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2019-01-11 06:22:27 UTC

Montanans put menorahs or print outs of menorahs in their windows in solidarity. It is baffling and a bit sad.

2019-01-11 06:22:35 UTC

Easter eggs it is then.

2019-01-11 06:24:29 UTC

This is what happens when a state is populated by survivalists and christian zionists

2019-01-11 06:24:44 UTC

and those two categories aren't mutually exclusive (quite the opposite really)

2019-01-11 06:24:46 UTC

It wouldnt be an issue if the painted rocks were collected afterward but it may give them the idea especially since they are already inclined to do fake broken glass myths.

2019-01-11 06:26:46 UTC

Actually, I'm rather surprised Montana's fertility rate isn't higher

2019-01-11 06:29:26 UTC

Its definitely something I hadn't thought about and will consider moving forward.

2019-01-11 06:29:53 UTC

Maybe making them for ourselves and keeping them is a safer option.

2019-01-11 06:30:54 UTC

It's too bad, I was really considering leaving them all over colleges.

2019-01-11 06:31:25 UTC

Easy to make and I've got nearly 6 gallons of teal paint.

2019-01-11 06:32:58 UTC

@Salo Saloson it seems pretty high in a lot of places. If Yellowstone blew up and the machines took over, Montana would go on ticking for a long time because of the way people are self-reliant. Our landlord, for example, owns his own business, has 8 children, a barn, a workshop, leads church and other groups, and his whole extended family on both sides lives next door to him. It is like a little Mormon empire.

2019-01-11 06:33:24 UTC

that's pretty cool

2019-01-11 06:33:41 UTC

a lot of my extended family lives in one street

2019-01-11 06:33:50 UTC

haven't seen them in years

2019-01-11 06:34:09 UTC

wonder what they're up to now

2019-01-11 06:38:58 UTC

Anyone happen to read this/know if it's any good?

2019-01-11 06:40:05 UTC

@Jason - CT No, but it sounds interesting. Clearly pro nationstate/anti-globalist. Don't know if you'll find anything new in there, or if it's old news

2019-01-11 06:40:44 UTC

It's by an Israeli political writer

2019-01-11 06:41:29 UTC

From the introduction, the guy is framing it as a "nationalism v. imperialism" argument which... is already a bad way to frame things

2019-01-11 06:41:43 UTC

but hey, you could just find a site to download the book without paying for it

2019-01-11 06:41:45 UTC

is it?

2019-01-11 06:41:56 UTC

most people don't like imperialism

2019-01-11 06:42:01 UTC

@Jason - CT It could help you provide arguments against globalisation from an israeli perspective. Help you to argue with zionists/civnats i mean

2019-01-11 06:42:07 UTC

makes us sound like good guys

2019-01-11 06:42:08 UTC

"imperialism" as people tend to use it doesn't happen very often these days

2019-01-11 06:42:34 UTC

it's not like American gunboats are sailing down the Amazon to get better deals on... whatever

2019-01-11 06:43:01 UTC

@Salo Saloson True, we have this "quiet" takeover where all the nations are merging together

2019-01-11 06:43:31 UTC

Peaceful takeovers are always more effective than violent ones

2019-01-11 06:43:33 UTC

the mass homogenization of everything is quite a bit different from the British Empire (not that either was _good_ but one is at least preferable)

2019-01-11 06:45:06 UTC

esp. the way that guy uses it, it makes the imperialism angle weirder, because he's arguing in favor of national sovereignty

2019-01-11 06:45:44 UTC

but it isn't a sovereignty question, not really, it's a question of does your nation have a soul and should it be allowed to keep whatever soul it's got

2019-01-11 06:46:40 UTC

isn't it accurate to say that imperialism is generally in opposition to nationalism, though?

