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2019-02-04 21:38:30 UTC

Good afternoon fellow huhwhites, how does one combat feeling blackpilled?

2019-02-04 21:42:52 UTC

lift more

2019-02-04 21:43:02 UTC

No matter what, we can normalize advocacy for our posterity

2019-02-04 21:46:01 UTC

It was raining and cold today and I didn't wear a jacket. I was toxic as heck according to this lovely young lady

2019-02-04 21:47:00 UTC

Can we sue the SPLC? Gavin is suing them.

2019-02-04 21:47:09 UTC


2019-02-04 21:47:16 UTC

i wore a coat and fur hat today, but i still got a little frostbitten

2019-02-04 21:48:47 UTC

That girls tweet is totally aligned with what I was talking about yesterday. It just gets sillier and sillier

2019-02-04 21:50:09 UTC

"Make sure you point out white supremacy when white men are hydrating themselves with water before consulting a person of color their thoughts on colonialist water consumption. #H20isracist"

2019-02-04 21:53:02 UTC

@Current Ronin I honestly find it more odd that a stenographer is being used in 2019 than that it's in an anthropology class

2019-02-04 21:53:39 UTC

Yeah I don't know man I'm gonna ask about it on Wednesday

2019-02-04 21:54:20 UTC

I mean we have the technology to record audio now

2019-02-04 21:54:35 UTC

and we have voice to text software

2019-02-04 21:58:39 UTC

Re: men who don't wear jackets.

Where's the problem?

2019-02-04 22:00:51 UTC

>I'm physically inferior in some ways and biologically different from other people.

2019-02-04 22:03:09 UTC

The term “Neoliberal War-mongers” is thus born

2019-02-04 22:03:41 UTC


2019-02-04 22:07:18 UTC

The jacket tweet looks to be from a parody account

2019-02-04 22:13:30 UTC

@JayDon Exercise, accomplish a minor task or goal that you've been putting off, reach out to an old friend who you've lost touch with. Less immediate things might include drinking the appropriate amount of water, eating healthily, and perhaps stepping out of the podcast echo-chamber and slimming your diet of explicitly political content. (not saying you personally fit that role)

2019-02-04 22:15:20 UTC

Thanks for the advice. I'm surrounded by leftists everyday and they want to drag everyone's mood down with them. @Papa Pizzagate

2019-02-04 22:18:26 UTC


2019-02-04 22:18:54 UTC

What do you guys think happens when the US crosses Israel? The political leaders get a call from Netanyahu, who threatens them in some way? Just speculating here

2019-02-04 22:21:00 UTC

Side note I'd recommend people look into supplementing vitamin D it's a very common deficiency.

2019-02-04 22:25:20 UTC

@OttoVonBismarck doesn't israel have a plan to nuke much of the west if things go wrong? I might be thinking of some kind of conspiracy theory though

2019-02-04 22:28:55 UTC

If you are talking about the samson option I don't see any reason israel would nuke america, the idea if they are being overrun they would just nuke their neighbors they hate, IE Iran, Syria, other arab states.Israel does not possess that many deliverable warheads so their strike possibilities would be relatively limited.

2019-02-04 22:30:33 UTC

Samson Option, that's what it's called. Yeah, they probably couldn't do to much damage to the US.

2019-02-04 22:31:06 UTC

Don’t really see why they’d want to other than spite.

2019-02-04 22:31:56 UTC

they've never been very forgiving

2019-02-04 22:32:13 UTC

If the Rothschild clan owns our central banks-well, I’m no economist but I’m sure that they could do damage to us

2019-02-04 22:32:35 UTC

“Iran’s invading- better nuke Holland”

2019-02-04 22:33:46 UTC

I'm not entirely sure what would happen if Israel somehow got mad at us.

2019-02-04 22:33:58 UTC

No, they would hit them with facts logic and evidence Ben Shapiro style

2019-02-04 22:34:41 UTC

People really over estimate nuclear weapons anyway, this sounds ridiculous but you have to consider how many launch vehicles Israel has armed at any time. Enough to nuke some people but not enough to end the world certainly.

2019-02-04 22:35:10 UTC

Only the US and Russia have huge amounts of launch vehicles ready, perhaps china would come in a distant third.

