys I sat with literally started bringing up how much better the school would be if it were all white.

2018-09-19 05:21:59 UTC

Exposure breeds contempt

2018-09-19 05:23:10 UTC

I have met two or three guys irl by coincidence who share our general views

2018-09-19 05:24:25 UTC

Damn thats great. I have only met one. He was German and odd.

2018-09-19 05:24:35 UTC

I asked him if he was at any of the rallys recently

2018-09-19 05:24:55 UTC

He said "As a monarchist I do not support this crude fascist form of protest"

2018-09-19 05:25:46 UTC

I can tell yall that theres a lot of people taking the red pill in gen Z

2018-09-19 05:26:03 UTC

We just have to find them and inform them

2018-09-19 05:26:52 UTC

@ThisIsChris the internet and how extreme anti white programming has gotten

2018-09-19 05:26:58 UTC

Theres a lot of gen Z that doesnt even realize that they agree with use until they hear what we're about.

2018-09-19 05:27:39 UTC

If we build it they will come

2018-09-19 05:28:20 UTC

Being a White kid and a minority breeds strange things

2018-09-19 05:54:15 UTC

This is my view on the Gen Z question: In total, Generation Z is more left wing, because of demographic reasons. However, white Generation Z is more right wing.

2018-09-19 05:55:32 UTC

That's why a lot of the time people will look up statistics on public opinion among Generation Z and will notice that they seem to actually be very left wing. It's because people are talking about two different subjects. The "based Gen Z" meme is likely true after disaggregating for race.

2018-09-19 05:55:41 UTC

They are also gayer, sadlly.

2018-09-19 05:56:33 UTC

As for what this means for us, well, it can be kind of a problem, since we will have to deal with a larger non-white voting base that will provide guaranteed support for Democrats. However, we will also have a more reliable white voting block.

2018-09-19 05:57:20 UTC

Whites still have a few more decades as a majority according to current trends, so, if whites keep shifting right, we *could* overtake the non-white voting block.

2018-09-19 06:04:58 UTC

Gen Z is more leftwing on a lot of your standard American political issues, but growing up exposed to anti-white hatred has made a lot of the white boys in particular a special kind of right wing. It's more reactionary than anything. They don't always know what they're for, just that they're against the left (because it hates them)

2018-09-19 06:08:53 UTC

They often feel alienated because they know something is wrong *queue the Matrix quotes* It's important that we reach them while they're young before the gatekeepers (JBP, for example) get them caught up in stubborn individualism

2018-09-19 06:34:33 UTC

Atta boy O'Keefe

2018-09-19 06:44:38 UTC

I had the privilege to go to a speaking engagement from him last year where he did a personal project for us that involved infiltrating our university newspaper

2018-09-19 06:44:50 UTC


2018-09-19 06:45:53 UTC

He’s a Rutgers Alum, he was fired from that newspaper when he was a student and founded his own paper with the primary intention of shredding the libs that still exists today

2018-09-19 06:47:36 UTC


2018-09-19 07:01:02 UTC

https://youtu.be/ZXLuqQe8DqQ DSA uses Slack HAHHAHAHAHA

2018-09-19 07:01:16 UTC

"Karaffa"... does that echo?

2018-09-19 07:23:54 UTC

Does anything come out of this O'Keefe stuff most of the time?

2018-09-19 07:24:45 UTC

I'm so used to hearing this "MASSIVE Leak Coming Out Tomorrow" stuff and nothing ever comes out of it

2018-09-19 08:02:38 UTC

The democrats are in to good with the media for them to play it up

2018-09-19 08:22:10 UTC

And by "in too good" he means they are the media

2018-09-19 09:13:36 UTC

People on the right do play it up, though, and we always end up forgetting whatever the "big news" was

2018-09-19 12:11:33 UTC

It's also not a huge deal. Like yeah, what this dude was technically illegal - but he's a nobody - a low left DOS functionary. Hardly deep state.

2018-09-19 12:20:25 UTC

I think it is less the reality of who he is and more what he can be made to embody.

2018-09-19 13:03:38 UTC
2018-09-19 13:26:06 UTC

@Jacob some of the videos have lead to firings and some even to co gressional hearings. I think the big weakness of the Project Veritas stuff is that the msm works overtime to quash it. It's usually pretty explosive stuff if actually watched. I think it's good in that it shows moderate conservatives the true face of things sometimes, and it's great raw material for conservative news outlets to be able to say things like "PP sells baby parts" and "antifa plot terrorist bombings" with evidence and confidence.