2019-01-11 06:47:07 UTC

if you're the guy getting imperialized, sure
but for the imperializer it's their nationalism too

2019-01-11 06:47:42 UTC

@Jacob I get where you're coming from, so...maybe. BUt like salosaloson says, it's not in opposition to the nation LEADING the empire

2019-01-11 06:47:54 UTC

not necessarily anyway

2019-01-11 06:50:32 UTC

I also think it's kind of silly to look at Brexit and say, "UK went nationalist, it's all over!"
ignoring the huge pro-EU sentiment in the country

2019-01-11 06:50:53 UTC

same with Trump's election, wherein everyone goes, "America's going FULL NATIONALIST"
yeah. full _civic_ nationalist

2019-01-11 06:59:59 UTC

I guess it's not necessarily in opposition to the nationalism of the imperializing country

2019-01-11 07:00:20 UTC

A good nationalist should offer reciprocity, though

2019-01-11 08:21:59 UTC

Reading some articles saying there are rumors RBG may step down very soon

2019-01-11 08:25:56 UTC


2019-01-11 08:26:03 UTC

there's always rumors

2019-01-11 08:26:12 UTC

not saying it won't happen, though

2019-01-11 13:38:57 UTC

@Salo Saloson England would have gone full nationalist if Nigel had decided to become a P.M... but he didn't

2019-01-11 13:44:14 UTC

The ability of English people to be cucked stuns me.

2019-01-11 13:44:47 UTC

Some British Sailors I was chillin with said they were not English but Welsh. Like okay how tf is Gupta or Muhammad gonna be English then?

2019-01-11 14:11:33 UTC

On a related note, when I was in England I noticed that the Gupta's and Mohammeds spoke English in an even more pretentious and condescending way than the native British.

2019-01-11 14:19:54 UTC

Yeah I noticed that too

2019-01-11 14:20:14 UTC

Spoke extra cowboy when I talked to them out of spite

2019-01-11 15:12:46 UTC

@The Eternal Anglo Nigel seems like he was threatened, or he was controlled op all along

2019-01-11 15:13:12 UTC

Totally abandoned the cause after they won Brexit

2019-01-11 15:44:22 UTC

@Sam Anderson Lol, I did the same thing. I spoke to prople with a bit of a West Virginia twang that I picked up.

2019-01-11 15:54:38 UTC


2019-01-11 15:55:59 UTC

I don't want to be winning anymore Mr Trump

2019-01-11 15:58:56 UTC

Mods are asleep. Post heresy.

2019-01-11 16:02:58 UTC

Ok pillow fight now !!!

2019-01-11 16:03:43 UTC

Did somebody let gay Economic Nationalism talk in again?

2019-01-11 16:12:21 UTC

H1Bs are the most problematic immigrants to America, much more than illegals. The problem with illegals is their families become voters, the problem with H1Bs is their families become our managers.

2019-01-11 16:15:47 UTC

Orange man big ghey

2019-01-11 16:18:08 UTC


2019-01-11 16:31:25 UTC

Frankly I'm upset but not surprised, Trump did say he wants it to be easier for immigrants to come here legally

2019-01-11 16:41:08 UTC
2019-01-11 16:49:42 UTC

The problem with people who have H1b's is that most of them are not supposed to be here legally. H1b visas are only supposed to given to people who have vital and unique skill set that cannot be found in the US. So only a very small amount of people annually should be getting H1b visas.

People with basic programming skills do not have any of the aforementioned qualities. So it isn't a case of a loophole being exploited. Federal and state authorities are literally refusing to do their jobs.

2019-01-11 16:56:23 UTC

We need a paleoconservative socialist meme like nazbol. I'm thinking Palsoc

2019-01-11 16:56:27 UTC

Tucker definitely knows more than he lets on about certain subjects

2019-01-11 16:57:19 UTC

When we went to the turning point summit Tucker told Charlie Kirk that he was a "fascist about technology in his home"

2019-01-11 16:57:28 UTC

That was pretty funny

2019-01-11 16:57:58 UTC

"Board members Gov. Greg Abbott, Speaker Dennis Bonnen and Leach, all Republicans, had previously called for the plaque's removal, citing its historical inaccuracy."

2019-01-11 16:59:47 UTC

who the hell are these boomer cucks?
i'm so fed up with these dinosaurs

2019-01-11 17:00:42 UTC

Dear Texas,
Consider yourself "messed with"

2019-01-11 17:03:15 UTC

Wasn't it mostly economic factors that led to the war?