2019-02-04 22:35:26 UTC

I’m curious because of Trump’s sudden backpedaling on taking troops out of Syria @Lawrence of Eurabia

2019-02-04 22:36:38 UTC

For example the UK is a nuclear armed state that only maintains submarine launched ICBM's, with 4 subs available you are looking at a max of two out of port on a regular basis, so maybe 48 warheads in total, which isn't that many.

2019-02-04 22:36:40 UTC

I've kinda lost all faith in Trump recently. Maybe he can pull a fast one and get the wall, but I don't see that happening soon.

2019-02-04 22:37:08 UTC

48 is a lot

2019-02-04 22:37:55 UTC

of course who's to say nuclear weapons even exist<:galaxybrain:366743669484683264>

2019-02-04 22:38:21 UTC

It's a enough for a deterrent but people drastically over estimate nuclear arms, they could cast the world into turmoil but there simply isn't enough yield to kill everyone on earth or anything crazy. Perhaps at the height of the cold war you would have been closer.

2019-02-04 22:39:14 UTC

oh yeah, for sure. people would still live

2019-02-04 22:46:05 UTC

MAD is a weapon in itself

2019-02-04 22:49:42 UTC

Plus with the globally integrated economies we have now, a war between the US and China would crash the global economy.

2019-02-04 23:03:47 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia I have faith in him, he has already sent thousands of troops over to the border as we speak, but what *KIND* of troops is the important question.

He's probably getting ready to build it with the Army.

2019-02-04 23:04:29 UTC

He already has the draft to declare a SoE on the Southern border. He either builds that wall or doesn't get the second call

2019-02-04 23:05:43 UTC

we'll see, but i'm not to certain anymore

2019-02-04 23:16:35 UTC

I can now claim the achievement of getting Jared Taylor to set up a Discord account

2019-02-04 23:37:26 UTC

I think all the leaders involved in these disaster wars should be imprisoned for treason.

2019-02-04 23:37:59 UTC

Banish every pro war politician to the places they waged war in

2019-02-04 23:38:16 UTC

Now you live in iraq since you love it so much. Have fun

2019-02-04 23:38:45 UTC

What's really cool about this movement is that it doesn't require me to let go of the good ideas that I had when I sympathized with the left

2019-02-04 23:39:20 UTC

I was always anti-imperialist my entire life, but a few years ago, I had to choose between the neocon right and the ethnomasochist left

2019-02-04 23:39:50 UTC

now I can keep my opposition to pointless wars while also being being against mass immigration

2019-02-04 23:40:19 UTC

not that neo-cons were ever really against mass immigration, but at least they're moderately against illegals

2019-02-04 23:47:45 UTC

Why don't politicians fight the wars themselves anymore?

2019-02-04 23:51:20 UTC

We are ruled by an effete academic class.

2019-02-04 23:51:47 UTC

Pretty sure the founding fathers advocated for the total opposite

2019-02-04 23:53:39 UTC

George Washington led his troops in front of the ranks at times

2019-02-04 23:54:08 UTC

Even tho he sucked at it.

2019-02-04 23:55:33 UTC

He was a grand strategy General similar to Eisenhower, not a battle General

2019-02-04 23:55:43 UTC

or that's what he was best at

2019-02-04 23:56:50 UTC

In Denmark's "school general" election in which the country's 8th, 9th, and 10th graders all participated, the Danish conservative parties collectively won 51.2% of the vote.


2019-02-04 23:57:45 UTC

The older I get the more I think Starship Troopers had it right. Service = Citizenship. No time in military service, no right to vote.

2019-02-04 23:59:08 UTC

Biggest redpill in starship troopers is the longer we stay on earth the more likely our extinction

2019-02-04 23:59:59 UTC

Would you guys recommend Starship Troopers? I've really liked the Foundation series. And I've been thinking about something similar, voting rights based on having "skin in the game". How that would be defined or determined, I'm not sure.

2019-02-05 00:00:12 UTC

The devil is always in the details. Only 8.4% for the Danish People's Party.


2019-02-05 00:03:32 UTC

Starship troopers is painful because it's grim future is so much brighter than our present.

