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2018-11-14 02:43:00 UTC

I used to play Larry Elder in Brawl, but I think that I'm going to main Tim Pool.

2018-11-14 02:43:09 UTC

I'll use the Allsup / Lana Lokteff mod.

2018-11-14 02:43:37 UTC

Dennis Pager's final smash is OP. Needs a nerf

2018-11-14 02:43:44 UTC

Is that the one with the optimized UI @Wood-Ape - OK/MN ?

2018-11-14 02:44:36 UTC

I'm maining James O'Keefe

2018-11-14 02:44:51 UTC

Tim Pool is too pozzed

2018-11-14 02:45:07 UTC

He'll get rekt like Moldylox

2018-11-14 02:45:36 UTC

Gotta go with my boi harambe.

2018-11-14 02:45:43 UTC

All of those characters are low tier

2018-11-14 02:45:57 UTC

Ben Shapiro is as janky as sheik

2018-11-14 02:45:58 UTC

What's the current meta, anyways?

2018-11-14 02:46:09 UTC

Laura Loomer?

2018-11-14 02:46:18 UTC

This shit changes so fast

2018-11-14 02:46:38 UTC

does milo main w his boyfriend or no? this is important in my pick

2018-11-14 02:46:45 UTC

If you take Hapa Tim's Hat he Insta-faints

2018-11-14 02:46:58 UTC

@Sam Anderson They duo-queue, and tag team

2018-11-14 02:47:16 UTC

100% maining milo then

2018-11-14 02:47:24 UTC

Jared Taylor has a sweet katana combo

2018-11-14 02:47:59 UTC

Hey...why isn't Blaire White one of the selectable heroes?

2018-11-14 02:48:01 UTC

Varg confirmed for next DLC character when?

2018-11-14 02:48:02 UTC

Its called cherry blossoms falling upon snow as white identity rises

2018-11-14 02:48:23 UTC


2018-11-14 02:49:06 UTC

Lol I didn't at first see Blonde (in belly of beast). U ironically she is the closest to WN on that list. Unless Punished Tucker is radicalizing

2018-11-14 02:50:10 UTC

We need Greg Conte, he can wear a Roman helmet

2018-11-14 02:50:18 UTC

Also, no Styx? His magic attacks are unbeatable.

2018-11-14 02:50:46 UTC

Who even are Collin Noir and Eric Nimmer?

2018-11-14 02:51:07 UTC

Colin Noir works for the NRA

2018-11-14 02:51:13 UTC

Where's Ann Coulter? She got buffed

2018-11-14 02:51:19 UTC

too baste

2018-11-14 02:51:48 UTC

Why is there a dog on the pic?

2018-11-14 02:52:47 UTC

Does Blonde hide her power level on her podcast with the beta? I have never listened to it. She hardly bothers to hide ethnonationalism on her solo videos.

2018-11-14 03:02:27 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN No, she's still pretty open about how fashy and pro-white she is.

2018-11-14 03:02:43 UTC

I watch the YouTube version every week.

2018-11-14 03:02:55 UTC
2018-11-14 03:07:35 UTC

big fan.

2018-11-14 03:09:57 UTC

That brings the number of expected California seat flips to 6. Only 8 of California's 53 congressmen will be Republicans in 2019.


2018-11-14 03:11:14 UTC

It's all so tiresome.

2018-11-14 03:14:04 UTC

What's popping

2018-11-14 03:14:35 UTC

Its fine, it wasn't the rear axel making noise by the way, it was just the stuff in the crate in the back

2018-11-14 03:14:50 UTC

Watching western movies with my dad. Very trad.

2018-11-14 03:16:09 UTC

@Walt Hopefully the Citizenship question will be approved by the SC. That will insure California loses a congressional seat or two.

2018-11-14 03:17:32 UTC

@Hakujin - CA I hope so.

2018-11-14 03:35:21 UTC

(tried to archive, it didn't take)

2018-11-14 03:36:45 UTC

Hey I was wondering what the leadership principle for IE is? Does Patrick decide everything or do we get to vote? Someone IRL asked me about it.

2018-11-14 03:37:22 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN That video is culturally enriching, bigot!

