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2018-11-13 04:27:57 UTC

Literally shut it down the goyim know

2018-11-13 04:29:25 UTC

I wonder if there are miscegenation algorithms built into dating apps

2018-11-13 04:30:00 UTC

@Nemets which pew study?

2018-11-13 04:30:08 UTC

But is Cultural Marxism a substitute for religion?

2018-11-13 04:30:27 UTC


2018-11-13 04:31:39 UTC

@TylerHessthere are a lot of people comparing people's following of leftist ideology religious like.

2018-11-13 04:31:57 UTC

Same could probably be said of the right tbh

2018-11-13 04:33:18 UTC

It doesnโ€™t really matter whether a Jew is religious or not. They tend to do the same things regardless. Itโ€™s a genetic issue, not an ideology issue.

2018-11-13 04:33:41 UTC

Take that pill

2018-11-13 04:34:38 UTC

Wow, more than 200,000 Poles took part in the Independence Day march. Impressive! https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-46172662

2018-11-13 04:35:29 UTC

@Deleted User religious Jews tend to vote more conservative, no?

2018-11-13 04:36:44 UTC

@ThisIsChris tell me how โ€œconservativeโ€ is a meaningful distinction.

2018-11-13 04:37:03 UTC

@Deleted User pro-Trump vs anti-Trump, for example

2018-11-13 04:37:20 UTC

I know even the ones that donate tons of money to Republicans Pozzed the hell out of the GOP. That one guy put in a ton of money so the GOP would be gay friendly.

2018-11-13 04:38:58 UTC

Yeah, see? I donโ€™t care at all whether a Jew is republican or Democrat, whether they vote for trump or not. Obviously, anyone whoโ€™s pro Israel is going to vote for Trump. He gave them 38 billion dollars. His son in law is Jewish.

2018-11-13 04:40:21 UTC

Greetings, my subjects.

2018-11-13 04:40:25 UTC

Yeah I mean unfortunately Jews control the media so Trump has to play to them a bit. He's done a remarkable job of only giving them victories that don't negatively impact us.

2018-11-13 04:41:06 UTC

Personally, Iโ€™m a Christian. And whether youโ€™ll trouble yourself to look into it or not, Othrodox Jews as a group hate Christians as a group. You should see what they say about Jesus. I prefer atheist, Marxist Jews to Orthodox. At least everyone knows what side theyโ€™re on.

2018-11-13 04:41:17 UTC

No boots on the ground in Syria ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป just a meaningless airfield bombing

2018-11-13 04:41:47 UTC

We have boots on the ground.

2018-11-13 04:42:05 UTC

@ThisIsChristhey are also contributing a lot of jew gold to trump's campaign and legal defense.

2018-11-13 04:42:59 UTC

True Sheldon Adelson I think is the reason we moved the embassy.

2018-11-13 04:43:29 UTC

A disturbing thought

2018-11-13 04:43:49 UTC

Yeah it's all politics, we can't completely act like Jews don't exist. Given the constraints of the world we live in, Trump has been navigating it well.

2018-11-13 04:44:16 UTC

I think Trump has been in (((their))) pocket since his bankruptcy bail out years ago.

2018-11-13 04:44:35 UTC

I donโ€™t think so.

2018-11-13 04:44:50 UTC

If Trump were truly trapped in their pocket he probably never would have ran, and definitely not with the rhetoric he used.

2018-11-13 04:45:45 UTC

@ThisIsChris well, if thatโ€™s the whole reason there are any Jews supporting him at all, why should we count their support for him in their favor? They only like the bad things heโ€™s done. So tell me, how can anyone think theyโ€™re on our side?

2018-11-13 04:46:12 UTC

Well the one exception I will make is Stephen Miller. I really like him.

2018-11-13 04:46:25 UTC

Wilbur Ross bailed him out while head of Rothschild bank. Then trump appoints the guy commerce secretary

2018-11-13 04:46:37 UTC

You think they did that for free?

2018-11-13 04:46:48 UTC

@Deleted User Well some are on our side doesn't mean they have our interests at their heart, it just means that our manner of attaining what we want aligns for now.

2018-11-13 04:47:25 UTC

What is it?

2018-11-13 04:48:49 UTC

The real trouble starts when our interests diverge.

2018-11-13 04:49:20 UTC

@Nerv - VA looks like Allsup's server

2018-11-13 04:49:26 UTC

Yes, it is

2018-11-13 04:49:44 UTC

Unless you can find a way to get the money out of politics.

2018-11-13 04:50:04 UTC

One party system.

