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2018-11-12 23:53:05 UTC

Studies show that whites get more conservative when told they're going to become a minority. We just need to point out that this isn't JFK's democrat party anymore. It's openly anti-white. We can prove that and at a minimum get these people to not vote dem

2018-11-12 23:53:55 UTC

@TMatthewsi like pushing the anti white stuff. Easy to see and identify with.

2018-11-12 23:54:01 UTC

Pursuing restrictions on super pacs would be popular with the base of both parties and help with the Adelson problem

2018-11-12 23:54:18 UTC

I'm not sure what we should do about white immigrants or children of immigrants, though. They don't seem to care about America's future. They have that immigrant mentality where it's all about "how much money can I get short term". I'm starting to think they might be genetically less ethnocentric.

2018-11-12 23:54:54 UTC

@Jacobgotta differentiate anti illegal immigration and legal.

2018-11-12 23:55:16 UTC

It's sad because I honestly don't know what to do about these people. We can stop them from immigrating, but I don't want them mess up Europe either.

2018-11-12 23:55:21 UTC

It's not unreasonable to think that European immigrants today are less ethnocentric because they're self selected. The ones who are coming are the ones who don't have strong attachments to their homelands

2018-11-12 23:55:46 UTC

hows it going everyone

2018-11-12 23:55:48 UTC

Europe is California tier cucked right now.

2018-11-12 23:56:12 UTC

I think it's honestly easier to push for an end to all immigration than a policy that explicitly favors Europeans, at least so long as the r word holds so much sway

2018-11-12 23:56:13 UTC

@Josh M. -OH Doesn't differentiating between legal and illegal immigration harm us more than help us? I don't care if we end illegal immigration but get flooded by legal immigration.

2018-11-12 23:56:16 UTC

Many Europeans have become rather Cosmopolitan due to the ease of EU migration.

2018-11-12 23:56:33 UTC

Legal immigration is just as bad

2018-11-12 23:56:58 UTC

@Jacobdepends where the immigrants are from. Make the process prohibitive to 3rd world non westerners

2018-11-12 23:57:05 UTC

@TMatthews Regardless of what's easier, we *should* be pushing for limit on all immigration, not just European.

2018-11-12 23:57:24 UTC

Legal immigration the kind of which the EU wants within the EU has not happened to the extent that its leaders have desired it to. But still many move.

2018-11-12 23:57:26 UTC

What sounds harsher; expulsion or deportation? Asking for a friend.

2018-11-12 23:57:39 UTC

If White people need help, be they Afrikaner or French, extend a hand. That is how you preserve your race and a future for White children.

2018-11-12 23:57:40 UTC

"So you're content with the same exact people coming here and doing the same exact things, so long as some government bureaucrat gives them paperwork?"
Without fail, this line gives conservatives pause

2018-11-12 23:57:43 UTC

@Josh M. -OH Nah dude make it prohibitive to Europeans, too. I grew up around European immigrants, trust me, it's not good.

2018-11-12 23:57:52 UTC

@Freiheit - CA Expulsion sounds harsher

2018-11-12 23:58:16 UTC

Repatriation is a good word

2018-11-12 23:58:19 UTC


2018-11-12 23:58:34 UTC

Remigration is good, but doesn't refer to the same thing

2018-11-12 23:58:55 UTC

I'm going to keep posting this chart


2018-11-12 23:59:18 UTC

we need to import anglos

2018-11-12 23:59:36 UTC

I personally would design an immigration system that favors Anglos

2018-11-12 23:59:43 UTC

if we needed immigration at all (we don't)

2018-11-12 23:59:43 UTC

We need to import redheaded women exclusively

2018-11-12 23:59:50 UTC

but it's kinda LARPy to talk about now I guess

2018-11-12 23:59:53 UTC

you are not a true identitarian if you don't abduct anglos and resettle them in America

2018-11-13 00:00:16 UTC

Interesting. I think the difference may come down to how easily they integrate. Most Germans speak good English already and obviously Brits can

2018-11-13 00:00:41 UTC

ya other Germanics would be next in my tiered system

2018-11-13 00:00:48 UTC


2018-11-13 00:00:49 UTC

keep in mind I'm a Slav myself

2018-11-13 00:01:06 UTC

I cant trust any Europeans at this point. They are seriously fucking shit up over there.

2018-11-13 00:01:14 UTC

I don't really like European immigration though. They should save their own countries.

2018-11-13 00:01:37 UTC

Exclusively white South African immigration ftw

2018-11-13 00:01:52 UTC

Red hair wamyn notice me!

