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2018-09-14 13:16:56 UTC

Hell, dare I say, I might even vote for him over Trump...

2018-09-14 13:20:48 UTC

Scratch that. Definitely.

2018-09-14 13:21:19 UTC

Do you think the normies would vote for him as well? He's become sort of an icon among our circles, probably the rest of the right, too

2018-09-14 13:31:31 UTC

They would, if he eschewed explicitly Catholic rhetoric, kept the Christian rhetoric to a minimum, and embraced a more secular, Western chauvinist vocabulary.

2018-09-14 13:36:11 UTC

I was referring specifically to Pat Buchanan, who really was the origin of all of this ‘Alt Right’ stuff. He’d have shut down the Empire, immigration, and the idiotic trade policies we have now. Problem was, the damage wasn’t as readily apparent although it was clearly predictable. I saw it even as a teenager back then. But yes, Tucker could be his son practically at this point after a long evolution. When I’d watch Tucker in the 90s, he was more of a traditional Neocon.

2018-09-14 13:36:51 UTC

I’d totally be for a Tucker/Kobach ticket in 2020.

2018-09-14 13:44:07 UTC

yeah tucker got redpilled pretty hard at some point. He was CNN tier for a long time

2018-09-14 14:47:10 UTC

I'm kinda goin' through a bout of 90s nostalagia this morning (music, etc.), and as many of us have said in the past, there was something both great and sinister about that decade, because while it was infinitely more pleasant than today, if the elites were a bit more savvy, had managed to maintain discipline within the ranks of the Coalition of the Ascendant, and could have basically perpetuated the 90s status quo for a few more decades, we would've been truly effed...

2018-09-14 14:57:05 UTC

Tucker had a show in the 90s?

2018-09-14 14:57:19 UTC

Wow he must be older than he looks

2018-09-14 15:15:45 UTC

@Jacob Yes - he was a dorky kid pundit back in his 20s then when I was in college. He took over as one of the hosts of Crossfire, which Pat Buchanan had been a founder of. This was before FNC was a thing. Interestingly, when Jon Stewart was getting his political start, he sort of shut down Crossfire in an infamous appearance. I remember watching this when it happened. Wasn’t a huge fan of Tucker then. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=aFQFB5YpDZE

2018-09-14 15:51:09 UTC

So random question for millennials. I’m in a text chat on my iPhone with about 20 people. Since some have iPhone s and some android and god knows what, weird things happen; eg the group getting split up into multiple other chats. Will Signal or Telegram cute this if everyone downloads them?

2018-09-14 15:52:10 UTC

Yeah probably

2018-09-14 15:54:20 UTC

30 y.o. boomer here can't help ya. sorry.

2018-09-14 15:55:11 UTC

@Deleted User better off just making a groupme for everyone

2018-09-14 15:55:47 UTC

@Brunswick what’s groupme?

2018-09-14 15:57:19 UTC

its an app that is just a single text channel

2018-09-14 15:57:24 UTC

normie friendly but basic

2018-09-14 16:02:04 UTC

Thanks bruh!

2018-09-14 16:18:14 UTC

Hope you South Atlantic bros are safe in the hurricane. May the cable field reporters, however, be swallowed by Poseidon as sacrifices for the good of Dixie.

2018-09-14 16:29:46 UTC

@Deleted User telegram will cure it

2018-09-14 16:54:54 UTC
2018-09-14 16:55:08 UTC

This was posted an hour ago

2018-09-14 17:13:16 UTC

When I was a kid, despite the rife neoconservatism (and by extension, Russophobia), I always kind of had a soft spot for Tom Clancy books and (his early) games, if for no other reason than the fact that I drew mental associations between them and Harrison Ford, and the kind of archetypal (White) "leave my family alone" hero, complete with waving flags and sweeping, patriotic musical themes, and the fact that he was very technical, but I went on Twitter today, and there were TONS of people of, ahem, ambiguous heritage singing the praises of the Jack Ryan series with what's-his-face, who plays Jim in the U.S. version of The Office. I can't help but think that they must have massively dumbed it down, and pozzed the hell out of it, because the Tom Clancy whose stuff I knew in my childhood held exactly ZERO appeal for non-Whites...

