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2018-11-09 17:58:08 UTC

But deep down... she knows.

2018-11-09 18:04:11 UTC

Since I'm visiting a snowy area I've been trying to buy some decent winter clothes, especially insulated boots. I've been able to get some nice wool socks that are made in USA, another pair Canada. Then I found some wool longjohns, they say "designed and knitted in USA" but made in Mexico(???). Maybe only the raw materials were made here.

2018-11-09 18:04:55 UTC

I have not been able to find a single pair of winter boots made in USA. Closest was Canada but they were more like waders and not what I am looking for.

2018-11-09 18:05:29 UTC

There was a $500 pair made in Italy. Too blue-blood for me 😂

2018-11-09 18:05:53 UTC

Didn't bring long johns. Hope I can still have kids when this is over... 😐

2018-11-09 18:06:34 UTC

Actually overheating your genetic bits is also bad.

2018-11-09 18:06:43 UTC


2018-11-09 18:06:43 UTC


2018-11-09 18:06:50 UTC

There really isn't...

2018-11-09 18:06:57 UTC

The cold actually helps I think

2018-11-09 18:07:06 UTC

To an extent

2018-11-09 18:07:17 UTC

Yeah they had different rating systems for diff materials...and activity levels.

2018-11-09 18:07:17 UTC

I’m sure there’s some Walmart there you could pick some up at

2018-11-09 18:07:17 UTC

@NateDahl76 Only if I'm try'na freeze 'em for later use, lol.

2018-11-09 18:08:52 UTC

Actually, I don't even know if that works for us. Just the ladies, I think...

2018-11-09 18:09:06 UTC


2018-11-09 18:12:37 UTC

@ophiuchus you haven’t heard about the glow in the darks?

2018-11-09 18:19:16 UTC

After the "recount," Sinema, the Democrat, has "pulled slightly ahead" in Arizona.

2018-11-09 18:21:04 UTC

We need to make a MASSIVE splash at DTR to remind people what field this battle is being waged on, and what's at stake.

2018-11-09 18:26:45 UTC

Is there a specific date set for when we're fully replacing this with mercury? I just logged into it for the first time.

2018-11-09 18:29:05 UTC

@Axel Not sure. Still in flux, I think.

2018-11-09 18:36:42 UTC


2018-11-09 18:37:31 UTC

Pretty much every comment is supportive 😂

2018-11-09 18:37:59 UTC

Has anyone else had issues logging into Mercury? I’ve had the same issue for weeks now, won’t let me log in, won’t let me reset my password.

2018-11-09 18:43:54 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent I will look into it.

2018-11-09 18:44:19 UTC

My man 😎
Thanks brother

2018-11-09 18:44:50 UTC

Regarding the https://members.identityevropa.com/me site, it lists my dues as unpaid. Of course I paid these days ago. Just checking, is this a common problem?

2018-11-09 18:44:56 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN no actually

2018-11-09 18:45:28 UTC

@here who wants to help with social media for DTR?

2018-11-09 18:45:50 UTC

i could help, what do you need?

2018-11-09 18:45:51 UTC

I’ll help however I can since I won’t be attending

2018-11-09 18:46:05 UTC

@NateDahl76 I have extra emails and Facebook accounts and stuff

2018-11-09 18:46:12 UTC

@Recombined that takes a few days to update

2018-11-09 18:46:16 UTC

@Recombined DM me- there were a few payments that I couldn’t place since the names weren’t in Apollo yet, might be one of yours

2018-11-09 18:46:16 UTC

Thank you.

2018-11-09 18:46:27 UTC

You’re welcome

2018-11-09 18:48:18 UTC
2018-11-09 18:59:37 UTC

Just got this email from the Trump campaign team:


2018-11-09 18:59:42 UTC


2018-11-09 19:11:24 UTC

Man, Jazzhands is a Tweetin' fiend today, lol.

