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2018-12-02 02:36:35 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ they have to digest their high butter diet somehow

2018-12-02 02:36:44 UTC

keto gang approves this post

2018-12-02 02:37:12 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ it's just you lol

2018-12-02 02:37:18 UTC

France is known for this

2018-12-02 02:37:37 UTC

When is the last time you saw something like this from Britain?

2018-12-02 02:37:39 UTC

any thoughts on a chapter here doing a yellow vest protest as well? I agree with the post I saw further up the thread about getting stamp tax/tea party vibes from this protest.

2018-12-02 02:37:47 UTC

especially our Louisiana chapter could get in on this

2018-12-02 02:38:05 UTC

@Jacob the free Tommy protests had a bit of steam but let off

2018-12-02 02:38:06 UTC

How’s it just me then @Jacob

2018-12-02 02:38:17 UTC

free Tommy protests were pretty insane actually

2018-12-02 02:38:35 UTC

@⚡Clark⚡ lmao I meant to type "not"

2018-12-02 02:38:38 UTC

White dudes finally had a legit and good reason to go off against the system *that would be supported by most of the more mainstream dissident right

2018-12-02 02:38:47 UTC

Gotcha @Jacob

2018-12-02 02:39:17 UTC

eh it wasn't really legitimate

2018-12-02 02:39:38 UTC

I suppose apathy is the elite's strongest tool. they wait for a protest to dim

2018-12-02 02:39:45 UTC

Tommy Robinson collaborated with the grooming gangs by giving the judge an excuse to nullify the trial

2018-12-02 02:39:50 UTC

it was legit enough in their eyes to mass mobilize, their press laws are fuckin retarded anyways

2018-12-02 02:39:55 UTC


2018-12-02 02:39:56 UTC

m8 lol

2018-12-02 02:40:18 UTC

Not the verb I would pick

2018-12-02 02:40:28 UTC

bc it's inaccurate lol

2018-12-02 02:41:40 UTC

I disagree with the Greg Johnson take on Tommy.

2018-12-02 02:42:13 UTC

BritBongs don't disobey their masters often. When they have a reason to awaken the Saxon you don't stop it

2018-12-02 02:42:22 UTC

If you break laws on reporting on ongoing trials, it gives the judge an excuse to nullify the trial for prejudicing the jury and set the suspects free. You can disagree with the law, but, the fact remains, that he was well aware that the law existed and he was well aware that it would increase the gang's chance of going free.

He assisted them in a literal sense.

2018-12-02 02:43:06 UTC

The occupied-UK kritarchy was never going to seriously punish the groomers.

2018-12-02 02:43:14 UTC

collaborating, your word, implies that he worked with them in order to ensure that the grooming gangs would get their mistrial. that is a heavy accusation to levy against a man you don't know.

2018-12-02 02:44:47 UTC

unless of course you have a behind-the-scenes in with Tommy and know that he wanted to ensure that the grooming gangs would go free to rape more English children, which would be something that the dissident right at large would need to know

2018-12-02 02:46:04 UTC

Justice vs preventing it from happening again. Tough choice imo

2018-12-02 02:46:57 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN It's not like people haven't been convicted in similar cases in the past. Softer punishments than they should have gotten, but still harder than if the trial got nullified.

2018-12-02 02:46:59 UTC

no one is denying that he acted foolishly. I am aggressively denying that he established relations with the grooming gang in order to "collaborate" with them to secure their mistrial, unless of course someone has evidence that he has done so.

2018-12-02 02:47:29 UTC

I like Steve McNallen's take he did on Red Ice

2018-12-02 02:47:31 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN lol are people actually trying to sell that line?

2018-12-02 02:47:40 UTC

I'm not saying that he established relations with them, I'm saying that his actions objectively benefitted them

2018-12-02 02:47:50 UTC

no, you said he collaborated with them

2018-12-02 02:47:56 UTC

which necessitates a relationship

2018-12-02 02:48:37 UTC

again, unless you or someone else has evidence that he collaborated with them, that's a heavy accusation backed by nothing.

2018-12-02 02:51:49 UTC

It's an accusation backed by the fact that he knowingly took action that was beneficial to them. From a moral standpoint, it doesn't matter if personally talked to them or not, because it would have had the same outcome.

It's undeniable that his actions decreased their chance of conviction, and it's undeniable that he knew what he was doing.