2019-01-11 17:06:43 UTC

@Goose I need to do some real research into the civil war, most of my "history" comes from the biased stuff we get in elementary and highschool

2019-01-11 17:07:23 UTC

It always boils down to South bad because slaves, north good because Lincoln

2019-01-11 17:09:25 UTC

This is literally hilarious, they’re in a yurt 😂😂

2019-01-11 17:09:26 UTC

@StevePines -WA why is the UK trying to leave the European UNION? <:4dchess:439923932062154782>

2019-01-11 17:09:51 UTC

Because they're racist bigots who hate progress

2019-01-11 17:10:00 UTC

exactly lol

2019-01-11 17:10:42 UTC

"America sucks and should be burned to the ground, but we need to remove these traitorous statues because they're anti-American"

2019-01-11 17:11:20 UTC

The little bit I know is that the south favored states rights over a central federal government

2019-01-11 17:11:37 UTC

Like America was envisioned

2019-01-11 17:12:57 UTC

@StevePines -WA To think that at one point, I agreed with that...

2019-01-11 17:13:04 UTC

the Demand Utopia thing

2019-01-11 17:13:44 UTC

I used to be a Bernie bro <:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-11 17:13:56 UTC

that's why i find myself in quite the pickle being a state's rights advocate while wishing Trump would declare martial law and shunt down these rogue states like cali

2019-01-11 17:17:12 UTC

California can barely be called America imo, at least socal

2019-01-11 17:18:33 UTC

Oh dear


2019-01-11 17:22:16 UTC

We already have those highly skilled and talented people in the US though

2019-01-11 17:22:36 UTC

According to Trump it's not enough

2019-01-11 17:25:44 UTC

Yes, but they’re not brown 🤷🏻‍♂️

2019-01-11 17:25:55 UTC

i thought the black community already had those highly skilled workers?

2019-01-11 17:26:12 UTC

you know the ones he said illegals were taking jobs from...

2019-01-11 17:27:20 UTC

Then he should encourage people to invest in Americans so we can get more of those highly skilled workers

2019-01-11 17:28:58 UTC

@Nemets how u feel about H1-B

2019-01-11 17:29:14 UTC
2019-01-11 17:29:46 UTC

Wait about what

2019-01-11 17:29:57 UTC

You know how insurance rates are higher for men? I think these companies should use the same logic and test the free market and increase the rates for blacks. You know per capita they have to be in more accidents

2019-01-11 17:30:15 UTC

About SoCal. It’s like living in the Matrix after being unplugged, as cliche as that metaphor has become.

2019-01-11 17:30:38 UTC

I suppose those white hispanics level the playing field a bit tho

2019-01-11 17:31:10 UTC

Assuming they even have car insurance.

2019-01-11 17:31:20 UTC

Haha 💯

2019-01-11 17:32:28 UTC

Immigration is decreasing the gap between whites and blacks when it comes to a lot of statistics due to census reporting.

2019-01-11 17:39:00 UTC

The plaque removal is disheartening

2019-01-11 17:39:21 UTC

I don't believe there's much that can be done to be frank

2019-01-11 17:43:29 UTC

Squatemalan bartender explaining to dinduisha that the joint cannot serve her anymore bc she never pays.

2019-01-11 17:43:40 UTC

Those damned stereotypes again!

2019-01-11 17:46:28 UTC

Wacky stereotypes

2019-01-11 17:46:55 UTC

Just like those wacky statistics

2019-01-11 17:47:53 UTC

“Problematic” if I recall correctly.

2019-01-11 17:57:42 UTC

They're obsessed at becoming the best of the current trend @Sam Anderson

2019-01-11 17:58:02 UTC

England that is

2019-01-11 18:29:49 UTC

National suicide.


2019-01-11 18:41:58 UTC

@fire.within - FL Him and his family were threatened by radical leftists on several occasions, it's the reason he stepped away from UKIP

2019-01-11 19:15:49 UTC



2019-01-11 19:35:14 UTC

Falling birth rates: giving power back to Middle America.


2019-01-11 19:42:17 UTC

Either my own twitter is goofed, or Fox News hasn’t tweeted since the election...?


2019-01-11 19:42:25 UTC

Births to white mothers were the minority in 13 states in 2017. Imagine how many states had white babies in the minority. We don't know if the fathers were white.


2019-01-11 19:53:21 UTC

US Overall


2019-01-11 19:55:39 UTC

Other = Asian basically

2019-01-11 20:00:13 UTC

"No Further Treatments Planned" 👀


2019-01-11 20:02:11 UTC

Who can read this and not wonder why SCOTUS has made so many liberal decisions then?


