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2019-01-25 18:02:47 UTC


2019-01-25 18:02:55 UTC

Never ever ever works with the left

2019-01-25 18:03:26 UTC

I’m so sick of our reps retreating

2019-01-25 18:03:37 UTC

I’ve watched them retreat for 30 years

2019-01-25 18:03:57 UTC

Never ever do they move forward. The question is always how far back.

2019-01-25 18:04:05 UTC

Makes it easier when you acknowledge they never were “your” reps

2019-01-25 18:04:18 UTC

Makes me angrier

2019-01-25 18:04:24 UTC

Not easier

2019-01-25 18:04:24 UTC


2019-01-25 18:06:26 UTC

“The border security debate will continue while the resolution is in place, but the move is designed to take the stress off the system and assure that federal workers get paid. “

2019-01-25 18:06:30 UTC

Trump live now

2019-01-25 18:06:59 UTC

Piss earth 2046 "guys we are so close to wall funding you don't even know"

2019-01-25 18:08:58 UTC

Muh federal workers.

2019-01-25 18:09:32 UTC

Shed a tear for all the six figure salaried democrats that couldn’t manage to put together a six month rainy day fund

2019-01-25 18:11:03 UTC

oh no. those poor federal workers

2019-01-25 18:11:09 UTC

all those pensions and benefits and pay

2019-01-25 18:14:57 UTC


2019-01-25 18:15:44 UTC

they'll all get paid eventually anyway

2019-01-25 18:16:09 UTC

I still remember the 30-year Federal employee in Nebraska complaining that he had to pay his mortgage AND two car payments

2019-01-25 18:16:21 UTC

made me wonder if the guy had gone absolutely mental (he had)

2019-01-25 18:19:51 UTC

Did you goys see the Muslim congresswoman’s tweet

2019-01-25 18:20:00 UTC

Oh I meant guys but I like that better

2019-01-25 18:21:48 UTC


2019-01-25 18:22:53 UTC

The one from Ilhan Omar which was condemning the CC boys

2019-01-25 18:23:18 UTC

The fact that so many people are just gobbling up this narrative goes to show how enslaved our country is becoming

2019-01-25 18:25:13 UTC

@Nome Sayings I'll wait for official announcements but this does not bode well for the Trump presidency.

2019-01-25 18:25:26 UTC

Here's hoping he announces SoE at the same time.

2019-01-25 18:25:47 UTC

Red bar me on the journalist layoffs

2019-01-25 18:26:23 UTC


2019-01-25 18:27:23 UTC

Smells to me like journalists as of late have published a few total flops (red hat boy seems to be a great offender) so the media is panicking and reorganizing.

2019-01-25 18:27:31 UTC

I'd do the same if I just handed my enemies the win of the decade.

2019-01-25 18:27:55 UTC

You can only hemorrhage so much money

2019-01-25 18:28:08 UTC

Even backers like Soros will pull out

2019-01-25 18:28:27 UTC

Government has been shut down for a month and all of a sudden journalists are getting laid off.

2019-01-25 18:28:29 UTC

Really makes ya think.

2019-01-25 18:28:37 UTC

Big think

2019-01-25 18:29:07 UTC

Red list is another one

2019-01-25 18:29:20 UTC

Never heard these terms. I still use redpill.

2019-01-25 18:30:27 UTC

red robin*

2019-01-25 18:31:16 UTC

He capitulated

2019-01-25 18:31:22 UTC

No wall funds in shutdown deal

2019-01-25 18:31:39 UTC

Just saw the announcement

2019-01-25 18:32:26 UTC

Imagine my shock

2019-01-25 18:32:50 UTC

tbh i'll wait to hear the speech

2019-01-25 18:33:02 UTC

I’m not voting for the guy again without a wall. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice...