2019-02-05 00:03:43 UTC

Also well worth the read.

2019-02-05 00:04:22 UTC

@Jakob-NY , The first time I read it was on my 1st deployment. After I finished it I wondered how we got into this mess, and it was that the decisions were made by people who had no skin In the game . It was written in the 50s if I’m correct, and it’s just as applicable now as it was then.

2019-02-05 00:05:24 UTC

Corporal punishment for parents of criminals .... 🔥

2019-02-05 00:05:29 UTC

Thanks for the recommendations, I'll check it out @Victor O @Alexander Pechorin

2019-02-05 00:06:52 UTC

If we started canning offenders,like Singapore, there would be a severe reduction in crime.

2019-02-05 00:07:32 UTC

Yeah but Starship Troopers goes next level.

2019-02-05 00:07:51 UTC

Sure does 😁

2019-02-05 00:08:25 UTC

I wouldn’t mind at all serving in the military were it not Israeli proxy wars or destabilizing countries for profit

2019-02-05 00:09:06 UTC

Maybe these parents would stop trying to be friends and start being Mom & Dad

2019-02-05 00:09:28 UTC

The military is super gay

2019-02-05 00:09:37 UTC

Eisenhower warned the country, no one listened

2019-02-05 00:09:51 UTC

Starship Troopers military is sweet though

2019-02-05 00:10:22 UTC

John Birch has been spot on

2019-02-05 00:28:35 UTC

Lol. Why Bhutan?

2019-02-05 00:28:36 UTC

I just like the Bhutanese flag.
Bhutan/Wales Dragon alliance when?

2019-02-05 00:29:25 UTC

Celtic Buddhism is the way forward

2019-02-05 00:30:05 UTC

Dude I’d love to go to Bhutan

2019-02-05 00:30:17 UTC

They’re VERY strict about entering the country though

2019-02-05 00:30:36 UTC

Bhutan’s one of the few countries the US doesn’t have relations with

2019-02-05 00:30:38 UTC

$200/day visitation fee

2019-02-05 00:30:46 UTC

On top of everything else.

2019-02-05 00:31:13 UTC

Happy people, apparently their biggest problem is cigarettes

2019-02-05 00:33:29 UTC

Listen to their anthem on YouTube

2019-02-05 00:33:33 UTC

So strange

2019-02-05 00:38:08 UTC

I dig it, honestly

2019-02-05 00:38:32 UTC

It’s like the Japanese anthem. Very unmistakably theirs.

2019-02-05 00:38:46 UTC

If monarchies are so bad why are Singapore and Luxumburg so wealthy?

2019-02-05 00:39:14 UTC

Singapore also works for the “colonialism is bad” argument

2019-02-05 00:43:15 UTC

@ophiuchus you will need a Bhutanese passport

2019-02-05 00:43:44 UTC

Monarchy is for Europe

2019-02-05 00:43:50 UTC

Not America sorry

2019-02-05 00:44:21 UTC

I refuse to have a monarch

2019-02-05 00:44:25 UTC

I think you can visit- you just have to go under a state sponsored tour group and it’s very expensive

2019-02-05 00:45:23 UTC

Oh no it’s a meme

2019-02-05 00:45:30 UTC

I got memed on

2019-02-05 00:45:40 UTC

This is their real English language passport policy, uploaded to Wikipedia by their government

2019-02-05 00:47:03 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY But I thought all Southrons were good Tory Cavaliers??

2019-02-05 00:47:23 UTC

Must re-evaluate my premises...

2019-02-05 00:48:33 UTC

Gotta hand it to him really

2019-02-05 00:48:46 UTC

If someone asked me to do a Bhutanese accent I’d just bluescreen

2019-02-05 00:49:27 UTC

God listen to the current one

2019-02-05 00:49:31 UTC

It’s hardly any better

2019-02-05 00:50:52 UTC


2019-02-05 00:51:10 UTC

Tag yourself I’m a Corn cracker

2019-02-05 00:52:16 UTC

I'm a gold hunter? Is that bad er..?

2019-02-05 00:53:10 UTC

Better than being a “puke”

2019-02-05 00:56:05 UTC

Tar Heel yeeyeee pew pew!

