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2019-02-06 23:00:25 UTC

Wow, grand theft for a black guy...that's pretty normal.

2019-02-06 23:01:13 UTC

Deadlines are chronological colonialism

2019-02-06 23:02:07 UTC

Damn right

2019-02-06 23:02:32 UTC

@Alexander Pechorin just submit every "suspicious document submission" to the proper people for "final evaluation" and never call them back.

2019-02-06 23:02:33 UTC

Its okay, Russian professor is aware haha

2019-02-06 23:02:49 UTC

She is not gonna take any shit.

2019-02-06 23:06:29 UTC

2019-02-06 23:06:44 UTC

Blacks don't always steal but theyre statistically significantly more likely too

2019-02-06 23:07:54 UTC

That Mexican guy I went to high school with who raped a girl as she was dying, his brother made a Facebook post about how he's actually a pretty good dude who made a little oopsie and all the comments were cheering him on about how those who knew him know he's a real sweety on the inside

2019-02-06 23:08:40 UTC

one of the comments said "let him know I wanna be one of his people"
such a creepy thing to say about a rapist

2019-02-06 23:08:47 UTC

Ironically violent people tend to be kinda like violent animals in that they do have a sweet side. Doesn't matter though.

2019-02-06 23:09:01 UTC

This guy was very nice. And works hard

2019-02-06 23:09:14 UTC

Can't abide mad dogs

2019-02-06 23:09:47 UTC

I guess I could see that. I knew him in high school and sat by him in class. He was never rude or anything. Seemed like a fairly normal slightly quiet guy.

2019-02-06 23:11:27 UTC

I would have liked to have just arraigned him myself. Unfortunately justice is slow these days

2019-02-06 23:11:57 UTC

what I don't get is how did this guy have a friend who was a molestor... like, how do molestors have friends?

2019-02-06 23:12:31 UTC

80 iq doesn't think that much

2019-02-06 23:12:42 UTC

There’s a nasty tolerance for that in black communities

2019-02-06 23:13:12 UTC

Hispanic coming of age is 15

2019-02-06 23:13:50 UTC

well, to be fair, isn't our coming of age like 16?

2019-02-06 23:14:19 UTC

Depends on state

2019-02-06 23:14:33 UTC

Culturally it's 18

2019-02-06 23:14:50 UTC

Since the laws still reflect our culture

2019-02-06 23:16:28 UTC

10% to the next New Year's Party!

2019-02-06 23:16:57 UTC

New Year's is the best holiday

2019-02-06 23:17:07 UTC

I don't even really celebrate the other ones

2019-02-06 23:17:23 UTC

I just live in anticipation of New Year's

2019-02-06 23:29:45 UTC


2019-02-06 23:32:27 UTC

Institutional racism in action. The slave masters forced him to steal those checks. He internalized colonialism. SMH

2019-02-06 23:33:26 UTC

2019-02-06 23:34:09 UTC

Let’s see if they can translate that into votes.

2019-02-06 23:43:08 UTC

@Sam Anderson Well he hit all the right notes with left to get their approval.🤔

2019-02-06 23:44:06 UTC

Yeah bc they totally still do not hate him

2019-02-06 23:45:24 UTC

I mean does he think that “Trump finally just read enough books (bc according to liberals that translates directly to love and understanding) and now is not racist!”

2019-02-06 23:50:20 UTC

@Sam Anderson His base has become leaderless.

2019-02-06 23:57:54 UTC

I don't want to be that guy that said don't be so blackpilled about the sotu, but the polling being good is worth something even if it wasn't a rousing speech. The real test is what Trump does at the end of this continuing resolution not what he says In a speech.

2019-02-07 00:00:23 UTC

@nord I’m sorry but good poll numbers is not worth trump talking more about the holocaust than about solving our immigration problem

2019-02-07 00:00:31 UTC

I do NOT want that re-elected

2019-02-07 00:00:35 UTC

I just don’t see how it’s been 2 years and he hasn’t even started the wall. That should’ve been his first thing he accomplished.