2018-11-13 00:02:16 UTC

There's no reason to go o-
*remembers gingers exist*

2018-11-13 00:02:26 UTC

I have dibbs on redheads, btfo

2018-11-13 00:02:30 UTC

@TMatthews You're right. We as White Americans need to be rezponsible for maintaining our own majority here.

2018-11-13 00:02:38 UTC

> Country of Origin: Poland
> 29% Republican
uhhh ya I'll pass

2018-11-13 00:02:41 UTC

@Deleted User Those are fighting words brother

2018-11-13 00:02:52 UTC

oops made a mistake

2018-11-13 00:02:53 UTC

@TMatthewsthe numbers are important here. 5,000 immigrants a year no big deal. 1 million?

2018-11-13 00:03:02 UTC

Udmurt immigration ONLY

2018-11-13 00:03:02 UTC

Tfw no Udmurt gf

2018-11-13 00:03:05 UTC

I've gotta pass on me red genes m8y @Ald

2018-11-13 00:03:09 UTC

Tfw no genetically limited bae to make blonde kids with from my less than blonde stock😞

2018-11-13 00:03:36 UTC

I would basically definitely have blond kids with a blonde girl

2018-11-13 00:03:41 UTC

But redheads a best

2018-11-13 00:03:45 UTC

I actually agree with that fake Patrick quote about immigration from Northwestern Europe

2018-11-13 00:03:49 UTC

I wish it was real

2018-11-13 00:04:24 UTC

cya, moving to Ireland

2018-11-13 00:04:26 UTC

Immigration ONLY from red and light yellow areas

2018-11-13 00:04:40 UTC

If you say Udmurts are not white then you are in fact gay

2018-11-13 00:05:12 UTC

If you're not from the British Isles, Norway, the Low Countries, or Udmurtia, you are NOT getting into the ethnostate

2018-11-13 00:05:31 UTC

no I think Mazuria is more to the East

2018-11-13 00:05:34 UTC

I almost never see women with red hair anymore. πŸ€”

2018-11-13 00:05:43 UTC

Except my mother

2018-11-13 00:05:55 UTC

pretty sure that's Kujawsko-Pomorski

2018-11-13 00:06:03 UTC

My great grandpa was a redhead but balded at like 20

2018-11-13 00:06:12 UTC

Nordic hair epic style

2018-11-13 00:06:41 UTC

wew dude

2018-11-13 00:06:48 UTC

I know balding feel. Fortunately I can grow an epic beard.

2018-11-13 00:07:01 UTC

that blonde spot corresponds almost exactly to Kujawkso-Pomorskie

2018-11-13 00:07:08 UTC

I wonder how that happened

2018-11-13 00:07:27 UTC

I don't think I'll bald

2018-11-13 00:07:50 UTC

On the other hand facial hair is lackluster

2018-11-13 00:07:53 UTC

and yes I was right Mazuria is further East, I just checked @Nemets

2018-11-13 00:08:06 UTC

balding? what's that?

2018-11-13 00:08:16 UTC

no idea why is would correspond perfectly like that

2018-11-13 00:08:27 UTC

my mom is from that region

2018-11-13 00:08:38 UTC

unfortunately I'm not blond though

2018-11-13 00:09:21 UTC

I'll expect a proper beard before I'm 27, I think.

2018-11-13 00:09:32 UTC

Judging by my current progress

2018-11-13 00:09:33 UTC

Honestly if you're balding gets bad, just shave it.

2018-11-13 00:09:35 UTC


2018-11-13 00:09:41 UTC


2018-11-13 00:09:54 UTC

@Papa Pizzagatei shave mine.

2018-11-13 00:09:57 UTC

So true, shaving it and getting big are the best option for baldgang

2018-11-13 00:10:02 UTC

granted, these are two pretty handsome men but still. trying to hang on to what is already lost is mega cope

2018-11-13 00:10:30 UTC

My father took an anti-androgenic drug since his 30s to stop balding, he's now in his 50s, and has no hair on his body anymore, and a bra would serve him well.

2018-11-13 00:10:30 UTC


2018-11-13 00:10:32 UTC

Christopher Cantwell's hair looked so gross a while ago

2018-11-13 00:10:36 UTC

rock this

2018-11-13 00:10:36 UTC

I never like that guy

2018-11-13 00:10:45 UTC

always thought he was deranged

2018-11-13 00:10:57 UTC


2018-11-13 00:11:03 UTC

@Deleted Userhe cut that off thankfully

2018-11-13 00:11:10 UTC

Is that an NSM member

2018-11-13 00:11:23 UTC

oh God he is such a cringy person

2018-11-13 00:11:29 UTC

@Ald Wouldn't be surprised

2018-11-13 00:11:41 UTC

Cantwell is a meme of a man

2018-11-13 00:11:43 UTC

Cantwell has meth jaw

2018-11-13 00:11:43 UTC

Even before his fall from grace I thought we should stay far away from him

2018-11-13 00:11:57 UTC

What is meth jaw

2018-11-13 00:12:11 UTC



2018-11-13 00:12:21 UTC

@Josh M. -OH He's still insane lol

2018-11-13 00:12:26 UTC

that is painful to look at

2018-11-13 00:12:31 UTC

I'm not familiar with meth

2018-11-13 00:12:39 UTC

That's a good thing.

