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2019-01-26 17:58:24 UTC

I mean I love a good beer.

2019-01-26 17:58:42 UTC

But getting off my ass is out of the question.

2019-01-26 17:59:12 UTC

You have to respect yourself better than getting wasted around strangers.

2019-01-26 17:59:52 UTC

@Logan thanks chief. 😂

2019-01-26 18:00:59 UTC

I’m gonna go read the rules so the admin doesn’t castrate me. Lol.

2019-01-26 18:04:31 UTC

Alcoholism is really destructive

2019-01-26 18:04:59 UTC

This coming from someone who loves a nice scotch or a heavy ipa haha it's not good fam

2019-01-26 18:06:58 UTC

IPAs are great.

2019-01-26 18:07:38 UTC

You know what did it for me? I do muay thai and when I would be partying my cardio was horrendous

2019-01-26 18:08:16 UTC

@The Lion IPAs have extra phytoestrogens. It's like liquid soy....

2019-01-26 18:08:29 UTC

Whew, okay

2019-01-26 18:08:33 UTC

Never mind.

2019-01-26 18:09:05 UTC

is that a meme or 100% true about ipa's?

2019-01-26 18:11:10 UTC

Beer is made from Hops and grain.

Hops are the female part of the plant. Hence phytoestrogens.

IPAs have 3x as many hops to create the tart flavor.

2019-01-26 18:11:28 UTC


2019-01-26 18:13:17 UTC

Well there ya go haha

2019-01-26 18:13:23 UTC

But IPAs are so darn delicious.

2019-01-26 18:13:37 UTC

I’ll take my health over taste.

2019-01-26 18:13:42 UTC

They sure are. But you know what's not? Soy titties

2019-01-26 18:14:20 UTC

I'm sure it's perfectly safe in moderation.

2019-01-26 18:16:02 UTC

Just off set your IPAs with lifting.

2019-01-26 18:16:32 UTC

Drinking cases of good people

2019-01-26 18:16:42 UTC

Heck yeah! F Rahm Emmanuel!

2019-01-26 18:16:44 UTC

this is why i prefer wine or whiskey, plus the lower carb thing

2019-01-26 18:17:29 UTC

I’m dying laughing rn

2019-01-26 18:17:33 UTC

I love a nice cab but something about wine gives me a head ache. Maybe it's an allergy thing I don't know

2019-01-26 18:18:08 UTC

Every time I take a sip of wine I have to chase it with a gallon of water

2019-01-26 18:18:21 UTC

It dries me out so much lol

2019-01-26 18:20:15 UTC

I'm not much of a wine drinker but I got a couple of nice bottles while I was in Australia.


2019-01-26 18:21:54 UTC

Now we have to do the fancy shmancy IE wine party haha

2019-01-26 18:24:33 UTC

Cool wine identarians

2019-01-26 18:25:09 UTC

Not to be confused with wine coolertarians

2019-01-26 18:26:20 UTC

Ayyyyy we got some more celeb Identitarians coming in. Thank you for your service.

2019-01-26 18:26:53 UTC


2019-01-26 18:29:15 UTC
2019-01-26 18:29:35 UTC

Check <#358430131447922688> my dude

2019-01-26 18:29:50 UTC

We are growing stronger.

2019-01-26 18:29:54 UTC

Oh you mean Lacey

2019-01-26 18:29:58 UTC

Oh lacey lynn, yeah

2019-01-26 18:31:48 UTC

IE demonstrating at Obama's top man's place. Very bold, bravo!

2019-01-26 18:35:08 UTC

Welcome @Lacey Lynn! It is wonderful to have you!

2019-01-26 18:36:30 UTC

Watched the latest AmRen and he brings up how the Soviets doctored photos, which I knew about before, but it brought it to my attention again, how exactly did they do that in the 40's and 50's?

2019-01-26 18:36:47 UTC

We actually have a few stealth members that Discord deplatformed over a year ago. Good to have more friends changing the public dialogue.

2019-01-26 18:36:57 UTC

So I hear...