2018-09-19 13:30:05 UTC

It's frustrating to me that any normie thinks the accusations against Kavanaugh might be true. I respect rational ignorance (not knowing about things that have nothing to do with you) but when you're actually asked by a pollster what you think about this then you should be able to put 2 and 2 together here.

2018-09-19 13:50:55 UTC

Did somebody flyer a high school? The reasons why that's a bad idea should be obvious.

2018-09-19 13:54:01 UTC

Yeah really.

2018-09-19 14:02:43 UTC

I just finished listening to this while I am working:
https://youtu.be/vXfo827o8j8 It is a debate, well really a discussion based around a book review, about white nationalism. I found the points to be really solid. Has anyone else seen this video? If so what are your opinions?

2018-09-19 14:04:14 UTC

Saw it on my feed. Idk why Johnson is so attached to the term WN. And especially WN manifesto is a terrible title that to many will essentially say Mein Kampf.

2018-09-19 14:11:50 UTC

@Sam Anderson Agreed, the title is attention grabbing but for all the wrong reasons. Idk, why he didn't just call it the Identitarian Manifesto. Not as catchy, but better from an optics standpoint. But still the book sounds very promising and I can't wait to read it.

2018-09-19 14:15:48 UTC

@Virgil yeah Greg Johnson is great.

2018-09-19 14:15:53 UTC

Soooo how often are we going to change our terminology over optics? I don't know... I won't argue this too much, but all terminology related to us and our identity will be demonized. At some point we have to stop running from it. Last I checked I.E. were "neo-nazis", I'm not abandoning the label...

2018-09-19 14:16:30 UTC

Yeah I get it. We are White People who want a nation.

2018-09-19 14:17:11 UTC

But at the same time we cannot use the same label as Heimbach and his Burger King fan club or other 1.0 people.

2018-09-19 14:17:59 UTC

1.0 had some good growth bc there are a lot of LARPers out there. But those people are not gonna get you any institutional power.

2018-09-19 14:19:43 UTC

@MrBland - VA The term White Nationalist itself, is not bad. But it's just some of the people in 1.0 who gave it a bad name. No matter what, the term White Nationalist will always be synonymous with neo-nazism. Where as Identitarianism isn't.

2018-09-19 14:21:54 UTC

I hear you, I concede most of your points, I still defend the term white nationalist, and I'll drop it.

2018-09-19 14:24:02 UTC

It get our point across rather quickly to those who know little about the dissident right.

2018-09-19 14:26:27 UTC

Out of curiosity who do you have on your YouTube feed? Who are your favorite subscriptions?

2018-09-19 14:28:43 UTC

I don't have very many myself, JF of course, and RedIce, AmRen, Ramzpaul, probably my favorite though is SmarterEveryDay

2018-09-19 14:29:25 UTC

Though he hasn't been putting out a whole lot lately, still very enjoyable.

2018-09-19 14:31:18 UTC

Lately JF is all I really listen to. His format fits in well with listening while I work.

2018-09-19 14:33:55 UTC

Newest from Grandpa Jared

2018-09-19 14:34:05 UTC

Vertigo Polix is good

2018-09-19 15:05:46 UTC

@MrBland - VA VertigoPolitix, Way of the World, The Iconoclast, Styxhexenhammer666, Squatting Slav TV, No White Guilt, (older) Alternative Hypothesis (he cucked recently), James Allsup (he's in IE as well), Blonde in the Belly of the Beast, Black Pigeon Speaks, Millenial Woes (haven't watched him in a while tbh), The Red Elephants

2018-09-19 15:05:55 UTC

Those should get you started. πŸ˜‰

2018-09-19 15:08:28 UTC

Lots of non-political stuff on yt, honestly.

2018-09-19 15:09:25 UTC

^ Boooooring. πŸ˜›

2018-09-19 15:09:53 UTC

I have plenty of non political stuff in my sub list, but I didn't figure that is what he was looking for in this context.

2018-09-19 15:19:58 UTC

It was a broad curiosity question, but I do appreciate the political referrals. I have lost a number of my old fall backs. I use to listen to Stefan M. quite a bit but moved on. Alternative Hyp. I would listen to occasionally, I like how he dug into things but have disagreed too much with him of late to enjoy tuning in. Millennial Woes was good, I still like him... but get bored listening too him. James Allsup I am actually already subbed to but don't listen much. Styx I love when he goes on other's channels and debates. I enjoyed him with Stefan and JF but don't ever really listen to his channel. I'll dig into the rest, there are several I see there that look very interesting.