2018-12-02 02:52:15 UTC


2018-12-02 02:52:23 UTC

an independent action, that everyone agrees was stupid, is incredibly different from "collaboration"

2018-12-02 02:53:10 UTC


2018-12-02 02:53:22 UTC

you chose a poor word that had implications you apparently didn't consider. everyone agrees he acted foolishly in a way that harmed himself and the case. switch to the second phrasing, and it's actually an accurate statement

2018-12-02 02:54:12 UTC

Not everyone thinks it was stupid considering that people constantly defend him

2018-12-02 02:54:35 UTC

Okay how about this

He took actions that had the same effect as collaborating

2018-12-02 02:54:51 UTC

It was stupid, but again, Free Tommy was bigger than him.

2018-12-02 02:55:16 UTC

Collaborating with them would necessitate that he is intentionally working with the enemy to undermine both English Nationalism and White people. That has ramifications that far outscope one court case

2018-12-02 02:55:54 UTC

A tommy-free protest against grooming gangs SHOULD have risen. But didn't. It never did. You work with what you have

2018-12-02 02:56:05 UTC

Do you think that Tommy is working with Muslims and other nonWhite groups to undermine the English and White people as a whole? Or do you think that he did something stupid?

2018-12-02 02:59:25 UTC

I think Tommy is legit but he’s also Jewish.

2018-12-02 02:59:58 UTC

Like if you see his old stuff I don’t think he is some plant or controlled opposition

2018-12-02 03:00:07 UTC

But he is Jewish sooo

2018-12-02 03:00:12 UTC


2018-12-02 03:00:27 UTC

Like Stephen Miller and Loony Loomer the absolute Mad Lass.

Heebs can be used.

2018-12-02 03:00:30 UTC

Lmao. Tommy the Jewish Muslim collaborator

2018-12-02 03:01:06 UTC

Neither. He wasn't just stupid, he knew exactly what he was doing. But he (probably) wasn't sitting there and going "haha I'm gonna undermine white nationalism". The truth is somewhere in between.

The reason I used the word "collaborated" is because the way I understand the word, if two parties take mutually beneficial actions, they're "collaborating". In this case, the grooming gangs gave him publicity, and he gave them a chance to get their trials nullified.

Now, if your understanding of the word "collaborate" is that it necessitates a verbal agreement, then, I agree, they didn't. @Sam Southern - TN

2018-12-02 03:02:24 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN lmao no, it should not have risen

What he did objectively decreased the victims chances of getting justice. Even the pro-Tommy crowd concedes that.

Why do you think it's okay to decrease rape victims chances of getting justice?

2018-12-02 03:02:50 UTC

I don’t buy that.@Jacob

2018-12-02 03:03:04 UTC

Don't buy what?

2018-12-02 03:03:06 UTC


2018-12-02 03:03:13 UTC

What an overrated thing

2018-12-02 03:03:28 UTC

I watched a whole thing about why he does what he does.

2018-12-02 03:03:42 UTC

If putting rapists in jail is overrated then why do you care about this at all? @Josh M. -OH

2018-12-02 03:04:20 UTC

@Jacob by "tommy-free" I meant a protest sans tommy. That didn't happen so you work with what you have (a tommy involved "free tommy") my apologies for unclear wording

2018-12-02 03:04:31 UTC

Justice wont change anything that's why. You really think that'll deter other Muslim grooming gangs? No

2018-12-02 03:04:50 UTC

Tommy changing sentiment towards muslims and getting whites angry might.

2018-12-02 03:05:19 UTC

Damage us already done to those girls. How about stopping it from happening again?

2018-12-02 03:05:22 UTC

And Jacob I will ignore that unfair and disingenuous stab at me. Because we're friends.

2018-12-02 03:05:23 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Ya, I'm still gonna have to disagree with that. We don't want to send a message that it's okay to use rape victims as political pawns like he did.

2018-12-02 03:06:01 UTC

This is so dumb. Watch tommy Robinson’s talk at oxford.

2018-12-02 03:06:31 UTC

... Wait wait? I mist be misunderstanding. You don't like Tommys shenanigans but you would ALSO oppose a protest movement against grooming gangs that Tommy wasn't a part of??

2018-12-02 03:07:20 UTC

You said we should work with what we have, which is a free Tommy protest. Correct me if I'm misunderstanding you.

2018-12-02 03:07:24 UTC

This is such bullshit now.

