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2018-09-14 21:40:53 UTC

there'd be a big market for anyone who could bring Casapound designs to the rest of the huwite world

2018-09-14 21:46:07 UTC

Nah, were Americans and need our own brands/companies

2018-09-14 21:48:51 UTC

>not using Casapound designs to make money off normies
gotta think big

2018-09-14 21:48:58 UTC

Think she's a keeper


2018-09-14 21:49:26 UTC

I've been busy redpilling people on the Pit question. it's an easy pill to swallow

2018-09-14 21:50:20 UTC

And such an easy metaphor for race once they've swallowed the pit pill.

2018-09-14 21:50:45 UTC

Sorry. The pibble pill

2018-09-14 22:01:53 UTC

"But Pit-bulls used to be called the, "nursing dog" though!"

2018-09-14 22:02:05 UTC


2018-09-14 22:02:23 UTC

I made this 😎

2018-09-14 22:02:31 UTC

It’s the best troll ever

2018-09-14 22:02:40 UTC

Based and red-pilled πŸ‘Œ

2018-09-14 22:03:48 UTC

And this


2018-09-14 22:05:02 UTC


2018-09-14 22:05:12 UTC


2018-09-14 22:07:22 UTC

@Salo Saloson I agree! They have a whole brand going on.

2018-09-14 22:08:10 UTC

It seems commercial, but let’s face it: only 20% of people actually think for themselves. The rest just follow shiny objects.

2018-09-14 22:08:38 UTC

I’m referring to Casa Pound.

2018-09-14 22:15:33 UTC

I wish there were redpilled clothing brands that made like button downs or flannels with no logos

2018-09-14 22:16:16 UTC

I really like some of the brands linked here but most of them are graphic tees

2018-09-14 22:16:26 UTC

As soon as we stop fan boying the Europeans we can make that happen

2018-09-14 22:16:50 UTC

@Deleted User This is a great way to counter the anti-white bullshit. If they try to take away our heroes, then we'll give them a taste of their own medicine.

2018-09-14 22:16:56 UTC

@Valaska explain?

2018-09-14 22:17:09 UTC

In regards to brands

2018-09-14 22:17:34 UTC

Instead of trying to bring the casapound brand here we should be starting our own

2018-09-14 22:18:11 UTC

@Valaska Indeed. We should start doing that. Let's get SIPP up first. I need my pure huwhite zero calorie soft drink. ;)

2018-09-14 22:28:43 UTC

Is a zero calorie energy drink really possible without putting all sorts of bad stuff in it?

2018-09-14 22:35:09 UTC

@Deleted User These need to be the new IE college posters. πŸ˜‚

2018-09-14 22:36:07 UTC

The "energy" components are just caffeine and B vitamins. Where they get you are the artificial sweeteners and preservatives.

2018-09-14 22:38:11 UTC

Isn't this literally segregation?

2018-09-14 22:38:27 UTC

not on a wide scale...

2018-09-14 22:38:55 UTC


2018-09-14 22:39:05 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD It begins...

2018-09-14 22:39:27 UTC

Start small, think big. Hopefully this gets implemented on a wider scale to keep POCs safe from white supremacy.

2018-09-14 22:42:09 UTC

@Roland I read POC's as Pocks.

2018-09-14 22:43:37 UTC


2018-09-14 22:43:40 UTC

Like pockmark.

2018-09-14 22:44:20 UTC

or chicken pox

2018-09-14 22:44:42 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD That's a better one. ;)

2018-09-14 22:44:45 UTC


2018-09-14 22:44:51 UTC

I like it.

2018-09-14 22:45:43 UTC

Looks like UMBC has found a cure for pox. πŸ˜‚

2018-09-14 22:46:01 UTC
2018-09-14 22:58:24 UTC

I want my safe space πŸ˜„

2018-09-14 22:58:39 UTC

they will never allow it, we are too valuable.