2019-02-07 00:00:56 UTC

Electability is only useful insofar as your candidate is worth a hoot

2019-02-07 00:01:08 UTC

Give a hoot, don’t pollute!

2019-02-07 00:01:13 UTC

Lol true

2019-02-07 00:01:25 UTC

Cool folks hop in to general for an even hotter, pre fireside chat

2019-02-07 00:01:33 UTC

and then leave when the real fireside happens

2019-02-07 00:01:36 UTC

Trump probably won't do much of anything. Even if he does, it will be too little, too late. Remember, this battle, which Trump appears to be losing, is only for 1/5 of the wall funding.

2019-02-07 00:01:42 UTC

2019-02-07 00:02:03 UTC

Woodsy Owl nationalism, when?! @Reinhard Wolff

2019-02-07 00:02:11 UTC

I think it’s important for us to come across the sober reminder that we are only in the very beginning stages of winning

2019-02-07 00:02:19 UTC

We voted for Trump to go to war against the establishment. Instead, he appears to have merged with the establishment.

2019-02-07 00:02:29 UTC

I feel that Dems will just end the wall project or starve it of funding if he does get it since it won’t be finished, even if he starts tomorrow.

2019-02-07 00:02:40 UTC

I'm not pessimistic overall, but we need to be realistic about Trump.

2019-02-07 00:02:43 UTC

My parents have been coping hard about Trump. They tell me to give him the rest of the time until funding runs out, but he has failed for two years

2019-02-07 00:02:49 UTC

Nick Fuentes had a good bit regarding this the other day, @Undercover Academic - IL.

2019-02-07 00:02:54 UTC

They might even tear it down

2019-02-07 00:02:59 UTC

“We will grow old in this fight.”

2019-02-07 00:03:01 UTC

just vote for Tulsi Gabbard lmao

2019-02-07 00:03:21 UTC


2019-02-07 00:03:24 UTC

literally this

2019-02-07 00:03:38 UTC


2019-02-07 00:03:40 UTC

what a joke

2019-02-07 00:03:42 UTC

I'll stand by what I said I never implies Trump was going to build a moat of fire next week, but what would be the difference if he railed on immigration for half an hour than did nothing as well?

2019-02-07 00:04:05 UTC

No amount of lip service will suffice at this point, sure.

2019-02-07 00:04:13 UTC

If nothing else it keeps the issue in the public’s kind, I guess. @nord

2019-02-07 00:04:18 UTC

I’m not voting GOP

2019-02-07 00:04:25 UTC

And imo no one else should either

2019-02-07 00:04:27 UTC

"Waht do you need 40 dollars for? I can't believe my own son is demanding 10 dollars from me! HELP POLICE THIS MADMAN IS TRYING TO STEAL 100 DOLLARS FROM ME!!"

2019-02-07 00:04:31 UTC

Depends on who's running.

2019-02-07 00:04:35 UTC

Until we get candidates running

2019-02-07 00:04:57 UTC

Trump was our best chance at electoral, democratic changes from the top

2019-02-07 00:05:04 UTC

In the short term

2019-02-07 00:05:13 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff I'm super busy with school and preparing for the interview so won't have time to listen to the fireside, but, now that you're in the chat, I have a question. I have a guy asking if he'd lose his federal security clearance if he joined IE.

2019-02-07 00:06:45 UTC

I just feel personally that people should weigh their options a bit more before abandoning the GOP and going full accelerationist and voting Dem. Obviously the GOP are not our guys but the alternative is only going to increase immigration at an even greater rate.

2019-02-07 00:07:00 UTC

*my opinion though believe what you like

2019-02-07 00:07:19 UTC

Tulsi Gabbard isn't full accelerationist, in fact, I'd argue it's not accelerationist at all

2019-02-07 00:07:46 UTC

how so?

2019-02-07 00:08:17 UTC

I don't see any chance of her opposing any sort of amnesty legislation that is put through Congress.

