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2019-02-19 22:23:57 UTC

Who here has filled out the survey?

2019-02-19 22:27:22 UTC

my scientific-minded self is seriously questioning how you can build an apparatus that contains superheated plasma hotter than the sun on meager allowance in your garage.

2019-02-19 22:27:27 UTC


2019-02-19 22:27:54 UTC

Welcome back @ExternalPepsi

2019-02-19 22:29:25 UTC

@FlyingDutchmann this right after my buddy sends me a link to the “African child genius at Oxford”. To be fair the little African kid has autism so it might be true to some extent.

2019-02-19 22:29:36 UTC

this is a Tokomak, a real fusion reactor >.>

2019-02-19 22:31:09 UTC

okay so his is just a really small particle accelerator

2019-02-19 22:31:32 UTC

pretty chad nonetheless

2019-02-19 22:31:48 UTC

Hey y’all just finished the survey *dab*

2019-02-19 22:32:45 UTC

@TIDE stellarator>>

2019-02-19 22:34:43 UTC

hmmm idk on that

2019-02-19 22:35:30 UTC

how many tokomaks are even being experimented on??

2019-02-19 22:35:52 UTC

not many, friend! There are what? half a dozen stellarators?

2019-02-19 22:36:06 UTC

and then a couple other private designs

2019-02-19 22:38:42 UTC

We'll see what ITER says about that @NateDahl76

2019-02-19 22:48:10 UTC

Fusion is easily produced on industrial scale. But it takes more power to sustain it than it produces. Lightning for example creates hotter than sun temps.

2019-02-19 22:48:46 UTC

Net positive sustained fusion is the holy grail

2019-02-19 22:50:56 UTC

Shit, can someone repost the survey? I can't find it

2019-02-19 22:51:41 UTC

<#358430171583217664> @Chaos Dionysia

2019-02-19 22:56:08 UTC

Why doesn't africa have the ability to create fusion? Probably economic factors.

2019-02-19 22:56:42 UTC

It’s because of colonialism

2019-02-19 22:57:02 UTC

Wakanda tech makes fusion look like steam power. Get woke. <:galaxybrain:366743669484683264>

2019-02-19 22:57:36 UTC

All the big brains left on their pyramids.

2019-02-19 22:57:45 UTC

i didn't even know the wendelstein was running

2019-02-19 22:58:28 UTC

@Matthias thank you

2019-02-19 22:58:48 UTC

You bet

2019-02-19 23:01:39 UTC

great talk

2019-02-19 23:03:44 UTC

@Perihelion - CA the "holy grail" descriptor makes it seem out of touch and impossible, when in reality that point isn't so far

2019-02-19 23:05:20 UTC

Well people have been saying that for 50 years now

2019-02-19 23:05:49 UTC

Well, we've been making ridiculous strides in the last decade. So that's a dumb point

2019-02-19 23:06:19 UTC

Grail quest is ok by me

2019-02-19 23:08:35 UTC

it's not like it's mathematically impossible or anything, it's just yet to be scaled and optimized for self-sustenance

2019-02-19 23:08:56 UTC

Warp drives are mathematically possible

2019-02-19 23:09:01 UTC

hence why bigger and better ones are breaking records all the time now

2019-02-19 23:09:14 UTC

Im sure well get there at some point

2019-02-19 23:09:36 UTC

okay I'm talking in a realm of physical things we're doing and you're just trying to discredit me on theoretical warp drives, k

2019-02-19 23:10:05 UTC

not that I wouldn't love an alcubierre 😢

2019-02-19 23:11:09 UTC

Engineering and economic factors are hard to overcome. So far theyve been prohibative. Bigger and more expensive isnt necesarrily progress in this regard

2019-02-19 23:11:31 UTC

And the idea of selfsustenance isn't like it's revolutionary either, there's these things called jet engines... <:really:453005408064241674>

2019-02-19 23:11:51 UTC

no but objective progress is

2019-02-19 23:13:03 UTC

Hey no one here is being provented from inventng economically viable fusion. If they do it, ill be happy as anyone. We should try even if just for the cool spin off tech and giant particle accelerators.

2019-02-19 23:25:15 UTC

Doc Oc did it in Spider-Man 2, just saying..

2019-02-19 23:30:56 UTC

If gravity is the force that produces the immense energy necessary for fusion naturally, wouldn’t electromagnetism be the force to keep it sustained and contained once reaction is initiated by particle collision?

