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2019-01-07 00:34:15 UTC

For sure

2019-01-07 00:34:48 UTC

I just wanted to say

2019-01-07 00:34:50 UTC

Any time they reveal they just want to destroy the white family unit and reduce us to disfunctional idiots is good

2019-01-07 00:34:51 UTC

It’s the Jews

2019-01-07 00:35:00 UTC

They always tint his photos


2019-01-07 00:35:48 UTC

sepia filter

2019-01-07 00:35:53 UTC

Wait did Talcum X do something good

2019-01-07 00:35:54 UTC

yeah lol I never noticed that before

2019-01-07 00:36:04 UTC

wait, is Maggie Hagerman saying that white kids should be more aware of white identity?

*that can be arranged*

2019-01-07 00:37:32 UTC

Uh. The implication that white parenting unfairly advantages white children is what it looks like from the other side of the fence. The mirror image of that argument is “non-white parenting disadvantages non-white children.”

2019-01-07 00:37:44 UTC

Talcum put out a 25k reward for info

2019-01-07 00:38:00 UTC

Wouldn’t have done it if he didn’t think the perpetrator was white though

2019-01-07 00:38:05 UTC

wonder where he gets that kind of money to throw around..

2019-01-07 00:38:19 UTC

Crypto trading

2019-01-07 00:38:42 UTC

He knows people most likely, he tried the same thing to bountyhunt in a CVille case

2019-01-07 00:39:23 UTC

Has anyone else felt that black parenting in particular is kinda uh. Oof.

2019-01-07 00:40:03 UTC

There’s a lot of very casual mention of the physical abuse of black parenting almost like it’s comedy.

2019-01-07 00:40:27 UTC

“Haha black kids be knowing that when yo auntie shoe come off she boutta beat yo ass!!”

2019-01-07 00:40:31 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY no she's saying that you shouldn't do what's best for your children and instead treat them like disfunctional black households. Or just the lowest common denominator in society for more social equality

2019-01-07 00:40:31 UTC


2019-01-07 00:40:33 UTC

These guys are FUCKED

2019-01-07 00:41:49 UTC

Lmao thats pretty funny

2019-01-07 00:42:38 UTC

@bspon002 I know, I’m just kidding.

2019-01-07 00:45:35 UTC


2019-01-07 00:45:36 UTC

This is another funny one as of recent

2019-01-07 00:48:05 UTC

Apparently warning that old non reinforced buildings may collapse in a natural disaster is racist

2019-01-07 00:58:03 UTC

Damned white supremists & their *shuffles cards*.....controlling tectonic plate movements!

2019-01-07 01:04:55 UTC

We Earthbender now

2019-01-07 01:05:37 UTC

That look when you see stuff like this in the news.


2019-01-07 01:30:33 UTC

What’s the problem with WASPs @ophiuchus

2019-01-07 01:31:03 UTC

Just very much the embodiment of the "well meaning but ill-informed" group.

2019-01-07 01:31:34 UTC

My grandmother was such a dictionary definition of one.

2019-01-07 01:32:05 UTC

A tremendously kind woman and a good person, but would rag on the south for racism constantly despite living in a gated lakehouse community in New York

2019-01-07 01:34:12 UTC

How are WASPs more guilty of this than the average Nordic, Catholic, or any other European ethnicity in America

2019-01-07 01:34:39 UTC

It seems like it’s pretty evenly distributed

2019-01-07 01:36:16 UTC

Historically, WASPs were the most powerful group in the country. There was of course establishment resentment against the changing of our country (the know-nothings, etc) but I feel that the WASPs were kind of the first powerful group in America to willingly abolish themselves.

2019-01-07 01:36:29 UTC

Not so much that they're more guilty of this than others now, just that they were the first domino to fall.

2019-01-07 01:36:41 UTC

That’s a valid point

2019-01-07 01:37:00 UTC

America is an Italian nation now

2019-01-07 01:37:06 UTC

Sorry anglos

2019-01-07 01:37:12 UTC


2019-01-07 01:37:47 UTC

I know basically nothing about how non-northern european protestant ethnic groups in this country understand things

2019-01-07 01:38:23 UTC

My granddad's parents were catholic ( 🥔 ) but he had to convert to marry my grandmother

2019-01-07 01:38:47 UTC

so this seems very suspicious. Bot-like name, zero followers, several hundred follows, protected tweets.