2019-01-11 20:13:39 UTC

My work is encouraging everyone to attend yet another revamped diversity training in addition to the already mandatory ones. I'm starting to see people with pronoun stickers on their name badges. I kinda wanna throw up.

2019-01-11 20:24:50 UTC

@Anthony Sealy - MO but you're in MO, I thought you'd be somewhat insulated from that stuff?

2019-01-11 20:25:14 UTC

@Clive H fox hasn't. I dont know why but there are probably articles out there theorizing why this is because others have pointed it out.

2019-01-11 20:26:17 UTC

I was about to share a terrible boomer meme and then I saw this sign from the universe


2019-01-11 20:31:55 UTC

@ThisIsChris blue city and liberal field...

2019-01-11 20:33:14 UTC

I read an article that some people, I forget where, are using dry erase badges so they can change gender daily if they like.

2019-01-11 20:34:33 UTC

There's only one Trump supporter I work with

2019-01-11 20:40:34 UTC

@Anthony Sealy - MO I'm sorry to hear that

2019-01-11 20:40:52 UTC

@Anthony Sealy - MO that's disgusting

2019-01-11 20:42:30 UTC

My native Oregon is big on the pronoun accommodation, but I find that Colorado, where I’m studying, is less so

2019-01-11 20:43:00 UTC

I basically just mean crazy SJW in general

2019-01-11 20:45:48 UTC

Hate flyers lol

2019-01-11 20:46:01 UTC

Cool map lol

2019-01-11 20:53:17 UTC

That map is sweet.

2019-01-11 20:58:08 UTC

We have guys flyering in Alaska?

2019-01-11 20:59:42 UTC

Also their map is messed up, there's a PA location marked as NY, great job SPLC

2019-01-11 21:03:58 UTC

I just watched Trump's visit to the border, pretty awesome. Very good optics to the American people

2019-01-11 21:44:14 UTC

Proud of everyone here! Lol

2019-01-11 21:48:39 UTC

We should distribute flyers in the shape of the Deye then

2019-01-11 21:48:54 UTC

To make a huge Deye on the map

2019-01-11 21:48:56 UTC

Lol down

2019-01-11 21:55:20 UTC

hate incident in progress right here


2019-01-11 22:02:19 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY just don't get it started on the rats.

2019-01-11 22:02:39 UTC

someone finally did it


2019-01-11 22:26:22 UTC


2019-01-11 22:27:31 UTC
2019-01-11 22:28:10 UTC

glad to see our "greatest ally" hard at work keeping the peace

2019-01-11 22:29:31 UTC

What a cancer

2019-01-11 22:30:53 UTC

What exactly would be Israel’s crypto-interest in toppling Assad?

2019-01-11 22:31:10 UTC

Installing an Israel puppet

2019-01-11 22:31:33 UTC

Not a jwoke Christian accepting- secular muslim leader

2019-01-11 22:32:03 UTC

True. But what are they staying as their reason, if any?

2019-01-11 22:33:03 UTC


2019-01-11 22:34:27 UTC

We have to remember though, it must be God’s plan if they’re doing it, so pay no mind..

2019-01-11 22:38:28 UTC

I need to get started on NM!

Glad that SPLC is providing this awesome reinforcement for flyering activity!

2019-01-11 22:41:54 UTC

Governor for basically 2 days, and he's getting rid of problems.

2019-01-11 22:59:56 UTC

Red Elephants is livestreaming right now with Jake Lloyd and Nick Fuentes

2019-01-11 23:10:38 UTC

@netgearblackhawk I never noticed that tweet. Yeah, it really does speak for itself. Tbh I've never exactly been a fan of Shapiro, but my disdain for him seems to grow each and every day

2019-01-11 23:12:10 UTC

I used to listen to Shapiro in my normie phase

2019-01-11 23:13:01 UTC

@netgearblackhawk Same. I was huge fan of him for a while. Part of my "redpilling" happened once he became a NeverTrumper

2019-01-11 23:14:25 UTC

I think the most interesting part of my political stance was switching from lolbertarian to paleoconservative/nationalist

2019-01-11 23:14:55 UTC

Couldn't quite swallow the open border crap

2019-01-11 23:15:49 UTC

@netgearblackhawk I've sort of always been "oldschool"/traditionalist, but my redpill came once I realized I kept compromising my values to support people like Milo Yiannopoulis just because he was winning against liberals for once

2019-01-11 23:15:51 UTC

@Phillip Wiglesworth - FL can he do anything about felons voting?

