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2018-11-11 03:09:29 UTC

Everything made a lot more sense for me too when I realized that being anti-white was not a symptom, but the root.

2018-11-11 03:09:29 UTC

@Ald yes but their communities are left alone by the LGBT activists

2018-11-11 03:09:34 UTC


2018-11-11 03:09:38 UTC

This is great

2018-11-11 03:09:40 UTC

no aztec bakers being targeted for gay cakes

2018-11-11 03:09:41 UTC

In Europe many African migrants are more Christian than the natives

2018-11-11 03:09:43 UTC

All criticism of the Old Testament for example should be criticism of Judaism

2018-11-11 03:09:50 UTC

I want them to elect more people like this

2018-11-11 03:09:52 UTC

@Jacob unironically based

2018-11-11 03:10:14 UTC

I've only seen white Christian businesses attacked.

2018-11-11 03:10:18 UTC

@Ald they’re not going to black Christian bakeries or black churches

2018-11-11 03:10:19 UTC

@Jacob wtf I love democrats now

2018-11-11 03:10:33 UTC

> won't enact any worse policies than Democrats already do
> will freak out conservatives
> is anti-Israel, which is honestly a good thing

2018-11-11 03:10:43 UTC

Christianity is not a necessary component of White ID and attacks on it are not always for all Whites to worry about

2018-11-11 03:10:47 UTC

All I'm saying

2018-11-11 03:10:49 UTC

@VinceChaos also fair. It's really funny watching people recoil in horror over the Handmaid's tale when it's just literal old Jewish law

2018-11-11 03:10:50 UTC

this is an *elected representative* now

2018-11-11 03:11:01 UTC

It's definitely a way to attack whites by proxy.

2018-11-11 03:11:08 UTC

It’s used as a proxy for anti white sentiment. It’s not actually a perfect proxy

2018-11-11 03:11:46 UTC

"attacks on it are not always for all Whites to worry about" @Ald disagree with this one. What attacks on christianity are not relevant to all whites?

2018-11-11 03:12:26 UTC

I don't feel any attack on Christianity as such is on me to worry about

2018-11-11 03:12:35 UTC

She’s the first Muslim woman elected to Congress. We’ve entered unchartered territory. (Note: I subconsciously started typing terrorist)

2018-11-11 03:13:03 UTC

A jewish person I know hated on "Christianity" all the time. How the crusades made non-white Muslim people violent and it's CHRISTIAN peoples' faults.

2018-11-11 03:13:56 UTC

And it’s not Middle East Christians being criticized for the Crusades.....

2018-11-11 03:14:01 UTC

@Ald Are you in IE for only economic issues, or are their any cultural issues you are concerned about?

2018-11-11 03:14:12 UTC


2018-11-11 03:14:17 UTC

The cultural vangaurd of the anti-whites have all situated themselves as attacking "Christianity"

2018-11-11 03:14:52 UTC

I'm in IE for white European interests firstly, and I have deeply traditionalist social views

2018-11-11 03:14:55 UTC

Think makes you really!

2018-11-11 03:15:09 UTC

But I'm not Christian and Christianity did not make the white race

2018-11-11 03:15:26 UTC

The crusades were a response to the Seljuk Turk invasion of the Byzantine Empire, in which the emperor pleaded for aid from the Pope to counter the Muslim aggression in his territory, and later were expanded to include the recapturing of former Byzantine land lost during the Muslim wars of expansion.

2018-11-11 03:15:46 UTC

Oh yes, I know about that - thank you.

2018-11-11 03:15:50 UTC

I'm just in IE because I want lower corporate income tax rates

2018-11-11 03:15:51 UTC

But he's a HISTORY MAJOR in college

2018-11-11 03:15:57 UTC

In case anyone wasn't aware

2018-11-11 03:16:01 UTC

and his PROFESSOR told him about the white atrocities.

2018-11-11 03:16:09 UTC

so it MUST be true

2018-11-11 03:16:11 UTC

@Ald interesting, so are there any cultural issues being pushed by the anti-white left that you object to? Gay marriage maybe?

2018-11-11 03:16:28 UTC

And btw I'm only responding to implications that it did or that Christianity is a component of white identity, in this server which is supposed to be relatively free of religious talk. The sense I get is Christians get free reign to say these things while pagans are hushed

2018-11-11 03:16:30 UTC

Not sure why you're laugh reacting, isn't white identity based on free markets?