2018-12-02 03:07:33 UTC

It is sad that a Jew is able to get more press than legitimate Brits. 😢

2018-12-02 03:08:02 UTC

@Josh M. -OH It won't change anything if these guys are back on the streets vs if they aren't?

2018-12-02 03:08:39 UTC

@Jacob Yeah. Work with what you have.

2018-12-02 03:08:51 UTC

Implying they're the only ones doing it and that the government wouldn't put them back on the street anyway.

2018-12-02 03:09:07 UTC

You don't get to PICK what the MASSES get riled up about.

2018-12-02 03:09:14 UTC

If we could, IE would be in the white house

2018-12-02 03:10:33 UTC

The faith in the UK government to adequately punish muslims is laughable.

2018-12-02 03:10:58 UTC

We’re not even Brits so wtf?

2018-12-02 03:11:00 UTC

Excusing that by blaming Tommy for it is gross

2018-12-02 03:11:09 UTC

Moments, however imperfect, must be capitalized upon for a nobler goal (stopping future rapes)

2018-12-02 03:11:16 UTC
2018-12-02 03:11:45 UTC

@Nerv - VA the eternal anglo always thinks about the old land lol

2018-12-02 03:12:32 UTC

Are they not white? Should we ignore their plight because weren't born on the same lands?

2018-12-02 03:12:49 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN Anglos... so powerful yet always misguided.

2018-12-02 03:13:00 UTC

no, I'm supermajority Anglo but still way more focused on problems here than there ya know @Josh M. -OH

2018-12-02 03:13:11 UTC

@Nerv - VA skrrrrrt we're too focused on restarting the empire

2018-12-02 03:13:20 UTC

If "what we have" is supporting a guy who knowingly decreased a grooming gangs chance of getting convicted, it's better to wait for it to blow over and build something new.

I don't mean any disrespect to you as a person, so I'm sorry if it came off like that, but the idea that we should support someone like this is absurd.

It might succeed in getting some right wing working class people riled up, but anyone on the fence watching this is going to think we've crazy. @Wood-Ape - OK/MN

2018-12-02 03:13:20 UTC

@Josh M. -OH we’re not an English group.

2018-12-02 03:13:41 UTC

@Nerv - VAyeah, so?

2018-12-02 03:13:50 UTC

We shouldn't care about others?

2018-12-02 03:14:07 UTC

nibba he's saying that we are more focused on stuff here than stuff there for obvious reasons

2018-12-02 03:14:43 UTC

@Sam Southern - TNno one is arguing against that. Doesn't even need to he said really

2018-12-02 03:15:10 UTC

it does if you're asking why we don't care about others

2018-12-02 03:16:02 UTC

I'm saying you should care but should put your interests first

2018-12-02 03:16:23 UTC

Our interests I should say.

2018-12-02 03:16:50 UTC

@Josh M. -OH Really? It's gross to say that he shouldn't have done something which could have given the judge an excuse to set rapists free?

You can disagree with the law, but that doesn't change the impact of what he did.

By the way, the law wasn't politically motivated at all. The idea is that a jury is only supposed to get information from the trial so they remain impartial, so, if an ongoing trial is reported on, it could "prejudice the jury". It had nothing to do with his political beliefs. He wasn't a political prisoner.

2018-12-02 03:17:54 UTC

If you have no faith in your government getting rightful justice for those victims what would you do?

2018-12-02 03:17:55 UTC

@Josh M. -OH No we should. But we should also realize that we have no ability to do anything in the UK. Because we have no UK members.

2018-12-02 03:18:02 UTC


2018-12-02 03:18:04 UTC

This is what happens when you get all your news from sources that already agree with you. The truth is, far right sources make stuff up to.

2018-12-02 03:18:29 UTC

@Nerv - VAwe can still debate the issues.

2018-12-02 03:18:40 UTC

Ok 👍

2018-12-02 03:18:48 UTC

@Josh M. -OH I would raise awareness *without* reporting on an ongoing trial. Literally that simple.

2018-12-02 03:19:48 UTC

Ok, we can agree that maybe he was foolish but his heart was in the right place?