2019-01-11 23:16:03 UTC

it sounds like Florida is basically guaranteed blue because of that

2019-01-11 23:18:35 UTC

Nick actually just made a good point. "We don't need any more podcasts, we don't need anymore pictures on mountains, we need people in Government."

2019-01-11 23:19:24 UTC

And yet when that was tried, the government bureaucrats axed the idea...

2019-01-11 23:20:03 UTC

@Jacob The bigger issue is clamping down the big democrat-voting counties where they did some pretty shady things. Those counties will benefit from the felon vote via using the same shady tactics that got them huge numbers. Fix the shady sh*t, and the felon vote really isn't an issue.

Think about it, honestly: serious felons really don't care about voting...unless some shady democrat knocks on their door and promises them free stuff if they just sign on the dotted line and fill in the oval for the democrat

2019-01-11 23:20:15 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia Exactly. Alot of our guys are so caught in the internet, we're absorbed in our own world. We think we're "winning" by making memes, instead of campaigning or gettting involved with normal everyday people. It's easy to get caught up in our own bubble

2019-01-11 23:20:59 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia ">Sent from my Podcast."

2019-01-11 23:21:54 UTC

they're _videos_ it's different

2019-01-11 23:24:28 UTC

We don't need anymore podcasts, we already have these people and don't need any more. People like us need to be getting involved in the government, nobody has to know are true beliefs but we need to run as Trumpians. James was an easy target cause he's open about it.

2019-01-11 23:26:54 UTC

Probably unrelated but blackpillers that lament how we're losing/demographics/etc need to gtfo.

2019-01-11 23:26:55 UTC

Yeah that btfos the “doxxing us makes us stronger because we become full tome activists”

2019-01-11 23:26:57 UTC

No. Getting doxxed and starting a shitty podcast will do nothing productive.

2019-01-11 23:28:12 UTC

@netgearblackhawk I wouldn't have a problem with it if there was a proposed solution. But they usually just whine and use it as an excuse to not go out and vote in elections

2019-01-11 23:29:41 UTC

There are so many minor positions in government where people like us could make a small difference.

2019-01-11 23:30:49 UTC

@Lawrence of Eurabia Exactly. A very tiny group of people can make great changes in society. The existence of IE proves this. The globalists who run the media despite being an incredible minority of the population also proves this

2019-01-11 23:31:12 UTC

A lot of our guys that aren't doxxed and have the desire to get involved in local politics could promote populist ideas. Completely feasible.

2019-01-11 23:31:27 UTC

Pretty sure that's not a new idea though

2019-01-11 23:31:53 UTC

4 or 5 people in one county could have a huge influence

2019-01-11 23:59:16 UTC

Got around to mailing my LOPF registration earlier today, wanted to do it a while ago but holidays got me! Less than 2 weeks to register before the price goes up, get those registrations in!

2019-01-12 00:00:05 UTC
2019-01-12 00:04:50 UTC

Great to hear, @fgtveassassin !

2019-01-12 00:13:45 UTC

Does anyone in a majority-minority area have suggestions on activism and flyering without being offensive? Do you try to target areas that white people frequent?

2019-01-12 00:15:12 UTC

@apronandlace I don't have much activism experience, but less-implicit messages might be the way to go wiht your posters. For example, the IE posters that say "Thank you veterans!" Is a great way to promote our organization while making it appear friendly and not "triggering" anyone

2019-01-12 00:17:34 UTC

@Nico The Great - CA thanks, veterans centers/veteran themes might be a good idea here. are there still veterans posters available? i have a bunch of the european roots ones.

2019-01-12 00:18:06 UTC

@apronandlace Hit the shopping districts where whites will be in higher concentration.