2018-11-13 00:12:47 UTC


2018-11-13 00:12:58 UTC


2018-11-13 00:13:01 UTC


2018-11-13 00:13:02 UTC

meth mouth is more accurate, though it also effects teeth

2018-11-13 00:13:04 UTC

the second picture actually looks like Christoper Cantwell

2018-11-13 00:13:21 UTC

Did the meth turn her hair pink as well

2018-11-13 00:13:30 UTC


2018-11-13 00:13:31 UTC

so many people look like that in urban areas

2018-11-13 00:13:57 UTC

at least in Seattle and Spokane

2018-11-13 00:14:32 UTC

like, a lot of these drugs are supposedly a rural problem, but go to a bus station in a big city and 🀒

2018-11-13 00:15:09 UTC

Methy whites are a depressing sight

2018-11-13 00:16:35 UTC

I live in a rural area with multiple trailer parks and somehow I don't see nearly as... uh... problematic people as I do in urban areas

2018-11-13 00:18:33 UTC


2018-11-13 00:18:50 UTC

Meth is awful. Please never do it and help your family if they are addicted.

2018-11-13 00:19:47 UTC

You don't need to convince anyone in here, lol

2018-11-13 00:19:48 UTC

I have a friend with drug problems. Wish I could help him but I honestly don't know what to do with him.

2018-11-13 00:20:03 UTC

Why do people do meth in the first place? I genuinely can't comprehend hurting myself like that

2018-11-13 00:20:40 UTC

I can

2018-11-13 00:20:50 UTC

You life sucks and you just say "fuck it" at some point

2018-11-13 00:20:58 UTC

I'm so sorry about your friend, Jacob. It sucks to feel helpless.

2018-11-13 00:21:20 UTC

I think they mostly have to help themselves

2018-11-13 00:21:26 UTC

Remember when Trump suggested killing hard drug dealers

2018-11-13 00:21:31 UTC

Have any of you seen the movie 'Trainspotting'/

2018-11-13 00:21:37 UTC


2018-11-13 00:21:38 UTC

Whatever happened to that

2018-11-13 00:21:48 UTC

Honestly, it sucks even seeing people get sucked into marijuana. Like, it's supposedly not harmful, but it turns previously fun people into apathetic losers.

2018-11-13 00:22:03 UTC

If I were a parent, and my kid were addicted, I'd do what they did in that movie. (It's non-violent but it's spoilers, so I can't say)

2018-11-13 00:22:31 UTC

Duterte style drug enforcement

2018-11-13 00:22:56 UTC

Do we have any members from Mississippi?

2018-11-13 00:23:21 UTC

Every friend of mine whom I’ve tried to help kick their meth use told me they all started with weed, then you gradually move to stronger stuff, shrooms, cocaine, heroin, etc... you are always seeking a more intense high. And they said meth is much cheaper than heroin or cocaine.

2018-11-13 00:23:53 UTC


2018-11-13 00:24:25 UTC

it's so creepy how defensive they get

2018-11-13 00:24:31 UTC

I'm not encouraging it but LSD is physically safe and gets someone high out of their mind for 12 hours at the price of a movie ticket

2018-11-13 00:24:33 UTC

My mother and father recently got medical marijuana just to smoke and not be bored. Nothing I can do to dissuade them.

2018-11-13 00:24:36 UTC

And a lot of people start doing Meth because they are self medicating so to speak, so there are some bigger underlying issues

2018-11-13 00:24:36 UTC

The point being

2018-11-13 00:24:40 UTC

Trying meth is dumb

2018-11-13 00:25:23 UTC

I have a friend with really bad pain who uses marijuana. In that case it's kind of understandable.

2018-11-13 00:26:01 UTC

But when people use it recreationally and go like "dude it cures cancer" that's just retarded

2018-11-13 00:26:09 UTC

@Selma I suppose it's better than using opioids.