2018-11-11 03:17:00 UTC

The apotheosis of white identity is lowering capital gains taxes

2018-11-11 03:17:19 UTC

@Ald I asked " interesting, so are there any cultural issues being pushed by the anti-white left that you object to? Gay marriage maybe?" which doesn't have the word "Christian" in it. Trying to understand.

2018-11-11 03:17:37 UTC

The white race is a proposition race. Anyone who believes in free markets is white.

2018-11-11 03:18:06 UTC

I am of course against gay marriage and its ilk of pozz. But there are very good reasons even an atheist could give to think so

2018-11-11 03:18:20 UTC

In fact framing it in Christianity was the left's gambit

2018-11-11 03:18:25 UTC

To deny that Christianity is a component of white Identity is simply false, no?

2018-11-11 03:18:32 UTC

There are perfectly rational secular reasons to oppose gay causes

2018-11-11 03:19:05 UTC

We are not gonna get into a religious debate.

2018-11-11 03:19:07 UTC

@Ald "In fact framing it in Christianity was the left's gambit" this is the point. The left attacks white social mores in practice by claiming they are attacking Christian social mores.

2018-11-11 03:19:07 UTC

Absolutely not.

2018-11-11 03:19:08 UTC

2018-11-11 03:19:18 UTC

Yeah I'm with @sigruna14

2018-11-11 03:19:21 UTC

@sigruna14 Are you talking to me?

2018-11-11 03:19:28 UTC

I'm talking to everyone.

2018-11-11 03:19:29 UTC

He's talking to this conversation

2018-11-11 03:19:34 UTC

If I were talking to you, I would tag you.

2018-11-11 03:19:35 UTC

New topic.

2018-11-11 03:19:48 UTC

New topic how does everyone feel about Lemongrass

2018-11-11 03:19:51 UTC

i hate it

2018-11-11 03:20:20 UTC

I like it in tea.

2018-11-11 03:20:24 UTC

What's lemongrass?

2018-11-11 03:20:28 UTC


2018-11-11 03:20:34 UTC

@Virgil bad plant

2018-11-11 03:20:39 UTC

How helpful.

2018-11-11 03:20:44 UTC

Citrus in hot tea at all is gross

2018-11-11 03:20:49 UTC

New topic how does everyone feel about immigration?

2018-11-11 03:20:52 UTC

Really, we should make you IE's official copywriter.

2018-11-11 03:21:10 UTC

I personally love it as long as they come LEGALLY and LOVE AMERICA

2018-11-11 03:21:16 UTC

Oh, used to see that stuff growing all the time in Florida. I think.

2018-11-11 03:21:21 UTC

Perfect timing for a new conversation. I’m watching Mad Men for the first time with my roomie. It is one of the most subversive shows I’ve ever seen

2018-11-11 03:21:32 UTC

Someone has to fight the complacency of the populace to tolerate lemongrass

2018-11-11 03:21:44 UTC

I like immigration as long as it means more ethnic food restaurants.

2018-11-11 03:21:47 UTC

Also lemon pepper is the worst thing you can ever put on food

2018-11-11 03:22:16 UTC

@Jacob Love it, America, Germany, the UK, Sweden and Italy are all immigrant nations. We're all immigrants!

2018-11-11 03:22:17 UTC

@Hakujin - CA That's a good point. They need to either come legally and love America OR start an ethnic food restaurant.

2018-11-11 03:22:43 UTC

@Virgil Africa, Asia, South America, all great sources for future PATRIOTS

2018-11-11 03:22:43 UTC

@Jacob but what if an american were to open an ethnic food restaurant

2018-11-11 03:22:43 UTC

Don't forget about building mosques in Minneapolis.

2018-11-11 03:22:48 UTC

also isn't all food ethnic food

2018-11-11 03:23:04 UTC

Is Sauerkraut not ethnic food

2018-11-11 03:23:15 UTC

Isn't all ethnic food?

2018-11-11 03:23:31 UTC

@ophiuchus That's cultural appropriation if an American starts one. The three things I don't tolerate as a conservative are white privilege, cultural appropriation and disrespecting my flag.