2018-11-13 04:50:51 UTC

Can't have money in politics if no one has any money.

2018-11-13 04:51:18 UTC

Who cried?


2018-11-13 04:53:15 UTC

Campaign race costs are through the roof. It's only gonna get worse. Candidates have to sell themselves to corporations and super rich donors to have any chance of winning.

2018-11-13 04:53:35 UTC

Wow, IE is #CANCELLED sis ๐Ÿ’…

2018-11-13 04:55:48 UTC

Someone from IE just has to win one of those billion dollar lotteries and we're in there

2018-11-13 04:56:01 UTC

@fgtveassassin That woman seems rather obese. She will have to walk around and take more stickers down.

2018-11-13 04:57:01 UTC

@ChippedStones Neidell is an absolute cuck, but I'm gonna miss The Great War.

2018-11-13 04:57:27 UTC

They begin world war 2 soon if Iโ€™m not mistaken

2018-11-13 04:58:37 UTC

I'll check it out, but if the propaganda gets to be too much I won't stick with it.

2018-11-13 05:10:40 UTC

Lord, make me an instrument of your will. Where there is injustice against my people may I bring right. Where there is error may I bring truth. Where my people despair may I bring hope. Grant that I may comfort my people rather than to be comforted - to serve them rather than to be served. For it is by putting the needs of my people before my own that I may best serve to secure the existence of my race and a future for White children. Good night, and peace be with you.

2018-11-13 05:15:22 UTC

did yall do a banner drop during the DTR hike?

2018-11-13 05:16:08 UTC

Girl, you betta wear that ugly black nail polish 'cuz teal nail polish is our color ๐Ÿ’…

2018-11-13 05:16:36 UTC

e p i c

2018-11-13 05:20:13 UTC

I begum nail polish

2018-11-13 05:21:10 UTC


2018-11-13 05:21:18 UTC

Our culture is not her fashion statement

2018-11-13 05:22:02 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff you ready

2018-11-13 05:22:11 UTC

Get her @Nemets

2018-11-13 05:22:16 UTC

But she could be a plant

2018-11-13 05:23:27 UTC


2018-11-13 05:23:52 UTC

@Reinhard Wolff Dear Patrick, I have spoken a significant sum of members and weโ€™ve come to the conclusion that there is no anime review team for IE. As a European Identitarian that appreciates Asian culture I and many like me find this lack of 2d art and voice acting disturbing. Perhaps a segment on the IE podcasts could be arranged?

2018-11-13 05:25:08 UTC

@ChippedStones Is becoming who he is

2018-11-13 05:31:44 UTC

A review of Legend of the Galactic Heroes would be a good start for this podcast segment

2018-11-13 05:32:05 UTC

@Tyler0317 out here with the anti anime reacts @ChippedStones

2018-11-13 05:32:26 UTC


2018-11-13 05:32:36 UTC

Anti Anime is Code for Anti White

2018-11-13 05:32:38 UTC

We must ensure a future for all 2d-related identitarians

2018-11-13 05:32:50 UTC

or 2d-based identitarians

2018-11-13 05:33:51 UTC

While I know guys are mostly kidding..... The anime stuff is a stereotype of us, and makes us look weird.

2018-11-13 05:35:20 UTC

That's a good point, there should be a limit to it

2018-11-13 05:35:32 UTC

okay epic

2018-11-13 05:36:31 UTC


2018-11-13 05:36:33 UTC

anime is bad optiks

2018-11-13 05:36:42 UTC

will add to my list

2018-11-13 05:39:38 UTC


2018-11-13 05:45:16 UTC

@Selma That sounds like an IE personality quiz ๐Ÿ˜‚

2018-11-13 05:45:21 UTC


2018-11-13 05:45:37 UTC

"which teal are you"

2018-11-13 05:46:31 UTC

Those candy canes give me an idea........
Candy "I"

I for identitarian, maybe that's something we could meme.

2018-11-13 05:46:34 UTC


2018-11-13 05:46:46 UTC

that's just blue in warm light

2018-11-13 05:47:14 UTC

@Tyler0317 That'd be pretty cool tbh

2018-11-13 05:47:41 UTC

@ChippedStones I like how the Jewish guy is like "it doesn't make sense but sure why not"

2018-11-13 05:47:47 UTC

Local identitarians hand out Candy "I"s at local town hall meeting....

2018-11-13 05:49:06 UTC

That's a great video.

2018-11-13 05:49:29 UTC

5DC9B6 is the official IE teal color code, I learned this at my first ie meetup over a year ago

2018-11-13 05:49:31 UTC
2018-11-13 05:50:09 UTC

Kangaroo Jack?