2018-09-19 15:22:49 UTC

SmarterEveryDay is a Mormon that does kind of "how it works" videos. I always really enjoyed them.

2018-09-19 15:24:37 UTC

Aydin Paladin isn't /our girl/, but she is an anti-leftist social scientist.

Red Ice is best of course. if you're pagan Carolin Emerick is good.

2018-09-19 15:25:18 UTC

I like Mark Collett

2018-09-19 15:26:14 UTC

And the Golden One

2018-09-19 15:28:17 UTC

Yeah, Aydin's pretty good if you like to really nerd out on research and sociology/psychology type stuff.

2018-09-19 15:29:24 UTC

To keep myself grounded and not in an echo chamber, I do watch Sargon, Tim Pool, Dave Rubin, Steven Crowder and some other center left/center right personalities.

2018-09-19 15:30:53 UTC

Tim Poole is good for center left. Styx for contrarian libertarian.

2018-09-19 15:31:23 UTC

To be fair, I usually end up eye rolling a lot of what they are saying though. 😳

2018-09-19 15:32:26 UTC

lol Blair White was one of my first right of center voices. ofC I can't work with that now. I know too much.

2018-09-19 15:32:38 UTC

Two years ago.

2018-09-19 15:33:51 UTC

I've actually watched The Young Turks some as well, but wow...rage inducing cringe.

2018-09-19 15:34:04 UTC

TYT is so anti-white, it's amazing.

2018-09-19 15:34:38 UTC

Doesn’t Tim Poole have an opposing definition of Identitarian and try to frame it as negative?

2018-09-19 15:34:52 UTC

Tim Pool *HATES* Identitarians.

2018-09-19 15:35:05 UTC

He hates us because he is mixed race and doesn't have a solid identity.

2018-09-19 15:35:21 UTC

he defines any ethnic thought. so BLM and la raza

2018-09-19 15:36:57 UTC

The only reason he is against Identitarianism is because he doesn't have an identity (he even admits it on some videos).
He also thinks "diversity" is good because he is part of that "diversity" being mixed race.

2018-09-19 15:37:22 UTC

He should really be mad at his parents for putting him in that situation, not us...

2018-09-19 15:37:59 UTC

That whole ideology is a cope post.

2018-09-19 15:39:23 UTC

Race mixing causes a ton of identity issues. I have seen this and discussed it with an intelligent white liberal woman who was willing to acknowledge it. I know a black millennial raised solely by a white woman (his mother) and he hates white men with all of his soul. Even has visible black power tattoos. Very weird, depressed guy.

2018-09-19 15:40:11 UTC

> black millennial
> white mother

2018-09-19 15:41:17 UTC

imagine my shock the kid was raised by a single white mother though...

2018-09-19 15:41:32 UTC

"Once you go black, you never get dad back."

2018-09-19 15:42:28 UTC

Yeah I have never met a nuclear family with a black father and a white mother. Only instances of a white single mother with her single mixed child, and no men willing to date her

2018-09-19 15:43:47 UTC

There was a counter currents article about this. I think upwards of 95% of mixed kids with that combo have no present father.

2018-09-19 15:44:33 UTC

Really sad phenomenon

2018-09-19 15:45:25 UTC

Buuut enough about Blegs. I have to deal with farr to many of them here

2018-09-19 15:45:36 UTC

Lets perfect German Idealism

2018-09-19 15:45:46 UTC

And send Patrick our manifestos

2018-09-19 15:46:14 UTC

Just watch the Kantbot video on repeat until you ascend to a higher plane

2018-09-19 15:46:15 UTC

10 page min

2018-09-19 15:59:07 UTC

This song is hilarious

2018-09-19 16:00:10 UTC

@Bjorn - MD lol they don't realize that only white liberals aren't reproducing. There's an ever widening white imbalance of compounding right wing white people having as many kids as possible

2018-09-19 16:00:15 UTC

Check out that one that I'd posted. That ish'll get your blood boilin'...

2018-09-19 16:00:37 UTC

@bspon002 True, but they're just counting on sheer numbers...

2018-09-19 16:01:01 UTC

@fgtveassassin Whaaaaaa?!

2018-09-19 16:01:18 UTC

@Bjorn - MD doesn't matter. We've always been outnumbered. Once we're all on the same page without traitorous liberal whites we're neigh unstoppable

2018-09-19 16:02:08 UTC

Oh, dear God (about Wilson)...