2018-11-11 03:24:08 UTC

@Jacob arguments like this are unironically what disenchanted me with American conservatism a long time ago

2018-11-11 03:24:18 UTC


2018-11-11 03:24:27 UTC

I LOVE ARE COunTY (not as much as israel tho)

2018-11-11 03:24:29 UTC

Ideally we'd have net neutral immigration solely from European countries, mostly the Anglosphere

2018-11-11 03:24:37 UTC

To seriouspost

2018-11-11 03:24:52 UTC

That was Alt Hype's conclusion at least too

2018-11-11 03:25:02 UTC

You'd have to put another caveat on that anglosphere one

2018-11-11 03:25:13 UTC

Vampires are white. Prove me wrong.

2018-11-11 03:25:13 UTC

lest you get who's living in london over here

2018-11-11 03:25:16 UTC

He'll ya I don't care what happens to my country as long as everyone has pretty flags and cute smiles


2018-11-11 03:25:17 UTC

10 moratorium is the normie friendly policy

2018-11-11 03:25:21 UTC

Except from London.

2018-11-11 03:25:33 UTC

Tbh, I'd rather have more German, Italian and Slavic immigration than Anglo immigration

2018-11-11 03:25:37 UTC

@Selma They're from Romania, so of cooooourse they're white

2018-11-11 03:25:44 UTC

American immigration should have remained at least 2/3 English

2018-11-11 03:25:56 UTC

It would have been much better for national identity and solidarity

2018-11-11 03:26:10 UTC

Were we to have immigration at all

2018-11-11 03:26:11 UTC

I agree with Poole. I made this point earlier too

2018-11-11 03:26:26 UTC

> more Slavic immigration than Anglo immigration


2018-11-11 03:26:35 UTC

Immigration to this country should only come from Luxembourg

2018-11-11 03:26:51 UTC

Soon white Anglo immigration will just *be* slavic immigration

2018-11-11 03:26:54 UTC

Trump says Norway. Norway.

2018-11-11 03:27:17 UTC

I'm fine with "no one" for a while.

2018-11-11 03:27:27 UTC

I'm fine with "no one" forever

2018-11-11 03:27:27 UTC

I'd make an exception for the Afrikaners.

2018-11-11 03:27:34 UTC

@Selma did it work?

2018-11-11 03:27:38 UTC


2018-11-11 03:27:46 UTC

Vampires are all Black, change my mind


2018-11-11 03:27:49 UTC

I can see the case for German and Scandinavian immigration, and eventually the Irish too, but the sheer volume and diversity of even European immigration undermined a nascent American ethnicity

2018-11-11 03:27:59 UTC

Prolly shoulda named her daughter Blade

2018-11-11 03:28:03 UTC

Damn it

2018-11-11 03:28:06 UTC

The thing about Afrikaners, is that, inevitably, some will be left behind, and those that are left behind will suffer. People need to stay and fight.

2018-11-11 03:28:19 UTC

I wouldn’t want any one ethnicity overwhelming the country

2018-11-11 03:28:31 UTC

I would

2018-11-11 03:28:32 UTC

Not even the English?

2018-11-11 03:28:35 UTC

if that ethnicity is Germanic

2018-11-11 03:28:49 UTC

I was just about to say the English if anyone yeaj

2018-11-11 03:29:08 UTC

I would support, ideally, the separation of a territory in Southern Africa for people of Afrikaner ethnicity. Baring that, I don't mind settling them here, ideally temporary, until a better solution would present itself.

2018-11-11 03:29:13 UTC

The US is fundamentally an Anglo-Saxon nation. It would look much different it was was flooded by Poland.

2018-11-11 03:29:32 UTC

Western Europeans if we had to make a policy decision among us

2018-11-11 03:29:35 UTC

If your ancestors didn't come over on the Aprilflower you aren't American.

2018-11-11 03:29:41 UTC

america should be more russian

2018-11-11 03:29:45 UTC


2018-11-11 03:29:49 UTC


2018-11-11 03:29:51 UTC

@Ald Agreed, but I wish that America was founded by Germans and not Anglos. The Britishness of American identity is part of the reason we're in this demographic mess in the first place

2018-11-11 03:30:19 UTC

Afrikaners are tied to the South African land more than we are to the new world

2018-11-11 03:30:20 UTC

Well, it was a Kennedy who put a certain bill into place.

2018-11-11 03:30:30 UTC

@ophiuchus I would support temporary asylum for culturally compatible people who genuinely can't stay and fight. Like I said earlier, I wouldn't complain if, for example, Poland took Ukrainian orpans from the war temporarily.