2018-11-14 03:37:30 UTC

Remember that all forms of government are viable, it just takes good leadership.

2018-11-14 03:37:46 UTC

"Patrick" is merely the apprentice of the ancient teal dragon Evropa, who is running things in his implicit wingspan

2018-11-14 03:37:57 UTC

>all forms of govt are viable

2018-11-14 03:38:31 UTC

We ShadowRun now.

2018-11-14 03:38:36 UTC

patrick is literally a sentient AI Mr. Pepsi

2018-11-14 03:39:11 UTC

@ExternalPepsi Pretty close to a corporate model. We have an Executive Director and then an Advisory Council members. Council members do not gain power through finance but rather acceptance throughout the organization and within the leadership.

2018-11-14 03:40:44 UTC

@Sam Anderson Alright thank you.

2018-11-14 03:41:47 UTC

@Sam Anderson Corporations REEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

2018-11-14 03:42:05 UTC

And then of course we have local coordinators and specialized coordinators for Activism and such.

2018-11-14 03:43:01 UTC

>implying IE is a democracy

2018-11-14 03:43:36 UTC

I have an answer for that, so to speak

2018-11-14 03:44:42 UTC

Shut down colleges, they are making our kids dumber...

2018-11-14 03:46:05 UTC

They so want to disagree with him, and keep trying to figure out how, but they can't and go with feelings. πŸ˜‚

2018-11-14 03:48:29 UTC

I am trying to find something to eat while watching this video.

2018-11-14 03:49:21 UTC

People bool on Steven Crowder but I think he does some good stuff.

2018-11-14 03:50:00 UTC

He's self-serving and may not be entirely truthful about his politics, but his videos could "redpill" "normies".

2018-11-14 03:51:30 UTC

There's a based Amerindian I have spotted watching Crowder videos before class a few times

2018-11-14 03:51:51 UTC

Yeah, his video trying to get gay cake from muslim bakers was an eye-opener about the double standards for me

2018-11-14 03:52:53 UTC

The comedic height of the Crowder meme was during Murdoch^2 meme war storyline, when they used him to spoof on wignats

2018-11-14 03:53:03 UTC

(do not post here)

2018-11-14 03:56:43 UTC

i have a folder of fake crowder memes that are actually quotes from a certain historical regime

2018-11-14 03:56:55 UTC

I love history

2018-11-14 03:57:10 UTC

European roots, American greatness

2018-11-14 03:58:38 UTC

People excited over the weird Pokemon movie trailer, but I'm just waiting for DtR videos.

2018-11-14 03:59:03 UTC

(take your time, media team! really! sincerely)

2018-11-14 04:01:02 UTC

All hail @FACINEMA on that front, the amount of work those videos will take is immense.

2018-11-14 04:07:44 UTC
2018-11-14 04:11:11 UTC


2018-11-14 04:11:19 UTC


2018-11-14 04:11:31 UTC

@sigruna14 WHYYYYYYY

2018-11-14 04:11:51 UTC

@Freiheit - CA I AM MUTED

2018-11-14 04:11:56 UTC


2018-11-14 04:12:33 UTC

that's what you get for chewing ice

2018-11-14 04:12:56 UTC

Can you even chew ice?

2018-11-14 04:12:59 UTC

I feel like you can't

2018-11-14 04:13:05 UTC

You can crunch but you can't chew

2018-11-14 04:13:37 UTC

@FACINEMA Lucky bastard you are. Caught me just before I went to bed.

2018-11-14 04:13:42 UTC

You must have some real chad jaw muscles if you can just straight up chew ice

2018-11-14 04:14:01 UTC


2018-11-14 04:14:02 UTC

My last act as a conscious white man for this day is to unmute @FACINEMA

2018-11-14 04:14:07 UTC

@sigruna14 U bet bb

2018-11-14 04:14:10 UTC

What a life

2018-11-14 04:14:31 UTC

Sweet dreams, IE.

2018-11-14 04:14:54 UTC


2018-11-14 04:17:24 UTC

Voice chat is lit stay out!

2018-11-14 04:22:04 UTC

Mattias applying a mean guillotine but failing.