2019-01-26 18:37:11 UTC

@fgtveassassin Airbrushing maybe was less detectable in grainy monochrome

2019-01-26 18:37:21 UTC

@fgtveassassin literal airbrush

2019-01-26 18:37:35 UTC


2019-01-26 18:37:43 UTC


2019-01-26 18:37:46 UTC


2019-01-26 18:38:20 UTC

Adjusting exposure, and blurring focus when copying to hide lines

2019-01-26 18:43:24 UTC

Are there any videos of how they altered photos 80+ years ago? Looking at some other things now and its crazy what they were able to with what are now very primitive tools

2019-01-26 18:45:39 UTC
2019-01-26 18:45:47 UTC

Daily reminder though that the Patterson-Gimlin film is real. 🌲 🌲 🐵

2019-01-26 18:51:49 UTC

Hey is there a way we can ever get “To Learn more go to www.identityevropa.com” on the bottom of our flyers

2019-01-26 18:52:38 UTC

And sorry if I’m misinformed but is there a way to change the wiki page of Identity Evropa for ourselves or is that something we do? Is it a protected wiki page?

2019-01-26 18:53:35 UTC

That’s an ongoing effort <#517910377133244416> @Myndrian

2019-01-26 18:57:13 UTC

You can change the wiki but not SPLC which also pops up when you look up IE

2019-01-26 18:59:20 UTC

@fgtveassassin no sure, I'll check.

2019-01-26 19:00:43 UTC

I was trying to look for some but all I found were photoshop tutorials or recreating old photos with airbrushing paint

2019-01-26 19:00:57 UTC

Was Patrick ever in the military?

2019-01-26 19:02:15 UTC

@ExternalPepsi he's the Commander In Chief of the Evropan Poster Corps

2019-01-26 19:03:20 UTC

Director Casey commands the Evropean spirit

2019-01-26 19:04:18 UTC

He will be inducted into Space Force as territorial governor of Europa (Jupiter's moon).

2019-01-26 19:04:26 UTC

then there are people like Kurt Schlichter on Twitter who made their name on their military pencil pushing and use the clout to tweet "your m0m" which is something he actually did this morning

2019-01-26 19:16:00 UTC

Is there ever a get together where go backpacking?

2019-01-26 19:16:11 UTC

I’d love to do something like that.

2019-01-26 19:17:30 UTC

I love the outdoors I think it’s great way to understand our heritage as well.

2019-01-26 19:18:11 UTC

Talk to your Coordinator.

2019-01-26 19:18:22 UTC

@The Lion it does happen

2019-01-26 19:18:49 UTC

God bless IE.

2019-01-26 19:19:07 UTC

Most national events have something like that.

2019-01-26 19:19:27 UTC

The last one I was on we hiked up the Rockies.

2019-01-26 19:21:37 UTC

This is a little late, but I implore some of you to do research on Scientology before you call it “benign”. There are FBI reports of infiltration of government and stolen documents. They run more like a radicalized mob, but they aren’t as dumb as one might believe..

2019-01-26 19:25:31 UTC

Yes Scientology is a very dangerous cult. It may or may not fit the mold of the usual suspects, but it is quite nefarious.

2019-01-26 19:25:55 UTC

People get caught in international waters slavery.

2019-01-26 19:26:08 UTC

Families get separated. Gulags are operated.

2019-01-26 19:28:03 UTC

Stay away and keep your families away from it. I ran into them in tornado response zones. They were trying to spread influence among desperate survivors

2019-01-26 19:28:49 UTC

Operation Snow White

2019-01-26 19:28:57 UTC


2019-01-26 19:29:07 UTC

Yeah...nvm, just read the title lol

2019-01-26 19:29:11 UTC

It's real.

2019-01-26 19:29:19 UTC

We could easily do the same.

2019-01-26 19:29:54 UTC

They have an annual income of over 200 million with tax exempt status to boot

2019-01-26 19:30:45 UTC

We need to get that tax exempt is what we need! Identitology..

2019-01-26 19:36:19 UTC

Dragon's Eye does look like a cross.

2019-01-26 19:36:34 UTC


2019-01-26 19:37:53 UTC

We could call it the Cross of St. Damigo

2019-01-26 19:38:40 UTC

What is the difference between a patron and a regular member?

2019-01-26 19:38:41 UTC

Then we can FINALLY replace the Boy Scouts with Dragon Scouts International

2019-01-26 19:39:07 UTC

Dragon Scouts sounds way cooler..