2018-11-11 03:30:32 UTC

Hard limit- Europeans. Ideal- Overwhelmingly Anglo with a few from elsewhere

2018-11-11 03:30:38 UTC

uh oh

2018-11-11 03:30:44 UTC

Server Admin about to shut it down

2018-11-11 03:30:47 UTC

gettin typed on

2018-11-11 03:30:56 UTC

click clack

2018-11-11 03:30:59 UTC

Don't particularly care what Euro ethnicity immigrants are. Agree wouldn't want us to be flooded by anyone, even Europeans.

2018-11-11 03:31:00 UTC

quick, now is your chance to say something

2018-11-11 03:31:04 UTC

слава россии

2018-11-11 03:31:18 UTC

To be clear not saying I want to remove any Europeans already here

2018-11-11 03:31:26 UTC

@sigruna14 oh dude it definitely makes a difference, as someone who grew up around Slavic immigrants

2018-11-11 03:31:36 UTC

My ideal rate of immigration to this country is so low it wouldn't particularly mater which European ethnicity it was.

2018-11-11 03:31:40 UTC

How dare you you English supremacist! @Ald

2018-11-11 03:31:41 UTC

My parents immigrated from Poland so I'm an expert on this

2018-11-11 03:31:45 UTC

slav immigration only

2018-11-11 03:31:59 UTC

ya I'm gonna have to disagree on that

2018-11-11 03:32:30 UTC

@Jacob I grew up around Anglos, almost exclusively and frankly, I'd take Slavs over them any day

2018-11-11 03:32:35 UTC

I would actually oppose English immigration at the moment (despite being easily mostly English myself.) They've got quite the mess to sort out over back in Albion first.

2018-11-11 03:32:40 UTC

I obviously have a lot of in group preference for my fellow Slavs, but let's be honest, this isn't our country

2018-11-11 03:32:55 UTC

They can come here after they've resettled their own capital city.

2018-11-11 03:33:05 UTC

LOL Chris with the sly delete

2018-11-11 03:33:11 UTC

North America is rightful Norwegian clay. Finders keepers

2018-11-11 03:33:11 UTC

If I could, I would become leader of Poland and institute emigration restrictions

2018-11-11 03:33:24 UTC

I’ve loved my times in Poland.

2018-11-11 03:33:28 UTC


2018-11-11 03:33:34 UTC

Have a beautiful family with 3 kids I stay with outside of Warsaw

2018-11-11 03:33:42 UTC

Slavs are good folk, there are a good few Russian immigrants around here

2018-11-11 03:33:45 UTC

America is an Anglo nation. If we accept any immigrants (we shouldn’t), they should be Anglo.

2018-11-11 03:33:49 UTC

Poland would be amazing if there was no brain drain

2018-11-11 03:34:00 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN now that's the kind of talk I like

2018-11-11 03:34:20 UTC

The difficulty in deciding who are suitable immigration candidates really shows how much Americans have diverged from the original anglos.

2018-11-11 03:34:40 UTC

European stock was destroyed after two world wars.

2018-11-11 03:35:32 UTC

I want to remigrate to Poland and put out anti-immigration content

2018-11-11 03:35:37 UTC

European immigration will never be a solution. We need our own babies.

2018-11-11 03:35:42 UTC

this ^

2018-11-11 03:35:53 UTC

I think the first immigrants were not typical anglos. Nor were the other peoples who followed.

2018-11-11 03:35:54 UTC

We should pretty much just knock immigration down as much as possible. I'd pretty much only be mostly fine with it if its the (European) spouses of Americans. My point with this is that this country, for a very long time, was heading toward the ethnogenesis of a new European people in North America- Americans. This was severely taken off the rails in the later half of the 19th century and all of the 20th.

2018-11-11 03:36:13 UTC

Don't agree with zero immigration. Don't mind some immigrants, as long as it's not a lot and they're heavily vetted and compatible with the society. It's interesting meeting foreign people but they shouldn't stay here unless they are like us, at least, like us enough to assimilate and not destroy us in the process (so white people of similar culture).

2018-11-11 03:36:21 UTC

White American is definitely its own group.

2018-11-11 03:37:02 UTC

Honestly, I think I could be incredibly useful to this movement largely due to my own status as a child of immigrants. It can be a huge confidence boost to have someone who is a child of immigrants himself tell you that immigration isn't good.