2018-09-14 17:16:29 UTC

The 90s where a dream but I always felt deep down that something was off and that it was more than just Mexico’s invasion. It was a pleasant dream but I’m glad the delusion is over.

2018-09-14 17:16:44 UTC


2018-09-14 17:26:24 UTC

All the Carolina boys stay safe <:rebel:377174991046967296>

2018-09-14 17:26:55 UTC

Bill Marchant made a post about something really similar - about nostalgia and eventually music - bands that capture the essence of an era and many of the societal ills, but without diagnosing the cause or proposing a cure.

2018-09-14 17:27:07 UTC

A similar feeling anyhow - it's hard to articulate.

2018-09-14 17:27:33 UTC

Greetings fellow hashtag collectors have you tweeted at your local Groyper today?

2018-09-14 17:27:49 UTC

@Deleted User No, I know exactly what you mean. That very idea had occurred to me as well.

2018-09-14 17:34:05 UTC

@ChippedStones this an identitarian server bud. You should be studying why we fight instead of tweeting.

2018-09-14 17:36:34 UTC

@ChippedStones thank you for reminding me.

2018-09-14 17:37:01 UTC

@Deleted User what bands do you think capture the 90s essence?

2018-09-14 17:37:23 UTC

i'm going to go with cypress hill

2018-09-14 17:37:40 UTC

haha ok. not quite what I meant.

2018-09-14 17:37:44 UTC


2018-09-14 17:38:44 UTC

I'm talking more of a thumb on the pulse of societies social fabric, than say, "vibe-ing"

2018-09-14 17:39:18 UTC

so smashmouth?

2018-09-14 17:39:37 UTC

If I went with 90's vibe it would be "lowrider" and "mambo #5" on repeat for hours on end.

2018-09-14 17:39:54 UTC


2018-09-14 17:40:25 UTC

right, that's surface level though

2018-09-14 17:40:59 UTC

Fall is my time every year to rewatch all my favorite 90s shows and movies, starting with Twin Peaks ofc

2018-09-14 17:41:09 UTC

The zeitgeist of the time is probably best expressed years later by bands like Arcade Fire and The National (unironically)

2018-09-14 17:41:52 UTC

"The Suburbs" is one of the best records ever written in my opinion and is about growing up in the late 80's/early 90's...in the suburbs.

2018-09-14 17:42:56 UTC

@Deleted User Those are oughts bands, mmmbud 😎

2018-09-14 17:43:02 UTC


2018-09-14 17:43:32 UTC

i had better not be disappointed by searching this album out...

2018-09-14 17:43:49 UTC

@missliterallywho Ya know, I never watched Twin Peaks until rather recently, and man, did it take me back...

2018-09-14 17:43:50 UTC

hmm. its ghey so far.

2018-09-14 17:44:05 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Ima be real with you chief - you told me that you're an Evanescence fan. It's probably not for you.

2018-09-14 17:44:29 UTC

yeah, i'm not feeling this. 😕

2018-09-14 17:44:34 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Red Ice did a video on it and its occult symbolism. Fascinating, if you're into that sorta thing.

2018-09-14 17:45:43 UTC

@missliterallywho Huh. Yeah, I'll have to check it out. I'm not terribly familiar with Lynch's stuff. I tried to watch Lost Highway a few weeks back, but it was too dark for the place I was in at the time, lol. He definitely seems to be on his own wavelength, though.

2018-09-14 17:46:06 UTC

@Bjorn - MD Essentially the subject matter and general feeling reminds me alot of the previous decade's social climate, and in a way I think there was a conscious effort to purse this direction

2018-09-14 17:46:12 UTC

OK, back to classical music while I work.