2018-11-14 04:22:32 UTC

Looks like something else...

2018-11-14 04:23:59 UTC

Recent cringe:

2018-11-14 04:27:43 UTC

apparently triple x chromosome disorder is an actual thing

2018-11-14 04:27:57 UTC

That is why I said it.

2018-11-14 04:28:06 UTC

triple x chromosome: state of the union

2018-11-14 04:28:10 UTC


2018-11-14 04:31:01 UTC

@Deleted User Bloatlord Bluormphf is finished. How will he ever recover?

2018-11-14 04:31:07 UTC

Those glasses are usually a warning sign

2018-11-14 04:31:13 UTC

Like bright colors on a frog or something

2018-11-14 04:31:56 UTC

Or bright colors on a girl's hair

2018-11-14 04:31:56 UTC

He'll never recover from that

2018-11-14 04:31:57 UTC

Yeah good observation

2018-11-14 04:32:27 UTC

Or hair on a girl

2018-11-14 04:32:38 UTC

>tfw no bald stupid gf

2018-11-14 04:33:20 UTC


2018-11-14 04:33:27 UTC

that is what women should try to look like

2018-11-14 04:33:41 UTC


2018-11-14 04:33:53 UTC

Um women can look however they want πŸ’…πŸ»

2018-11-14 04:33:58 UTC

This is like the most unattractive anime chick I've ever seen in my life

2018-11-14 04:34:06 UTC

trashboat want bald stupid gf

2018-11-14 04:34:08 UTC

And they're designed

2018-11-14 04:34:13 UTC


2018-11-14 04:34:26 UTC

I'm gonna tell my gf to eat paint chips and shave her head

2018-11-14 04:34:31 UTC

TFW no wignat gf :^(

2018-11-14 04:34:34 UTC

LotGH has an older less hip aesthetic

2018-11-14 04:34:40 UTC

tfw no cenobite gf

2018-11-14 04:34:58 UTC

people, no thirst posting

2018-11-14 04:35:05 UTC

tfw no trilobite gf

2018-11-14 04:35:28 UTC

tfw no prokaryote gf

2018-11-14 04:35:51 UTC

Sometimes it really do be like that

2018-11-14 04:36:15 UTC

tfw no outdoorsy park ranger gf

2018-11-14 04:36:22 UTC

Identity Palevzoic

2018-11-14 04:36:37 UTC


2018-11-14 04:36:49 UTC

Identity Jurassic

2018-11-14 04:36:51 UTC

single cell > multicellular

2018-11-14 04:36:54 UTC

tfw no catherine the great gf

2018-11-14 04:37:08 UTC

That's who I always play in Civ V

2018-11-14 04:37:29 UTC

Extra strategic resources, hm?

2018-11-14 04:37:31 UTC

Hard to pass up double iron

2018-11-14 04:37:36 UTC

And then double uranium

2018-11-14 04:37:41 UTC


2018-11-14 04:37:42 UTC


2018-11-14 04:37:57 UTC

tfw no


2018-11-14 04:37:58 UTC

Tfw no sandwich.

2018-11-14 04:37:59 UTC

It's literally impossible for an asexual organism to be gay. This meme made by unicellular gang

2018-11-14 04:38:40 UTC

getting a little too bigthink here

2018-11-14 04:39:01 UTC

One species of fungi, Schizophyllum commune, really shines when it comes to gender diversity. The white, fan-shaped mushroom has more than 23,000 different sexual identities, a result of widespread differentiation in the genetic locations that govern its sexual behavior.

2018-11-14 04:39:16 UTC


2018-11-14 04:39:57 UTC

Why do you know all this stuff

2018-11-14 04:40:01 UTC

Did Pewdiepie actually tweet out a JF stream

2018-11-14 04:40:17 UTC

>I think I am going to sit here and read about mushrooms and how many different types of gay they can be

2018-11-14 04:40:52 UTC

Apparently not

2018-11-14 04:41:56 UTC

Mushrooms can't be gay because mushrooms can't sin.

2018-11-14 04:42:50 UTC

Pewdiepie did feature an article about JF on his drama news show though.