2018-11-09 19:24:47 UTC

Just landed in Colorado for DTR 💪


2018-11-09 19:24:57 UTC


2018-11-09 19:25:06 UTC

Have fun, gamer

2018-11-09 19:25:24 UTC

Wow that's a game? I thought it was real

2018-11-09 19:25:49 UTC

Yeah I did too for a hot second. It’s an older one now; MW3

2018-11-09 19:29:28 UTC

OOSH. How long till this one ends up in limited state: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8aq5rBJDaA

2018-11-09 19:30:22 UTC


2018-11-09 19:52:00 UTC

She still remembers the sound of the breaking glass of the Jewish shops she heard from her hospital bed where she was laid up with an infection.


2018-11-09 19:53:06 UTC


2018-11-09 19:53:39 UTC

That definitely from mw2

2018-11-09 19:53:46 UTC

And of course the Nazis are in America now

2018-11-09 19:53:55 UTC

"Of course but the world matters
I care about all people"

My friend just said that, how do I respond?

2018-11-09 19:54:54 UTC

@Selma If foreign politicians look out for their own, and American politicians look out for foreigners too, then who is looking out for Americans?

2018-11-09 19:55:11 UTC

If you care about the people what is the best way to secure their happiness and existence?

2018-11-09 19:55:16 UTC


2018-11-09 19:55:34 UTC

Thanks guys.

2018-11-09 19:55:37 UTC

That way blacks won't have to fear white cops

2018-11-09 19:56:05 UTC

And whites can be free from criminal assault.

2018-11-09 19:57:23 UTC

Freedom of association, stop all immigration. I find a way to work these into all my conversations.

2018-11-09 19:57:34 UTC

Now he's claiming trump hates muslims

2018-11-09 19:57:41 UTC

Maybe I shouldn't talk to him anymore

2018-11-09 19:58:05 UTC

Thank you, MrBland

2018-11-09 19:58:30 UTC

Well Muslim bakers aren't being forced to bake gay cakes

2018-11-09 19:58:33 UTC

Then Muslims shouldn't have to live under his tyranny, and the tyranny of all the people that voted for him.

2018-11-09 19:58:47 UTC

Muslim need their own place

2018-11-09 19:59:10 UTC

Where they can live their own way of life in peace.

2018-11-09 19:59:19 UTC

And we need the same

2018-11-09 19:59:35 UTC

Muslim countries for Muslims.

2018-11-09 19:59:42 UTC

aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh this stuff is all so tiresome

2018-11-09 19:59:42 UTC

America for us.

2018-11-09 19:59:50 UTC

I can barely talk to these people anymore

2018-11-09 20:00:01 UTC

I've heard the same stuff so many times over and over again

2018-11-09 20:00:24 UTC

It is the same discussions over and over again

2018-11-09 20:00:34 UTC

@Jacob Yeah I don't talk politics with political minded people, there's very little point.

2018-11-09 20:00:39 UTC

Honestly, I think it's healthy to listen to content that confirms your own beliefs as long as you do it in moderation. I would go insane if all I heard was liberal ideas.

2018-11-09 20:00:41 UTC

But we can't stop driving it home

2018-11-09 20:01:00 UTC

It's better to discuss politics with non-political people, to the extent when they are interested.

2018-11-09 20:01:00 UTC

'The Muslims shouldn't be invaded by the Mongols, just as we shouldn't be invaded by Muslims' could be a good response.

2018-11-09 20:03:06 UTC

Right now I'm listening to Adios America on audiobook. I basically already know everything in the book, but just hearing someone agree with me is therapeutic. I by no means live in an echo chamber. I literally take a "cultural studies" class and read more liberal media than liberals would ever read of ours. If I didn't tune into some right wing content I would explode eventually.

2018-11-09 20:03:23 UTC

oh and I've already listened to the book in the past

2018-11-09 20:04:02 UTC

Was Obama a better president than George W Bush?

2018-11-09 20:04:19 UTC


2018-11-09 20:04:19 UTC


2018-11-09 20:04:40 UTC

It's a great book. Helped turn me into the identitarian I am today. Read it when I was still a Bernie bro. @Jacob

2018-11-09 20:04:49 UTC

ya it's pretty good

2018-11-09 20:05:42 UTC

People say that Obama worsened race relations in this country, but I don't know if he personally had anything to do with it.