2018-09-14 17:46:44 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD The best music to listen to tbh

2018-09-14 17:47:51 UTC

You had better be listening to patrician impressionists. None of that Baroque GUTTER TRASH.

2018-09-14 17:47:51 UTC

Nothin' to see here, YouTube viewers. Just a vaguely South Asian man with a "white" woman. It's perfectly normal. What are you, a bigot?

2018-09-14 17:48:40 UTC

i yearn for the days when i'd sit in the chair with my grandfather and listen to "moonlight serenade"

2018-09-14 17:48:54 UTC

"OMG, the brown man is so relatable, and happy...i should let my daughter date guys just like him!"

2018-09-14 17:48:54 UTC

now i just see kids grinding and flossing everywhere <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-14 17:49:43 UTC

@Deleted User Yeah, I hear ya. Bands and scenes don't rigidly conform to decades. The Pumpkins, for instance, were still vibing circa '97 all the way up until '02/'03.

2018-09-14 17:49:53 UTC

I don't go to enough clubs to know how them kids are dancing

2018-09-14 17:49:59 UTC

or any clubs really

2018-09-14 17:50:26 UTC

The music videos they played at the bowling alley last night were so cursed. I was worried for the white children there, being exposed to such filth.

2018-09-14 17:50:35 UTC

@Bjorn - MD SP are hit or miss for me, but when they're on, they're on.

2018-09-14 17:50:36 UTC

cram it Asatru say that to my face and not online

2018-09-14 17:50:38 UTC

see what happens

2018-09-14 17:50:51 UTC

Saw em live.

2018-09-14 17:50:57 UTC

oosh, u mad bro?

2018-09-14 17:51:02 UTC
2018-09-14 17:51:10 UTC

Oh, cool. Wish I could've back in the day.

2018-09-14 17:51:26 UTC

meet me in the chilis parking lot and see for yourself

2018-09-14 17:51:27 UTC

They kinda sucked haha

2018-09-14 17:51:46 UTC


2018-09-14 17:51:53 UTC

it was like 9 years ago maybe. Whenever that reunion tour was

2018-09-14 17:52:24 UTC

Yeah, they're not one of my favorites, but they do capture a lot of moments, just given the they served as background music for a significant number of my childhood years.

2018-09-14 17:52:28 UTC

well, im glad we have all sane, rational, non-violent members in IE. 😒

2018-09-14 17:53:01 UTC


2018-09-14 17:53:16 UTC

boomer emoji = beat down? 🐒

2018-09-14 17:53:26 UTC

boomer emoji = fight hype

2018-09-14 17:53:34 UTC

speaking of music, time to burn your Willie Nelson merch

2018-09-14 17:53:49 UTC

isn't he dead?

2018-09-14 17:53:56 UTC

not yet

2018-09-14 17:54:06 UTC

@missliterallywho I can only imagine (about the videos)...

2018-09-14 17:54:08 UTC

I thought the cigarettes and booze would have killed him by now

2018-09-14 17:54:20 UTC

Neil Young is the only guy from that era or before who can still sing halfway decent

2018-09-14 17:54:30 UTC

All of his peers sound like crap.

2018-09-14 17:54:40 UTC

I think my Spotify can see what you all are talking about:


2018-09-14 17:55:28 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I wouldn't be surprised in the least...

2018-09-14 17:55:48 UTC

Alexa, play "Rick Flair Drip" by Offset and Metro Boomin

2018-09-14 17:56:08 UTC

y'all need some culture


2018-09-14 17:56:46 UTC

People are joining Culture Club of Critique: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nXGPZaTKik

2018-09-14 17:57:39 UTC

To be fair Neil Young's vocal style has always been "to sing not very well but somehow pull it off"

2018-09-14 17:58:14 UTC

And I say that as a fan

2018-09-14 17:58:14 UTC

does anyone else find it odd how quiet the news cycle has been?