2019-02-19 23:33:17 UTC

Where Does chick fila import these blonde trad QTs to staff their locations? It’s a seemingly endless supply

2019-02-19 23:33:32 UTC

Church grills

2019-02-19 23:33:57 UTC

You guys need to get some 🙏

2019-02-19 23:33:59 UTC

My cope for Trump doing the gay stuff is that if he can’t get rid of globohomo in America, he’s gonna take everyone else down with us

2019-02-19 23:34:38 UTC

Sunday school bros dont stand a chance.

2019-02-19 23:34:48 UTC

If trump really was about that 5d life he’d defund the military then declare war in Iran and Russia

2019-02-19 23:35:10 UTC

I know, that’s why it’s a cope

2019-02-19 23:35:30 UTC

Imperator Putin imminatized

2019-02-19 23:52:56 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ chic fil a cashiers peak waifu demographic

2019-02-19 23:54:53 UTC

2019-02-19 23:55:03 UTC

Southern Baptist gang gang 👌🏻

2019-02-19 23:55:58 UTC

Not to mention that the man served in WWII

2019-02-19 23:56:53 UTC

*blocks your path*

2019-02-20 00:18:37 UTC


2019-02-20 00:19:30 UTC

How did I not realize Chic-Fil-A is where I must find my wife?!?!????!!!!!

2019-02-20 00:21:07 UTC

last time i was at a chic fil a my order was wrong

2019-02-20 00:23:27 UTC


2019-02-20 00:31:35 UTC

Chic Fil A staff takes a dive if you're in a diverse enough area. I seent it.

2019-02-20 00:32:48 UTC

Four-parter on Israeli subversion in the UK. Not a big fan of Al Jazeera for obvious reasons, but man, they really caught the lobby with its hand in the cookie jar:

2019-02-20 00:34:34 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Muslim funded "news" agency going after Jewish interests. Imagine my shock...

2019-02-20 00:35:22 UTC

I guess its good this stuff gets uncovered regardless of who or why they did it though.

2019-02-20 00:36:06 UTC

They do realize they have an entire country for themselves they can do whatever they want with, right?

2019-02-20 00:36:45 UTC


2019-02-20 00:36:53 UTC

*Comments are disabled." <:really:453005408064241674>

2019-02-20 00:54:28 UTC

Shut it down.

2019-02-20 00:57:09 UTC

2019-02-20 00:57:52 UTC

That “young gay man” was 31 years old, and kidnapped two teenagers (both aged 15)

2019-02-20 01:03:43 UTC

👆🏻Not voting Trump.

2019-02-20 01:14:59 UTC

I’m officially done with Trump.

2019-02-20 01:16:45 UTC

>caring about gays in Iran

2019-02-20 01:16:57 UTC

The Kosher sandwich is happy with this one.

2019-02-20 01:18:44 UTC

the more i learn about iran the more i respect it

2019-02-20 01:19:23 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY same I was after the sotu

2019-02-20 01:19:52 UTC

might as well have wrote in Kushner

2019-02-20 01:20:52 UTC

2019-02-20 01:21:24 UTC

2019-02-20 01:21:33 UTC

actual test question

2019-02-20 01:23:26 UTC

That's hilarious

2019-02-20 01:23:38 UTC

reminds me of diversity training bs at work

2019-02-20 01:23:55 UTC

<:varg:359010745192808449> this made me laugh

2019-02-20 01:24:31 UTC

Learning Hebrew bro?

2019-02-20 01:24:47 UTC

its an add on Varg's newest video

2019-02-20 01:24:57 UTC

theyre desperate

2019-02-20 01:25:21 UTC

im surprised varg's videos arent instantly demonetized

2019-02-20 01:26:35 UTC

I got an add to impeach Trump before a Mr Bond song.

2019-02-20 01:27:00 UTC

stop trump from turning us homo

2019-02-20 01:27:27 UTC

Mike Pence, Department of Energy, we need you

2019-02-20 01:27:32 UTC

“State enforced homosexuality”-Sam Hyde

2019-02-20 01:28:13 UTC

It's scary how prophetic 2070 paradigm shift is becoming

2019-02-20 01:29:20 UTC

that video was my first redpill

2019-02-20 01:30:39 UTC

@Nic-AL What’s that

2019-02-20 01:31:16 UTC
2019-02-20 01:31:33 UTC

Oh I’ve seen that but what specifically are you referring to?