2018-11-13 05:52:24 UTC

Thanks Chris, that will be useful to know for LOPF 2019

2018-11-13 05:52:42 UTC

Anyone else hear that Stan Lee hella died?

2018-11-13 05:52:51 UTC

Yes, but then I saw Detective Pikachu.

2018-11-13 05:52:55 UTC

So I had forgotten.

2018-11-13 05:53:01 UTC


2018-11-13 05:53:02 UTC

His wife of 70 years died last year at the age of 95.

2018-11-13 05:53:10 UTC

@Walt hella died or just regular died?

2018-11-13 05:53:10 UTC

So he probably did not have long for this world.

2018-11-13 05:53:25 UTC

Hella died

2018-11-13 05:53:33 UTC

Stan Lee is the black movie maker guy, right?

2018-11-13 05:53:39 UTC

You've gone too far.

2018-11-13 05:53:43 UTC

He was the jewish comic dude.

2018-11-13 05:53:54 UTC

No he's the jewish movie guy

2018-11-13 05:53:55 UTC

"Do the right thing" and his other movies

2018-11-13 05:54:18 UTC

@fgtveassassin "the Jewish movie guy" this does not narrow it down

2018-11-13 05:54:25 UTC


2018-11-13 05:54:27 UTC

Anytime fam

2018-11-13 05:54:28 UTC


2018-11-13 05:54:33 UTC


2018-11-13 05:54:35 UTC

Now he's dead.

2018-11-13 05:54:41 UTC


2018-11-13 05:54:42 UTC

I created the Evropean comic universe

2018-11-13 05:54:47 UTC

Iโ€™m gonna be rich

2018-11-13 05:54:49 UTC

At 95 tho

2018-11-13 05:55:00 UTC


2018-11-13 05:55:05 UTC

Oh, well good for him then. Not a bad age to make it too

2018-11-13 05:55:05 UTC

His wife also died at 95

2018-11-13 05:55:08 UTC

Very blessed

2018-11-13 05:55:54 UTC

Social media is already spitting on his corpse and calling him all the buzzwords too.

2018-11-13 05:56:02 UTC

Isn't there a black movie guy also named Stan Lee?

2018-11-13 05:56:07 UTC

Spike Lee

2018-11-13 05:56:09 UTC

Is there?

2018-11-13 05:56:11 UTC


2018-11-13 05:56:22 UTC

@Selma ah thank you!

2018-11-13 05:56:29 UTC

You're welcome, Chris!

2018-11-13 05:57:46 UTC

Walt, why are you in pledge hall?

2018-11-13 05:58:03 UTC

He's psyched for orientation tomorrow

2018-11-13 05:58:08 UTC

Wants a front row seat

2018-11-13 05:58:18 UTC

Haha. I can't blame you, Walt.

2018-11-13 05:58:21 UTC

Wasn't partaking in the convo in general but still up for conversation.

2018-11-13 05:58:31 UTC

Also what Chris said.

2018-11-13 05:59:40 UTC

I'm just going to wait in pledge until Patrick gets here.

2018-11-13 06:00:33 UTC

It looks a bit bright @ThisIsChris


2018-11-13 06:01:14 UTC

@Walt that'll be a while chief

2018-11-13 06:01:32 UTC

I can wait.

2018-11-13 06:01:51 UTC

I was told it's precisely Thai teal @Jacob various saturations and shades probably ok

2018-11-13 06:01:56 UTC

like couple days or so @Walt

2018-11-13 06:02:21 UTC

Isn't it tomorrow?

2018-11-13 06:02:32 UTC


2018-11-13 06:02:32 UTC

tbh idk

2018-11-13 06:02:40 UTC


2018-11-13 06:02:59 UTC

wait, the Jewish guy who makes movies died?

2018-11-13 06:03:04 UTC


2018-11-13 06:03:10 UTC

oh damn

2018-11-13 06:03:17 UTC

He hella died like a sad fella.

2018-11-13 06:03:44 UTC

@Walt why like a loser?

2018-11-13 06:04:06 UTC

I don't know why.

2018-11-13 06:04:08 UTC

Walt, should we be so uncouth?

2018-11-13 06:04:37 UTC

Steph patrol

2018-11-13 06:04:41 UTC

Yeah we try not to celebrate these things even if it's someone like RBG

2018-11-13 06:05:18 UTC

Who died?