2018-09-14 22:59:11 UTC

i love how they get away with it by labeling it a "social justice" issue though. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

2018-09-14 22:59:20 UTC


2018-09-14 23:07:56 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Look at how the non-white students view it though. It's really wierd how clingy they are to whites despite how much (((they))) claim to hate us.

2018-09-14 23:09:07 UTC

I thought that these students were in favour of (((diversity))) though. lol

2018-09-14 23:09:08 UTC

non whites: "racists! we aren't safe around you."
whites "ok, we'll live somewhere else"
non-whites: "you bigots!"

2018-09-14 23:09:13 UTC

its all so tiresome.

2018-09-14 23:09:20 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD That's exactly how things are.

2018-09-14 23:12:15 UTC

I feel extra huwhite listening to classical all day today.

2018-09-14 23:46:27 UTC

Cheers to friday my brothers

2018-09-14 23:47:46 UTC

Shout outs to all my Dixie peeps. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qEQsEzJ223A

2018-09-15 00:00:38 UTC

@wayne peek are your ties that short and your pants that pleated?

2018-09-15 00:01:20 UTC

Only on Saturday nights.

2018-09-15 00:03:36 UTC


2018-09-15 00:06:32 UTC

I’m thankful that minority groups are giving us our own space in our country. Gee wiz. ☝🏻

2018-09-15 00:18:31 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD "-Update: After publication of this article, University of Maryland-College Park changed the name of the group to "Anti-Racism and Ally Building Group," along with a shorter description, which reads, "Do you want to improve your ability to relate to and connect with people different from yourself? Do you want to become a better ally? Members will support and share feedback with each other as they learn more about themselves and how they can fit into a diverse world."-"

2018-09-15 00:18:54 UTC

So it's for white people, but only for white people to feel bad about themselves and learn to serve their new masters.

2018-09-15 00:19:48 UTC

Another white guilt group in a "diverse" area? Imagine my shock.

2018-09-15 00:20:38 UTC

I should show up at that group with some IE brochures and business cards. "Anyone in here not want to be a weak little beta? Come join us!" <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-15 00:20:51 UTC

Also, JF & Borzoi's talk on "The Godfather pt 1" is some comfy listening.


2018-09-15 00:21:37 UTC

Nah man, any white in that campus group is already antifa or at least cat-lady-neoliberal tier.

2018-09-15 00:49:18 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I've been wondering if the white guilt syllabus is just a cover so they can finally meet without PoC around.

2018-09-15 00:50:04 UTC

Most groups like that need a faculty advisor. That makes it, in my mind, less likely that it's some cover.

2018-09-15 00:50:05 UTC

It would be an interesting cover.

2018-09-15 00:51:03 UTC

Curious what you all think about us constantly using "their" terms? Are we conceding ground in the culture war by bending to their dictionary?

2018-09-15 00:51:55 UTC

People of color (instead of a term more in our wheelhouse like non-whites), woke, thots, etc.

2018-09-15 00:52:15 UTC

Even if we are using some of the words in jest, we are still using them...

2018-09-15 00:56:06 UTC

There is a point there. I hate "woke" except in irony, because it's just not proper grammar.

2018-09-15 00:56:38 UTC

Yeah, but even in irony, we are using their terms.

2018-09-15 00:56:50 UTC

Then they become "normalized".

2018-09-15 00:57:41 UTC

Kinda like how we have forced "anti-white" into the mouths of more normie tier whites now. 😎

2018-09-15 01:02:17 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD The "White Awake" safe space is too funny lol.

2018-09-15 01:20:18 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD You know, I've thought about that as well. Really hit me when our guys started using "POC" . We reject PC culture, but embrace civility. Is there some medium ground?

2018-09-15 01:21:17 UTC

I'm not sure what term would be "normie approved", because calling them "non-whites" wouldn't go over too well in mixed company.

2018-09-15 01:22:05 UTC

As a catch all term, the left kinda nailed it, honestly. I just hate using their terms and making them part of our normal lexicon.

2018-09-15 01:22:23 UTC

Not that whites don't have color, mind you... :-p

2018-09-15 01:22:42 UTC

We are the "people of the light". β˜€

2018-09-15 01:22:43 UTC

Whites have the most colors, technically speaking.