2019-02-20 01:31:43 UTC

“State enforced homosexuality”?

2019-02-20 01:32:28 UTC

obviously thats a bit exaggerated but theres other things that he says that are certainly ahead of their time

2019-02-20 01:32:47 UTC

State enforced homosexuality would be most accurate in Canada

2019-02-20 01:32:52 UTC

>tfw they try to go to war with Iran “for the gays”

2019-02-20 01:33:34 UTC

2019-02-20 01:34:08 UTC

There's a great scheme at play to try and get Europeans to turn our energy on all the Muslim world to destroy them, so that another people can claim the empty space.

2019-02-20 01:36:10 UTC

Who's care what Trump Does The G.O.P is going the way of the Wig party

2019-02-20 01:36:35 UTC

@Ian YOU ARE A GENIUS! Trump has found Reddit!

2019-02-20 01:36:40 UTC

We are skrewed

2019-02-20 01:40:38 UTC

I hope this will make Recruit form conservative circles much easier

2019-02-20 01:43:17 UTC
2019-02-20 01:43:24 UTC

I'm kinda done with Trump too.

2019-02-20 01:43:40 UTC

Supporting homosexuality to own the libs

2019-02-20 01:44:14 UTC

I could see myself voting for him again because acceleration is weak but we gotta start thinking about post Trump.

2019-02-20 01:49:25 UTC

I wanna hope Trump is pivoting to the center for 2020. Not that ZOG found his achillies heel

2019-02-20 01:53:13 UTC

Based Boomer was never going to save us. But he bought us less time than we'd hoped.

2019-02-20 01:55:50 UTC


2019-02-20 01:56:09 UTC

@Stephen - TX what's the right answer? I would just cancel practice

2019-02-20 01:56:17 UTC

Now thats the level of legal lawfare we need to get on

2019-02-20 01:59:13 UTC

Based HSchooler. Conservatives lose with style, dissident right punches back.

2019-02-20 02:03:58 UTC


2019-02-20 02:04:01 UTC

I'd like to point out that homosexuality, in poor African countries where the populace has a very high rate of sexual partners and where the country can't afford HIV treatments at the public expense, is an existential threat. Supporting homosexuality in these countries is akin to genocide.

2019-02-20 02:05:08 UTC

About time the fake news started feeling some pain. Even if we don’t win suits like these, we can make the process the punishment

2019-02-20 02:05:58 UTC

The conservative movement needs to be Marie Kondo'd.

2019-02-20 02:10:51 UTC

I'm sorry, I had to.

2019-02-20 02:11:46 UTC

I had no idea who that was lol.

2019-02-20 02:12:24 UTC

"huh is this some political figure I've never heard of??" Nope woman who got famous teaching people how to throw out their junk.

2019-02-20 02:13:48 UTC

Yep, the conservative movement is full of junk.

2019-02-20 02:14:27 UTC

couldn't agree more.

2019-02-20 02:14:40 UTC

Honk honk btw

2019-02-20 02:14:42 UTC

Are you trying to get Boomers to clean their basements? This is some ambitious JLP stuff.

2019-02-20 02:17:02 UTC

@Perihelion - CA Dems are the real racists once again. Dinesh D Souza must get tired of being right all the time

2019-02-20 02:17:46 UTC

Well, it’s trump doing it. But you get what I’m saying. Obama would’ve done the same thing and pretty sure he did.

2019-02-20 02:18:30 UTC

Look under your seats! You get a summons and complaint and you get a summons and complaint!

2019-02-20 02:22:15 UTC

Is there a channel for Catholics?

2019-02-20 02:22:24 UTC

Globohomo is now policy! Woohoo

2019-02-20 02:22:25 UTC


2019-02-20 02:22:34 UTC
2019-02-20 02:22:37 UTC

Use these two years wisely. Wake up as many whites as you can and built support networks. Jan 2021 will be a hammer, but we are stronger, smarter, and our path is a righteous one. Also we have more fun.