2019-01-07 01:39:10 UTC

russian bot detected

2019-01-07 01:39:25 UTC

Not today, NSA.

Nice try, FBI.

Good attempt at obscurity, Department of Homeland Security.

2019-01-07 01:39:49 UTC

We should have IE cultural exchanges where you go visit another IE family from another European heritage to learn more about them

2019-01-07 01:40:29 UTC

Someone show me what good italian food is and I'll teach you about Anglo stuff like aspics and not talking to your extended family

2019-01-07 01:41:11 UTC

Italian families seem so widely connected with each other

2019-01-07 01:41:23 UTC

I was in a room with all 4 of my grandparents a single time in my life

2019-01-07 01:42:26 UTC

Thats a grand idea.

2019-01-07 01:46:41 UTC

I'm American going back to 1607 boi

2019-01-07 01:46:53 UTC

Also not, had a few Great-Grandparents come from Europe

2019-01-07 01:46:55 UTC

@ophiuchus I know this feel about not talking to extended family.

2019-01-07 01:47:02 UTC

Early 1900's on my mom's side, 1840's on my dads's.

2019-01-07 01:47:49 UTC

Was just talking to my paternal grandmother today about her family and when they came here. All coal miners and farmers in the 1800s lol.

2019-01-07 01:48:02 UTC


2019-01-07 01:48:06 UTC


2019-01-07 01:48:39 UTC

Her German side being the farmers.

2019-01-07 01:48:43 UTC

Folks, i just filed our taxes and i want to say our self employment tax and others were literally 1,000's of $ lower than the Obama era. We have 3 kids and we work our butts off and I homeschool. I cannot reiterate enough that for many years it was almost as if we were being punished for being self employed! Hail Trump for that!

2019-01-07 01:48:48 UTC

White pill of the day: I went to the gym after church today and was sitting the dry sauna and this Hispanic looking dude was in there with speakers playing this very vulgar music with a lot of profanity and fowl language. I asked him kindly to turn it off because the rest of us may not want to listen to that kind of stuff. He basically told me to go to hell and ignored me. So I asked him again; and he told me: “ people who look like you have been running the world for centuries! I’m sure you have a problem with my music because I’m brown... I own everything (🤷‍♂️) and if you don’t want to listen to it you can leave” so I replied: “ I’ve asked you kindly to turn it off because we shouldn’t be exposed to that garbage but you have chosen to reinforce the stereotype in front of all these people. People who look like me need to be in charge apparently because you guys can’t seem to be able to govern yourself back in your country then you come over here and act the way you do and you wonder why we want to close the borders?. This is why we need to close the borders! “ well... the people in the sauna starting backing me and chanting BUILD THE WALL 🤣

2019-01-07 01:51:06 UTC

I just use a cut off date.

2019-01-07 01:52:01 UTC

Most of my family has been here since before the Revolution with a few exemptions

2019-01-07 01:52:45 UTC

Some of the more recent ones have these roles that were taken on the boat of passengers and origins

2019-01-07 01:52:48 UTC

then with the arrival date

2019-01-07 01:52:59 UTC

the older ones have this

2019-01-07 01:53:02 UTC


2019-01-07 01:53:16 UTC

@Grayson whoah!

2019-01-07 01:54:29 UTC

@Nemets Lancaster county, huh?

2019-01-07 01:54:31 UTC

@Nemets I have a whole book written about my family ancestry even with little bios about them going back to 1680. The person who wrote it just used a bunch of records to find when our first ancestor came over.

2019-01-07 01:54:57 UTC

That's how I know

2019-01-07 01:54:57 UTC

My grandmother was a member of DAR, I'm hoping to join this year. All 4 of my gp are deceased<:sad:366743316475281408>

2019-01-07 01:55:42 UTC

@Nemets It's not too far from me.

2019-01-07 01:55:50 UTC

China releases official good boy points system

2019-01-07 01:56:26 UTC

And filled with Germans/Amish.

2019-01-07 02:02:10 UTC

Lancaster county is a cool place

2019-01-07 02:02:49 UTC

Y'all dudes ever just talk about birds with the homeboys?