2018-09-15 01:22:58 UTC

Hair, Eyes, and Skin.

2018-09-15 01:23:11 UTC

yeah, blonde/redhead/brunette/black, blue/green/grey/brown, etc

2018-09-15 01:23:14 UTC


2018-09-15 01:23:52 UTC

I find it somewhat perplexing that "colored people" is considered taboo now, but rearrange the words to people of color and its acceptable.

2018-09-15 01:24:05 UTC

Yeah, I always found that strange.

2018-09-15 01:24:28 UTC

"colored people" = broke
"people of color" = woke

2018-09-15 01:26:34 UTC

"people of spectrum"

2018-09-15 01:26:39 UTC

There is an underlying linguistic mechanism. PC demands "people" comes first. "People with disabilities" vs "disabled people" is the most known example

2018-09-15 01:27:04 UTC

my favorite is "differently abled"

2018-09-15 01:27:51 UTC

they come up with some cringey terms and people just go with it.

2018-09-15 01:28:33 UTC

Well, it has a bit to do with POC "reclaiming" words. For instance, they've normalized and made it socially acceptable to use "the N word" by stating they've reclaimed it by merely removing "the hard R". Which is really just putting into written speech the sounds that come out of people's mouths due to accent and linguistics. It's the same word.

2018-09-15 01:28:39 UTC

following that mechanism, PoC are just "differently white", and gay people are "differently straight"

2018-09-15 01:29:15 UTC

But woe be the person who is not socially acceptable or politically correct to use such phrases or words.

2018-09-15 01:30:11 UTC

To all my IE borthers and sitsers in their late 20s and older, when the cool new memes are getting harder to understand...


2018-09-15 01:32:00 UTC

Hahaha! I still don't understand the huwhite monster memes. πŸ€”

2018-09-15 01:32:18 UTC


2018-09-15 01:35:27 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL The weirdest one is "queer" and "d*ke" (not sure if that's acceptable on the server). Used to be it was a potent word that would get you an atomic-level laugh or dentention (depending on the local teacher's predilections). Now they call themselves it?

2018-09-15 01:35:58 UTC

And the new weird thing is "Femme"? I guess it just means MtF trannies *and* (so-called) feminine women?

2018-09-15 01:36:25 UTC

@Sonic On the way out to mow his lawn, the 30 year-old boomer asks the 30 year-old Millenial sitting in his studio at the computer: "So, are ya winnin' your video game there?" The 30 year-old boomer sips his white monster energy zero as he thanks GOD that he's not like the 30 year-old millennial. "Actually," the millenial replies, "this isn't really the type of game that you *win*, per se."

2018-09-15 01:37:22 UTC

It's borderline, but I think it's okay to discuss in an intellectual sense. It's ugly language and I'm always both intrigued and disturbed at how people would use ugly speech as "terms of endearment"

2018-09-15 01:37:46 UTC

Ahh ok. Thanks

2018-09-15 01:39:11 UTC

In college I was forced to read a book by a self-described "d**e activist" this was in 2006 and boggled my mind then. I thought to myself "a Chicano author would never call themselves a [river related slur] activist!"

2018-09-15 01:40:18 UTC

On the language topic I wonder when they'll reclaim fa**ot as a term to be proud of.. Seems like it's the only derogatory lgbt term anymore. Will delete post if necessary.

2018-09-15 01:41:02 UTC

On TV, and unfortunately in person, I have seen sassy gay men say that, like blacks sometimes throw the N-word around with the vowel ending.

2018-09-15 01:41:41 UTC

Even milo (cringe) used it but I think ironically.

2018-09-15 01:52:09 UTC

Milo used it to get reactions, nothing more. He's a degenerate attention whore (literally I imagine).

2018-09-15 02:28:49 UTC

It’s funny how much the leftist glob embraces toxic words to describe themselves.