2019-01-25 18:33:20 UTC

^ bout half of America

2019-01-25 18:34:06 UTC

Im not sure what is about to happen here

2019-01-25 18:34:20 UTC

Im listening to MSM live and they sound very confused

2019-01-25 18:34:32 UTC

No one has any specifics

2019-01-25 18:34:43 UTC

>blackpills in 2019

2019-01-25 18:35:31 UTC

I know Drudge broke this but Im not seeing it on any other News outlets.

2019-01-25 18:36:13 UTC

No wall funding is fine if we get SoE at the same time.

2019-01-25 18:37:57 UTC

What’s SoE?

2019-01-25 18:38:16 UTC


2019-01-25 18:39:13 UTC

Is the last name Shapiro Jewish and, if so, always?

2019-01-25 18:41:49 UTC

That's what I thought I heard. Trump is reopening government but declaring a State of Emergency for wall funding.

2019-01-25 18:42:40 UTC

Welp, the Mississippi Center for Public Policy just brought on Illya Shapiro as a Fellow to advise them - they were supposed to be real conservative. Lol

2019-01-25 18:42:57 UTC

@NateDahl76 idk, TRS thing. I don't consume TRS media, but I copy the terms

2019-01-25 18:45:17 UTC

"Conservatism" in general has become a bankrupt, Jewish-infiltrated term.

2019-01-25 18:45:43 UTC

I mean at its core it's about right wing values divorced from ethnicity and nation. It's not surprising that it would fall from grace.

2019-01-25 18:46:08 UTC

The investment in conservatism is almost a divide et impera tactic.

2019-01-25 18:54:21 UTC

Not only drudge

2019-01-25 18:54:21 UTC


2019-01-25 18:55:03 UTC

What an "Art of the Deal"

2019-01-25 18:55:09 UTC


2019-01-25 18:56:19 UTC

The sycophants will say It’s only temporary, he’ll bargain hard for the wall next time

2019-01-25 18:57:10 UTC

Tucker 2020

2019-01-25 18:57:16 UTC

like Server Admin said, we don't need a deal if there's a SoE

2019-01-25 18:58:27 UTC

Yeah I am ready to pull the band-aid off. Carlson/Coulter.

2019-01-25 18:58:35 UTC

I believe it’s more important to primary Trump with a Tucker in 2020, and lose, than for trump to lose outright in 2020

2019-01-25 18:59:00 UTC

Tucker doesn't have the money to run

2019-01-25 18:59:01 UTC

Reform the Republican Party

2019-01-25 18:59:18 UTC

I don’t mean Tucker the man, but someone who can articulate those points

2019-01-25 19:00:30 UTC

A 2015/6 Trump to run against current Trump

2019-01-25 19:03:17 UTC

Do we have an official stance/position on gun control? If so, where can I find it?

2019-01-25 19:07:32 UTC

@giuseppe398 our only policy concerning firearms is that you not permitted to carry at meetups or while doing activism.

2019-01-25 19:09:20 UTC

God looking at PragerU comment sections is so cringe inducing

2019-01-25 19:09:29 UTC

“The left are the real racists!”

2019-01-25 19:10:11 UTC

Well, I mean, like gun control?

2019-01-25 19:10:50 UTC

We are an activist and fraternal org focused on the racial issues of white people in this country. Just was we don't *really have* foreign policy positions beyond being perhaps broadly anti-interventionalist, we don't have really have a position on firearms beyond being broadly pro 2nd ammendment.

2019-01-25 19:11:17 UTC

In other words, it's out of our scope

2019-01-25 19:11:35 UTC

the NRA is a single issue group, and that's why they're so "successful" or big

2019-01-25 19:16:14 UTC

Yeah, I follow Gun Owners of America.

2019-01-25 19:16:17 UTC

they're also good at scamming III%er types @Lawrence of Eurabia

2019-01-25 19:16:46 UTC

I don’t want anymore gun control

2019-01-25 19:16:51 UTC

the NRA is good at making money... not so good at getting results

2019-01-25 19:17:30 UTC

they're not good, but the idea of a single issue group stands

2019-01-25 19:17:42 UTC

It’s on

2019-01-25 19:17:42 UTC

Here we go

2019-01-25 19:17:55 UTC

No wall. Gov back open! Yay!