2019-01-07 02:03:00 UTC

Did somebody say

2019-01-07 02:03:02 UTC


2019-01-07 02:03:06 UTC


2019-01-07 02:03:18 UTC


2019-01-07 02:06:27 UTC

I've talked about a *lot* of things (most of which I won't repeat here), but not birds

2019-01-07 02:07:08 UTC


2019-01-07 02:07:40 UTC

Bro if you're not apart of Canary gang I don't wanna talk

2019-01-07 02:08:35 UTC

My Impeyan Monal Pheasant. The state bird of Nepal


2019-01-07 02:08:57 UTC

Since we are talking birds

2019-01-07 02:09:55 UTC

I worship our ancestors the raptors

2019-01-07 02:10:27 UTC


2019-01-07 02:15:40 UTC

@Niko - WA wrong channel bud

2019-01-07 02:15:48 UTC


2019-01-07 02:18:59 UTC

I'mma be honest: birds aren't my topic _du jour_ for much of anything

2019-01-07 02:19:17 UTC

Like, enjoy being a Bird Man with no friends

2019-01-07 02:20:10 UTC

Nah I'm gonna need everyone in this server to tell me their favorite bird right now

2019-01-07 02:24:03 UTC

Are white people birds?

2019-01-07 02:25:08 UTC


2019-01-07 02:25:10 UTC

I need birds

2019-01-07 02:25:11 UTC


2019-01-07 02:25:37 UTC

@Grayson was this guy loco to take a tone with you?

2019-01-07 02:26:02 UTC

North American wood duck


2019-01-07 02:26:45 UTC

@Nemets my grandfather used to tell us really good spooky stories about condors with glowing red eyes when we were little.

2019-01-07 02:26:54 UTC

He was such a good story teller.

2019-01-07 02:27:22 UTC

Great Blue Heron

large water birb


2019-01-07 02:27:32 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ haha I don’t know... I don’t think so ... but he certainly had an attitude.

2019-01-07 02:30:13 UTC

The desert Tuscan

2019-01-07 02:30:19 UTC

Barn Swallow


2019-01-07 02:30:24 UTC


2019-01-07 02:30:27 UTC


2019-01-07 02:30:35 UTC


2019-01-07 02:30:38 UTC

GOLDEN EAGLE <:chad:359013583469805568> 🐤


2019-01-07 02:30:58 UTC

That is one majestic bird!

2019-01-07 02:31:00 UTC

That’s my least favorite bird @DaddyPaddy - FL

2019-01-07 02:31:13 UTC

Your picture lol

2019-01-07 02:31:49 UTC

Peregrine falcon

2019-01-07 02:34:13 UTC

helicopter bird


2019-01-07 02:36:31 UTC

moar birds now

2019-01-07 02:36:37 UTC

I need more birds now

2019-01-07 02:37:32 UTC

All birds are closely related there’s no such thing as bird species. There is just one bird phyla. You all are just bird supremacists

2019-01-07 02:39:43 UTC

They all fly the same, look the same and generally like to fly together

2019-01-07 02:39:44 UTC



2019-01-07 02:39:56 UTC

jawa you good there big guy

2019-01-07 02:40:02 UTC

Nah I need more birds

2019-01-07 02:40:33 UTC

Red birds with red birds, blue birds with blue birds

2019-01-07 02:41:06 UTC

freaky cardinal


2019-01-07 02:41:54 UTC

Honestly all the tropical birds - macaws and shit - are dope

2019-01-07 02:42:10 UTC

Doing a project on birds Jawa?

2019-01-07 02:42:25 UTC


2019-01-07 02:42:54 UTC

I just wanted to see what y'alls favorite birds were

2019-01-07 02:43:20 UTC

Did you know? Despite being 13% of birds, hawks commit half of all bird attacks?

2019-01-07 02:44:18 UTC

Heads up everybody. IDthreeve is my Twitter I made to support IE guys. Haha. Set not FBI. I just got out of the shower and saw that post. Made me smile.

2019-01-07 02:44:29 UTC


2019-01-07 02:44:52 UTC

we've found Jawa's autist hobby: birds

2019-01-07 02:44:58 UTC

better than trains, but not by much

2019-01-07 02:45:09 UTC

Yeah bro I go bird watching atleast twice a week bro

2019-01-07 02:45:16 UTC

It's relaxing you should try it

2019-01-07 02:45:37 UTC


2019-01-07 02:45:48 UTC

Orioles are my favorite

2019-01-07 02:45:56 UTC

no one who is actually informed on politics is a centrist

2019-01-07 02:45:56 UTC


2019-01-07 02:46:06 UTC

Imagine my shock.

