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2018-09-04 18:58:21 UTC

At least not with drumpf in charge

2018-09-04 18:58:27 UTC

Rome had an interesting dynamic around its society where they looked down on merchants to an extent. The tax collecting class that served in the upper echelons of the military (The Equites aka Calvary) were seen as lesser than those of noble blood.

2018-09-04 18:59:11 UTC

Crassus was the richest man to ever exist and he died being a bitter loser cause he never won any glory as a great general

2018-09-04 18:59:26 UTC

The merchant class was looked down on by most western societies until relatively recently right?

2018-09-04 18:59:33 UTC

Crassus's net worth was something like 180 billion usd in todays money

2018-09-04 19:00:04 UTC

No almost every colonial empire was built off the merchant class

2018-09-04 19:00:18 UTC

Certainly the two best ones, the Dutch and the English

2018-09-04 19:01:37 UTC

@The Soy Goy And that is exactly why the White brotherhood is rising so fast. The story of Europe and the U.S. as success stories is the story of White people. Period. Everybody else is just a parasitic drag. Even the much-vaunted Asians have had to learn everything from us. If only I could get my wife to join the White sisterhood. She hates Trump because he is so "mean." I've told her that that is exactly what is called for right now. The hell of it is, she actually agrees with my extreme Right views on individual issues. Never mind, As soon as Whites stand up for themselves in a big way, the ladies will come flocking to the banner. That's how it always happens.

2018-09-04 19:01:54 UTC

Things like money lenders and bankers have always been looked down on but I would hazard a guess that has more to do with the people in those professions rather than the professions themselves

2018-09-04 19:03:20 UTC

I always had the impression that class structure was something like: officials, artisans/scholars, merchants, peasants.

2018-09-04 19:03:46 UTC

Idk about that one fam, the Chinese and the Japs and the Koreans definitely built pretty impressive and unique societies prior to Western influence

2018-09-04 19:03:54 UTC

Couldn't tell you why I thought that, movies probably lol

2018-09-04 19:04:16 UTC

@The Soy Goy It just amazes me in reading about the naval voyages of the 15th through the 17th centuries how utterly brave and enthusiastic those guy were. They knew good and well that those long voyages could be certain death. But they were all like, "I'm not even worried about it bro."

2018-09-04 19:04:30 UTC

Plus the Koreans have gifted us Kpop and the Japs have given us anime so they're definitely good in my book

2018-09-04 19:04:37 UTC


2018-09-04 19:04:59 UTC


2018-09-04 19:05:09 UTC

Sushi is the greatest non-white contribution to the world. End of story.

2018-09-04 19:05:20 UTC

Hmm RPGs?

2018-09-04 19:05:55 UTC

Where our generation ran when society began to suck lol

2018-09-04 19:06:11 UTC

Yeah but the Asians were totally stuck in the 17th century at best. They are rigid and unimaginative. They live in a hive mind like a bunch of Zerg. We showed them everything about modern civilization.

2018-09-04 19:06:50 UTC

I think they just have a difference in values, asians are much more traditional than Europeans

2018-09-04 19:07:13 UTC

Well their "rigid mindset" may have saved them from our multicultural destruction

2018-09-04 19:07:53 UTC

They took great pride in doing things exactly the same way their ancestors did, that would obviously create a much different society from one that was primarily based on innovation and personal achievement like Europe was

2018-09-04 19:08:19 UTC

We need more ancestor worship

2018-09-04 19:08:28 UTC

Orientals are inherently conformist. When they come here they conform to whatever milleu they think is most beneficial.

2018-09-04 19:08:30 UTC

In a manner of speaking...

2018-09-04 19:08:44 UTC

I think that's why the chinese never tried to explore or colonize or whatever, they always felt like they had everything they needed

2018-09-04 19:09:06 UTC

I see value in that.

2018-09-04 19:09:34 UTC

Though I like descending from conquerers

2018-09-04 19:09:42 UTC

Yeah same

2018-09-04 19:09:56 UTC

We need to conquer and conquest again

2018-09-04 19:10:02 UTC

Did I see right? Kazinov has been confirmed to be heard for the Supreme Court nominqtion

2018-09-04 19:10:22 UTC

Just to get a place in the world again.