2018-12-02 03:20:45 UTC

@Jacob But the only sources I have seen with your take have been hardline WN places like Counter Currents... 🤔

2018-12-02 03:21:39 UTC

His heart wasn't in the right place. He wanted publicity. If you read the Counter Currents articles, there's evidence he was well aware of this law. I highly doubt that a guy so involved in politics was unaware of a fairly simple law like this in his own country. @Josh M. -OH

2018-12-02 03:21:53 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN The Guardian had a good take on it

2018-12-02 03:22:19 UTC

@Jacob he was capitalizing on the publicity of the trial to raise awareness.

2018-12-02 03:22:42 UTC

I guess you could try and say it was selfish

2018-12-02 03:23:08 UTC

Leadership is enjoying a retreat and we are fighting... I am not a mod but I kindly suggest a topic change

2018-12-02 03:23:28 UTC

No fighting. Debating. Which is healthy.

2018-12-02 03:24:07 UTC

Again, there was an infinite number of ways he could have raised awareness without reporting on an ongoing trial.

2018-12-02 03:24:52 UTC

@Jacobyeah, I'll concede he was foolish. I wont concede he intentionally sabotaged a trial to get muslims off

2018-12-02 03:25:03 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN let's let <@&358437309076602912> decide

2018-12-02 03:25:25 UTC

what's up?

2018-12-02 03:25:39 UTC

Is this conversion too divisive?

2018-12-02 03:25:42 UTC

I have said my piece, and further commentary on my part would be talking in circles

2018-12-02 03:26:06 UTC

Why cant we have a debate? No one is calling names or making personal attacks.

2018-12-02 03:26:29 UTC

Looks to me like it's been long enough in any case.

2018-12-02 03:26:40 UTC


2018-12-02 03:26:40 UTC

I'm personally fine having a debate but if mods think it's too divisive I'll end it

2018-12-02 03:26:40 UTC

@sigruna14that I agree with

2018-12-02 03:26:52 UTC

Who's got a whitepill

2018-12-02 03:27:10 UTC

Peter Pan is really wholesome. Encourages motherhood and such

2018-12-02 03:27:19 UTC

What you guys should be doing is making babies

2018-12-02 03:27:20 UTC

@Valaska "white spring"

2018-12-02 03:27:35 UTC


2018-12-02 03:27:48 UTC

@Nerv - VA there's nowhere in my house to put one

2018-12-02 03:28:03 UTC

You’ll figure it out.

2018-12-02 03:28:14 UTC

Now get out of the house.

2018-12-02 03:28:28 UTC

I need someone to put one in

2018-12-02 03:28:45 UTC

@Josh M. -OH wait, is that how it's done?

2018-12-02 03:28:54 UTC

lol making a baby would probably be an incredibly bad decision right now

2018-12-02 03:29:01 UTC

I punched my way out of a mysterious boulder as a toddler

2018-12-02 03:29:02 UTC

Yeah you just put the baby in there

2018-12-02 03:29:53 UTC


2018-12-02 03:31:04 UTC

Currently setting up a date with this babe

2018-12-02 03:31:12 UTC

@Jacob I don’t mean immediately. Get a gf, at least.

2018-12-02 03:31:12 UTC

Too good to be true

2018-12-02 03:31:20 UTC

What you should *actually* be doing is moving outside of DC and getting cozy with our chapter

2018-12-02 03:32:43 UTC

I have been getting lots of 'mires and comments on my dramatic fat loss and muscle gain since May.
Unfortunately only the Mullatas and Injun girls mire.

2018-12-02 03:32:56 UTC


2018-12-02 03:33:27 UTC

White women are less blatant fren

2018-12-02 03:33:35 UTC

A lot less

2018-12-02 03:33:53 UTC

@NateDahl76 whitepilled take, possible cope post, bit I'll take it, thanks lol

2018-12-02 03:34:12 UTC

Goblinas are thirsty for sure. Deny!

2018-12-02 03:34:35 UTC

😂 goblinas

2018-12-02 03:34:56 UTC

True that friend. You gotta initiate with white grils like 100% of the time

2018-12-02 03:35:10 UTC

Her initiating may just be a red flag

2018-12-02 03:35:53 UTC

Tread carefully, gentlemen.

2018-12-02 03:36:21 UTC

True. True. I will be graduated and back in Minnesota by month's end and earning money. Better situation for huwyte waifu snow safari.