2018-09-14 17:59:03 UTC

going quiet just before the "Assad Chemical Attack" i would guess

2018-09-14 18:00:09 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD an anti-war IE march/banner drop would be appropriate

2018-09-14 18:00:49 UTC

"these natzees are calling for peace, and here's why that's racist" -vice

2018-09-14 18:02:05 UTC

@Goose "...and that's why we have to arm these unironic (kinda) Nazis in Ukraine." -also Vice

2018-09-14 18:05:09 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD I support this message.

2018-09-14 18:05:26 UTC

the left have gone from the party of "human rights" to advocating for war while being backed by international banks and corporate sponsors

2018-09-14 18:05:52 UTC

because they have no morals, only a lust for power

2018-09-14 18:06:21 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD tbh a "make american great, not war with syria" would probably go over pretty well

2018-09-14 18:07:20 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Their elites lust for power. The rank-and-file lust for social approval.

2018-09-14 18:09:23 UTC

"America First / No More Foreign Wars"

2018-09-14 18:09:59 UTC

"Gucci gang, Gucci gang"

"Spent 10 racks ona new chain"

Identity Evropa

2018-09-14 18:10:41 UTC

guys, these aren't honest banner proposals lol.

2018-09-14 18:10:57 UTC

@Deleted User too late, my printer is already warmed up

2018-09-14 18:11:13 UTC

we aren't planning an anti-syria protest before blumph even does anything.

2018-09-14 18:11:29 UTC

why not get ahead of it?

2018-09-14 18:11:35 UTC

probably wouldn't do any reactionary activism on a large scale surrounding it?

2018-09-14 18:11:44 UTC

"Jew Wars Big Ghey"

2018-09-14 18:11:46 UTC

you know his neocon advisors are itching for another conflict to fill their pockets

2018-09-14 18:12:03 UTC

protesting trump before he does anything is a whole new level of "woke"

2018-09-14 18:12:11 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD because I don't see much to gain by positioning ourselves as opposed to Trump.

2018-09-14 18:12:15 UTC

More relevant: An anti-hurricane banner

2018-09-14 18:12:49 UTC

the hurricane is Trumps fault, dontchaknow?

2018-09-14 18:13:06 UTC

We should amplify his good positions. The bad we can certainly condemn, but I don't see the point in doing so publicly.

2018-09-14 18:13:56 UTC

if we really want to get in the news, might i suggest a banner promoting relations between USA and Russia?

2018-09-14 18:14:20 UTC

"this just in, russia is funding white supreeemists in america!"

2018-09-14 18:14:32 UTC

Cashed my check last week.

2018-09-14 18:14:33 UTC

"Hurricane Florence Go Away
No soy in our bay

2018-09-14 18:14:39 UTC

Thanks Vlad!

2018-09-14 18:14:43 UTC

Я роняю запад... Ууу... Я роняю запад... Ааа...

2018-09-14 18:14:48 UTC

I drop (shoot) the West... Oooh... I drop (shoot) the West... Ahh...

2018-09-14 18:15:00 UTC

haha i've heard of this guy.

2018-09-14 18:15:44 UTC

@Deleted User Yeah, he's pretty much Russia's Lil Pump, but sooo may people hate him, lol.

2018-09-14 18:16:05 UTC

His dislike-to-like ratios are pretty brutal.

2018-09-14 18:16:46 UTC

Good tbh, rap & hip-hop should always be shamed

2018-09-14 18:17:44 UTC

>standing on burning American Flag
>English characters on his face (lol)
>A complete product of globo-american cultural imperialism.

😂 😂 😹 😂 😂

2018-09-14 18:18:13 UTC

@Deleted User Oh, yeah. It's irony lasagna. Layers and layers...

2018-09-14 18:19:48 UTC

When we gonna do a banner demanding disclosure of the solar ayys?

2018-09-14 18:21:33 UTC

heck yeah my dude

2018-09-14 18:25:49 UTC

Ohhhhh, my Gawwwwwddddddd... A PSA on YouTube. I ultimately support the initiative, but honestly, THIS was the idea that the people around the boardroom greenlighted?

