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2019-01-24 02:18:14 UTC

Runescape for instance, teach you everything you need to know about economics

2019-01-24 02:18:28 UTC


2019-01-24 02:18:30 UTC

Some meager term to compare IE members to usefull item which will alter hsitory of mankind. Product isnt always a bad term

2019-01-24 02:18:40 UTC

Bono recently said capitalism is amoral not immoral. Not entirely incorrect

2019-01-24 02:18:47 UTC

that was pretty great

2019-01-24 02:18:49 UTC

Based Bono

2019-01-24 02:19:01 UTC

@Attrition in the desert dear god dont get me started on it, that game was all about spamming chat in cities, more like goldscape (watched the cousin play a bit)

2019-01-24 02:19:23 UTC

@Mikolas selling addy kite 12k

2019-01-24 02:19:34 UTC


2019-01-24 02:19:36 UTC

free armor triming

2019-01-24 02:19:47 UTC

Selling gf

2019-01-24 02:20:05 UTC

@DairyMaxx imagine being BezozπŸ˜‚

2019-01-24 02:20:33 UTC

But if we have a monopoly, THAN HOW WILL THE MARKET IMPROVE?

2019-01-24 02:20:43 UTC

checkmate commie

2019-01-24 02:20:51 UTC

I miss Nathan

2019-01-24 02:21:04 UTC

@FACINEMA"You just pay it". Ocasio Cotrez, literally.

2019-01-24 02:21:09 UTC

🀠 rise up

2019-01-24 02:21:32 UTC

Now that I have you all here, has anyone had an issue with the discord desktop client?

2019-01-24 02:21:44 UTC


2019-01-24 02:21:51 UTC


2019-01-24 02:21:52 UTC

@VinceChaos Yes, it is sweatshop quality.

2019-01-24 02:21:57 UTC

Trying to fix it now, actually.

2019-01-24 02:22:02 UTC

Some javascript issue?

2019-01-24 02:22:04 UTC

Patrick Casey said I'm high-quality *swoon*

2019-01-24 02:22:04 UTC

On Linux.

2019-01-24 02:22:05 UTC

@celticflame any idea for what Ginger should wear for LOPF? Anyone else feel free to chime in as well. Obviously suit for guys, just not sure what level of fancy for gals

2019-01-24 02:22:09 UTC

Good bois who dindu nuffin

2019-01-24 02:22:31 UTC
2019-01-24 02:22:38 UTC

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Blaming Jews for job at gas station.

2019-01-24 02:22:49 UTC

Conservative office type dress,church @SuperTomPerry -RI

2019-01-24 02:22:50 UTC

Ah no I’m on windows @Gimlet

2019-01-24 02:22:55 UTC

@Attrition in the desert lol hillary clinton man suit

2019-01-24 02:23:08 UTC

I don't have a job at a gas station. Personally, I blame the Jews.

2019-01-24 02:23:08 UTC

Everybody needs to go their local powerlifting competition and hand out business cards to huuwhite competitors.

2019-01-24 02:23:12 UTC

Selling gas, sad!

2019-01-24 02:23:15 UTC

We'd have the Meds and Slavs have a "talk" with 'em 😎

2019-01-24 02:23:19 UTC

It takes years to get where we are. Anyone trying to compete with us would struggle to find people or have to accept low quality individuals

2019-01-24 02:23:28 UTC


2019-01-24 02:23:29 UTC

@hbutzer0511 only in federations that actually squat to depth

2019-01-24 02:23:33 UTC

@Bjorn - MD I live in daily fear of that

2019-01-24 02:23:40 UTC

Gotta roll out guys. See you all.

2019-01-24 02:23:41 UTC
2019-01-24 02:24:13 UTC

Elitist standards without elitist attitude

2019-01-24 02:24:16 UTC

@celticflame yep ok, shes got an idea now. Thank yo

2019-01-24 02:24:23 UTC


2019-01-24 02:24:35 UTC

Hey a high tide raises all boats

2019-01-24 02:24:37 UTC

Machiavelli......*feels good*

2019-01-24 02:24:38 UTC

Your welcome @SuperTomPerry -RI

2019-01-24 02:24:39 UTC
2019-01-24 02:24:44 UTC

I think that would qualify as a gay op

2019-01-24 02:24:49 UTC

i think we could get some proud boys tho

2019-01-24 02:24:59 UTC

@Finn McCool nice avatar lol

2019-01-24 02:25:04 UTC

who cares the alt lite already hates us

2019-01-24 02:25:05 UTC

Out compete thats how you Win

2019-01-24 02:25:07 UTC

@Matthias. I want the Super on my nametape

2019-01-24 02:25:09 UTC

Samsung Android gang

2019-01-24 02:25:36 UTC

Compete and Win !