2018-11-13 00:26:37 UTC

depends on the opioid

2018-11-13 00:27:45 UTC

I’ve taken in friends who were addicted through the years, to try to help them out and it never turned out good: they’d steal from me, lie, I’ve spent many nights driving around looking for them in shady parts of town, bailed them out of jail, etc

2018-11-13 00:27:48 UTC

The "hardest" drugs I could tolerate under any circumstance are psychedelics since they're not physically addictive and theoretically serve a non recreational purpose

2018-11-13 00:28:06 UTC

There's a reason they call it "cope".

2018-11-13 00:28:23 UTC

I think Evola tried psychedelics

2018-11-13 00:28:29 UTC

Again not encouraging it

2018-11-13 00:28:31 UTC

I like smoking weed. I don't. But I enjoyed it when I did. Never did any hard drugs. That's for losers.

2018-11-13 00:30:58 UTC

There are some people I know from HS that never got past the stoner phase and are stuck as losers.

2018-11-13 00:31:25 UTC

Well one of them just had a beautiful White baby so good for him I suppose.

2018-11-13 00:31:33 UTC

Weed just makes me feel vague and out of sorts. Don't like it

2018-11-13 00:31:35 UTC

Weed is a loser drug.

2018-11-13 00:31:44 UTC
2018-11-13 00:31:48 UTC

Speaking truth

2018-11-13 00:32:05 UTC

Just do blow.

2018-11-13 00:32:11 UTC

(totally kidding)

2018-11-13 00:32:12 UTC

ehe. In a sense

2018-11-13 00:32:21 UTC

I've heard so many stories of guys who used to be really cool and fun to hang out with and then they started smoking a bunch of marijuana and just slouch all day and say "duuuuude"

2018-11-13 00:32:22 UTC

that was a joke.

2018-11-13 00:32:27 UTC


2018-11-13 00:32:27 UTC


2018-11-13 00:32:38 UTC


2018-11-13 00:32:47 UTC

Weed motivates me. I cant slouch at all.

2018-11-13 00:32:49 UTC

Right wing Dad said do blow omg

2018-11-13 00:32:56 UTC

It's why I like it.

2018-11-13 00:32:56 UTC

Oh, I thought you were talking about the movie @Papa Pizzagate

2018-11-13 00:33:03 UTC

Ian stop selling opioids bro

2018-11-13 00:33:09 UTC

@Sam Anderson gotta be a father to deserve that title.

2018-11-13 00:33:13 UTC

Hit me up in 2 years

2018-11-13 00:33:24 UTC

Coke: lined up
Yep it's WigNat time

2018-11-13 00:33:37 UTC

I'm right wing, cool beer uncle for now.

2018-11-13 00:34:13 UTC

There was a lot of white powder in Denver...falling out of the sky.

2018-11-13 00:34:35 UTC

Yeah the weather lined up perfectly.

2018-11-13 00:34:42 UTC

wow, #bruhmoment

2018-11-13 00:35:00 UTC

Caffeine and nicotine are my only vices these days.

2018-11-13 00:35:11 UTC

I used to wonder as a kid why some black men have such long fingernails

2018-11-13 00:35:24 UTC

@Aldbecause they're gross

2018-11-13 00:35:32 UTC

It's for coke

2018-11-13 00:35:37 UTC

Needing drugs? just go to an IE meetup, similar rush

2018-11-13 00:35:37 UTC

I don't use caffeine because I don't want to be one of those people that turns into a grump monster without his coffee

2018-11-13 00:35:41 UTC

let's move convo away from drugs, ironically or otherwise. Drugs are retarded and bad for you (generally) and alcohol is something that should be enjoyed in moderation.

2018-11-13 00:35:46 UTC

well I occasionally use caffeine

2018-11-13 00:36:00 UTC

Buh-beer has estrogenic effects, but let's not talk about drugs.

2018-11-13 00:36:06 UTC

Caffeine has fitness benefits.

2018-11-13 00:36:23 UTC

@Deleted User ya if only I could get people out to meetups more often 😩

2018-11-13 00:36:37 UTC

If I drink tea or coffee 10-20 minutes before a run, I perform significantly better.

2018-11-13 00:36:39 UTC

I like coffee, so I just drink decaf most of the time. Flavor, antioxidants, good smell - but no caffeine psychosis.

2018-11-13 00:36:47 UTC

Tea causes kidney stones

2018-11-13 00:36:53 UTC

So does spinach.

2018-11-13 00:36:56 UTC

Fortnite is my drug.

2018-11-13 00:36:58 UTC

Man what an ascetic experience it would be to try quitting caffeine. Drink like fifteen cups of coffee a day atm

2018-11-13 00:37:08 UTC

@Selma ya that's why I didn't eat spinach on keto

2018-11-13 00:37:17 UTC

cooked spinach doesn't.