2018-11-09 20:05:53 UTC

he didn't lol

2018-11-09 20:06:12 UTC

It was probably more the democratization of information and organizational tools that came with the rise of the internet.

2018-11-09 20:06:16 UTC

He literally just said some minor comment about Trayvon Martin that boomers freak out about

2018-11-09 20:06:30 UTC

BLM would have been a thing with or without Obama

2018-11-09 20:06:39 UTC

Yeah exactly.

2018-11-09 20:07:25 UTC

George W Bush was way worse because he was all "people on my own side shouldn't be irrational bigots to Muslims for 9/11, Islam is a religion of peace"

2018-11-09 20:07:41 UTC

Obama actually couldn't say that stuff because then people would accuse him of being anti-white and muslim lol

2018-11-09 20:08:19 UTC

On the topic of echo chambers; I try to avoid these as well, even though I’m constantly ingesting far right media. Any recommendations for other material that is bearable and not just insane leftist drivel or big brained centrism?

2018-11-09 20:08:27 UTC

Obama worsening race relations makes sense if you're a civic nationalist. According to civnat ideology, there's no inherent tension in multiracial societies. The default state of a multiracial society is peaceful and patriotic, it's just that politicians "create division".

2018-11-09 20:08:35 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent Vox is really good

2018-11-09 20:08:40 UTC

I'm completely serious

2018-11-09 20:08:47 UTC

Vox has genuinely interesting analysis

2018-11-09 20:08:49 UTC

The Erik Holder / Loretta Lynch DoJ and Clinton/Kerry State Department were glow in the dark globalists and deeply harmful

2018-11-09 20:08:53 UTC

I actually met the cake guy

2018-11-09 20:08:57 UTC

pretty good dude.

2018-11-09 20:09:24 UTC

@Grossly Incandescent it's hard, but drudge is a good place to start since he links all around. he has his own biases but I think it's almost a bias towards trolling either his readers or dems, but it feels like Drudge is usually just looking to troll

2018-11-09 20:09:47 UTC

I mean, you might consider Vox "insane leftist drivel", but, the articles show some pretty interesting leftist perspectives, even if I disagree with their conclusions

2018-11-09 20:09:54 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate that's cool what was the occasion?

2018-11-09 20:10:43 UTC
2018-11-09 20:10:52 UTC

This is a good one, for example

2018-11-09 20:11:04 UTC

Some faith based legal defense gala.

2018-11-09 20:11:18 UTC

Alot of their issues elbow up against ours, ultimately.

2018-11-09 20:11:19 UTC

Vox is also really whitepilling to read, because they always talk about how screwed the left is

2018-11-09 20:11:37 UTC

Yeah I like seeing left wing perspectives, and in certain circumstances I can agree with their goals although their means of achieving them are wrong imo

2018-11-09 20:12:11 UTC

oh I hate their goals most of them time

2018-11-09 20:12:21 UTC

Yea I hate their goals.

2018-11-09 20:12:21 UTC

I just think they have interesting analyses

2018-11-09 20:12:30 UTC

What would modern left-wing politics look like if the left-wing bass actually worked against the interest of global elite’s?

2018-11-09 20:12:41 UTC


2018-11-09 20:12:48 UTC

it would probably be considered right wing

2018-11-09 20:13:00 UTC

That seems as foreign a concept to me as a homogenous American society

2018-11-09 20:13:07 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate "Some faith based legal defense gala." Must have been good since it has "based" right in the name.

2018-11-09 20:13:12 UTC

let’s have “free healthcare” sounds good, but it’s a total lie. Cause it’s coming out of your pocket anyway.

2018-11-09 20:13:24 UTC


2018-11-09 20:13:58 UTC

Corporations have way more money than they need, and they gain it through the use of state power

2018-11-09 20:14:29 UTC

We could get a lot of stuff for the working class if we just forced corporations to pay back into the system more

2018-11-09 20:14:46 UTC

I'd probably be left wing in a hypothetical ethnostate

2018-11-09 20:15:05 UTC

My problem with Obamacare's funding is that increased costs landed way more on independent contractors and small businesses. It forced many people to either work for the government or huge companies. It crushes the independent man.