2019-01-24 02:25:42 UTC
2019-01-24 02:26:11 UTC

Pleb Moto X here, erhm, gray manning to the max?

2019-01-24 02:26:17 UTC

@VinceChaos πŸ’―

2019-01-24 02:26:30 UTC

LG G5 ..android

2019-01-24 02:26:37 UTC

Patriot front

2019-01-24 02:26:41 UTC

VA is dead

2019-01-24 02:26:58 UTC

Yes we are

2019-01-24 02:27:09 UTC

Didn't VA become PF?

2019-01-24 02:27:13 UTC


2019-01-24 02:27:20 UTC

*Masks and Paramilitary stuff*

More like FEDfront, amiright?

2019-01-24 02:27:22 UTC

IE IS the premier Pro-Euro org in the US.

2019-01-24 02:27:48 UTC

I will not have my states abbreviation slandered

2019-01-24 02:27:50 UTC
2019-01-24 02:28:17 UTC

IE Frathouse!!?!?

2019-01-24 02:28:18 UTC

Make Patrick's house great again!

2019-01-24 02:28:18 UTC


2019-01-24 02:28:18 UTC

I like it

2019-01-24 02:28:19 UTC

I need a CNN level studio

2019-01-24 02:28:20 UTC

Dedicated Fortnite room

2019-01-24 02:28:37 UTC

Home based nationalism.

2019-01-24 02:28:39 UTC

Identitarian Squuuuad!

2019-01-24 02:28:59 UTC

Stupid infighting

2019-01-24 02:29:04 UTC


2019-01-24 02:29:05 UTC

I also need 1000 acres so I can hunt on it so I dont have to eat all the soyboy and corn syrup foods

2019-01-24 02:29:16 UTC

@John Bud - IL Hell yes, let's build an estate for the org.

2019-01-24 02:29:21 UTC

Nicker gang

2019-01-24 02:29:21 UTC

How to get that monopoly eh? I can tell ya from experience, Buy a HQ house on the boardwalk, and wait patiently, obviously

2019-01-24 02:29:37 UTC

IE offices in trump tower

2019-01-24 02:29:38 UTC

@VinceChaos knickers are effing huwyte!

2019-01-24 02:29:38 UTC

Your gonna bring down huge game and feed us right? Haha! @FACINEMA

2019-01-24 02:30:19 UTC

Whoa, easy with the forest cops. Game/Forest wardens DO NOT mess around.

2019-01-24 02:30:22 UTC

@Smitty83 kudos my man

2019-01-24 02:30:26 UTC

@celticflame I'd be more than happy to build a sort of ranch on my property and have it open to IE members exclusively on the basis that nobody gets drunk on my property

2019-01-24 02:30:48 UTC


2019-01-24 02:30:53 UTC

@FACINEMAthat would be so awesome hon!πŸ˜πŸ˜€

2019-01-24 02:31:12 UTC

@Smitty83 That 3rd position!

2019-01-24 02:31:28 UTC


2019-01-24 02:31:28 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI I was very suprised lol Never knew what a Fascist was. Its like a slir word

2019-01-24 02:31:42 UTC

@FACINEMA just don't call it a compound lol

2019-01-24 02:31:53 UTC

Yes, it's sales and marketing and PR

2019-01-24 02:32:01 UTC
2019-01-24 02:32:06 UTC

@wolfwood No, itll be called the "POUND-COMMIES"

2019-01-24 02:32:11 UTC

Graph nationalism

2019-01-24 02:32:14 UTC

I know a lot of people in this movement who are on the spectrum, so this bodes well for sales right?

2019-01-24 02:32:14 UTC

did sound cut out for anyone else?

2019-01-24 02:32:24 UTC

sales of train sets, perhaps

2019-01-24 02:32:25 UTC


2019-01-24 02:32:28 UTC


2019-01-24 02:32:35 UTC

@Smitty83 it's been so overused & misused that it's practically meaningless. Like "racist".