2018-11-11 03:37:22 UTC

@Alexander Pechorinit is and the US was populated by people with not just a certain nationality but a particular spirit to go along with it.

2018-11-11 03:37:28 UTC

I have no qualms at all with the European people who are already here- even those as recent as @Jacob despite being descended from people who came here on the Mayflower. Our ultimate destiny lies in our conceptualization of ourselves as a European people in our own right- not merely Europeans with an American zip code.

2018-11-11 03:37:28 UTC

I rarely bother with these conversations though since it really doesn't matter right now. We're not in a position to put any policies into practice so generally I don't participate in such discussions.

2018-11-11 03:37:41 UTC

They don't care because your parents are white @Jacob

2018-11-11 03:37:59 UTC

"Immigrants" are just a proxy issue meaning POC

2018-11-11 03:38:14 UTC

@Josh M. -OH yes. And it selected for certain traits over the long term.

2018-11-11 03:38:44 UTC

@sigruna14 It's important to figure out what our values are. I think this topic does need to be discussed. That being said, we shouldn't let it get too divisive. But I think it's fine right now.

2018-11-11 03:38:56 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN We aren't an Anglo nation though. English Americans at best make up 15% of the country and most of them are mixed with several different Euro ethnicities. The largest Euro groups in America aren't English.

2018-11-11 03:39:29 UTC

English Americans make up far more than 15% of the country. Ethnic data is self-reported, and honestly incredibly misleading.

2018-11-11 03:39:31 UTC

The Founding stock of the nation is Anglo, what it was perverted into after floods of immigrants is indeed a different group. @Virgil

2018-11-11 03:39:44 UTC

What language are we speaking again? The root and extant core of American whiteness is Englishness

2018-11-11 03:39:54 UTC

It's very very common for people who are 1/8 Irish, or 1/8 German, to simply identify as that in totality.

2018-11-11 03:40:13 UTC

@Ald People who are really far left might not care, but it could be a useful nudge

2018-11-11 03:40:55 UTC

This is an Anglo nation because it was created and defined by Anglos. Everyone else came later after the framework was already built.

2018-11-11 03:41:03 UTC

@Virgil Wait are you Slavic?

2018-11-11 03:41:06 UTC

It's considered "more distinctive," more interesting- this is notable as a distinction from something, that being from "British," which is considered uninteresting by virtue of its commonality ubiquity.

2018-11-11 03:41:12 UTC

American founders were at least a different breed of Anglo. It took a lot to get on that boat. Much of the founding fathers views were against what was considered "anglo" at the time.

2018-11-11 03:41:30 UTC

Yes ^’

2018-11-11 03:41:34 UTC

They were defending their rights as Englishmen. That's why they rebelled.

2018-11-11 03:41:39 UTC

If your ancestors were here before 1900 it's going to be pretty difficult for you to not find a single Englishman in your lineage.

2018-11-11 03:41:53 UTC

@Jacob yes

2018-11-11 03:42:05 UTC

Half of American population is still descended from people around during the Revolution

2018-11-11 03:42:57 UTC

Identifying as "English" is uncommon on a census because it's 1) "not interesting" and 2) many of the English in this country have been here for hundreds of years. It's so distant as to be almost meaningless- for the point of contrasting.

2018-11-11 03:43:00 UTC

Okay guys listen closely

As a child of immigrants, I give you permission to be as anti-immigration as you want.

Also, I was an anchor baby, and I'm giving you permission to say "anchor baby"

It's like those n-cards that your black friends give you

2018-11-11 03:43:09 UTC

The unique pull of adventure to the new world and the lack of welfare drew a certain kind of European here!

2018-11-11 03:43:49 UTC

Keep in mind this is a country of *settlers* not immigrants

2018-11-11 03:43:53 UTC

Faustian spirit

2018-11-11 03:44:01 UTC

Good example, my father is completely gung-ho about Irish stuff despite being only 1/4 Irish.

2018-11-11 03:44:05 UTC

Settlers build something new. Immigrants just take advantage of stuff other people already made.

2018-11-11 03:44:05 UTC

@VinceChaos European roots, American greatness!

2018-11-11 03:44:06 UTC

My roommate with a mother who has an English accent didn’t consider English to be an ethnicity <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-11-11 03:44:09 UTC

It upsets my mom a bit that I identify as Anglo-American and don't snowflake about the recent Swedish component

2018-11-11 03:44:13 UTC

Yes. I hate the term “Native American.” I’m the Native. My ancestors created America.