2019-01-07 02:46:11 UTC

Lol actually? @Ryan -NJ

2019-01-07 02:47:06 UTC

Srs question: do y’all consider yourselves even on that scale? Or are we extremely conservative

2019-01-07 02:47:37 UTC

Are we le true conservatives or are we off the chart or on a different axis

2019-01-07 02:47:41 UTC

@VinceChaos yes sir. I post almost never on social media. Figured I’d have an IE dedicated Twitter. 😃

2019-01-07 02:48:21 UTC

I'm not extremely conservative

2019-01-07 02:48:49 UTC

I would probably be classified as moderate by most political tests, just because my views cancel out

2019-01-07 02:48:51 UTC

Lol I’ll have to follow you. Definitely make a legit account with a picture so it’s not sketchy

2019-01-07 02:49:09 UTC

@VinceChaos depends on how you define it

2019-01-07 02:49:22 UTC

Right I’m curious how people here would define that

2019-01-07 02:49:39 UTC

I actually have the most big brained position possible. Since my views are a combination of left wing and right wing, that means you have to add up the far left and far right bar for me.

2019-01-07 02:49:52 UTC

@VinceChaos I’ll modify it. I keep the OPSEC tight

2019-01-07 02:52:12 UTC

I would say we are free market economics seem to be leaving the right with Tucker Carlson. Free markets really only appeal to college conservatives.

2019-01-07 02:52:48 UTC

@Jawa my favorite birds are magpies... really pretty and intelligent "widely considered one of the most intelligent animals in the world and one of only a few non-mammal species able to recognize itself in a mirror test."

2019-01-07 02:53:41 UTC

I’d prefer less regulations internally but we need tariffs for protectionism

2019-01-07 02:54:10 UTC

Magpies are cool ! Except they steal the eggs from my chicken coop all the time. Do you know the magpie is the state bird of Mexico?

2019-01-07 02:54:35 UTC

Penguins bruh

2019-01-07 02:56:23 UTC

@MrDefault ya I was saying something similar yesterday

2019-01-07 02:56:43 UTC

Most people don't care about abstract principles, they just want a better life for their families

2019-01-07 02:57:25 UTC

Sure, they care about being morally consistent to an extent, but that's not based on abstract principles

2019-01-07 02:58:17 UTC

Speaking of birds, here’s based Muhammad Ali talking about birds.

2019-01-07 02:59:10 UTC


2019-01-07 02:59:19 UTC


2019-01-07 02:59:28 UTC


2019-01-07 02:59:29 UTC

Ali is going to be a guest at LOPF 2019 get hype

2019-01-07 02:59:37 UTC


2019-01-07 03:01:46 UTC

“Blue birds fly with blue birds, pigeons hang out with other pigeons, buzzards fly with buzzards, stop me when I’m wrong here.”

2019-01-07 03:02:09 UTC

Did he ever change his mind? Did he ever recant? Go along with the program?

2019-01-07 03:02:16 UTC

I've never heard the full clip until now. Niiiice

2019-01-07 03:04:05 UTC

@VinceChaos I don’t think so. He had lost his ability to speak years before he died from all the brain trauma.

2019-01-07 03:04:31 UTC

I remember him not talking much later on that makes sense

2019-01-07 03:06:42 UTC

At end of the day it’s something the msm would not have brought up voluntarily

2019-01-07 03:18:04 UTC

Oy! Hit me with your best book suggestions for a book discussion group.

2019-01-07 03:19:07 UTC

we've already read (off the top of my head):
-Why We Fight
-Dedication and Leadership
-5th Political Theory
-Culture of Critique

2019-01-07 03:19:29 UTC

wait we’re up to 5 political theories now? Dugin btfo

2019-01-07 03:19:34 UTC

Another book group??

2019-01-07 03:19:43 UTC

No, it's a former blog

2019-01-07 03:19:44 UTC

the fifth one is just saying white people be insular nomads

2019-01-07 03:19:49 UTC

I compiled selected readings of it

2019-01-07 03:20:03 UTC

No, not really.