2018-09-14 18:27:43 UTC

Man. They're makin' me "wow, just wow" extra hard today.

2018-09-14 18:31:14 UTC

In the immortal words of one pre-Murdoch-chan Murdoch Chan, "I just can't. I just can't. I can't even. I can't even, EVEN right now..."

2018-09-14 18:37:24 UTC

Here is a decent article on the effects of music on their surroundings. Rap, Hip-Hop, aggressive rock will force nearby plants to grow *away* from the source of music, or cause them to die very early.

Classical, blues, and other (White) soft music actually causes plants to become stronger, bigger, and healthier in turn, when compared to the aggressive tones on the opposite end of the musical spectrum. Now, I don't want to give any false information on the effects of aggressive music on living animals, but I can assume that there is some effect to be had... since the reverb and waves of music can be intrinsic to the wavelengths all around us, and ourselves. <:thinkplant:359034245777457173>

Edit: Scientific study on it here: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Anindita_Roy_Chowdhury/publication/291086163_Effect_of_Music_on_Plants_-_An_Overview/links/569df9c308ae00e5c98ff50c/Effect-of-Music-on-Plants-An-Overview.pdf

2018-09-14 18:38:32 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Yeah, I've heard reference to that at different times, and it's always made me curious...

2018-09-14 18:41:17 UTC

It's certainly interesting, the studies on music and their effects upon plants are pretty extensive, easily reproducible, and easy to access for most people, but I still wonder what effects there is to be had on living things that are not plants, since we're all just wave-lengths and what not

2018-09-14 18:42:16 UTC

Would be interesting to see...

2018-09-14 18:43:05 UTC

Its really awesome to see the dalai lama is based

2018-09-14 18:43:48 UTC

having a non-white figure of that caliber on our side can't be bad I would imagine.

2018-09-14 18:44:22 UTC

Currently getting hammered by WiFi signals, mobile data and radio waves. Taking a stance against "aggressive music" is the least of my concern

2018-09-14 18:44:22 UTC

It sends shockwaves

2018-09-14 18:50:03 UTC
2018-09-14 18:50:30 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo i thought metal was proven to make plants grow the best out of all genres?

2018-09-14 18:51:15 UTC

i almost exclusively listen to metal. 🤔 with the occasional country and classical.

2018-09-14 18:52:02 UTC

"Country" Vibes <:really:453005408064241674>


2018-09-14 18:52:25 UTC

@Goose Both Classical and Heavy metal are good for plants it seems 😉

2018-09-14 18:53:34 UTC


2018-09-14 18:54:02 UTC

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you the New Orleans Musem of Art

2018-09-14 18:54:04 UTC


2018-09-14 18:54:10 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Oh, dude. If you wanna just quit screwin' around, and shoot the black pill straight into vein, check out the latest, greatest thing in Afrikaans "folk" music:

2018-09-14 18:55:23 UTC

Look in the comments. It's nothing but "conservative" Afrikaners talking about how "great" he is, and how he's basically an honorary, and how "it's not really about race..."

2018-09-14 18:56:12 UTC

SA boomers. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-14 18:56:38 UTC


2018-09-14 18:56:50 UTC

i guess that one based black guy makes up for all the farm murders/tortures and land grabs currently going on?

2018-09-14 18:57:08 UTC

Big Country has been shilling that Kane Brown guy for a year now over the radio and no one likes his pop sound

2018-09-14 18:57:24 UTC

the PGT Beaureguard statue was in front of the museum
notice the banner in the background


2018-09-14 18:57:57 UTC

all black guys

2018-09-14 18:58:09 UTC

"changing course" (from white to black)

2018-09-14 18:58:16 UTC


2018-09-14 19:00:09 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD If, by the grace of (the) God(s), they actually do manage to form a volkstaat, and do vote to make him an honorary, who's the poor bastard whose daughter's bloodline is gonna get volunteered for the DEvo chamber?