2018-11-14 04:43:28 UTC

With JF’s grinning, French face right in the center of his video. I’m sure the video has millions of views too,

2018-11-14 04:43:45 UTC

Mushrooms are shaped like wieners.

2018-11-14 04:43:49 UTC


2018-11-14 04:44:16 UTC

you know, I've been busy reading philosophy for the past few days

2018-11-14 04:44:32 UTC

and all I can say to what I'm seeing is this: the internet was a mistake

2018-11-14 04:44:34 UTC


2018-11-14 04:44:37 UTC

@Wood-Ape - OK/MN All men are mortal / Socrates is a man / Therefore, Socrates is mortal

2018-11-14 04:44:48 UTC
2018-11-14 04:45:08 UTC

@Selma How many edible mushrooms are there in the world

2018-11-14 04:45:15 UTC


2018-11-14 04:45:28 UTC


2018-11-14 04:45:47 UTC
2018-11-14 04:45:58 UTC

@Selma Fraud

2018-11-14 04:46:11 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Is now #1 Mushroom Master of IE

2018-11-14 04:46:23 UTC

Ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom

2018-11-14 04:46:26 UTC

Call me peter sweden

2018-11-14 04:46:35 UTC

call me traditional

2018-11-14 04:46:37 UTC

It all comes full circle

2018-11-14 04:46:40 UTC

it's mushrooms that im eating

2018-11-14 04:46:48 UTC

what sweden used to be about

2018-11-14 04:46:55 UTC

Peter's got that twitter clout

2018-11-14 04:47:18 UTC

news reporting, mushroom picking fake news I be defeating

2018-11-14 04:47:28 UTC

This is what Sweden used to be about


2018-11-14 04:47:54 UTC

only the realest had those

2018-11-14 04:48:00 UTC

gang gang

2018-11-14 04:48:28 UTC

Mushrooms I hope can eat all the plastic and Styrofoam. Such developments are unlikely on Piss Earth2050...

2018-11-14 04:48:31 UTC

This is what Sweden used to be about


2018-11-14 04:49:02 UTC

Sam Hyde is a true international Man of Mystery

2018-11-14 04:49:13 UTC

this is what sweden used to be about


2018-11-14 04:49:21 UTC

Google says there are 10,000 mushroom verities (though, apparently {everyone} agrees there are more) and 25% are edible β€” that amounts to roughly 2,500 edible mushrooms.

2018-11-14 04:49:31 UTC

His head

2018-11-14 04:50:05 UTC
2018-11-14 04:50:56 UTC

Who all here agrees that there are definitely more than 10k edible kinds of mushrooms??

2018-11-14 04:51:13 UTC

Hard no

2018-11-14 04:51:23 UTC

I’m skeptical

2018-11-14 04:51:31 UTC

This is what Sweden used to be about


2018-11-14 04:51:45 UTC

Alright guys, gonna do a bit of reading before bed.


2018-11-14 04:51:47 UTC


2018-11-14 04:51:58 UTC

That doesn't even look like coffee

2018-11-14 04:52:10 UTC

That just looks like straight up chocolate milk

2018-11-14 04:52:24 UTC


2018-11-14 04:52:42 UTC

Ian you look good

2018-11-14 04:52:49 UTC

ty king.

2018-11-14 04:53:16 UTC

Just picked up these very masculine clear rimmed glasses.

2018-11-14 04:53:25 UTC

working on my beard game.

2018-11-14 04:53:26 UTC

Very intellectual, testosterone rich book

2018-11-14 04:54:03 UTC

β€œAnd philosophy”

2018-11-14 04:54:11 UTC

SSJ3 Vegeta vs SSJ2 Goku + Yamcha *and Philosophy*

2018-11-14 04:54:22 UTC

Seems like an afterthought

2018-11-14 04:54:46 UTC

@Selma Vegeta never went SSJ3.. <:avtism:359037377919844352> <:avtism:359037377919844352>

2018-11-14 04:54:52 UTC


2018-11-14 04:54:58 UTC


2018-11-14 04:55:13 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate That's a fully evolved neck beard with a weak mustache

2018-11-14 04:55:27 UTC

This is what Sweden used to be about


2018-11-14 04:55:35 UTC

He looks like his name would be Porky Minch - truly.