2019-02-05 00:56:25 UTC

Chew tabaccuh chew tabaccuh spiet!

2019-02-05 00:57:31 UTC

Where does the term Tar Heel come from

2019-02-05 00:58:04 UTC

I physically can't read the OK name👓 👴

2019-02-05 00:58:50 UTC

Zoom in old man

2019-02-05 00:59:03 UTC

I’d zoom in for you if I even knew where Oklahoma is

2019-02-05 00:59:18 UTC

Maybe if OK was important

2019-02-05 00:59:24 UTC


2019-02-05 00:59:46 UTC


2019-02-05 01:00:20 UTC

Or as @Wood-Ape - OK/MN said last night; Super Pennsylsaiyan

2019-02-05 01:02:15 UTC

I like this map because of the illustrations

2019-02-05 01:02:33 UTC

And also because the names are antiquated and nobody uses them anymore except for a few

2019-02-05 01:02:56 UTC

Gold Hunter. That is the reason we migrated here from Vermont.

2019-02-05 01:03:13 UTC

@Sherman Hardcastle - CA That’s actually based as heck

2019-02-05 01:03:31 UTC

Real life gold panning ancestors

2019-02-05 01:03:48 UTC

I was obsessed with the California gold rush as a kid

2019-02-05 01:04:01 UTC

The adventure, the gold, the danger

2019-02-05 01:04:12 UTC

Are you sure that chart doesn't depict nicknames of *pigs* in those states?

2019-02-05 01:04:20 UTC


2019-02-05 01:04:21 UTC


2019-02-05 01:04:53 UTC

Puke, whelp, bug eater. Hard to imagine being chill with those nicknames lol

2019-02-05 01:05:30 UTC

“The five sobriquets by which Kentucky is designated are: the *Blue Grass State*, the *Corn-cracker State*, the *Dark and Bloody Ground State*, the *Hemp State*, and *the Tobacco State*.”

2019-02-05 01:05:56 UTC

Ha, thanks my family helped settle the city of Stockton. They are listed as pioneers in the city records. They traveled by boat to Nicaragua and traveled across the country by foot where a boat arrived to take them to SF. Three brothers. Sometimes I wish we stayed in VT....

2019-02-05 01:06:27 UTC

The Tobacco state is my personal preference

2019-02-05 01:06:37 UTC

My family has farmed tobacco for over 100 years

2019-02-05 01:07:03 UTC

I wondered why every picture was a pig

2019-02-05 01:07:06 UTC

That’s awesome.

2019-02-05 01:07:39 UTC

Every picture is a pig because the company sells pig supplies I believe

2019-02-05 01:07:45 UTC


2019-02-05 01:09:29 UTC

Here’s the background info

2019-02-05 01:09:49 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY I also have family from your state. Beautiful place. They were Catholic pioneer settlers of Lebanon, Kentucky. Are you familiar with Wathen Bourbon?

2019-02-05 01:10:14 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate AHAHA I learned about that meme years ago and totally forgot about it

2019-02-05 01:11:32 UTC

@ophiuchus For some background information, some Wikipedia articles have audio versions, and for a while that was the audio version for that article and it was allowed to stay because it *technically* didn't violate any of the Wikipedia rules

2019-02-05 01:14:56 UTC

I’m currently mired deep in a list of Wikipedia hoaxes

2019-02-05 01:15:26 UTC

Some of these are so odd

2019-02-05 01:15:51 UTC

Not even jokes really, just stuff like “I made of a fictional Kosovar political party and it stayed up for 4 years”

2019-02-05 01:16:31 UTC

Fictitious Amelia Bedelia origin story

2019-02-05 01:17:45 UTC

“Claim that women in Uganda refer to the Protopterus as a ‘sister fish’ and for this reason abstained from eating them” stayed up for eight years

2019-02-05 01:20:04 UTC

Amelia Bedelia is very implicit

2019-02-05 01:24:22 UTC

@FACINEMA great editing lad 👌

2019-02-05 01:25:22 UTC

When are we gonna tackle the fluoride question?