2018-11-13 06:05:27 UTC

@Freiheit - CA spike lee

2018-11-13 06:05:28 UTC

Stan Lee

2018-11-13 06:05:37 UTC

The Jewish guy who makes movies

2018-11-13 06:05:43 UTC

And comics

2018-11-13 06:05:45 UTC

Spike jonze?

2018-11-13 06:05:52 UTC


2018-11-13 06:06:23 UTC

I hope Ginsburg retires soon

2018-11-13 06:06:41 UTC

Any updates on her health?

2018-11-13 06:06:55 UTC

@Jacob same, can't wait to get a 6-3 constitutionalist majority on the court

2018-11-13 06:07:27 UTC

@Jacob thankfully she's doing OK, which should help her clear her mind to prepare for her retirement

2018-11-13 06:07:28 UTC

Absolutely. And I wouldn't want her to work while that sick. She deserves retirement anyway.

2018-11-13 06:07:41 UTC

@Jacob Last time I read she was released from the hospital.

2018-11-13 06:10:08 UTC

They summoned the demon 'Morag' and he granted her more years of life in exchange for the voices of 7 virgins.

2018-11-13 06:10:23 UTC

Sounds gay.

2018-11-13 06:11:02 UTC

@Selma is "Morag" from one of those Japanimations you watch?

2018-11-13 06:11:11 UTC

No, from a book about King Arthur.

2018-11-13 06:11:28 UTC

Sorry I don't read manga either

2018-11-13 06:11:29 UTC

It was Morgana

2018-11-13 06:11:59 UTC

I read 'Mists of Avalon'

2018-11-13 06:12:00 UTC

In that.

2018-11-13 06:12:58 UTC

@Nemets what's the revisionist history of the HRE normally left out of the standard textbooks?

2018-11-13 06:13:13 UTC

That's neat

2018-11-13 06:13:24 UTC

98.5 The Love Dragon is live in voice right now.

2018-11-13 06:13:37 UTC


2018-11-13 06:13:45 UTC

I like learning about how ancient empires handled diverse peoples

2018-11-13 06:14:32 UTC

@Nemets Rome was similar no? Local rulers with some Roman guards and some Roman taxes and infrastructure?

2018-11-13 06:15:35 UTC

My mom just called and asked what I think of Oracle

2018-11-13 06:15:48 UTC

what a weird question

2018-11-13 06:16:14 UTC

The software company?

2018-11-13 06:16:25 UTC

@Jacob very profitable

2018-11-13 06:16:28 UTC

Love Dragon just found me a girlfriend!

2018-11-13 06:17:02 UTC
2018-11-13 06:17:02 UTC

Stable bluechip for long term investing, better positioned than IBM @Jacob

2018-11-13 06:17:32 UTC

Buying Bulgarian GF


2018-11-13 06:17:43 UTC

@ThisIsChris thanks I told her that

2018-11-13 06:17:44 UTC


2018-11-13 06:17:45 UTC


2018-11-13 06:18:03 UTC

Mine is already shipping tbh @Selma

2018-11-13 06:18:06 UTC

I'll go half and we can switch every 6 months

2018-11-13 06:18:07 UTC

Biggest managed DB vendor. Own both Java and MySQL @Jacob

2018-11-13 06:18:09 UTC

My mom is asking me if Oracle is "okay"

2018-11-13 06:18:21 UTC

For those of you who havenโ€™t seen it, hereโ€™s Altโ€™s new account. https://twitter.com/censoredskuil/status/1062192022323220480?s=21

2018-11-13 06:18:27 UTC

Returned mine. Damaged in shipping.

2018-11-13 06:18:49 UTC

just saw the new pokemon trailer...
ofc it's BM main lead with WF co-star

2018-11-13 06:18:51 UTC

@Jacob for a Boomer who wants a stable bluechip in the data business then Oracle is pretty good yeah

2018-11-13 06:19:05 UTC

Justice Smith - why don't celebrities hve real names?

2018-11-13 06:19:07 UTC


2018-11-13 06:19:19 UTC

Reality Winner

2018-11-13 06:19:35 UTC

Because us celebs are made not born @Selma

2018-11-13 06:19:40 UTC

@Jacob for someone looking for more risk, Elastic Search just went public

2018-11-13 06:19:44 UTC

Why do you change your name every day?

2018-11-13 06:19:50 UTC


2018-11-13 06:20:05 UTC

Elastic search is a high risk stock now, just IPO'd

2018-11-13 06:20:23 UTC

But probably a good future

2018-11-13 06:20:24 UTC

now she's telling me about how my cousin is trying to go to MIT

2018-11-13 06:20:34 UTC


2018-11-13 06:20:41 UTC

@Jacob lots of people *try* to go to MIT

2018-11-13 06:20:57 UTC

that guy has an insane resume

2018-11-13 06:21:15 UTC

Insane resume plus perfect SAT score?