2019-01-26 19:39:36 UTC

Every kid would want to be a Dragon Scout

2019-01-26 19:41:24 UTC

@The Lion Access to special things at certain events, monthly update on the organization I think, few other benefits, DM @Argument of Perigee For more info, he's in charge of the patron program

2019-01-26 19:41:26 UTC

@The Lion Patrons have a private server where they have some influence in direction of the organization, the patron group is sort of like a single advisory member on the advisory council if I'm not mistaken (I may be mistaken). Discounted admission to events. &c. Seating with speakers at events and private hangout time with them.

2019-01-26 19:43:21 UTC

People who want to be more hands off but do more for the organization, especially if they can't Poster or are very dox sensitive, benefit from a greater level of financial involvement than dues.

2019-01-26 19:43:52 UTC

We are grateful for them.

2019-01-26 19:51:21 UTC

To be honest I want to do everything I can, is it only if I’m dox sensitive?

2019-01-26 20:00:11 UTC

You can be a patron and participate in activism or not. I participated in the event at Nashville and have gone flyering.

2019-01-26 20:00:17 UTC

Not at all! Anyone can become a patron

2019-01-26 20:01:44 UTC

If you can swing it, it's a good thing. It's an opportunity to support our organization a little bit more.

2019-01-26 20:01:55 UTC

@The Lion The minimum to be a patron is 50 a month iirc

2019-01-26 20:13:25 UTC

idgaf about my face in activism. No real social media that is not a constantly suspended sock. Shades and a Cracker Barrell hat will go far.

2019-01-26 20:13:40 UTC

Still mad about this Twitter purge tho.

2019-01-26 20:16:34 UTC

Cracker barrel is a good one.

2019-01-26 20:18:14 UTC

I've been encouraging folks to wear more white/American aligned stuff in photos. Ford, NRA things like that come to mind.

2019-01-26 20:18:31 UTC

Stuff a suburban dad could relate to.

2019-01-26 20:20:31 UTC

Any update on the Twitter appeal?

2019-01-26 20:21:41 UTC

@The Lion Please do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions about the Patron Program. It is our internal donor's program and there are some perks. Your Chapter Coordinator is also a Patron and can share his experience.

2019-01-26 20:27:20 UTC

Good Lord


2019-01-26 21:02:48 UTC

Salem, Oregon

2019-01-26 21:03:42 UTC

I hate zoning laws, I feel so bad that California invented them.

2019-01-26 21:04:21 UTC

Single family zoning helps keep neighborhoods segregated

2019-01-26 21:04:39 UTC


2019-01-26 21:05:46 UTC

The problem I have is that they don't enforce some zoning laws when their pets minorities violate them, and I can't build a skyscraper wherever I want.

2019-01-26 21:05:56 UTC

Texas is the holy land.

2019-01-26 21:12:59 UTC


2019-01-26 21:13:20 UTC

There are also some pretty insane gun laws being proposed in Oregon now

2019-01-26 21:20:51 UTC

Eastern OR & Eastern WA should campaign to join up and split from their wet coast overlords. Preferably in addition to Jefferson (norCal) statehood, but combined with it if that's what it takes.

2019-01-26 21:21:25 UTC

I remember being a conservative and trying to justify owning a gun to “keep tyranny at bay” when really I just wanted to be safe from black people.

2019-01-26 21:23:14 UTC

Isn't that the whole veil of libertarianism?

2019-01-26 21:23:23 UTC

Or used to be before it got ruined

2019-01-26 21:25:28 UTC

@Sam Anderson not mutually exclusive! 😉

2019-01-26 21:27:37 UTC

Do you guys still like murdoch murdoch? I still like that show

2019-01-26 21:38:55 UTC

May not be the venue to discuss it.

2019-01-26 21:39:03 UTC

Very edgy humor

2019-01-26 21:47:45 UTC


2019-01-26 21:47:49 UTC


2019-01-26 21:48:11 UTC

Broccoli is good for you. And that is all I'll say

2019-01-26 21:55:54 UTC


2019-01-26 21:56:31 UTC

I don’t know what to say lmao

2019-01-26 21:56:42 UTC

>plant psychology

2019-01-26 21:58:46 UTC

I was mostly referencing the above posted individual. I admit to being confused by the never ending contradictory nutrition info, even (especially) among and between groups that are against USDA establishment.

2019-01-26 22:01:24 UTC


2019-01-26 22:01:34 UTC


2019-01-26 22:01:56 UTC

I tried keto for two months, and while I did lose lots of weight, I was feeling like cancer of a digestive organ was imminent if I continued.