2019-02-20 02:22:42 UTC
2019-02-20 02:23:04 UTC

2019-02-20 02:23:08 UTC

Spotify ads in Spanish

2019-02-20 02:23:18 UTC

This should wake up whites

2019-02-20 02:23:20 UTC

Are you listening to Spanish pop

2019-02-20 02:23:28 UTC

I’m trying to listen to 1930’s bluegrass

2019-02-20 02:23:33 UTC

I get Spanish adds when I listen to shakira

2019-02-20 02:23:35 UTC

I mean

2019-02-20 02:23:35 UTC

They do it to taunt me

2019-02-20 02:23:39 UTC

I don’t listen to shakira

2019-02-20 02:24:13 UTC

2019-02-20 02:24:16 UTC

Repri kingfish listening to shakira

2019-02-20 02:24:17 UTC

Ehh, press 1 for English is not a new thing depending on the state.

2019-02-20 02:24:26 UTC

@NateDahl76 shit slaps

2019-02-20 02:24:59 UTC

Is she the one who sang the B A N A N A S song?

2019-02-20 02:25:10 UTC

No that’s Fergie

2019-02-20 02:25:42 UTC

Everybody demand a clown world marv

2019-02-20 02:25:48 UTC

Can you hear the people honk?

2019-02-20 02:26:01 UTC

My Protestant server has a clown world Marv emoji

2019-02-20 02:26:08 UTC

Yellow Vests are going hard

2019-02-20 02:26:11 UTC

Ian clowntana lobo

2019-02-20 02:26:36 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN what are they up to on a Wednesday morning?

2019-02-20 02:26:57 UTC

It’s trve

2019-02-20 02:27:08 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY its not confirmed unless you come to LOPF

2019-02-20 02:27:09 UTC

What’s with all you short people

2019-02-20 02:27:10 UTC

How tall are yA?

2019-02-20 02:27:20 UTC

Yeah we need official measurements

2019-02-20 02:27:28 UTC


2019-02-20 02:27:30 UTC

Ill bring my ruler

2019-02-20 02:27:32 UTC

ur not white unless you're exatly 5'10'' not an inch taller or shorter is acceptable

2019-02-20 02:27:34 UTC

My condolences

2019-02-20 02:27:35 UTC

yeah I'm short too

2019-02-20 02:27:43 UTC


2019-02-20 02:27:54 UTC

I can fit someone on my shoulders at the conference

2019-02-20 02:27:58 UTC

I’m quite happy with my title as king of short people

2019-02-20 02:28:53 UTC

short people make good soldiers from ancient times to modern

2019-02-20 02:28:57 UTC

(Leading Our People Forward, 2019.)

2019-02-20 02:32:52 UTC

@Logan Apparently they are making bad optics threats

2019-02-20 02:34:39 UTC

I wonder if "they" are gov't informants and leftist infiltrators

2019-02-20 02:35:36 UTC

The yellow vests?

2019-02-20 02:36:05 UTC

French rioteers @DixieBoy76 - KY

2019-02-20 02:36:48 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia I keep thinking your avi is an ostrich

2019-02-20 02:37:20 UTC

dont worry though everything is perfectly normal in france, just dont look too deep into it

2019-02-20 02:38:13 UTC

@Logan possibly, we'll see.

2019-02-20 02:38:26 UTC

my pfp is a living god

2019-02-20 02:38:40 UTC

We are peaceful and not affiliated with them so

2019-02-20 02:38:57 UTC

The yellow vests that is

2019-02-20 02:39:10 UTC

my pfp is the final avatar of Vishnu, Kalki the Destroyer

2019-02-20 02:57:54 UTC

Big Gay Disco(tm)

2019-02-20 03:00:09 UTC

2019-02-20 03:00:38 UTC

I knew that was the "correct" answer, lol

2019-02-20 03:01:26 UTC

@Nemets Reminds me of something Lukashenko said. "I think it's better to be a dictator than to be gay."

2019-02-20 03:01:34 UTC


2019-02-20 03:04:57 UTC

Isn't one of the Patriots a heeb? Edelmann?

2019-02-20 03:05:05 UTC

I mean every rule has exception

2019-02-20 03:05:40 UTC


2019-02-20 03:06:55 UTC

Also the hypothetical high school in above questionaire could easily exist in Hollywood, NYC or Broward County, FL

2019-02-20 03:07:40 UTC

Really? I assumed, due to movie types. 🤔

2019-02-20 03:08:24 UTC

What suburb did they flee to? Impart your Geographica California

2019-02-20 03:08:25 UTC

Hollywood is

2019-02-20 03:08:28 UTC


2019-02-20 03:08:29 UTC

Honestly, I think I'd rather be at a 60% Jewish school, mine is 40% black, 60% hispanic 😫

2019-02-20 03:08:42 UTC

At least Jews are nice

2019-02-20 03:09:47 UTC

Interesting. Is it because entertainment industry people outbreed or don't breed in general?