2018-09-19 16:02:17 UTC


2018-09-19 16:02:51 UTC

@bspon002 Yeah, I hear ya, but first, we need to actually mobilize 'em...

2018-09-19 16:04:09 UTC

I wanna say setup, but this looks really bad...

2018-09-19 16:06:58 UTC

@Bjorn - MD consolidate organize and move forward slowly building cultural and institutional power. It's a long march

2018-09-19 16:07:42 UTC

@bspon002 πŸ‘Œ

2018-09-19 16:07:58 UTC

Let's think this way. If we all have 4 kids and they have 4 kids and all of their kids have 4 how many people have we created on the right just from one family with our views?

2018-09-19 16:08:42 UTC

4 is to few

2018-09-19 16:08:51 UTC

6 minimum

2018-09-19 16:09:44 UTC

It's important to have the largest families we can responsibly support, but I also don't think we're going to, at the risk of sounding crude, breed our way out of this...

2018-09-19 16:10:22 UTC

More than anything, it's about achieving cultural hegemony, making us the most unified force in the country.

2018-09-19 16:10:41 UTC

Easily said, obviously, but it is what it is...

2018-09-19 16:10:53 UTC

Easiest way to achieve cultural hegemony of whites at least is quite literally to breed our way out of this.

2018-09-19 16:11:15 UTC

Once we achieve that we push forward further

2018-09-19 16:11:37 UTC

I think the meme that we can't outbreed the left is simply left wing defeatist propoganda

2018-09-19 16:11:48 UTC

What I meant is that we aren't going to achieve a higher average birthrate than non-Whites, because they enjoy systemic advantages which we don't.

2018-09-19 16:12:07 UTC

I think we can. We just need to adjust our priorities

2018-09-19 16:12:12 UTC

If identitarians have 4 to 6 minimum kids. Conservatives have 2 to 3 and liberals maybe 1 or 2

2018-09-19 16:12:22 UTC

They literally get paid to have kids, whereas we have to pay for our kids, in addition to theirs.

2018-09-19 16:12:23 UTC

I don't need a new car. I need to have another son

2018-09-19 16:12:42 UTC

Nonwhites stop having as many kids when they get infected with liberalism

2018-09-19 16:12:42 UTC

We have enough kids we can get rid of paying for them.

2018-09-19 16:12:51 UTC

I'm with you on adjusting priorities, though. People overestimate the costs.

2018-09-19 16:16:02 UTC

@MrDefault the right in general sustains or expands their population. We're self sustaining. The left isn't. We adjust our priorities from left wing what you needs for kids talk to becoming family centered. We take care of our kids have as many as possible and by the time we're old even if we only have 4 kids we'll all have 64 great grandkids.

2018-09-19 16:16:24 UTC

And all of them will agree with us

2018-09-19 16:18:52 UTC

@bspon002 The left may not be self sustaining from whites, which is why they are simply importing brown people to replace them.

2018-09-19 16:19:06 UTC

@bspon002 Right, but while our strategy isn't ultimately contingent upon long-term electoral hegemony, we at least have to hang in there long enough to delay mass censorship to the point where we can disseminate our views to enough people over the internet, rather than having to go door-to-door while attempting to dodge to baseball bats and acid baths.

2018-09-19 16:19:35 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Like you said, they aren't demographically self-sustaining, but unlike us, they have a foreign legion.

2018-09-19 16:19:45 UTC

Baseball bats and acid baths...are we in the UK now? <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-19 16:19:59 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Give it time, man...

2018-09-19 16:20:10 UTC

That foreign legion of leftist voters is in the billions at this point too. πŸ˜•

2018-09-19 16:20:33 UTC


2018-09-19 16:20:43 UTC

We already have the cultural enrichment of FGM, I'm sure acid baths are only a matter of time.

2018-09-19 16:21:10 UTC

Prolly safe to say...

2018-09-19 16:21:41 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD which will inevitably engender a dislike of the other group as people realize they're employing immigration for vote manipulation

2018-09-19 16:22:33 UTC

@Bjorn - MD we keep fighting all along the way to keep our voices heard and our positions afloat. In the long run we're guaranteed cultural hegemony if we maintain the course

2018-09-19 16:22:57 UTC

My professor is currently explaining to me how a Twitter account with 13 followers is a destabilizing russian bot for doxxing the lady that is accusing Kavanaugh.

2018-09-19 16:23:04 UTC


2018-09-19 16:23:37 UTC

@bspon002 Nothing is guaranteed, but it behooves us to maintain the course nonetheless...