2018-11-13 00:37:26 UTC

oh wow

2018-11-13 00:37:29 UTC

I had no idea

2018-11-13 00:37:38 UTC

It's about the acid in spinach, so the more water you get out of it, the less acid is in it.

2018-11-13 00:37:50 UTC

Boi I don't even use preworkout

2018-11-13 00:38:02 UTC

Many of my peers pop caffeine pills

2018-11-13 00:38:05 UTC

Tide has completed the lift brah purity spiral

2018-11-13 00:38:06 UTC

It's a little much

2018-11-13 00:38:17 UTC

William Poole, I was guilty of that when I was in college.

2018-11-13 00:38:19 UTC

I hate coffee

2018-11-13 00:38:29 UTC

I like coffee flavored things though

2018-11-13 00:38:55 UTC

I can only drink coffee if it's the "white girl" stuff like iced caramel whatever.

2018-11-13 00:39:08 UTC

I wasn't a fan of coffee until I started keto.

2018-11-13 00:39:17 UTC

I never drank coffee on keto

2018-11-13 00:39:17 UTC

butter coffee

2018-11-13 00:39:22 UTC

that stuff is disgusting

2018-11-13 00:39:25 UTC

Butter coffee is amazing

2018-11-13 00:39:36 UTC

Well only if you use super strong coffee

2018-11-13 00:40:06 UTC

Lots of studies in that article.

2018-11-13 00:40:09 UTC

Nords drink a lot of coffee

2018-11-13 00:40:15 UTC

it might be associated with lower death rates but it's gross and makes you grumpy when you don't get it

2018-11-13 00:40:21 UTC

Caffeine has good and bad press, really

2018-11-13 00:40:34 UTC

Lots of studies on benefits of caffeine too.

2018-11-13 00:40:47 UTC

French Press is best @Deleted User

2018-11-13 00:40:53 UTC

Disadvantages outweigh the benefits tbh

2018-11-13 00:40:59 UTC

But they found that the people with the most caffeine intake tend to look the oldest in comparison to people their age. It's not a permanent thing.

2018-11-13 00:41:02 UTC

I don't want to be dependent on something to wake up

2018-11-13 00:41:03 UTC

@Jacob It's not gross, and it only makes you grumpy if you don't use your glorious European mind to control your caffeine intake

2018-11-13 00:41:16 UTC


2018-11-13 00:41:19 UTC

that's why I control it

2018-11-13 00:41:25 UTC

I meant press as in like, not literal press of coffee, but like, studies.

2018-11-13 00:41:26 UTC

and only have it on really special occasions

2018-11-13 00:41:33 UTC

Like everything it's best in moderation

2018-11-13 00:41:43 UTC

being dependent on *anything* to wake up seems like a really unhealthy habit

2018-11-13 00:41:49 UTC

Balance in all things, gentleman and ladies, except exercise. You can do that forever.

2018-11-13 00:41:50 UTC

Switching from alcohol to coffee caused the Renaissance. Favorite bugman popsci factoid

2018-11-13 00:41:59 UTC

Dependency is not good

2018-11-13 00:42:05 UTC

@Jacob freezing showers

2018-11-13 00:42:17 UTC

Brown adipose tissue

2018-11-13 00:42:23 UTC

Freezing showers are great for healing, great for autophagy, and great for what freiheit just said.

2018-11-13 00:42:25 UTC

nothing you can say to convince me it isn't gross, but that's subjective

2018-11-13 00:42:31 UTC

@Ald So switching from alcohol to coffee started all of this individualism?

2018-11-13 00:42:49 UTC

honestly I'm convinced that most people only "like" coffee because they're addicted

2018-11-13 00:42:59 UTC

I used to despise coffee until this year (I am 22)

2018-11-13 00:43:11 UTC

It's great if you add a tablespoon of cacao or cocoa powder.

2018-11-13 00:43:14 UTC

I liked coffee when I was in middle school, but only because I got a caffeine rush

2018-11-13 00:43:21 UTC

then I discovered energy drinks

2018-11-13 00:43:28 UTC

Energy drinks are trash.

2018-11-13 00:43:28 UTC

I love energy drinks, but I rarely have them

2018-11-13 00:43:30 UTC

@Jacob Truly good coffee is tasty. Filthy garbage you get in wherever is not.

2018-11-13 00:43:35 UTC


2018-11-13 00:43:49 UTC

Starbucks coffee and dunkin donuts are my favorite.

2018-11-13 00:43:50 UTC

@Selma You take that back

2018-11-13 00:43:52 UTC

I just enjoy a soda or two a week

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