2019-01-12 00:18:15 UTC
2019-01-12 00:18:37 UTC

@apronandlace Shopping centers with a Boot Barn or Hobby Lobby are definitely safe places lol

2019-01-12 00:18:50 UTC
2019-01-12 00:19:36 UTC

Anywhere near a Cracker Barrel restaurant, the official restaurant of Identity Evropa.

2019-01-12 00:19:48 UTC

@apronandlace go after places with high pedestrian traffic such as parks, scenic areas, or boutiques

2019-01-12 00:23:29 UTC

@Argument of Perigee I actually got my good optics activism hat from Cracker Barrel.

2019-01-12 00:23:45 UTC


2019-01-12 00:23:50 UTC

@Sam Anderson I think there's only 2 of those restaurants in California

2019-01-12 00:24:12 UTC

It got some good use today.

2019-01-12 00:27:09 UTC

Dammit train wifi post my hat!

2019-01-12 00:41:47 UTC

I use a brewery, Jeep, or Trump hat depending on the venue

2019-01-12 00:43:29 UTC

@apronandlace where in NM, if I may ask

2019-01-12 00:44:09 UTC

In regards to postering areas

2019-01-12 00:53:56 UTC

Can confirm @Sam Anderson has a good good optics activism hat

2019-01-12 00:57:49 UTC

It is Wednesday, my dudes

2019-01-12 00:58:01 UTC


2019-01-12 00:58:24 UTC


2019-01-12 00:58:31 UTC

Making a good Wednesday dinner

2019-01-12 00:58:58 UTC
2019-01-12 00:59:15 UTC

What are you guys up to this Wednesday?

2019-01-12 01:01:22 UTC

Drinkin a brew on the train back from postering in DC

2019-01-12 01:01:33 UTC

So glad I didn’t drive

2019-01-12 01:02:06 UTC

Looking at the highway stopped up from my seat. Hehe.

2019-01-12 01:04:41 UTC

@John O - It's tuesday, idiot.

2019-01-12 01:05:07 UTC

Look at yall up in Discord on a Saturday night.

2019-01-12 01:05:11 UTC


2019-01-12 01:05:52 UTC

@Sam Anderson I should do Amtrak more often

2019-01-12 01:06:12 UTC

Bro, I've been skiing over a foot of fresh powder all day and now relaxing in a Breckenridge tavern.

2019-01-12 01:06:20 UTC


2019-01-12 01:06:25 UTC


2019-01-12 01:06:51 UTC

You been chomping some fresh gnar gnar bro?

2019-01-12 01:07:15 UTC

seriously, if you're at home tonight you should go through our twitter and like every post from the last 2 weeks. It shouldn't take you more than 2-3 minutes.

@here https://twitter.com/identityevropa

2019-01-12 01:07:43 UTC

Dude, I've been shredding the gnar since Wednesday. @John O -

2019-01-12 01:08:16 UTC

Also to add to "Ian's" post please everyone signup for L.O.P.F 2019

2019-01-12 01:08:38 UTC


2019-01-12 01:08:38 UTC

We’re shadowbanned/ algorithm’d to high heaven. Could be worth it to talk to someone knowledgable on Twitter algorithms in order to maximize enagagement

2019-01-12 01:08:47 UTC


2019-01-12 01:09:09 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate How did you know i'd be at home tonight? 😭

2019-01-12 01:09:18 UTC


2019-01-12 01:10:04 UTC

@ThisIsChris Im V.Balboa and Im posting in this General Channel

2019-01-12 01:11:45 UTC


2019-01-12 01:11:58 UTC


2019-01-12 01:12:41 UTC

Who is this "Ian"?

2019-01-12 01:13:37 UTC


2019-01-12 01:13:49 UTC


2019-01-12 01:13:50 UTC

So guy I know @Argument of Perigee

2019-01-12 01:14:31 UTC

I still can't figure out how I haven't been kicked from this sever yet lol

2019-01-12 01:17:01 UTC

@V.Balboa - PA Because we're still gathering intelligence on you.

2019-01-12 01:18:33 UTC

I enjoy "V.Balboas's" posts

2019-01-12 01:18:49 UTC

He is an entertaining bot feature we added.

2019-01-12 01:30:17 UTC

So there are two Jews in front of me on the train. I am envious of them talking about their ethnostate based high schools and such.

2019-01-12 01:33:05 UTC

Ask them for strategy tips.

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