2019-01-26 22:02:29 UTC

@Campbell4732 did you get the shout out

2019-01-26 22:03:17 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN probably an electrolyte imbalance tbh

2019-01-26 22:04:14 UTC

Lots of people on keto don't get enough salt/magmesium/potassium, which slows digestion.

2019-01-26 22:04:20 UTC

I drank a bunch of Powerade Zero when I was on keto

2019-01-26 22:04:44 UTC

Snake Juice™ is a good fix for that

2019-01-26 22:04:55 UTC

@missliterallywho I was taking Zinc, Magnesium and a multi though

2019-01-26 22:05:01 UTC


2019-01-26 22:05:10 UTC

Too much fiber maybe

2019-01-26 22:05:36 UTC

if I didn't hydrate myself enough, I would get these horribly bad muscle cramps while working out

2019-01-26 22:05:41 UTC

Doubtful. I was under 15 carbs a day. Things were going far far too slowly

2019-01-26 22:06:07 UTC

Regardless it's not the macros' fault

2019-01-26 22:06:10 UTC

I will stop the convo as I am actual-shit posting

2019-01-26 22:06:21 UTC


2019-01-26 22:06:22 UTC

In the literal sense

2019-01-26 22:06:38 UTC

That sucks. I love broccoli

2019-01-26 22:07:24 UTC


good read. never give them your money unless you absolutely have to

2019-01-26 22:17:41 UTC

Guys, the girl scouts are selling girl scout cookies and I am literally shaking that they are assuming the cookie's gender

2019-01-26 22:18:07 UTC

They're in front of the grocery store with their hate filled cookies

2019-01-26 22:20:06 UTC

We should try to join the girl scouts. "I know I look like a 27 year old man, but I identify as an 8 year old girl bigot!"

2019-01-26 22:21:35 UTC

We could finance banner drops with thin mints.

2019-01-26 22:22:37 UTC

Boom. That's the plan

2019-01-26 22:26:25 UTC

The GSUSA is suing the BSA for the BSA for "stealing" their members. But girls wouldn't want to go to BS if the GS hadn't been selling off camp properties and de-emphasizing outdoor skills in favor of Clinton/Sandberg style corporate-matriarchal business paradigm (cookie cartel). And the BSA would not have let in girls unless the Mormons quit, who would not have quit if the BSA had not let in Gays, which the GSUSA did first and yelled at the BSA about for years!

Clown world negative feedback loop

2019-01-26 22:27:23 UTC

That made my brain hurt

2019-01-26 22:27:33 UTC

Oh and also the BSA is prepping a bankruptcy filing but they are hoping the girl enrollment that starts next month will make up for the lost Mormons.

2019-01-26 22:28:26 UTC

I wish we had the funding to put together something like the BSA was originally. Scouting programs are great foundations for young men.

2019-01-26 22:29:32 UTC

As IE members kids start growing up we should organize them together and do camping trips and stuff like that.

2019-01-26 22:29:34 UTC

Anything formal would be targeted. IE members with sons should just do informal camp outs and teach skills.

2019-01-26 22:30:16 UTC

My thoughts exactly.

2019-01-26 22:30:34 UTC

That's really interesting @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2019-01-26 22:30:51 UTC

Organizations are targets for bureaucrats

2019-01-26 22:30:57 UTC

Are you involved in scouting with your kids?

2019-01-26 22:31:01 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate we shall see in the next year if one truly goes broke once woke

2019-01-26 22:31:09 UTC

Disorganized traditional outings would be better

2019-01-26 22:31:29 UTC

I've been out for many years but did not know about that weird intertangled political maneuvering in scouting.

2019-01-26 22:31:35 UTC

not surprising, exactly...

2019-01-26 22:34:20 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate it is a long sordid tale. I don't have kids yet, but am well informed.

Another fact about BSA: the president is a rolling gig for oligarchs on sabbatical. Rex Tillerson, Robert Gates and several telecom and box store CEOs have had the gig in the last decade.

It is "GloboHomo" rolling downhill.

2019-01-26 22:34:55 UTC

I knew about Tillerson actually, but had forgotten.

2019-01-26 22:35:51 UTC

Yeah, massive institutions and bureaucracy attract these sorts of subversives and ladder climbers.

2019-01-26 22:37:20 UTC

The professional / paid structure of BSA is big but it is hard to imagine downsizing the field personel. District executives manage a one-to-five county area. Councils (half a state or whole state) have been consolidating recently.