2019-01-25 19:18:11 UTC


2019-01-25 19:18:25 UTC

The scope of this conversation is completely fine,but let's keep rule 8 in mind as we proceed here...

2019-01-25 19:18:33 UTC

We did it!

2019-01-25 19:18:34 UTC


2019-01-25 19:18:43 UTC

wait, wait, wait
is Trump seriously saying there's no wall and the Gov is open again?

2019-01-25 19:19:08 UTC

Remind Rule 8 please

2019-01-25 19:19:53 UTC

@giuseppe398 can be found in <#405211244023382016>

2019-01-25 19:20:20 UTC

Money to the bureaucrats! Make America Stalled Again.

2019-01-25 19:21:22 UTC

Gotcha, @Papa Pizzagate . 👍🏻

2019-01-25 19:22:45 UTC

@wayne peek disappointing stuff

2019-01-25 19:23:02 UTC

I hate being right

2019-01-25 19:24:55 UTC

We still on the Trump train? Lmao

2019-01-25 19:25:13 UTC
2019-01-25 19:25:19 UTC

This is not a win for him

2019-01-25 19:25:23 UTC

Not sure I can be on a train that’s been derailed

2019-01-25 19:25:24 UTC

He looks very dumb

2019-01-25 19:25:30 UTC

I'm hearing reports of this... what the heck. Is this real?

2019-01-25 19:25:54 UTC

Yeah he's announcing it live now, government will open until Feb 15 no funding for wall

2019-01-25 19:25:59 UTC

Im.just off work, what a happeing?

2019-01-25 19:26:27 UTC

He will get no money on this deal. Even if he does it will be for Sista Nancy's electric dogs to sniff out contraBOND lol

2019-01-25 19:26:41 UTC

....no wall money & gov is back open?!

2019-01-25 19:26:49 UTC

What the heck. This isn't any 4D chess. This is 1D retardation

2019-01-25 19:26:50 UTC

Is this true?

2019-01-25 19:26:54 UTC

If there is an angle here im not seeing it

2019-01-25 19:27:12 UTC

Pure capitulation is what this is

2019-01-25 19:27:14 UTC

are we sure Trump wants to run in 2020?

2019-01-25 19:27:20 UTC

until feb 15th

2019-01-25 19:27:25 UTC

Some people are saying it's 4D because blame will be on Dems now when it shuts down again

2019-01-25 19:27:25 UTC

He’s scared he’s going to prison so he’s lost his guts

2019-01-25 19:27:29 UTC

But come on

2019-01-25 19:27:42 UTC

Idk how liberals think anything but they won trump caved

2019-01-25 19:27:45 UTC

well up until any bills go through to reopen, the gov't is still shutdown

2019-01-25 19:28:09 UTC

... incidentally, weren't two bills on reopening the gov't supposed to be in Congress right now?

2019-01-25 19:28:10 UTC

Well, that's all folks.

2019-01-25 19:28:49 UTC

It's just like Trump's 4D chess with the bump stock ban where he just goes against the second amendment to own the libs

2019-01-25 19:28:59 UTC

It's apparently funding for 2-3 weeks only? Why even do that

2019-01-25 19:29:24 UTC

Execute 84-805 now

2019-01-25 19:29:28 UTC

Takes 60 days

2019-01-25 19:29:56 UTC

I can't believe I'm gonna say this, but Cernovich was right about something

2019-01-25 19:30:01 UTC

@AidanGillen gotta give people their food stamps because you know they didn't save ahead of time

2019-01-25 19:30:05 UTC

What did Cernovich say

2019-01-25 19:30:11 UTC

that Trump was gonna do this

2019-01-25 19:30:14 UTC

I'm not even mad, just mildly dissapointed. Trump is pure, USDA prime trash.