2018-09-19 16:24:00 UTC

@Sam Anderson Wow, you actually have a professor talking about Russian bots unironically? <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-19 16:24:22 UTC

@Bjorn - MD personally I believe we're a historical inevitability. We simply must sieze the moment

2018-09-19 16:25:22 UTC

@Sam Anderson or maybe it's the same guy with a pepe avatar whose account you deleted 10 times now. I can't count the number of alts I've employed to subvert bans

2018-09-19 16:26:49 UTC

@bspon002 And now the left is going with criminals to sway elections: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kwckk4g6abA

2018-09-19 16:27:13 UTC

They are immoral, unprincipled scum.

2018-09-19 16:28:08 UTC

Sometimes, when I'm at what seems to be the apex of my blackpilledness, it lifts my spirits to dwell in the thought of all of these people having a 1989 Romanian-style Christmas...

2018-09-19 16:30:07 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD you should watch the documentary of rhajness porum on Netflix. They tried to do the same thing by importing homeless people from all around the country to Oregon in order to try and control the voting process and the local/state government.

2018-09-19 16:30:28 UTC

Their tactics caused their compound to implode and the guru to be deported.

2018-09-19 16:30:39 UTC

The tactics worked for a while though.

2018-09-19 16:30:46 UTC

It also. Made everyone around them hate them

2018-09-19 16:30:47 UTC

The only reason it failed is the corruption within.

2018-09-19 16:30:52 UTC


2018-09-19 16:31:12 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff talked about this group at a DC area forum a while back.

2018-09-19 16:31:12 UTC

The left always fails from internal weakness. It's a short game. It has no lasting power

2018-09-19 16:31:33 UTC

We have longevity and strength on our side. We have truth and sustainability

2018-09-19 16:31:37 UTC

We will win

2018-09-19 16:31:53 UTC

That we will. I refuse to accept any other outcome.

2018-09-19 16:32:13 UTC

Honestly, if anyone in IE thinks we can't win, why even join?

2018-09-19 16:32:21 UTC

Or positions are solid. Our values are on point and the truth is on our side

2018-09-19 16:32:26 UTC

We will will, but it will be a long, arduous road.

2018-09-19 16:32:46 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I could understand if some felt they had a sacred duty to resist, even if they aren't optimistic about our chances.

2018-09-19 16:33:43 UTC

Securing an existence for our people is non negotiable.

2018-09-19 16:33:46 UTC

As is often pointed out, though, they wouldn't be freaking out the way they are if they didn't think we had a chance.

2018-09-19 16:34:17 UTC

Yeah, they are scared because they are losing control. This is why they are trying to silence us through force and through censorship and deplatforming.

2018-09-19 16:40:04 UTC

It’s important to build institutions and normalize explicit advocacy for people of European heritage in any case

2018-09-19 16:40:05 UTC

Meet the new Stasi Kommandant, same as the old Stasi Kommandant: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DRcKL2XFRNs?vq=hd1080

2018-09-19 16:40:33 UTC

Well... Not quite πŸ‘ƒ

2018-09-19 16:40:44 UTC

@NateDahl76 the larger our base is expanded the more effective cultural and institutional power we will be able to explicitly advocate for

2018-09-19 16:41:05 UTC

True that

2018-09-19 16:41:27 UTC

There's no effort too small from irl activism to just making pro white and pro traditional posts on reddit. Everything comes together inevitably

2018-09-19 16:48:13 UTC


2018-09-19 16:52:54 UTC

Latest project veritas exposes DSA members in the government targeting individual political opponents. They have summoned the wrath of COINTELPRO

2018-09-19 16:54:27 UTC

Apparently they used federal employees in the DOJ to illegally run license plate numbers

2018-09-19 17:23:55 UTC

NateD76 wrot4e:

2018-09-19 17:24:46 UTC

@Bjorn - MD "Comments Disabled" "Like/Dislike Ratio Disabled"...

2018-09-19 17:25:17 UTC

"Apparently they used federal employees in the DOJ to illegally run license plate numbers." The people who do this usually don't leave fingerprints.

2018-09-19 17:26:40 UTC

What's a fireside?

2018-09-19 17:26:44 UTC

Quick question

2018-09-19 17:28:54 UTC
2018-09-19 17:29:42 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum Patrick talks to us about various topics in the General Voice chat area at 8:30pm every Wednesday.

2018-09-19 17:30:23 UTC

You'll just join the voice chat to listen in, ***mute your mic***, and text chat in <#481597551272001546>.