2018-11-11 03:44:36 UTC

Amerindian is the correct term

2018-11-11 03:44:37 UTC

Englishness is still normative Americanness to the point whites with anything else pick that out

2018-11-11 03:44:41 UTC

Cause it's special

2018-11-11 03:44:48 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN I should use that more

2018-11-11 03:44:57 UTC

Amerindian is good

2018-11-11 03:45:21 UTC

@Alexander Pechorintheres even more to it than that with evidence the people of European descent were the first to put feet on these lands.

2018-11-11 03:45:42 UTC

If ancestors founding a nation 400 years ago doesn't qualify me as a native nothing does lol

2018-11-11 03:45:49 UTC

Kinda like how Elizabeth Warren identifies with her 1/1024th Cherokee

2018-11-11 03:45:50 UTC

This should be enough reason to be cautious of all immigration


2018-11-11 03:45:52 UTC

@ThisIsChris I make a point to use it as often as possible to remind people of the difference

2018-11-11 03:45:57 UTC

study that chart closely

2018-11-11 03:46:06 UTC

Ok so we should only let in the Swiss

2018-11-11 03:46:20 UTC

@ExternalPepsi @Alexander Pechorin no calling them "savages", an epithet rule 12

2018-11-11 03:46:33 UTC

@Josh M. -OH True. Some interesting information there. Regardless, existing on a piece of land and acting like a savage in no way means you’re a native of the country other people created

2018-11-11 03:46:36 UTC

> Polish 26% Republican


2018-11-11 03:46:42 UTC
2018-11-11 03:46:44 UTC


2018-11-11 03:46:49 UTC

Real anti slav hours

2018-11-11 03:46:51 UTC

They're not sending their best, folks. (except me, I'm the one exception)

2018-11-11 03:47:08 UTC

(Pls no bully, am not serious)

2018-11-11 03:47:11 UTC

Amerigo Vespucci and Christopher Columbus were not English. 😏 but they were white Europeans. It was i the divine plan that this continent would be discovered and settled by white Europeans ! This was the promised land

2018-11-11 03:47:30 UTC

@Jacob Half Slavic my grandparents were from Plock, Poland

2018-11-11 03:47:31 UTC

Chris Columbus never even got to North America lol

2018-11-11 03:47:39 UTC

He hung around the Caribbean

2018-11-11 03:47:44 UTC

Francis Drake did tho

2018-11-11 03:47:48 UTC

@Virgil Oh nice my parents are from Pomerania

2018-11-11 03:48:03 UTC

Leif Erikson did so long before those guys.

2018-11-11 03:48:32 UTC

I'm not argueing with that.

2018-11-11 03:48:38 UTC

Leif Erikson was Norwegian. People tend to ignore that Icelanders didn't really exist as a peoples yet

2018-11-11 03:48:43 UTC


2018-11-11 03:48:53 UTC

Iceland was very recently settled at the time, right?

2018-11-11 03:49:01 UTC

i believe so

2018-11-11 03:49:10 UTC

There were also Norse people living in Greenland at the time- who were actually there before the Inuit.

2018-11-11 03:49:30 UTC

Before the Inuit, but not the Dorset (who the Inuit displaced when they moved Eastward)

2018-11-11 03:49:32 UTC

Inuit murdered them though. :(

2018-11-11 03:49:47 UTC

IE members downplaying the role Columbus played is troubling considering IE held events across the country on Columbus Day weekend

2018-11-11 03:49:50 UTC

Leif Erikson doesn't get enough credit but that's probably because he didn't leave any lasting colonies or anything that least to lasting colonies.

2018-11-11 03:49:56 UTC


2018-11-11 03:50:03 UTC

@Grayson Isn't that what Brigham Young and most early Mormons believed?

2018-11-11 03:50:04 UTC

@Grayson I agree.

2018-11-11 03:50:16 UTC

Remember that Trump officially made Lief Erikson day a thing tho

2018-11-11 03:50:24 UTC

@ophiuchus Really?

2018-11-11 03:50:27 UTC

Man, if only the Iberians had behaved like the English in their colonization

2018-11-11 03:50:33 UTC

We could have a White Hemisphere

2018-11-11 03:50:38 UTC

i know

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