2018-12-02 03:36:38 UTC

Where all the white women hiding at? Dating apps have been a terrible black pill

2018-12-02 03:36:46 UTC


2018-12-02 03:37:03 UTC

Grocery stores and church

2018-12-02 03:37:12 UTC

@Josh M. -OH
Meme answer: Church
Real answer: [redacted]

2018-12-02 03:37:56 UTC

I will declassify once I have one for myself.and no longer need market advantage

2018-12-02 03:38:12 UTC

I'm not much of a believer so church would be dishonest. I've considered it. My sister is a regular church goer and has tried to drag me along for said purpose

2018-12-02 03:38:43 UTC

It's not for everyone, and that's fine.

2018-12-02 03:39:08 UTC

Initiate conversations irl

2018-12-02 03:39:11 UTC

There is a being single and courtship channel in the skills server.

2018-12-02 03:39:57 UTC

If this convo is too cringe for general. (speaking as the General of Cringe)

2018-12-02 03:40:11 UTC

@Nerv - VA to be completely honest I don't think that would be a good idea either

This is probably an unpopular opinion here but I disagree with rushing into dating and marriage and kids and all

2018-12-02 03:41:02 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN I've had the same problem. Non white girls constantly get crushes on me.

2018-12-02 03:41:44 UTC

Let’s take any continuation of this conversation to skills server

2018-12-02 03:42:02 UTC

But I cant go

2018-12-02 03:42:57 UTC


2018-12-02 03:43:04 UTC

No one’s said anything anyway

2018-12-02 03:43:24 UTC

Omg. It’s literally not a skill. Don’t go to the skill server go outside. Seriously.

2018-12-02 03:43:38 UTC


2018-12-02 03:43:43 UTC


2018-12-02 03:43:49 UTC

mfw _literally_ in that context means the exact opposite 😛

2018-12-02 03:44:10 UTC

It’s a life skill reeee

2018-12-02 03:44:14 UTC

Omg. It’s figuratively not a skill. Don’t go to the skill server go outside. Seriously.

2018-12-02 03:44:37 UTC

Okay referencing earlier topic. I have discovered how babies are born. Like much else, our Japanese cousins are very wise.


2018-12-02 03:44:55 UTC


2018-12-02 03:45:13 UTC

@Josh M. -OH Let's not, please.

2018-12-02 03:46:58 UTC


2018-12-02 03:47:00 UTC

they did surgery on a grape

2018-12-02 03:47:30 UTC

Make fun all you want I have 3 white kids.

2018-12-02 03:47:37 UTC

*goes outside

2018-12-02 03:47:47 UTC

"Time to find my huwhite waifu

2018-12-02 03:47:55 UTC

Any updates on #yellowvests

2018-12-02 03:47:59 UTC

*lives in little Mexico

2018-12-02 03:48:29 UTC

-only sees a horde of "el extinguinado de la luz"

2018-12-02 03:48:47 UTC

"Fuck that going back inside"

2018-12-02 03:49:04 UTC

*opens eastern european dating website

2018-12-02 03:49:47 UTC

Link me bro

2018-12-02 03:50:04 UTC


2018-12-02 03:50:33 UTC

I’m gonna have to translate this ugh

2018-12-02 03:53:43 UTC


2018-12-02 03:54:30 UTC

@metasophocles Really not an appropriate cartoon for this server

2018-12-02 03:54:38 UTC

Understood, apologies

2018-12-02 03:54:50 UTC
2018-12-02 03:56:21 UTC

They got it in the window

2018-12-02 03:57:56 UTC

And even reversed it to make sure they got more

2018-12-02 03:58:28 UTC

@metasophocles I know you're probably joking, but I just want to say that mail order brides are a *bad* idea

2018-12-02 03:58:33 UTC

Tractor activism

2018-12-02 03:58:33 UTC

@Rabbidsith Trojan Burro

2018-12-02 03:58:39 UTC
2018-12-02 03:59:01 UTC

dailymail.co.uk < NOT FACTUAL

2018-12-02 03:59:11 UTC

I fly 2 flags, teal and john Deere green

2018-12-02 03:59:35 UTC

@@Jacob Mail order brides are a boomer tier solution lol

2018-12-02 03:59:37 UTC

The only thing that worries me about yellow vests is leftist are trying to hijack it.

2018-12-02 03:59:56 UTC

@Nerv - VA I agree and share your worry

2018-12-02 04:00:07 UTC

@metasophocles Intentionally seeking out a foreign girl is a cringe solution in general

2018-12-02 04:00:09 UTC

Macron takes an egg to the face

2018-12-02 04:00:15 UTC

as he sells out western values

2018-12-02 04:00:48 UTC

Second reminder to LITERALLY go oustside.