2018-09-15 02:29:49 UTC

When I was a nihilist with a bad attitude, I was also willing to embrace such awful terms. It shows that these people are in deep pain.

2018-09-15 02:30:33 UTC

I’m attempting to cultivate more compassion for our β€œunwoke” counterparts. They don’t make it easy.

2018-09-15 02:31:15 UTC

They elevate and embrace degeneracy and abhor anything wholesome or traditional. It all traces back to the Frankfurt school.

2018-09-15 02:33:52 UTC

@Sonic yes, in hindsight. When you grow up to apathetic parents in an apathetic society with no real future...

2018-09-15 02:34:17 UTC

We have millions of our brothers and sisters calling themselves white trash. Self deprecation is in vogue, even for those outside of polite society

2018-09-15 02:35:04 UTC

I had a very rough childhood, and all of my friends had the same. It’s easy to blame yourself for your misery when you don’t have any other outlets for the disgust you feel.

2018-09-15 02:36:38 UTC

In high school, I had an eminem phase that started originally just because I liked the way he'd say words like f** and I connected with the anger

2018-09-15 02:38:19 UTC

I feel like people in this movement are on average very intelligent but also quite prone to depression and social alienation

2018-09-15 02:38:47 UTC

@TMatthews I agree. We are passionate.

2018-09-15 02:39:07 UTC

Passion is seen as anger to those who aren’t also passionate!

2018-09-15 02:40:22 UTC

I grew up in DC to a very political family. You would often hear people passionately discussing politics in a restaurant. I’m used to it. I crave it!

2018-09-15 02:40:45 UTC

Depression, I dunno about that. We all control our mental state.

Social alienation, yes. Our views are well beyond "modern year" approved thought.

I'd imagine a high percentage of us are contrarians by nature.@TMatthews

2018-09-15 02:41:26 UTC

I also crave it, but we need to take breaks from being political all the time. It's harder for us because we can't, for example, go see a movie with friends or a date without seeing subliminal propaganda, but still worthwhile to refresh mentally

2018-09-15 02:41:50 UTC

@Tyler0317 to a certain degree, yes we do control our mental state. But it’s easy to get lost as a kid or teen when you have no community looking out for you.

2018-09-15 02:44:18 UTC

@TMatthews I connected with heavy metal to vent anger in high school (and now tbh).

2018-09-15 02:44:39 UTC

@TMatthews you’re right. It’s hard to escape the poz. I posted a pic above of the new ballet season at the university near me. It’s disgusting.

2018-09-15 02:45:01 UTC

Having been pro-white before the alt-right was a thing, it's a little easier for me to put setbacks in perspective and see how far we've come. Even so, when I couldn't do any physical activity due to surgery, I had a lot of pent up frustration

2018-09-15 02:45:02 UTC

Yeah, that poster is maddening and sickening.

2018-09-15 02:45:15 UTC

The other day I went to the antique mall near me. It was such a white pill! I recommend it!

2018-09-15 02:46:07 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I went to The Nutcracker last year and the lead girl was Asian!

2018-09-15 02:46:08 UTC

I went to the beach and played in storm waves this past weekend with some IE members and other heathens to refresh. It was awesome!

2018-09-15 02:46:19 UTC

That’s great!

2018-09-15 02:46:30 UTC

I’m landlocked

2018-09-15 02:46:43 UTC

I miss the water in DC

2018-09-15 02:46:58 UTC

we went to Delaware (Bethany Beach)

2018-09-15 02:47:29 UTC

Sounds amazing. Physical activity and being outdoors are good for the soul. Add in community building and it sounds even better

2018-09-15 02:47:34 UTC

The waves were legit size...like 6-7ft at times and the undertoe was a little disturbing.

2018-09-15 02:48:11 UTC

@TMatthews what’s Delaware like? I’ve never been.

2018-09-15 02:48:23 UTC

Yeah, it was awesome. We swam in the ocean, then went back to the house and played table tennis, fusbal and cards.

2018-09-15 02:48:45 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD dm me if you're doing more stuff in Delaware

2018-09-15 02:48:46 UTC

No sales tax!