2019-01-07 03:20:04 UTC

But ok

2019-01-07 03:20:16 UTC

“The Culture of Narcissism” Christopher Lasch

“Suicide of the West” and “The Managerial Revolution” James Burnham

2019-01-07 03:20:25 UTC

This is for our local community in Austin

2019-01-07 03:20:28 UTC

would it be more polite to call it "become like the Jews"

2019-01-07 03:20:56 UTC

I will refrain from dignifying that with a response

2019-01-07 03:21:05 UTC

I just finished listening on audible to Thomas Sowells black red necks white liberals if you want something a bit challenging of our views

2019-01-07 03:21:40 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY what is “The Culture of Narcissism” Christopher Lasch about?

2019-01-07 03:21:54 UTC

I could comfortably challenge the chapter on the Jewish people but most of it is about how whites aren’t uniquely evil

2019-01-07 03:21:54 UTC

You think it's useful/enlightening? An interesting read?

2019-01-07 03:22:22 UTC

Interesting. I think most people in the group know we aren't evil. haha

2019-01-07 03:24:06 UTC

The title refers to how ghetto blacks inherited a redneck culture from southern whites and scots. He makes the caveat that if that hadn’t happened there’d be no guarantee of black success on the level of whites since IQ is a thing but blacks shouldn’t be convinced their ghetto culture is a black thing

2019-01-07 03:25:36 UTC

I think it could be discussed seriously to give guidance and not just “hey guys read this and have fun.” Guided slower discussion of each chapter to give a bit more context to some of his points is needed

2019-01-07 03:25:47 UTC

it deals with the increasing lack of meaning in American life starting in the 1970s. I think many of the issues Lasch identifies (bureaucracy, loss of identity, consumerism) are interesting to the dissident right, and it’s very insightful even as a “normie” book

2019-01-07 03:26:32 UTC

Oh you weren’t taking to me lol 😅

2019-01-07 03:27:05 UTC

Interesting! I will add that to the suggestion list, thanks Alex!

2019-01-07 03:27:53 UTC

no problem. It’s fairly well-known but under-read in my opinion. It’s a bit dated since it was written in the 70s, but a lot of it is just as relevant now

2019-01-07 03:28:01 UTC

That is certainly unusual, but I kind of like things like that personally @VinceChaos. Just not sure how interested others in the group would be

2019-01-07 03:28:15 UTC

a disturbing amount of it, I’d say

2019-01-07 03:30:06 UTC

I did enjoy it but it challenged me so I took my time with it. Maybe it’s a bit more of a personal read

2019-01-07 03:30:21 UTC

And I mean I took my sweet ass time

2019-01-07 03:30:30 UTC

I am gonna cruise through white identity

2019-01-07 03:51:25 UTC

@Alex Kolchak - NY 4th political theory is a combination of communism and fascism
5th political theory is communism, fascism and liberalism

2019-01-07 03:51:48 UTC

6th political theory is communism, fascism, liberalism , and libertarianism

2019-01-07 03:52:31 UTC


2019-01-07 03:53:48 UTC

The 6th political theory is where you have a homogeneous society with strong borders that organizes workers into interest groups to redistribute the wealth and the seize the means of productions while also allowing to have gay marriage and guns

2019-01-07 03:54:20 UTC


2019-01-07 03:54:27 UTC

and based

2019-01-07 03:54:30 UTC

and redpilled

2019-01-07 03:54:42 UTC

that's unironically pretty close to my political views

2019-01-07 03:54:49 UTC

Sounds like Richard Spencer

2019-01-07 03:55:37 UTC

I support
> nationalism
> some left wing economics
> not necessarily gay marriage, but I don't wanna outright oppress them or anything
> gun rights

2019-01-07 03:55:55 UTC

I'm literally a 6th political theorist

2019-01-07 03:56:08 UTC

I’m on board except the economics

2019-01-07 03:56:26 UTC

Gay culture should be fringe

2019-01-07 03:57:23 UTC

Public displays of sexuality are incredibly vulgar

2019-01-07 03:58:12 UTC

The problem with putting up gay pride flags in public, especially areas with children, is that it's inherently sexual symbolism

2019-01-07 03:58:47 UTC

Young people shouldn't be thinking about that at all, and even older people shouldn't be sexualized 24/7

2019-01-07 03:59:28 UTC

That being said, if we acknowledge biological determinism, sexual orientation isn't really a choice. If someone is gay and not bothering anyone, we should just leave them alone.