2019-01-24 02:32:39 UTC


2019-01-24 02:32:53 UTC

I've read the book a couple of times so I know where all the charts are lol

2019-01-24 02:33:25 UTC

Any leather workers here? I'll buy a wallet with a Dragons Eye logo.

2019-01-24 02:33:26 UTC

bib braib

2019-01-24 02:33:37 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus oh second!!

2019-01-24 02:34:04 UTC

Wish i did,not easy work leather

2019-01-24 02:34:06 UTC

Marketing is all things involving revenue in a company

2019-01-24 02:34:08 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI πŸ‘ Its like a whole new world. Our people first beautiful. Love IE

2019-01-24 02:34:09 UTC

Daytona 500

2019-01-24 02:34:09 UTC

Sales is a subset of that

2019-01-24 02:34:46 UTC

i'm a marketing pro DM me

2019-01-24 02:35:05 UTC

DM *him* lol

2019-01-24 02:35:11 UTC

Leave it to burgers to make things corporate, eh?

2019-01-24 02:35:14 UTC


2019-01-24 02:35:18 UTC


2019-01-24 02:35:22 UTC

Hell, I'll throw a couple Franklins in the mail for an HQ tomorrow. Use the mail people. Pencil/Paper records are safer than cyber storage. Mail is unstoppable.

2019-01-24 02:35:25 UTC

I need to get my butt back in gear and actually start selling my jewelry, haven't worked on anything in 6 months

2019-01-24 02:35:31 UTC

New merch????

2019-01-24 02:35:34 UTC


2019-01-24 02:35:45 UTC

@Valaska I was waiting for that..

2019-01-24 02:35:45 UTC

Defense wins championships.

2019-01-24 02:35:59 UTC

(((global financial network))) forbids it

2019-01-24 02:36:01 UTC

We could make so much money selling our triangles

2019-01-24 02:36:07 UTC

@ValaskaI will send you money in 6 hours. Take my money.

2019-01-24 02:36:07 UTC

Should we go to indian casions to make our money?

2019-01-24 02:36:10 UTC

@Smitty83 Not so much. They had windmill flags at their last March in Helsinki... <:nervous:359009898115104770>

2019-01-24 02:36:19 UTC

i've already talked to patrick just reminding him @NateDahl76

2019-01-24 02:36:20 UTC

*Globalists* know we would have a lot more resources if we had access to payment processors.

2019-01-24 02:36:36 UTC

Lol that's an idea @FACINEMA

2019-01-24 02:36:56 UTC

America has the best market laws in the world but the most cucked companies in the world

2019-01-24 02:37:03 UTC

Your spicy tonight mister! LolπŸ˜‚ @FACINEMA

2019-01-24 02:37:25 UTC

It's almost as if there is some shady group of people with interests in the global financial system. Probably nothing though.

2019-01-24 02:37:36 UTC

Going into finance to specifically work with funding institutions. Let's hope I can eventually change something.

2019-01-24 02:37:38 UTC

@Smitty83 yes sir!

2019-01-24 02:37:43 UTC

Gab had forever to prepare for zog and they did nothing, Gab is special needs

2019-01-24 02:37:44 UTC

@Bjorn - MD What is a windmill flag?

2019-01-24 02:37:45 UTC


2019-01-24 02:37:52 UTC

Covington Boys literally dindu nuffin.

2019-01-24 02:37:54 UTC
2019-01-24 02:38:01 UTC

Have people here heard of Robin Hood?

2019-01-24 02:38:07 UTC

A banking app?

2019-01-24 02:38:07 UTC

It's gonna get slimy in there

2019-01-24 02:38:07 UTC

Saturday is for (Covington) boys

2019-01-24 02:38:14 UTC

RobinHood is great

2019-01-24 02:38:18 UTC

oohhh booii here we go

2019-01-24 02:38:18 UTC


2019-01-24 02:38:31 UTC

@Johnny B. Populus maybe a donation to IE and I could mail it to you

2019-01-24 02:38:35 UTC

Smirk nationalism

2019-01-24 02:38:43 UTC


2019-01-24 02:38:47 UTC

If a guy was drumming in my face i would laugh too

2019-01-24 02:38:50 UTC

This guy walks up to him banging a drum and wailing, Sandmann is like... wat? 😏

2019-01-24 02:38:57 UTC

Even our smirks change the world...