2018-09-04 19:10:24 UTC

Well there's not much to conquer anymore lol, unless we go to space

2018-09-04 19:11:01 UTC

Which I hope we do, the space force thing sounds really cool. Hopefully Trump works on that in his next term

2018-09-04 19:11:40 UTC


2018-09-04 19:13:42 UTC

Is he our guy?

2018-09-04 19:13:48 UTC

How right wing is he?

2018-09-04 19:14:26 UTC

First things did a deep dive on the Kavanaugh appointment a few weeks ago, and FTN did one this weekend, pretty nice to have listened to both side by side this weekend just before the hearings today.

First Things:

Fash The Nation:

2018-09-04 19:14:36 UTC

@MrBland - VA But their rigid mind set left them totally helpless when Whites showed up. Don't get me wrong. I admire the Northeast Asians. As long as they stay in their very own countries which they have overpopulated to a ridiculous degree. Only Whites have had the sense to moderate the number of their progeny in order to prevent overpopulation. If we had also closed our borders to nonWhites, just think how great it would be: a manageable population, low, low crime rates, high wages, etc.

2018-09-04 19:15:02 UTC

@The Soy Goy Soon we will be given a chance to conquer a home again.🤔👍😎

2018-09-04 19:15:11 UTC

@ThisIsChris I'll have to give it a watch

2018-09-04 19:15:21 UTC

Reddit on suicide watch

2018-09-04 19:15:28 UTC

They're podcasts but yeah they're great

2018-09-04 19:15:32 UTC


2018-09-04 19:15:57 UTC

@bspon002 that's awesome

2018-09-04 19:16:30 UTC

The salt mining has begun. Been at work so just found out about it all

2018-09-04 19:17:26 UTC

Mark Movsesian? I wonder if he is any relation to the great Sona Movsesian who is Conan O'Brian's personal assistant. She is one cute Armenian.

2018-09-04 19:20:14 UTC

Ha ha. You're all looking her up. Let's keep our minds out of the gutter please.

2018-09-04 19:21:37 UTC



2018-09-04 19:29:23 UTC

@The Soy Goy we should manufacture racialized controversy and then shortsell that company's stock before it hits the presses.

2018-09-04 19:29:35 UTC

^this is a joke, but it would probably work

2018-09-04 19:29:43 UTC

Is that insider trading lmao?

2018-09-04 19:30:06 UTC

White supreemist insider trading

2018-09-04 19:32:03 UTC

Hard to say. It's not like controversy has to be manufactured anyhow. Everything has become so racially polarized.

2018-09-04 19:35:32 UTC

No, it’s not insider trading. That would probably be the same pump and dump that got Belfort into trouble though

2018-09-04 19:35:46 UTC

There’s no need to manufacture controversy anyway

2018-09-04 19:36:32 UTC

Just as soon as any giant company announces they’re about to hit that fat SJW dab, get ready to shortsell

2018-09-04 19:36:34 UTC

Starbucks, Nike, New Balance, Chic-fil-et, Red Hen - this is all in the last year.

2018-09-04 19:36:59 UTC

granted Red Hen isn't a publicly traded company.

2018-09-04 19:37:54 UTC

>Starbucks announces free coffee for minorities day to offset institutionalized racism

2018-09-04 19:37:59 UTC

Real shortsell hours

2018-09-04 19:38:09 UTC

Time to make a quick buck, boys

2018-09-04 19:38:31 UTC

If you can profit from the good decision-making of companies, you can also profit from their bad decision-making

2018-09-04 19:40:02 UTC

@The Soy Goy great posts today my white brother ✊

2018-09-04 19:40:42 UTC

The thing that amazes me now is that it isn't profit that motivates these companies. They know that they'll lose money by doing this shit but they still go ahead

2018-09-04 19:41:12 UTC

They believe their public image is more important than the profits

2018-09-04 19:41:15 UTC

Risky gamble

2018-09-04 19:41:23 UTC

I honestly don't get the reasoning, I don't think it really gains them anything

2018-09-04 19:41:25 UTC

Control is more valuable than money.

2018-09-04 19:41:50 UTC

Like no one is going to start hating america or loving homosex because Nike says so

2018-09-04 19:42:09 UTC

It's about maintenance

2018-09-04 19:42:17 UTC

@DairyMaxx thank you my white racial comrade in the stuggle

2018-09-04 19:42:17 UTC

If you’re a company like Starbucks, which makes a big woo about your values and your fair trade practices, etc, and then everyone suddenly thinks you’re an evil racist company, your PR is more valuable than a day of profits.