2018-09-15 02:48:56 UTC

Will do.

2018-09-15 02:49:20 UTC

I understand the masculine, Indo-European need to challenge the storm, but nevertheless I feel obligated to dadpost that you should always wear your P.F.D. (Prevents F***ing Drowning)

2018-09-15 02:49:33 UTC


2018-09-15 02:49:41 UTC

I’m a crap swimmer

2018-09-15 02:49:51 UTC

@Deleted User Most of Delaware is rural (highest % farmland in the country) and the beaches are nice. Wilmington dominates politics though. It's a ghetto for the most part.

2018-09-15 02:49:54 UTC

Hey so random and off-topic but a while back I made what I believe is personally my greatest independent discovery of an artist in years; I've mentioned it to several people before but being the random plebs they are I doubt any took my recommendation to heart. Do you like bluegrass, country, folk, or simply wholesome/clean (to the point you'd let your toddlers listen to it!) music for the soul? Well look no further, because I found an indie maiden untainted by artificial (((Hollywood))) glamour or degeneracy.
I thought at least a few of y'all would really enjoy her work. I cant help but try and find at least one person that'll appreciate the music.

Presenting Mean Mary!

Something more upbeat
Darker, Somber narrative

Hope you enjoy, have a good weekend folks.

2018-09-15 02:50:01 UTC

we just flopped around like seals. πŸ˜ƒ

2018-09-15 02:50:19 UTC

Excuse the wall of text too 🀯

2018-09-15 02:50:23 UTC

@TMatthews that sounds like a mixed bag

2018-09-15 02:51:09 UTC

@Mikolas I just started listening to Bluegrass recently, I'll check this out.

2018-09-15 02:51:12 UTC

@Mikolas Bluegrass is my fav! thanks for the share

2018-09-15 02:51:20 UTC

@Mikolas that’s cool!

2018-09-15 02:52:23 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN We all knew we were being a little derp out in that storm water. We just stayed close to shore.

2018-09-15 02:52:26 UTC

I had some hippy dippy neighbors who would get together and play bluegrass on their porch. It was nice.

2018-09-15 02:52:41 UTC

> hippy dippy
> bluegrass

2018-09-15 02:52:49 UTC

I know

2018-09-15 02:53:03 UTC

Poop libs. What are ya gonna do

2018-09-15 02:53:39 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I only had one moment when the water pulled me in for a sec and was like "uh oh...", but the waves coming in pushed me back close enough to shore to get out of the water.

2018-09-15 02:54:03 UTC

Then I went right back in. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-15 02:54:03 UTC

If you're in actual sandy beach and with people it's probably all good.

2018-09-15 02:54:25 UTC

omg I just watched alex jones for the first time

2018-09-15 02:54:31 UTC

this is amazing

2018-09-15 02:54:32 UTC

Rocks and undertow are dangerous, cause your foot can get caught after you're pushed under. * baywatch theme plays in background *

2018-09-15 02:54:39 UTC

lol, he's entertaining at the very least

2018-09-15 02:54:42 UTC

In a rip current, swim sideways and you'll be fine

2018-09-15 02:54:51 UTC

Is anyone else old enough to remember the William Shatner hosted β€œRescue 911”?

2018-09-15 02:55:15 UTC

Every other show was about a rip tide

2018-09-15 02:55:21 UTC

I can't believe this has been under my nose the whole time

2018-09-15 02:55:22 UTC

That was the dramatic reenactments, yes? Not to be confused with "Reno 911"...

2018-09-15 02:55:44 UTC

Haha. Yes. Reenactments.

2018-09-15 02:55:54 UTC

But I also loved Reno 911

2018-09-15 02:56:16 UTC

@ThisIsChris you must watch

2018-09-15 02:56:45 UTC

i actually stopped watching Alex Jones a while ago. No real reason, just seemed a little nutty.