2019-02-07 00:08:37 UTC

If they discovered he was in IE, yes. But if he applies under an alias and minds his opsec, he should be fine. People in IE have gotten clearances many times in the past. @Jacob

2019-02-07 00:09:22 UTC

I genuinely think her policies might be better. If Trump isn't going to reduce immigration *anyway*, might as well vote for someone who is going to end foreign wars, which is a large root cause of immigration, and reduce support for Israel, which meddles in American politics @nord @Mojave Paisan - NV

2019-02-07 00:09:36 UTC
2019-02-07 00:09:56 UTC

That’s a yes? Even if they’re not contracting?

2019-02-07 00:10:03 UTC

Or stop believing that voting for politicians who are not explicitly ourguys will change anything.

2019-02-07 00:10:31 UTC

@Jacob Who's to say that she actually will end foreign wars? Trump said nearly the same thing and we've made very little progress in that direction

2019-02-07 00:10:32 UTC

Trump shifted the overton window though

2019-02-07 00:10:43 UTC

Trump was as close to us as a mainstream politician can be, and even he isn't getting anything done, either because he's incapable or unwilling.

2019-02-07 00:10:55 UTC

I think unwilling

2019-02-07 00:11:03 UTC

We should support people who indirectly normalize our views

2019-02-07 00:11:33 UTC

@Mojave Paisan - NV I mean she actually had the balls to go and meet with Assad

2019-02-07 00:12:00 UTC

I think Trump indirectly normalized our views more in 2016 than now. If we can have another 2016 for some candidate, for the sake of the 2016, then sure, I'll vote for whomever you want. But I don't believe there's going to be a magic candidate to fix anything.

2019-02-07 00:12:49 UTC

The reality is I don't think tulsi will even get the nomination so maybe this is a pointless line of discussion. And indeed maybe the usefulness of trump is over after a term but I doubt anyone will successfully primary him.

2019-02-07 00:13:19 UTC

Howard Schultz run is also an interesting dynamic to consider.

2019-02-07 00:13:20 UTC

In other words, having another year that was empowering for our ideas the way 2016 was would be good, and if it takes another political campaign for us to rally around to make that happen, then so be it. But in that situation, the politics is the means to the end, with the end being the empowerment and boosting our morale and influence. I don't forsee any election solving our problems.

2019-02-07 00:13:48 UTC

Unless, again, it's someone explicitly aligned with us.

2019-02-07 00:14:00 UTC

That's the only way I'll get excited about a political candidate again.

2019-02-07 00:14:13 UTC

I think that what this nation really needs to start a grassroots identitarian wave is economic trial. We really need another recession or depression. I mean, who’s going to want to take up such a task when everything is comfy and going just peachy? Basic human psychology says not many people would be willing to do that. I may just be misreading the situation, but I believe that it is one thing necessary to create that perfect storm.

2019-02-07 00:14:22 UTC

What needs to happen is just someone to primary Trump who will challenge him on all the things he campaigned for but didn't do. That could revive enthusiasm in our ideas and maybe push Trump back in the right direction

2019-02-07 00:14:35 UTC


2019-02-07 00:15:34 UTC

I mean, look at what really started this extreme-SJW wave that we currently find ourselves in. It was that occupy wall street movement. Those people were like the opening of some kind of floodgate and they were reacting to the conditions caused by the recession I believe. I was much younger so I may be incorrect here.

2019-02-07 00:15:45 UTC

We need the anti-60s . Mass cultural war on multiple levels culminating in legal concessions

2019-02-07 00:16:10 UTC

Anyway I didn't mean to offend anyone I just have a great interest in electoral politics and this is all very early to talk to much about the election anyway. Im sure everyone in the organization will work to advance our people regardless of what goes on in 2020.

2019-02-07 00:16:26 UTC

@Perihelion - CA We need to take notes from the “civil rights” movement and use them as a template but update it for the modern world.

2019-02-07 00:16:51 UTC

The Globalist media has been trying extra hard to tie Pro-White movements to the broader Trump movement for some time. This could be a consequence of that. Advisors saying that he should distance himself from politically toxic people.