2018-09-04 19:42:38 UTC

Reputation is everything

2018-09-04 19:42:55 UTC

Nike made kind of a retarded move though, given their market

2018-09-04 19:43:04 UTC

Jared Taylor signed my book with literally those exact words

2018-09-04 19:43:19 UTC


2018-09-04 19:43:26 UTC

Thought their market was basketball Americans?

2018-09-04 19:43:35 UTC

They thought they knew what appeals to their customers

2018-09-04 19:43:59 UTC

*well I got somethin to say*


2018-09-04 19:44:15 UTC

Is Nike’s market basketball Americans

2018-09-04 19:44:31 UTC

Apparently sprite is the official black soda, I learned this literally last week

2018-09-04 19:44:48 UTC

You need sprite to make lean

2018-09-04 19:45:04 UTC

Immediately after I saw an ad for “Mountain Dew ice” which literally had a trap beat, basketballs, and a chainlink fence

2018-09-04 19:45:09 UTC

Was kinda floored lmao

2018-09-04 19:45:35 UTC

They're trying to break into the lean market lmao

2018-09-04 19:46:06 UTC

Sprite 15 years ago “hey there’s no black soda yet we should hop on it for no reason”

2018-09-04 19:46:16 UTC

That's not even like a big brain take, that is unironically the reason why sprite is so popular with african americans

2018-09-04 19:46:37 UTC

I mean, other than orange soda, if Keenan and Kel is any indication

2018-09-04 19:46:58 UTC

@ophiuchus Nike is a massive company - obviously, but the *upwardly mobile whites who are willing to buy $68 microfiber running shirts* market is desirable.

2018-09-04 19:47:24 UTC

Nike makes most of its money selling shoes and athletic shorts

2018-09-04 19:47:31 UTC

Or like dryfit shirts

2018-09-04 19:47:37 UTC

Everyone buys those

2018-09-04 19:47:42 UTC

If they feel a company operates against their interest, they can go elsewhere.

2018-09-04 19:47:55 UTC

>running in a shirt

2018-09-04 19:47:55 UTC

lots of competition.

2018-09-04 19:48:09 UTC

Abibas is our company then

2018-09-04 19:48:11 UTC

Although obviously people have recently been choosing to not buy nike shit tho lol

2018-09-04 19:49:11 UTC

Nike already got beaned by abibas when abibas decided to bring Mack the retro shoes which everyone liked and Nike just ate crayons for a minute

2018-09-04 19:49:11 UTC

I am shameless stealing @Benis's content today

2018-09-04 19:50:42 UTC


2018-09-04 19:50:55 UTC

I dunno if that's _quite_ true

2018-09-04 19:51:10 UTC

Maybe its just cause I'm in alabama but like everyone I know is a closet racist

2018-09-04 19:51:18 UTC


2018-09-04 19:51:23 UTC

Literally everyone

2018-09-04 19:51:29 UTC


2018-09-04 19:51:35 UTC

Are they _that_ closeted about it?

2018-09-04 19:51:40 UTC

No offense here, but it's Alabama

2018-09-04 19:51:44 UTC

Depends on their company

2018-09-04 19:51:55 UTC

Also depends on their composure

2018-09-04 19:51:55 UTC

Well i mean they won't run around screaming racial epithets

2018-09-04 19:52:04 UTC

obviously you're not dropping hard-r's everywhere

2018-09-04 19:52:20 UTC

Seeing a black family at the gym and making a wrong turn in Birmingham will produce different reactions

2018-09-04 19:52:33 UTC

But if you ever talk about going to a bad part of town or if you start talking about car jackings and stuff then it's pretty obvious

2018-09-04 19:53:04 UTC

No one will ever outright admit it

2018-09-04 19:53:13 UTC


2018-09-04 19:53:14 UTC

But it’s not terribly hard to see

2018-09-04 19:53:37 UTC

We all know what “safe” neighborhoods entail

2018-09-04 19:53:42 UTC

@Nemets >Iranian racists

"you rang?"