2018-09-15 02:57:39 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD haha yeah, an intersting this is I'm taking the news stories I read earlier this week and then hearing Alex Jone's spin on it. He's mostly right but takes some artistic license to make it more fluid for the punchlines

2018-09-15 02:57:56 UTC

Not much to say on AJ that hasn't already been said. Worth keeping in mind his kids are half-Levantine (knowhatimean), so that will always keep him from going full force.

2018-09-15 02:58:16 UTC

No matter how much he's deplatformed and how much he loses.

2018-09-15 02:58:39 UTC

But he's standing up to Big Tech and for that I appreciate him.

2018-09-15 02:58:46 UTC

like, actual lenvantine? or LEEEEVANNNTIIIIINE-INE-INE-INE

2018-09-15 02:58:56 UTC

The Echoy latter

2018-09-15 02:59:35 UTC

damn, must have had an enoch moment at some point

2018-09-15 02:59:56 UTC

Many have, even me.

2018-09-15 03:00:07 UTC

Not married to one, at least.

2018-09-15 03:00:10 UTC

They didn't censor him after any of his outlandish conspiracy theories. They did it after he started calling out issues like the Boer Genocide. Sure, AJ has baggage, but if he gets Boomers halfway there, good enough

2018-09-15 03:00:20 UTC

haha yeah but I wasn't married to one, yeah lol exactly

2018-09-15 03:00:52 UTC

@TMatthews Very true. Like Lauren Southern. Worthwhile work.

2018-09-15 03:01:15 UTC

I actually donated money to Lauren after the Farmlands doc.

2018-09-15 03:01:31 UTC

If that's what she's doing with her life instead of having cute little white babies, I'll support it.

2018-09-15 03:01:32 UTC

I think Lauren Southern is a lot more red pilled than she explicitly says

2018-09-15 03:01:36 UTC

Everyone in this movement has a place.

2018-09-15 03:01:45 UTC

Even if she's not 100% /ourgirl/

2018-09-15 03:01:53 UTC


2018-09-15 03:01:54 UTC

me too

2018-09-15 03:02:07 UTC

She’s like a libertarian white identitarian.

2018-09-15 03:02:14 UTC

Oh gwaaad!

2018-09-15 03:02:19 UTC


2018-09-15 03:02:45 UTC

oy vey. not a bad idea though, honestly.

2018-09-15 03:02:48 UTC

@Nemets I've often wondered how long you could literally just tell Jews you're Jewish and see how far that will take you. Worked for Salazar, she didn't even convert

2018-09-15 03:02:55 UTC

subvert the subversives. <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

2018-09-15 03:03:10 UTC

We should become Rabbis to convert Mestizos to Judaism en masse so they immigrate to Israel..

2018-09-15 03:03:18 UTC

She looks the part though

2018-09-15 03:03:26 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN , now that is a good idea

2018-09-15 03:03:51 UTC

Israel stopped Ethiopian Jews from coming at one point, didn't it?

2018-09-15 03:04:00 UTC

maybe they are "ashkenazi"?

2018-09-15 03:04:23 UTC

ask a who?

2018-09-15 03:04:31 UTC

or like boomers who think they are "Cherokee"...they think they are "jewish"

2018-09-15 03:05:06 UTC

According to some of those DNA tests, it seems everyone is 1% Ashkenazi

2018-09-15 03:05:07 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD The ole Elizabeth Warren manuver, or shamefully, every other Oklahoman.

2018-09-15 03:05:22 UTC

@TMatthews I think that's just the credit score

2018-09-15 03:05:47 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Yeah, i always thought i had a bit of injin in me cause my family is from OK, but according to both tests I've taken...not a drop.

2018-09-15 03:06:32 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Yes it is much more rare than the meme suggests. Even the "five civilized tribes" that were relocated here on "Trail of Tears" were considerably BLEACHED dot com by the time Jackson moved them.

2018-09-15 03:06:39 UTC

@TMatthews I'm surprised those DNA tests don't pull the "you wuz a kang" on anyone that is mostly European these days.