2019-01-25 19:30:47 UTC

@Salo Saloson take the gorilla blue pill

2019-01-25 19:30:58 UTC

@StevePines -WA Would it be salvageable to say this is to fund the "people" then get back in a shutdown to fight again? I'm disappointed

2019-01-25 19:31:13 UTC

I'm actually going to put a limit on how many times he can cuck before I burn my MAGA hat. So far that's 12, I'm gonna wait till 15 & torch that thing.

2019-01-25 19:31:18 UTC

I did like the gorilla mindset book though tbh. Cerno was friendly in person

2019-01-25 19:31:54 UTC

I got rid of my flag when I had a mini sperg at Syria

2019-01-25 19:31:58 UTC

I met him briefly as well. He got to stories before the msm in a few big cases. I think the gorilla shit is cringe

2019-01-25 19:32:25 UTC

Well, Happy Birthday to Robert Burns! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

2019-01-25 19:33:21 UTC

Orange man bad guys

2019-01-25 19:33:22 UTC

Just keep trusting the plan, it's obviously working great

2019-01-25 19:34:23 UTC

I wish I knew what he was thinking. Because it doesn't make sense.

2019-01-25 19:35:12 UTC

He’s gonna make us love him again somehow like the Syria pull out (that got subverted)

2019-01-25 19:35:16 UTC

He’s such a tease

2019-01-25 19:37:17 UTC

Just another status quo politician with a little rhetoric to keep the gop-ites frothing.

2019-01-25 19:37:48 UTC

What do you people expect from a guy who marries his daughter off to a Jew.

2019-01-25 19:37:53 UTC

could we ever trust a guy with ties to people like Kushner

2019-01-25 19:38:03 UTC

beat me to it @ExternalPepsi

2019-01-25 19:38:07 UTC


2019-01-25 19:39:13 UTC

Too true.

2019-01-25 19:39:40 UTC


2019-01-25 19:39:49 UTC

Hot take incoming

2019-01-25 19:39:51 UTC

By opening government temporarily he:
1. Can deliver SOTU
2. Gets to pay federal crybabies

Then he just closes government again if dems don't give wall funding. Pelosi cards are all gone. He won this before it even started.

2019-01-25 19:40:14 UTC

There's a rumor going around that he's drafting that emergency proclamation for border security and setting aside $7 billion for the wall

2019-01-25 19:40:16 UTC

*presses X*

2019-01-25 19:40:26 UTC

Could explain why he is reopening the government

2019-01-25 19:40:44 UTC

he doesn't need to reopen the government to do that though

2019-01-25 19:41:19 UTC

Ha! Kushner running the show while Ivanka pleads to "stop the bad people".

2019-01-25 19:41:22 UTC

But he wouldn't need to keep it closed at that point

2019-01-25 19:41:24 UTC

He can demonstrate he’s done the compromising

2019-01-25 19:41:32 UTC

If he is going to secure funding for the wall that way

2019-01-25 19:41:35 UTC

They don’t respect that but that’s his thinking

2019-01-25 19:42:11 UTC

100% he has the most ((traitorous)) people talking in his ear

2019-01-25 19:42:32 UTC

This is your damn son in law. You tell him to eff off. Tell him to sit down and take care of his grandchildren

2019-01-25 19:42:36 UTC

is $56,500 a good salary in Central Pennsylvania?

2019-01-25 19:42:58 UTC

Really kinda ruins my day at face value, but I'll see how it plays out.

2019-01-25 19:43:02 UTC

Even if he does "build a wall" it's gonna be "steel slat physical barrier but o of in certain spots, we'll just repair the existing fencing" & 2 million DACA amenities which is enough to sway the vote for the next forever.

2019-01-25 19:43:43 UTC

@wayne peek I mean he could do all that in a day though, why 3 weeks?

2019-01-25 19:43:58 UTC

what happens when Texas and Florida go blue?

2019-01-25 19:44:41 UTC

Just a hot take. Personally I think he just caved and this is probably the only fight we will see moving forward about this. It will be hard for him to recover off this one.