2019-02-20 03:09:56 UTC

Where are the "Jewish" immigrants coming from?

2019-02-20 03:11:08 UTC

2019-02-20 03:11:22 UTC

I feel bad for this kid for multiple reasons

2019-02-20 03:12:00 UTC

I feel bad for anyone who talks to people* from Newsweek

2019-02-20 03:12:23 UTC

Don’t read the comments

2019-02-20 03:12:35 UTC

Unless you want your night ruined

2019-02-20 03:12:39 UTC

Then go ahead

2019-02-20 03:13:01 UTC

"Little Hitler", like the WKUK sketch?

2019-02-20 03:14:11 UTC

They gotta stop giving Wikipedia pages to every sports player. When I look somebody up and the Wikipedia page is someone of the same name that’s a sportsball player. I want to read about an interesting individual, not some dudes rugby stats.

2019-02-20 03:14:18 UTC

Made me chuckle

2019-02-20 03:15:34 UTC

Mostly white

2019-02-20 03:15:35 UTC

I like those demographics ^

2019-02-20 03:15:41 UTC


2019-02-20 03:16:07 UTC


2019-02-20 03:16:13 UTC

fellow whites as well i assume...

2019-02-20 03:16:21 UTC


2019-02-20 03:16:22 UTC


2019-02-20 03:16:45 UTC

to be fair, i worked with the Crowned Prince of Iran on some projects many years ago...super nice guy.

2019-02-20 03:17:19 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Yeah I worked with the Prince of Nigeria. Needed money for something. Gave it to him.

2019-02-20 03:17:22 UTC

Anybody know where I can find a stat for racial demographics by age group in Florida

2019-02-20 03:18:31 UTC

Google ^

2019-02-20 03:18:35 UTC


2019-02-20 03:18:42 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD have tried. No luck.

2019-02-20 03:18:43 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD i have heard from many other people who have interected with the Crown Prince of Iran the same thing. apparently he is a very nice and cool guy. there are nice good people everywhere.

2019-02-20 03:19:13 UTC

him and the people working with him were good people.

2019-02-20 03:19:26 UTC

Crown Prince? son of the Shah?

2019-02-20 03:19:30 UTC


2019-02-20 03:20:19 UTC


2019-02-20 03:20:48 UTC

apparently he comes to Park City Utah to ski a lot.. and some of my friends have met him.

2019-02-20 03:21:07 UTC

Invite him to LoPF3

2019-02-20 03:21:08 UTC

he was sending messages into the country via satellite encouraging the younger people of Iran to stay strong, etc

2019-02-20 03:21:44 UTC

Iran very cool place

2019-02-20 03:22:06 UTC

Iran in the 70s looked like America of the same time, sad what happened to that country.

2019-02-20 03:22:33 UTC

2019-02-20 03:22:40 UTC

i am not really into ethnic food but that episode of Anthony Bourdain in Iran made my mouth water; their cuisine looked delicious

2019-02-20 03:23:08 UTC

Diversity = no white people is a good message to get people to subconsciously reject it

2019-02-20 03:23:14 UTC

@bspon002 That should be a great redpill for anyone that doesn't understand that "Diversity = No White People"

2019-02-20 03:23:15 UTC

I don't really like Anthony Bourdain, but when he went to Rome and asked for Hawaiian pizza was really funny

2019-02-20 03:23:17 UTC


2019-02-20 03:23:25 UTC
2019-02-20 03:24:23 UTC

Anthony "we have to mix white people out of existence to end racism" Bourdain. hard pass.

2019-02-20 03:24:38 UTC

Once you understand that the age of "anti racism" is effectively over if you don't want to be ostricized in your own society replaced and demonized there is no other option than to act in your own self interest

2019-02-20 03:25:20 UTC

The non-whites are acting in their own self interest and have been for all of time. Why aren't we allowed to? <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

2019-02-20 03:25:40 UTC

Gets the noggin joggin

2019-02-20 03:26:28 UTC

Cubans, one of the most conservative non-white demographics around and now they are pulling a whitey and not having kids? <:sad:366743316475281408>

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