2019-01-26 22:37:48 UTC

It seems a problem of priorities more than scale.

2019-01-26 22:40:31 UTC

I am waiting for the other shoe to drop when it comes to Order of the Arrow ceremonies- best described as LARPing as injuns. They haven't stopped that, mostly due to secrecy.

2019-01-26 22:45:32 UTC

Any industry becomes a racket eventually

2019-01-26 22:57:24 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY Thank you for posting that article. It was pretty good.

2019-01-26 23:07:11 UTC

Chicago thing looks fantastic. Really awesome, could be my favorite demo yet. Great work to all those involved!! @AltRightMick

2019-01-26 23:12:20 UTC

AfD falls to just 11% in most recent German poll.


2019-01-26 23:13:24 UTC

Germans are very tribal creatures. AfD is under surveillance IIRC.

2019-01-26 23:13:48 UTC

Heaven forbid a German transgresses the status quo.

2019-01-26 23:33:50 UTC

Is there going to be a video of the chicago action?

2019-01-26 23:36:33 UTC

Eventually. It takes a while to edit such things @nord

2019-01-26 23:36:57 UTC

So this Steven Crowder show is good again. I went from moving from them to TRS and now I think I am switching back.

2019-01-26 23:37:33 UTC

Crowder has lots of great material.

2019-01-26 23:38:28 UTC

Ant is pretty funny

2019-01-26 23:39:45 UTC

The change my mind segments show a style of poise and grace that we should use in any rational idenitarian discourse.

2019-01-26 23:42:19 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate I've been an o and a fan for years

2019-01-26 23:52:58 UTC

Do people really change their political ideology every week?

2019-01-26 23:53:04 UTC

How do these polls fluctuate so much?

2019-01-27 00:04:07 UTC

Crowder got rekt by yousef

2019-01-27 00:04:49 UTC

Oh yeah that video was great. I rally hope that one day I see Crowder on Campus with a "White Privilege is a myth change my mind"

2019-01-27 00:04:57 UTC

and drop its okay to be white rhetoric

2019-01-27 00:05:38 UTC

Lol keep on hoping.

2019-01-27 00:06:51 UTC

Guys, seriously, Dragon Scouts...

2019-01-27 00:08:08 UTC

Honestly... one could probably make a more masculine version of the boy scouts and see it do well

2019-01-27 00:08:33 UTC

Just gotta find the right area to start up in

2019-01-27 00:09:28 UTC

Only boys of good european stock though, of course. That would get some heads spinning.

2019-01-27 00:10:50 UTC

Or, it could be for the “inner city youth”. All proceeds would go to IE of course..

2019-01-27 00:12:19 UTC

"Europeans only" would cause outrage.. They'd call it a "hitler youth camp" Best to keep something like that under the radar. I do like the idea, just don't advertise it.

2019-01-27 00:14:12 UTC

@Sonic isn't the point to make this type of stuff go mainstream? I don't even disagree with you but that's the point of IE's mission isn't it? Shouldn't you want something like that?

2019-01-27 00:15:46 UTC

IE family camping trips would be solid. All around community building. After hanging with our people enough I know it would be one well run camp.

2019-01-27 00:16:30 UTC

Start of with just IE members kids and when everyone sees how awesome it is, they’ll want there kids to join.

2019-01-27 00:16:47 UTC

I wonder how receptive people would be to our message if it was introduced to them by well behaved white children going door to door selling stuff like cookies.

2019-01-27 00:16:55 UTC

@ExternalPepsi I agree with your point, but how long do you think it'd last before being shut down? Even the White Date sites are causing outrage even though there are tons of others for other ethnicities.

2019-01-27 00:18:06 UTC

Explicit stuff like that would be a liability.

2019-01-27 00:18:08 UTC

That's why I say keep it on the DL. Our networks only. MAGApedes included.

2019-01-27 00:18:15 UTC

@Sonic It'd only get shutdown if people pussied out. Explicit whiteness is the goal.

2019-01-27 00:19:04 UTC

We could read stories of our people around the fire at night, teach the history of Europe. Make the content to which no one else would want there kids in it so it wouldn’t have to be explicitly white only, but implicit in it’s culture.

2019-01-27 00:19:53 UTC

Currently they're going after Christian schools for not being inclusive enough to LGBT students... Private sector not even safe anymore.