2019-02-05 01:26:39 UTC

Right now

2019-02-05 01:27:22 UTC

I drink bœttlëd water

2019-02-05 01:27:40 UTC

It’s this fancy new thing

2019-02-05 01:27:47 UTC

Plastic poison

2019-02-05 01:27:49 UTC

You’ve *probably* never heard of it

2019-02-05 01:27:57 UTC

Filter water

2019-02-05 01:27:58 UTC

It’s one or the other my man

2019-02-05 01:28:14 UTC

Drink from glass with filtered water

2019-02-05 01:29:47 UTC

My siblings have children 3-0 years old. I have been evaluating children's entertainment. Particularly "Sesame Street." At first glance it seems to promote the MultiCulti GloboHomo Urban Ideal. However, upon closer inspection the brightly colored furry "monster" puppet race is an idealized "model immigrant," that defies classification. They are peaceable, but integrate (there are even Hispanic monsters). They seem neither slow-witted (Elmo's retardation aside), nor nepotistic and academically ambitious. Monsters never agitate for monster representation in the city council or NY state assembly. Clearly Muppets are symbolic of a white society throughly deracinated BEFORE their immigration to Sesame Street.


Also the Count is the Coin-Counting Landlord.

2019-02-05 01:30:24 UTC

And Oscar is a Vietnam Veteran, but these are trite and old observations.

2019-02-05 01:37:49 UTC

Hey leave Elmo alone

2019-02-05 01:39:23 UTC

Now, Mr. Noodle on the other hand...

2019-02-05 01:40:03 UTC

@Jakob-NY Do not leave your kids, human or monster, alone with him.

2019-02-05 01:41:54 UTC

@Jakob-NY get *OUT* of my head

2019-02-05 01:41:56 UTC

But Sesame Street is still leagues more wholesome than anything on Nick or Disney.

2019-02-05 01:42:04 UTC

I was going to say Mr Noodle DAMN IT

2019-02-05 01:46:40 UTC

Only brought this up because the mention of Amelia Bedelia reminded me and I see a lot of sesame street at family dinner. Neither my tv nor my kids though so I can't just ask them to turn their TV off.

2019-02-05 02:00:07 UTC

I thought 3 Andrews and 2 Jacobs was a lot but now we have two Chris Ks

2019-02-05 02:05:15 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN What about Spongebob?

2019-02-05 02:06:01 UTC

Hmmm..Not sure. I haven't watched that in a while and luckily my sibling doesn't put it on for their kid.

2019-02-05 02:07:29 UTC

Only took literally forever for him to figure this out.


2019-02-05 02:08:17 UTC

they're just lazy is what they are

2019-02-05 02:09:12 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Lol. I loved Spongebob growing up. My parents never liked it though.

2019-02-05 02:11:40 UTC

@Sam Anderson AHAHAHAHAHAHA now he's on to the next thing to have a manic breakdown about and destroy as much as possible

2019-02-05 02:11:51 UTC

fuck that guy, with my entire heart

2019-02-05 02:12:45 UTC

The comments underneath it are some of the most high effort copes imaginable.

2019-02-05 02:12:56 UTC

Its actually kind of impressive

2019-02-05 02:13:02 UTC

link link link

2019-02-05 02:13:06 UTC


2019-02-05 02:14:55 UTC

>"The optics cucks were right about this much...."

>proceeds to admit they were right about literally the entire thing

The levels of anger I'm feeling right now over what this piece of shit did and how he's writing it off right now

2019-02-05 02:15:01 UTC

1. Doxed Ricky Vaughn

2019-02-05 02:15:05 UTC

2. Did a lot of meth

2019-02-05 02:15:31 UTC

hmm where's that kiwi farms thread

2019-02-05 02:15:33 UTC

Didn't Nehlen dox Vaughn? Or was Cantwell complicit?

2019-02-05 02:15:43 UTC

Filmed his podcast with tons of guns and ammo on his table.

2019-02-05 02:15:52 UTC

he's always done that

2019-02-05 02:16:08 UTC

The IQ Bell Curve goes both ways buddy

2019-02-05 02:16:24 UTC

@NateDahl76 cantwell did it

2019-02-05 02:16:32 UTC

Him and Paul Nehlen

2019-02-05 02:16:50 UTC


2019-02-05 02:16:55 UTC

@here is the kiwi farms thread on the history of Chris Cantwell. Spoiler alert: He has always been an autistic sperg https://kiwifarms.net/threads/christopher-charles-chris-cantwell-freedomfighter361-fufeelinz.19318/

2019-02-05 02:17:32 UTC

He's literally worse than doing nothing. He proactively destroys EVERYTHING he touches

2019-02-05 02:17:41 UTC

Lord have mercy.