2019-01-24 02:39:03 UTC

Win for the real right

2019-01-24 02:39:08 UTC

I've been using the smirk all day

2019-01-24 02:39:11 UTC


2019-01-24 02:39:16 UTC

You know who didn't condemn? TUCKER

2019-01-24 02:39:18 UTC

And he didn't cuck! No apology!

2019-01-24 02:39:21 UTC

Nick Sandmann > Chief Methmouth

2019-01-24 02:39:23 UTC

Yes sadly,feel bad those families getting death threats

2019-01-24 02:39:42 UTC

Chief Stands Too Close is a fraud!

2019-01-24 02:39:55 UTC

Tucker barely uses Twitter lol

2019-01-24 02:39:57 UTC

I've always loved windmills, so romantic on the prairie's quintessential homesteading asset

2019-01-24 02:40:00 UTC

Imagine being 16-17, some black jews are yelling at you, harassing your black friend, and some guy bangs a drum in your face with a dozen cameras in your face, you're gonna just stand there

2019-01-24 02:40:05 UTC

Chief crying wolf

2019-01-24 02:40:06 UTC

young Sandmann is guilty/condemned by the libs for one thing: being a confident White male

2019-01-24 02:40:14 UTC

@Valaska Donation huh? Grand, I'll include it with some other cash It had earmarked for the Org.

2019-01-24 02:40:20 UTC

*plays Enter Sandman*

2019-01-24 02:40:23 UTC
2019-01-24 02:40:45 UTC


2019-01-24 02:40:53 UTC

this story really struck a chord with husband and I as those boys are just a few years older than ours

2019-01-24 02:41:12 UTC

@VolkmomI hear ya

2019-01-24 02:41:17 UTC

All these lefty girls talking about his smirk & how "devastating" it was seemed to like it tho....

2019-01-24 02:41:24 UTC
2019-01-24 02:41:29 UTC

I was waiting for it, lol.

2019-01-24 02:41:33 UTC

@Volkmom I have no clue how this wouldn't resonate with literally EVERY white mother/father...

2019-01-24 02:41:34 UTC

"Devastate with a smile"

2019-01-24 02:41:38 UTC

the fact that it doesnt is disguting.

2019-01-24 02:41:39 UTC

@Chris N. - CA maybe this new comer Robin Hood is free speech oriented

2019-01-24 02:41:44 UTC
2019-01-24 02:41:57 UTC

would Alcibiades care? no way

2019-01-24 02:42:00 UTC

Hello yeah borther

2019-01-24 02:42:25 UTC

With due process and non-violently in fortnite

2019-01-24 02:42:28 UTC

Aheh, look...

2019-01-24 02:42:31 UTC

@VinceChaos They're such a new player that I don't think they can afford to ban people for wrong-think.

2019-01-24 02:42:33 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD indeed, I hope so.. I think it will/has for many who are just the quiet majority...

2019-01-24 02:42:44 UTC

Gtg folks, have a good night all

2019-01-24 02:42:48 UTC

They need to stop being quiet.

2019-01-24 02:42:56 UTC


2019-01-24 02:43:00 UTC

@SuperTomPerry -RI buona notte

2019-01-24 02:43:10 UTC

Even with daughter getting out of college,i see my best friend's son in high school and think that could be him

2019-01-24 02:43:31 UTC

This event & many other will remove the hesitations of many whites who think secretly as we do.

2019-01-24 02:43:35 UTC

It's almost like elected officials with limited terms and responsibilities have a vested incentive to loot the public coffers for the time they are in office. 😏 πŸ‘‘

2019-01-24 02:44:10 UTC

It was sickening

2019-01-24 02:44:14 UTC

@Volkmom @celticflame This is how I feel about the "silent majority":


2019-01-24 02:44:25 UTC

Men Among the Ghetto, it really do be like dat sumtiem

2019-01-24 02:44:27 UTC

*sits in rocking chair, whistling waiting for lefties*

2019-01-24 02:44:29 UTC

Grug no like drum banging tribe

2019-01-24 02:44:33 UTC

That’s amazing

2019-01-24 02:44:35 UTC

Is that a real IE flyer?