2018-09-04 19:53:51 UTC

Whatever happened to him

2018-09-04 19:53:53 UTC


2018-09-04 19:54:02 UTC

He went to the gates of paradise

2018-09-04 19:54:02 UTC

Jason? He's still out here.

2018-09-04 19:54:14 UTC

He's one of Allah's martyrs

2018-09-04 19:54:15 UTC


2018-09-04 19:54:30 UTC

He's singing nasheeds with 72 virgins

2018-09-04 19:54:31 UTC

no, wait, zoroaster's martyrs

2018-09-04 19:54:31 UTC

He did a private event recently.

2018-09-04 19:54:33 UTC

If you’re an Iranian and aren’t a Zoroastrian wtf are you doing

2018-09-04 19:54:53 UTC

I actually like to listen to alot of his presentations on "new thinking allowed"

2018-09-04 19:54:54 UTC

I mean probably being beheaded as an apostate but you know

2018-09-04 19:55:10 UTC

That's about as coherent as saying if you're a german and aren't a pagan then wtf are you doing lmao

2018-09-04 19:55:11 UTC

I dunno, I'd say the odds are good you're part of the iranian revolution

2018-09-04 19:55:43 UTC

Any Iranians I’ve met here (2) seem really into it

2018-09-04 19:56:05 UTC

Wonder if it’s just a like. Owo ancient spirituality fad or what

2018-09-04 19:56:32 UTC

I've only ever met one and ancient Iranian spirituality never came up when I was with her lol

2018-09-04 19:57:08 UTC

That would make sense

2018-09-04 19:57:13 UTC

I knew one here who had a giant Zoroastrian symbol tattooed on his chest

2018-09-04 19:57:28 UTC

When the Ayatollah gets dabbed on I'd like to go to Tehran

2018-09-04 19:57:32 UTC

Yeah there’s some animosity since the whole “Umayyad conquest” thing

2018-09-04 19:57:37 UTC

I’d also love to visit Iran

2018-09-04 19:57:49 UTC

They won’t let you in if you have an Israeli passport cancelation

2018-09-04 19:57:51 UTC

If you’re an Iranian and aren’t awaiting the return of the intergalactic aryans wtf are you doing

2018-09-04 19:57:57 UTC

Now's not a great time unfortunately

2018-09-04 19:58:44 UTC

They're about to collapse internally. Their economy is gutted and the Islamist government is spending all the money they have left on holy wars in Syria and Yemen

2018-09-04 19:59:02 UTC

Wars which are super unpopular back home

2018-09-04 19:59:52 UTC

Shiraz looks pretty cool though


2018-09-04 20:00:34 UTC

Egypt would be cool too, but it’s also kinda sketchy. Not as bad as Iran, but still.

2018-09-04 20:00:58 UTC

There’s nothing to do in Doha, in case you were wondering.

2018-09-04 20:00:58 UTC

Yeah, were very similar

2018-09-04 20:01:10 UTC

Dubai maybe, idk. Going outside there is already oof.

2018-09-04 20:01:25 UTC

5 billion degrees and just sand everywhere.

2018-09-04 20:01:25 UTC

Russia USA Iran dream team would rule the world

2018-09-04 20:01:35 UTC

Throw Japan in for good measure

2018-09-04 20:01:44 UTC

That’s breddy nice

2018-09-04 20:02:14 UTC

IE Damascus when

2018-09-04 20:02:19 UTC

Lol yeah I heard Idlib is beautiful this time of year

2018-09-04 20:04:04 UTC



2018-09-04 20:04:25 UTC


2018-09-04 20:06:11 UTC

Reminds me of glen Beck’s chalkboard

2018-09-04 20:07:01 UTC

Idk why we're still in Syria

2018-09-04 20:07:51 UTC

Trump stopped funding Jabat Al-Nusra and the other al-Qaeda affiliated groups and that was literally the only reason we were there in the first place

2018-09-04 20:08:32 UTC

Aside from providing "deescalation zones" to allow ISIS to regroup and rearm without getting dabbed on by the SAA

2018-09-04 20:08:42 UTC

Halliburton wants more gibs I guess

2018-09-04 20:08:55 UTC

I wasn’t aware we were still actively doing anything there wtf

2018-09-04 20:10:29 UTC

Yeah we still have bases up with the Kurds in the north east

2018-09-04 20:10:40 UTC


2018-09-04 20:10:43 UTC

As well as an entire carrier group parked off shore

2018-09-04 20:14:32 UTC

So Ben Shapiro can drop truth bombs of logic?