2019-02-05 02:17:59 UTC

So what they get a lake

2019-02-05 02:18:09 UTC

@Hakujin - CA and know where all of those thirsty Indians are going?

2019-02-05 02:18:22 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Probably China.

2019-02-05 02:18:23 UTC

You guessed it: America! (and Europe)

2019-02-05 02:18:31 UTC

@Hakujin - CA lol yeah right

2019-02-05 02:18:36 UTC


2019-02-05 02:18:56 UTC

Getting Chinese food fellas

2019-02-05 02:19:00 UTC

Y’all want anything?

2019-02-05 02:19:04 UTC

Oh dear.

2019-02-05 02:19:19 UTC

I'll have some Chow Mein.

2019-02-05 02:19:28 UTC

Duck is god tier.
If it is take out I like Mongolian beef

2019-02-05 02:19:40 UTC

Ok , ok

2019-02-05 02:19:43 UTC

And to drink?

2019-02-05 02:19:51 UTC

They're going to fly all those Indians into Europe and America?

2019-02-05 02:19:56 UTC

We got Coca Cola, Pepsi, and Mountain Dew

2019-02-05 02:19:59 UTC

I'll just have some cat nuggets

2019-02-05 02:20:15 UTC

@Nemets Lol. Whut?

2019-02-05 02:20:26 UTC

@Hakujin - CA As many as they can. They import similarly remote Somalia on an industrial scale.

2019-02-05 02:21:53 UTC

Afghans always manage to reach Europe by land. Watch the Indians do the same thing.

2019-02-05 02:22:08 UTC


2019-02-05 02:22:12 UTC

You guys rn

2019-02-05 02:22:27 UTC

Keep your tin foil hats on it’s cold 🥶

2019-02-05 02:22:42 UTC

Can you really Camp of Saints if the place is already 45% African /Muslim by that point?

2019-02-05 02:22:56 UTC

Europe is going to be fine

2019-02-05 02:23:20 UTC

Their demographics are the same as ours in 1980s

2019-02-05 02:23:29 UTC

They’re already mass protesting

2019-02-05 02:23:35 UTC

And have some based leaders

2019-02-05 02:23:38 UTC

@Nemets Then sell it now and have a place five times larger in a good state. <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

2019-02-05 02:23:47 UTC

So stahp with the blackpilling

2019-02-05 02:24:04 UTC

Because everything’s gonna be a-ok

2019-02-05 02:24:07 UTC

our demographics were horrible int he 1980s

2019-02-05 02:24:31 UTC

@Nemets and LA still survives. How?

2019-02-05 02:24:34 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY we were talking about 2100. Referencing perms-drought in India

2019-02-05 02:25:07 UTC

2100 we will have learned our lesson already and the world will be ok

2019-02-05 02:25:16 UTC

Well the European world

2019-02-05 02:25:24 UTC

Idc what happens to everybody else

2019-02-05 02:25:28 UTC

To be fair, your average African American that accomplishes little in life but having too many kids on welfare and being a mediocre cashier is not nearly as bad as a Somali who just got tortured by Arabs and lands on the shores of Italy on a crowded ship.

2019-02-05 02:27:54 UTC

The average black woman in America has less than two children. The Somalis reproduce at the same rate as Somalia.

2019-02-05 02:28:10 UTC


2019-02-05 02:28:18 UTC

oh God, I tried explaining to my friend that Europe is in a better situation than the US

2019-02-05 02:28:32 UTC

>" The O.Sea"

2019-02-05 02:28:43 UTC

Also we aren’t comparable to South Africa either

2019-02-05 02:28:48 UTC


2019-02-05 02:28:50 UTC


2019-02-05 02:28:53 UTC

South Africa was never 90%+ white

2019-02-05 02:28:54 UTC


2019-02-05 02:29:01 UTC

It’s apples and oranges

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