2019-01-27 00:19:56 UTC

Plus we would be reaching them young about identitarianism and plant that seed about the rich past of their ancestors

2019-01-27 00:22:37 UTC

@Sonic defeatist mindset

2019-01-27 00:23:35 UTC

Again, I love the idea, but it'd need to be kept on the DL.. at least for awhile. Hopefully we can get to a point where it'd be socially acceptable. I think our ideas need to become acceptable first, then we can move forward with the youth outreach. Our ideas meaning basically it's ok to be white and advocate for our interests like every other ethnic group.

2019-01-27 00:24:16 UTC

pretty off topic, but I just watched this video. Found it fascinating.

2019-01-27 00:24:45 UTC

And I don't think we're too far off from our ideas being accepted by many.

2019-01-27 00:25:05 UTC

I think we’re going to reach critical mass in the people we can recruit very quickly. I expect a huge spike in the amount of new applicants to IE very soon, followed by a lull.

2019-01-27 00:26:26 UTC

You'll never be socially acceptable if you're scared of "them" going after you. You make it socially acceptable by doing it. And what does socially acceptable even mean? Like who do you want the acceptance of? Conservatives will come to you eventually regardless. Like you said, their institutions are under attack. And they're leaders are fucking them over (us too).

2019-01-27 00:28:59 UTC

@Ian that’s some very depressing insight into the Japanese. Those people used to be great warriors with a strong work ethic and moral backbone.

2019-01-27 00:30:22 UTC

@DaddyPaddy - FL wrong "Ian", but I still caught your comment. Yeah, it's a symptom of society. There will always be folks on the fringes, but unhealthy societies tend to have larger fringes.

2019-01-27 00:31:17 UTC

New guy Ian-CA is gonna wonder tf is up haha

2019-01-27 00:32:28 UTC

I attended a GOP planning seminar this morning. A boomer woman recognized me from my past involvement and struck up a conversation. She was black pilled about future generations.. I told her there are many gen z ers and older who are nationalists, including myself. She exclaimed so am I! She said we need to stay out of Syria and stop sending money to Israel and focus on the USA. Again she said, I'm a nationalist and I'd like to reach out to those younger generations and let them know we support them.

2019-01-27 00:33:36 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate whoops. Yes, it’s the fate of all consumeristic societies. It’s interesting to me that the Japanese used to have such a strong moral foundation of honor and hard work for family. I think it is this honor and moral code that has them literally working themselves to death in the modern world.

2019-01-27 00:34:07 UTC

@Sonic wow that's awesome dude

2019-01-27 00:34:19 UTC

Gave me her email address and asked me to keep her updated on these "nationalist boys" and asked if she could attend a meeting to voice her support. Winning. 👌

2019-01-27 00:34:57 UTC

@Sonic Get her to join, the more women the better

2019-01-27 00:36:56 UTC

She's late 50's early 60's.. I though about sending her some I.E. information, but still debating that. I hold a position in the party and would hate for it to take a James Allsup turn.

2019-01-27 00:37:27 UTC

@Sonic Good point and thinking

2019-01-27 01:06:11 UTC

@Sonic yeah I doubt that many people of that age demographic will change their minds.

2019-01-27 01:39:26 UTC

https://youtu.be/cqnYU2X-sTQ Hit-or-miss girl BTFO! She will never recover.

2019-01-27 01:45:48 UTC


2019-01-27 02:02:14 UTC

Just got to hear the best speech of 2019 leading our people forward! Chicago conference is fire.

2019-01-27 02:02:54 UTC

Very cool

2019-01-27 02:04:14 UTC

Will it be uploaded to YouTube?

2019-01-27 02:04:17 UTC

This says alot about our society


2019-01-27 02:10:14 UTC

You and @Matthias

2019-01-27 02:10:47 UTC

This album still SLAPS

2019-01-27 02:11:00 UTC

Guys, I’m kind of concerned that the thing that happened to the Proud Boys might happen to us. Are there any safety measures in place to ensure that this doesn’t happen?

2019-01-27 02:11:50 UTC

@DixieBoy76 - KY What happened to the proud boys?

2019-01-27 02:12:18 UTC

Didn’t they get sold out by the higher ups or something

2019-01-27 02:12:37 UTC

But that’s because they were violent

2019-01-27 02:12:44 UTC

IE isn’t and never will be violent

2019-01-27 02:12:56 UTC

Sounds like you answered your own question.

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