2018-11-14 04:55:44 UTC

Is Philosophy an objective 3rd super hero?

2018-11-14 04:56:12 UTC

@Ald You trash talking Sweden bro? hop in voice and let me politely correct you sirr

2018-11-14 04:56:35 UTC

Actually no as a 1/4 Swede I know what I'm talking about

2018-11-14 04:56:41 UTC

let's reign in the autism

2018-11-14 04:56:51 UTC

I love Europe


2018-11-14 04:56:59 UTC

As 1/2 Swede I challenge you to a politieness competition

2018-11-14 04:57:00 UTC

Hollandaise is so good

2018-11-14 04:57:07 UTC

what the hell is that

2018-11-14 04:57:14 UTC

That's racist @Sam Anderson

2018-11-14 04:57:20 UTC

Honestly I have no clue

2018-11-14 04:57:23 UTC

It's just good

2018-11-14 04:57:29 UTC

I had it in Germany a lot

2018-11-14 04:57:32 UTC

With potatoes

2018-11-14 04:57:35 UTC

@Selma cursed

2018-11-14 04:57:38 UTC


2018-11-14 04:57:50 UTC

That looks more like appropriated culture

2018-11-14 04:57:54 UTC

Image has made me hunger

2018-11-14 04:57:55 UTC

its actually delicious, my mother's cousin's sister told her it's delicious.

2018-11-14 04:57:57 UTC

You should try it.

2018-11-14 04:58:01 UTC

Did you guys and gals see The King's Speech?

2018-11-14 04:58:14 UTC

That's a great movie, but no.

2018-11-14 04:59:52 UTC

lmao what

2018-11-14 05:00:12 UTC

I had to


2018-11-14 05:00:45 UTC

ultra instinct is strong with the pledge

2018-11-14 05:00:49 UTC

Oh gawd

2018-11-14 05:08:05 UTC

99.9 percent of hollywood people are jews.

2018-11-14 05:08:17 UTC

@Ald yes, it's a fantastic movie

2018-11-14 05:08:19 UTC

You are more likely to be correct than not correct.

2018-11-14 05:10:52 UTC

Heard a redPill today that our mercantile friends may have purposefully accelerated their disproportionate interest/direction of media in part to counteract and react to Father Coughlin.

2018-11-14 05:11:34 UTC

I'd never even heard of this gentleman. Thank you for that information.

2018-11-14 05:12:09 UTC

>she hasn't played kaiserreich for HOIIV

2018-11-14 05:18:11 UTC

@Sam Anderson he's practicing for the real challenge: Catching an IRL gf

2018-11-14 05:19:09 UTC

I hope I.E had a wonderful day today, engaged in self improvement via books and weight lifting! Never stop self improving

2018-11-14 05:20:01 UTC

That gear cost him 480 bucks, and he spends 300 bucks on in-game currency each month

2018-11-14 05:21:34 UTC

Very very cute, and it seems like it takes up his time.

2018-11-14 05:24:48 UTC

@ThisIsChris That's a lot of nEEtbucks, especially for his country

2018-11-14 05:35:19 UTC

Lord, make me an instrument of your will. Where there is injustice against my people may I bring right. Where there is error may I bring truth. Where my people despair may I bring hope. Grant that I may comfort my people rather than to be comforted - to serve them rather than to be served. For it is by putting the needs of my people before my own that I may best serve to secure the existence of my race and a future for White children. Good night, and peace be with you.

2018-11-14 05:37:07 UTC

I see that OSU has proven their intelligence by protesting little Ben Shapiro today. Too bad they were protesting his political views and not his ugly little hat.

2018-11-14 05:37:59 UTC

Higher education is doomed in this country.

2018-11-14 05:38:10 UTC

@Josh M. -OH I just noticed your flag

2018-11-14 05:38:15 UTC

That's interesting, what is this?

2018-11-14 05:38:26 UTC

Seems like a re-take of the US flag

2018-11-14 05:39:37 UTC

Lol when I first moved to Ohio I was confused why so many people wore Puerto Rican flags.

2018-11-14 05:40:41 UTC

It's the Ohio flag.

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