2018-12-02 04:01:16 UTC

All caps so you know it’s serious.

2018-12-02 04:01:38 UTC

@Nerv - VA how'd you meet your wife?

2018-12-02 04:01:54 UTC

On his front lawn, apparently.

2018-12-02 04:02:12 UTC

Yep on my lawn.

2018-12-02 04:02:21 UTC

In all seriousness, he's advocating being an active member in his community.

2018-12-02 04:02:26 UTC

Good advice.

2018-12-02 04:02:35 UTC

His milk shakes were irresistible

2018-12-02 04:02:45 UTC

As in a fixture beyond just IE

2018-12-02 04:03:03 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate This is 2018 community doesn't exist

2018-12-02 04:03:54 UTC

@ExternalPepsi sorry that you feel that way. Not so in PA and likely not so in VA, where @Nerv - VA is from as well.

2018-12-02 04:04:27 UTC

I’m actually from pittsburgh I live in va now

2018-12-02 04:04:52 UTC

Oh, okay. Work or family?

2018-12-02 04:04:58 UTC

I do environmental volunteering, and do guiding work, but no single straight white women. I am far from a housebound NEET despite my shitposting

2018-12-02 04:05:06 UTC

Community confirmed for MT

2018-12-02 04:05:17 UTC

I had kids in va.

2018-12-02 04:05:32 UTC

@Nerv - VA how old r u anyway?

2018-12-02 04:05:45 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN yeah it's obviously not as easy as "just going outside" but it certainly won't hurt your chances.

2018-12-02 04:07:38 UTC

Can confirm @Papa Pizzagate speaks the truth. Have spent some really wonderful "vacations" and holidays with some very fine Serbian people in PA this year. It's amazing how close-knit their community is

2018-12-02 04:07:58 UTC
2018-12-02 04:08:06 UTC

My friend and his girlfriend just stopped by at my house and I had my IE posters laying around on the table

2018-12-02 04:08:13 UTC

I wonder if his girlfriend knew what it was

2018-12-02 04:09:07 UTC

Nah@Papa Pizzagate it is as easy as going outside I’m not even good looking and I’m socially awkward.

2018-12-02 04:09:47 UTC

Maybe we are wrong. Maybe "Magical Soil" does exist, outside of Nerv's house.

2018-12-02 04:09:51 UTC

He knows I'm in IE and he walked in first. I just assumed that if he would tell me to put it away or something if he knew his girlfriend would have a problem with it but he said nothing I was like like "lol whatever"

2018-12-02 04:12:27 UTC

@Jacob I hope I eventually meet you you seem pretty cool.

2018-12-02 04:15:31 UTC

When was the last time you spent a bit of time around ultra conservative boomer twitter? They have thoughts on George Wallace that will make you want to scream till you cough up blood. 😬

2018-12-02 04:16:05 UTC

Weekly dinner with my dad and his two brothers is boomer Twitter IRL.

2018-12-02 04:18:32 UTC

The boomer meme needs to die. I go to GLP and they are all boomers and more hardcore than this server.

2018-12-02 04:19:38 UTC

Tis true, alot of blue collar boomers know the score

2018-12-02 04:19:41 UTC

I get that it’s funny and somewhat true, but whites are white.

2018-12-02 04:21:18 UTC

I think the real boomers just don't get on twitter or facebook. The IRL types do seem wise to the issues.

2018-12-02 04:22:59 UTC

I wish they'd shut up about AOC. We get it. She's dumb.

2018-12-02 04:23:12 UTC

@micbwilli yea it’s a good meme but a lot are receptive. Go to godlikeproductions and the headlines are awesome most days. Then I just point out who’s Jewish.

2018-12-02 04:26:06 UTC

I was throwing away a stack of national geographics from my childhood and I saw a generic anti-evropean issue they had, and asked my dad who he thought wrote it, his response "some commie most likely" I told him it was a tribesman, his response "like I said some commie"

2018-12-02 04:27:07 UTC

The Bolshevism angle is strong with folks that grew up in the cold war

2018-12-02 04:27:32 UTC

@Nerv - VA Boomerism is a state of mind

2018-12-02 04:30:00 UTC

@Nerv - VA I really appreciate it, same to you as well.

2018-12-02 04:30:23 UTC

I'm gonna try to go to a national event that falls on a break

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