2018-11-13 06:21:27 UTC

well uh

2018-11-13 06:21:42 UTC

he never lived in the US so no SAT

2018-11-13 06:21:45 UTC

There's actually calculators online now where you can put in your attributes and see your acceptance chance

2018-11-13 06:21:52 UTC

but ya he would do well on the SAT

2018-11-13 06:22:13 UTC

@Jacob for undergrad he will need an SAT or ACT

2018-11-13 06:22:21 UTC

Perfect score on either

2018-11-13 06:22:30 UTC

oh he's trying to get a PhD

2018-11-13 06:23:18 UTC

@Jacob perfect GREs I expect? That's kind of a bare minimum for any top 20 grad school

2018-11-13 06:23:24 UTC

my mom doesn't know the difference between bachelor's and master's so she's having trouble explaining lol

2018-11-13 06:23:28 UTC

The specialized GRE for his discipline I mean

2018-11-13 06:23:29 UTC

@ThisIsChris @Nemets It depends on which era were talking about. The early Roman empire was both very centralized in somethings and very decentralized in others.

2018-11-13 06:23:37 UTC

@ThisIsChris idk probably

2018-11-13 06:24:16 UTC

@Jacob yeah it's easier to get a perfect GRE score if you did that major. Easier than getting a perfect SAT schore

2018-11-13 06:24:29 UTC

Tax collection was decentralized at first, the Emperor would essentially deputize tax collectors to tax a province with little oversite so abuse and corruption was rampant, they moved away from that eventually.

2018-11-13 06:24:33 UTC

@Jacob still he should apply to a very large range of grad schools

2018-11-13 06:24:51 UTC

I applied to 37

2018-11-13 06:25:07 UTC


2018-11-13 06:26:02 UTC

Were tax collectors ever killed by people?

2018-11-13 06:26:11 UTC

Although not ideal, Rome breaking into 3 parts during the crisis of the third century allowed the central roman empire's retarded politics of come and go emperors to not affect the Gaulic or Palmynran Empires, in fact the Palmyran Empire slapped Parthia hard

2018-11-13 06:26:14 UTC

Was that a common occurrence?

2018-11-13 06:26:48 UTC

@Jacob I'll be honest with my concern: when I hear someone saying they're applying to MIT, I want to know that they're applying to at least 30 other schools. Saying "ah if I don't go to MIT then I won't get a phd" is a bit silly. If that is someone's attitude then they probably should be going for a PhD anyway

2018-11-13 06:26:58 UTC

@Selma I'm not sure but in the bible they were spoken of as hated, hence people asking Jesus what he was doing hanging out with one of them

2018-11-13 06:27:24 UTC

At church they equate tax collectors with prostitutes in a manner of speaking.

2018-11-13 06:27:35 UTC

Aquaducts and roads were centralized

2018-11-13 06:27:43 UTC

@ThisIsChris that makes sense

2018-11-13 06:27:59 UTC

Tax collection in Rome was very interesting process.

2018-11-13 06:28:33 UTC

What you would have is Tax Collection agencies would bid for the right from Rome to be the tax collector in a certain region.

2018-11-13 06:28:41 UTC

@Nemets Just roman rebel states, their local identities had been displaced much earlier.

2018-11-13 06:28:52 UTC

The winning bid would become Rome's tax collection for itself

2018-11-13 06:29:19 UTC

Then the tax collectors would try to profit by collecting more taxes from the inhabitants than they had paid to rome

2018-11-13 06:29:30 UTC

That was the business model

2018-11-13 06:29:54 UTC

During late antiquities they always seemed to be making new offices and titles while simultaneously making both the Eastern and Western emperors more high and mighty

2018-11-13 06:30:03 UTC

@Nemets interesting, I didn't know that

2018-11-13 06:30:26 UTC

I wonder if that's been a norm for a long time

2018-11-13 06:31:27 UTC

@Nemets how did tax farming lead to opium growing?

2018-11-13 06:32:06 UTC


2018-11-13 06:32:08 UTC

During the Empire, oneof my college profs told us of a letter from a city in Anatolia (modern day Turkey) that was from the governor asking for permission to start a fire department, it took him about a year to get a 'no' because the emperor thought it was dangerous to organize people like that, I forgot who it was excatly. This was peak centralization and inefficiency.

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