2019-01-25 19:44:58 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia That's what's gonna happen. I'm curious to see where the 2 million (was only a million a bit ago) daca recipients will be located.

2019-01-25 19:44:59 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia Probably we'll being to look more like South Africa in the late 90s

2019-01-25 19:45:21 UTC

I mean here's the thing though, he shut the government down to get only $5B, is he going to have to shut it down 5 times just to fund the wall?

2019-01-25 19:45:34 UTC

And he didn't even get that when he shut it down

2019-01-25 19:45:36 UTC

White people are still able to get by in South Africa

2019-01-25 19:45:46 UTC

I can’t believe he would keep saying we need to people to come into this country. I was very disappointed that he would emphasize that but I am glad that he stressed all the negative that comes with Mexicans pouring into this country

2019-01-25 19:46:13 UTC

Idk why we’re negotiating over 5 bill when original estimates were for 25 billion

2019-01-25 19:46:29 UTC

@ThisIsChris when their kids aren't getting tortured or raped.

2019-01-25 19:46:29 UTC

Rich white people in gated communities are able to get by

2019-01-25 19:46:42 UTC

Trump's take is that he's making so many jobs we need to bring in a bunch of foreigners to take up those jobs, he's not a real nationalist he only cares about money

2019-01-25 19:46:57 UTC

I didn’t catch the whole thing so I might’ve missed a few things. But I wish he would’ve used the Democrats words when President Obama was in the White House and Schumer used to say that we absolutely needed some kind of a barrier on the Souther border!

2019-01-25 19:46:58 UTC

He's a "gdp is the only sign of a strong country" conservative

2019-01-25 19:47:01 UTC

I was on the train from the beginning & I only ever voted once in my life, for Trump. If this is the last of the "fight"...fool me on, shame on me....fool me twice.......

2019-01-25 19:47:02 UTC

Joining a gated community is a smart idea also in the US

2019-01-25 19:47:13 UTC

@StevePines -WA So he's a conservative?

2019-01-25 19:47:30 UTC

@AidanGillen Seattle is 😬
Thankfully I live on the opposite side of the state

2019-01-25 19:47:41 UTC

@ThisIsChris many "smart ideas" aren't feasible for most whites

2019-01-25 19:47:51 UTC

He's a Charlie Kirk conservative

2019-01-25 19:47:59 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia If florida and texas go blue we're going to be talking about which states to set up (rhetorically) defensive ethnostate

2019-01-25 19:48:03 UTC

If you can swing it, get to a walled in area

2019-01-25 19:48:23 UTC

@Jacob I just picked the two most expensive in each state. Results may vary lol

2019-01-25 19:48:37 UTC

Spokane is pretty cheap

2019-01-25 19:48:40 UTC

@VinceChaos Because it's only "in certain areas where there isn't natural barrier" rather than a " big beautiful concrete wall, precast reinforced slab" as he stated in several of his speeches during 2016.

2019-01-25 19:48:41 UTC

White people can also be the middle management class between Jewish corporate executives and the 3rd world immigrants being imported in.

2019-01-25 19:48:56 UTC

tbh I don't think I would ever live in a big city

2019-01-25 19:49:22 UTC

even if I make more money

2019-01-25 19:49:25 UTC

I don't care

2019-01-25 19:49:27 UTC

it's gross

2019-01-25 19:49:31 UTC

@Jacob I live in one and one plus is that it's a lot easier to find "gated communities" here

2019-01-25 19:49:52 UTC

I live in a building with security and I keep my doors unlocked

2019-01-25 19:49:55 UTC

Build the artistically designed steel slats just doesn’t have a ring too it

2019-01-25 19:49:55 UTC

Agreed, big cities are going to be go-to zones for whites in 20 yrs.