2018-11-09 20:15:11 UTC

I don't actually care about most stuff that conservatives care about, I'm just here because I hate immigration

2018-11-09 20:15:25 UTC

Obamacare was horrible

2018-11-09 20:15:37 UTC

Either have a free market, or have universal healthcare

2018-11-09 20:15:42 UTC

Reminds me of this


2018-11-09 20:15:53 UTC

^ ya basically this

2018-11-09 20:16:27 UTC

True you gotta have either totally socialized healthcare or total free market

2018-11-09 20:16:33 UTC

Not shitty crony capitalism

2018-11-09 20:16:47 UTC

However I do like the gov subsidizing my insurance

2018-11-09 20:17:04 UTC

This is why I enjoy discussing these things in IE,

2018-11-09 20:17:09 UTC

Obamacare is horrible because it forces you to do business with a private corporation so they can gouge you. Literally the worst of both worlds.

2018-11-09 20:17:11 UTC

Such diversity of thought

2018-11-09 20:17:27 UTC


2018-11-09 20:17:56 UTC

Diversity polarizes political discussion significantly

2018-11-09 20:18:40 UTC

Yeah i used to shill for free market libertarian shit. I find it’s easier to just care about one issue, keeping America white

2018-11-09 20:18:51 UTC

Everything else, whatever

2018-11-09 20:19:19 UTC

In a diverse society there's more fault lines, meaning that there's more to find conflict over. So, when people get into political discussions, there's a lot more tension.

2018-11-09 20:19:23 UTC

Yeah, everything else is the house built upon the foundation of white sovereignty

2018-11-09 20:19:39 UTC

I used to think people that believe what I do now, we’re victims to the elites divide and conquer

2018-11-09 20:19:39 UTC

Explaining it like that is how I made my libertarian wife come around to our ideas

2018-11-09 20:19:43 UTC

You're not disagreeing with someone, you're also supporting a power structure that oppresses his people

2018-11-09 20:20:39 UTC

I've talked to people who live in Poland and they think it's outright weird that in the US politics are so divisive. Over there it's more just you have whatever opinion you have. It's like disagreeing about what your favorite color is.

2018-11-09 20:21:08 UTC

That sounds nice

2018-11-09 20:23:52 UTC

Both the Left and Right do so because we rarely see violence these days. We're so pacified. White violence shames us.

2018-11-09 20:24:53 UTC

It is impressive how much the Jews have accumulated under their control while doing very little violence themselves personally

2018-11-09 20:25:41 UTC

That's an important lesson. Better to obtain power peacefully. It's sustainable.

2018-11-09 20:26:11 UTC

It’s very hard to defend your subversive actions over the decades when you resort to violence

2018-11-09 20:26:37 UTC
2018-11-09 20:28:17 UTC

As Greg Johnson put it, Jewish groups are running on all cylinders. Just a few whites standing up responsibly, and their machine starts to break down and lose control.

2018-11-09 20:30:12 UTC

FYI ObamaCare absolutely fucked us.

2018-11-09 20:30:39 UTC

Now the cheapest option for my employees is for them to opt to do a plan that takes them to Tijuana for care

2018-11-09 20:30:57 UTC


2018-11-09 20:31:41 UTC

How come Coordinator Ian's name says "Deleted User"? Did something happen?

2018-11-09 20:33:19 UTC

It’s also very difficult given the level of documentation we need to have. If an employee waives their healthcare plan, we have to get it in writing over and and over again to make sure they don’t sue us later for “not offering it.” All these over-bureaucratic nightmares just create far lower trust among fellow whites

2018-11-09 20:33:56 UTC

We end up drowning in paperwork to “protect ourselves” against people we should be able to have a handshake agreement with.

2018-11-09 20:34:38 UTC

What you just described is something that’s infected the healthcare field as well

2018-11-09 20:34:39 UTC

Meanwhile I’ve got a father with 3 kids who will pay 700 dollars a year more in 2019 even at the lowest option

2018-11-09 20:34:52 UTC

Hm, my coworker is complaining that evangelicals voted for Trump but he has 3 divorces

2018-11-09 20:35:22 UTC

Should I start screaming "IT'S OK TO BE WHITE"?