2019-02-07 00:18:28 UTC

I just hope the Overton window doesn’t completely shift back to pre-2016 again after Trump leaves office. It seems to me like it’s already beginning to happen.

2019-02-07 00:19:52 UTC

It very well could. If some rabid leftist gets elected in 2020. We had better hunker down.

2019-02-07 00:21:23 UTC

Nah we should keep triggering them until they burn everything

2019-02-07 00:21:36 UTC

Psychological insurgency

2019-02-07 00:21:37 UTC

If anything that would be the time to increase our activity. There's very little chance a majority of whites would vote for the Dem. candidate in 2020, and a leftist victory would be a perfect chance to help awaken more people to what's going on.

2019-02-07 00:22:19 UTC

Their paranoia driven overreach is our greatest ally

2019-02-07 00:25:48 UTC

No more wars for Israel

2019-02-07 00:27:33 UTC

I straight up won't vote for any politician who doesn't respect people's Constitutional rights. I don't want to risk starting a convo that would break rule 8, so I'll leave it there, but you know what I mean. It's disgusting. If they don't respect one right, they certainly won't respect the others. Like the First Amendment, which IE exercises regularly.

2019-02-07 00:40:12 UTC

Well I suppose we just keep plugging away with level eyes and keep winning.

2019-02-07 00:43:56 UTC

I think it's possible to create plebiscites using net. Maybe force a constitutional convention simply by a show of force. Imagine a platform that let people directly sign up in support of referendum. Even without any formal power you could project influence just by the show of support

2019-02-07 00:46:53 UTC

@Perihelion - CA Do you mean something similar to the yellow vests and the (*peaceful*) protests in France and the rest of Europe?

2019-02-07 00:50:12 UTC


2019-02-07 00:59:21 UTC

2019-02-07 01:00:01 UTC

My home is not for sale

2019-02-07 01:02:26 UTC

That's pretty gross.

2019-02-07 01:02:54 UTC

These people fundamentally see you and I - people as absolutely replaceable.

2019-02-07 01:04:58 UTC

Not just replaceable, but needing to be replaced as soon as possible

2019-02-07 01:05:49 UTC

>Level the playing field

2019-02-07 01:06:02 UTC

>it’s only fair if I’m winning

2019-02-07 01:06:09 UTC


2019-02-07 01:06:31 UTC

They complain about “danger to our democracy” while only allowing certain political views, stuffing the ballot box with immigrants and gaming the system with things like that

2019-02-07 01:07:37 UTC

Verified Hate on twitter

2019-02-07 01:07:48 UTC


2019-02-07 01:07:56 UTC

Talk about clearances?

2019-02-07 01:11:50 UTC

>rogue billionaire
Begging Soros to pay losers to move to paradise

2019-02-07 01:13:45 UTC

what's crazy is that people view *themselves* as replaceable

2019-02-07 01:13:49 UTC

Have you seen that one brown guy’s tweets about leveling hundreds of thousands of acres of farmland in middle America to make way for asphalt as far as the eye can see?

2019-02-07 01:16:17 UTC

I thought they were supposed to care about the environment

2019-02-07 01:16:26 UTC

Share though if you have them, I’m curious

2019-02-07 01:16:35 UTC

I’m asking some friends

2019-02-07 01:16:45 UTC

One sec

2019-02-07 01:16:52 UTC

No worries

2019-02-07 01:18:16 UTC

What I mean is our enemies need to maintain the illusion of being democratic. Directly voting online on populist policies, even if not legally enacted, attacks their core myth.

2019-02-07 01:19:40 UTC

Why rely on fake polls. Just make a website and let people vote on the issues. You'd easily get millions of data points if you marketed it right.

2019-02-07 01:20:09 UTC

I bet we could vote down immigration and gay marriage.

2019-02-07 01:21:29 UTC

When enough people know that enough people know. That's the magic moment. The media tries to prevent this. But we can bypass it.

2019-02-07 01:22:34 UTC

My concern with that is how easily it could be maligned. Voter fraud is an issue even in our current system, purely online voting would probably be a field day for them- would make cheating easier, I fear.