2018-09-04 20:14:42 UTC

Or something like that.

2018-09-04 20:18:43 UTC

Henlo borthers. Thankful for rain today in Oklahoma, eating eggs on that keto life.

2018-09-04 20:20:50 UTC

I think he's a little overdramatic but he might be right

2018-09-04 20:21:12 UTC

God help us.


2018-09-04 20:21:30 UTC

The Ukrainian situation is much worse than the Syrian as far as peace goes

2018-09-04 20:21:38 UTC


2018-09-04 20:21:52 UTC

You can never trust those polls

2018-09-04 20:22:51 UTC

90% chance of hillary winning

2018-09-04 20:23:51 UTC

I worry the WW3 will start next Democratic Administration, if not sooner. Yikes. We must be a voice of peace and stability. It's a popular sentiment.

2018-09-04 20:24:52 UTC

Tbh if it did happen it'd probably be good in the long run, assuming that we didn't destroy the world in nuclear fire

2018-09-04 20:25:06 UTC

The Dems are doing just fine pushing for war without being in power. They do nothing but antagonize would-be allies.

2018-09-04 20:25:13 UTC

We're incredibly decadent, something has to change that

2018-09-04 20:25:59 UTC

I don't think we'll go to war with russia though, if anyone it'll be the Chinese

2018-09-04 20:26:02 UTC

A poll recently showing a 14-point lead among dems was the same polling firm to predict the red sweep in 2010.

2018-09-04 20:26:51 UTC

Similar poll results.

2018-09-04 20:27:11 UTC

How the hell do you reverse such a formidable lead?

2018-09-04 20:27:21 UTC

Within only 2 months...

2018-09-04 20:27:35 UTC

Trump must do less huwyte virture signalling on Twitter and more hard action.

2018-09-04 20:27:50 UTC

Real Andrew Jackson hours

2018-09-04 20:28:07 UTC

Hopefully he has a trade deal by the end of this week.

2018-09-04 20:28:12 UTC

Its cause republicans don't answer those gay polling surveys

2018-09-04 20:28:26 UTC

Labor unions approve of his approach.

2018-09-04 20:28:37 UTC

Most Republicans don't feel the need to shout their political ideology from the rooftops

2018-09-04 20:30:06 UTC

@The Soy Goy You suspect the silent majority still support Trump?

2018-09-04 20:32:14 UTC

@Hakujin - CA The silent majority is ambivalent. They'll side with who they perceive to be the strong horse.

2018-09-04 20:35:02 UTC

Nah bro most people who care about politics like trump

2018-09-04 20:35:55 UTC

I can see that living in a communist hellhole like California could warp one's perception but everywhere that isn't a shitlib urbanite colony is pretty red

2018-09-04 20:35:56 UTC

Will confirming Kavanaugh be good for the Republican party?

2018-09-04 20:36:11 UTC

Better than no one

2018-09-04 20:37:00 UTC

Anyone from a critical swing state have an opinion

2018-09-04 20:37:02 UTC


2018-09-04 20:37:28 UTC

For better or worse, the Rust Belt is the key to the near future.

2018-09-04 20:37:46 UTC

I'm in Florida all the time, outside of Miami its pretty red

2018-09-04 20:38:07 UTC

At least on the panhandle. Idk about like the tampa area

2018-09-04 20:43:46 UTC

I'm in a hopelessly blue state <:sad:366743316475281408> , but I still get out and vote. 🗳

2018-09-04 20:53:01 UTC

Good on you, though. Maryland's shape severely triggers my autism. Why isn't the peninsula just one state? Why isn't the western area just West Virginia? History's mysteries...

2018-09-04 20:57:53 UTC

My city is pretty much 100% red, it's nice, except for the few Black areas around here

2018-09-04 21:07:21 UTC

Of course, the blacks vote for the gibs.

2018-09-04 21:08:51 UTC

And Dems are more than willing to use other people's money (taxes) to pay for those votes.