2018-09-15 03:07:05 UTC

Much animosity between the Cherokee/Choctaw/Creek,etc and the native-native plains indians (Kiowa, Comanche, Wichita, etc)

2018-09-15 03:07:40 UTC

isn't SC where Cherokee actually came from?

2018-09-15 03:07:45 UTC

or was it north?

2018-09-15 03:07:46 UTC

I think it's 2/3 to 3/4 have no nonwhite ancestry, but on average white Americans are 96.8% European

2018-09-15 03:07:51 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD @Deleted User @Tyler0317 πŸ‘ Again, Excuse that spergy outburst but my soul was touched to the core haha. Don't mind me anymore!

2018-09-15 03:08:04 UTC

You're good. πŸ˜ƒ

2018-09-15 03:08:13 UTC

We always like to learn of new, huwhite music.

2018-09-15 03:08:26 UTC

Cherokee were lower Appalachia originally

2018-09-15 03:08:29 UTC

I'm 99% European.

2018-09-15 03:08:45 UTC

The other <1% is debated by both tests...

2018-09-15 03:09:06 UTC

I'm 100%, so far as I know, and my sister has traced my ancestry back to Roman times on one side

2018-09-15 03:09:28 UTC

I know as far back as 1700 in Scotland from my dads side.

2018-09-15 03:09:30 UTC

Huh, so what info wars did is they have their own store with their own products. It's basically the fruition of the "Identitarian Soap" idea we always talk about.

2018-09-15 03:09:51 UTC

@Nemets I thought the Cherokee were brought over the Trail of Tears from the Carolinas to Oklahoma?

2018-09-15 03:10:39 UTC

@ThisIsChris Yeah, it's basically "Conspiracy Theory AmWay" <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-15 03:11:33 UTC

Yes, the vast majority of the "genocide" was completely accidental.

2018-09-15 03:12:03 UTC

you mean kinda like the zulu/bantu whatever in SA now (invaders from the north...not "native")? πŸ€”

2018-09-15 03:12:24 UTC

It's sort of like how the tribes we most often associate with the Great Plains were originally from the East. The Sioux were still in Minnesota when the US was founded

2018-09-15 03:12:32 UTC

Accidental or not...it was effective. πŸ˜•

2018-09-15 03:13:33 UTC

Amerindians got a counter-punch in, though. Syphilis is from North America, I believe.

2018-09-15 03:13:37 UTC

I use the "natives" as a perfect example of why we don't want to become a minority in our own lands...

2018-09-15 03:14:33 UTC

imagine my shock

2018-09-15 03:14:51 UTC

Surprisingly red-pilled exchange for a modern film

2018-09-15 03:15:58 UTC

Those guns don't look very..."native". I wonder where they got that kind of technology to fight back? πŸ€”

2018-09-15 03:16:27 UTC

Not to mention the horses

2018-09-15 03:16:34 UTC

oh yeah, those too.

2018-09-15 03:17:01 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Horse too.
If you keep a critical eye and resist the guilt narrative, the Smithsonian Indian Museum is interesting. Most Amerindian words for "horse" are some variation of "Dog." "Big dog," "Holy dog," "Mystery Dog" (my favorite)

2018-09-15 03:17:47 UTC

I resist the guilt narrative just fine. I had nothing to do with their situation. πŸ˜ƒ

2018-09-15 03:18:12 UTC

I was an anthropology major once upon a time. I still have to fight my previous programming.

2018-09-15 03:18:12 UTC

Even if I did...we took the land, just like humans have done for millenia.

2018-09-15 03:18:22 UTC

Sorry, not sorry.

2018-09-15 03:18:28 UTC

Here’s one to bookmark. The psychotic tendencies of those sweet noble savages: http://takimag.com/article/those_poor_helpless_indian_savages_jim_goad/#axzz5R8XpsEgB

2018-09-15 03:18:49 UTC

@Nemets TBH the food court is really good. If expensive (then again most food in DC is expensive). Not to boomer post about muh diverse food.

2018-09-15 03:19:03 UTC

Jared Taylor did a video on this, and it's probably safe to share with normal conservatives

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