2018-09-19 17:31:13 UTC

@Singleton Mosby WV Veritas got a person to confess it on camera

2018-09-19 17:31:30 UTC

@YourFundamentalTheorum also at the end of it you’ll be able to ask questions to Patrick directly

2018-09-19 17:38:43 UTC

Just finished reading the flyering guide book. I’m planning on heading out soon. Anyone have any thoughts on security cameras? How much of a risk of doxing do security cameras pose?

2018-09-19 18:03:28 UTC

@JoeDrake Depends on where you flyer. If you go to a place where people know you, like a college you attended, then somewhat high. If you are going to a place where nobody knows you, then very small chance.

2018-09-19 18:06:43 UTC

#WearAHat πŸ‘Œ

2018-09-19 18:07:24 UTC

Sitting next to this girl saying she's going to make a case out the fact a white guy gave her a fine <:sad:366743316475281408> they all know they're privileged and want to say they're not

2018-09-19 18:08:16 UTC

Just stay on the lookout for them. If a security camera just sees you walking past it on your way to put up a poster, it's no big deal, though it should be avoided. Never put up a poster in view of a security camera, though. When there is a security camera, don't look directly at it, and try not to look up. Even if you do screw up and end up putting up a poster in view of a security camera, there's a good chance the footage won't dox you as long as you didn't look at the camera. Also consider wearing sunglasses or a hood. If you do wear something to conceal your face, make sure it's something that a typical person would wear at that time and place, or else you attract needless attention. If it's cold outside you're probably fine wearing a hood. If it's sunny you can wear sunglasses. If it's blazing hot Summer and you're wearing a hood, that's super suspicious.

2018-09-19 18:08:21 UTC

@fgtveassassin Oh no...a...fine! 😱

2018-09-19 18:09:18 UTC

I've postered at least 5 college campuses and 2 downtowns. All these places had cameras, and I still haven't been caught.

2018-09-19 18:12:26 UTC

@JoeDrake I've been on camera (willingly) in large IE actions (South Africa action) and never been doxxed or harassed.

2018-09-19 18:12:36 UTC

Never forget what they took from you.


2018-09-19 18:13:28 UTC

Woah, there used to be white people in Star Wars? πŸ€” @Conway - OK

2018-09-19 18:13:38 UTC

I'm also on the IE Twitter account and haven't been doxxed, but it was from an angle

2018-09-19 18:14:04 UTC

That being said, don't use any of what we say to build up a false sense of security. There's always going to be a bit of dox risk.

2018-09-19 18:19:53 UTC

I've definitely discovered there was a camera nearby by looking directly into it.

2018-09-19 18:20:41 UTC

At the college by my old high school where people might recognize me. Still haven't been doxxed.

2018-09-19 18:21:12 UTC

That's the point when you walk away and put up the poster somewhere else. If you already put one up, take it down, because they probably won't check the camera unless they find a poster.

2018-09-19 18:22:13 UTC

We had that happen when we were postering WSU with James. Put up a poster near the entrance of the library, turned out there was a camera pointing right at us. We just took down the poster and went on our way.

2018-09-19 18:25:27 UTC

@Jacob smart

2018-09-19 18:27:45 UTC

I once flyered IOTBW in a drizzle. Used an umbrella, no chance to be spotted by a security cam

2018-09-19 18:29:24 UTC

I'm taking a public speaking class this quarter. Seems like a great opportunity to practice my rhetoric and inform some students on immigration. One of our speeches will be a 7 minute informational speech. I could do a topic like "The Effects of Mass Immigration" and cram a lot of information into it in 7 minutes. Another assignment will be a speech paying tribute to a person, which I could use to discuss a historical figure from a nationalist standpoint. What do you guys think?

2018-09-19 18:30:24 UTC

Last quarter I did an information speech on immigration for another class and received a very fair grade. Ended up getting an A in the class. That speech was supposed to be 5 minutes. I think I went a little bit under and still got a lot of good information in.

2018-09-19 18:31:04 UTC

@Jacob bro do Henry Ford. The raging antisemite

2018-09-19 18:31:16 UTC

The OG Patrick Little

2018-09-19 18:31:29 UTC


2018-09-19 18:31:33 UTC

would that be good optics?

2018-09-19 18:31:46 UTC

Nobody knows about that most likely.

2018-09-19 18:31:52 UTC

Talk about his industry and such

2018-09-19 18:32:16 UTC

That's a good point, however, I want to do speeches that will genuinely change some people's points of view

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