2019-02-07 01:23:00 UTC

That's why we have to operate it

2019-02-07 01:23:05 UTC

A bit paradoxically, the more “out of date” and physical a system is, the safer it is in our digital age.

2019-02-07 01:23:33 UTC

Even if it's just a tally of how many million people support this or that. It's powerful.

2019-02-07 01:23:34 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY 2020 will be different from 2016. We didn't have this massive framework and sets of networks ready for pro European politics.

Now we do, we still control the new culture... and the left's "counter culture" is just to get as many PoC into one place as fast as possible.

2019-02-07 01:23:39 UTC

We'll be fine.

2019-02-07 01:24:03 UTC

Why not just rename your account “The Eternal Whitepill”?

2019-02-07 01:24:23 UTC

We also have elected so many great leaders around the World since then.

It's EXTREMELY rare for a strong movement or resurgence to die before 5 years.

2019-02-07 01:24:26 UTC

Your posts make me happy my family @The Eternal Anglo

2019-02-07 01:24:54 UTC

2020 is going to be a proverbial knifefight

2019-02-07 01:25:18 UTC

But the memes will be dank so I'm stoked

2019-02-07 01:26:37 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY Hey man it's always good to get a dose of reality, but we need to always remember that there is hope. Fighting on pure black pills has led to many a Spergs and defeats <:usinnoodle:420778112226164736>

2019-02-07 01:27:22 UTC

@Perihelion - CA Meme War 3.0!

2019-02-07 01:30:19 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY Hey man that's actually a pretty good name idea

2019-02-07 01:30:51 UTC

Does anybody here play Minecraft or Red Dead?

2019-02-07 01:30:55 UTC

Xbox 1

2019-02-07 01:31:24 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY nerd alert

2019-02-07 01:32:29 UTC

>not playing autistic simulator games

2019-02-07 01:32:47 UTC

Tulsi 2020

2019-02-07 01:32:57 UTC

@godric I knew that >.>

2019-02-07 01:33:06 UTC


2019-02-07 01:33:06 UTC

I didn't understand that. Try 'help' for more info.

2019-02-07 01:33:19 UTC

Go away Apollo...

2019-02-07 01:33:26 UTC

We are our own whitepill!

2019-02-07 01:33:29 UTC

The bot is a pledge? rough

2019-02-07 01:33:34 UTC

I made my username when I was a trad con and now I can’t believe how much I’ve changed

2019-02-07 01:33:43 UTC

ah, ah, ah, ah, stayin' alive, stayin' alive

2019-02-07 01:33:44 UTC

Y’all tuned in to fireside?

2019-02-07 01:33:52 UTC

No he’s a deity @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2019-02-07 01:33:52 UTC

stayin' aliiiiiiive

2019-02-07 01:34:45 UTC

South Africans think the same thing least we are alive and not starving. <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2019-02-07 01:35:23 UTC

"not too much activism" <:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-02-07 01:35:57 UTC


2019-02-07 01:35:58 UTC


2019-02-07 01:36:00 UTC

i did a do

2019-02-07 01:36:06 UTC


2019-02-07 01:36:13 UTC

You done did a do

2019-02-07 01:36:25 UTC


2019-02-07 01:36:30 UTC

Speech videos?

2019-02-07 01:36:54 UTC

Hike Vidya

2019-02-07 01:37:28 UTC

2019-02-07 01:37:55 UTC


2019-02-07 01:38:34 UTC

150...let's get 200!

2019-02-07 01:38:49 UTC

<:deye:359010025223618570> *SIGN UP FOR THE CONFERENCE* <:deye:359010025223618570>

2019-02-07 01:38:57 UTC

Don't ask don't tell!

2019-02-07 01:39:01 UTC

conference is at the IE moonbase

2019-02-07 01:39:08 UTC


2019-02-07 01:39:12 UTC

The good Ol days....!