2019-01-24 02:44:48 UTC

Any Whites who have spent time living in a neighborhood or attending a school with a non-white majority know the strife that Whites endure. I can attest to it myself @celticflame

2019-01-24 02:45:01 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD that should be a real flyer

2019-01-24 02:45:07 UTC
2019-01-24 02:45:13 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MDYes I know what you mean,there's so many of our unspoken voices that affects them,so many of us all over

2019-01-24 02:45:13 UTC

@apronandlace Not right now. But it's print ready. <:teehee:381917632359563264>

2019-01-24 02:45:24 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Hmm the white background is a bit too stark IMO? have you tried the 'statue' gray that we've used in past flyers?

2019-01-24 02:45:26 UTC

I feel somewhat akin to Nick Sandmann. Went to a high school that was around 20% white. Had to read Maus for English class. Some kid saw it had a swastika on it, and I was almost beaten up by 5 kids later that day after-school. The alarmism nowadays is insane.

2019-01-24 02:45:28 UTC

Oy vey Mr.goldstein

2019-01-24 02:45:34 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Awesome idea though

2019-01-24 02:45:36 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD that’d be an incredible flyer

2019-01-24 02:45:37 UTC
2019-01-24 02:45:39 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Booooom! That poster is platinum.

2019-01-24 02:45:48 UTC

Exactly! @Volkmom

2019-01-24 02:45:53 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD we should use duct tape to wrap the poster around poles or across the front on flat surfaces. I think GI did that...maybe a black group...can't remember.

2019-01-24 02:46:14 UTC

@Mikolas What do you have against huwhite? πŸ€”

2019-01-24 02:46:19 UTC

@Volkmom Yup. I was just thinking about my time in non-white majority public school. Never quite felt safe. It's bound to be even worse for white kids these days.

2019-01-24 02:46:23 UTC

They want to believe ordinary Trump supporters are racist rednecks who they can feel superior to

2019-01-24 02:46:25 UTC

I can only imagine what having thousands wanting to beat you up is like, though. Nick needs to win some lawsuits for sure.

2019-01-24 02:46:42 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD Good point, ive been brainswashed a lil too hard πŸ€•

2019-01-24 02:46:42 UTC
2019-01-24 02:46:43 UTC

The idea is to put that poster up with actual duct tape over the guys mouth too.

2019-01-24 02:46:57 UTC

@wolfwood yes i can only imagine...

2019-01-24 02:47:08 UTC

That would be good @Asatru Artist - MD

2019-01-24 02:47:08 UTC

Ben ShapiroπŸš”

2019-01-24 02:47:13 UTC

"Why do you not trigger the libs anon? Do you want to make Abigail Shapiro sad?"

2019-01-24 02:47:28 UTC

Hahaha Jamie

2019-01-24 02:47:42 UTC


2019-01-24 02:47:44 UTC

@Freiheit - CA Use transparent tape & seal the poster against the surface. Maybe a light application of spray adhesive.

2019-01-24 02:47:44 UTC

oh I thought you mean the OTHER famous sam hyde qoute

2019-01-24 02:47:46 UTC

these people are sick

2019-01-24 02:47:48 UTC

that cant be posted in chat

2019-01-24 02:47:51 UTC

"Maybe if we bully this white kid Tyrone and Jose will realize the glory of the free markets"

2019-01-24 02:48:15 UTC

"Your secret name, that neither myself nor Nitrodubs will call is....Patrick Casey."

2019-01-24 02:48:17 UTC
2019-01-24 02:48:22 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff how is Sir Taylor's lawsuit against twitter going?

2019-01-24 02:48:25 UTC

I am still seeing lefties on normie FB defending original stance. All they have left is " but but, they are evil White racist Trump supporters and muh *native* americans"

2019-01-24 02:48:48 UTC
2019-01-24 02:48:56 UTC

@Volkmom The anti-whiteness has been programmed into these people for decades.

2019-01-24 02:49:04 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff In regards to the Twitter Zucc, do you think it's a 15 karat run of bad luck? Or was the game rigged from the start?

2019-01-24 02:49:13 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Will we ever release a speakers list for LOPF?

2019-01-24 02:49:14 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Any possible collaboration in the future with international identarian groups?

2019-01-24 02:49:43 UTC


2019-01-24 02:49:46 UTC

G2g fun fireside

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