2018-09-04 21:15:30 UTC

Georgia is on the verge of becoming a swing state. We're still about 60 percent White, but that is a slim margin. This year the Democrats have decided that our next governor should be a highly corrupt, Black, radical Black woman who is in debt up to above her ears. Like all Blacks and Mexicans as soon as she is elected she will consider her work done. Then it will be time to cash in. Lemme see them kick backs. Lemme see them massaged test scores. Lemme see them (((doners))). Let me see the MONEY y'all.

2018-09-04 21:18:18 UTC

I bet she dindu nuffin (like pay her bills) @OMGDwayne

2018-09-04 21:19:10 UTC

At least you can vote for the first black female governor! ❤

2018-09-04 21:19:50 UTC

Because "firsts" are more important than qualified or good in current year. 😑

2018-09-04 21:19:56 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD She is, of course, an overgrown, entitled child with a bad case of the gibs.. We do have a fine alternative in Kemp. He is a dog whistler like none other.

2018-09-04 21:21:57 UTC

I'm sure that most of Atlanta and Athens will vote for that sack of liver paté. But Georgia does have a surprising number of WOKE Whites who are extremely angry at the Left. Even a lot of women here are as fanatically right wing as I am. And they are mostly cute wiggy little things. Sigh.

2018-09-04 21:23:09 UTC

@Hakujin - CA where is that from?

2018-09-04 21:25:28 UTC

It's really a shame what has become of the south. I really liked living in Savanah for college.

2018-09-04 21:27:39 UTC

Well the South has not been immune to the Leftist project of forbidding common sense and personal experience. There were stinking hippies here too during my youth. What we're doing is speaking the truth to ALL Whites. Just let that reality go mainstream, and we are in like Flint.

2018-09-04 21:29:19 UTC

The south is already overrun with "diversity", I don't see that situation changing though.

2018-09-04 21:30:30 UTC

@Asatru Artist - MD It will change. It will change soon. We are on the cusp of a great upheaval. It won't be entirely pleasant, but it will be inevitable and it will be our finest hour. Put your money down boys.

2018-09-04 21:31:18 UTC

And you purty gals too.

2018-09-04 21:31:58 UTC

@Deleted User FiveThirtyEight
They take all the polls and weigh them based on methods and accuracy.

2018-09-04 21:32:12 UTC

<:deye:359010025223618570> IE has the best guys and gals. 😎

2018-09-04 21:33:01 UTC

well now this is happening...

2018-09-04 21:33:03 UTC


2018-09-04 21:34:11 UTC


2018-09-04 21:34:14 UTC


2018-09-04 21:34:14 UTC

they're grasping at straws at this point (before they ban them)

2018-09-04 21:35:33 UTC

I'm starting to think the left is functionally retarded. Literally.

2018-09-04 21:35:55 UTC

The dems didn't even ask Kavanaugh a question. They just ranted and raved the whole time.

2018-09-04 21:38:29 UTC

i think everyone forgets that the left is just a obnoxious vocal minority at this point.
most people are too busy working and living to get worked up enough to go out and protest, and majority of those types tend to be on the right

2018-09-04 21:39:29 UTC

right-wing business owners are not going to endanger their businesses/jobs to have a shouting match with some unhinged lunatics on the left; instead they'll keep quiet and go vote

2018-09-04 21:39:40 UTC

@Tyler0317 Indeed. You are absolutely correct in that regard.

2018-09-04 21:48:06 UTC

@Goose How about white women?

2018-09-04 21:54:01 UTC

@Hakujin - CA what about them?

2018-09-04 21:57:07 UTC

White women. 👌

2018-09-04 22:10:01 UTC

We must secure the existence of Wheat fields, and a future for the star child

2018-09-04 22:16:08 UTC

Star child!

2018-09-04 22:19:09 UTC

Every time I see "wheat", I pronounce it like Stewie. <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-09-04 22:22:51 UTC

Speaking of star child the first IE baby is going to be born soon. The Chosen One.

2018-09-04 22:24:12 UTC

He who will complete Identitarian Idealism?

2018-09-04 22:34:11 UTC

LMAO you mean take it from some esoteric system of German Idealism worshipping nerds to a movement that will attract people with social capital and go mainstream?

2018-09-04 22:34:19 UTC

Identitarian Realism

2018-09-04 22:34:43 UTC


2018-09-04 22:35:01 UTC

Grasping at straws while making them illegal at the same time

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