2019-01-07 03:59:31 UTC

no outright oppression, just cultural taboo on homosexuality?

2019-01-07 03:59:46 UTC

yes, that could be a fair way to put it

2019-01-07 04:00:11 UTC

that's true but the issue is that outright suppression is necessary or you get this globohomo obligated faggotry.

2019-01-07 04:00:29 UTC

we have today*

2019-01-07 04:00:42 UTC

There is a gene for sexuality but it isn’t a gay gene. It’s just some men have the like men gene. And it’s also triggered by child abuse

2019-01-07 04:01:25 UTC

Depends what suppression would look like

2019-01-07 04:02:47 UTC

This is a theory I've heard. There's certain genes that make you really attracted to a particular body part. If a women ends up with the gene that makes her really attracted to penises, she just becomes really promiscuous. If a man has it, he becomes gay.

This can explain why the genes for homosexuality manage to reproduce themselves, which otherwise would have seemed kind of paradoxical.

2019-01-07 04:02:49 UTC

The militant, in your face, fringe of the lgbt community is unfortunately the loudest and most obnoxious but does not encompass all gay people.

2019-01-07 04:03:07 UTC

it's not a palatable discussion topic but it is something that has to be removed. correct, that's why outward suppression is necessary to not promligate the gene. I guess the issue is also having the cultural pressing for homosexuals to marry, you may infact be continuing homosexuality and not letting it be weeded out.

2019-01-07 04:03:59 UTC

@PatrickAZ Gay people are borne of straight parents though they are not borne of gay parents

2019-01-07 04:04:06 UTC

@Grayson that's true but it's also like the based minorities, they'll weather any storm because they are willing to remove their personhood for a better opportunity.

2019-01-07 04:05:07 UTC

Well, at the same time, do you really want to suppress them to the point that they're getting themselves into unhappy marriages due to social pressure? Better to just let people admit that they're gay, and as long as they don't shove it in your face, leave them alone.

2019-01-07 04:05:10 UTC

@Grayson of course. it's recessive and it is more effeminity not outright "homosexuality"

2019-01-07 04:05:36 UTC

oy vey. I dunno. I see that as a slippery slope either way.

2019-01-07 04:06:23 UTC

I’ve plenty of friends who married women and tried really hard to be straight and everybody was miserable and some committed suicide.

2019-01-07 04:06:35 UTC

I understand that.

2019-01-07 04:06:40 UTC

As I understand it there was very effective conversion therapy research suppressed by the gays

2019-01-07 04:07:21 UTC

Frankly, I'm not convinced ANYONE is born gay. Every homosexual I've known had family issues and/or suffered from sexual assault. Or are just perverts/pedophiles

2019-01-07 04:07:38 UTC

correct. I think that there are much stricter measures that we could promligate. not just the live let live mentality...

2019-01-07 04:07:46 UTC

Milo Yiannopoulis even said he doesn't think people are born gay

2019-01-07 04:08:03 UTC

@Nico The Great - CA no you can’t say that bro. Come on now.

2019-01-07 04:08:05 UTC

I think you are born more prone to these behaviors.

2019-01-07 04:08:14 UTC

yes, this ^

2019-01-07 04:08:31 UTC

it's pretty well established in evolutionary psychology that every trait is a combination of genetics and environment

2019-01-07 04:09:13 UTC

we understand homosexuality in a very weird lense. It is behavior not like a "whoa I guess I'm into persons of the same sex".

2019-01-07 04:11:07 UTC

it's been around for a very long time. as far back into history as sex used for currency.

2019-01-07 04:11:09 UTC

Some people try so hard to fight those urges and feelings, go to therapy, counseling, force themselves to go on dates with women .. I’ve known several guys like that. Some tried so hard, they cried With me, they hated it, hated themselves, some committed suicide because they didn’t want to be that way and most came from well adjusted stable healthy families

2019-01-07 04:11:48 UTC

it stems from degeneracy and over promotion of decedance.

2019-01-07 04:12:01 UTC

I agree with Patrick

2019-01-07 04:12:04 UTC

that sucks. are we going to now start pleading for all the low IQ's in the world.

2019-01-07 04:12:37 UTC

I've known people who watched progressively worse porn and then magically became homosexual.

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