2019-01-25 19:50:01 UTC


2019-01-25 19:50:04 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus yeah we don’t need walls around communities generally if we take care of our border if that’s what you mean

2019-01-25 19:50:21 UTC

@ThisIsChris I guess it depends what your priorities are

2019-01-25 19:50:39 UTC

if we just didn't tolerate these people then they just wouldn't be here

2019-01-25 19:50:49 UTC

We have a ton of IE guys here too.

2019-01-25 19:51:09 UTC

More people in your city -> larger meetups for any special interest group including identitarians

2019-01-25 19:51:34 UTC

ya that's one benefit

2019-01-25 19:51:56 UTC

without cities there would be no special interest groups

2019-01-25 19:52:16 UTC

I think we have 3 IE events scheduled within 50 miles of the city this weekend, each with anticipated groups of 6+

2019-01-25 19:52:34 UTC

@VinceChaos No, I mean why he only wants 5B or wait 7B or wait 25B to build the wall? 5B sounds like "repair the fence". 7B sounds like "build the wall where there isn't naturql barriers but only a steel slats fence". 25B sounds like "a big beautiful concrete slab wall".

2019-01-25 19:52:55 UTC

we actually got 10 people out to the meetup in middle of nowhere Montana recently

2019-01-25 19:53:07 UTC

but that's not common

2019-01-25 19:53:12 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus das rite. We’re fighting for fences

2019-01-25 19:53:27 UTC

yeah I think the x-mas party had 30 people but that's not common either

2019-01-25 19:53:31 UTC

@Jacob i think you mean the center of the world

2019-01-25 19:53:45 UTC

To be clear tho I think any barrier will help but 25 billion 30 foot wall with things on top to dissuade is like Israel level wall

2019-01-25 19:53:49 UTC

@VinceChaos....are we part of clownworld?

2019-01-25 19:53:54 UTC

largest meetup I went to (I missed the X-mas party) was like 15, another one we had was 12

2019-01-25 19:54:02 UTC

We clowns now

2019-01-25 19:54:16 UTC

@Jacob Excellent, what'd you folks do?

2019-01-25 19:54:38 UTC

banner drops and hung out

2019-01-25 19:54:49 UTC

i skipped the second day and went skate skiing

2019-01-25 19:55:25 UTC

I've seen people with those ski skates. Snow-Skateboards.

2019-01-25 19:55:46 UTC

Nice, photos of the banner in activism photos?

2019-01-25 19:56:44 UTC

@VinceChaos We wuz Klowns....someone kick me in the sac, please.

2019-01-25 19:57:53 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia that is beautiful

2019-01-25 19:57:53 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia That very white architecture in the backdrop is *aesthetic*. Smoke & flags too....thats a good looking op my dudes.

2019-01-25 19:58:32 UTC

Man, if I wasn't a member this would be a very persuasive photo to see.

2019-01-25 19:59:23 UTC

imagine seeing that live

2019-01-25 19:59:28 UTC

driving past that

2019-01-25 20:00:04 UTC

imagine hiding in the car while that goes on as to not be seen. my little brother drove by that

2019-01-25 20:00:12 UTC

i hid

2019-01-25 20:00:24 UTC

Would've stopped & asked for a flagpole & tshirt.

2019-01-25 20:01:01 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia wait actually though?

2019-01-25 20:01:12 UTC

Was a good camera shot there

2019-01-25 20:01:27 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia You hid? My dude, should've brought little brother up to the group. Well, depending on how young he is etc.

2019-01-25 20:02:09 UTC

@Jacob yeah he drove by, he never mentioned it to me but I saw him go by. He's one of those Ben Shapiro types, but he gets closer everyday

2019-01-25 20:03:29 UTC

"We fund the wall" guy says Trump supports his project and it will intersect with govt plans for wall


2019-01-25 20:03:35 UTC

My combat vet buddy told me "If you can see them, they can see you".

2019-01-25 20:04:28 UTC

@apronandlace A rumor had been floating around about Trump meeting with the SW land barons concerning the wall.

2019-01-25 20:04:42 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia was this when you were in my car? I don't think he would have seen you in there

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