2018-09-14 19:00:19 UTC


2018-09-14 19:00:25 UTC


2018-09-14 19:00:31 UTC

Based Mario Brothers.

2018-09-14 19:00:53 UTC

Anyone else thing Dennis Hopper as King Koopa was meant to be Trump? Based!

2018-09-14 19:01:41 UTC

Yeah, except Luigi's a GUINEA, not a frickin' RICAN! 😡

2018-09-14 19:02:14 UTC

There is a certain resemblance (between Dennis Hopper's Koopa and Trump)... <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2018-09-14 19:04:02 UTC

we really need a Trump emoji

2018-09-14 19:06:40 UTC

Oh, and just to preempt the First Chief Directorate of Intra-racial Conflict Mediation, here's my (one-quarter) Eye-talian card 👉 🇮🇹

2018-09-14 19:07:14 UTC

You're still 3/4 in trouble though...

2018-09-14 19:07:22 UTC


2018-09-14 19:09:26 UTC


2018-09-14 19:09:32 UTC
2018-09-14 19:10:12 UTC

The irony is, like so many other epithets, it's remained in currency, and even taken on something of a status of endearment among its intended targets, long after being abandoned the offenders...

2018-09-14 19:10:43 UTC

The only time I ever hear the word used anymore is when Italians are bashing each other.

2018-09-14 19:10:57 UTC

@Sam Anderson Bahahaha!

2018-09-14 19:12:06 UTC

The fake offer has been slammed by consumer rights officials as "a racial statement masquerading as a scam.”

Consumer rights officals? 🤔

2018-09-14 19:13:16 UTC

@Bjorn - MD We might as well just implement something akin to Battlefield 5's chat when anyone mentions a (white) ethnic slur and it just comes up as /******/. 🚔 <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-14 19:22:32 UTC

@fgtveassassin "Consumer rights officials, -als, -als, -als..."

2018-09-14 19:29:28 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Nah, I get why we have to do it. I did Irish and Med jokes ironically, because I'm partly both, but pledges have no way of knowing it's in good faith, and neither do we for that matter. Plus, it also creates the potential for a double standard, whereby you have to be of a particular ethnicity to use certain words, just like blacks and the n-word, and their book is the last from which should be taking a page...

2018-09-14 19:30:34 UTC

Mostly it's just not funny

2018-09-14 19:32:52 UTC

yknow what's hilarious though?

2018-09-14 19:33:00 UTC

anything OTHER than minion memes

2018-09-14 19:33:33 UTC

@DairyMaxx They can be (the first time), but more often than not, they're unoriginal and poorly executed.

2018-09-14 19:34:03 UTC

@Deleted User WHAT DID YOU DO?!

2018-09-14 19:34:44 UTC


2018-09-14 19:35:05 UTC


2018-09-14 19:37:17 UTC

Well, this chat has been a blackpill fest. Let me add to that:


2018-09-14 19:41:03 UTC

there's literaly star of David in that Pattern

2018-09-14 19:41:08 UTC

I take solace in the fact that he's prolly a -mo.

2018-09-14 19:41:41 UTC

The only women that like black guys are druggies with mental problems. Consider it a eugenics program. #WhitePill

2018-09-14 19:42:31 UTC

@Deleted User ...and yeah, I noticed that, too.

2018-09-14 19:43:08 UTC

@Wotan Reborn If only...

2018-09-14 19:43:41 UTC

i find the mixing situation odd when it comes to america vs europe

2018-09-14 19:44:00 UTC

Well, not to shill, but it's time fer Prep onna Bus:

2018-09-14 19:44:11 UTC

the mixers here always end up single moms, but in europe i haven't seen that (yet)

2018-09-14 19:52:17 UTC

Lift weights 🏋️‍♀️. Then go up to the black guy with the white girl and ask them when they’re getting married.