2019-02-07 01:39:23 UTC


2019-02-07 01:39:31 UTC


2019-02-07 01:39:50 UTC

"Camping trip"

2019-02-07 01:39:55 UTC


2019-02-07 01:39:55 UTC


2019-02-07 01:39:58 UTC


2019-02-07 01:39:58 UTC

Do not ask Lauren Rose to the conference

2019-02-07 01:40:03 UTC


2019-02-07 01:40:10 UTC

I mean the non conference camping trip is at the IE moonbase.

2019-02-07 01:40:24 UTC

"Valaska you go to a lot of weddings"

2019-02-07 01:40:25 UTC

What's a fa..y pool party?

2019-02-07 01:40:39 UTC

The Jovian Moon of Europa

2019-02-07 01:40:46 UTC

My boss thinks I'm going to Disney. 😅

2019-02-07 01:40:51 UTC


2019-02-07 01:40:53 UTC

The conference is in Evrope!

2019-02-07 01:41:04 UTC

“I’m going camping in March”

2019-02-07 01:41:46 UTC

William please tell

2019-02-07 01:42:11 UTC

So sorry, my mic has died

2019-02-07 01:42:24 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:25 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:26 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:33 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:36 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:38 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:38 UTC

*have you tried putting the batteries in backwards*

2019-02-07 01:42:42 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:46 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:46 UTC

<:sad:366743316475281408> 🎙

2019-02-07 01:42:54 UTC


2019-02-07 01:42:56 UTC

Sorry fireside machine broke

2019-02-07 01:42:57 UTC

Have you tried incense and machine spirits?

2019-02-07 01:43:05 UTC


2019-02-07 01:43:35 UTC

Defend Utah

2019-02-07 01:43:43 UTC

I feel like if I told my parents I'm going to a wedding they would ask even more questions

2019-02-07 01:43:46 UTC

where is utah

2019-02-07 01:43:58 UTC

I would but the flight is too steep

2019-02-07 01:44:02 UTC

Only bring one wife to defend Utah!

2019-02-07 01:44:08 UTC

my parents have a weird obsession with my friends so if one was getting married they'd want to know *all* the details

2019-02-07 01:44:15 UTC

Rocky Mountain Region strikes again <:deye:359010025223618570>

2019-02-07 01:44:20 UTC

2019-02-07 01:44:22 UTC

The Mormon birth rate is actually at replacement level

2019-02-07 01:44:22 UTC

well, my mom does

2019-02-07 01:45:00 UTC

DM me if you have JavaScript skills!

2019-02-07 01:45:12 UTC

D E F E N D Z I O N (National Park 😏)

2019-02-07 01:45:45 UTC

"We've got the best organiation, trust me! No one does orgs better."

2019-02-07 01:45:51 UTC

@Gimlet we should post that on social media somewhere lmao

2019-02-07 01:45:53 UTC

too good

2019-02-07 01:46:01 UTC

Networking + activism + content= success

2019-02-07 01:46:07 UTC

State of the TRIGGERED

2019-02-07 01:46:09 UTC

i missed sotu to do jiu jitsu lol

2019-02-07 01:46:22 UTC

wat belt?

2019-02-07 01:46:36 UTC

The SOTU was really really bad...

2019-02-07 01:46:40 UTC

i did a different kind of grappling for a long time, i just wanted to roll with some friends

2019-02-07 01:46:42 UTC

@godric Don't worry, there was a lot of jewjitsu at the sotu

2019-02-07 01:46:43 UTC

We should. @Brunswick needs to get my Right Wing Dev Squad gif out on the Twitters.

2019-02-07 01:46:43 UTC

so not even white belt i guess?

2019-02-07 01:46:55 UTC

*"I want the most immigration ever!"* ~Trump SOTU <:really:453005408064241674>

2019-02-07 01:46:57 UTC

@Attrition in the desert you beat me to it

2019-02-07 01:47:04 UTC

belts dont always tell skill

2019-02-07 01:47:10 UTC

trump will be putting in an application to join IE next week

2019-02-07 01:47:15 UTC

"I attended the syrian civil war" -Patrick casey

2019-02-07 01:47:34 UTC

ladies and gentlemen we got him

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