2018-11-09 20:35:43 UTC

That’s such an old talking point, people honestly still bring that up

2018-11-09 20:36:13 UTC

Oh gawd

2018-11-09 20:37:23 UTC

Votes are in and the yeas have it. I probably won't do it this time but I appreciate I have your guys support should I do it in the future.

2018-11-09 20:37:55 UTC

@ThisIsChris Would be awesome

2018-11-09 20:38:00 UTC

Don't do risky stuff if you have a lot to lose

2018-11-09 20:38:14 UTC

@Jacob good point ok I won't do it

2018-11-09 20:38:15 UTC

And I say this as someone who talks about the JQ in class

2018-11-09 20:38:42 UTC

After we fired our HR person, she alleged we didn’t like hiring black people.

2018-11-09 20:38:46 UTC

Tried to sue

2018-11-09 20:38:55 UTC


2018-11-09 20:39:01 UTC

That’s probably true...but she didn’t have anything in writing

2018-11-09 20:39:01 UTC

It’s all so tiresome

2018-11-09 20:39:11 UTC

former HR person we had was a Trans-activist straight ally

2018-11-09 20:39:30 UTC

It'd be nice if some Rule 11 sanctions were to hit frivolous attorneys

2018-11-09 20:39:31 UTC

The role just attracts those people

2018-11-09 20:39:34 UTC

But our current HR person is very cool

2018-11-09 20:39:49 UTC

I still have to be careful, but, ultimately, I still have a lot of time to decide what I want to do in life, so, it's not *as* big for a deal for me to risk backlash compared to someone who has a good tech job

2018-11-09 20:39:57 UTC

He's engaged and lives with his fiancee in the suburbs because he hates cities

2018-11-09 20:40:09 UTC

Good man

2018-11-09 20:40:22 UTC


2018-11-09 20:40:33 UTC

Attorneys are supposed to sign saying that their litigation is not for some improper purpose such as to harass, and that they think its based on fact and law, or that the law should be modified

2018-11-09 20:40:35 UTC

Yeah I know what you mean though @Alexander Pechorin we went through 2 HR people before finding a normal one

2018-11-09 20:40:48 UTC

@Axel Ian is fine

2018-11-09 20:41:11 UTC

@ThisIsChris ours has been a revolving door. Finally doing okay now. We split up the powers between three people and none of them know everything fully

2018-11-09 20:41:31 UTC

That's smart.

2018-11-09 20:41:32 UTC


2018-11-09 20:41:39 UTC

Problem is the more they end up knowing, the more incentive they have to press us with some frivolous complaint

2018-11-09 20:41:44 UTC

Division of power

2018-11-09 20:43:01 UTC

@Axel I am coordinator Ian. I lost the login to my old email.

2018-11-09 20:43:21 UTC

He lives!

2018-11-09 20:44:43 UTC

@Papa Pizzagate Nice 😂

2018-11-09 20:45:24 UTC

I want to get your opinion on this @Papa Pizzagate; how do you avoid echo chambers when reading up on recent events in the news? What sources do you read/ listen to?

2018-11-09 20:46:05 UTC

Honestly I'm pretty active on twitter and consume alot of news clips that people cut up on there.

2018-11-09 20:46:16 UTC

I'm far from free of an echo chamber.

2018-11-09 20:46:39 UTC

I just listen to what (at least I consider) smart people think about situations and then draw my own conclusions.

2018-11-09 20:47:01 UTC

I also consume very little political media beyond twitter interaction.

2018-11-09 20:47:26 UTC

History/comedy podcasts +ebooks

2018-11-09 20:49:32 UTC

I used to watch a lot of tv news stations and what I tried to do was take everything they said, regardless of their opinions, and get the straight facts out of it. This was years before social media really took off. I feel like nowadays this isn’t as reliable since many outlets are okay with spreading unverified information or outright lying

2018-11-09 20:49:51 UTC

Thank god for the Internet, even though it’s not perfect

2018-11-09 20:50:02 UTC

read alot of the stuff from American Sun or Social matter

2018-11-09 20:50:44 UTC

I honestly consume very little political media on the day-to-day, it would probably behoove me to tune in a bit more, in fact.