2018-09-14 19:57:39 UTC

no word on which angency, and no apology from said agency

2018-09-14 19:57:57 UTC

Talked about literally "forced diversity". <:really:453005408064241674>

2018-09-14 19:58:18 UTC

Dear God(s). A latter-day Boadicea just got on. I need to work out this weekend...

2018-09-14 20:01:03 UTC

>be literally blackwashed
>be asked "what's wrong with being black?"

2018-09-14 20:09:35 UTC

>listens to NAS's Illmatic once


2018-09-14 20:11:45 UTC

wait, are these students going to be accused of donning blackface?

2018-09-14 20:14:25 UTC

No, the school edited the photos to make their campus appear more diverse.

2018-09-14 20:16:39 UTC

@Deleted User to be fair, Illmatic *was* illmatic.

2018-09-14 20:17:09 UTC

It's a good album honestly.

2018-09-14 20:20:46 UTC

>Mfw open discord
>want to see what my baste Frens are up to
>See nothing but black-pills


2018-09-14 20:21:05 UTC

There was some campus a while back that edited in a black student that never attended there achool. They had to give an apology and gave him a free fide.

2018-09-14 20:21:07 UTC

> blackfaces white people to fake diversity
> chooses the kid with the fro to be one of the "black" people
People at that PR firm swear "they aren't racist". 🤔

2018-09-14 20:23:07 UTC

Revisionists never quit

2018-09-14 20:23:21 UTC

they won't quit until all our history is gone

2018-09-14 20:25:09 UTC

@Sean took them long enough (being in san fran and all)

2018-09-14 20:25:14 UTC

any plans for the base?

2018-09-14 20:26:37 UTC

"Early Days" will stay, and it'll be some black guy hugging a Native...

2018-09-14 20:26:44 UTC

>tfw ancestry DNA suddenly bumps up Irish and Northwestern Europe results by 20%


2018-09-14 20:26:52 UTC

as someone who takes the monument issue too seriously at times, i try not to despair and remember that in the end we will win and our monuments will be restored while new ones are erected

2018-09-14 20:27:35 UTC

are they destroying these monuments when they remove them though?

2018-09-14 20:27:50 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD some have been, but only a few

2018-09-14 20:27:52 UTC

or are they all sitting in storage, awaiting our return to greatness?

2018-09-14 20:27:59 UTC

the rest are put in "temporary" storage

2018-09-14 20:28:09 UTC

Best to envision positive future outcomes, too many black pills today

2018-09-14 20:40:40 UTC

I just learned that this conservative woman in my class whom I was going to be study buddies with has a mulato son ):

2018-09-14 20:41:11 UTC

But we have our own IE baby coming any day now to counter him!

2018-09-14 20:41:27 UTC

Regarding the last announcement from Will:

When stories get this big, sometimes the FBI will start poking around trying to figure out who came up with the idea and whether they meant it as a joke or as an actual fraud. Ian and I discussed this last week and I agree with him. We ought to warn our guys not to do it.

2018-09-14 20:46:34 UTC

Like any of us would buy Nikes now anyways...

2018-09-14 20:48:07 UTC

the arpaio protests are full of crying boomer women crying while mariachi music plays in the background

2018-09-14 20:49:51 UTC

Since we are on a black pill train today! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJa40hCz96Q

2018-09-14 20:53:21 UTC

idk why y'all are so blackpilled on a friday

2018-09-14 20:53:34 UTC

regardless, next week should be full of white pills

2018-09-14 21:13:58 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Did you see the blackfaced Mozart?

2018-09-14 21:14:18 UTC

We wuz composerz

2018-09-14 21:18:08 UTC

*walk in living room*
>cnn playing
>travel commercial for tel aviv pops up
*walks out*

2018-09-14 21:25:41 UTC

Just came home to a package from The Right Brand. High quality shirts!


2018-09-14 21:39:06 UTC

TRB has some awesome shirts! Phalanx Europa is another great brand

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