2018-11-09 20:58:59 UTC

Okies have landed at DtR!

2018-11-09 21:30:08 UTC

Is anyone going to amren this spring?

2018-11-09 21:43:09 UTC


2018-11-09 21:43:56 UTC

Interesting political development. I don't care about the House so much but we need as many senators so we can get SCOTUS judges

2018-11-09 21:46:59 UTC

yeah it sucks how I get majority of my news through a platform that I’m banned from

2018-11-09 21:47:15 UTC

I’m not even allowed a feed

2018-11-09 21:47:39 UTC

I tried creating an account just to follow smart people and they banned me for that

2018-11-09 21:52:37 UTC

I have an idea

2018-11-09 21:52:56 UTC

We should use the fact that I'm a child of immigrants to our advantage

2018-11-09 21:53:11 UTC

Kind of like this, except I'm the based black guy

2018-11-09 21:53:22 UTC


2018-11-09 21:53:28 UTC

Here's another example

2018-11-09 21:53:39 UTC

This could be really good propaganda

2018-11-09 21:55:28 UTC

"A Son of Democrats Makes the Case Against Democrat Ideas"

2018-11-09 21:55:55 UTC

Could be effective

2018-11-09 21:56:49 UTC

Oh by the way I made some fixes to Mercury yesterday, it's a lot nicer to use now

2018-11-09 21:58:25 UTC

What a clown world we live in , having to make a case against open borders like it's something controversial.

2018-11-09 22:00:41 UTC

I don't necessarily need to write an entire book (for now) but I would definitely find ways to incorporate my family history into my immigration talking points

2018-11-09 22:02:27 UTC

Hmu if you do it

2018-11-09 22:03:13 UTC

That amren article is phenomenal.

2018-11-09 22:04:16 UTC

Really is. Know a few blacks like that irl, have seen things like that happen

2018-11-09 22:04:49 UTC

@NateDahl76 hmmmm🤔

2018-11-09 22:05:37 UTC

@NateDahl76 I actually would like to write a book some day

2018-11-09 22:05:49 UTC

👀👀 totally not me nerv, i swear I’m not a black male with a high IQ 👀👀

2018-11-09 22:05:59 UTC


2018-11-09 22:07:16 UTC

I had an idea to write a book that explains how my life experiences caused me to form the views I have today, and backs it up with facts. That way people could empathize more than just someone saying "this is why diversity sucks"

2018-11-09 22:07:29 UTC

I wonder how much work it would be to write a good book

2018-11-09 22:11:21 UTC

@Jacob please write it. As a movement we need to start writing our own history.

2018-11-09 22:19:13 UTC

I’ve written one. I just wrote a 1200-1500 word blog post every day for a month. Then edit!

2018-11-09 22:19:23 UTC

Amazon Publishing is very easy

2018-11-09 22:20:02 UTC

@Alexander Pechorin that's cool! How has it been selling?

2018-11-09 22:20:09 UTC

@Felden - CO You're right

2018-11-09 22:20:45 UTC

@ThisIsChris quite well. It actually made more money during the initial writing phase though because I publically blogged and people sent crypto tips each time

2018-11-09 22:21:11 UTC

@Alexander Pechorin no way, cool!

2018-11-09 22:23:29 UTC

@Jacob good examples of books about coming into particular views are Greg Johnsons Confessions of a Reluctant Hater, The Fall by Camus, Waking up From the American Dream by Gregory Hood, Confessions of a Nonpolitical Man, Memoirs of a Superfluous Man by Nock. Worth reading as examples

2018-11-09 22:24:08 UTC

Essays are one thing though. Worth considering writing some autobiographical fiction about the topic

2018-11-09 22:24:54 UTC

Incidentally I’ll pay for anyone’s publishing costs if you put a manuscript together. Happy to help with editing and book covers too.

2018-11-09 22:26:38 UTC

@Alexander Pechorin that's great to know can you cross-post this to the skills server?

2018-11-09 22:29:02 UTC

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